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Brett Favre

All-Time Rappers Draft

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Someone Great learn how to fucking PM you dumbass.






I got you stuck off the realness, we be the infamous

you heard of us

official Queensbridge murderers

the Mobb comes equipped with warfare, beware

of my crime family who got nuff shots to share

for all of those who wanna profile and pose

rock you in your face, stab your brain wit' your nosebone

you all alone in these streets, cousin

every man for theirself in this land we be gunnin'

and keep them shook crews runnin'


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I already got Talib, so I'm taking his Black Star partner




Mos Def


Yo, it's one universal law but two sides to every story

Three strikes and you be in for life, manditory

Four MC's murdered in the last four years

I ain't tryin to be the fifth one, the millenium is here


And a someone that I feel was a bit under-rated




Masta Ace


I hear these cats, but I ain't listening

A little faint dissing, a little scratch, a little paint missin'

But I still gleam and glisten, hot like a stream of piss 'n

I'm about to have ya whole team wishing

That you never got this shit started

You about to be dearly departed, you gotta be nearly retarded

To let me hear my name mention, try'na gain attention

Now I'm runnin' through this game lynchin'

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Yeah, just like if you're drafting Talib it probably follows that you're gonna draft Mos Def, this next pick's pretty obvious, since if you're drafting Posdnuos, you're probably also drafting...




Trugoy the Dove

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Yeah I'm going with that theme, if I drafted Prodigy then I'm going to draft.






For every rhyme I write, its 25 to life

yo, it's a must the gats we trust safeguardin' my life

ain't no time for hesitation

that only leads to incarceration

you don't know me, there's no relation

Queensbridge niggas don't play

I don't got time for your petty thinking mind

son, I'm bigga than those claimin' that you pack heat

but you're scared to hold

and when the smoke clears you'll be left with one in your dome


I bet someone problay wanted him as a producer to.

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Rick Rubin (Producer)


This will be the sleeper pick of the draft. Expertly adept but oft overlooked, mostly because his fingers have been dug into other genres nowadays.


I wish this draft had more rounds. I feel like I'm just getting started.


I guess I am, though.

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I know my nigga Brooklyn Zoo will let this go more then 10 rounds, at the pace this going.


We are almost done this, you should make this 20 rounds.

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