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Brett Favre

All-Time Rappers Draft

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Tech N9ne


Maybe I'm trippin', full of delusion

Maybe it come from all the drugs I was usin'

Maybe I am the best thing that you ever saw

Maybe I'm wrong and you don't know me at all

I guess I'm blinded, I got reminded

that none of you just will ever know who the N9ne is

and you never heard of the homie from the Show-me

PUNK THAT! I know you niggas know me


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KRS One.


"Stop wastin your money on marketing schemes

and pretty packages pushin dreams to the beams

A dope MC is a dope MC

With or witout a record deal, all can see

And that's who KRS be son

I'm not the run of mill, cause for the mill I don't run."

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Suga Free


If it ain't the pimp music, it's the game I have

You know how stupid you look at me when you hatin, my friend

I'll prolly have to blast yo ass if I see you again

You on a bus stop pushin that bitch till it came

You say goodbye for 30 minutes cause you gots no game

Who you talkin to like that, don't question me ho

You the bitch in kindergarten

That got her mouth washed out with soap

Ho I'm a pimp I'm from Pomona I got game I got class

I got sucker-repellent on me homie I'll beat yo ass

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Big L


And if you think I can't fuck with whoever, put your money up

Put your jewels up, no fuck it put your honey up

Put your raggedy house up nigga, or shut your mouth up

before I buck lead, and make a lot of blood shed

Turn your tux red, I'm far from broke, got enough bread

And mad hoes, ask Beavis I get nuttin BUTT-head


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Big Daddy Kane


Rappers stepping to me they want to get some

But I’m the Kane, so yo, you know the outcome

Another victory

They can’t get with me

So pick a BC date cause you’re history

I’m the authentic poet to get lyrical

For you to beat me, it’s gonna take a miracle

And, stepping to me, yo that’s the wrong move

So what you on, Hobbs, dope or dog food?


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So many stans on the internet on his dick and it's an eff'in shame

I'm loggin on to HipHopDX, like, "Who the heck created this?!"

Chamillionaire?! NEGATIVE ONE is what I'm gon' be ratin this

He's not the best, I hate this kid, he couldn't even make my list

If ANYONE says that this is dope, I SWEAR I'll probably take my fist

and punch a hole in this computer, tell the fans to get it straight

Cause last time he dropped a hit was nineteen-ninety-NEVER-eight

That's the reason why I hate on EVERYONE that says he's great

And PLUS he sounds so monotone, his style doesn't ever ELEVATE

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I take:


Keith Thornton, Keith Turbo, Keith Telavasquez, Keith Korg, Matthew, Dr Sperm, Dr Octagon, Dr Ultra, Dr Dooom, Black Elvis, Poppa Large, Mr Green, Mr Gerbik, Mr Orange, MC Baldylocks, The Fourth Horseman, Blonde Man, Clean Man, Shark Man, Elephant Man, Alien Man, Jimmy Steele, Willie Biggs, Big Willie Smith, Willie Natural, Reverend Tom, Mike Stanley, Larry Lopez, The X, Rhythm X, X-Caliber, X-74, Fly Ricky the Wine Taster, Rico from Puerto Rico, Funk Igniter Plus, Robbie Analog, Sinister 6000, Crazy Lou, Lonnie Hendrex, Light Blue Cop, The Kid in the Commercial, Joe Kingpin, Black Linen, Elvin Presley, Deli Boy, Sk8 Johnson, Platinum Rich, Exotron Geiger Counter One Plus Megotron, Activity, Exxon, Captain Kool, Captain Black, Exotron Geiger Counter One Gamma Plus Sequencer, Robert Perry, John Clayborne, Tashan Dorrsett, Mr Nogatco and probably a lot more:




Kool Keith

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