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The NBA Offseason Thread

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Isiah is banned from talking to the Knicks, the Sonics are moving and you still have to go to college.




Updated FA list from ESPN.


P - Player option

R - Restricted

T - Team option


Atlanta: Jeremy Richardson ®, Salim Stoudamire, Mario West


Boston: P.J. Brown, Sam Cassell, Scot Pollard


Charlotte: Derek Anderson, Othella Harrington


Chicago: Ben Gordon ®


Cleveland: Dwayne Jones, Delonte West ®


Dallas: Juwan Howard


Denver: none


Detroit: Alex Acker ®, Juan Dixon, Lindsey Hunter


Golden State: none


Houston: Carl Landry ®, Dikembe Mutombo


Indiana: David Harrison


LA Cippers: none


LA Lakers: DJ Mbenga, Ira Newble


Memphis: none


Miami: Blake Ahearn, Alonzo Mourning, Kasib Powell ®, Chris Quinn ®


Milwaukee: Ersan Ilyasova ®, Michael Ruffin, Awvee Storey, Jake Voskuhl


Minnesota: Michael Doleac, Chris Richard ®, Kirk Snyder


New Jersey: Darrell Armstrong


New Orleans: Bonzi Wells


New York: Fred Jones


Oklahoma City: Ronald Dupree, Mickael Gelabale, Robert Swift ®


Orlando: none


Philadelphia: none


Phoenix: Linton Johnson, Eric Piatkowski


Portland: Von Wafer


Sacramento: Lorenzen Wright


San Antonio: Robert Horry, DerMarr Johnson, Damon Stoudamire


Toronto: none


Utah: none


Washington: none


Players with Limited Salary Protection

Lance Allred, Cleveland (no protection)

Billy Thomas, Cleveland (no protection)

Brandon Bass, Dallas (no protection if waived on or before 10/1, full thereafter)

C.J. Watson, Golden State ($100,000 protected)

Mike Harris, Houston (no protection)

Coby Karl, LA Lakers (no protection if waived prior to opening day, thereafter $100,000)

Adrian Griffin, Milwaukee

Keith Van Horn, New Jersey (no protection)

D.J. Strawberry, Phoenix (no protection if waived on or before 10/26, thereafter $200,000)


Transactions thus far:


June 30

Washington re-signs Antawn Jamison to a four-year contract.


July 2

Miami signs rookie free agents David Padgett and Jason Richards.


July 3

Dallas signs Gerald Green to a one-year contract.


July 8

Toronto signs Hassan Adams to a two-year contract.


July 9

Dallas re-signs J.J. Barea to a three-year contract.

Sacramento re-signs Beno Udrih to a five-year contract.

Toronto re-signs Jose Calderon to a five-year contract.

Dallas signs DeSagana Diop to a five-year contract.

Memphis signs Marc Gasol to a three-year contract.

Miami signs James Jones to a five-year contract.

Philadelphia signs Elton Brand to a five-year contract.

New York signs Chris Duhon to a two-year contract.

Indiana trades Ike Diogu and the draft rights to Jerryd Bayless to Portland for Jarrett Jack and the draft rights to Brandon Rush.

Indiana trades Jermaine O'Neal and the draft rights to Nathan Jawai to Toronto for T.J. Ford, Rasho Nesterovic, Maceo Baston and the draft rights to Roy Hibbert.

Philadelphia trades Rodney Carney, Calvin Booth, a first-round pick and cash considerations to Minnesota for a conditional second-round pick.


July 10

Denver re-signs Anthony Carter to a one-year contract.

Houston signs Brent Barry to a two-year contract.

LA Clippers sign Baron Davis to a five-year contract.

Orlando signs Mickael Pietrus to a four-year contract.

Golden State signs Corey Maggette to a five-year contract and Ronny Turiaf to a four-year offer sheet.

Washington signs Dee Brown to a two-year offer sheet.


July 11

Dallas re-signs Antoine Wright; signs Keith McLeod and James Singleton.

San Antonio signs Roger Mason Jr. to a two-year contract.


July 13

Washington re-signs Gilbert Arenas to a six-year contract.


July 15

Orlando signs Anthony Johnson.

Denver trades Marcus Camby to LA Clippers for the right to swap second-round picks in 2010.


July 16

Cleveland re-signs Daniel Gibson to a five-year contract.

Boston signs Patrick O'Bryant to a two-year contract.

New Jersey signs Eduardo Najera and Jarvis Hayes.


July 17

Minnesota re-signs Craig Smith.

Milwaukee signs Tyronn Lue to a two-year contract; signs Malik Allen.

LA Clippers sign Kelena Azubuike to a three-year offer sheet.

LA Lakers decline to match Golden State's offer sheet for Ronny Turiaf.

Utah declines to match Washington's offer sheet for Dee Brown.


July 18

Oklahoma city signs C.J. Miles to a four-year offer sheet.


July 21

Orlando trades Keyon Dooling to New Jersey for cash considerations.


July 22

San Antonio re-signs Kurt Thomas to a two-year contract.

Phoenix signs Matt Barnes to a one-year contract.

New Jersey trades Marcus Williams to Golden State for a conditional first-round pick.


July 23

Boston re-signs Tony Allen and Eddie House to two-year contracts.

Minnesota re-signs Sebastian Telfair to a three-year contract.

New Orleans signs James Posey to a four-year contract.

San Antonio signs rookie free agent Anthony Tolliver.

LA Clippers trade Brevin Knight to Utah for Jason Hart.


July 24

Golden State re-signs Monta Ellis to a six-year contract and matches LA Clippers' offer sheet for Kelena Azubuike.

Denver signs Chris Anderson to a one-year contract.

New York signs Anthony Roberson.


July 25

Charlotte re-signs Ryan Hollins.

Utah matches Oklahoma City's offer sheet for C.J. Miles.

Golden State signs rookie free agent Anthony Morrow.

Sacramento signs rookie free agent Bobby Brown to a two-year contract.


July 28

Golden State re-signs Andris Biedrins to a six-year contract.

LA Lakers re-sign Sasha Vujacic to a three-year contract.

Minnesota re-signs Ryan Gomes to a five-year contract.

LA Clippers sign Ricky Davis.

Philadelphia signs Royal Ivey.

Toronto signs Will Solomon.

New York trades Renaldo Balkman to Denver for Taurean Green, Bobby Jones, and a 2010 second-round pick.


July 29

Atlanta signs Maurice Evans to a three-year contract.

Philadelphia signs Kareem Rush to a one-year contract.


July 30

Atlanta signs Randolph Morris to a two-year contract.

Denver signs Dahntay Jones.

Detroit signs Will Bynum.


July 31

Charlotte re-signs Emeka Okafor to a six-year contract.

Chicago re-signs Luol Deng to a six-year contract.

LA Clippers sign Brian Skinner.


August 1

LA Lakers sign rookie free agent Dwayne Mitchell.


August 2

Orlando re-signs Adonal Foyle to a one-year contract.


August 3

Philadelphia re-signs Louis Williams to a five-year contract.

Cleveland signs Tarence Kinsey.

Detroit signs Kwame Brown to a two-year contract.


August 5

Miami claims Bobby Jones off waivers.


August 6

Charlotte signs Shannon Brown.

Houston trades Steve Novak to LA Clippers for the right to swap second-round picks in 2011.


August 7

LA Clippers sign Jason Williams.

Miami signs Yakhouba Diawara.


August 8

Memphis signs Josh Smith to a five-year offer sheet.

Atlanta matches Memphis's five-year offer sheet for Josh Smith.


August 11

Detroit re-signs Walter Herrmann to a one-year contract.

New Orleans re-signs Ryan Bowen to a one-year contract.

Atlanta signs rookie free agents Thomas Gardner and Othello Hunter.

Charlotte trades Kyle Weaver to Oklahoma City for a 2009 second-round pick.


August 13

Atlanta signs Ronald Murray.

In a three-way trade, Milwaukee trades Mo Williams to Cleveland and acquires Damon Jones from Cleveland and Adrian Griffin and Luke Ridnour from Oklahoma City; Oklahoma City acquires Desmond Mason from Milwaukee and Joe Smith from Cleveland.


August 14

LA Lakers sign Josh Powell.

Milwaukee signs Francisco Elson.

Phoenix signs Louis Amundson.

Sacramento trades Ron Artest and the draft rights to Sean Singletary and Patrick Ewing Jr. to Houston for Bobby Jackson, the draft rights to Donte Greene and a 2009 first-round pick.


August 18

LA Clippers re-sign Paul Davis.

Philadelphia re-signs Andre Igoudala to a six-year contract.


August 20

Philadelphia signs Theo Ratliff to a one-year contract.


August 21

Miami re-signs Dorell Wright to a two-year contract.


August 22

Denver re-signs J.R. Smith to a three-year contract.

San Antonio re-signs Michael Finley to a two-year contract.

Boston signs Darius Miles.

New Orleans signs Devin Brown.


August 25

Dallas re-signs Devean George to a two-year contract.

Phoenix trades D.J. Strawberry to Houston for the draft rights to Sean Singletary.


August 27

Portland signs Luke Jackson and rookie free agents Steven Hill and Jamaal Tatum.


August 28

Memphis signs rookie free agent Hamed Haddadi.

New Orleans signs Sean Marks.


August 29

Houston trades the draft rights to Patrick Ewing Jr. to New York for the draft rights to Frederic Weis.


September 2

Miami signs Jamaal Magloire.

Philadelphia signs Donyell Marshall.


September 5

Cleveland signs Lorenzen Wright.


Going overseas

Juan Carlos Navarro (Spain)

Anthony Parker (Greece)

Bostjan Nachbar (Russia)

Carlos Delfino (Russia)

Primoz Brezec (Italy)

Josh Childress (Greece)

Jorge Garbajosa (Russia)

Nenad Krstic (Russia)

Carlos Arroyo (Israel)

Earl Boykins (Italy)

Dan Dickau (Italy)

Jannero Pargo (Russia)

Gordan Giricek (Turkey)

Earl Barron (Italy)

Andre Owens (Serbia)

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At first glance, I mistook the word "run" for "ruin" in the thread subtitle.


Po-tay-to, po-tah-to

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Guest blame that goot.

As long as they don't hire him, they can talk about the coaching vacancy all they want.

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Who was the last notable college coach to be successful in the NBA, anyway? Was it Pitino with the Knicks?

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Guest blame that goot.

Larry coached in the NBA and ABA before he went to the college game, and he also loses major success points for being one of the biggest flakeroos in pro sports.

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Guest blame that goot.

Okay, but I'm still arguing that Larry Brown is best known as a pro coach, not a college coach, and established college coaches just can't hack it in the pros.

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Isiah Thomas: 'My Time With The Knicks Was Actually A Large-Scale Psychological Study Of New York Residents'


NEW YORK—Ousted Knicks coach and president Isiah Thomas, who presided over the team during one of the least successful and most shameful periods in its history, held a press conference Wednesday to announce that his four-year legacy of abysmal team chemistry, bloated payrolls, sex scandals, and simple losing was actually a vast psychological experiment carried out on New York City as a whole.


"Congratulations, New York—I've discovered you are healthier, more resilient, and stronger than anyone would have believed," Thomas told reporters assembled to see him clean out his office, file his final report to the National Institute of Mental Health, and debrief the players and coaches who had unwittingly assisted his efforts. "Although there are indications you also have deep-seated anger issues, misplaced feelings of entitlement, and tend to live vicariously through others, overall I'm very pleased with you, and I am confident you'll come out of this a much stronger city."


"I'm a bit worried, though, that you let this experiment go on as long as it did before standing up for yourselves and making it stop," Thomas added. "I had only planned for it to last a year. New Yorkers may want to work on their assertiveness in the future."


Thomas confessed that he came up with the idea in late 2003 when he heard the Knicks were seriously considering hiring him to helm the organization despite the fact that he himself was known to be a demanding, contentious figure and had no real experience coaching a team or working at the administrative level.


"I thought, 'That's just crazy. They must be out of their minds in New York.' And then it hit me," Thomas said. "I could probably get a huge research grant for a massive study of the affects of constant low-level trauma on large populations out of this. Within minutes, was on the phone to my man at NIMH."


Thomas worked alongside behavioral psychologists with an extensive knowledge of domestic-abuse patterning, aversion dynamics, the works of B. F. Skinner, and long-term mass hysteria to assemble a comprehensive testing program. An experiment consisting of a regimen of slowly increasing stress levels and traumatic events was designed, refined, and eventually performed upon New York City and Knicks fans everywhere.


"I knew that bringing in as many ball-hogs as possible, especially Stephon Marbury, would create a feeling of isolation and abandonment in the greater metropolitan area's 11 million residents," Thomas said. "And by assembling a team that consistently ranked dead last in the NBA in assists, I created a symbolic analogue for the helpless desolation of the modern urban experience that was designed to heterodyne in New York's collective psyche, prompting frequent and perhaps even violent reactions."


"Worked like a charm, if you ask me," Thomas noted.


Other experimental stimuli Thomas used in the experiment include misspent draft picks, sexual-harassment lawsuits, rumors of listening devices placed in the team's locker room, firing acknowledged basketball guru Larry Brown and assuming the position of head coach, and leading the Knicks to win less than 40 percent of their games over four years.


"I was really proud when the chants of 'Fire Isiah' finally started," said Thomas, who intends to frame one of the fan signs bearing the slogan and display it in his home as a symbol of his success in New York. "I know I'm supposed to be objective about it—the experiment is the important thing, not the feelings of the fans—but it was a sign you were finally coming around."


"I think we all learned a lot," Thomas concluded.


For their part, the researchers from the National Institute of Mental Health were less enthusiastic.


"I don't know what made us pick Isiah," said NIMH director Dr. Thomas R. Insel, who is weathering demands for his resignation over the Knicks' losing record and treatment of fans. "He had no psychological experience, he wouldn't listen to noted experts who tried to help him, he responded to criticism with aggression, and in four short years he all but ruined a once-proud mental health organization through arrogance and incompetence. Frankly, if you ask me, the man's insane."

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Please tell me that's an Onion article.

It's an Onion article.


Just wanting to make sure. I wouldn't put anything past the circus that is the New York Knicks.

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Here is a list of the upcoming free agents from each team, according to HoopsHype.com. This only includes players who are on a team's roster right now.


P - Player option

R - Restricted

T - Team option


Atlanta: Josh Childress ®, Josh Smith ®, Salim Stoudamire, Mario West


Boston: Tony Allen ®, P.J. Brown, Sam Cassell, Eddie House, Scot Pollard, James Posey (P)


Charlotte: Derek Anderson, Earl Boykins, Othella Harrington, Ryan Hollins, Adam Morrison (T), Emeka Okafor ®


Chicago: Shannon Brown, Luol Deng ®, Chris Duhon, Ben Gordon ®, Demetrius Nichols


Cleveland: Lance Allred, Devin Brown, Daniel Gibson, Dwayne Jones, Billy Thomas, Delonte West ®


Dallas: Malik Allen, J.J. Barea, Devean George, Juwan Howard, Eddie Jones (P), Tyronn Lue, Jamaal Magloire, Antoine Wright


Denver: Anthony Carter, Yakhouba Diawara, Bobby Jones, Eduardo Najera


Detroit: Juan Dixon, Jarvis Hayes, Walter Herrmann, Lindsey Hunter, Theo Ratliff


Golden State: Matt Barnes, Andris Biedrins ®, Austin Croshere, Baron Davis (P), Monta Ellis, Patrick O'Bryant, Mickael Pietrus, C.J. Watson


Houston: Chuck Hayes, Dikembe Mutombo


Indiana: Jeff Foster (P), Stephen Graham, David Harrison ®, Ronald Murray, Andre Owens, Kareem Rush


LA Cippers: Elton Brand (P), Paul Davis, Nick Fazekas, Shaun Livingston ®, Corey Maggette (P), Smush Parker, Quinton Ross, Marcus Williams


LA Lakers: Coby Karl, DJ Mbenga, Chris Mihm (P), Ira Newble, Ronny Turiaf, Sasha Vujacic ®


Memphis: Andre Brown, Kwame Brown, Casey Jacobsen, Juan Carlos Navarro


Miami: Blake Ahearn, Joel Anthony, Earl Barron, Ricky Davis, Alexander Johnson (T), Stephane Lasme, Shawn Marion (P), Alonzo Mourning, Kasib Powell, Chris Quinn, Jason Williams, Dorell Wright ®


Milwaukee: Royal Ivey, Michael Ruffin, Awvee Storey, Jake Voskuhl


Minnesota: Michael Doleac, Ryan Gomes, Chris Richard, Craig Smith, Kirk Snyder ®, Sebastian Telfair ®


New Jersey: Darrell Armstrong, DeSagana Diop, Nenad Krstic ®, Bostjan Nachbar, Stromile Swift (P), Keith Van Horn


New Orleans: Chris Andersen, Ryan Bowen, Jannero Pargo (P), Bonzi Wells


New York: Fred Jones, Randolph Morris


Orlando: Carlos Arroyo, James Augustine, Keyon Dooling, Maurice Evans, Pat Garrity


Philadelphia: Louis Amundson, Calvin Booth (P), Herbert Hill, Andre Igoudala ®, Kevin Ollie, Shavlik Randolph, Louis Williams


Phoenix: Gordan Giricek, Grant Hill (P), Linton Johnson, Sean Marks, Eric Piatkowski, Brian Skinner


Portland: James Jones (P), Von Wafer


Sacramento: Ron Artest (P), Anthony Johnson, Beno Udrih, Lorenzen Wright


San Antonio: Michael Finley, Robert Horry, DerMarr Johnson, Damon Stoudamire, Kurt Thomas


TAFKA Seattle SuperSonics: Ronald Dupree, Francisco Elson, Mickael Gelabale, Robert Swift ®, Damien Wilkins (P)


Toronto: Primoz Brezec, Jose Calderon, Carlos Delfino ®, Rasho Nesterovic (P)


Utah: C.J. Miles, Paul Millsap (T)


Washington: Gilbert Arenas (P), Antawn Jamison, Roger Mason


Dallas and Philadelphia both have sizeable contracts coming off their books, with Dallas losing Michael Finley and Shawn Bradley, and Philly losing Chris Webber and Aaron McKie.

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For New Orleans' potential FAs:


"Birdman" Chris Anderson is someone I wouldn't mind seeing re-signed, but if he has to go to make room for draft picks, so be it.


Bonzi Wells definitely needs to be re-signed. He's been a great 6th Man for the team since they acquired him from Houston.


Jannero Pargo will likely take his player option to come back, as he's Chris Paul's backup right now and, frankly, isn't likely to get a better position anywhere else.


Ryan Bowen is someone that will most likely go unsigned in order to make room for draft picks.




Don't be surprised if New Orleans finds a way to move Melvin Ely or Rasual Butler to make room on the roster.


Ely is in Byron Scott's doghouse, as well as having been largely replaced by Hilton Armstrong.


Butler is largely out of the rotation right now, as the Guard slots are filled up by Pargo, Bonzi Wells, and the overpaid Mike James, while the Forward slots are filled up by Hilton Armstrong and Julian Wright.

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We're probably going to have to choose between Vujacic and Turiaf, unless we can shed either Radmanovic's contract or Walton's. I don't really know who I'd choose.

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Not a great free agent class but not terrible. I didn't realize Antawn Jamison's contract was up and I don't know if Washington can afford to keep him. Arenas did say he was going to opt out though. If I were them I'd seriously consider resigning Jamison and letting Gilbert walk so they can go after Jose Calderon.


Marion, Maggette, Calderon, Monta Ellis, Louis Williams, Daniel Gibson and Ryan Gomes are all interesting names. And Artest if he opts out, I can't remember what he said about that.


The Atlanta and Chicago situations are interesting as I doubt either team will keep both of their restricted free agents.


I'm definitely expecting Seattle/Oklahoma City to make some sort of high profile signing, they're so far under the cap. Monta Ellis makes sense on paper, or maybe they decide to go after Arenas. Actually, Ben Gordon wouldn't be a bad fit either.


Believe it or not I think San Antonio might go under the cap with Horry, Finley and Kurt Thomas coming off the books. I know Thomas makes like 8-9 million. They're a desirable location for veterans, they could definitely restock a bit. Would Maggette or Ricky Davis make sense or are they too me-first for the Spurs?


I don't expect the Knicks to do anything. The Ron Artest pipe dream is probably out the window at this point. Maybe he can go to New Jersey.


Any predictions on Kwame Brown? :lol:

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Artest and Marion have both said they're probably not going to opt out.


I think Atlanta needs to try to keep Josh Smith at all costs, even if that means giving up Childress. That will be a most interesting offseason in Atlanta.


Monta Ellis will probably cash in big-time, and I think Golden State as well could lose either him or Biedrins. I know Ellis was a specific name that was brought up as a FA acquisition for Memphis when the Gasol trade was made.


Maggette might be a good fit for the Spurs, I suppose, but I wouldn't touch Ricky Davis with a 10-foot pole.


Kwame may end up back with the Lakers. I seem to remember rumors to that effect when the trade was made.

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Detroit: Juan Dixon, Jarvis Hayes, Walter Herrmann, Lindsey Hunter, Theo Ratliff


I dunno if Juan wants to be the third PG after Billups and Stuckey. I think that Stuckey has earned the backup point guard role, but with Billups and Hunter teaching you every day, I don;t see how you can't improve.


They're going to sign Jarvis, I think. He provided that shooting touch off the bench that they have desperately needed for a few years now, and he's a passable defender.


Walter is a BIG fan favorite here, which means they prolly are going to not re-sign him. I haven't seen someone with hands that big that make palming the basketball look like he's holding a dodgeball. He can shoot and rebound a bit, but not good enough to resign. Too bad, I like the guy.


Lindsey is probably going to retire and take a job in the front office.


Theo is an interesting call. He's not the defensive beast that he once was, but he does make a decent backup to Sheed in the middle. I'm on the fence about him.

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^ I say keep Hermann... and dump the rest of them.


The Flipper needs things to be simple, no judgement calls needed especially when he has to judge whether Jarvis Hayes is on a hot streak or on a cold streak, and I object to the description of Hayes as a "passable" defender. He's the 2nd coming of Maurice Evans, with a better jumpshot (at times). No defense and occasionally hot jump shooting, i can see why Saunders likes him so much.

Also we should get rid of Dixon and roll with Stuckey and Afflalo (who is the forgotten rookie, this guy actually stepped into the starting lineup multiple times and played well) as our backup guards.


Lindsey's going to the front office anyways so no need to "dump" him. Theo, lets just say, i'm fully on the bandwagon of "dump the old big guys". The Pistons frontline needs athleticism. Hell i'm on an island alone in thinking McDyess should either be shipped or relegated to only being Rasheed's backup and not a starter or playing alongside him - i think it's a major flaw when your two starting big men are long jump shooting big men who aren't bangers, and i think this even when Dice plays great (a la game 2). If the team can't win the title this year, dump all these softie big men, we tolerate it with Sheed because he has pure talent, but i'm not willing to have TWO jump shooting softie big men. Roll with Rasheed, Amir johnson, and Jason Maxiell, with possibly either Samb or another relatively young "true" Center waiting in the wings.


If the veterens come up short AGAIN, i say commit fully to the next generation: Stuckey, Afflalo, Amir, Maxiell.

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The coaching market may be as good as the player market. Rick Carlisle is getting looks, Larry Brown (yeah...I know) just resigned from Philly, probably looking for a coaching job, and what happens if the Pistons and Mavs both end up losing their series?

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I can't imagine D'Antoni getting fired. You'd have to think they'd at least give it a full year with Shaq.

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Nah. They would give him a season with Shaq to try and make it click. And I think he has about 1-2 more years of this window anyway. He will be gone when Nash retires.

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