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  1. liverbird

    Aliens landed....

    fuckin' love coneheads.
  2. liverbird

    How's this sound?

    Sure. Why not.
  3. liverbird

    Zero Hour

    You can use Billy Cassidy if you want.
  4. liverbird

    Zero Hour

  5. liverbird

    Zero Hour

    Open Challenge Billy Cassidy vs. ???????!!?!?!? SPOILERRRRRRRRRRR: It's probably gonna be a jobber. I want a match graphic! And an Otter.
  6. liverbird

    This site blows now

    Im gonna blame him for the downfall.
  7. liverbird

    Booking 4 this weeks show

    Billy Cassidy confronts Josie Baker.
  8. liverbird

    From: NEW Character Specs

    Fuck it.
  9. liverbird

    Ugliest Poster on TSM

    Don't blame me. I voted for barron.
  10. liverbird

    Strike Force: Cyborg vs Carano...

    And it was held in the human waste dump known as San Jose. Even better.
  11. liverbird

    Posters I hate the most

    Is Marvin fat? I thought he was the lanky fellow that looked like Moby.
  12. liverbird

    Fuck All of You

  13. liverbird

    Our Lady Peace talks pro wrestling

    Aw, that interviewer had no idea what that drummer guy was talking about. Cute. But yeah, shit band, but that dude was pretty funny. I kinda wish I was watching wrestling back when Man Mountain Rock was around, too.
  14. liverbird

    UFC 100

    This was one of my favorite UFC's that I've seen, mainly because I wasn't rooting for any specific person. Sure, I was leaning towards specific people, but either way, I would have been happy. 1. Akiyama/Belcher - As much as I liked Akiyama, I didn't think he won it. In fact, I don't think either man deserved a win as neither really did much. 2. Henderson/Bisping - I was probably the only one rooting for Bisping, but that KO was beautiful. The diving punch "just to shut him up" was a bit too much. Great, he bugged you and everyone else on TUF. You quite obviously knocked him out, Hendo. You won. No need to possibly cause more brain damage just to prove a point. 3. GSP/Alves - FOTN for me. GSP is a beast, Alves is gnarly, just a fantastic fight from start to finish. GSP's takedowns are superb. 4. Lesnar/Mir - Lesnar is a fucking Viking. That's all. A God damn Viking warrior whose sole purpose in life is to fight. I'm glad Lesnar won, but a stand up KO would have been nicer. And does anyone else just hate Mir's hair cut/beard combo? Gaaaah, just horrid.
  15. liverbird

    Who will be the next Lawler/Tazz...

    I'm sorry, but I don't see how that one guy thinks that The Undertaker would do commentary. Weird, weird choice. On that note, I could see CM Punk doing commentary in many, many years. He seems like he'd be down to play the kinda goofy tweener comm guy who is always wearing sunglasses, but gets serious when the moment calls for it. Kinda like Tazz. And JBL.
  16. liverbird

    Chris Masters re-signed by wwe

    You know, I never minded Chris Masters, really. The Masterlock Challenge (and the Masterlock itself) were kinda dumb, but I thought his character was solid. There's always room for an Adonis-like heel, I think. I cannot recall, however, how well he worked. Im assuming not very well.
  17. liverbird

    KIMBO SLICE to be competing on TUF

    Ha. Can you imagine what the house would be like? Kimbo, maybe 2 or 3 black guys, a Latino or two, and Frat dudes from Iowa and Ohio and Kansas and shit? Jesus Christ, dude!
  18. liverbird

    UFC 2009

    I FINALLY made a fight go to decision. Every other fight has ended in a KO, maybe three by submission. I just retired my kickboxer/BJJ Middleweight, cos I lost three fights in a row after being 6-0, twice by Tanner, once by Amir Sadollah. I then BEAT Amir, then lost to him again. Yay.
  19. liverbird

    Which game system do you own?

  20. liverbird

    UFC 2009

    Thoughts after buying the game: 1. As BJ Penn, I cannot for the life of me beat Sean Sherk. Can't do it. 2. I went the Frank Shamrock route in Career mode and retired after beating Rampage for the Light Heavyweight belt. I was set to face Rashad Evens next. I don't care how that fight would have gone. 3. Classic fights mode is quite fun, but with little payoff. Yay, I unlocked a 30 sec clipfest of the fight. Coulda gone to YouTube for that. 4. The random knockouts thing is quite entertaining either way it goes. I don't really care about the W-L record, so I felt like I realistically played that career as a legit fighter. Knock Out or Knocked Out. Overall, fantastic fun. I'd say 8/10
  21. liverbird

    How to swear in Chinese

    "You are preposterous bad and nobody like you. Please feel the freedom, in you sleep die, forever do not disturb TSM minority stay citizen" That's what Dandy posted, by the way.
  22. liverbird

    Gay Wrestlers

    Kanyon's gay? Hm. Wait, isn't Raven gay? Or was that just a rumor?
  23. liverbird

    We Are Doing Movies (Pic)

  24. liverbird

    When I was a child, my father

    Is my picture clever? You know who Ronnie Deutch is?