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2/18 & 2/25 Impact Spoilers

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Here are early spoilers from WO:


Report from tonight's tapings


For 2/18


It opened with Christian's victory speech on winning the NWA title. Jeff Jarrett did a promo saying he was going to show the Jackie Gayda tape. A lot of the backstage stuff didn't air in the building as the TNA bookers don't want angles out before they air on television. This tape was one of those things.


Jay Lethal won three-way over Shannon Moore and Roderick Strong with a fisherman suplex on Strong. I presume this was an elimination match for the U.S. X Division World Cup team, with a tournament upcoming (not on the next PPV, some time late spring)


They did a Ron Killings vignette regarding his background.


Konnan & Homicide & Machete b La Migra & another guy. La Migra were Michael Modest & Donovan Morgan playing border patrol guys. I guess this would be heel vs. heel.


Larry Zbyszko officially announced Joe vs. Daniels vs. Styles in Ultimate X for Destination X on 3/12


Daniels NC Austin Aries when Joe attacked Daniels


Team 3-D & Killings b A-1 & Petey Williams & Bobby Roode when Killings pinned A-1 after an ax kick


Taped for 2/25


Monty Brown b ?


Brown and Christian had a pull-apart


A.J. Styles b Roderick Strong with the Styles Clash


A-1 & Bobby Roode b James Gang when LAX distracted them and B.G. was pinned


Samoa Joe b Shark Boy


AMW b Rhino & Killings to keep the tag titles. Abyss put Rhino through a wall leading to him losing


This wasn't shown to the live crowd, but apparently the Jackie Gayda tape airs here and Jarrett goes crazy because the tape freezes. They have to go back home and get the original.



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Guest Happy Go Nowhere

Has Homicide used the Cop Killa on anyone...and is he still injured?


Just out of interest really.

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La Migra were Michael Modest & Donovan Morgan playing border patrol guys.

I thought TNA was suppose to be an alternative to WWE....is Russo back? Did Modest and Morgan wear border patrol uniforms?


LAX need to use Brujueria as their team theme song.

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I doubt that's a permanent gimmick for Modest / Morgan, it just seems like something they had them work for the match against LAX. Modest & Morgan have been trying to get in and said they'd be willing to be jobbers to begin with if necessary.

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More detailed results:


TNA Impact for 2/18


*Impact opened with NWA champion Christian Cage in the ring doing a promo saying that he was proud to be the NWA champion, naming names like Dory and Terry Funk. They announced Cage will be defending the belt against Monty Brown at the Destination X PPV.


*Backstage, Jeremy Borash interviewed Scott D'Amore, Jeff Jarrett, Gail Kim, and Eric Young. Jarrett said that he was screwed by everyone on Sunday, including Earl Hebner. He boasted about running off Sting after one match but Young said that Sting isn't gone. Jarrett warned Young to stop talking about Sting. Jarrett said that they have the videotape that Alex Shelley filmed about Jackie Gayda and would have a viewing party later.


*Jay Lethal defeated Shannon Moore and Roderick Strong after pinning Strong with a Dragon Suplex.


*They ran a Ron Killings video package focusing on his rap career and his wrestling past.


*Backstage, Jeremy Borash interviewed The James Gang and Bob Armstrong who said that want to have a six man tag against the LAX.


*LAX's Konnan & Homicide & Machete defeated Michael Modest & Donovan Morgan & Ryan Drago, announced as "La Migra". Modest and Morgan (in their TNA debuts) were dressed as boreder patrol agents. Afterwards, Konnan cut a promo saying that they were going to finish off Bob Armstrong the next time they meet.


*Backstage, Larry Zbyszko was in his office with TNA X-Division champion Samoa Joe. He told Joe that he's been impressive but he's never been in an Ultimate X match and announced Joe vs. Christopher Daniels vs. AJ Styles in Ultimate X at the Destination X PPV.


*Christopher Daniels fought Austin Aries to a no contest when Joe attacked Daniels as Daniels used a choke. Joe was going to hit the muscle buster on a chair, but AJ Styles made the save. Styles told Daniels he didn't make the save for him, but it wasn't clear why he made the save then.


*Team 3-D & Ron Killings defeated Team Canada's A-1 & Petey Williams & Bobby Roode. Killings pinned A-1 following the ax kick. There was a funny spot during the match where Brother Ray sent Killings to get the tables. America's Most Wanted tried to attack Killings, but Rhino made the save.


TNA Impact for 2/25:


*Monty Brown pinned Devon Knight with the Pounce. Brown cut a promo on Christian Cage. Cage came out and punched Brown. Security and Larry Zbyszko separated the two.


*Jeremy Borash interviewed NWA Tag Team champions America's Most Wanted. They announced an 8 man tag at Destination X - AMW & Abyss & Jeff Jarrett vs. Rhino & Ron Killings & Team 3D. Jeff Jarrett and Alex Shelley came into the scene discussing the Sting footage and Jeff Jarrett told Gail Kim to go get Jackie Gayda.


*AJ Styles pinned Roderick Strong with the Styles Clash. The crowd was split between Styles and Strong.


*Backstage, Gail Kim and Jackie Gayda were in the back where Kim handed Gayda a bag of clothes to change into for the viewing party.


*Team Canada's A-1 & Bobby Roode defeated The James Gang after LAX came out and interfered. After the match, LAX attacked BG James. Bob Armstrong hit the ring and fought off Homicide and Machete. Konnan escaped.


*TNA X-Division champion Samoa Joe defeated Shark Boy with a choke.


*Backstage, Jackie Gayda was changing.


*NWA Tag Team champions America's Most Wanted defeated Rhino & Ron Killings after the Death Sentence on Killings. Abyss attacked Rhino and put him through the wall of one of the stage.




*Elix Skipper & David Young (with Simon Diamond) defeated Matt Bentley & Lance Hoyt. Diamond hit Bentley with a chair. Bentley thought Hoyt hit him and attacked him after the match. They brawled.


*Lex Lovett pinned Cassidy Riley after hitting him with a Megaphone.


*The Naturals defeated Donovan Morgan & Mike Modest after the Natural Disaster.

Credit: PWInsider.com

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A few hype spots on Killings...so does this mean The Truth will finally get back to the main event where he fucking belongs and should have never been taken out of?

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I like it. Keeps Jarrett out of the title, gives us a good Christian defense, builds Killings. I really like it.

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Jarrett not chasing the world title?


*thumbs up*


I just wish they could come up with something OTHER than Joe/Daniels/Styles - mix it up a little cause it's starting to get repetitive really.


The strength of the "Smackdown Six" for instance was that there were so many combinations to keep it fresh and interesting but TNA has already run every combination of those 3 on PPV a couple of times (or more)

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*Impact opened with NWA champion Christian Cage in the ring doing a promo saying that he was proud to be the NWA champion, naming names like Dory and Terry Funk. They announced Cage will be defending the belt against Monty Brown at the Destination X PPV.


This worries me for 2 reasons:


-they're probably saving Jarrett's rematch for when he inevitably wins the belt back. Boo.

-I feel like we've already seen Monty Brown vs. Christian on PPV...because we have.

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Jarrett not chasing the world title?


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Another report:


Please credit Alan J. Wojcik of http://alanwojcik.com if posted. Sorry these are late, was interviewing talent.


This is the Spike TV/TNA Wrestling tapings to air over the next two Saturday’s. On the hard camera was the Destination X banners, with the phrase “Beyond the Ring” underneath the X Division title belt. Speaking of the PPV, I am hoping they will announce some of the Destination X PPV matches, including who Samoa Joe will face in the Ultimate X. David Penzer returned to the ringside area for these shows as the ring presenter, with Jeremy Borash doing the backstage interviews. I must thank the Syrian Slasher for his ability to keep the fans away from my view of the ring. I have seen him wrestle and feel he should receive a tryout with TNA or WWE. I thought I saw “Big Wiggle” Norman Smiley, Mike Modest and Donovan Morgan walking around backstage.




Matches to air Saturday February 18th:




The show began with the new NWA World Heavyweight champion “Captain Charisma” Christian Cage in the ring. Cage said he waited twelve long years to raise the world title over his head in front of the fans. He dedicated the win to people that at one time in their lives held been held back. For eight years he was told he wasn’t big enough, he didn’t have the right look, that he didn’t have the “IT” factor and other insulting things another promotion said about him. Cage ran down several former title holders that he stood in the shadows of right now. Cage put over TNA’s move to prime time in April. Finally he focused on the number one contender Monty Brown and his “jungle gibberish.” Cage said he wasn’t going to be a champion who lived under a glass ceiling and Brown would get the same fair shot he got at the championship.




Jeremy Borash spoke to former champion Jeff Jarrett, Scott D’amore, Gail Kim and Eric Young about the loss of the title to Cage. Jarrett blamed TNA management, Dave Hebner, Earl Henber and I think all of the fans for losing the title. Despite Young’s belief that Sting was still around, Jarrett told Borash he will eliminate four of his problems at Destination X. D’amore showed the camera the video Alex Shelley filmed of Jackie Gayda. Jarrett said tonight we would have a “viewing party” later tonight.




(1) Jay Lethal defeated “The Prince of Punk” Shannon Moore and “the Messiah of the Backbreaker” Roderick Strong.


Lethal came in energized thanks to a victory at the PPV. At one point everyone attacked the other men and also had very brief partnerships with the other men. All three men were on the ring apron when Moore tossed Lethal over and Lethal landed on Strong’s head, sending Strong to the floor in a headscissor. Back in the ring Moore hit Lethal with an Exploder then Strong hit Moore with a half nelson backbreaker along with chest chops. Lethal got the win after he hit Strong with a Full Nelson into what looked like a floatover suplex.




Mike Tenay and Don West spoke on camera as Penzer and So Cal Val tossed out t-shirts to the fans. A background vignette on Ron “the Truth” Killings played; I thought it was good stuff. Borash spoke to the James Gang about their issues with the Latin American Exchange. “Bullet” Bob Armstrong came in and volunteered to be their partner at Destination X.




(2) The Latin American Exchange (“The Notorious 187” Homicide, Machete and Konnan) defeated The Border Patrol (Michael Modest and Donovan Morgan wore outfits with that phrasing on the patch) and Ryan Drago.


This match didn’t stay in the ring long and lasted a little longer. Homicide and Machete hit Drago with a top rope bulldog, Steiner Brothers style to win the match. After the match Konnan hit Modest and Morgan with the sock puppet. Then he took the house mic and insulted the fans by saying the Nashville crowd had more class then the Orlando crowd. Konnan told Armstrong to get a wrestling license and he would agree to the match at Destination X.




Borash and Larry Zbyszko spoke to NWA World X Division champion Samoa Joe about his eight month undefeated streak. Zbyszko told Joe he was going to defend the title in the Ultimate X. Joe told Zbyszko that was a mistake since he doesn’t play by rules and doesn’t like stunts to be pulled on him.




(3) “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels defeated Austin Aires.


I think this a dream match come true for some fans. Aires went right to work on Daniels’ neck, probably still sore from the PPV. Aires dropped the corkscrew elbow on Daniels’ neck but got two. Aires charged Daniels but was hit with a modified STO, clotheslines, a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and an enziguri. But instead of the Angel’s Wings, Daniels locked in the Kokina Clutch. I think Aires tapped out but not 100% sure, this could have ended with a DQ. Samoa Joe hit the ring and Daniels fought him off but Daniels’ BME met the X Division title belt. Joe placed a chair in the ring and was set for the Muscle Buster when AJ Styles hit the ring and Joe in the back with the chair. Styles and Daniels had words as Styles posed with the title belt.




The history of the Ultimate X video played. They tried to play an interview on screen but it didn’t play all the way through.




(4) Ron “the Truth” Killings and Team 3D (Ray and Devon) defeated Team Canada members Petey Williams, “Canadian Enforcer” Bobby Roode and A1.


Before the match the Pit joined the rest of the crowd in chanting “Let’s Go Dudley’s.” The Canadians tried to attack Ray’s arm but instead Williams was hit with a double team sideslam elbow drop. Next they dropped Killings onto Williams flapjack style followed by Killings hitting A1 with a sidekick. Killings got too close to the ropes and Roode dropped him on the top one. Team Canada tagged several times beating down Killings but couldn’t keep his shoulders to the mat, even allowing Williams to hit his patented O’ Canada crotch dance. After surviving all of this violence, Killings hit Williams with a suplex into a modified Stunner and was finally able to tag out to Devon. Team 3D beat down all three Canadians and hit Roode with the “Wassup” Headbutt to the crotch. Killings hit a “Wassup” legdrop to A1’s crotch. Team 3D, Williams and Roode fought to the back as Killings hit A1 with the Scissor Kick to win the match. America’s Most Wanted hit the ring and beat down Killings. As Harris tried to handcuff Killings he was hit with a GORE delivered by Rhino!




Matches to air Saturday February 25th:




(1) “The Alpha Male” Monty Brown defeated Dylan Night in a real short match where Brown POUNCED the holy crap out of the kid to end it. Brown talked to the camera and Christian Cage. Brown said he went looking for Cage but didn’t find him in the male locker room, he found him in the ladies room. Brown ripped apart Cage’s ring entrance, ring style and his Unprettier finisher. Cage came down the rampway and reminded Brown that he would get a fair shake at Destination X. Cage and Brown traded geography related jokes before Cage lowblowed Brown in the Bangkok. TNA security and Larry Zbyszko hit the ring to try and calm down the situation. !




Borash spoke to America’s Most Wanted and Gail Kim about the Destination X eight man tag match and their bout with Rhino and Ron “the Truth” Killings. Jeff Jarrett and Alex Shelley came over telling the audience that Shelley had footage of Sting to show tonight. Tenay and West spoke to the TV audience. Christopher Daniels joined them for commentary.




(2) “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles defeated “the Messiah of the Backbreaker” Roderick Strong.


Strong thought he avoided a dropkick and went to the ropes but he came off into a Matrix dropkick from Styles. Strong got on the offensive when he raked Styles eyes and hit a half nelson backbreaker for two. Strong took Styles to the mat with a chinlock but Styles refused to submit. Styles hit Strong with abdominal punches but Strong raked his eyes. Styles hit a spinning heel kick and escaped a second half nelson backbreaker. Styles finished off Strong with the Styles Clash. Daniels remained at the broadcast table.




Gail Kim handed Jackie Gayda a bag and told her to put on the outfit that was inside.




(3) Team Canada members A1 and “Canadian Enforcer” Bobby Roode (w/Scott D’amore) defeated the James Gang (Kip James and BG James).


BG was doing his spiel when Team Canada jumped the Gang. A1 and Roode focused on Kip’s left knee. Somehow BG tagged in just as the LAX came down the rampway. Homicide and Machete distracted BG long enough for Konnan to hit him with the sock puppet. Roode hit BG with the Northern Lights clothesline. Just as the LAX was going to beat down BG, “Bullet” Bob Armstrong came down and to the shock of the crowd punched out the LAX. Konnan and Armstrong had words but Konnan left before any additional violence broke out.




(4) NWA World X Division champion Samoa Joe defeated Shark Boy.


Sorry to say but Shark Boy didn’t stand a chance as Joe beat the fish food out of him. Shark did get in some offense by attacking Joe’s legs. Shark looked like he was setting up Joe for his finisher but was hit with an enziguri. It was followed by the Muscle Buster and the Kokina Clutch.




Gail Kim stood in front of a partition as Jackie Gayda changed into the outfit Jarrett told her to wear. Kim told her to wear the outfit or the footage would be sold on the internet.




(5) NWA World Tag Team champions “America’s Most Wanted (“Tennessee Cowboy” James Storm and “Wildcat” Chris Harris) defeated Ron “the Truth” Killings and “War Machine” Rhino.


The Pit was as colorful as ever with their chants directed towards AMW. Killings and Storm began the match but Storm got cocky and Killings put on the Cowboy’s hat before tossing him around the ring in various armdrags. Rhino came in and beat down Harris but Killings ended up on the short end as AMW took over control of the match. Rhino and Harris fought over to the announce table while Killings and Storm collided in the ring. Harris and Rhino fought to the top of the rampway. Rhino was ready to GORE Harris down the rampway when Abyss grabbed him and threw Rhino into part of the rampway wall. Harris came back to the ring to join Storm in trying to beat down Killings. Storm hit a superkick and then AMW hit the Death Sentence. Abyss remained at the top of the rampway, standing over the injured Rhino.




Guess I better watch the show because they didn’t show the Jackie Gayda footage segment to the Impact Zone fans.




The following were matches taped for TNA’s syndicated Xplosion show:




The Diamonds in the Rough (“Primetime” Elix Skipper and David Young w/Simon Diamond) defeated Lance Hoyt and Matt Bentley (w/Traci Brooks.) Bentley was going to superkick skipper when Diamond hit Bentley with a chair. Hoyt picked it up and Bentley thought Hoyt clocked him. The Diamonds hit Hoyt with a double team move. After the match Bentley and Hoyt argued as Brooks tried to settle things down. Hoyt looked away for a moment and Bentley hit Hoyt with a superkick, chair shots and other items. Brooks was definitely as confused as the fans were and reluctantly left with Bentley. Hoyt’s forehead was busted open by the Bentley attack and had to be helped to the locker room.




Penzer introduced Frankie Kazarian’s favorite NASCAR personality Jeff Hammond to the fans.




Lex (Lex Lovett w/Cassie) defeated Cassidy Riley.


Riley was distracted by Cassie and was hit by Lex’s megaphone to win the match.




The Naturals (Chase Stevens and Andy Douglas) defeated Michael Modest and Donovan Morgan when they hit Modest with the Natural Disaster. This was an entertaining match and I hope it gets Modest and Morgan jobs with TNA.




Announced matches for Destination X, Sunday March 12th:


***NWA World Heavyweight champion “Captain Charisma” Christian Cage vs. “Alpha Male” Monty Brown.


***In the Ultimate X match, NWA World X Division champion Samoa Joe vs. “the Phenomenal” AJ Styles vs. “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels


***Jeff Jarrett, NWA World Tag Team champions America’s Most Wanted (“Tennessee Cowboy” James Storm and “Wildcat” Chris Harris) and Abyss (w/Father James Mitchell) vs. Team 3D, Ron “The Truth” Killings and “the War Machine” Rhino.


***The James Gang (Kip James, BG James and “Bullet” Bob Armstrong) vs. Latin American Exchange (This one was based on the promos cut in the show)

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I thought Aries blew out his knee?


Turns out it was just a sprain, he will continue working through it.


As for Roderick Strong's nick-name, it works in ROH because they have made it a point to showcase his love for backbreaker moves but in TNA? He might bust out a backbreaker once or twice at the most per match. The idea is good, just not the execution.


Messiah? That's a savior, backbreaking savior makes no sense. Call him the "The Back-breaking machine" (or robot, rather) at least it makes more sense and fits with the context of what the nickname is supposed to mean.


I have already spoken my sentiments on the Samoa Joe/AJ/Daniels thing. AAO should have been the finish. He beat both Daniels and AJ, twice in singles action and defeated both of them twice in 3 way dances. In what way has AJ and Daniels earned yet another opportunity to beat Joe, after 2 failures to do so. Forcing Joe to face them again and this time, in the field of the UX, which obviously puts Joe in a severe disadvantage would have to indicate that the TNA championship committee is desperate to take the title off Joe, by any means.


They should expand on this. AJ and Daniels keep getting opportunity after opportunity to take the title from Joe.


I'd like to see GenNext make a point about this and say that TNA management is holding them down or something along those lines. Have them interfere in the UX match and "help" Joe win the match. Setting up a six man between Joe/AJ/Daniels (unifying to stand up against the young punks getting involved in their business) against Gen Next at Lockdown.


All the while, Jay Lethal is quickly making a statement to be a worthy #1 contender for the X title. The point would be that Joe, distracted by dealing with his usual foes (AJ and Daniels) and the annoying Gen Next trio, he overlooks Jay Lethal and underestimates him, leading to Lethal to unseat Joe in a fluke-but not quite finish.


Good to see Killings get pushed now, as they are heading into prime-time, Killings can be a good vehicle to get behind.


Machete is sticking around? Ugh, I was hoping it was just going to be a one-time thing. They could even have different people rotating in that spot, having a bunch of guys trying to earn stripes with the LAX, but none of them quite get the job done...so Homicide suggests "him". Konnan is strongly opposed to "him" to being a part of the group, saying he is a loose cannon and can't be trusted. At D-X, in comes LOW KI who murders Daddy James and the James Gang.



I loved how the report said "Aries and Daniels, was a dream match come true", when they have worked already, not just outside TNA but IN TNA. (Remember Aries debut match?)


Why is it that Monty Brown can squash no-name jobbers but Joe had to run through the entire X ranks virtually eliminating everyone already?


Who is TNA's biggest jobber? Roderick Strong or Abyss?


I wonder how long they will keep the contents of the tape a mystery. If they can avoid spoilers about it getting out, it could create some additional interest in the show.

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He beat both Daniels and AJ, twice in singles action and defeated both of them twice in 3 way dances.


AJ pinned Daniels in the first 3 way to allow him to debut on Spike with X-title. Otherwise, yes, Joe has totally dominated the feud.

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Guest Coffey

It doesn't really look like anything happened. Two weeks worth of shows and reading the reports, it seems really lackluster. This is why having twelve PPV's a year hurts so much.

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