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SWF Storm Card - 5-16-2007

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The Smartmarks Wrestling Federation Presents...


Live, Wednesday, May 16th, from the Coliseo de Puerto Rico in San Juan, Puerto Rico!



Landon "La Cucaracha" Maddix vs. "The Dean of Professional Wrestling" Jay Hawke

--> After having Landon sufficiently bloodied, battered, and beaten to a pulp, Tom Flesher thinks it's about time we got a real World Champion to lead the fed heading into 13th Hour. Jay Hawke scored a decisive victory over Maddix in their Pure Rules match - can he do the same with the title on the line?
Rules: Standard singles match.
Word Limit: 5500
Send to: Muzz

Zyon vs. Jimmy the Doom

--> A little over two months ago, these two faced off for the Hardcore title - Zyon came up short, but tonight Jimmy's intimate knowledge of Doomtopian Hardcore Lore will be useless, as it's a standard singles rules!
Rules: Standard singles.
Word Limit: 4500. Please write.
Send to: chirs3

Wild and Dangerous vs. Team Faaabulooous! (The Fabulous Jakey and Austin Sly)

--> That was too good a name not to use. Apologies to Rev-0.

In any event, Jakey's Cruiserweight Title Reign came to an abrupt end last week, but that's hardly the end of this conflict - he insists that the Wildchild's win wasn't legit, and a rematch as been signed for 13th Hour! Until then, we thought we'd let Jake and his Revolution-0 mate get another crack at the Bomber, in an area where Rev-0 was successful last show - tag team style.
Rules: Standard tag team match.
Word Limit: 50000000000.
Send to: Ace309

PLUS: I'm hoping to get something for Drake on here, but I'm not sure if the promos and not-edited-in-yet match are meant to lead to anything specific or not. Lemme know. Anyone else - additions, amendments, requests, enhancement matches, etc., gimme gimme.

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If I can find some time to dedicate towards the public library, I'll turn something in. My match was all of like 2K, so it only job was to prove that taking an Inverted Atomic drop after some Icy/Hot can be made into a near fall.

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If the show's opening with a broadway, can the rest of the word limits be knocked down to 500?

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So, anyone planning to write anything that isn't the opening promo? [Hawk and Landon are obviously exempt because Muzz has their matches.]


I'll raid Chris's inbox again, but at this point just go ahead and send it to me.


Considering that it's two hours past the usual deadline and I have one promo plus whatever Muzz has, I'm going to wait a day for more stuff. Please send me something.

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Funny how your computer is out of action the night I'm scheduled to win the World Title.


::realizes match result isn't official until posted::


How's that computer doing? Need money for a replacement? ;)

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