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SWF Smarkdown Card - May 22nd!

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The Smartmarks Wrestling Federation presents...
LIVE, or maybe TAPED, Monday, May 22nd, from the... sold out(?)... Phimai historical park in Phimai, Thailand!
(6pm PST, 10pm EST; check local listings)


OPENING PROMO: "Hollywood" Spike Jenkins

Sean Davis, Amy Stephens & Michael Stephens vs "The Superior One" Tom Flesher, Charlie "Grappler" Matthews

->Why am I booking this match? Because I'm Keith Hernandez, motherfucker.

The Artist Formerly Known As Toxxic, his kid sister, and Sean Davis are all buddy-buddy, despite the plunking Davis got from Mike on the last show. Why don't we put that little love-in to the test? Mikey says he's not going to give Landon Maddix the satisfaction of facing him - and that's fine, because we can find plenty of other options. Like how about the greatest wrestler in the history of the SWF? And another former world champion!? In a shocking twist, Charlie Matthews is back, and in league with the recently returned Superior One? Is this new team really "Magnificent"? Or are they more Malox-worthy? While Tom match against Wildchild was certainly enough to give him indigestion, that remains to be seen, with another huge test coming up.
Rules: Standard tag team match, albeit with a three-on-two advantage for the Stephens clan. Only two people can be in the ring at any time. Mind the tag ropes.
Word Limit: 6000
Send To: chirs3

JJ Johnson© vs Aecas

->JJ Johnson is the Internation Title champeen, and Wildchild is apparently none too happy about that. Aecas, on the other hand, is freshly returned and running a two match winning streak. JJ has requested a shot at the large Briton, because the bigger they are, the harder he kills. Oooohhh.
Rules: Standard singles match.
Word Limit: 5000
Send To: janusd

Zyon© vs Bloodshed

->Zyon, the new two time! two time! Cruiserweight champion gets a night off - in a manner of speaking. He takes on Bloodshed under cruiserweight rules, in what should be a cruiserweight match, but without his cruiserweight title on the line. You can be sure, though, that if Bloodshed wins, that will not be the case when this is recontested in the future.
Rules: Cruiserweight rules.
Word Limit: 5000
Send To: realitycheck

Manson vs Akira Kaibatsu

->If at first you don't succeed, try, try again, right? Except, this time, it's going to be for a different title. Manson, last time I looked, was one half of the tag champions. I read on the last card that the honour of being Mr. Justin Johnson's luggage now belongs to Spike. Interesting. Anyway, Manson holds or has held some titles very recently, so here's a chance for another one.
Rules: None. Duh.
Word Limit: 4500
Send To: Evolution

Stryke vs Matt Myers

->Is Stryke alive? Any more than he usually is, I mean? Well, we'll find out here, in the opening match for Smarkdown. And don't think there's not any bad blood here: Despite the fact he hasn't been active since 2003, Matt Myers has bested Stryke in the SWF Superstar rankings for three straight months! The Australian has the opportunity to regain some of his lost dignity, and answer that burning question: If we made Wildchild a booker, would he post entire shows in teal?
Rules: Standard singles match. Matt Myers' gimmick is completely up to Stryke, or whoever ends up writing.
Word Limit: 3500
Send To: chirs3

(Send all promos/marked matches to chirs3)
Edited by chirs3

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I can't decide if that main event is great booking or rushing something that should have been saved for a later date.


I'll let you know depending on whether we win or lose.

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What the frick colour is teal anyway? Is it green or blue or what?


(colourblind here - I can see WC's writing is a different colour to the rest of ours, but I can't work out exactly WHAT colour it is...)

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Damnit, why can't colours just be one thing and one thing only? It'd make my life a hell of a lot easier, I tell you. Then again, so would not being short-sighted, partially deaf and with no sense of smell.


...but on the upside, i sure play a mean pinball.



*watches that joke sail over the head of anyone who isn't British*



Never mind.

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Kept meaning to add JJ's World Tour banner to the cards, but now I've actually gotten around to doing it! Hooray!

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