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  1. WP, it's the other way around. Men are divided by 3. Women are x'd by three. The actual answer is 6.


    It wasn't a snide remark. It was a straight commentary, listening to you and Marvin, probably lessened my confidence by some internet osmosis.


    There's nothing awkward about being with the BF, I did that at my sister's wedding. It's just matter of knowing her intentions.


    I'm not going to jump in and shove the guy aside. That's her role but I'm not going to punk out and stay idle waiting.


    If anything, I'm more focused on the other girl anyways. Its just that my sister's friend is showing more active signs of life.


    Oh sorry, the way you wrote the remark in the other thread it sounded like you had already done the dividing by 3 bit. :D

  2. Slight update


    I got a txt message from my sister's friend


    Hey, You should come over to our place for the Bengals game, let me know


    First, "our" is her and her cousin/niece (some relative)who have an apartment. I don't directly know what this means and I can't just ask if her bf will be there but I assume he will...


    Hawk34, don't think I missed your snide remark about me there.


    I think this is an awkard situation. Well, it would be for me anyway as I have a hard time trying to figure out how to act in front of a girl who has a boyfriend.


    The interesting thing is that she invited you despite having a boyfriend. Maybe she's testing you to check out your manliness or just to see if you two will be just friends. Or she's setting you up with her cousin/niece(some relative). Perhaps you could have a 3some.


    Make sure before you go to get checked for any diseases you might have. 18(3) =54 women = possible sexually transmitted disease. Don't think of doing anything until you get checked out because that wouldn't be fair to your partner.


  3. I have always been shy. After I first started talking, I stopped for over a whole year with perhaps the exception of the word "juice" I believe. That scared my mother but I did start talking again.


    Sometimes I wonder if weight training is something I do for the women. Subconciously or something because I always feel I have to be beyond perfect when I approach a woman and that I would say is both good and bad. Maybe I'll get into my thoughts on that in a future post.

    Though I suppose when you think about it you can say everything man does is for women and it would make sense. Interestingly, weight training is something that's been engrained into me since I was a kid. We're talking extremely young here. I always wanted to be a strong, muscular man like He-Man. You could say that due to my upbringing of being around physical labour and everybody commenting on strength but I think it was something that was just in my blood. I used to look at the Sears catalogues when I was kid and just dream about the weight benches and weights.



    I'm glad you had a fun time.



    Last night and for most of the pre-wedding stuff, me and my sister's maid of honor were constantly flirting and having a great time together. It's weird that I had never actually met her before despite being my sister's best friend for the last 3 years.


    So, of course, she has a boyfriend, whom was completely late for the wedding and half the reception. My sister, was almost glowing seeing me and her best friend getting along so well. She's pretty cute with a great personality. After the boyfriend showed up, I left her alone and continued having a upstanding time with the family and meeting new people. However, before she left, she gave me a hug with an extended period of time and of course, the subtle kiss followed with the slight of hand number exchange in my pocket. So, a pretty cute girl who already makes good money (assistant director at some marketing company), already close with the family and a fantastic personality to boot? I could do worse.


    How did the flirting start?


    What are you going to do about the boyfriend? WOuld you feel bad if you helped to break up their relationship?

  5. In case you haven't noticed, I've been rather inactive for the past week or so around these parts and there are reasons for that...but nothing I want to get into just yet.


    I missed ya bud. And I promise not to make any jokes about that "Since you were gone I can breathe for the very first time song."


    Other happenings are...


    -One week from yesterday will be my final day in the office. As you might recall from a previous entry, I made the decision to go to school full time again passing over a well paying job with potential. A choice I'm assured to regret for awhile. Like everything else in live, politics played a part.


    If it makes you happier overall than it's good I guess. Don't regret over the past. Just make the best of the present


    My official title with the company was "Director of Production", which basically means manager of the workforce. I made a healthy income for the past couple months which is monumental for a 20 year old student, I got the job because of politics and because of who I knew. The owner being my father's best friend of many years put me in this seat but I didn't take it for granted and did the job with the utmost integrity as I could. Being handed a job is the worse possible situation in the work environment because it breeds contempt.


    Good for you. I think you can overcome contempt with a stellar work ethic however.


    Despite having worked shoulder to shoulder with the guys in the shop (another word for factory floor) and busting my ass for the better part of the last 2 years, they still resented me for being young with this position. I had to prove my worth and I think that I accomplished this. I'd like to think my performance would warrant me the ability to select my successor but that isn't the case.




    I wanted to appoint a guy who has worked off and on for this company for 15 years and knows everything about it far greater then I ever could imagine. He is generally liked by the office and floor except for one single person and that is the owner. The very same guy who placed an inexperienced 20 year old into a perk spot with his company that he built from the ground up. He feels more inclined to place someone from his secondary company into my seat. I'm very disappointed in this because I promised a man, a husband and father of 3 that this job was his when I leave. Monday morning, I had to inform him that he got passed over and that his many years with the company wasn't enough to satisfy the asshole in charge.


    Once again, that sucks. Could you have put up more of a fight to get him in?


    Originally, I planned on sticking with the company on a part-time basis going back to the shop floor but after this situation, I close the door for good with the company.


    -I did well enough that I can maintain a regular lifestyle for the next couple months before going back to the work-force. I've been working non-stop for years; I will gladly welcome this break. I don't believe I'll have much difficulty in finding a new line of work. Luckily my now former job presented with experience in a variety of fields.


    I wish you the best.



    I start school in just 12 days. My first collegiate year was rather lackluster but with a newfound motivation and drive, I have high expectations for this upcoming semester.


    I've said this many times and it holds true, for any aspiring students not sure about their direction, don't waste time and money on some big school and having your (or parents) pocketbooks gutted. There are a number of community colleges that offer the exact same basic introductory education that you'll receive from any 4 year program.


    Or do what I did...attend a regional branch. Most schools have regional campus and they are significantly cheaper and they offer identical education. LLiving at home and commuting might not seem attractive but when you examine the bills I got from Miami (OH) at Oxford and the Middletown regional branch, it was light and day. Attending regional branches doesn't limit your social life by any means.




    My sister gets married in exactly 29 days. I'm still not convinced I want the guy to be my brother in law. He's a good guy and all but he's pretty much the equivalent of paint drying. He's an accountant, so I'll appreciate his services in the future regarding my taxes and such. My sister is smart though. She's fairly good looking and never had problems attracting all sorts of guys. I figure she got all the fun out of her system and grabbed onto a guy who isn't going to turn her life into a live episode of COPS and won't sleep around on her and will give her financial happiness.


    Man alive, you have high standards. Ideally, what type of person would you want your sister to marry? I can do the job if you want.


    I love weddings. I just recently attended one over the weekend but being behind the scenes for the preparations for my sister has me seriously contemplating staying single for life. It's bad enough that you feel stressed out but you throw in meddling parents who can't stand each other and disagree on everything and every single possible "disaster" known to man and its fun if you got a front row seat but eventually you'll get thrown into the scene and it's downright ugly.






    That's all I feel like going into now. Next chapter, learn about my trip to a childhood past, chance meeting with prego friend and my adventures at the auto mall.


    Can't wait.

  6. And exactly who is to blame for being a drunk driver, hmmmm?


    That's right - YOU.



    Peter, we should talk about the Ghostbusters cartoon some day. That show was hilarious when they were hitting on all cylinders.



    Remember when they were all going around looking for a troll? and Ray comes up with the theory that instead of moving around and missing the person you're looking for (because they're moving around as well) you should stay still and eventually they will come to you? Egon than tells Ray it's the stupidest theory he's ever heard only to be of course proven wrong when Ray's elementary school teacher passes by.


    The time when Ray? and Egon were throwing a sterotypical cartoon bomb back and forth to each other where they're debating wether it's real or not is one of all time favourite TV moments.


    Boogieman episode WAS AWESOME.


    And that episode where Peter goes all out to save Slimer who got sucked into some kind of well; I don't remember what it was but it was really emotional.



  7. I'm depressed too. I just found out my DUI's probably going to go through, and I'll likely be on probation for a year. I was thinking things were going to be moving forward really well, but it's looking like that might not happen right now.




    Stay away from the alcohol. I don't really know what else to say.


    I know it's easier said than done but just do it before you do something you truly regret and become even more depressed.


    Thanks bud. My Rocky IV tape is actually a little worn out at that spot because I used to rewind it so much just so I can watch it over and over again.



    I'm a conflict of emotions right now. Frustrated, happy, really optomistic, sad and very worried. One good thing as of late is that I am now feeling more confident than I ever have been in my life. Though in a way I hope that doesn't make me lose my anxiety fears since I find they actually keep you extremely alive inside especially when you try to confront said anxiety fears. I guess I'll have to start diving soon or something so I can get that alive feeling back.

  9. King Booker

    Am I one of the few people to hate the gimmick?


    That's good. He's a heel.

    There's a difference in being a heel to make people hate you and people not being able to stand you. For HTQ, it's the latter in regards to Booker's King gimmick.

    Correct. If I happen to catch anything with King Booker, I instantly skip it.


    Shouldn't the fact I said I hate the gimmick make it pretty obvious that it's not getting the right kind of reaction from me?


    I had assumed that. I was just hoping for something else.


    From what I've seen of your posts I don't understand why you're always so hard on Smackdown. They've been producing a lot of great wrestling this year. With charasmatic charactors to boot. The booking leaves something to be desired but hey; what else is new?

  10. Orton will be next though.

    I'd put him close to 100%.


    The match quality score might be less than perfect because of the WWE style and lack of quality opponents. He deserves a perfect 75/75 in the other two categories, though.


    I never thought of how Randall would be if the WWE style didn't hold him back.


    I think it's safe to say he'd be the greatest worker in ROH.


    Without question.


    He'd also be the greatest heel ever in ROH by a long shot. I think he'd do well down there especially if he could somehow do double duty with the WWE and ROH.

  11. I suffer from depression so I wish you the best.



    Soccor will not become big in America because of several factors. If the most exciting team sport in the world can't make it (hockey) than I don't see soccor making it.



    One part (well actually two parts confused me) of your entry there confused me at what you were trying to get at



    He left school to provide for his wife and family. He had his reasons and in his eyes, I can see he regrets that. If I leave school for good, what would it be for? More money and nothing else. Is that honorable?


    How's leaving school not a honourable thing to do? Do you feel ashamed of it or something? Do you take a lot of pride into going to school? Or do you just feel greed's getting the best of you at the moment and you don't thnk that's honourable?


    If you feel guilt about making more money (which I assume you don't) than give it to the Make a Wish Foundation.

  12. Steiner had a lot of injuries as well which really slowed him down. Of course that's to be expected as he was all out wrestling machine.


    When Steiner was at his peak he was a lot like Benoit in his intensity. His in ring wrestling actions had as much noticeable wow factor as any other wrestlers did if not more. Steiner was just mesmerising to watch. Charasmatic as well. Seing Steiner pump the crowd up after hitting his version of the Tiger Driver never got old.



  13. Update time


    +Work is still the same. I was expecting it to finally hit me with some wave of panic but its been a steady ride so far, despite some trouble within the corporate structure itself


    sounds good


    +On the relationship front? Its getting stagnate already and that’s because of the routine we are forced to deal with. These “lunch dates” aren’t doing it for us anymore so when we do take our trip later in July, it’ll be very much welcomed. I know it doesn’t make sense, but we live 30 minutes apart and she works the night shift…but I happen to work a mere 5 miles from her house…so we just have lunch “dates”…as I said in the previous update…thing will change (for the better) once school starts for us.


    No comment


    +My father, (I don’t know if I have mentioned him before or not) finally got a hair-cut this afternoon. This is monumental because it was the first time in 6 years he cut his hair (and that was just at the request of his dying mother, just weeks before her passing).


    Interesting. His hair musn't grow too fast.


    It’s beyond awkward. I’ve always known him to have obscenely long hair but now that he is reaching the gray hair stage of life, he hacks it off all for a purpose that he resents. (his daughter’s wedding).


    Yeah, things like that can take awhile to get used to. Just give it time.


    I have had only one similar experience to this and that was with my beard back in 2003. For 11 months, I never brought a razor to my face (which is topped by clean shaved head). It had become my identity around town, I had the Mountain man beard, as opposed to the hobo beard. I finally cut it off for reasons I don’t recall but I remember the shock of seeing my bare face for the first time in 11 months. I was almost paralyzed in fear.


    You don't come off as the bearded type of individual. I know a person who has an extremely thick beard. Sometimes bugs get caught in it. Did that ever happen to you?


    Maybe you should go for the Great Antonio or the Cuban Assasin bearded look. May as well try to copy the Assasin's hair look as well while you're at it.


    Since then, I’ve grown out my hair and kept it at acceptable business style length and kept the beard neatly trimmed because it is in the opinion of many that I am just downright better looking with stubble-ish beard as opposed to the clean shaved or mountain beard deal.


    Do you ask people this?


    +I am buying a new car in September. In 5 years of driving, I have owned 3 cars...


    Sweeeeeeeeeet, what are ya looking at?


    My first car, was a hand me down from my uncle 1993 Chevy Lumina. I was 15 and still running on the temps, when he was going to junk the car but I asked if I could have it so I wouldn't have to buy my own car right away once I got my license. He handed me the keys...


    Super Cool uncles throw you the keys instead of handing them to you. Still, your uncle sounds pretty cool.


    I used the car only as practice for 6 months and I never had any personal attachment towards it. Once I had my license, I kept that car for 3 more months until I bowed down to peer pressure and sold it for a measly $800 bucks and then I brought this...1999 Dodge Avenger. I loved this car as it looked good, drove good and had a fantastic sound system already installed.


    measly $800? Honostly, is this a gimmick of yours?


    I kept this car for 2 years and loved driving it but I agreed to help my sister out after her car blew up and instead of making her buy a new car(she could barely pay for college), I gave her my car and brought a 2002 F-150 lightning


    That's pretty sweet of you. I like to help my sisters out as well.


    I have driven this truck ever since and I'm going to keep it as my company vehicle (as the one we have is old anyways and they are basically buying it off me)...so I don't know what to get.


    That truck is unbelievably ugly and wimpy looking. A guy shouldn't drive them. My father's trucks are way better. They're the Fit Finlays of trucks.


    I don't want another truck for all the obvious reasons as well as just plain tired of driving one. I'm looking towards another mid-size car like the first two but they weren't good on gas mileage (which wasn't a concern for me then, but is now) but I refuse to get one of those generic Camry's or whatever.


    If you don't get a truck than how are you going to get through various roads? The rocks will hit the bottom of the car. Than you'll also have that getting stuck problem. Sure, on the highway you're okay but what all the other roads?


    I'll keep you updated on the car hunt status.


    Can't wait. When do you think the next update'll be?


  14. I'm just snobbish i guess because I like to think Weddings still mean something, so I'm more apt to give a larger cash sum. For me it's just money and I'm bound to get married soon, so I would expect them to return the favor. It's just money.




    No, you're snobbish because you thumbed your nose up at a commoner's $50 and said THAT YOU WOULD SEND IT BACK TO THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let me repeat that -- You said you would send it back to them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That means not only would you not take the money but you would go out of your way to take the time to give it back to them!! Your snobbishness means that much to you. That my friends is a 100 percent snob. Impressive. Out of all the things I've heard in my life that has got to be one of the most snobbish things I've ever heard of.


    I think even you realised it because that's why you're hiding out down here talking about wedding gifts instead of the main thread where you skipped town.


    Than add on your ROH attitude and your attitude towards me -- Woah boys.



    Not that all this means you're a bad guy or anything like that.

  15. He does talk to me, but he's so uncomfortable.


    I don't know if he's on the Marvinisawildpegasus level of confidence, but he's close.


    Marvin's way ahead of me on the confidence scale. Way ahead.


    Who initiates the conversation? Or better yet, who initiated the first few conversations? Because if he initiated conversation at all during the first few conversations than he's way more confident than me. If he didn't do that than he could possibly be at my level.

  16. You can be a worthless loser like WP's gimmick and always think about it, but never actually do anything. He'll never know moments like this weekend, he'll never realize that a stripper is paid to flirt and smile at him. He can try to play Freud and analyze my relationships but he can't talk about something he never been through. WP, might be able to analyze a wrestling match to intricate details but he can't speak on love or anything remotely similar to it.


    I'd rather actually do the real thing, feel the realness with the chill down her spine sending her into shivers.




    Wrestling is love my friend.


    I am working on myself. Right now I'm not in an ideal situation to be chasing girls but hopefully I will be in the future.


    One of the things that hit me hard and helped to give me some more confidence (Yes, I used to be way worse than I was) was when I realised that my highschool crush who was incredibly nice and attractive (and I've never had a crush that was even close to this one before) seemed from all accounts to actually like me. So I can relate to crushes somewhat. I still have a crush on her to this day and respect her tremendously as well because of her kindness and work ethic. Too bad for me she's married now.

  17. First off, cleaning ladies are not common around my parts. Nobody has them. Nobody. People would probably get laughed at for being lazy because they have a cleaning lady.


    Joe vs Punk II is severely overrated. I will be watching about 7 or 8 better matches this coming PPV. Yes, there are some that like it but there are some who hate it as well. I didn't say I could list 100 matches better than that. That was for Misawa vs Kawada from 6/94.

    I said I could list 5000 matches better than Punk vs Joe II. Easily. However, that is for matches that connect with me. If for whatever reasons it connects with you to the point where you think it's an all time great match than that is fine. However, it would be wrong to assume that it connects with everyone that way.