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    Lame. You're lame. Your whole operation is lame. That is all.
  2. What are we doing? If we're not running it this year, then I'm going to stop checking...
  3. I joined...is this happening, or what?
  4. HVilleThugg

    State of the SWF, 2007

    ^^^^ That's what I'm expletiving about! I hope this doesn't stand...I'm not in a position to do anything about it, but I do hope that you guys figure it out and keep the fed alive.
  5. HVilleThugg

    State of the SWF, 2007

    What the fuck?!?!?!
  6. HVilleThugg

    I'm sorry guys.

    Huh? I'm very confused.
  7. HVilleThugg

    Lurker/Retiree roll call!

    I check back every once in a while to see who's champ and such. I would do some marking for you, but with owning my own company now, saving for a wedding, and moving...I don't really have time for that. However, if you want to entice your offer with, perhaps, some young Mexican hookers, I might be persuaded.
  8. HVilleThugg

    SWF Wrestler of the Month - July 2006

    Holy crap...do you guys REALLY have 31 writers?!?!? That's awesome!
  9. HVilleThugg

    SWF Fantasy Football 2006

    Sounds great.
  10. HVilleThugg


    What the hell??? IGNWF?? What in the hell is going on here? And who the hell are all these people? I only recognize like 3 of them. Damn...has it really been that long since I've been here?
  11. HVilleThugg

    SWF Fantasy Football 2006

    Well, the blocked kicks and safeties thing...I don't think they should be as much as TDs...but, whatever...it's cool whatever you want. Shoulds be fun!!
  12. HVilleThugg

    SWF Fantasy Football 2006

    Sorry for the double post... But, I just read through the settings, and I think some things are a bit screwy...unless of course you meant to make them that way, in which case they are GENIUS! Anyway... - Touchdowns should be 6 points, not 7. We have kickers for EPs. - Passing yards and Rushing Yards shouldn't be worth the same. Rushing yards are more difficult (as are receiving) and should be 10 points, not 20. Passing yards should be 20. - Fumble recoveries, blocked kicks, and safeties seem to be worth an awful lot. They are usually only worth 2 points a piece. Those are my "suggestions" as to what I'd like to see. Obviously, the final call is completely up to you. Damn...jump back on the boards for ONE DAY, and I'm already stirring up trouble.
  13. HVilleThugg

    SWF Fantasy Football 2006

    You know Thugg's in that shit!! What's up guys?!? I also want to open up mine for those that want to play in more than one league. Here's the info... League: FF Donkey Corral (ID# 227182) Password: heehaw I have a bunch of other people that I'm going to open it up to, but since I started fantasy football on this site and you guys are great to play with, I wanted to invite some of you guys first. Those of you know who you are... But, now that I'm done pimping my league...what's up bitches?!? Mark...I'm in like Flynn...See you guys on the field!
  14. HVilleThugg

    Getting married in less than 12 hours...

    Uhhhhh...a little late, but congrats on the gettin' hitched Pete. Wow...I've missed so much.
  15. HVilleThugg


    I had McNabb last year...and he screwed ME over, not Spike! Anyway, I still have 4 spots open and Jake has 2. Sign up... PS - Jake...That draft occurs too late in the day on Saturday, so I can't make it. I"ll just have rely on Yahoo to fuck me by drafting from my list.
  16. HVilleThugg


    If anyone wants to join two leagues, I have a league as well... ID: 331910 Pass: upsidedown More fun to be had in two leagues...
  17. HVilleThugg

    THE SWF.COM V.2.0

    Hey guys...nice site! I'm happy to see that it finally got up. Well done Johnny D.
  18. HVilleThugg

    Hey guys...

    Damn yo...I make it back on here to see this bad news. I"m really sorry to hear about your dad Chris... I can't think of anything impressive to say, but I left a more meaningful message on your livejournal. Hit me up if you need anything...
  19. HVilleThugg

    Dead forum

    Because you touch yourself at night.
  20. HVilleThugg

    State of the SWF

    I agree with WC...chat has always been very clique-ey, and you guys hardly ever talk about the fed, which is basically the only thing we have in common. It's cool for like 5 minutes to catch up with people you haven't talked to in a while, but after that...it's rather boring.
  21. HVilleThugg


    Fine, I'll throw in Raynor is exchange for a walrus, 2 buttons, Mark Stevens, and a teenage hooker from Venezuela (male or female). Do we have a deal?
  22. HVilleThugg


    IT'S NOT CHRISTMAS YET!!! That's it...I want a Three-Way Santa Manatee Car Winshield Match on this PPV against Strangler and Rando! CC, make it so! ::No-sells Strangler's and Rando's existance::
  23. HVilleThugg


    A very ghetto version...who stole presents instead of giving them out...but sure. I'd love to write something...but I don't have the time. Damn work gets in the way of everything.
  24. HVilleThugg


    What happened to to the "joking" Xmas PPV? This one is too serious. I demand a Xmas PPV that at least contains Santa Claus, Cardboard Comet, Snow, Harlem Boys Choir, a silver Xmas Tree, and a panda with a manatee strapped to its back. Anything less is inadequate.
  25. HVilleThugg

    One Last Farewell Message

    :::Teary:: I'm probably relatively late here because I haven't been checking the boards. But, all I can really say is that the feeling is mutual Chris. I still think it is amazing how one gigantic argument can turn into one of the best friendships I've had with someone I've never met. I assure you, that if I'm ever in Ohio, you, me, and King are going to hang out and grab a beer. Thank you for being you,and thank you for saying (much more eloquently than I ever could) the things I've been trying to say about the fed for a year and a half. I hope, since you are you, the new generation of SWFers will listen to your statements and take them under consideration. Thank you for making me a better writer when I was active. Thank you for helping me with fun storylines. Thank you for making me a better person. And, lastly, thank you for being my friend (despite the HORRIBLE things I posted about you in our fight). You're a good man, bro. A legend is gone, but he'll live on (for me at least) as one of the best there ever was. He will live on as a champion, a hall of famer, a great man, and a guy who could NEVER beat me! J/K! I'll know you'll be around, and I'll be able to catch you online at some point when we're not so busy. SWF Kliq 4 Life!