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How I made David Blazenwing My Bitch

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Thoth: Blazenwing is online.

Apostle: Random Asian Chicks > Random Other Chicks

Thoth: Commence the fucking.

Judge: ... Post this shit in chat, Thoth.

Thoth: Posting in installments:

Thoth: Ted Polak: Blazenwing.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: hey

Thoth: Ted Polak: I saw your post.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: i figured I'

Thoth: David Blazenwing: ahh

Thoth: David Blazenwing: I figured I'd be hearing from you

Thoth: Ted Polak: Yeah, um.

Thoth: Ted Polak: I saw your post, and I couldn't help but notice.

Thoth: Ted Polak: There's a match very similar to mall brawl.

Judge: (SWFAmp) (Dennis Leary - The Asshole Song) (4m24s) (4.06MB) (128Kbps) (Played: 1 Times)

Thoth: David Blazenwing: yes

Thoth: Ted Polak: This is a problem.

Thoth: Ted Polak: Are you aware of the Copyright Act of 1998?

Kibagami: I kinda sorta ended up with one, Judge.

Kibagami: She looks like Audrey Hepburn.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: um... nope

Thoth: Ted Polak: In short, it states that any intellectual property is automatically copyrighted without need for paperwork.

Thoth: Ted Polak: If one can prove that he or his intellectual body thought of it.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: umm... sure, alright

Thoth: Ted Polak: Now, if you had contatced us before you did this, I'm sure we could have worked something out.

Thoth: Ted Polak: *contacted

Thoth: Ted Polak: But as it is, you appropriated what was our intellectual property and used it.

Thoth: Ted Polak: Yeah.

Thoth: Ted Polak: This presents a problem.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: i didn't know YOU guys made that... sry

Thoth: Ted Polak: And I would like to avoid legal action.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: LEGAL ACTION!?

Thoth: Ted Polak: I said I don't WANT to do it.

Judge: Where is the Mall Brawl look-alike?

* Judge can't find it.

Thoth: Ted Polak: I mean, I don't think either of us want to do that.

Thoth: 8:00 PM

Thoth: Ted Polak: So I'm going to need the details of your site.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: details? why?

Thoth: Ted Polak: Things like ISP, login/password.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: i can just change the match, man

Thoth: David Blazenwing: no biggie

Thoth: Ted Polak: No, no.

Thoth: Ted Polak: See, it's ALREADY happened.

Thoth: Ted Polak: It's part of history.

Thoth: Ted Polak: You can't UNDO history.

Judge: ...

Thoth: Ted Polak: I don't think you understand.

Thoth: Ted Polak: This is a copyright violation.

Thoth: Ted Polak: Companies sue for millions of dollars due to this stuff.

Judge: Oh dear God, this must be saved.

Judge: This is fucking great.

Judge has voiced Thoth

Apostle: this is one of the greatest things ever

* Judge sheds a tear. Judge is proud to be in the SWF right now.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: dude... this is for FUN

Thoth: Ted Polak: I know.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: I'm not making profit off this

Thoth: Ted Polak: And what we do is for FUN, too.

Thoth: Ted Polak: You don't need to make a PROFIT of it.

Thoth: Ted Polak: Your status as a nonprofit doesn't affect anything.

Thoth: Ted Polak: If a charity sells bugs bunny shirts to raise money for the sick... it's still illegal.

Quiz: (Y)

Thoth: Ted Polak: Now I want to AVOID legal action.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: keyword: SELLS

Thoth: OH MY GOD

* Judge shall save this Godliness.


Judge: ...

Quiz: Yes.

* Judge gives Thoth a high five.

Thoth: GO.

Thoth: GO.

Thoth: GO.

Kibagami: Dude, you're the man.

Evolution: !!!

Evolution: Comedy Central!

Evolution: Now!

Evolution: This guy is awesome.

Apostle: who was that guy?


Judge: Think of Zsasz, Rando.

Judge: "OMG I'm not being appreciated!

Judge: "That was my best match ever!"

Evolution: I began his breakdown.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: me = NO SELLS

Thoth: Ted Polak: Alright.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: look, just let me change the match

Thoth: Ted Polak: But it already happened.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: i REALLY didn't know you guys created it

Thoth: Ted Polak: You can't UNDO history.

Apostle: no...I meant...on Comedy Central...

Evolution: Ron White, Randy.

Evolution: Rando*

Apostle: where is Blazenwing's site?

Judge: Yeah.

fuckoff (blueskies@***.ade0310.ade.iprimus.net.au) has joined the channel

Crusen has quit IRC (Kill by NickServ!conference@room (GHOST command used by fuckoff))

fuckoff is now known as Crusen

Crusen: lol@suing blazenwing

Crusen: MORTAL KOMBAT! Crusen hits 66 leg sweeps on Evolution! [Limp Bizkit - Just Like This] [3m34s/3.28MB]

Crusen: MORTAL KOMBAT! Crusen hits 22 leg sweeps on Tryst! [The Ataris - Teenage Riot] [3m1s/2.78MB]

Evolution: Ron White is funny in the Blue Collar Comedy Tour movie.

Crusen: Wait! Crusen just played Limp Bizkit! Since Fred Durst is a crying bitch, Crusen feels it's appropriate to perform a BABALITY! Crusen summons all the force he can muster and... POP! Evolution is now a baby. Aww, how cute. BABALITY!

Judge: Ted Polack: I have unleashed my dogs of war, David.

Manson ([email protected]) has joined the channel

Evolution: And he's funny here, too.

Crusen: MORTAL KOMBAT! Crusen hits 61 leg sweeps on Apostle! [Opeth - The Drapery Falls] [10m48s/9.96MB]

Crusen: Wait! Crusen just played Opeth! This allows him to perform a FATALITY on Apostle! Crusen summons the power of the gods, sending thousands of lightning bolts down from the sky straight into the face of Apostle! FATALITY!

Judge: He just posted something...

Apostle: you would think I could counter that

Thoth: Ted Polak: Umm...

Thoth: Ted Polak: You gave us wrong information.

Thoth: Ted Polak: I don't think I need to tell you that either you give us the login info, or we get them from your ISP.

Thoth: Ted Polak: And if we get them from your ISP, they will probably shut down your account.

Thoth: http://www.angelfire.com/ew/blazenwing

Thoth: I mean ex

Thoth: not ew

Judge: OK, that's the last time we let you drive.

Judge: Actually, we couldn't find the page you requested. Please check the URL.

Crusen: so hes not very bright then

Judge: Ah, okay.

Judge: The August 4th edition of Havok is up! Also, the preview for next week's Havok is up as well. We have one spot left for the Mall Brawl, so sign up now! Hurry!

Judge: The fuck.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: dude

Thoth: David Blazenwing: come on

Thoth: Ted Polak: Look, this is the EASIEST way.

Thoth: Ted Polak: I don't want any trouble.

Thoth: Ted Polak: But you are taking our property, that we took time and energy to think of.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: so, wait. You want me to give up all my personal login info... WHY?

Thoth: David Blazenwing: So you can do what?

Thoth: David Blazenwing: Shut me down?

Thoth: Ted Polak: So we can check and make sure you're not taking any other of our things.

Thoth: Ted Polak: We won't shut you down.

Thoth: Ted Polak: But we need to make sure.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: dude, what you see is what you get

Thoth: David Blazenwing: everything I have is on the site

Thoth: Ted Polak: How do I know you're not storing it on a separate file?

Thoth: David Blazenwing: unless you have the image of Rey Mysterio copyrighted

Thoth: Ted Polak: The point here is fact-finding.

Thoth: Ted Polak: It's a legal process.

Thoth: Ted Polak: In which we can legally document and verify your claims.

Apostle: you should inform him that you are contacting the WWE about the use of that Rey Rey pic

Thoth: Ted Polak: Otherwise, we will go to your ISP.

Thoth: Ted Polak: And I don't want to do that, I'm sorry.

Thoth: He wants me to go into a chat with him.

Thoth: Ted Polak: And I won't join your chat because this is a legal matter between me, the administrator of the SWF, and you, owner of the BWF.

Thoth: Ted Polak: And talking to other people will legally complicate things.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: dude, if you talk to me, you talk to my co-pwner

Apostle has quit IRC (QUIT: The SWF Script - the edition where all the bugs were grilled alongside the flesh of christians.)

Thoth: Oh god,.

Thoth: I'm in a chat with his co-worker.

Evolution: ...

Evolution: co-pwner?!?

Thoth: Co-owner

Evolution: co-pwner?!?

Thoth: Watch me own them both.

Evolution: Baahaahaha.


Kibagami: We expect nothing less from you.

Judge: This is on the verge of becoming fucking legendary.

Thoth: Ted Polak: Hello.

Thoth: jwtkins: hey

Thoth: David Blazenwing: Alright, go ahead.

Thoth: Ted Polak: I'm assuming you heard about our problem.

Thoth: jwtkins: David, where did you originally come up with the concept?

Thoth: Ted Polak: We want to resolve this as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Thoth: Ted Polak: 2 years ago.

Thoth: Ted Polak: At the first JL PPV.

Thoth: Ted Polak: Well, ours, anyway.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: i wasn't in SJL two years aso

Thoth: David Blazenwing: *ago

Thoth: Ted Polak: We have archives of almost everything.

Thoth: Ted Polak: Including that PPV.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: I got the idea from you guys, but NO ONE ever said you guys made the match

Thoth: Ted Polak: It was open to all.

Thoth: Ted Polak: Well... we did.

Thoth: Ted Polak: And that aside, we need to protect our property.

Kibagami: This is really a beautiful thing.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: Protect it from what?

Thoth: David Blazenwing: An e-fed that is making NO profit?

Thoth: Ted Polak: Protect it from unauthroized people appropriating it.

Thoth: Ted Polak: Like I said, profit is not an issue.

Thoth: Ted Polak: Consider the creativity behind it.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: James?

Thoth: Ted Polak: Creative thought takes mental effort.

Thoth: Ted Polak: Just like work takes physical effort.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: Oh alright ... a fight in a mall

Thoth: jwtkins: I've heard of Mall Brawles for years

Thoth: Ted Polak: To take someone's idea could be considered mentally profiting from it.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: gee, no one but SJL can do those

Thoth: Ted Polak: Well, that's fine, but I need written proof.

Judge: Ask where.

Judge: Press him on this question.

Evolution: Poor Blazenwing.

Judge: He's just getting owned.

Thoth: jwtkins: it is done by some of the indie wrestling groups in real life and has been for years befor what you claim

Thoth: 8:15 PM

Thoth: Ted Polak: But indy wrestling and e wrestling are different entities.

Thoth: Ted Polak: As one has physical body and one doesn't.

Thoth: Ted Polak: And the nature of the brawls is different.

Thoth: Ted Polak: As in writing, there are no limits.

Judge: And what Indy Wrestling groups do this?

Judge: Who the fuck has the money two?

Thoth: Ted Polak: So they would legally be considered different thing.

Thoth: Ted Polak: *things

Thoth: David Blazenwing: so why can't I just CHANG THE F"N MATCH?!

Thoth: Ted Polak: As our matches involve much different angles and aims than an indy mall brawl.

Thoth: Ted Polak: Because it ALREADY happened.

Judge: *to?

Thoth: David Blazenwing: no it didn't

Thoth: David Blazenwing: the PPV is this weekend

Thoth: Ted Polak: You wrote it down.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: in 2 days

Thoth: David Blazenwing: so?

Thoth: Ted Polak: We have written record of it.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: what, 10 people saw it?

Thoth: jwtkins: The courts only recognize physical profit not mentla pprofit

Thoth: Ted Polak: 10 people who's intellectual property we belong to.

Thoth: Ted Polak: Incorrect.

Thoth: Ted Polak: I'm sure you heard of the Segway?

Thoth: David Blazenwing: no

Thoth: Ted Polak: The Segway was a tricky thing.

Thoth: Ted Polak: And there was a legal battle over who owned the idea behind it.

Thoth: Ted Polak: Before a prototype was ever made.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: I never said I owned the idea though

Thoth: Ted Polak: I know.

Thoth: Ted Polak: We claim to own the idea.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: I've even said I saw you guys do it first

Thoth: Ted Polak: Which means either dispute our claims in court.

Thoth: Ted Polak: Or settle this out of court.

Judge: Muzz, don't take offense to this but...

Thoth: David Blazenwing: by giving you full access to my website

Thoth: Ted Polak: But we did make it first.

Thoth: Ted Polak: Ignorance is no excuse.

Thoth: Ted Polak: We won't change anything.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: I'LL CHANGE THE MATCH

Thoth: David Blazenwing: GOD

Thoth: Ted Polak: We just need to browse your files and make sure nothing else is of ours.

Thoth: jwtkins: hold on

Judge: Thoth, did I ever tell you your my hero?

Kibagami: jwtkins: I've heard of Mall Brawles for years

Kibagami: This dude is full of shit.

Judge: No...

Judge: Height: 5'8"

Judge: Weight: 245 lbs

Kibagami: I know.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: And what happens if there is?

Thoth: David Blazenwing: There isn'y=t

Thoth: David Blazenwing: I just want to know

Thoth: Ted Polak: Then we will take legal action.

Thoth: Ted Polak: We can't trust your word.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: oh... great

Thoth: Ted Polak: We need written proof.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: thanks Thoth

Thoth: Ted Polak: I'm sorry, this is HOW it works.

Thoth: jwtkins: If we find proof that mall brawles happened before your event then there is no case

Kibagami: He's a fat fuck.

Judge: Blazenwing is full of shit. Literally.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: man... I fucking TRUSTED YOU

Thoth: David Blazenwing: James... go for it

Thoth: Ted Polak: Can you provide proof?

Thoth: jwtkins: we are searching

* Judge crosses his fingers...

Thoth: Side note: ROFLMAO

Thoth: He won't find shit.

Quiz: I know, dude.

Quiz: David Blazenwing: man... I fucking TRUSTED YOU

Quiz: ...?

Quiz: What?

Judge: How the fuck could an Indy do a MALL BRAWL?

Thoth: Ted Polak: I would need proof that it happened, and if it was an indy fed, pictures that it happened.

Thoth: Ted Polak: If an e-fed, written would suffice.

Thoth: Ted Polak: And a date.

Thoth: I dunno.

Evolution: Zotan of Gribblfritz Ken War Mall Brawl: When Janitors Collide III (Asylum) 08/31/02 11/24/02

Crusen: MORTAL KOMBAT! Crusen hits 38 roundhouse kicks on Thoth! [The Living End - Pictures In The Mirror] [3m17s/3.77MB]

Judge: Christ, this rocks so much.

Evolution: Janitor Seven Janitor Eleven Mall Brawl: When Janitors Collide I 08/25/00 10/29/00

Judge: Bwuahahahaha

Crusen: In EWR: When a wrestler injured and they lose stat points, do they ever gain them back?

Judge: Dunno. Send them to OVW and wait a litle while.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: http://members.tripod.com/~trentb22/AllBrawl1.html

Thoth: David Blazenwing: go there

Thoth: jwtkins: Since you rely on your internet records as proof then we will find internet records from pre 2001 to show that it has already been thought of

Thoth: David Blazenwing: about halfway down the page

Thoth: Ted Polak: What date was this?

Thoth: Ted Polak: And also, this is a different mall brawl.

Thoth: Ted Polak: OUr brawls are to find an object.

Thoth: Ted Polak: This is just a last man standing match in a mall.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: my brawls are first to pin wins

Thoth: Ted Polak: Our matches use the creativity of the mall to it's fullest.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: HA!

Thoth: David Blazenwing: Different match!

Thoth: David Blazenwing: I have the damn thing already written if you want to read it

Thoth: Ted Polak: Even so, how do we know you don't have anything else?

Thoth: David Blazenwing: to prive this

Thoth: David Blazenwing: *prove

Crusen: i got yelled at when that happened

Thoth: David Blazenwing: You have to trust me

Thoth: David Blazenwing: which apparently, you can't do

Thoth: Ted Polak: We can't, without our own written proof.

Thoth: Ted Polak: Well, in that case, I will find where you live, due to IP tracking.

Thoth: Ted Polak: And I will call your local court.

Thoth: Ted Polak: And file a subpoena.

Thoth: Ted Polak: And you will be shut down.

Thoth: Ted Polak: And then we will find your files that way.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: dude

Thoth: David Blazenwing: WTF!?

Thoth: Ted Polak: To see if you are telling the truth.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: JAMES?!

Thoth: Ted Polak: Like I said before, I DON'T want to do that.

Thoth: jwtkins: Thurston has located a record from 2000

Thoth: David Blazenwing: Help me!

Thoth: Ted Polak: Now it doesn't matter.

Thoth: Ted Polak: Since we have due siuspicion you may have taken other SWF ideas.

Thoth: Ted Polak: *suspicion

Apostle ([email protected]) has joined the channel

Thoth: This is just brutal.

Crusen: MORTAL KOMBAT! Crusen hits 58 roundhouse kicks on Evolution! [in Flames - Egonomic] [2m38s/2.42MB]

Manson: And hilarious.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: I HAVE NOTHING

Thoth: jwtkins: This guy is just trying to con you dave

Thoth: Ted Polak: How do I know?!

Thoth: David Blazenwing: Yeah

Thoth: Ted Polak: I don't know.

Evolution: Thoth, you are the height of just toomuchery.

Judge: Manson, you missed a bunch of it.

Thoth: Ted Polak: Well, consider this.

Thoth: Ted Polak: If I call your local court, your parents will find out.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: What else of yours would I have?

Thoth: Ted Polak: And they will be very upset.

Thoth: Ted Polak: And possibly ground you.

Quiz: bahahahaha

Evolution: Like Mark Kinxx' parents?

Thoth: Ted Polak: We just want to check.

Thoth: Ted Polak: That's ALL.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: So now you're threatening me

Thoth: Ted Polak: We won't mess with ANYTHING.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: great

Apostle: "and possibly ground you"

Thoth: David Blazenwing: That's REAL nice

Thoth: Ted Polak: I'm just stating a POSSIBILITY.

Thoth: 8:25 PM

Thoth: Ted Polak: Because we will take legal action if you do not cooperate.

Thoth: jwtkins: research takes time and this guy is just trying to pressure you to get your server info

Thoth: David Blazenwing: dude, I should fucking take YOU to court for trying to blackmail me

Thoth: Ted Polak: This isn't blackmail.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: then what is it?

Thoth: David Blazenwing: huh?

Thoth: Ted Polak: If your parents find out, you might get in trouble with them.

Thoth: jwtkins: if he was a real rep for these guys he would allow you to rebut

Thoth: Ted Polak: It's protecting OUR interests.

Thoth: Ted Polak: You can rebut, but it would be in a court of law.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: YOUR INTERESTS?!?!

Thoth: David Blazenwing: OMFG

Thoth: Ted Polak: Our intellectual property.

Thoth: jwtkins: No, he wont

Evolution: http://www.superiorwrestling.net/Saturday/july20.html

Kibagami: This is the best shit I've seen in years.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: Yes, god forbid someone should take an idea from your gay little e-fed

Thoth: Ted Polak: If I file a subpoena, you would be legally required to appear.

Thoth: Ted Polak: Failure to appear would result in a guilty verdict.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: appear where?

Thoth: Ted Polak: And might result in fines.

Thoth: Ted Polak: At your local court.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: ah

Thoth: David Blazenwing: OMFG

Kibagami: Actually, his e-fed is the gay one.

Kibagami: Just a point of interest, that.

Quiz: He called us gay

Quiz: That's a slur.

Thoth: Ted Polak: Probably only court fees, though.

Thoth: Ted Polak: $500-$1000.

Quiz: We are an e-fed with homosexuals and take offense, dammit!

Judge: Where are Strangler and Annie?

Judge: They must rebuke him here.

Thoth: jwtkins: we have records that MLW, Main Event Wrestling among others in the real world have used this concept. Are you sueing them? as they have made profit from it?

Thoth: David Blazenwing: yeah

Thoth: Ted Polak: The point is, we found out YOU were doing it.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: Not to mention that MY MATCH IS DIFFERENT

Thoth: jwtkins: WCW has even done mall brawls, so you have no case against a Free E-fed like BWF

Thoth: Ted Polak: And so we're coming to you.

Thoth: Ted Polak: We're greatful you're telling us this.

Thoth: Ted Polak: We know who else to go after.

Thoth: Ted Polak: But.

Thoth: Ted Polak: That is not the issue.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: Yeah, sue WCW

Thoth: Ted Polak: We need proof you are not stealing anything from us.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: I'm NOT

Thoth: jwtkins: Yeah right, Go play in reality for a while

Thoth: David Blazenwing: James... what should I do?

Thoth: Ted Polak: Okay, in reality I will file a court docket.

Thoth: Oh, a side note:

Thoth: David Blazenwing: The Digital Millennium Copyright Act, Public Law 105-304 (199, added a new Chapter 12 to title 17 United States Code, which among other things prohibits circumvention of access control technologies employed by copyright owners to protect their works. Specifically, section 1201 provides that "No person shall circumvent a technological measure that effectively controls access to a work protected under this title." This prohibition on circumvention became effective on October 28, 2000.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: sry, had to post it here

Thoth: David Blazenwing: too big for chat

Thoth: Ted Polak: That doesn't have anything to do with this.

Thoth: Ted Polak: That is basically to prevent piracy of music.

Thoth: Ted Polak: In fact, under this act, YOU'D be guilty.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: I can't risk being taken to court

Thoth: David Blazenwing: just b/c this guy has a stick up his ass

Thoth: jwtkins: We need proof that we did steal from you

Thoth: Ted Polak: We have proof.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: Ok, apparently we stole the name

Thoth: Ted Polak: Your match.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: That's it

Thoth: David Blazenwing: you said it yourself, it isn;t the same match

Thoth: Ted Polak: That's enough for us to need to do fact-finding.

Crusen: MORTAL KOMBAT! Crusen hits 27 leg sweeps on Muzz! [Agalloch - The Hawthorne Passage] [11m12s/10.33MB]

Apostle: i find this great is that the only reason you are doing this is because he is a fucking tool

Quiz: Thoth, claim they stole the singles match concept from us.

Thoth: Ted Polak: We have suspicion.

Thoth: Ted Polak: Now, that's not enough for us to attack you.

Thoth: Ted Polak: But enough to file in court.

Thoth: jwtkins: The inaugral episode of WCW Monday nitro was proadcast from Mall of America in 1995

Thoth: Ted Polak: You allowing us access would skip the legal process altogether.

Thoth: Ted Polak: jwtkins: That was a location, not a match.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: and give you full access to all my work

Thoth: Ted Polak: We WON'T touch anything.

Thoth: jwtkins: DameDeedlit: http://www.1wrestling.com/columns/topstory...eid=3419&page=2

Thoth: OMG

Thoth: Another person just joined the chat.

Manson: Judge: I got the gist of it. But I hope someone has been logging this SWF chat since i left earlier.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: how do I KNOW that?

Thoth: jwtkins: proof, dont give him anything Dave

Thoth: David Blazenwing: How do I know you won't touch anything?

Quiz: Invite me, Thoth!

Evolution: I log everything, so...

Quiz: I'll be your backup. Me and Judge

Thoth: No, MVS.

Thoth: Sorry.

Thoth: But I need to stay on a specific course.

Judge: Invite Kibs, Thoth.

Thoth: Ted Polak: Well, if we do, then we would be guilty.

Thoth: Ted Polak: Of tampering with secure material.

Thoth: jwtkins: they can't do shit to you david

Quiz: Okay, dude.

Quiz: Go for the gold.


Thoth: I'm sorry... I need to do this alone.

Thoth: Unless Kibs can play along.

Thoth: Wait.

Thoth: jwtkins: Otherwise if they do they would also be liable for damages to other companies

Thoth: Ted Polak: Okay, if you have three people.

Thoth: Ted Polak: I'd like to have a representative too.

Quiz: C'mon, Thoth, pick me.

Thoth: Kibs.

Thoth: Join the chat.

Quiz: I won't even say anything.

Judge: Kibs.

Judge: Kibs.

Judge: Good.

Kibagami: What am I doing here?

Thoth: jwtkins: just block this idiot dave

Thoth: Nathaniel Kibagami has joined this chat.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: dude... I know this guy

Thoth: Ted Polak: If you block me, we will file in court.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: he's DEAD serious

Thoth: Ted Polak: And blocking me would be admissible evidence in cuort.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: Ryan

Thoth: David Blazenwing: ?




Thoth: David Blazenwing: What do you think about this?

Thoth: Ted Polak: *court


Judge: This is fucking awesome!

Apostle: i love this.

Thoth: OMFG.

Judge: (11:34pm) (+Thoth) David Blazenwing: dude... I know this guy

Thoth: Nathaniel Kibagami: Just for reference, Thoth *is* a representative of the SWF. He's acting on our behalf.

Thoth: amanwoaclu: me? im still reading up on the act

Thoth: jwtkins: This idea is not your property

Thoth: David Blazenwing: I know

Thoth: Ted Polak: I do legally own the SWF.

Thoth: Ted Polak: So it IS my property.

Judge: (11:34pm) (+Thoth) David Blazenwing: he's DEAD serious


Thoth: David Blazenwing: but not the Mall Brawl

Thoth: Ted Polak: I ownt he SWF and all related properties.

Thoth: Ted Polak: *own

Thoth: David Blazenwing: We didn't make an SWF match

Thoth: Ted Polak: A while ago, we were trying to get an animated TV show running.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: We didn't parade a man named Thoth around in a nightie

Thoth: jwtkins: we have shown you documented proof that this Idea was around 8 years ago, 6 years befor you used it

Thoth: Ted Polak: Irrelevant.

Thoth: 8:35 PM

Thoth: Ted Polak: Again, you might have taken other things from us.,

Thoth: David Blazenwing: Irrelevant my ASS

Thoth: Ted Polak: We need proof you didn't.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: I DIDNT

Thoth: Nathaniel Kibagami: Broadcasting a show from a mall is totally seperate from this match.

Apostle: no.... SWF: The Animated Series ... well... that would own.

Thoth: No, we DID almost have an SWF anime.

Thoth: Seriously.

Thoth: And we filed legal papers.

Kibagami: Yeah, I remember that.

Quiz: I still don't believe that, dude. Why I don't know.

Judge: Thoth, this is your finest hour.

Kibagami: Because you don't pay attention.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: Yes, Vandal, we've established that

Thoth: David Blazenwing: but thank you

Thoth: jwtkins: there is no proof in might haves

Thoth: David Blazenwing: yes

Thoth: Ted Polak: Exactly.

Thoth: Ted Polak: We need to know FOR SURE.

Muzz: Wait, what's going on?

Thoth: David Blazenwing: Ok, like, what would you consider yours that I may have?

Thoth: Ted Polak: Which is why we want to look through your files instead of the court doing it.

Thoth: Ted Polak: Characters, match ideas.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: We did an Inferno match

Thoth: Ted Polak: Matches are stroies, in essence.

Thoth: Ted Polak: *stories

Thoth: David Blazenwing: and I get all my match ideas from Zeus pro

Thoth: Ted Polak: And stories are copyrighted.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: i have the gimmick files

Apostle: paging Bob Vila, Paging Bob Vila....we have found one of your tools.

Evolution: Zeus Pro.

Evolution: LMAO.

Thoth: jwtkins: and you stole this match from WCW so go to hell or we will inform Turner Enterprises

Thoth: Ted Polak: Doing so would be a further exacerbation of the situation.

Thoth: Ted Polak: I would file a legal docket, and note that.

Quiz: Exacerbation.

Evolution: Exacerbation.

Quiz: Thoth, you kick ass.

Apostle: Exacerbation... god...

* Apostle has an ENMITY flashback

Thoth: David Blazenwing: next thing I know, you're gonna be telling us you guys created the Inferno match

Thoth: David Blazenwing: or the Tag Team match

Thoth: Ted Polak: We didn't.

Thoth: Ted Polak: But this conversation itself could be considered evidence.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: & you didn't make the mall brawl either

Thoth: David Blazenwing: so go to hell

Thoth: Ted Polak: So I wouldn't go making accusations.

Judge: They are getting their asses handed to them.

Muzz: Uhm, yeah, so what's going on?

Kibagami: Do we get to just tell them off at any point?

Kibagami: I'm getting bored.

Judge: KIbs, you our witness to the conversation.


Kibagami: Oh yeah.


Thoth: warwolf243 has joined this chat.

Thoth: warwolf243: Yo!

Thoth: jwtkins: Marc

Thoth: David Blazenwing: hEY wOLF

Thoth: Ted Polak: But we are doing this straight forward.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: oops

Thoth: Ted Polak: We have a concern.

Thoth: Ted Polak: And we want to avoid turning this into a large conflagration.

Thoth: Someone explain.

Quiz: We get another one, dude.

Thoth: I'm busy keeping this up.

Quiz: Pick me this time.

Thoth: jwtkins: we have some people here claiming intellectual property over iddeas stolen by them from wcw

Kibagami: Thoth is schooling all four of them.

Thoth: Ted Polak: That's not the issue anymore.

Thoth: warwolf243: I heard. Who out there is stupid enough to sue someone who creates a text fantasy wrestling promotion that was DONE by WCW in 1995!?

Thoth: Ted Polak: We need to know if you have anything of ours.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: and threatening ME w/ legal action

Thoth: jwtkins: we need an expert on wrestling

Thoth: Ted Polak: So we JUST want to CHECK.

Apostle: this guy....doesn't seem to get the idea that he says at ONE POINT that we didn't steal from WCW and then that we did

Muzz: Oh for fucks sake.

Muzz: You all suck.

Quiz: It wasn't done by WCW

Thoth: David Blazenwing: and ruin my website

Thoth: Ted Polak: Either we do that in or out of court.

Thoth: Ted Polak: We won't mess with anythinfg!

Thoth: jwtkins: and you have no rights to do so

Thoth: Ted Polak: We promise!

Thoth: David Blazenwing: I used the name "Over the Edge" for a PPV

Thoth: David Blazenwing: WWE did it first

Thoth: Ted Polak: We don't have rights, unless the court grants us those rights.

Thoth: Ted Polak: Or you did.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: so they could sue me

Quiz: Make that point, Thoth, for the love of God

Judge: Muzz: Blazenwing is getting told by Thoth he'll be sued for using the Mall Brawl.

Apostle: but he says "I know it wasn't done by WCW" then turns around and says we stole the idea

Muzz: YAY.

Judge: They could!

Muzz has banned "*!*@69-24-10-204.dial.ncia.net" from the channel

Judge: Tell him that!

Quiz has been kicked off the channel by Muzz (I HATE YOU)

Thoth: David Blazenwing: but they won't

Thoth: 8:40 PM

Thoth: David Blazenwing: b/c I'm not making $$ off of this

Thoth: Ted Polak: They will, even if you're not at fault.

Thoth: warwolf243: Okay, chill out a sec. Someone, give me the exact situation, from the top so that I know what the hell is going on.

Thoth: Ted Polak: It's part of a fact finding process.

Kibagami: ...?

Thoth: warwolf243: YO! Cut the arguing, and just give me the bare facts

Thoth: Ted Polak: And a nonprofit can still break copyright law.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: ok, bare facts

Thoth: I don't know how much longer I can keep this up.

Thoth: I need another person.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: I used mall brawl for a match

Thoth: David Blazenwing: Thoth says that the SJL used it first

Thoth: David Blazenwing: which is a lie

Thoth: jwtkins: they claim they need access to his server to serch it for ideas that he supposedly stole from them so they can sue

Thoth: Ted Polak: If you have stuff, we will sue.

Thoth: Ted Polak: But it not, no harm done.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: hell, you could pull something out of your ass and say you did it first and sue me

Muzz: (1:09pm) (+Thoth) David Blazenwing: Thoth says that the SJL used it first

Muzz: Well, they did.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: how do I know you're not just looking for money?

Thoth: jwtkins: We have proven that others used it befor them but they call our proof irrelevant

Thoth: warwolf243: HOLD IT!

Thoth: Ted Polak: Like YOU said, this isn't for profit.

Thoth: Ted Polak: But theft of ideas is just as painful.

Manson: If only Tom was here to get in on it.

Muzz has unbanned "*!*@69-24-10-204.dial.ncia.net" from the channel

Quiz ([email protected]) has joined the channel

Apostle: hey now...*I* invented pulling things out of my ass... sue!

Thoth: warwolf243: First off, who the hell is thoth2020?

Thoth: Ted Polak: I am the owner of the SWF.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: but you're trying to turn it into profit for you

Thoth: Ted Polak: How do I profit?

Thoth: David Blazenwing: by suing me

Thoth: Ted Polak: Any fees you MIGHT pay in court would go back to the court!

Thoth: warwolf243: Okay, both of you. shut up and listen

Thoth: David Blazenwing: ok

Quiz: Took long enough, what'd I miss?

Thoth: warwolf243: Understand this.

Evolution: Bahahaha.

Thoth: warwolf243: thoth, you do NOT have the right to sue Blazenwing over having a match or matches in a mall.

Apostle: Wolf is getting pissy...

Quiz: Oooh boy.

Thoth: warwolf243: WCW did it in real life

Thoth: Ted Polak: No they didn't.

Thoth: Ted Polak: But that's not the point.

Superstation ([email protected]) has joined the channel

Apostle: TBS~!

Superstation is now known as Strangler

Judge: TBS.

Thoth: warwolf243: YES TGEY DID asshole

Thoth: warwolf243: Monday Nitro

Thoth: Ted Polak: They had matches IN a mall.

Thoth: warwolf243: Mall of America

Thoth: Ted Polak: Not a Mall Brawl.

Thoth: warwolf243: 1995

Thoth: Ted Polak: Where the object is to find an object in a mall.

Thoth: Ted Polak: And interact with the mall in many ways.

Judge: You are missing the greatest rib ever.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: my Mall Brawl is pinning someone to win a belt

ChanServ has opped Strangler

Strangler is now known as El_Luchadore_Stranglifico

Thoth: warwolf243: And you dare to complain why?

Thoth: David Blazenwing: the match just HAPPENS to take place in a mall

Thoth: Ted Polak: Right, but we have suspicion you might have taken our ideas.

Thoth: warwolf243: Wargames is being used by a fed in florida

Thoth: David Blazenwing: it's a GIMMICK

Thoth: Ted Polak: Your short stay in the JL...

Thoth: warwolf243: WWE NOW OWNS WARGAMES

Thoth: Ted Polak: How do we know you didn't just steal stuff?

Thoth: warwolf243: Notice WWE doesn't sue the florida fed?

Thoth: David Blazenwing: b/c I DIDNT

Manson: Say the name "Mall Brawl" is trademarked by us anyway, Thoth.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: what would I steal?

Thoth: Ted Polak: How do we know?

Thoth: Ted Polak: How do I know you're not lying to me?

Thoth: warwolf243: How do we know YOU aren't lying?

Thoth: David Blazenwing: and how do I know you're not trying to screw me over?

Thoth: Ted Polak: Where is the visual and written proof?

Apostle: Blazenwing hasn't been fucked over this bad since boy scouts, i bet

Quiz: David Blazenwing: and how do I know you're not trying to screw me over?

Quiz: I'm shocked he doesn't.

Thoth: Ted Polak: And we've also trademarked Mall Brawl.

Thoth: warwolf243: Bullshit

Thoth: 8:45 PM

Thoth: David Blazenwing: where is your proof that I have anything of yours

Thoth: Ted Polak: Even if someone else thought of it first, we hold legal trademark to the idea.

Thoth: Ted Polak: I have none, David.

Thoth: Ted Polak: But I have suspicion.

Thoth: warwolf243: Okay. That does it. That fycking DOES it.

Thoth: Ted Polak: So either you give us access, or I file a subpoena.

Thoth: jwtkins: we gave you visual proof and you said it was irrellevant

Judge: Okay so who wants to post this?

Thoth: Ted Polak: What visual proof?

Thoth: David Blazenwing: alright fine... i'll give you the damn access

Magnifico ([email protected]) has joined the channel


Muzz: There's ALOT of it, Judge.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: i have to go soon

Apostle: YES!

Quiz: YES!

Thoth: warwolf243: Dave, no.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: i guess I have no choice

Thoth: warwolf243: Do NOT give them the access

Thoth: I WON


Judge: FUCK YES.

Evolution: It's all logged on my computer, I do believe.

* Quiz dances.

Thoth: warwolf243: If you do they can take anything you have and claim they did it first even if they didn't

Evolution: I'll edit out stray comments.

Quiz: It's logged on mine too, Evo.

Magnifico: Hiya...Judge, Kibagamia, Muzz, Thoth, Apostle, Crusen, Evo, Manson, Quiz, and Tryst...

Evolution: Or you can, Q.

Apostle: This is the greatest night in the history of our great fed

Judge: (SWFAmp) (Sweet Victory) (2m10s) (1.99MB) (128Kbps) (Played: 6 Times)

Thoth: jwtkins: the url for the WCW match

Thoth: Ted Polak: Just watch my log.

Thoth: Ted Polak: And see what I look att.

Thoth: Ted Polak: Server logs.

El_Luchadore_Stranglifico: What just happened?

Judge: Indeed, Ranod. Indeed.

Muzz: As if you can say that Apostle.

Evolution: I forget you have Trillian, Q. The greatest program ever made.

Apostle: Sweet Victory~!

Quiz: Indeed.

Judge: *Rando.

Thoth: warwolf243: I'm talking about the REAL WCW James

* Magnifico raises an eyebrow at Strangler.

Quiz: Shall I post it now, or wait til Thoth finishes?

El_Luchadore_Stranglifico: Yankees Suck Amp - Guns 'n' Roses - Welcome To The Jungle - 4m32s - 17 donuts eaten by Roger Clemens

Kibagami: Wait 'till it's done.

Thoth: I WOM

Thoth: *I WON

Kibagami: I don't want to chance them seeing it on the boards.

El_Luchadore_Stranglifico: You know you like the nick, Mags


Magnifico: Damn straight.

Thoth: No, he changed his mind.

El_Luchadore_Stranglifico: And what is Thoth going on and on and on about?

El_Luchadore_Stranglifico: Yankees Suck Amp - Nine Inch Nails - Head Like A Hole - 4m58s - 18 donuts eaten by Roger Clemens

El_Luchadore_Stranglifico: Yankees Suck Amp - Linkin Park - In The End - 3m35s - 21 donuts eaten by Roger Clemens

Thoth: I'm pulling the trigger on this.

El_Luchadore_Stranglifico: Yankees Suck Amp - Foo Fighters - Big Me - 2m12s - 14 donuts eaten by Roger Clemens

Judge: C/p it.

Apostle: Linkin PARK?~!

Thoth: We lost.

Quiz: ...wha?

Kibagami: We didn't lose anything.

Thoth: jwtkins: David has already said it was also a falls count anywhere match not a find the prize and win match. that alters the idea enough to make it his not the same as yours

Thoth: David Blazenwing: I told my parents

Thoth: David Blazenwing: my dad will hire a lawyer and SUE YOUR ASS!!

Thoth: David Blazenwing: You want to threaten me?

Thoth: David Blazenwing: Just

Thoth: David Blazenwing: Bring

Thoth: David Blazenwing: It!

Evolution: ...

Quiz: ...

Kibagami: We just fucked with them all for about half an hour.

Judge: Omg.

Evolution: That's the best part.

Quiz: That owns.

Evolution: That's the best part of this whole thing.

Judge: You have to post it now.

Evolution: That's the best part of anything like this.

Muzz: I told my parents! NYAH!

Judge: I swear to God, you have to post it.

Evolution: The part where they mention the lawyers.

Thoth: Ted Polak: ROFLMAO

Thoth: jwtkins: So was I Marc, the url T gave me

Thoth: warwolf243: Now Thoth, I am telling you right now, names and even objects can look fucking the same, but not be the same. WCW Created Thundercage. WWE riupped it off and called it Hell in a Cell.

Thoth: Ted Polak: You dumb fuck.

Thoth: Ted Polak: You fell for this for an hour.

Thoth: David Blazenwing:

Thoth: Ted Polak: You're the stupidest son of a bitch EVER.

Thoth: Nathaniel Kibagami: I am definitely impressed, Thoth.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: you're.... JOKING?!

Apostle: Just Bring It... bwahahahahahahahahaha.... he should've said "I have two words for ya"

Judge: YES!


Muzz: lol


Evolution: Blazenwing should've never become such an enormous tool.

Apostle: "you're....JOKING?!" is going in my sig

* El_Luchadore_Stranglifico demands retribution, dammit

Evolution: You mean we have to write a match?

Magnifico: Don't sweat it.

Muzz: Heeeehhheeeeee!

Thoth: Nathaniel Kibagami: That was quality.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: OMG

Thoth: Ted Polak: We saved the chat log.

Thoth: Ted Polak: You look like a complete fucking turd.

Thoth: Nathaniel Kibagami: I dub you "Black and Decker".

Thoth: Ted Polak: Thank you, Kibs.

Thoth: warwolf243: He could sue you for that, Thoth.

Thoth: Ted Polak: LOL.

Thoth: Nathaniel Kibagami: And I could sue you for that.

Thoth: Ted Polak: How?

Thoth: Nathaniel Kibagami: Whatever that is.

Thoth: jwtkins: I told you you should block the fucker

Thoth: Nathaniel Kibagami: Let's all sue each other.

Thoth: Ted Polak: No judge would ever BOTHER TO HEAR THE CASE.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: ok

Thoth: David Blazenwing: great...

Thoth: Ted Polak: He'd laugh at you and give you a fucking lollipop.

Thoth: warwolf243: I'm not joking. He could sue you for harrassment over falsified claims of trademark infrinegement for one.

Evolution: Tryst needs to sue K for him using the "Black And Decker"

Thoth: David Blazenwing: now my dad's pissed at ME

Thoth: David Blazenwing: b/c i got him all worked up

Thoth: David Blazenwing:

Evolution: That'd be an awesome judge.

Thoth: Then he made a crying face.

Muzz: lol @ ruining his like

Evolution: :'-(

Evolution: That face.

Muzz: life*

Thoth: Nathaniel Kibagami: Let me get a lollipop here, too. I was the silent witness, damn it.

Thoth: Ted Polak: OMFG

Evolution: OMG SILENT

* Apostle falls off computer chair

Evolution: Silent was silent OMGWTFWWJD

* Magnifico shrugs.

Judge: TBS: Thoth IMed Blazenwing, claiming that Blazenwing stole the Mall Brawl and it was intellectual property of the SWF.

Thoth: jwtkins: and he has witnesses that you did harass him

Thoth: Ted Polak: What?

Thoth: David Blazenwing: alright, I really have to go

Thoth: Ted Polak: I insulted you over the internet?


Thoth: Nathaniel Kibagami: Apparently they've never read 665.

Judge: It's been going on for an hour.

El_Luchadore_Stranglifico: Yankees Suck Amp - green day. nice guys finish last - 2m47s - 1 donuts eaten by Roger Clemens

Thoth: Ted Polak: Yeah.

Thoth: warwolf243: Later Dave

Thoth: David Blazenwing: and now my dad thinks I have no clue over what I'm doing

Thoth: Ted Polak: It's been done MILLIONS OF TIMES.

Thoth: Nathaniel Kibagami: You don't have a clue.

Thoth: Ted Polak: YOU RETARDS.

Judge: It's been great.

Thoth: Nathaniel Kibagami: Read the last hour of this chat.

Thoth: Nathaniel Kibagami: No clue. Anywhere.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: great... my dad thinks I shold shut down the BWF

Apostle: still...i have dibs to "You're....JOKING?!"

Thoth: David Blazenwing: hell no

Quiz: bahahahaha.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: :-D

Evolution: ...

Evolution: His dad...

Quiz: David Blazenwing: great... my dad thinks I shold shut down the BWF

Evolution: ...

Quiz: His dad's pretty smart.

Muzz: lol, I bet Thoth will actually get us in some sort of legal trouble in the future.

Muzz: It'd still be hilarious.

Thoth: Ted Polak: Well, whatever.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: Alright... good job, Thoth, for the biggest scare of my life

Thoth: Ted Polak: This is the greatest prank ever.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: I guess I have to give you props for that

Thoth: Nathaniel Kibagami: Maybe not the greatest, but top five, easy.

Evolution: If we ever do get an SWF animated show, Blazenwing should be drawn as a big power drill.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: later

Thoth: Ted Polak: Seeya.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: *wipes sweat off of face*

Muzz: lol

Evolution: ...

Evolution: Pfft.

Apostle: no... he should be drawn as a nail.... cause he got hammered

* Evolution wipes sweat off his balls and flicks it as Blazenwing.

Judge: Evo: Post this under the heading "Tool Time"

Apostle: ...or a screw

Quiz: Thoth should post it.

Quiz: His chat.

Thoth: warwolf243: Thoth, if you make untrue claims and threaten to sue, he can then sue you for harassment, falsified charges, and potential mental stress induction.

Thoth: Ted Polak: HOW?

Thoth: Ted Polak: BAHAHAHA

Thoth: Ted Polak: MENTAL STRESS?

Thoth: Nathaniel Kibagami: He says this like it'll happen.


Thoth: Ted Polak: Jesys.

Thoth: Nathaniel Kibagami: I want a dollar if anybody sues anybody.

Thoth: jwtkins: Children

Thoth: Ted Polak: No judge in his right mind would waste 5 minutes on this shit.

Evolution: Well, SOMEONE post it.

Judge: Indeed.

Quiz: Use the AIM chat log.

Thoth: Post it, I have trouble logging.

Evolution: Harassment.

Evolution: Sexual harassment.

Evolution: Panda.

Thoth: I posted EVERYTHING said in chat.

Quiz: Okay then.

Quiz: But you're getting our shit too, so...

Quiz: yeah.

Quiz: You finished?

Judge: Hey, that makes it better.

Thoth: Ted Polak: Well, if you don't have any closing words, I'm out of here.

Thoth: Nathaniel Kibagami: There's really nothing to say to this.

Thoth: Ted Polak: There really isn't.

Muzz: 10 bucks says Blazenwing cried.

Apostle: I CALLED HIM A FUCKTARD ... also classic Thoth...

Evolution: You might want to clean up the log a little bit, Q. Only add a few funny comments from us.

Quiz: Ugh.

Apostle: you should say "I'm a pretty hate machine" to finish

Quiz: That's too much work. If an op wants to do it he can

Muzz: Add the part where I banned you Quiz.

* Judge is crying as well. Just laughing too hard.

Evolution: Ohh yeah.

Thoth: Nathaniel Kibagami: Other than *wipes sweat off of face*

Thoth: Ted Polak: This isn't even my ISP, by the way.

Thoth: Nathaniel Kibagami: *retarded crying emoticon*

Thoth: Ted Polak: I'm borrowing someone else's dailup.

Thoth: Ted Polak: If you even TRIED to trace me, which is impossible, you'd trace it to Ventura.

Thoth: Ted Polak: Which is nowhere near where I am.

Evolution: Q missed part of it because Muzz banned him.

Evolution: Silly bastard.

Muzz: ...

Quiz: Yeah. Fuck you, Muzz.

Muzz: It's go time.

Thoth: Nathaniel Kibagami: They're not going to, dude. I don't think they're tools of the same variety as Blazenwing.

Thoth: Nathaniel Kibagami: Close, but not THAT close.

Thoth: Ted Polak: Yeah.

Thoth: Ted Polak: They have intelligence.

Thoth: Nathaniel Kibagami: I'm going to finish my match.

Thoth: Ted Polak: Alright, this is beating a dead horse.

Thoth: warwolf243: Oh bite my snail's gonads

Thoth: Nathaniel Kibagami: You kids play nice with each other.

Thoth: Ted Polak: Seeya.

Evolution: ...

Evolution: ...

Thoth: Nathaniel Kibagami: Have a nice life.

Evolution: ...

Evolution: warwolf243: Oh bite my snail's gonads

Thoth: That's it.

Evolution: What the fuck?

Apostle: you own a snail?

Apostle: or...HE OWNS A SNAIL?

Apostle: with nuts?

Thoth: I left the chat.

Thoth: End prank.

Muzz: k

Muzz has banned "*!*@69-24-10-204.dial.ncia.net" from the channel


Quiz has been kicked off the channel by Muzz (Do that again and I'll kill you)

Thoth: jwtkins: And your a royal fucktard yourself thoth

Thoth: He said that JUST before I left.

Thoth: So I managed to kill the BWF.

Thoth: It took me about an hour.

Annie_Getting_Rose ([email protected]) has joined the channel

Evolution: Thoth "The Tool Killer"

Annie_Getting_Rose: hey yo

Thoth: Well, someone gather the log and post it.


Annie_Getting_Rose is now known as Annie

Annie: ?

Crusen: lol@annie put that in the topic



Thoth: We need a new topic.

Thoth: To commemorate this.

Thoth: The greatest moment of chat.


Evolution: I think the "my dad just told me to shut down the BWF" works.

Muzz: lol

Annie: ok, i need loggage

El_Luchadore_Stranglifico: No offense, but fucking around with Blazenwing isn't anything to be proud of

Thoth: Post the chat log int he community board.

Evolution: Well, Q missed a part of the chat.

Crusen: !!!!!!!NO SELING CUNT

Thoth: Yeah, but I got his parents mad at him.


So ends the log, here.

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Thoth: Nathaniel Kibagami: That was quality.

Thoth: David Blazenwing: OMG

Thoth: Ted Polak: We saved the chat log.

Thoth: Ted Polak: You look like a complete fucking turd.

Thoth: Nathaniel Kibagami: I dub you "Black and Decker".

Thoth: Ted Polak: Thank you, Kibs.





To commemorate this historic day, a video of a fat kid rapping.

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Fucking beautiful. Abso-fucking-lutely beautiful. If I weren't missing a pint of blood right now, I'd do something to commemorate this moment.

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Guest vitriol

Thoth is the coolest person ever. And he's in an e-fed...go figure.


Oh, and (Y) @ Kibs using my line. Black and Decker motherfucker!

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Guest Goose749
To commemorate this historic day, a video of a fat kid rapping.

I'm sorry, is he ripping on Pee-Wee's Playhouse? Secret word of the day. ahhhhh.


Thoth, it's not like you haven't heard this a thousand times before, but you are the king.



- Goose

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God, I fucking hate the way this country treats the legal system. Blaze and his friend are sitting here just making up torts as they go along, thinking they can sue for harassment, blah blah blah...


jesus christ. It makes me weep for my future profession.

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Hey Tom, could I get your opinion on this whole thing? Seeing as it has some basis in legality. The prank went well because it had some base in copyright law. Even if I was BS'ing the whole time, and that it's impossible to copyright stuff like this.

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Well, I've not read the whole thing in-depth and I'm not intimately familiar with the legislation in question. I'm also not an attorney.


With that out of the way...


I believe that his copyright violation (assuming for the sake of argument that there is one) would fall under the category of a tort, or a non-criminal wrong. That is, a civil violation rather than a criminal one. Torts have three requirements to recover damages:


- The actus reus, or the wrong act. In this case, the actual use of your intellectual property (again, assuming arguendo that the Mall Brawl is our intellectual property and that his match was a lift of it).

- The mens rea, or the intent/required state of mind. This can be negligence, recklessness, malice, or any number of other things. Blazenwing knew or should have known that he was using our intellectual property, proof being that he was competing for the fed at the time that one of them took place. We have our mens rea.

- Actual injury. Ouch. There's no injury to assert here. We don't make money, so he couldn't divert our funding away from us by bringing new people into his fed at the expense of our roster. No judge in his right mind would accept an assertation of mental anguish. There's no pain and suffering. Basically, the owner of the idea of the Mall Brawl suffered no injury, so there's no case to be made.


This is all assuming that the guy who booked the original Mall Brawl:

a) is still affiliated with the SWF, or

b) relinquished, explicitly or implicitly, his claim to the intellectual property. It's possible that a judge would say that by booking the card in a public, non-profit situation, he put the idea in the public domain. Again, I'm fuzzy on that.

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