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  1. heyguesswhatidid

    The OAO WWE DVD Thread

    Here is the complete listing for the WWE's Rise And Fall Of WCW DVD, according to Silvervision: DISC ONE DOCUMENTARY * Jim Crockett Promotions * Georgia Championship Wrestling * Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling * Black Saturday * The Expansion * Crockett Sells to Turner * Greatest Talent in the World * New Management * Bill Watts Era * Bill Shaw Hires Eric Bischoff * Hulk Hogan Arrives * Nitro Debuts * nWo * Cruiserweights * Goldberg * WCW Ratings Champ * Celebrities * Goldberg vs. Hogan * Mistakes Begin * Vince Russo * A Corporate Merger * McMahon buys WCW * Legacy of WCW BONUS: * Lost in Cleveland (Cactus Jack vignette) * Bill Watts Defends Himself * Spam Man * The Origin of Goldberg * Bischoff Gives Away RAW Results DISC TWO MATCHES: * $1,000 Challenge Match: Ric Flair vs. Magnum T.A. NWA World Championship Wrestling – June 15, 1985 * Sting, Lex Luger & Barry Windham vs. Ric Flair, Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard (w/ JJ Dillon) The Main Event – April 3, 1988 * United States Championship Match: Dusty Rhodes vs. Barry Windham Great American Bash – July 10, 1988 * NWA World Heavyweight Championship Match: Ric Flair vs. Ricky ‘The Dragon' Steamboat Chi-Town Rumble – February 20, 1989 * The Rock ‘n' Roll Express vs. The Midnight Express Wrestle War – February 25, 1990 * NWA United States Tag Team Championship Match: The Midnight Express vs. The Southern Boys Great American Bash – July 7, 1990 * WCW World Tag Team Championship Match: The Steiner Brothers vs. Sting & Lex Luger SuperBrawl – May 19, 1991 * WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match: Sting vs. Big Van Vader Great American Bash – July 12, 1992 * WCW International World Heavyweight Championship Match: Rick Rude vs. Sting Spring Stampede – April 17, 1994 * WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match: Ric Flair vs. Hulk Hogan Bash at the Beach – July 17, 1994 DISC THREE * WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match: Ric Flair vs. The Giant Nitro – April 29, 1996 * WCW Cruiserweight Championship Match: Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Dean Malenko Clash of the Champions XXXIII – August 15, 1996 * War Games Match: Team WCW- Sting, Lex Luger, Ric Fair & Arn Anderson vs. Team n.W.o.- Hollywood Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall & a Mystery Partner Fall Brawl – September 15, 1996 * United States Championship Ladder Match: Syxx vs. Eddie Guerrero Souled Out – January 25, 1997 * United States Championship No Disqualification Match: Eddie Guerrero vs. Dean Malenko Uncensored – March 16, 1997 * WCW Cruiserweight Championship Title vs. Mask Match: Chris Jericho vs. Juventud Guerrera SuperBrawl VIII – February 22, 1998 * WCW Unified World Tag Team Championship Match: The Steiner Brothers vs. The Outsiders SuperBrawl VIII – February 22, 1998 * Diamond Dallas Page & Karl Malone vs. Hollywood Hulk Hogan & Dennis Rodman Bash at the Beach – July 12, 1998 * WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match: Goldberg vs. Diamond Dallas Page Halloween Havoc – October 25, 1998 * WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match: Booker T vs. Lance Storm Nitro – August 7, 2000
  2. heyguesswhatidid

    WWE Extreme Rules

  3. heyguesswhatidid

    Judgment Day 2009 Thread

  4. heyguesswhatidid


    I'll give Christian/Swagger 3.5*'s and Steamboat/Jericho 3*'s, Steamboat looked good but fucked up a figure 4, still a good match though.
  5. heyguesswhatidid


    http://www.zomse.com/54.htm a 30 second ad plays in front of the stream but then it starts to work
  6. heyguesswhatidid

    Monday Night Wars

    Damn, I didn't even think of the Booker/Benoit feud! I'm going to be upset not seeing those matches, but I'm sure they're easily available on the internet.
  7. heyguesswhatidid

    Monday Night Wars

    I don't mind them showing stuff from the beginning because, I didn't have the service available to me until the RAW after Survivor Series 1996 had just started airing, though I wish they would keep showing multiple 1998 shows each month.
  8. heyguesswhatidid

    Pictures I Like

    Why does that person have such massive legs?
  9. heyguesswhatidid

    History of ECW

    So, with Tazz gone from WWE, who do you think will host? Styles alone? Styles and Dreamer? Styles and Adamle? Who could it be!?
  10. heyguesswhatidid

    The "Vent about not having Program X on 24/7" Thread

    I've got like 5 things total on my whole WWE 24/7 and no Shorties, does anyone else with Cablevision have this problem, I've even tried resetting the cable box, but nothing showed up.
  11. heyguesswhatidid

    WWE Encyclopedia

    Just got the book and this is the perfect item for a fan to have while taking a long shit, there's so much stuff to read and it's fun trying to think up people to check if they left them out.
  12. heyguesswhatidid

    Future Dahmer/Ted Bundy

    Wow, I bet that kid is going to get raped by a pedophile he meets online.
  13. heyguesswhatidid

    Pictures I Like

  14. heyguesswhatidid

    Pictures I Like

    http://pix.jj.am/gallery/v/Hulkhands/ Plenty more pics of her
  15. heyguesswhatidid

    This is not a Test - Andrew Martin dead

    That was awesome.