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Twisted Intestine

You can't hold a good drafter down

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Let's rebel against the system. They're obviously trying to sabatoge our drafts, so let's make sure we never stop drafting.


Use this thread to discuss possible future ideas for drafts that you just don't want to create yet.


I was thinking of some kind of "Dinner draft" where it would be limited to maybe about 10 people and 5 rounds. Each round you pick an item to add to your dinner, I.E. Turkey, peas, potatoes, bread, chocolate milk. Then we vote on who has the best sounding dinner.

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With animated characters' draft going on.. are we allowed to draft people like Bart Simpson and Fry in your TV Character draft?


I would think that given that (and that we also had a Simpsons draft too) it'd probably be best to restrict it to live action characters only. I'd volunteer to start it myself except with the end of my last quarter of community college and the subsequent application to a four-year college I probably wouldn't be great at actually running it.

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