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El Brocko Dance~!

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Guest Danny Dubya v 2.0
Is this the same Brock Lesnar that destroyed The Rock, murdered Taker in a Hell in a Cell, and F-5'd Big Show with injured ribs?

No. That Brock was a pure vanilla monster. The current Brock is an uberjock with some monster sprinkled in.

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Is he going to make any lettuce-picking jokes while he's at it?


I saw about as much humour in that as I did in HHH's promo against Booker T last year.

Au contraire. This one's considerably funnier because it has Brock putting himself on the line and looking like a complete goober (what the hell is that dance?) while wearing the tiniest sombrero ever created. By comparison, Triple H didn't put on a throwback jersey and start dancing around like Jessica Alba in Honey last year, did he?


Plus, the explanation for the booking is simple. Brock Lesnar doesn't take Eddie Guerrero seriously. He has no respect for his skills, he has no respect for his experience, and he has no respect for his culture.


It's just comedic gold and comedy that actually *gasp* makes sense within an ongoing plotline. Cherish it.

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