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BCS Championship Game Thread

MNC Question  

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  1. 1. Who will win?

    • Oklahoma
    • Florida

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About time to get this up. Still use the other thread for any discussion of the Fiesta Bowl tomorrow night.



#2 Florida vs. #1 Oklahoma, 8:00/5:00 PM, FOX


"National Championship" Deciding Bowl Games since 1968 (AP Poll 1968-1997, BCS 1998-present)



Rose: #1 Ohio State 27, #2 USC 16



Cotton: #1 Texas 21, #9 Notre Dame 17



Orange: #3 Nebraska 17, #5 LSU 12 (#1 Texas & #2 Ohio State both lost)



Orange: #1 Nebraska 38, #2 Alabama 6



Rose: #1 USC 42, #3 Ohio State 17



Sugar: #3 Notre Dame 24, #1 Alabama 23 (#2 Oklahoma was on probation)



Oklahoma finished #1 in AP poll despite being on probation



Orange: #3 Oklahoma 14, #5 Michigan 6 (#1 Ohio State & #2 Texas A&M both lost)



Sugar: #1 Pittsburgh 27, #5 Georgia 3



Cotton: #5 Notre Dame 38, #1 Texas 10 (#2 Oklahoma & #4 Michigan both lost, #3 Alabama won but finished #2)



Sugar: #2 Alabama 14, #1 Penn State 7



Sugar: #2 Alabama 24, #6 Arkansas 9 (#1 Ohio State lost)



Sugar: #1 Georgia 17, #7 Notre Dame 10



Orange: #1 Clemson 22, #4 Nebraska 15



Sugar: #2 Penn State 27, #1 Georgia 23



Orange: #5 Miami 31, #1 Nebraska 30 (#2 Texas & #4 Illinois lost, #3 Auburn won but did not move up polls)



Holiday: #1 BYU 24, Michigan 17



Orange: #3 Oklahoma 25, #1 Penn State 10 (#2 Miami lost)



Fiesta: #2 Penn State 14, #1 Miami 10



Orange: #2 Miami 20, #1 Oklahoma 14



Fiesta: #1 Notre Dame 34, #3 West Virginia 21



Sugar: #2 Miami 33, #7 Alabama 25 (#1 Colorado lost)



Orange: #1 Colorado 10, #5 Notre Dame 9



Orange: #1 Miami 22, #11 Nebraska 0



Sugar: #2 Alabama 34, #1 Miami 13



Orange: #1 Florida State 18, #2 Nebraska 16



Orange: #1 Nebraska 24, #3 Miami 17



Fiesta: #1 Nebraska 62, #2 Florida 24



Sugar: #3 Florida 52, #1 Florida State 20 (#2 Arizona State lost)



Rose: #1 Michigan 21, #8 Washington State 16



Fiesta: #1 Tennessee 23, #2 Florida State 16



Sugar: #1 Florida State 46, #2 Virginia Tech 29



Orange: #1 Oklahoma 13, #2 Florida State 2



Rose: #1 Miami 37, #2 Nebraska 14



Fiesta: #2 Ohio State 31, #1 Miami 24



Sugar: #2 LSU 21, #1 Oklahoma 14



Orange: #1 USC 55, #2 Oklahoma 19



Rose: #2 Texas 41, #1 USC 38



BCS: #2 Florida 41, #1 Ohio State 14



BCS: #2 LSU 38, #1 Ohio State 24

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The Florida Times-Union ran a story today where they proclaimed Tim Tebow the eight greatest college football player ever. What a load of shit. The Florida Times-Union is an awful paper.

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Oh come on...I think its pretty obvious who I'm rooting for in this one.



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I'm anticipating a close, high-scoring game. Tebow is ultimately able to make one play more than Bradford, and the Gators win by a touchdown.

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Florida's time of possession wins them the game. They'll tire that Oklahoma defense out. Close until the end.

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Why isn't "Who cares unless they play undefeated Utah" an option?


Seriously, Oklahoma wins because I hate them more and that's how it works.

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So has anyone ever heard the Huge Show on ESPN Radio? Do your opinions actually have to make any logical sense to have a radio show these days? He was saying that what Dominique Franks said was stupid (which it was) but then he basically declared all Big 12 QBs garbage.

He said Chase Daniel sucked and proved it the other night, and then said Graham Harrell wasn't any good because he got beat up by a and I'm quoting "SEC bottom-feeder in Ole' Miss". How the fuck does an SEC bottom-feeder make it to the Cotton Bowl? That's supposed to go to the No. 3 SEC team. What the fuck is he talking about? The third best team in the SEC beat the third best team in the Big XII in a 12 point game. Big f'n deal.

Oh and then he threw in that Colt McCoy was going to get shut out by Ohio State.

Just thought it was a series of stupid statements after another and pretty much discounted everything up to this point because Daniel and Harrell played a couple of bowl games they didn't care about.


And it is true. I think Franks shouldn't be trash-talking and shouldn't say anything. But, judging from the article he only said it because reporters were prodding at him and basically telling him Big XII D's sucked. It doesn't sound like he came out and said it right off the bat or anything.


And I heard that Huge Show guy say that Florida has been business like and hasn't said anything about OU. Well as was pointed on in the other thread, Spikes and Tebow have talked trash. So let's not act like Florida is a bunch of saints with their mouths shut.


But, OU doesn't really have anybody on their team that strikes fear when you fire them up like Tebow does to some people. So once again, Franks should've shut up.

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Broward's not doin' it for the conference


Its Oklahoma...no fucking way in hell I'm "doin it for the conference" when Land Thief University is in the big game.

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Well...I don't like either team, but I'll say that Oklahoma takes this one (something like 38-31).

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I guess if everyone is making predictions then I will make mine too.


I hope Oklahoma wins. I would be happy if OU wins. But I expect Florida to win. I expect Florida to win by a decent double-digit margin.


This team has burned me too many times in recent years to get my hopes up. I've been disappointed too many times to have it happen again. I just can't expect them to win, I can't pick them. I will root for them, but I'm not going to be crushed if (or when) they lose because I wasn't expecting it and I didn't have my hopes up.


The only thing that will come out of this game to annoy me is all the talking douche-bags on ESPN trashing OU and the Big XII and blowing Florida and the SEC. That will annoy me, but Oklahoma's loss itself? Nah. I'm just not getting my hopes up for the Buffalo Bills of college football. Until they prove they can get the job done in a BCS Bowl then I will not get myself up for the game nor will I pick them to win.


If I'm watching Thursday night and Florida is shredding OU's defense and making big play after big play and OU's offense looks completely lost then I will not be upset. Because it will be unfolding just as I expect it to happen and just as I've seen it happen too many times in the past.

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This has nothing to do with the game (well, in a way it does), but if you're trying to kill time, check this out.


Example: Utah beat Wyoming who beat Tennessee who beat Vanderbilt who beat Mississippi who beat Florida.


Interestingly enough, there's no victory chain from Utah to Oklahoma.

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Indiana > Northwestern > Duke > Vanderbilt > Mississippi > Florida

Notre Dame/Ball State > Navy > Wake Forest > Mississippi > Florida


None of those teams have chains to OU, either.


EDIT: Texas and Texas Tech are the only teams with chains to OU.

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I can't really get as excited as when the title game was on the 4th or somethin'. The NFL playoffs have gotten good and started and I can only resist that so much. I forgot about college football after the Sugar Bowl. It'll probably be the best thing we see all postseason. That said...


I expect Florida to win. Tim Tebow will score a record 15 touchdowns (eight on the ground~!). Urban Meyer will have his plastic smile. Bob Stoops will crap in his hand and throw it at Percy Harvin after the Gators score to go up 89-5 early in the second quarter (the safety was just so their STOMPIN CHOMPIN SPECIAL TEAMZ could force a fumble and recover it for a touchdown on the free kick). Half of the D-I programs in existence halt their operations in awe.


I said the game against Ohio State was the only time I'd ever root for those cocksuckers and I meant it. I want to see Oklahoma destroy Florida in every aspect of the game. Bob Stoops has fielded a contender too often to not finally win one of these title games. Why not? That's a scary team and Oklahoma would be this decade's USC if USC hadn't come along. Stoops "deserves it."


But above all else this is about beating Florida. Let's do this, people.

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It's almost time for the big game, so here's what I think. Oklahoma will win. I don't know why I think this way, but I've never totally believed in Florida, and Percy Harvin not being quite 100 percent will affect them more than people think. Oklahoma lost to Texas. Good game from Oklahoma, though. Neutral site. Florida lost to Ole Miss. Good game. Fluke loss. At home. Okay, so throw the losses out. Oklahoma beat better teams than Florida did. Both teams have amazing talent. This is a hard game to pick, but usually these games go to the team that is a SLIGHT underdog, and that's Oklahoma. I say 35-31 OU.


I will be completely wrong and this part of what I say will be left out of people who quote me on Friday.

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Well damn, I don't want to lose him this early. It'd be nice to have him back next season at least. :( Of course with a lot of his receivers and his whole O-Line moving on.


That's even more reason that you have to win OU! It'll be 3-5 years before you have another shot and another collection of talent like this. Damn.


But, I'm not getting my hopes up. I'm still expecting Florida to win.

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