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Date: Tuesday, October 21, @ 8 PM EST

Venue: The Burt Flickinger Center in downtown Buffalo, New York. ECW used to broadcast from here. You can throw a rock from one end of the arena to the other.

Send Promos & Marked Matches To: Longdogger_Pete



Call it.



Jay Morrison vs. Steve Bartman, The Guy Who Caught The Foul Ball At Game 6

Description: It seems that venerable announcer Ejiro Fasaki has misplaced his pants. Some prankster ran them up the flagpole just to see who’d salute. Frankly, having Ejiro sitting there pantsless is causing Annie Eclectic to wig out, especially since his American Flag boxers aren’t exactly flattering. Also, Ejiro’s getting pretty cold. Won’t someone please return his pants?

Rules: Ejiro’s pants are on the pole. Once they come down, they can legally be used as a weapon, but Ejiro won’t be very happy if they come back ripped. The first person to give Ejiro a pair of pants will be declared the winner. Steve Bartman is your average middle-aged guy who needs a beating. Referee Ced Ordonez, incidentally, is the same waist size as Ejiro. Bartman might be as well. Who knows? Only time will tell.

Word Count: 3000, but really, just write anything.

Send To: Tod deKindes



Brian Bowers vs. David Blazenwing

Special Referee: SJL Road Agent Mr. Bukkake

Description: Blazenwing was hanging out backstage for some reason last week. He seems to show up when it’s least expected. He was heard to remark that former TV Champion Brian Bowers couldn’t wrestle his way out of a wet paper sack, and Commissioner Raynor thought it was such a good idea that he made the match.

Rules: The match will take place in the boiler room, where the wrestlers will step into a large paper sack which will then be shut using the “fold the top end over a couple of times” method. The sack will be wet down by the special referee, SJL road agent Mr. Bukkake. We’ve asked him to please use a hose. The winner will be the first one to wrestle his way out of the paper sack and kiss Mr. Bukkake’s hand (the left one, for god’s sake – don’t ask why). Blazenwing may be written in any of his gimmicks, ranging from HHH clone to superhero to bumbling idiot who occasionally posts on our boards, and it really doesn’t matter what his stats are.

Word Count: 3000, but again, see above.

Send To: Ace309



Dominic Korgath vs. Manson

Description: Two of the premier wrestlers in the SJL today, Manson has established himself at the top of the card while Dominic Korgath is still working his way up. This match isn’t for a contendership, but the winner will definitely make himself known to Commissioner Raynor.

Rules: Standard singles match. Countouts and DQs are in effect.

Word Count: 5000

Send To: TheBostonStrangler



Aecas vs “The Demon” Jimmy Liston

Description: Hey, you haven’t seen each other in a while. Let’s get you reacquainted.

Rules: Standard singles match. Countouts and DQs are in effect.

Word Count: 5000

Send To: Thoth



“Insane Luchadore” Andrew Rickmen © vs. Todd Royal © vs. Landon “La Cucaracha” Maddix

Description: Todd Royal won a shot at Andrew Rickmen by beating him clean last week, and Landon Maddix has a European Title contendership to cash in. Commissioner Raynor thought and thought about the way to resolve this quandary, and settled on a good, old-fashiond two falls, two titles match.

Rules: The winner of the first fall wins the European Championship. The winner of the second fall wins the World Championship. They are separate triple threat matches under first-win rules, and there will be a one-minute break after the first fall. No one is eliminated – all three wrestlers will compete in both falls. It is entirely possible to write yourself to win both titles, but if you do, it is entirely possible that your next booking will be a ticket on Thoth’s bus.

Word Count: 7000

Send To: Longdogger_Pete

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It is entirely possible to write yourself to win both titles, but if you do, it is entirely possible that your next booking will be a ticket on Thoth’s bus.

Word Count: 7000

Send To: Longdogger_Pete




Nice card. (Y)

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Guest Korgath

Maybe it's just me being a clueless n00b, but how is giving Bowers or Morrison a cheap win going to encourage them to come back?

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It's a proud tradition here in the SJL to see if someone's alive by offering them a completely ridiculous match. Previously, these were punishment matches, including the infamous Reverse Inferno Semen Match (in which the 'winner' was the one to light himself on fire and drink 8oz of Jay Dawg's sperm) and the revolutionary Nature's Gift Nutshot match (in which two wrestlers in Furry costumes competed in a match where the only legal move was the Galatea Special).


However, we've moved away from humiliating punishment matches. As it is, it's possible (though not probably) that Bowers and Morrison were just bored being booked with each other, so I booked two utterly ridiculous matches to offer them a change of pace. It's not as if they'll be rewarded with anything other than a spot on the active roster for showing, and if their records mattered to them they wouldn't have no-showed so much.


But really, it's just a way of having an amusing match to read, whether they write it or the marker does. I look forward to either Morrison or Tod writing someone being strangled with Ejiro's pants.

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I believe Morrison had to quit ( I received a PM from him saying so, actually) so I'd take him off the roster. Of Bowers, though, I have no idea.

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Thoth's bus is a standard Greyhound, and so it's upholstered and non-smoking.


Also, the bus drives you to Santa Barbara, where you will arrive at Thoth's dorm room and be spanked while the latest Dance Dance Revolution mix plays in the background.

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*just noticed Z's quote in Tom's sig* BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


I find that highly amusing. Then again, I'm a geek. ;)


Carry on.

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If you win both titles and get rewarded with teh bus... don't sit in the back, because a drooling little tool who says his own name in communication all the time sits back there.


:huh: :throwup:

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Guest Insanityman

....Well, good to see that at least I live up to the standards of which the World Title was been placed in, Frost.

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Guest Insanityman

Okay, I'm going to have to no-show. The reason being that one of my friends was basically sliced/stabbed and I don't know the exact sotry but I do know it completely drained my energy and I just had to get away. I also have things to clear up regarding this and other things, but I still apologize that I have to no-show. Here's what I do have done-


(The camera hums back to life and reveals the fans that seem packed to the rafters! The arena buzzes with conversations of the last SWF show, certain SJL wrestlers, the good old days, funny stories, perverted jokes, and predicts for the main event that soon will be kicked off! The camera pans through the anxious crowd and finally the camera settles down right in front of the announcer's table. The twisted commentary team of Justice and Rule with Annie Eclectic seeming like the outcast all sit and recall memories).


"Oh, but it wasn't that bad revealing myself to be Beezel," Annie says with a shrug.


"…You know? It wasn't that bad just crunching Wildchild through that flaming table- or watching Judge reveal himself to be the one who helped ruined Wild and Dangerous."


"I wasn't opposed to it either." Judge gives a small smirk.


"Welcome back!" Annie is the first to notice the camera and cues Judge.


"Right, welcome back. We've had quite an interesting show," Judge says and pauses. Justice and Rule shiver in unison of the thought of Mr. Bukkake. "Anyway it's time for the main event-"


Annie, too excited to wait for her turn, cuts Judge off. "It's going to be TWO titles on the line with TWO falls in this match! Two previous shows together Todd Royal beat Insane Luchador clean for his shot at the title," She reminds and listens to the all the jeers. "I know, I know. But Maddix earned his shot against Royal…" The fans cheer.


Judge butts right back in. "So therefore Raynor, excuse me, Commissioner Raynor decided that if IL can get beat by the European Champion," The crowd jeers even more. Judge makes a face of disgust. "Oh get over it. That we need to give IL a run for his money."


"So we've put Royal in a match where he can win BOTH belts!" Ejiro beams with happiness.


"Right, first fall is for the European Title. Second fall is for the more prestigious SJL World Championship." Judge explains to the fans. He continues on. "If your pin it doesn't matter, you compete in the second fall. It should be quite the match."


Annie predicts, "Maddix to become our new European Champion and Insane Luchador to retain." Ejiro spits on the ground. The fans roar in approval of Annie's prediction.


"I think Royal will take both. Obviously he's above Maddix and he's beat IL once, right?" Ejiro gives his own twisted logic and biased opinion.


"But IL barely healed from a match where he took a sheer head drop through a table and overall a nasty beating!" Annie protests.


Ejiro chuckles. "Oh Annie, so naïve, he's the one who sucked enough to let it happen!" The fans all just wish they could rip Ejiro to shreds.


Suddenly Marilyn Manson's "Fight Song" begins to blare over the speakers and the fans all scream while leaping to their feet for Landon Maddix's entrance! The anticipation remains but the cheers slowly begin to cease. The song continues to play and without any warning Landon "La Cucaracha" Maddix leaps onto the stage! The clean cut and youthful looking Maddix with his red and black headband, his long black hair, black and red elbow pads and red wristbands, his black leather shorts with red trim, and his red boots with black trimming and the "LM" initials near the ankles. Maddix spins around in his usual fashion to milk the cheers from the fans.


"FROM HURON, SOUTH DAKOTA- WEIGHING IN AT 206 POUNDS… LLLLAANNNDDDOOOON MMMAAADDIIIIXX!" Funyon's introduction cues Maddix to begin a cocky strut down the aisle.


"He looks real confident for someone who doesn't even have gold," Ejiro insults.


The 5'10" Maddix continues the strut down the aisle, slapping every hand that desperately reaches for him. Finally at the end of the aisle and right next to ringside he spins again in the same fashion as before- loving this crowd. He sings along with the song while walking along the steel barricade where he slaps every fan's hand. He passes the announcer's table where Ejiro grumbles and Landon slaps Annie's hand. His journey continues until he picks up the pace, finally doing the complete ringside arena. With great grace he leaps onto the arm, catching himself with one hand grasping the rope, the other shots into the air. He yells out with the fans singing along with the motivating chant of-




He enters the ring and his exciting entrance just continues as he hops onto the middle rope and throws his arms out to the loving crowd. Finally the music dies down and he hops to the canvas, moving towards the center of the ring, hyping himself up.


"Took him long enough, Christ," Ejiro jeers.


Before anything else can be said the house lights shut off! The small Burt Flickinger Center's audience compensates by nearly blow the roof off with jeers! Then the pure, white light descends upon the entrance ramp and a beautiful chorus of the soft "aaahhh" hits the speakers. Then Motley Crue's "Livewire" kicks up and so do the white and blue strobe lights!


"God's here? Oh sweet Jesus, King has come back to the SJL!" Ejiro taunts the fans. Judge shots him a look that makes it seem like Ejiro just committed major blaspheme.



Todd Royal is a stride ahead of Megan with his short brown hair, brown goatee, and the European belt slung over his shoulder cockily seems to be a part of Royal. He wears the long tights with the blue flames trimmed at the edges with silver that runs up his legs. His upper body is covered with a black shirt. He pushes down his sunglasses a little bit, eyeing some females in the front row. With a suave moment he shrugs his shoulders and adjusts the black vest with "VIP" in blue on the front and "TODD DAMN!" in black on the back. With an arrogant stride with his black boots with "TR" initials he seems not to worry he's only the European Champion challenging the World Champion.




The strobes focus on the two and Royal stops right at ringside, absorbing those precious jeers before letting Megan remove his vest followed by the European Title. She wishes him a good luck and Royal gives a cocky smirk before rolling into the ring.


"Always is so cocky," Annie insults.


He springs right to his feet, staring at Maddix standing in center of the ring. Landon begins to take a step forward but thinks twice of it, instead retreating to the ropes where he casually leans against them. Royal glances back at Maddix and then turns around to face the entrance ramp where both wrestlers know the World Champion will be coming out soon.


"Both wrestlers have definitely earned this shot while IL deserves World Title… it's time to see what each one of them is made of," Judge hypes the match and that seems unnecessary.


Every fan gets to their feet, every head perks up, Maddix stops leaning against the ropes casually, and everyone is dying with anticipation. The steady drums suddenly roar like thunder and the fans explode! Then the guitar kicks in followed by white pyro that explodes everywhere in every direction! The entrance ramp seems much more colorful as shots of green, black, and red are randomly shot off as they stand out from the bright white. That's when Insane Luchador literally leaps onto the stage to even more deafening reaction. Andrew Rickmen stands tall, arms high into the air, his black hair spiked up with the streaks of green, the black "Spitfire" skate shirt he wears, the collar of a smaller white shirt under the first, the baggy khaki cargoes, the black Emerica skate shoes, his eyes are the multicolored green with streaks and they reflect energy and passion. His World Title belt is slung carefully over his shoulder and he puts down his arms.





Luchador sprints down the ramp, both arms extended, hands slapping willing fan's hands. He stops right at ringside, breaking the sprint. He stares at Megan Skye, then at Todd Royal, and finally at Maddix. With a big inward sigh he rolls into the ring, getting right up and handing his belt to Kivell. Matthew thrusts into the air and IL gives a nod to Royal in a taunt of "Yes, that's right, it's mine."




Todd Royal wastes no time, suddenly leaping out and taking IL off guard! He sends Luchador reeling into the ropes with a surprise, stiff kick to his chest. Royal whirls around, only to have Maddix crack him with a knife-edge chop! The SJL European Champion takes a step back, gasping, and launches a palm strike right to Landon's chin! Landon reels back and Royal sends a high kick right to Maddix's cheek! But before any more damage can be done Insane Luchador suddenly flies in the air from behind and bulldog's Royal down! He rolls right to his feet and fluently hits a grapple with the dazed Landon Maddix! The two wrestlers struggle back and forth, until Maddix throws a knee to IL's gut. He wraps his arm around Luchador's head looking for a DDT, but Luchador squirms out of the hold and grabs Maddix's arm. He quickly locks in the hammerlock, Maddix throwing elbows back at IL. One especially fierce elbow sends Luchador's head whipping back and he releases the hold. Maddix spins around to confront Luchador. But Andrew Rickmen sees a strike coming, ducking under a clothesline attempt! Andrew then lunges up with a European uppercut and sends Landon Maddix into the corner!


Luchador can't resist the natural urge as he runs forwards at the turnbuckle and leaps into the air, throwing his body out for the Crossbody! But Maddix falls right to the canvas stomach first and he rolls away, avoiding IL's attack. Landon rolls to his feet, glancing back at Luchador who hits the mat clutching his chest. Suddenly Royal, now back to his feet, attacks Maddix with an elbow right to Landon's face! Maddix clutches his face in pain, letting Royal wrap his arms around Maddix's chest, spinning around and just falling in a snap spinebuster.


"Hmm, haven't seen that move from Todd," Annie points out.


Judge explains, "I have a feeling any move that this wrestlers can pull off, they will."


Todd hops back at his feet, leaning over and laughing at Maddix. Landon rolls to his feet, Royal backing off a bit, and the two collide into a grapple! Royal overpowers Landon and wraps around Maddix in a front face lock! He struggles to push Todd Royal away, but the SJL European Champion clutches a handful of the leather shorts and snaps Maddix over with snap suplex! Royal leaps right back to his feet, dropping down for a simple elbow drop, but only to hit canvas. Maddix, who rolled away quickly, gets right back to his feet casually. He grabs a handful of Royal's hair and tugs him to his feet, shoving Royal back a bit so he can-


"Landon 'La Cucaracha' Maddix jumps into the air and hits a mediocre at best spin kick," Ejiro says, breaking the silence from the earlier action.



Royal stumbles at the corner where IL failed in a Crossbody attempt and he reels smack into IL! Like a Scooby Doo episode Royal turns around and makes a face right before IL's fist collides right into Royal's nose! Royal reels back and slams into Maddix from behind! He whirls around and Landon uses an elbow to daze the SJL European Champion. Insane Luchador steps to Royal's side and gives a slight nod to Maddix. The two grab Royal's wrists and whip him into the ropes! Royal comes rocketing back and the fans explode in cheers as both IL and Landon dropkick Todd down!


A grin slowly creeps across Annie's face. "Well I'll be damned. IL and Maddix HAD to of planned something out earlier- then fooled us all with not cooperating beforehand or maybe just deciding two-on-one is more appropriate for the time?"


Ejiro doesn't appreciate IL and Maddix's scheming. He proclaims, "But that's not fair!"


"Life's not fair." Annie barks like a parent to a whiny child who didn't get the bigger piece of cake.


Royal tries to show his superiority, rolling right back to his feet, only to have IL and La Cucaracha grab his wrists again! The two Irish whip Todd Royal into the ropes. Todd running back throws out both arms in a clothesline attempt, the two duck under the attack! They both turn around, only to have Royal launch a roundhouse kick to Luchador's face followed by a right hook to Landon! The fans jeer wildly as Todd Royal then knocks both of the opponents down with a clothesline!


Ejiro nearly giggles in pleasure. "That's how you do it!"


Luchador is the first to spring to his feet. Royal whips out his leg, Luchador catching it and realizes his error-


"Not a smart move. But it's too late! Because Royal just hit a beautiful enzigiri." Judge gives the play-by-play.


Megan Skye pounds on the mats in happiness as Luchador crumbles to the mat and Royal takes on Maddix the second he gets back to his feet!


Annie seems distracted and she glances at Megan. "Speaking of beautiful…" Judge clears his throat loudly. Annie snaps back into reality. "Yes, that was a beautiful enzigiri, I'll give Royal that."


Todd Royal mutters at Landon before whipping him into the turnbuckle corner, Maddix slams back first into the turnbuckle corner and slouches down in pain. Royal begins a charge but suddenly Luchador is seen flying from behind him, hitting a bulldog that takes Todd down! The fans cheer loudly at Rickmen's saving of Maddix, and Andrew Rickmen quickly picks up Royal.


"You know, no one seems to be working any part of the body yet. This seems like an unorganized fight for the titles…" Judge pauses. "I'm actually enjoying it."


Royal barely even seems fazed by the attack, lashing out with a stiff palm strike upward right into Rickmen's jaw! The cheers switch right to jeers as Royal grabs a handful of IL's shirt on his lower back and a handful of the spiked hair- with much ease he heaves Luchador through the middle rope where he smacks right onto the cement. With a smirk Royal throws up his arms in imitation of Luchador before turning around and walking right into a Super Kick! The fans go nuts as Royal is sent off his feet and lands brutally on his upper head! Maddix quickly follows after, hitting the canvas and hitting the pin-


"ONE!" The crowd cheers in high hopes.


"TWO!" But Royal's shoulder almost instantly springs up after the two count from Matthew Kivell. Maddix shrugs, not expecting much more, and Landon grabs at Todd Royal and tugs him to his feet. Matthew Kivell looks around for Luchador and sees him on the outside, becoming a victim of Megan Skye's attacks. After another stomp Insane Luchador rolls back to his feet and walks at Megan, distracting Royal inside the ring. Skye backs away from the World Champion, who smirks at her, mouthing, "Watch your step." Then he rolls into the ring.


"Man, IL has really toned down his act. Won't even fight back." Ejiro fake spits.


"No, man, IL has grown a heart." Annie counters.


Royal takes Maddix off guard with a headbutt and he follows up with a kick to Landon's gut. He locks in a fierce front facelock and Luchador begins to walk up to counter, but Megan Skye from the outside grabs IL's foot and tugs him down! Luchador falls face first to the canvas before Megan pulls Luchador to the outside, acting innocent as Kivell glances over with suspicion.


Judge sees the move coming and calls it, "Looks like Royal's going for the Trinity! Snap suplex, rolled into a vertical suplex, into a delayed vertical suplex- if he hits this signature move it could do some considerable damage to Maddix."


The SJL European Champion grabs a handful of the leather pants and he goes for the lift. But Maddix wraps his leg around Royal's to halt the move attempt. Todd Royal frees his leg, lifting Landon into the air and before Maddix knows it gets dropped in a shift yet effective vertical snap suplex. He rolls forward, tugging Maddix up also and he fluently lifts Landon "La Cucaracha" into the air. But Maddix shifts his weight and falls out of the clutches of Todd, hitting the ground with his feet behind Royal. Maddix sees a chance and he wraps his arms tightly around Royal in a waist lock! Todd Royal almost looks annoyed, throwing elbows back at Landon. But Maddix holds on, lifting Royal a bit into the air until he just drops to a knee. Todd hits the mat yet Landon retains the hold, lifting Royal back up.


On the outside Insane Luchador takes a wicked slap that has such an echo that it draws Matthew Kivell's attention. Luchador seems to be ready to lose it before Matthew leans over at the ropes, calling IL to the ring, and Megan to keep away. Luchador begins walking to the ring, protesting about Skye's presence.


Royal, using his wrestling wits, takes advantage of Matthew Kivell's back being turned and he throws his leg behind him in a low blow!


"Cheater!" Annie protests and the fans agree with Annie's anger.


"No, he just sees a chance and takes it," Ejiro says as if correcting Annie.


Royal breaks out of the hold, ducking down and forcing Maddix's legs to be over Royal's shoulders! Todd grabs a hold of Maddix's legs and bends up, lifting Maddix into the air in an Electric Chair Drop position.


"Haven't seen anything like this from Todd," Judge comments.


"Oh come on, don't whine! This is great!" Ejiro can just visual the landing with Maddix's face being crushed against the mat.


Luchador rolls into the ring, seeing Maddix in trouble, but he casually stands there as if nothing is happening.


Annie begs, "Do something..." Her voice whines.


Landon suddenly throws punches to the head of Todd Royal's head and Royal sways. Using this Maddix rolls off of Todd's shoulders, forcing Royal to go down and Maddix grabs the legs and hits a victory roll! IL gives an impressed face and listens to Megan screaming. Kivell drops for the count-


"ONE!" "Holy crap!" Annie says. "Could we have a new Euro Champ?" She asks and all the fans hope.



"TWO!" The fans chant eagerly.



Royal kicks out and a collective groan is heard. Todd, only taken by the element of surprise, sees Megan calling for him. He rolls out of the ring, leaving Luchador and Maddix.


"Well here we go, I have a feeling those short spurts of teamwork are done." Judge smiles while he says it.


Insane Luchador walks to center of the ring in a prepared position and Maddix does the same. Luchador is the first to strike, leaping out and throwing out his leg! But Maddix ducks under the strike attempt, IL's leg actually slung over Maddix's shoulder! Landon, with a spur of the moment action, clutches IL's ankle and he spins around- causing Insane Luchador to be tossed in a circle before his head violently slams against the canvas and bounces back up. Maddix continues the action and Luchador's head keeps taking the abuse. From his own dizziness Maddix lets go. The SJL European Champion rolls back in the ring from behind and the fans all jeer in attempt to warn Landon. But it's worthless as Royal strikes from behind with a super kick to the back of Maddix's head! Landon flies forward, tripping over Luchador's body and hitting the mat face first!


"Cover IL! Cover IL!" Ejiro screams directions.


Royal walks over to Insane Luchador, grabbing his arms and jerking him up in anything but a polite manner. He gives a big grin as he takes a step back, seeming to want to go for ANOTHER super kick! But as the leg flies out Insane Luchador side steps. Todd Royal nearly loses his balance from missing a hit with such force and Rickmen uses this to his advantage. He grabs Royal in a fierce headlock and he jerks around Todd's neck dangerously.


"Know what?" Judge asks.


Annie humors him, "Don't know, what, your Honor?"


"I think their own game plan is just hurt each other enough to go for the pin- instead of working one general area. So I take back my rushed conclusion from earlier," Judge states and explains.


He falls for the first DDT, making the crowd go wild at the sight of the rolling DDTs! He smacks Royal’s head against the canvas and IL forces Todd Royal back to his feet with the lock still held in. The World Champion falls to the canvas again with Royal, hitting the second DDT! Finally he tugs him up one last time, but Todd begins to show resistance! He worms his way out and behind IL but Luchador locks another headlock more like a bulldog but Todd pushes him towards the ropes! Royal begins to follow after trying to shake off the pain. But Andrew Rickmen refuses to be so easily overtaken so right before he hits the ropes he leaps onto the top rope, springing off and spinning in the air! He goes for the Crossbody Block but Royal plants himself firm on the canvas, arms out and ready to catch Luchador!


“Now wait, is Royal really strong enough to hit this?” Annie asks.


Royal speaks with actions rather than words to answer Annie’s question- catching Luchador and swiftly lifting him vertically so his feet are in the air! The crowds all groan and hold their breath, watching Royal just show off his strength by walking in a small circle in center of the ring! Luchador thrashes wildly, blood rushing to his had, but he knows it’s inevitable. Todd Royal drops to the mat, dropping Luchador right on his head with an odd set-up to the Blue Thunder Powerbomb!


Ejiro gets beams and stutters something like. “Todd damn.”


Judge winces and gives the slightest smile at the corners of his mouth.


Annie exclaims, “Oh God! He just floored Luchador! Right after taking the Rolling DDT’s he just destroys Luchador!”


IL just go limps for a second before he rolls away, Royal getting to his feet and turning around with one arm in the air cockily. Megan Skye screams in approval but suddenly cries in warning! Todd turns around, only to get floored by a flying forearm from Landon Maddix! The fans go crazy as Todd Royals to his feet and Landon is already on his feet and waiting. Royal takes a step towards Landon who levels Royal with a standing spin kick that the audience explodes to!


“Maddix coming back with insane levels of energy, probably realizing this is his only chance in this match as of yet,” Annie says hyper.


Todd Royal stands down this time, Landon staring down. He grabs Royal and hoists him to his feet, just grinning to the crowd’s wild reaction! But Royal sends a hard punch to Landon’s stomach and Maddix reacts with a double axe handle over his opponent’s head. Royal falls to his knees, suddenly aware of the attack ready to happen. The fans all explode in cheers as Maddix suddenly leaps into the air and hits a strong kick to the back of Royal’s head!


“The Shining Wizard!” Annie marks out.


Landon hooks the leg and secures the pin-




“ONE!” The crowd all hopes.



“TWO!” Megan’s pounding on the apron is insanely loud.










“THREE!” But Matthew shoots his hand up with two fingers out as Royal’s leg is barely resting on the bottom rope! The groans all groan and Maddix slaps his fist against the canvas in anger. He grabs Royal and tugs him up to his feet, Todd swaying like a white boy with no rhythm. Landon sends two jabs that send Todd stumbling back and his arms flailing.

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Guest ToddRoyal

Wait- do you mean you have none of the other matches or nothing at all?


Because I sent my match to you about 5 hours ago. I'll re-send if you didn't get it.

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Guest ToddRoyal

Alright. I'm too tired to pick up on stuff like that right now. Add that to the promo I screwed up sending last week and I was worried I'd forgot to send it or something.


Carry on.

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