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ADCC Worlds // May 5-6 2007

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BOCEK~! and some lil dude who has no shot.


It only comes once every two years, which along with liking many sweaty guys grasping each other firmly, is 2 things it has in common with Lei Tong. That's right, it's the ADCC WORLDS! Which I am, for the first time, giving a shit about. And so should YOU! (Not you, Lei Tong. I'm sure you will hold your grappling knowledge cred over us all throughout this whole damned process..) Look at all the NAMES!! Gabriel Gonzaga! Jeff Monson! Joe DADDY Stevenson! Renzo Gracie! Kurt Pellegrino! Drew Fickett! Pe De Pano! Igor Vovchancyn! Igor Vovchancyn?!! And some other people. Igor Vovchancyn? REALLY? Do Arabs have his family held hostage or something and threaten them with death unless Igor participates? Oh? You mean they do? Oh. Well, shit...


Under 65.9 KG (145 lbs. and below)

1. Leo "Leozinho" Vieira (Defending Champion) - Brazil

2. Marcio Feitosa (2001 ADCC World Champion) - Brazil

3. Jeff Glover (17-Time Grapplers Quest Champion) - U.S.A.

4. Rani Yahya (2005 ADCC Finalist/Grapplers Quest Pro Champ) - Brazil

5. Javier "Showtime" Vazquez (2005 N.A. ADCC Champion) - U.S.A.


7. Simpson Go (2007 N.A. ADCC Champion) - U.S.A.

8. Edward Sanchez (BJJ BLACK Belt) - U.S.A.

9. Bruno Frazzato (BJJ Black Belt) - Brazil

10. Jamie Ballard (Australia)

11. Naoya Uematsu (JAPAN TRIALS Champion)

12. Blair Tugman (Wrestling) - U.S.A.

13. Renier Nicolas (France)

14. Darell Moodley (Africa Trials Champion)


65-76.9 KG (145-169 lbs.)


1. Marcelo “Marcelinho” Garcia (Defending 2-Time Champion) - Brazil

2. Pablo Popovitch (2007 Grapplers Quest Pro Champion/2005 ADCC Finalist) – U.S.A.

3. Renzo Gracie (2-Time ADCC World Champion) – U.S.A.

4. Saulo Ribeiro (Former ADCC World Champion/CBJJ World Champion) - BRAZIL

5. Joe "Daddy" Stevenson (Ultimate Fighter Season 3 Winner)

6. Nelson Monteiro - BRAZIL

7. Mark Bocek (2007 ADCC North American Champion) - Canada

8. Eduardo Rios - PORTUGAL

9. Milton Vieira (BJJ Black Belt) - Brazil

10. Kurt “Batman” Pellegrino (UFC Veteran) – U.S.A.

11. George Sotiropoulos (Australia)

12. Andre Galvao (BJJ Black Belt) – Brazil

13. Daisuke "Amazon" Sugie (Japan Trials Champion)

14. Christopher Bright (Africa Trials Champion)

15. Mike Fowler (Lloyd Irvin Black Belt, N.A. Trials Finalist)

16. Drew “The Master” Fickett (UFC Veteran) – U.S.A.


77-87.9 KG (170-193 lbs.)


1. Rafael Lovato, Jr. (2006 Grapplers Quest U.S. Pro Trials Champion) – U.S.A.

2. Damien Maia (BJJ Black Belt) - Brazil

3. Chris Moriarty (2007 ADCC North American Champion) – U.S.A.

4. Rosimar Palhares (BJJ Black Belt) - Brazil

5. Flavio Almeida (BJJ Black Belt – Team Renzo Gracie) - Brazil

6. Bruno Bastos (BJJ Black Belt) – Brazil

7. David Avellan (3-Time Grapplers Quest Superfight Champion) – U.S.A.

8. Rick “Vanilla Gorilla” Macauley (2006 Grapplers Quest Pro Trials Champ) – U.S.A

9. Haim Gozali (MMA Fighter) - Israel

10. Delson Heleno (BJJ Black Belt) - Brazil

11. Travers Grubb (Australia)

12. Tarsys Humphreis (BJJ Black Belt) - Brazil

13. Sauli Heilimo (Finland)

14. Yushin Okami (JAPAN Trials Champion/UFC Veteran)

15. Marko Helen (Findland)

16. David Levey (AFRICA Trials Champion)


88-99.9 KG (193-219 lbs.)


1. Christiano Lazzarini (BJJ Black Belt) - Brazil

2. Alexandre “Xande” Ribeiro (BJJ Black Belt) - Brazil

3. Anthony Perosh (Australia)

4. Mikhail Cirkunov (2007 ADCC North American Champion) - Canada

5. Jon Olav Einemo (2003 ADCC World Champion) - Norway

6. Braulio Estima (BJJ Black Belt) - Brazil

7. Igor Vovchanchyn (Pride and UFC Veteran) - Ukraine

8. Vicbart Geraldino (Judo Black Belt) – Dominican Republic

9. Nick Ackerman (Wrestling) – U.S.A.

10. Tim Boetsch (Wrestling) – U.S.A.

11. Steve Rusk (Wrestling) – U.S.A.

12. Radek Turek - Poland

13. Thomas Szczerek - Poland

14. Robert Drysdale (BJJ Black Belt) – U.S.A.

15 JAPAN TRIALS Champion

16 Lance Ceronio (AFRICA TRIALS Champion)



OVER 99 KG. (219 lbs. and over)


1. Jeff “The Snowman” Monson (Defending Heavyweight Champion) – U.S.A.

2. Gabriel Napao (BJJ Black Belt) – Brazil

3. Marcio” Pe De Pano” Cruz (UFC Veteran/CBJJ Black Belt World Champion) – Brazil

4. Mario Rinaldi (2007 ADCC North American Champion) – U.S.A.

5. Alexandre "Cacareco" Ferreira (BTT) – Brazil

6. Ricco Rodriguez (Pride and UFC Veteran) – U.S.A.

7. Roy “Big Country” Nelson (defeated Champion Jeff Monson in 2005) – U.S.A.

8. Rolles Gracie (BJJ Black Belt) - Brazil

9. Elvis “King of Rock & Rumble” Sinosic (BJJ Black Belt) – Australia

10. Janne Pietilainen (Finland)

11. Luiz Theodoro (BJJ Black Belt) - Brazil

12. Marcos Oliveira (BJJ Black Belt) - Brazil

13. JAPAN TRIALS Champion

14. Rico Hattingh (AFRICA TRIALS Champion)


Women's Under 121 lbs.



FELICIA OH (NA Trials Champion)


BIANCA ANDRADE (Brazil Champion)






Women's 121-132 lbs.




HELLENA BASTOS (Brazil Champion)







Women's 132-147 lbs.



JULIANA BORGES (Defending Champion)


HANNETTE STACK (Brazil Champion)

KELLY PAUL (NA Trials Champion)





Women's Over 147 lbs.










ALSO...Don't Miss the Absolute Divisions


16 Man Open Weight Tournament (ABSOLUTE)

8 or 16 woman Open Weight Tournament (ABSOLUTE)

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Also, if my girl Stacy finds some way to beat that ugly fucking mongoloid Borges, I' m pretty certain my brain would explode from the incomprehensible joy I would feel.

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Yep. I actually posted the few pics I took there a while back (in which it's been noted that I looked WAY more stoked to be taking a picture with Baret than Stacy).

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65.9kg Bracket


1st Round


Side A


Leo Viera vs Sim Go


Jeff Glover vs Jamie Ballard


Javi Vasquez vs Naoya Uematsu


Renier Nicolas vs Tesu Suzuki


Side B


Rani Yahya vs Darrell Moodley


Blair Tugman vs Bruno Chavex


Baret Yoshida vs Eddie Sanchez


Renato Miglaccio vs Yosh*tomi Mishima


76.9kg Bracket


1st Round


Side A


Pablo Popovitch vs Eric Dahlberg


Milton Viera vs Daisuke Sugie


Chris Bright vs Andre Galvao


Mark Bocek vs Drew Fickett


Side B


Marcelo Garcia vs George Sotiropolous


Nelson Monteiro vs Kurt Pelligrino


Saulo Ribiero vs Takefuni Hanai


Renzo Gracie vs Mike Fowler


87.9kg Bracket


1st Round


Side A


Demian Maia vs Yushin Okami


Rafael Lovato Jr vs Marko Helen


Michael Materla vs David Avellan


Jorge Santiago vs Tarsis Humphreys


Side B


Flavio Almeida vs Rick Macauley


Sauli Heilimo vs Dave Levey


Travers Grubb vs Romulo Barral


Chris Moriaty vs Haim Gozali


98.9kg Bracket


1st Round


Side A


Xande Ribiero vs Yukissyu Ozawa


Tim Carpenter vs Tim Boetsch


Mario Miranda vs Robert Drysdale


Misha Cirkunov vs Steve Rusk


Side B


Carcareco vs Carl Bierman


Radek Turek vs Nick Ackerman


Tomas Szczerek vs Braulio Estima


Anthony Perosh vs Chris Lazzarini


+99kg Bracket


1st Round


Side A


Fabricio Werdum vs Elvis Sinosic


Karol Bedorf vs Joey Malone


Luiz Big Mac vs Rico Hattingh


Pat Stanio vs Darren Andy


Side B


Pe De Pano vs Jannie Pietlainen


Marcus Oliviera vs Bryan Vetall


Mario Rinaldi vs Modrag Pele


Rolles Gracie vs Bomichi Nagata

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I'm guessing here, but I think the openweight bracket is made up largely of volunteers on the weekend of the tournment, depending on who's feeling up to it and/or really wants the chance at some cash.

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Canadian Mark Bocek was submitted via footlock by Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt Andre Galvao in the second bracket of the Under 76.9 kg (Under 170 lbs) division at the Abu Dhabi Submission Wrestling World Championships this afternoon.


In the same division, crowd favorite Marcelo Garcia submitted two-time UFC veteran Kurt Pellegrino via rear-naked choke to cruise onto tomorrow's brackets. After defeating Renzo Gracie earlier in the day, underdog of the year Mike Fowler submitted world champion Saulo Ribeiro by toe hold to make ther cut as well. Fowler had entered the competition on two days' notice.


In the Over 99 kg (Over 219 lbs) division, Fabricio Werdum outscored Karol Bedorf to advance as well, while Rolls Gracie defeated Mario Rinaldo on points.



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from graciemag:


under 65kg Leo Vieira (BRA) defeated Sim Go (JAP) Jeff Glover (USA) submitted Janie Ballard (AUS) Naoya Uematsu (JAP) defeated Javi Vasquez (EUA) Tetsu Suzuki (JAP) defeated Renier Nicholas (FRA) Rani Yahya (BRA) submitted Darrel Mooley (AFR) Bruno Frazatto (BRA) submitted Blair Tugman (USA) Baret Yoshida (USA) submitted Eddie Sanchez (USA) Yoshitomi Mishima (JAP) defeated Renato Migliaccio (BRA)


Under 76 kg Pablo Popovich (USA) defeated Erick Dahlberg Daisuke Sugie (JAP) defeated Miltinho Vieira (BRA) Andr� Galv�o (BRA) submitted Chris Bright (USA) Mark Bocek (CAN) defeated Drew Fickett (USA) Marcelinho Garcia (BRA) submitted George Soritopoulos (AUS) Kurt Pellegrino (USA) defeated Nelsinho Monteiro (BRA) Saulo Ribeiro (BRA) submitted Takafumi Hanai (JAP) Mike Fowler (USA) defeated Renzo Gracie (BRA)


Under 87 kg Demian Maia (BRA) defeated Yushin Okami (JAP) Rafael Lovato (USA) submitted Marko Ellen (FIN) David Avellan (USA) defeated Michal Martela (POL) Tarsys Humphreys (BRA) defeated Jorge Santiago (USA) Flavio Cachorrinho (BRA) defeated Rick MaCauley (USA) Sauli Heilimo (FIN) defeated Dave Lavey (AFR) Romulo Barral (BRA) defeated Travers Grubb (AUS) Chris Moriarty (USA) defeated Haim Gozali (ISR)


Under 99 kg Xande Ribeiro (BRA) submitted Yukiyasu Ozawa (JAP) Tim Carpenter (USA) defeated Tim Boetsch (USA) Robert Drysdale (USA) defeated Mario Miranda (USA) Steve Rusk (USA) derrotou Mischa Cirkunov (CAN) Alexandre Cacareco (BRA) submitted Carl Bierman (AFR) Radek Turek (POL) defeated Nick Eckerman (USA) Braulio Estima (BRA) submitted Tomas Szczerer (POL) Cristiano Titi Lazzarini (BRA) submitted Anthony Perosh (AUS)


Over 99kg Fabricio Werdum (BRA) submitted Elvis Sinosic (AUS) Karol Bedorf (POL) submitted Joey Malone (USA) Luis Big Mac (BRA) defeated Rico Hattingh (AFR) Darren Andy (USA) defeated Pat Staniol Marcio P� de Pano (BRA) submitted Janne Pietilainen (FIN) Marcos Oliveira (BRA) defeated Bryan Vetell (USA) Mario Rinaldi (USA) defeated Miodrag Pele Rolls Gracie (BRA) defeated Naomishi Nagata (JAP)

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Over 99kg

- Fabricio Werdum defeated Rolls Gracie by four to zero with two takedowns


Under 99kg

- Xande Ribeiro defeated Braulio Estima by 11 to 0 from a mount and taking the back


Under 87kg

- Demian Maia defeated Flavio Cachorrinho by armbar


Under 76kg

- Marcelo Garcia defeated Pablo Popovich with North-South Choke


Under 65kg

- Rani Yahya defeated Leo Vieria with a rear naked choke




Under 55kg

- Sakaia Shioda defeated Felicia Oh by points


Under 60kg

- Kyra Gracie defeated Tara LaRosa by 3 to 0


Under 67kg

- Hanette Quadros defeated Kelly Paul by score of 9 to 0


Over 67kg

- Penny Thomas defeated Lana Stefanac by penalty point

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Garcia vs. Fowler. The vast majority of the near-10 minute fight involves Marcelo fudging around in Fowlers half-guard (which he managed to get a lot), but once Garcia gets to side he sets up his submission nicely. To me, it looked like he baited mounting Fowler, which allowed Fowler to not think much of Garcia controlling his head, and from there Garcia slowly sunk his hand under Fowlers chin, connected his hands, and mounted for added pressure for the tap.

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