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SWF Wrestler of the Month & Historian's Rankings

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I used to do this a couple years back. I figured, since it was a new year, and I'm hanging around again, why not start it back up?


Note: Please don't complain about your spot in the rankings. As some veterans may remember, I use a very complicated mathematical formula for compiling these rankings and do not show favoritism towards any wrestler in any way. (I'll explain the formula if you really want to know, but it's long.)


Let's do the Wrestler of the Month first. Here's the winner along with the top two runners up, and a list of their activities this month. After this I'll list the actual rankings for everyone who was booked in January.




WINNER: Jay Hawke

Retained the International Championship against Wildchild and Stryke despite losing to Wildchild by disqualification... retained the International Championship against Zyon in a Canadian Deathmatch... retained the International Championship against "Hollywood" Spike Jenkins... retained the International Championship against Wildchild despite losing by disqualification (again).


RUNNER-UP: Wes Davenport

Defeated Christian Fury... defeated Wildchild... defeated 19 other wrestlers in the 2006 Clusterfuck match.


HONORABLE MENTION: El Luchadore Magnifico

With Kevin Coyote, defeated "Urban Legend" Todd Cortez & JJ Johnson... retained the World Heavyweight Championship against JJ Johnson.




#1. Jay Hawke (SWF International Champion)

#2. El Luchadore Magnifico (SWF World Heavyweight Champion)

#3. Wes Davenport

#4. Zyon (SWF Cruiserweight Champion)

#5. Wildchild

#6. TORU Takahara

#7. Bruce Blank (SWF Ultraviolent Champion)

#8. JJ Johnson

#9. Ghost Machine 2.0

#10. "The Icon" Max King (SWF Tag Team Champion)

#11. Kevin Coyote

#12. Landon "La Cucaracha" Maddix (SWF Tag Team Champion)

#13. The 70s Dude

#14. Laberinto

#15. "The Divine Wind" Akira Kaibatsu

#16. Michael Cross

#17. Tim Dillon

#18. "Hollywood" Spike Jenkins

#19. Martin "Big Country" Hunt

#20. Chris Card

#21. "The Rage" Jason von Dierch

#22. Matt "Insert Gimmick Here" Myers

#23. Christian Fury

#24. "Urban Legend" Todd Cortez

#25. Candace "The Joshi Dragon" Okimura

#26. The Crimson Skull

#27. Manson

#28. Ced Ordonez

#29. Stryke

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omfg @ Matt Myers being ranked over SEVEN other guys. That is tremendous.


Admit it, Pete, you don't use a mathmatical formula at all. You just roll your d20.



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(Shakes head at being ranked below Myers)


Eh... Guess it's time to do some work.

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