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Guest My Pal, the Tortoise

TSM Poster Tournament 2008: The Round of 64

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Man in Black

Ginger Snaps - Because Ripper beat me last year


Dr Venkman

CandianGuitarist - Because he lost sleep forgetting to nominate me

Cena's Writer









Cyber Mark




Alfdogg - A*R*O*D



Vitamin X

Youth N Asia

El Dandy

Bob Barron


Black Lushus


Inc - Sorry Spiff


Pimp Daddy Al




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1. Milky - the odds on favourite.


8. MIB: I've come around to luke-o a great deal over the past year, but just as he went months without noticing the avatar his custom title was referring to no longer worked, he's now promoting a red x / blank image as a game that needs to be on the Virtual Console.


4. Ripper - he's entertaining in ways he probably doesn't even mean to be.


5. Agent - I was going to use the "he's neither big nor ol" line but cheech already did.


2. Me


7. CG. Nightwing seems like a good egg but CG is Canadian and a Habs fan.


3. Matt Young - See KKC's reasoning. And I even bitched at him for turning a Raw thread into a "let's post pictures of our girlfriends to show how cool we are" contest with RonL.


11. CWM - I like him, he liked Tuxedo Mask, and he's in need of some votes right now.




1. KKC - Everyone has their "easiest pick" of the round, and hands down this is mine.


9. Chris - I like to vote for my fellow Canadians, assuming they are deserving (see above bracket as an example of one not being deserving).


4. King - big fan of his 24/7 review blog.


12. Mr. Rant - I like this guy and his avatar. KOAB's Ahmed Johnson sigs got me funny looks at work when people walked by (but maybe that was 2006 - a vote for Mr. Rant all the same).


15. JN News - News has an MSN Source for news about the death of Chris Masters, a blue demon version of Edge as a sig, and brought us the term "Pizza Hut's Game Face". What has Slayer done all year besides be a consistently good / funny poster? (seriously though, if too many people give joke votes to JN, that would suck - right now it looks like we're good).


7. Socks - Be careful when you sleep, this guy has all kinds of votes.


14. Mole - I like CMM / Mo104F / etc., but Mole kept voting for me last year and is an Office fan. I also liked his Summer Movie Box Office Prediction thread... but he's not going anywhere in this tournament either way.


6. Treble - I have little problem with Jingus but I can certainly see why other do, but Landlord Lois gives treble an easy vote here.




1. Czech - Thanks for introducing me to the comedic world of Eagle Man.


8. Alfdogg - I can't think of anything Devo's said or done off hand.


4. Kinetic, but barely. Always liked PK.


5. pbone - An overnight hit with the CS crowd who I didn't "get", but I've come around to thinking he's good. Not as great as people said, but not bad.


2. VX - Tough call because despite his TheFranchise having an incredible generic name and stock avatar, his British sensibility amuses me at times and I kinda got a kick out of him and luke-o talking pounds and pence - and working in a grocery store... AND VX is always telling the food folder their unhealthy jerks on their way to an early grave for not eating tofu and giving up meat. But VX is still good people who endorsed me early writings.


10. Tough call because GF has been pretty supportive of me lately (he's made two references to me being a good poster in his blog in the past month!) but I'm a big fan of YNA and his huge collection of games. Heeeeeey.


3. El Dandy - I love this guy!


6. Bob - I like Bob.




1. BL - I would have EASILY voted for him here anyway, but his Gina sig puts him way over the bizarre tries way too hard antics of Taiga.


8. Sensei - No reason in particular, just like the guy.


13. Spiff - One of my favourites. He makes fancy posts and has pants to match.


12. Byron - could have picked either one.


2. Al - Not sure if this new "Pimp" gimmick will take him to the promised land, but I like him.


10. Andrew - Cheech is great and pretty funny but I go a ways back with Andrew. We don't always agree on what's good or bad about videa games, and my good pal World's Worst Man doesn't like him or some of the silly arguments they had, but I still have no problem with him and actually feel pretty bad about that brief period of time where WWM and I decided to turn threads in the VG folder into our own playground and in-jokes at TS's expense.


3. Smues - really easy, I like Smues and have no idea who the other guy is.


6. "Scroty" - why do/did we have a filter on his name? Marvin... the things he does that annoy people, despite the fact he really would have to go out of his way to make an image of text to get "W ! !" past the word filer, I don't think he does JUST to annoy people. I want to believe he legitimately doesn't realize how annoying/dumb things like that are. But yeah, Scroby for the win.

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Guest Smues

Milky - I know I've seen RedJed before, but I can't remember who he is.

Man in Blak - Could have gone either way as Luke-o is a decent contributer to the video game forum

Ripper - I didn't realize Ginger still posted

Agent - Makes me laugh

Dr. Venkman - Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters!

Canadian. Gtrst. - I'm drawing a blank on who Nightwing is.

Cena Writer - There are certainly worse Yankess fans

KKK - Not a hippy (not to imply that CWM is a hippy. Is he?)


King Kamala Classic - Kamala, what's not to like?

Canadian Chris - Didn't start a VOTE FOR ME thread

King - WCW sucked

Mr. Rant - I beat him in round one last year, so I feel like I owe him. That and Northwest represent!

Slayer - Whenever I hear of the band I think of him

Carnival - I don't 'get' the whole socksquatch thing

Mole - Because Cyber Mark had me name him Cyber Mark Madden just because I said not to

Treble - Tough choice, so I went with the higher seed. Take that upsets!


Czech - Even though he beat me last year and said he didn't want to be in.

Alfdogg - Funny man

KingPK - Kinetic's avatar scares me

Snuffbox - I flipped a coin

Vitamin X - Despite being a Packers/Lakers fan

Gary Floyd - Why not?

El Dandy - #3 seed, Imarkout3ElDandy, coincidence?

Bob Barron - Go Braves


Black Lushus - See, I'm not racist!

Bored - Good blog when he finds something to write about

Spaceman Spiff - He's spiffy

E. MacPhisto - Because I can't remember anything about Byron the Bulb. Sorry Byron the Bulb

Al Keiper - Love him, despite his continued attacks at my beloved ESPN sucks thread

AndrewTS - Sorry Cheech, AndrewTS is a great contributer to the Videogame forum.

Smues - I hear he lives in an igloo

Scorby - Even though I don't get the Scroty thing because I missed a chat. Can't hold that against him

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Wait a second, I think I totally missed one of the brackets... it's coming. Ok, it's all in now.


Milky - I oughta club RedJed and eat his bones.


Man in Blak - Luke-O is pretty funny, but MiB is a sharp guy.


Ripper - I do think Ginger is pretty cool, and she does have a pretty smile, but Ripper is my nigga. I will say I would have voted against him if he didn't recently point out that half the time he doesn't even agree with what he's arguing.


Agent - Again, I like smitty, but Agent and I are like this.


Venkman - Pretty easy one.


CanadianGuitarist - Nightwing is good, but he seems to mostly post in folders I don't go to.


Cena's Writer - Nothing against Matt Young, but he's unpopular enough that he won't win, so I'm playing the odds.


KKK - Close call. If it was a couple years ago, might have been CWM. But he posts way less now.


Kamala - I like him. Carlito is a dumb nigger. Easy.


Chris - It was your begging thread that cost you this vote, NYU.


Sideburnious - He's helped me with stuff I was looking for on multiple occasions, plus sent me a movie of Belladonna taking a baseball bat up her ass that I didn't even ask for.


Rant - Rant and I have history.


Slayer - Nothing bad to say about him... except maybe that he has a cliche hair/beard style.


Carnival - Farts are funny, but not that funny. If I had to fuck a guy from here, it'd probably be Carnival.


Cyber Mark - I've always liked Mole, but he continues to support the repeated banning of Leena, so sorry bro.


Jingus - Drank more cough syrup than me.


Timmy - I'm pretty sure Czech will win, and I'll vote for him later, but seeing as I was the one talking up Timmy, I'd better vote for him.


Alf - Another easy one.


Kinetic - The only poster here who I was too intimidated to call on the phone.


pbone - Called me on the phone.


VX - I'll never forgive Franchise for having a threeway with DVD Spree. Plus I like VX.


Floyd - Kind of a dork, but we share a lot of the same tastes. Plus I made him feel stupid once, it was funny.


Dandy - Pretty solid all around.


Barron - As frightening as it is, I love jailbait teen idols almost as much as he does.


Lushus - Taiga is confident enough that she won't be bothered if nobody votes for her.


Kreese - I'm never really disappointed with his posts.


Inc - I like Spiff, but Inc and I go way back.


Edwin - Not only did Byron just fuck up by comparing me to the donkey in Shrek, Ed is one of my favorite dudes here.


Chave - Close, but chave looks like Bronson Pinchot.


Cheech - He seems pretty pimp.


Smues - I dunno... I like his avatar.


Scroty - Has recently shown himself to share opinions with me in a LSD advice thread.

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Las Votas...




1- Milky; Let the Juggernauting begin.


9- Luke-o; Merely based on him bumping up his fiancee thread, and then mocking himself over it.


4- Ripper; Already called him as my darkhorse


12- Bigoldsmitty; It's a good possible knockoff pick, and deep down I wish my name was Smitty.


2- Dr. V; Who ya gonna call?


7- Canadian Guitarist; Coin flipped it... really.


3- Matt Young; Put a I'm Matt Youngin' it, on Jamie Lynn Spears... I love the self-promotion, and the admission of wantin' to hit it.


11- CMW; Av for the win.... WIFF!




1- KKC; *slaps belly* I loved Kamala


8- NYU; More familiar with the name.


4- King; Love his stuff in the sports folder


5- KOAB; Hard call for me since I like Rant as well, but I KOAB has "it". No, I'm not defining "it"


2- Slayer; Although JN News brought the funny in Chris Masters is dead... actually that's more of a reason to vote against him.


10- Carny; Just to bring the ire of KKC on my head.


14- Mole; Mark just does nothing for me.


11- Jingus; Solid all around poster, I really thought he'd be a higher seed.




1- Czech; His Sport ranting is annoying to some, but it makes me laugh, soooo...


8- Alfdogg; ...


4- Kinetic; Despite his fugly AV


12- Snuffbox; While I thought Jingus should be higher, Pbone should be much, much lower than this.


2- Vit-X; Like I don't even know who is opponent is...


10- Youth; The clever screen name just edges out a worthy opponent.


3- El Dandy; I like Porter, but come on... the greatness of El D is hard to beat.


11- Cowboy #; I called the upset with my first post and doing my part to make it so.




1- Black Lushus; Roll on... roll on...


9- Bored; Tough round, but Bored just edges Sensei


4- Inc; Seems to be everywhere at times, or maybe that's just me.


5- E. MacPhisto; Knows his musical stuff


2- Al; No reason, but that's the way I voted.


10- Andrew TS; My first name is Andrew... must stick together...


3- Smues; Go go memorable Av


6- Scroby; Did you guys see his emotion after his match? That's just a great story, plus I'm sick of everything being HD...

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I drew a low seed AND the much-hyped Rookie of the Year as an opponent. A tough row to hoe, Czech! At least I dont have to contend with the Boob Factor this year.



1. Milky - The probable winner, consistently entertaining even when it appears that too much effort may be given.

8. Man in Blak - I gave him a nomination and he likes Radiohead.

4. Ripper - I always enjoy our spiteful banter.

5. Agent - Smitty is a close, personal friend and all, but Agent likes boxing.

2. Dr. Venkman - Fuck Boston.

10. Nightwing - I don't really know either but CanadianGuitarist didn't vote for me.

14. Cenas Writer - Touch choice here as the goofy Matt Young is such a likeable member of our TSM brood. However, Cenas Writer voted for me and this is worth quite a bit in a tournament like this.

6. KKK - entertaining, though not as consistent as Milky due to his involvement in some other message board.



1. Kamala - I don't know why Kamala voted against me. Very depressing, I thought we were tight. Oh well, though. I can't vote for ehme.

9. Canadian Chris - Another two that I wasn't too familiar with so I just picked the (slight) underdog. Plus, he voted for me.

4. King - My friend in boxing.

12. Mr. Rant - This pairing turned out well. I would have felt dirty voting for KOAB. He tries harder than just about anybody here, and that's not always good.

2. Slayer - One of the best vs. one of the worst.

10. Carnival - I just don't get fart humor.

14. Mole - We've always gotten along, I think.

6. Treble - He voted for me and Jingus certainly wont.


Culture Beat

1. Czech - Timmynumbers isn't one of my best friends in the TSM world.

8. Alfdogg - He voted for me!

4. Kinetic - Though very upset Kinetic didn't vote for me, I couldn't vote for the Pats fan.

12. Snuffbox - I'm a pretty big fan of my work.

2. Vitamin X - Good luck in the tournament, fellow Packers fan.

7. Gary Floyd - He likes Sigur Ros.

3. El Dandy - I never really cared for Porter.

6. Bob Barron - Easy choice.


Powderfinger (good name)

1. Black Lushus - Another easy one.

8. Sensei - He really cares about the board.

4. Incandenza - Almost always a great contributor to the Music folder and the books thread.

12. Byron the Bulb - He voted for me.

15. Chave - Big upset! The pimp thing is really dumb, Al. And Chave likes Saul Williams.

7. Cheech - Voted for me.

3. Smues - He voted for me and DoCock sucks.

6. Scroty - Anti-Marvin vote.

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Hey dude, cool thread. I nominated you for the best TSM poster of 2008 tournament. You should go into "My Chocolate Socket", and start a fart based campaign for victory.
Thanks Man! I will bring a chocolate fountain.

I will out you before go in my speech, you are my hero.


I hope all you Mole fans know that you're voting against Socksquatch's hero.

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Man in Blak

Ginger Snaps


Dr. Venkam

Canadian Guitarist

Matt Young



K Kamala C

Canadian Chris


Mr. Rant



Cyber Mark







Vitamin X

Gary Floyd

El Dandy

Bob Barron


Black Lushus

S. J Kreese


E. Macphisto





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Ginger Snaps




Matt Young






























EDIT: Fixed.

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Milky-good stories, be they real or false

Luke-O-I must go to other folders than ManInBlak

Ripper-dumb sometimes, but good people

Agent-he's funny

Dr. Venkman-I'm not very aware of Cartman

Canadian Guitarist-his experience edges out the young up-and-comer Nightwing

Matt Young-can be amusing, if unintentionally





KKC-lucky seed

NYU-liked his thread

King-this was a tough call, both of these guys are alright

KOAB-another tough call, both of these guys suck pretty hard



Cyber Mark-by default

Jingus-contrarian gas station philosopher




Czech-I think Timmy posted a lot in intensifier's disturbing "Make Your Own Porno" thread

Alfdogg-who's devo?

Kinetic-has been bringing his A-game lately


VX-left wing solidarity

gary floyd-needs to change name back to lovecraft to shake things up

El Dandy-yeah, him

Bob Barron-not aware of that other gentleman





SJK-don't come into contact with bored much

Incandenza-Spiff drew a bad seed here

MacPhisto-so did Byron the Bulb

Al Keiper-didn't Chav, Paul, & Zack Malibu flood the board with crap about a year ago?

AndrewTS-I like video games


Marvin-maybe he'll freak out if he keeps winning

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Guest My Pal, the Tortoise
I will out you before go in my speech



Okay, me, here are my votes.


Have you considered Indiana Basin Silt for basketball?

Milky: I'm helping his pursuit of perfection along, and he's one of my favorite people here.

Man in Blak: one of the smartest motherfuckers around. I respect him greatly.

Ginger Snaps: okay, I know there's a slight chance that this is Prince Paul, but there's a better chance that it really is a cute smart girl, and I have to vote for a cute smart girl, seeing as they're few and far between at this place.

Agent: obvious midwest/Bears/Zappa support. Smitty's hittin' me a little too hard for my liking with the whole Obama thing.

Venkman: pursuit of perfection!

CanadianGuitarist: tough call, because I listed Nightwing, but CanGut is just such a cool dude, I gotta vote for him.

Matt Young: I heeded the words of Kotz. Matt is the ultimate underdog, even at a 3 seed. You support these types.

CWM: I'm shocked that a guy who has been here since 2001 is faltering like this to Ol' Cranky.


I'd rather be a policeman.

King Kamala Classic: one of my favorite new posters...who has been here forever

NYU: an important part of my selection committee. Hey Redbaron51, blame him.

King: another important part of my selection committee. Hey metr0man, blame him.


Slayer: he needs my vote to break a tie here.

Carnival: I'm flattered by my fan.

Cyber Mark: He's coming along well.

treble: Funny motherfucker, and the puppet mod of the AIM chats.


I know what I want and I want it NOW.

Czech: why'd you guys put me in here so high? oh well, I'll take it.


Kinetic: You're being took for a ride. Please keep moving. Better keep moving. Don't fall asleep at the wheel. Can't you stop the children screaming? KINETIC. KINETIC. KINETIC. KINETIC. KINETIC. KINETIC. KINETIC. KINETIC. KINETIC.

snuffbox: sometimes it seems like we fight, but deep down, I really think snuffbox is a hell of a guy-slash-man. Also, pbone, in spite of his hot start, has defied me by talking up Black Kids after I started a thread about not talking up Black Kids! ugh

VX: I've learned how hard it really is to coordinate this thing, so I respect him even more for doing this shit last year.

gary floyd: my electronic music consultant.

El Dandy: Like Kamala, another rising star.

barron: aw you know how much I like Bob Barron.


There's a white boat comin' up the river.

Black Lushus: Crush TaigaStar like a bug underfoot.

Sensei: A

Inc: Inc and I are pals.

Edwin: Edwin and I are pals. Hey Byron, while we're here, sorry if I pissed you off in CE. I don't hate you or resent you. Let's still be bros.

Al: Baseball maven

Cheech: Alternate baseball maven

Smues: My name-changer and a fun member of the baseball chats.

Marvin: awwww I love a tight race. Win this whole thing and take the trophy to Hershey Park,


EDIT: Walmart Patron, fix your Help I'm A Rock ballot.

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My Votes



Indiana Basin Silt Region


1. Milky - Holding a knife to a 12 year old after fucking her and making her pay you in drugs? That most def earns my vote, if only for the insanity it requires to do so.

9. Luke-O - I have a reason, but I can't remember

4. Ripper

12. Bigolsmitty - Don't recognize either, so I'm goin for the upset

2. Dr. Venkman - Fake PhD's = Votes

7. Canadian Guitarist

3. Matt Young -

6. KKK - For making me look up "Fry Mumia"


Help, I'm A Rock Region


1. King Kamala Classic - Classic for a reason

8. NYU

13. Sideburnious

12. Mr. Rant - Something about the tech section

2. Slayer

10. Carnival - Because a Sasquatch would never wear socks

14. Mole - Something about the tech section

11. Jingus


Culture Beat Region


1. Czech-

8. Alfdogg

4. Kinetic

5. Pbone

2. Vitamin X

10. Youth N Asia

3. El Dandy

11. Cowboy#s - Wants the upset


Powderfinger Region


1. Black Lushus

9. Bored

13. Spaceman Spiff

5. E. MacPhisto

2. Al Keiper

10. Andrew TS

3. Smues - Don't know who docock is

6. Scroty - Can't vote for *cough*week 13*cough*

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I'm surprised so many people don't realize that the Vote For Me thread was completely in jest. Yeesh.


Votes forthcoming.

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Kinetic, even though I frequently confuse him with Matt Young




I don't get that at all.


Also, you nominated me but didn't vote for me.




1. Milky- I nominated Jed and have met him in person, but posting wise, Milky gets the nod over just about anyone.


9. luke-o- I love the (channels Steve Austin) goofy snaggle-toothed bastard.


4. Ripper- I'd do all sorts of crazy things to Ginger Snaps, but Ripper is Ripper.


5. Agent- The one member of the secret board (besides Milky, and excluding ones I may not know of) who isn't a total cock.


2. Venkman- Easy choice.


7. Canadian Guitarist- I have enjoyed Nightwing's posts, but he hasn't been around long enough to topple CG.


3. Matt Young- Duh.


11. CWM- He's a lumberjack and he's okay.




1. KKC- Good guy, and carlito Brigante is basically a terrible black stereotype.


9. Canadian Chris- I like Canadians, and Chris didn't start a stupid thread to get people to vote for him.


13. Sideburnious- I just like the guy, and his default MySpace pic is awesome.


12. Mr. Rant- Tough choice, but Rant gets the nod.


2. Slayer- JN News is no more. He has ceased to be.


10. Carnival- Ethan's mah wigga.


3. Cyber Mark Madden/ Mo104F- One of my favorite members.


11. Jingus- He deserves some compensation for fucking all those fat broads.




1. Czech- i don't even know who Timmy is.


8. Alfdogg- Same as the last one.


4. Kinetic- Even though he didn't vote for me.


12. snuffbox- I like pbone, but his workrate has really dropped off, and snuffbox is a cool dude, and a Packers fan.


2. Vitamin X- I like Franchise a lot, but Leo is the clear cut choice here.


10. Youth N Asia- And it's not because of any bias against Floyd. I just think SHANNIGANS~! is awesome.


14. Porter- 14 seed? A victim of his own lack of posting.


6. Bob Barron- I hate the Cowboys.




1. Black Lushus- Unlike others, I have no problem with Taiga. But Dan is THE MAN.


8. Bored- I flipped a coin.


4. Spaceman Spiff- He's not Incandenza.


5. Edwin


15. Chave- His name is Gervase.


10. AndrewTS- One of my favorites in the video game forum.


14. DoCock- Again, I just like the guy.


6. Scroby- See last answer.

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Milky - Awesome. Easily my favorite poster ever.

Man in Blak

Ripper - Defending the C's while most say Overrated!

Bigolsmitty - Not aware of me, lucky fior him!

Venkman - No contest. and I rather get completely shutout, as it should be.

Canadian Guitarist

Cena's Writer - Matt Young seems like a tool.

KKK - I hope he wins it all, because along with Bored they work hard to run pick-em's in Sports.


Kamala - Thinks I suck, which may be true, but he seems alright to me.

Canadian Chris - eh.

King - Because I loved visiting Rancho Cucamonga.

KOAB - Drunken Posting is great reading.

Slayer - Hates me.

Socksquatch - I like the name.

Mole - Likes Blu Ray.

Treble - I dunno, just cause.


Czech - Posts ALOT.

Alfdogg - Sportz!





El Dandy

Cowboy #'s - Not Bob Barron



Bored - See KKK


Byron The Bulb

Alkeiper - Always enjoy his sports contributions.

Cheech - Good dude, Fellow Boston fanatic.


Scroby - Marvin...ugh.

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Indiana Basin Silt Region


Milky---Very entertaining. I like his work.

Man in Blak---I like Luke-O, but Blak edges him out. Tough call.

Ripper---Ethnic vote over the chance that this "might" not be Paul.

Agent---smitty, you drew a tough seed, because Agent is the man.

Dr. Venkman---Fun all around. Good poster.

CG---Next year, Nightwing will be someone to watch, this year, Can. Gui. takes it.

Cena's Writer---I'm not down with the "Matt Youngin' it" motto. Even though you didn't start it, Matt, you caused it.

dannymaffwasmurdered---That avatar/title combo alone should carry him to round two.


Help, I'm a Rock Region


King Kamala Classic---Quickly becoming a fav of mine. My advice on the name change is go for a spin-off first, then a drastic name change later. The other guy? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


NYU---Chris beat me last year. No offense, big guy, but I hold grudges. Not really, but NYU gets it here.

King---Tough. If Sideburnious would post nothing but his Halloween costume pictures year round, he would win in a landslide.

Rant---Toughest pick for me to make. I had to flip a coin. I hope both of you do well in this.

Slayer---Calls people out with the best of 'em. My source said JN News sucks.

Socksquatch---He brings absolutely nothing to the table...which is a lot more than Carnival does.

Cyber Mark Madden---Friendly kid that gets beat up too much around here. I like his style, and he's got years to hone his craft. I would vote Mole if he were up against ThomasJMayer, but not many others.

treble---I agree with Venk about Landlord Lois.


Culture Beat Region


Czech---Sometimes I think this entire board is revolving around Czech in some way.

Alfdogg---Nothing wrong with Devo, but Alf is cool and should still be mod.

Kinetic---Impressive lately.

snuffbox---Nothing outstanding about pbone to me. I wouldn't give him Rookie of the Year, but nothing bad about him either.

Vitamin X---Thinks I was a noob last year becasue of my joined date (2002), and I was around in the Rantsylvania days. Still gets my vote.

Gary Floyd---What's new in Gary Floyd's world? I may never know.

El Dandy---Who is this sexy motherfucker?

Cowboy13012---Made a custom banner for me and was real cool about it. Bob is on strike with the writers, so he's out.


Powderfinger Region


Black Lushus---Calls me when I'm lonely. Not really, but I bet he would.

Sensei John Kreese---Bored does solid work in the Sports Folder, but Sensei John Kreese put me over last year by allowing me to organize TSMPedia.

Inc---Too many gay and/or cock pics, but still gets the nod.

Edwin---Coin toss. I like both.

alkeiper---Mel's brother wins with his .358 batting average on 1-2 counts in the 4th inning of away games on grass.

Cheech---Baseball talk and the "WWE Folder Sucks Dick" give him the duke.

Smues---Awesome poster. Changed my name to its current state, and DoCock is a ReTard.

Scroby---Counts Marvin down for the three.


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On the whole Matt Young/Kinetic thing: I think Kinetic used to have an avatar or some white kid without a shirt, but you couldn't make out a face at all, so I for whatever reason registered that as Matt Young.

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Guest Vitamin X



Milky- Dude is going to destroy RedJed.

Man in Blak- Isn't around as much as luke-o, and although I like the other dude just fine, MiB is quality that often gets overlooked.

Ripper- Great in basketball threads, and I don't really like Ginger Snaps all that much.

Bigolsmitty- Left-wing solidarity. Tough matchup, though.

Venkman- RUNNIN UP THE SCORE! And, you bastard, I don't talk down to people who aren't veggies.

Canadian Guitarist- WhoTF is Nightwing? Also, great recipe for chili. Cool guy in general.

Cena's Writer- Although I like Matt Young unlike many other posters here, CW and I share more interests and he has hung out in DMC a few times. Cool dude.

CWM- kkk is more tolerable lately, but no way he loses to my ol' pal.




KKC- Carlito is probably the worst poster on this board.

CChris- NYU, what have you done for us lately. At least Chris runs the death pool.

King- I'd love to support the other dude, but King's a good friend even though we're now basketball rivals.


Slayer- How did JN even get nominated for this?!

SOCKSQUATCH- Carnival gets the dutch oven here.

CMM- I used to like cyber Mark, but his act has gotten fairly tiresome as of late. He's kind of making a comeback, though.

Treble- I will not betray my brother from another mother.




Czech- Timmy's greatest contribution is in the world of porn. Not that that's a bad thing, and I do like his avatar, but it's hard to beat Czech here.

alfdogg- Who the hell is Devo? lol alfdogg

Kinetic- I support his pursuit of perfection. To the fullest.

Snuffbox- Nothing against pbone, but snuffy and I share politics and Packer fandom. Gotta keep it together. Also, has had maybe only two avs in his entire history here. Weird when someone can keep that kind of consistency.

VX- Good football poster, I agree with his politics, and the only other pesco vegetarian on the board. What has TheFranchise done?

gary floyd- Bring on the demolition.

El Dandy- Forgot that he's EHME's Torn Condom now, and even though I've known and liked him for a while, I haven't noticed him as much as when he has the new screenname because my initial reaction is, "UGH.. What does this fucker have to say- oh. It's Dandy." Also, may be an easier matchup for me later.

Cowboy#s- I don't like bob, and he doesn't like me. No real rhyme or reason why, but that's just the way it is and I think it'll probably just stay that way forever.



TaigaStar- Come on, before she posted that picture, she was a decent poster. Now she's turned into female Marvin, down to the style of typing and everything. Also, don't want to see another BL run to the top.

Kreese- I didn't want to not pick Bored, but I like Kreese too much.

Inc- Creator of one of the two best threads on the board at the moment.

Edwin- How people don't vote for him is beyond me. He's been consistently probably the best poster here for years and has never gone near the top of this thing.

Chave- I don't like alkeiper.

Cheech- I don't like Andrew, AND Cheech is a great baseball poster, maybe the best one in sports. Also from (close to) Portland. We have to stick together here.


Scroty- He's an alright guy, and he's definitely up against someone who he should have no right losing to.

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Indiana Basin Silt



Man In Blak




Cndn. G.

Cena's Writer



Help, I'm a Rock








Cyber Mark



Culture Beat





Snuffbox :(

Vitamin X

Gary Floyd






Black Lushus

S. J. Kreese







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Guest dannymaffwasmurdered

Milky, I've probably found Milky funnier this year than even back in the UGS days.

Man In Blak

Rippe, I love that I always know his opinion is the opposite of what everyone else thinks



Cndn Gtsrt.

Cena's Writer

CWM, I'm not surprised that i'm losing, I post way less than I used to, and don't really stir things up anymore.


NYU, Pity Vote~

King, nice guy


Slayer, my fav poster


Cyber Mark

Treble, roomie~

Czech, The glue that holds TSM together

Alfdogg, he's my biggest fan~

Kinetic, He's been funny this year plus he chatted with us on monday


VX, Leo is great

Youth N Asia

Dandy, nice guy




Spiff, Calvin and Hobbes is too awesome


Al, his hatred for the espn thread is amusing




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RedJed - Milky's a fag

Man in Blak - Luke-O's a fag

Ripper - Black Power >>> Pussy

bigolsmitty - I dunno either posters, so this vote was random

Cartman - Dr. Venkman's a fag

Nightwing - Another random pick

Cena's Writer - Black Power, plus Matt Young's a fag

CWM - Can never vote for a man named KKK


Carlito Brigante - Simply Amazing

NYU - Because he voted for me, and the other fag didn't.

Sideburnious - King's a fag

KOAB - Black Power(If KOAB is even black) >>> Faggot racist

JN News - Without question the single greatest poster in TSM history, if he doesn't win, it's a conspircy!

Carnival - Don't know the other poster

Mole - Cyber Mark Madden and his 100000 other names is a fag

treble - I don't really mind Jingus, but he bugs me at times... Especially the whole "The Rock isn't black" argument.


Czech - I don't really mind Czech, he makes me laugh at times. I dunno the other poster.

alfdog - Never heard of the other poster

Kinetic - I don't like Boston

pbone - snuffbox's a fag

TheFranchise - VX's is a fag

Youth N Asia - gary floyd's a fag, plus Youth N Asia is a MMA forum poster

Porter - EHME's Torn Condom is a faggot and needs to jump off my dick

Cowboy78432946729374923874923749 - He's alright


Black Lushus - Black Power

Kreese - Dunno the other poster

Spliff - Dunno the other poster

Byron - Dunno the other poster

alkeiper - even though he's a nerd, I like his posts

AndrewTS - I dunno either poster, random pick

Smues - Dunno the other poster

Scroty - Marvin's a loser.

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