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Matches to check out

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Chris Leben Vs Joe Doerksen


*Awesome, competitive, action-packed fight between two 185 pounders. Leben is a fringe top 10'er and Doerkson is competitive with just about everyone and a slick ground fighter.*


Babalu Vs Shogun


*From the IFC: Global Domination LHW tournament, Babalu had just went the distance with Trevor Prangley and Shogun beat Eric Wanderlei in the first round. Today, these are two top ten guys, possibly two top fivers. Babalu is the number 1 contender to Chuck Liddells LHW title, and Shogun won the GP last year.


UFC 38 - Ian Freeman vs Frank Mir


*Frank Mir was a prospective heavyweight the UFC was hoping to groom and Freeman was the hometown underdog.


Bushido7 Gomi Vs Azeredo


*These two had 2 great fights in 2005, this one having one of the more brutal finishes you'd see.


Matt Hughes vs Frank Trigg I:NEW



Matt Hughes vs Frank Trigg II: NEW


*Two great matches, especially when watching them back-to-back and seeing how the second fight plays off the first one. One of the top moments of 2005 happened in the second fight.


Minotauro vs Bob Sapp: NEW


*I believe this was the FOTY in 2002, and solidified Nog into one of the greatest fighters of all time.


Minotauro vs Sergei Kharitonov


*This is not necessarily essential viewing, but it's one of the better HW fights in the past few years.


UFC 22 Only One Champ - Frank Shamrock vs. Tito Ortiz


*For a while this was considered thee greatest UFC fight of all time, and perhaps still holds that position. Story-wise, it's tremendous, as Tito had a history with the Lions Den and came in bigger and stronger than Frank, but Frank had more experience and a better strategy and better conditioning.


Imanari vs Hansen


*Imanari has awesome leglocks and Hansen has great knees. I luv this one.


11)George St.Pierre Vs Jay Heiron (UFC 4Cool


*Watch GSP destroy Heiron. Listen to Joe Rogan try to ignore GSP's shitkicking and continue sucking Heirons cockle.


22)George St.Pierre Vs Matt Hughes (UFC 50)


*This was a fight for the vacated WW title. It was GSP's third fight in the UFC.


30)Fedor Emelianenko Vs Kevin Randleman (Pride HwGp04)



31)Fedor Emelianenko Vs Mark Coleman (Pride HwGp04)


*Fedor is God.


35)Quinton Jackson Vs Shogun Rua (Pride MwGp05)


*Shoguns first fight in the MW GP of last year. Rampage had been a top 5 fighter at the time and Shogun wasn't even in the top ten.


47)Shogun Rua Vs Gono (Pride Bushido 2)


*Shoguns first PRIDE fight. Gono is a very good stand up fighter, and Shogun is nuts.


49)Caol Uno Vs Joachim Hansen (K-1 Hero's 1)


*Many people had this as the FOTY last year, and last year was STACKED.


68)Bas Rutten Vs Frank Shamrock (King Of Pancrase)


*An awesome fight between two legends in the sport.


102)Chuck Liddel Vs Vernon White (UFC 49)


*This was one of my favourite fights from 2004, just a fun lil match.


107)B.J. Penn Vs Matt Hughes (UFC 46)


*BJ was moving up in weight and Hughes was an unstoppable champion.


110)Kazushi Sakuraba Vs Quinton Jackson (Pride 15)


*Rampages first PRIDE fight and Saku was coming off a brutal loss to Wanderlei Silva. Two Words: Power. Bomb.


116)Vanderlei Silva Vs Yuki Kondo (Pride GP 2004 Finals)


*If there is one thing Wanderlei Silva can do, it is destroy Japanese Fighters Who are Smaller than him.


117)Shogun Rua Vs Antonio Rogerio Nogueira.Pt.1 (Pride Cc MwGp05)


118)Shogun Rua Vs Antonio Rogerio Nogueira.Pt.2 (Pride Cc MwGp05)


*From the quarter finals of last years MW GP, a FOTYC, very competitive, back-and-forth, action everywhere. Chute Boxe vs. Brazilian Top Team.


119)Antonio Rogerio Nogueira Vs Dan Henderson (Pride Te MwGp05)


*Dan had beaten Rogerios brother before, though Minotauro was able to win the rematch. This was in the first round of the MW GP.


138)Randy Couture Vs Chuck Liddel 1 (UFC 43)


*Randy had come off two straight losses in the HW division, while Chuck Liddell was building lots of momentum with wins over Babalu, Belfort, Randleman, etc. Tito was refusing to fight Chuck, so this fight was set up to crown an interim champion. The idea was Chuck beats Randy, Chuck has Titos belt, Chuck and Tito fight to unify. Well, Randy had another idea.


140)Fedor Emelianenko Vs Gary Goodrige (Pride MwGp2003)



144)Fedor Emelianenko Vs Naoya Ogawa (Pride HwGp2004)



145)Fedor Vs Heath Herring (Pride 23)


*I <3 Fedor


146)Tito Ortiz Vs Vitor Belfort (UFC 51)


*Ortiz and Belfort were supposed to fight at UFC 33 in UFC's first show in Vegas. Belfort pulled out citing injury, it took 31/2 years for them to get them in the ring together, with both guys trying to make their way back up the rankings.


148)Don Frye Vs Takayama (Pride 21)


*Ever see a hockey fight? Ever see a hockey fight, on CRACK?


151)Chuck Liddel Vs Renato Sobral (UFC 40)


*Putting this up just cause they're going to fight eachother within the next few months.


157)Vanderlei Silva Vs Mark Hunt (Pride Shockwave 2005)


*Really good fight and a rare case of Silva being the smaller man.


158)David loiseau Vs Charles McCarthy (UFC 53)


*This is shown all the time on SPIKE, but just in case, spinning back kick, flying knee.


Fedor Doc (parts 1,2,3)




*It's a Japanese doc covering a Russian Fighter. But if U <3 Fedor, U will <3 to see him train ROCKY style.


Sherk vs. GSP


Sean Sherk is one of the few fighters to take Matt Hughes the distance and give him a competitive fight in the octagon and came in with that as his only loss in over 40 fights. GSP fucks his shit up.


Minotauro vs Crocop


Kinda like Nog vs. Sapp, but with more kicks but the same amount of awesome.


Minotauro vs Mark Coleman



Minotauro vs Groodidge


*Two fights to show how good and dangerous Nog is on the ground. Coleman has said that Nog had the strongest grip of anyone he has ever met - Coleman is an olympic level wrestler, btw. Goodridge is an armwrestling champion and another strong motherfucker. Just to put things in perspective.


Minotauro vs Fedor Pride25 (2003)

1 round



2 round



3 round


*Those matches above with Nog? They show how awesome he is. How he is the best heavyweight in the world. Well, before this fight he was. I've seen this fight maybe more than any other, and it never bores me.


Minotauro vs Fedor Pride GP 2004


*The rematch.


Minotauro vs Enson Inoue


*Enson said he would retire if he lost. He also has a habit of never quitting. Watch his head turn purple.


Minotauro vs Schilt:


*Schilt looks like Ivan Drago.


Minotauro vs Dan Henderson (2nd)


*Awesome fight. That's all.

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That move he did from holding Gomi in Turtle to getting his back was downright Godly. Why can't he fulfill his potential in MMA?


Because his takedowns are kind of teh suck, his stand-up is unrefined and he's a midget.

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He's taken down some tough guys, I think he took down Penn, and he took down Menjivar, who while undersized is no joke.


His standup is a little wild, but it is improving, especially if you look at his fight with Karo, he got him pretty good there.


Also, I'm surprised Karo dominated the ground war in that one. Those elbows were probably it.

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He took Penn down for a split second while trying for 15 minutes, and most of the other guys he's taken down were outsized rather heavily. His shot has always been of the bumrush variety.


Also, while he has some pop standing, as you mentioned, it's pretty unrefined, which when combined with his short stature and reach, makes stand-up exchanges a dangerous proposition for the guy.

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Guest brainuse

A few quick suggestions:


Rizzo v Barnett - Someone finally decides it'd be a good idea to stand with Rizzo and give him opportunities to counterpunch. This ends up generating a tense almost completely stand up battle, and one of the most brutal KO punches I've ever seen.


Hansen v Uno - When broadcast this fight was missing a round, and even with that round missing, it was still a FOTY candidate.


Lawler v Riley - Lawler bombs, and Riley does what Riley does, which is eat punches and keep coming like a tank. Certainly not the highest skill level fight you will ever see, but an amazingly entertaining brawl.


Griffin v Bonnar - Say what you will, this fight was the goods. Two up and comers beating the hell out of each other.


Sakurai v Trigg - An absolutely stunning comeback from the tail end of Mach's glory days.


Bustamante v Lindland - The peak of Busta's MMA career. He flat out dominates one of the best fighters in the world, in just about every facet of the game.

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Minotauro vs Dan Henderson (2nd)


*Awesome fight. That's all.

I just got StarChoice, and as a surprise there's a free preview of The Fight Network until June (showcasing their "Intense" package featuring Fight Network, SexTV, Spike and... MuchMusic?). They showed this fight. I don't know what Henderson ate for breakfast that day, but it probably involved a lot of painkillers. Insane.

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Guest mrbutcherer

If at all possible, would like to request these MUST See matches, all from 2006 (and maybe some from before). Unluckily for me, haven't been able to find 'em, so I was hoping since this thread helped point me in so many awesome feuds someone could hook it up.


George St. Pierre vs BJ Penn 3/4/06

vs Frank Trigg 8/20/05


BJ Penn vs Hughes 2 9/23/06



Matt Hughes vs Royce Gracie 5/27/06

vs Sean Sherk 4/25/03


Rich Franklin vs Anderson Silva 10/14/06



Also if you will:

Wanderlei Silva vs Cro Cop 1 & 2


Fedor vs Nogueira 2 (original link was down)

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Guest mrbutcherer

Err, yeah I saw it there, but I was sorta *kinda* hoping to download it. I've found a few of these laying around on sites that, well yeah sure you can watch them, but I was (sorta) hoping to download 'em. Don't care if the server is yousendit, sendspace, megaupload, rapidshare, whatever heh heh. But I was (just a teensy bit) hoping to download the matches. Or maybe, do you know how to download from DailyMotion?


Appreciate the info, btw. Thanks Curry

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