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  1. DrVenkman PhD

    WrestleMania (number omitted)

    Should be a good show overall.
  2. DrVenkman PhD

    WrestleMania (number omitted)

    I'll be here too - gotta keep the TSM brand alive.
  3. DrVenkman PhD

    RAW 2/25/2013

    OLD SCHOOL RAW, all of TRTSM will be here kicking it old school.
  4. DrVenkman PhD

    Is it just me or...

    2010, it's a new year and a new decade for TSM Forums.
  5. As part of TSM's expansion of 24/7 discussion, I welcome you all to The Schedule Thread. As you all know I love my 24/7 and I'm hoping this expansion idea works. The very first post of this thread will always be the most up to date schedule (thanks to the magic of post editing) with information typed up and researched by yours truly. Feel free to use this thread to comment on impending excitement or crushing disappointment at the programming or themes 24/7 will be offering in the upcoming weeks. Note: The Venkman Schedule is currently on hiatus. WWE.com "Hardcore Heaven" Preview:
  6. DrVenkman PhD

    The OAO WWE DVD Thread

    We are close enough to 2008 that I feel we can officially drop the "WWE Announces 2007 DVDs" thread as the DVD discussion thread and move forward into 2008. Upcoming DVDs, courtesy of WWE.com: Survivor Series 2007 (December 26, 2007). Best of Raw: 15th Anniversary (December 26, 2007) Royal Rumble Vol. 3 & 4 (January 8, 2008) Armageddon 2007 (January 15, 2008) Stone Cold Steve Austin's Life & Legacy (February 12, 2008) The "Best of Raw" DVD chapters are listed in the old thread courtesy of Silvervision The WWE.com description for Austin's DVD: Legendary rivalries with Scott Hall, huh? Wonder if that refers to behind the scenes... And the latest on other 2008 DVDs from Mike Johnson at PWI:
  7. DrVenkman PhD

    WWE General Wrestling Talk- September 2009

    Jack Swagger is going to TNA in November.
  8. DrVenkman PhD

    This site blows now

  9. DrVenkman PhD

    Macho Man Bitten By Jake's Snake...

    Chips? ARGHHHHH! Snap into a Slim Jim! That's what happened to the snake.
  10. DrVenkman PhD

    TNA Hard Justice 2009

    Way to comment on that broham!
  11. DrVenkman PhD

    Kamala's Konfession

  12. DrVenkman PhD

    NBA Offseason chatter

    Ripper, no one is going to read or respond to this. This place is more deader than Garfield in those 1987 Halloween comic strips. Did anyone pass info of the Real TSM on to you?
  13. DrVenkman PhD

    HBK is a little unhappy

    I normally agree with The 1000 Year Old Man, but HBK rules, bro!
  14. DrVenkman PhD

    Randy Orton to Go Door to Door

    Suckbag? Really? 27 takes and that was the best one?
  15. DrVenkman PhD

    HBK/Mankind, Piper/Orton, Snuka/Slaughter

    Obviously a time travelling rib on Dusty Rhodes.
  16. He showed you - you saw!
  17. DrVenkman PhD

    Booker T's Injury Might Be Career Ending

    Wuken jumped on the making fun of Benoit train a few years too early for TSMs tastes.
  18. DrVenkman PhD

    Breaking News: The Tombstone is up

  19. DrVenkman PhD

    Monday Night Raw - August 24, 2009

    Best Raw segment of 2009, hands down: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOlA7QvLJGw
  20. DrVenkman PhD

    To all of those who deserted this site

    That was nice of Batman to take time out from his busy schedule to visit our grave. Posters won't even visit the site.
  21. DrVenkman PhD

    HEY MUDA345!

    I think The Great Muda has made a pretty fair assessment of TSM's fall from grace since his join date of March 20, 2009. Where are the posts from The Charismatic Enigma and the Cabbage Patch Boy?
  22. DrVenkman PhD


    A fascinating read! Please keep TSM apprised of your VC collection.
  23. DrVenkman PhD

    This site blows now

    Oh man, look at muda's join date... joined just before it all went down.
  24. DrVenkman PhD

    How'd the C-Man get through?

    It's also Oblivious Heel's birthday. Is that like, Masked Heel's unmasked form where he's oblivious to the fact this place is pretty much just him and Franchise talking to each other and he doesn't need to be an all powerful modzi with a banhammer? Becuase that would pretty much be the same thing as the masked version.