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Country Draft

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Same rules as the other drafts; post a country to be entered. Limit of 20 participants. Entry closes at 12 AM PST Friday.


EDIT: To Avoid fights, we'll limit it to countries which have existed since the Industrial Revolution; This includes countries which have since become defunct or split. IE: You can draft the Soviet Union, Tsarist Russia, and the Modern Russian Federation, as despite existing on the same geographic mass, they were completely seperate states. Empires which existed before the IR, but which carried on into the industrial age are fair game; i.e. The late-period Ottoman Empire is available.






United States of America




1. Myself- USA, Vietnam, Vatican City

2. Hooburito- Brazil, Aruba, Sri Lanka

3. ViciousFish- Japan, Philippines, Iraq

4. Something Great- Italy, Luxembourg, France

5.6foot9- Germany, Tonga, Samoa

7. JustJohn-UK, Switzerland, Costa Rica

8. Twisted Intestine- Canada, Jamaica, Sierra Leone

9. TOOG- USSR, Spain, Andorra

10. Zoo- Venezuela, North Korea, Austria

11. King Kamala- Iceland, New Zealand

12. Timmy-Mexico, Ecuador

13. Nighthawk- Norway, Thailand

14. Zoidberg- Republic of Ireland, Colombia

15. Rocket- China, Saudi Arabia

16. Objet petit a- Yugoslavia, United Arab Emirates

17. Richard- Republic of China (Taiwan), Iran

18. Cletus Van Damme (Seriously?)-Australia, Sweden

19. Agent of Oblivion-Mongolia, Cuba

20. Crandamaniac-Monaco, Israel

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I'm not German. I'm just an Alex Wright/DJ Gabriel mark. I need my Colosseum.


I know, I was pulling Das Jokenshire... hempft... yeah, I don't know German at all.




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Rocket, Republic of China refers to Taiwan, where The Chinse Nationalists were driven by the CPC in 1949. Both the PRC and ROC claim to be the sole legitimate government of Taiwan and mainland China. For all real-world purposes and this game, they are treated as separate entities.


Also, look at the rules. Defunct countries are allowed (Hence the pick of the USSR). I'm assuming that Byron means the Yugoslavia which existed under Tito, which is fair game.

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