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All-Time Football (Soccer) Team Draft

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I'm taking the Michael Owen of a few years ago now, the boy who started against Argentina with that goal and went on to become one of the strikers in the world. I'm picking him specifically because of his pace, and with Pele playing just off him, his tricks and Owen's pace would be just about the ultimate combination.




& thankyou Jorge, it's King to go next and we're all up to date with picks.

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Okay, out of plenty of good potential picks I'm finally going with the power of the 'tache up beside Cantona. I figure these two would make a half-decent strike partnership, in the vain of the big-man-little-man combo but with a touch of something different thrown in. A true Liverpool legend and one of the most prolific strikes in the English game.



Ian Rush



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my first pick is:

Cesc Fabregas


i want him to partner hagi in the centre of my midfield, he's a great passer with great vision and great touch.


my second pick is:

Iker Casillas


i needed a keeper who was a good shot stopper, and someone reliable, Iker Casillas fits that bill for me.

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On behalf of King Cucaracha


Glenn Hoddle


This pick speaks for itself, but so does his stats:


As a player

Tottenham Hotspur


Football League Cup winner: 1970–71, 1970–71, 1972–73

UEFA Cup winner: 1971–72, 1983–84

UEFA Cup runner-up: 1973–74

FA Cup winner: 1981, 1982

FA Community Shield winner: 1981

FA Community Shield runner-up 1982

AS Monaco


Ligue 1 Title winner: 1987–88

French Cup winner: 1991


As a player manager



FA Cup runner-up: 1994




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Paco Gento




Fast legendary Left Winger with an honours list better than 90% of the clubs out there.


Real Madrid


European Cup: (6)

1955-1956 1956-1957 1957-1958

1958-1959 1959-1960 1965-1966


European Cup runner-up: (2)

1961-1962 1962-1963


La Liga: (12)

1953-1954 1954-1955 1956-1957

1957-1958 1960-1961 1961-1962

1962-1963 1963-1964 1964-1965

1966-1967 1967-1968 1968-1969


Copa del Rey: (2)

1961-1962 1969-1970


Copa del Rey runner-up: (3)

1957-1958 1959-1960 1965-1966


Cup Winners' Cup runner-up: (1)



Intercontinental Cup: (1)



Intercontinental Cup: runner-up (1)



Latin Cup (2)

1955 1957




European Football Championship:


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There's one club that will always be a part of me, but I do have a soft spot for two others and it's time to select someone from one of them. Over 105 caps for England, along with captaining his country in the 1950, 1954 and 1958 World Cups. Over 20 season with Wolves and he also holds a unique distinction of never once being cautioned or sent off in his entire career.




Billy Wright

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On behalf of Mystery Eskimo


Liverpool's legendary midfielder Graeme Souness


Honours as player


Tottenham Hotspur



1968-69 FA Youth Cup





1973-74 Football League Second Division (Level 2)





1977-78 European Cup

1978-79 League Championship (Level 1)

1979-80 Charity Shield

1979-80 League Championship (Level 1)

1980-81 Charity Shield

1980-81 League Cup

1980-81 European Cup

1981-82 League Cup

1981-82 League Championship (Level 1)

1982-83 Charity Shield

1982-83 League Cup

1982-83 League Championship (Level 1)

1983-84 League Cup

1983-84 League Championship (Level 1)

1983-84 European Cup

Runner up


1977-78 League Championship (Level 1)

1978-79 European Super Cup

1981-82 Intercontinental Cup

1983-84 Charity Shield





1984-85 Coppa Italia





1986-87 Scottish League Cup

1986-87 Scottish Premier League (Level 1)

1987-88 Scottish League Cup

Runner up


1988-89 Scottish Cup



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David Ginola

Lazy Left Wingers are the best!




Ginola arrived at Newcastle United for 2.5m and that was only because George Weah rejected a move to the Toon and went to AC Milan instead. Ginola played a few season for Newcastle and lit the Premiership up as he became a part of [EDIT]'s Entertainers. Never really made it in the French team as he had a long standing feud with the French Manager at the time, however, became one of the highlights of the Premiership. Played for Newcastle, Tottenham and Aston Villa.


Jackie Milburn

The real Local Hero




In Modern Times Alan Shearer has been Newcastle United's 'Local Hero' however, before he arrived Jackie Milburn was the over all club's top goal scorer and is still a legend. A statue of him used to be on Northumberland Street (Newcastle's Main Shopping Street) but they removed it and placed it outside of St. James' Park instead. A blistering face striker with a knack for scoring goals.




And so this is how my team looks now, nearly completed, with almost EVERY player having played in Black & White stripes (though not all of Newcastle United) with the exception of Puyol. Unlike Newcastle United, the defensive Unit is strong, organized and going to be tough to break down. The midfield has the flair that the St. James' Park faithful love to watch, while the front line has the passion, pride and ability to keep scoring goals and keep the fans in the seats.

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I know I couldnt have been the only tempted to do this...

A second half sub and maybe even an occasional starter to throw a curve ball in the mix..




Mariel (Mia) Margaret Hamm-By Far and away the Best Women's Player ever. Im sure she could even hang with some of the


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I suppose you can draft women, I say this with all due respect to Ron, but it's your own draft so if you want to hurt it with the addition of women then you can do so. I can't say whether putting a woman against the likes of McFarland and Hunter would be a wise thing, but like I said right at the start of this thread... It's all just for fun :]


Who the hell is Yegishe Melikyan anyway?

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On behalf of Mystery Eskimo

Peter Shilton


(note: Quite surprised that he's as far as the 120th pick)




Wiki tells us:


(Shilton) is a former football goalkeeper who holds the record for playing more games than any other player. His international career earned him 125 caps, making him England's most capped player.


In a 30-year career, which included eleven different clubs, three World Cups, two European Cup finals and more than 1,000 competitive matches, Shilton emerged as one of the English game's genuine legends. He has the rare distinction of having played over 100 league games for 5 different clubs. Interestingly, Shilton did not make his World Cup tournament debut until the age of 32 but he played in 17 finals matches and kept a record 10 clean sheets in them.


1989 was also a good year at club level for Shilton. He helped Derby finish fifth in the league, and they only missed out on competing in the UEFA Cup due to the ban on English clubs in European competition (which ran from 1985 to 1990) arising from the Heysel disaster.


I put that last bit in, because by 1989, Derby County were the laughing stock of Football (and not for the first time).

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