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Does anyone remember GLOW?

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I was talking with some friends this weekend and we were trying to recall what the entire GLOW roster was. (no Internet cheating)


Off the top of my head, I came up with:


Hollywood & Vine (so hot, crispy mall bangs and all)

Col. Ninutschka

Tina Ferrari


Lady Godiva

Big Bad Mama

Queen Kong



And I think that's it. Who am I missing?

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Wasn't Tina Ferrari Ivory?


I remember one episode where one of the girls in a tag match tried a cartwheel and ended up breaking her arm or dislocating her elbow. I mean you could see the bone almost sticking out of her arm. They played up the injury for weeks after that as a "heinous attack" by whatever opponents were in the rings with her (I think it was Hollywood and Vine). The replays were nasty and abundant.


Loved those Farmer's Daughters...

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