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10 favourite sporting moments

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Red Baron asked me this in November 2003. It took me a few months to complete. Then reason #4 came along and fucked everything up. So if no responses on this for a few days, it's cool.


This is as you, not as say, a Canadian, or a Yankees fan.


10-Daniel Igali kisses the Canadian Flag after the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

9- The 87 Canada Cup. Gretzky to Lemiuex sticks in my mind in particular.

8- 1986 Masters. "MAYBE? YES SIR!" as Jack makes birdie on 17 sticks in my mind.

7- All of Saku Koivu's return game. It's worth noting the Habs won the game, clinching a playoff berth for the first time in 4 years.

6- 1993. Habs Cup Win. 10 straight OT wins.

5- 93 World Series. Carter's 3 run homer topped a great series. Who else remembers the slide in game 4 by Todd Stottlemyre?

4-The 2004 Masters. Farewell to the King, but Mickelson's fist pump at 16, and my incredible mark out when he drained that putt on 18 stick in my mind. I shed a manly tear when Weir put the jacket on him. I watch golf every week, but this had a different aura to it. I legit screamed "GO IN! GO IN! YESSSSSSSSSSS!" as the putt circled the hole and dropped.




3- 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics. Double Gold. See my signature for the essence of it. Bob Cole added to it in the quarterfinals, when at 10:45 pm Eastern he said, "they're watching coast to coast across this great l and of ours." I knew when he said that that Gold was ours for the first time in 50 years.


2-2003 Masters.I'd never followed a tournament so closely. I knew by the time this major rolled around that I wanted to be a touring pro, and all I needed was inspiration. I will never as long as I live, forget 3 things:

-My dad's reaction as Mike Weir stuffed an approach at 15. He said, in a loud, clear voice "Mike Weir, your jacket is ready. Size 38'.

-Feherty's reaction. Check my signature.

-The gutsiest thing I've ever seen in sports, when Mike hit that 6 and a half footer for par to force a playoff.


Mickelson desevred a major more than Mike did, and it probably was more satisfying 12 months later. But as a 5'10, left hander from Southern Ontario, this was bliss.


1- 1972 Summit Series. I was born 12 years later. But I appreciate the signifcance of this very dearly. It wasn't about the Cold War. It was about pride. Henderson doesn't belong in the HOF, but he bailed our ass out for 28 days in September.

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Guest Mosaicv2

10. The diver at the 1988 Olympics, where he smack the back of the his head against the board... but came back and won the competition.

9. The 1996 Women Vaulters winning the gold medals.

8. The Ben Johnson Carl Lewis duel.

7. Packers winning the first-official Superbowl against the Kansas City Chiefs.

6. Bobby Orr's game-winning goal in the OT of game 4 of the 1970 Stanley Cups to clinch the cup for the Boston Bruins.

5. Cal Ripken Jr's breakin the all-time consecutive games record.

4. Every NBA Finals game involving Magic and Bird.

3. Roger Maris 61 homerun season.

2. UCLA's consecutive National titles.

1. Jesse Owens winning the gold medal in the 1941 Olympics in front of Hitler's ugly face.

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10. Seeing Fenway Park for the first time. My dad pulled me out of 1st grade to go.


9. McGuire making the Monster his bitch in the '99 HR Derby. I know; he was probably on the juice and the balls were as well, but that was a sight to behold.


8. Seeing my high school (Durfee) beat Taunton by something like 66-0 in their first night football game. Hey, it's my list. That was just a fun night.


7. Larry Bird injuring himself in a playoff game against Indiana but coming back out of the locker room later on.


6. Supernowl XXXII, Broncos vs. Packers. Elway being spun around but still getting the 1st down late in the game.


5. Seeing Pedro be Pedro against the A's in a regular season game in May 2001, I believe it was.


4. Vinatieri's kick to win Superbowl XXXVI


3. Vinatieri's kick to win Superbowl XXXVII and then going to the victory parade.


2. Ortiz's walkoff in Game 4 of the ALCS.


1. "Back to Foulke! Red Sox fans have longed to hear it: the Boston Red Sox are World Champions!"

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1. Jesse Owens winning the gold medal in the 1941 Olympics in front of Hitler's ugly face.


I think you will find there was no olympics in 1941???? You are talking about the 1936 games in Berlin

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Guest Mosaicv2
1. Jesse Owens winning the gold medal in the 1941 Olympics in front of Hitler's ugly face.


I think you will find there was no olympics in 1941???? You are talking about the 1936 games in Berlin


well... EXcuse me, I wasn't really sure since World War II really commence at this period of time.

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I just couldn't put these in any order, I started to and just couldn't, although the '96 World Series is my number 1.



When I was announced playing in my first high school football game, it made me feel a sense of pride that all of my hardwork had finally paid off and I was getting to do what I had been preparing to do for six or seven months. I recorded a sack and a forced fumble in the game.


In the spring of 1998, I hit my first home run out of our field and way over the fence to straightaway center. I never imagined being able to do this. Next at-bat, I was walked, the next two I had an RBI single and another shot to center which was caught. Next game I hit cleanup, for the rest of the season I hit no lower than 5th, contributed a couple of big RBIs in the playoffs, and was picked to play on my first and only summer all star team.


2001 Division Series, Game 3. Yanks are down 2 games to none, clinging to a 1-0 lead in the 7th. Long shot hit to the rightfield corner, and Jeremy Giambi attempts to score from first. Shane Spencer's throw goes right over cut off men Alfonso Soriano and Tino Martinez, but out of nowhere comes Derek Jeter, halfway up the first base line, grabs the ball, and backhands it just barely in time to Posada to nail Giambi at the plate. Yanks win the game, 1-0, and comeback to win the series 3-2.


The 2000 World Series had friends going at it as the Mets and Yankees squared off. The first game was best, where the Yanks won in extra innings in a game the Mets should have had but made a few idiot mistakes on the base paths. Game 2 was the famous Clemens and Piazza bat scandal, stemming from when Clemens nailed Piazza in the head that summer, and the game 5 late inning come back off Al Lieter, who pitched deep into the game and threw in the neighborhood of 130 pitches. The series capped off by a potential tying HR by Piazza settling into Bernie Williams' glove in center for the Yanks' 3rd straight and most recent championship.


2001 World Series, game 4 and 5. Emotional rollercoaster of a series, just adding to everything going on at that time in New York. I'd call it the most emotional a recent Yankee series has been. The Tino/Jeter homeruns of game 4, and the Brosius one in 5, all off of Byung Yung Kim. Also, Pres Bush throwing out the first pitch in game 3 I think it was, and the fans' warm goodbye to Paul O'Niell in the latter innings with a stadium shaking "Paulie" chant.


The Giants/Eagles week 17 game in 2002. Giants needed the win to make the playoffs, or else they would have to depend on the outcomes of a few other games. AJ Feely was undefeated as a starting QB for Philly. The Eagles score on a trick play their first drive, and it is 7-0 until late in the fourth quarter when Jeremy Shockey makes a highlight reel catch for a TD against Dawkins in the endzone. Big Blue wins in OT 10-7 on a fieldgoal.


The Giants marching onto the field in Tampa for Super Bowl XXXV.


The first game I went to, in 1993. The Yanks go down 8-0 in the second inning against the then-California Angels, and scrap and claw back to win the game 9-8 in a thriller.


Aaron Boone's shot of Tim Wakefield in Game 7, 2003 ALCS. "This one will send the Yankees to the World Series!" Probably the greatest game I've ever seen.


Game 1 of the 1998 World Series, one of my favorite calls by Michael Kay "A grand slam for Tino Martinez! Seven runs in the seventh innning of the first game of the best of seven World Series! Oh my what a home run!"


The 1996 World Series "Hayes waits [To catch foul pop]...."THE YANKEES ARE CHAMPIONS OF BASEBALL!" and ensuing celebration (Pile on the mound, victory lap, Boggs on police horse) Jim Leyritz's 3 run game tying home run in the 96WS Game 4. Yankees are down 6-0 early, claw back to 6-3, Jimmy ties it in the 8th, Yanks win in 10. Andy Pettitte's 1-0 performance in the last game at Fulton County Stadium, O'Niell's game ending clutch catch in right-center.


Oops. 11.

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10.) Saku Koivu returning from cancer as the Habs clinch the playoffs.

9.) Carter home-run gives Jays back to back championships.

8.) Red Sox coming back from three games down against the Yanks

7.) Boston winning the World Series.

6.) Montreal 93 playoff run.

5.) The double gold of 02

4.) Mike Weir winning the Masters of 03

3.) The Summit Series

2.) 87 Canada vs Russia

1.) Maurice "Rocket" Richards 10 minute standing ovation of the closing night of the Forum.

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10.Green Bay getting in/Minnesota out in a span of ten miracle minutes - Playoffs 2003

9.Erik Morales vs. Marco Antonio Barrera 1, 2, and 3

8.Watching an Orioles game at Camden

7.The announcement of Felix Trinidad beating Oscar de le Hoya

6.1996 Olympics - The Bomb and Kerri Strug

5.Visiting Lambeau Field

4.Brett Favres unbelievable Monday Night game after his father's death

3.George Foreman knocking out Michael Moorer

2.Mark McGwire hitting number 62...its tainted now, but it meant so much at the time that Ill replay it mind for years.

1.SuperBowl XXXI...Green Bay finally wins a championship again and the memories of Favre running around like a geeked teenager waving his helmet and Reggie White with the Lombardi trophy will stay with me forever.

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10 favorite sporting moments I've had the chance to witness either live or on TV.

Keep in mind this is my list strictly for entertainment purposes...no gambling against the spread.


10. The Fog Bowl in '88 between my Bears and the Eagles in the playoffs...even though I couldn't see half the game I didn't care it was a moment never to forget. Got to be in Soldier Field for that one.


9. Reggie Miller's 8 points in 20 seconds in game 1 of the 1995 Eastern Conference playoff series with the Knicks. It's a shame Miller never won the title...he was one of the best clutch performers in NBA history.


8. Ozzie Smith's homerun in the bottom of the 12th inning in the '85 NLCS Game 5 for the Cardinals to beat the Dodgers..."And the Cardinals win by the score of 3 to 2 on a homerun by the Wizard!"


7. Mark Loughlin's field-goal in 1985 as my then Number 1 Iowa Hawkeyes beat Number 2 Michigan 12-10.


6. Danny and the Miracles...Kansas upsetting Oklahoma to win the 1988 NCAA national basketball title.


5. Buster Douglas knocking out Mike Tyson in February 1990 to become the World Heavyweight Champion...one of the greatest upsets in sports, period. And Tyson was never the same after that.


4. Mark McGwire's 62nd home run in 1998...yes he was juiced but it was still a great moment in sports.


3. The Catch...Joe Montana to Dwight Clark as the Niners beat the Cowboys in the 1981 NFC title game.


2. Adam Vinateri beating the Rams with his foot in SB 36...I hate the Rams and their then-Arena Football QB Warner.


1. The Dream Team winning gold in Barcelona in '92...ironically now the world seems to beat the US with the style we used for years...team play.

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