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Guest Goose749

Smarks Board Name: Goose749

Wrestlers Name: Jimmy "The Demon" Liston

Height: 6' 4''

Weight: 228 lbs

Hometown: Boston, MA

Age: 26

Face/Heel: Heel

Tag Partner: Toxxic, forming the team of "Psychological Warfare"

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): None

Quote: None




long, dark black hair with dull red streak.

red contact lenses

clean shaven

athletic body

wears sleveless top, the bottom half of which is black, the top half red, the border between the two making a flame-like pattern. On his upper left arm is an ankh tattoo. On his lower left arm is a tattoo of a fire-breathing red dragon, with its tail wrapped around the elbow, and flames licking the wrist.

Wears black pants, gloves and boots.


Ring Entrance:


The lights go dark. A string orchestra can be heard playing a sweetly disturbing tune. The Smarktron comes to life, simply displaying a white ankh. Pyros flash as they climb the ramp, from ringside to entrance. The screen flashes as drums and guitar join in Cradle of Filth's "Born in a Burial Gown". A burst of flame announces the arrival of Liston. On the Smarktron, a collection of clips of previous matches starts up. Liston is seen Hunting Todd Royal, Tormenting Leo Breslin, hitting Blazenwing with the Damnation, and the video culminates with a shot of Liston on the turnbuckle, jumping and landing a Demon Headbutt on Craig McLennan. Red lights accompany Liston as he walks down the ramp to ringside, his eyes seemingly focused on some invisible object floating in front of his face.




Liston slides into the ring, climbs the near turnbuckle, and, just as the tempo picks up, he thrusts his fist into the air in time with the music. He jumps from the top turnbuckle, and walks to the far side of the ring as the house lights are brought up, and the music fades.


TAG ENTRANCE: Psychological Warfare (Toxxic & Jimmy ‘The Demon’ Liston)


The lights go down and for a moment all is quiet. The blacked-out Smarktron merely shows a white ankh; then suddenly drums, guitars and strings explode into life as Dimmu Borgir’s ‘Progenies Of The Great Apocalypse’ blast out over the speakers. The Smarktron screen shatters to display a shot of Psychological Warfare - the Demon wild-eyed, Toxxic grinning his cocky lopsided grin. Red spots light the entrance ramp as the crowd starts to boo.




White pyros climb the entrance ramp from ringside until the stage explodes with a blast of red pyro as the snarling vocals kick in, the smoke clearing to reveal Jimmy ‘The Demon’ Liston and Toxxic side-by-side. The pair approach the ring, ignoring the fans. Liston climbs one turnbuckle and thrusts his fists into the air whilst Toxxic ascends the other and sweeps his arms wide, palms flat in his Straight-Edge sign.





Strength: 7

Speed: 5

Vitality: 5

Charisma: 3


Style: Suplex


Signature moves:

Hunt (Liston spears opponent, wraps his arms around opponent's waist, and drives his opponent's back into the turnbuckle)

Boston Crab

Torment (Choke takedown)

R.I.P. (Sleeper hold on sitting opponent)

Torture Rack

Cross powerbomb pin

Bloodlust (hook opponents arms, followed by repeated headbutts)


Common moves:


Fallaway slam

Reverse Suplex

Falling neckbreaker



Underhook suplex

Arm wrench with hook kick

Falling back drop

Headbutts to back of opponent's head


Schoolboy pin

Small package pin

Fireman carry

Rib breaker

Shoulder breaker

German Suplex


Rare moves:

Repeated Powerbombs (usually 3)

Judgement (Spiral Powerbomb Pin)




Damnation (Lift as for drop suplex, then finish with a falling driver)

Descent (Powerbomb to facebuster)

Demon (Diving) Headbutt (This move is rarely successful. When Liston does make contact, the move can be devastating.)



Liston comes across as a stuck-up guy. He promotes himself as the greatest by-the-book wrestler, and yet is more than willing to cheat in order to win a match. Liston likes to act big and bad, and admittedly has the strength necessary to back up many of his claims. But he often picks fights against the wrong people - those either bigger or faster than him, or both. In the ring, Liston reverses often, but not excessively. He also as the ability to evolve with the match. He can change fighting style to better fit his needs, though there are limits to the extent of change. Due to a short leap distance, he will tend to stay away from high risk moves from the turnbuckle. However, Liston will use the Demon Headbutt when absolutely necessary - and when he gets a chance. Overall, Liston is quite an athlete, and, despite some really heel things he may do, he still manages to click with the fans.


Bio: Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. Jimmy Liston joined amateur wrestling leagues at 19 years old. He fought in various indy circuits, where he met "The Dragon" Tyler Sullivan. Together, they formed a tag team, and became crowd favorites due to their surprising agility and antics. However, the two were never tremendously successful in the ring, and never won a title. They went on to Japan when Liston was 24. In the Japanese circuits, their reputations were destroyed. The Japanese saw the antics of "The Dragon" as an insult to their culture, and so Sullivan was forced to change his alias to "The Reaper". Still, the Japanese crowd remained unimpressed, and the team split up. Sullivan returned to the States in disgrace, while Liston remained in Japan for another year, trying to make it big. Now Liston has returned to the US of A, and is trying to make a new start for himself in the SJL.



:firedevil: SJL CRIMSON CARD :firedevil:

Date: Thursday, August 14, 2003, @ 6 PM EST

Venue: Back in America! Metrapark Arena - Billings, Montana




Manson vs Dominic Korgath vs Jimmy “The Demon” Liston vs Danny Conklin vs Craig McClennan vs The Apostle

Description: One day, I wanted to think of a stipulation to end all stipulations. Then Tom Flesher said something about Calvinball AND THIS MATCH WAS BORN. For those of you unfamilair with Calvinball, the rules are anything you want. Anyone can change the rules at any time, and these rules could potentially include how to win the match. That’s right, you decide how the match is won. If you are familiar with Calvinball, you know the idea here.

Rules: ANYTHING YOU WANT. Matches will be graded on creativity as well as all the other factors.

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UPDATED 24 JUNE: New finisher~!


Smarks Board Name: MikeofEvil

Wrestler's Name: Toxxic

Wrestler's Real Name: Michael Stephens (never used)

Acceptable Nicknames: Straight-Edge Sensation (thanks to Flesher - Funyon will throw this in the introduction if you have the spare words for it), The Hot Commodity (generally only used by Riley)

Height: 6’0’’

Weight: 218 lbs

Hometown: Nottingham, UK

Age: 21

Face/Heel: Rule-abiding heel.

Tag Partner: None again

Stable: None

Ring Escort: His girlfriend Jet

Weapon(s): Nothing in particular, although ladders are always good. Has been known to slip a pair of brass knucks into his big side pockets too. But Toxxic in an inventive chap, and has used such bizarre things as waterpistols and ball bearings in the past. If you're going hardcore, be inventive.

Quote: “Prepare to be proved wrong!”

Taunts: Puts his head back and snaps his head once each from side to side so his ears nearly touch his shoulders. Particularly does it when recovering from a big spot, or when about to hit a big move on an unsuspecting opponent.

His “straight edge” symbol, sweeps his arms wide into a crucifix pose like Raven but done with the palms flat and face down.


Looks: Has a build and muscle definition somewhere between Randy Orton and Brad Pitt from Fight Club - ripped, but not that bulky. Shortish (a couple of inches) blue/black spiked hair, grey eyes. Relatively good-looking, vaguely pretty-boy face, an impression heightened by eyeliner and black nail polish (he doesn’t look gay, just like a goth/punk cross). Now has several thin, fading scars on his face and back from where Kibagami threw him through glass doors. Wears New Rock-style wrestling boots, bulky Tripp trousers (as seen here: "http://www.fuckthemainstream.com/products/tripp_digitalispants2.jpg)". On the way to the ring he wears one of his "Hardcore Punk" T-shirts (Black, with “Hardcore Punk” written on the front in a barbed-wire font) or, if the England soccer team are playing/have played recently, an England shirt with the letters 'sXe' over a number '9'. Toxxic has no tattoos, piercings or anything else invading his body. Outside of the ring environment he’ll either be wearing his Hardcore Punk shirt, his personalised England one, a D.A.R.E To Resist Drugs And Violence one, or a shirt of a punk or metal band (like Nine Inch Nails or Strung Out) and obscure British rock bands (like the Wildhearts).


Ring Entrance: The heavy guitars of Lostprophets’ “We Still Kill The Old Way” kicks in, and the words “Prepare To Be Proved Wrong” flash up one after another on the Smarktron, jagged white letters on a black background. The picture then cuts to footage of Toxxic taking Mike Van Siclen off a balcony and through a table with the Toxxic Shock Syndrome, the landing timed to coincide with...






...the blast of red pyro announcing the arrival of the SWF's premier straight-edger! The Smarktron cuts to a shot of Toxxic's lopsided grin before moving onto other match clips such as hitting the Glass Jawbreaker on Aecas, clips of the all-show brawl with Insane Luchador and dropping Kibagami on his head with the Caffeine Bomb.


[Funyon does his bit here]


As the main riff hammers out through the speakers Toxxic comes out towards the squared circle, visibly worked up for the match and accompanied by Jet (if he has a title, she'll be carrying it). He stops a short distance from the ring, cracking his neck and talking to himself before rushing it, scaling a ringpost and making his crucifix-ish symbol to the crowd. He might get a reaction from the girls when he takes his shirt off and throws it out to Jet, but generally he's not going to be popular.




Strength: 3 - Anyone getting towards 300 lbs is going to give Toxxic real trouble - his muscle means he’s strong for his size, but not that strong. Other cruisers and lower heavyweights will give him no problems, however.


Speed: 7 - Quick, and able to pull off the flashy aerial stuff without many problems although without the consummate expertise of someone like Wildchild. Easily able to outmanoeuvre the big guys, and he needs to.


Vitality: 4 - Toxxic is well-conditioned (as you’d expect from a straight-edger) and the muscle percentage means that he can take a bit of punishment, but he’ll only be kicking out of anything impactful once in a blue moon, and muscle don’t mean anything when you’re dropped on your head...


Charisma: 6 - Good on the mic and able to switch from joking and laid-back to intense and determined. His signature spots pop the crowd, even now he's a trash-talking heel, and against another heel he might even get (some) face support (see Toxxic vs Said) due to the fact that he doesn’t cheat. His heelishness comes from his attitude, not his actions.


Style: Head and neck work. LOTS of it. His moves (and all three finishers) are tailored to it, so it's fairly easy. He'll also concentrate on the right arm, not only to damage his opponent's offence but also to set up the Repeat To Fade. He'll use lots of roll-ups, schoolboys and small packages against big guys to frustrate them, or catch his breath. He likes to outbrawl small guys if he can but he's no martial arts expert, and though his European uppercuts pack a considerable wallop he'll come off worse against someone who knows what he's doing. He'd like to be able to outbrawl the big guys too - but he's a realist, and is quick to resort to flashy fast-paced stuff against anyone who's giving him problems.



Signature moves:

‘Role Reversal’: When whipped into the turnbuckles Toxxic vaults to the top and, twisting in mid-air, comes flying back at his opponent with a clothesline or, if they’re a big guy, a leg lariat. Both men end up on their backs, and if Toxxic’s on top of the match and feeling a little cocky he’ll kip up from this (about the only time he will). If he’s already used this once in the match expect him to pull a Brian Pillman Feint (fakes going back at them, the opponent hits the deck giving him time to turn round on the top buckle and set up something like a ‘rana).


‘Detoxx’*: Often set up by side-stepping a charging opponent, Toxxic catches them in a rear headlock and drops to one knee, driving the other into their neck. He then pops straight up again taking the opponent with him and spins the opponent and himself round to deliver a Diamond Cutter. [Toxxic won’t use the Diamond Cutter part against anyone who’s finisher is a Diamond Cutter or variation thereof. Instead he’ll use a Rude Awakening neckbreaker or turn them over in the headlock and DDT them, or something like that. In kayfabe, this is because such an opponent would know the perfect counter, in reality it’s to protect the integrity of his opponent’s finisher].


'Mondo-Akimbo-Ago-Go': Triple Jump Moonsault that the heel section of the crowd chants along with - Apron to top rope facing inwards ("Mondo!"), to top buckle facing outwards ("Akimbo"), MOONSAULT! ("AGO-GO!")


‘Straight Edge’: Running, RKO-like neckbreaker. He charges from the side and as he reaches his opponent Toxxic hooks them around the neck like he’s about to deliver a 3.0 backbreaker, but instead his momentum brings him and his opponent spinning round and slamming to the mat, their bodies at right angles to each other and making a rough ‘T’ shape.


‘Radford Roll’: Slingshot Oklahoma Roll (Toxxic’s from Nottingham, and there’s a district of Nottingham called Radford, OK?). Normally just after the opponent has missed a charge to the corner - Toxxic slips out to the apron then slingshots himself back in, grabbing the opponent’s back and taking them over with an Oklahoma Roll for the pin as he does so. It’ll bring you down heavily on the neck he’s been working on all match, so a pin off this won’t be a “fluke” pin anymore than it would be off a Fisherman’s Suplex. Spanky uses this as a finisher in Japan, I’ll have you know.


‘Sobering Thought’: Triple H-style facecrusher using the knee immediately followed by an Evenflow-style DDT. (He won’t use the DDT part against an opponent who’s finisher is a DDT and will replace it with the Diamond Cutter).


‘Underkill’: Edge-o-matic - behind the opponent, grab them around the forehead with both hands and sit out, pulling the back of their head down to the canvas with you. Easy to reach forward and hook the leg for the pin too.


‘Final Shine’*: Tornado reverse DDT out of the corner, or occasionally using the ropes as a springboard like the Stratusfaction.


‘Hangover’*: Booker T’s Harlem Hangover (somersault legdrop)


‘Toxxic Shock Syndrome’*: Former finisher, now moved back here. Basically, a spinning sit-out Pedigree. While it’s open to the same counters as a regular Pedigree the fact that it will have usually been set up by a soccer tackle will mean the opponent’s legs will (hopefully) be buckling under them, preventing them from powering out... Also can be hit from out of the corner in a manner similar to a tornado DDT. If the opponent is small this move will be performed like Chris Daniels' Angel's Wings. If they're big then Toxxic will use their own mass to pivot around them himself. This CAN get a win sometimes these days (think how Jericho's enzuigiri sometimes gets one) and is the biggest "non-real finisher" move in the arsenal. If desperate Toxxic can float over into The Bends afterwards.



* - May occasionally get a pin against an opponent with low vitality, or in a long match like a 2/3 falls or Ironman.



Common moves:

Super kick (usually a desperation momentum-changer, but it still targets the head so Toxxic will sometimes work it in anyway)


Soccer tackle: Whips his opponent off the ropes, then slides in and launches his feet and shins at theirs. Takes them off their feet, and when they get back up again they’re stumbling round. Only really used to set up the Toxxic Shock Syndrome or the Caffeine Bomb, in a similar (but less silly way) to Dude Love using the Sweet Shin Music to set up the Double-Arm DDT.


Ranas (any sort). A particular favourite is a springboard rana to the outside - the opponent is standing on the apron and Toxxic will run to the corner, vault off the second buckle, fly OVER the top rope and take them down to the arena floor. This HURTS. But it’ll hurt Toxxic too.




Punch/discus clothesline combo: Left, right, left, right, winds up similar to a baseball pitcher (a concession to the American crowd) - Discus Clothesline. He won’t attempt a clothesline on anyone too big, even though the mental image of him trying to take down Janus is amusing...


Sitout jawbreaker


Whirl neckbreaker (fireman’s carry, throws their legs over his head as he drops to one knee and drives their neck into his other knee)


Armbars/cross armbreakers/jumping armbreakers/hammerlocks - anything that’ll weaken that right arm


Mounted punches, either on the mat or in the corner




Spinning heel kicks


European Uppercuts - They don’t have the power of a Dace or Danny elbow smash, a Flesher Shotei or a Kibagami kick, but they’ll still make you sit up and take notice. Enough of them will leave you feeling like your brain is rattling around your skull


Lots of roll-ups


Running somersault senton to the outside. If the opponent moves before he gets there then Toxxic will balance on the top rope for a second and then backflip back into the ring before flipping off his opponent, the crowd or whoever.



Rare moves:

Regal Stretch: Taught to him by fellow Brit Regal - 3/4 Nelson facelock with leg lace. Toxxic doesn’t quite have Regal’s strength or technical expertise, but he’ll bust it out if there’s a good chance of a submission or if the opponent can counter the Repeat To Fade.


‘The Bends’: A variation of the Repeat To Fade, only really used against smaller guys or someone who’s REALLY pissed him off. Opponent is set up as if for a Mexican Surfboard, but is only pulled up until both competitors’ torsos are vertical. Toxxic then locks in the dragon sleeper/hammerlock combo while the legs are trapped. Very painful, virtually inescapable... basically, you’re tapping.


‘Inglorious’: Springboard Shooting Star Legdrop. Toxxic doesn’t have quite enough agility to pull this off from the turnbuckle, hence the rarity and the use of the top rope for added “bounce”. ASK ME BEFORE USING. It might not keep you down for three, but it can, and if you DO kick out then it’s going to be a while before you can put any concerted offence together.


‘Dangerlust’: Joker Driver. Toxxic started using this after Nathaniel Kibagami defeated him for the number one Contendership to the World Title by dropping him on his head with the Demonstar Driver - this is Toxxic’s response. The opponent is picked up in an Electric Chair position, then Toxxic reaches up and hooks both hands behind his opponent’s neck before sitting out and pulling them down. They land on their head, and in a pinning cradle. You will NOT kick out, and this is so rare that I’d like you to contact me before you even TEASE this one.




‘Caffeine Bomb’: LSD II - Get opponent in front facelock, hook the left leg from the inside (as opposed to the outside as for a Fisherman's Suplex), lift vertical and then twist and drop like a Ki Krusher. Rarely used on people over 240 lbs, never on anyone over 260 lbs, but if you’re small enough for it to be done on you it should be enough to put you away, especially if it’s been preceded by lots of head work - and it will have been.

(note: Toxxic has now found a new way to do this move, which is to have the opponent up in a Fireman's carry and then spin them off his shoulders to the front (see Toxxic/Kibagami’s first encounter). It's a bit sloppier and doesn't quite have the head-dropping nastiness of the original, but it's still pretty hard-hitting and can be used on opponents up to the 300lb mark. Yes, 300lb. If Cena can F-U the Big Show, Toxxic can spin a 300lber off his shoulders).



'Intoxxication': Shinobi/Ninja/Spanky's 'Sliced Bread #2' - Grab the opponent for a Diamond Cutter, run up the turnbuckle and flip over backwards, bringing them down HARD in a sort of Inverted DDT position. For someone Toxxic's size the major advantage of this is it can be done on ANYONE, from Landon Maddix to Janus.



‘Repeat To Fade’: A hammerlock worked into a dragon sleeper - the sleeper is applied with the left arm, which then grips the opponent’s right hand which has been twisted up behind their back. The move is completed by falling back and trapping them in a leg scissors (hopefully trapping their left arm by their side) leaving Toxxic‘s right arm free to wave at passers-by. Or, if you’ve been a bad boy, punch you in the ribs.




Notes: Even now he's a heel, Toxxic WILL NOT CHEAT since his desire to "prove them wrong" means he wants to leave his opponents no excuses - his inferiority complex is also becoming more developed, and if he cheats he will view himself as weak. He HAS to win, and he HAS to win cleanly. If for some reason someone else breaks the rules on him first however, he will retaliate in like kind as often as he can get away with it. His new sour attitude means that he's quite prepared to push his luck with the ref and do severe damage to an opponent - he takes the view that by getting in the ring with him you know what you're letting yourself in for, and for his small size he's a determined little bastard, unwilling to either let go or stay down.

Oh, and remember how 'you can't powerbomb Kidman!'? Well, you can't 'German' Toxxic - he'll backflip out of them unless he's nearly dead. The only two people who've managed to hit one so far have been Dace and Kibs, so you'd better be a master like Danny Williams or someone if you're going to do this.


Bio: Michael Stephens grew up in Nottingham in the UK, and was a big pro wrestling fan all the way through high school. However he was continually picked on by his classmates for his skinny build and only got through by being the class clown. Gradually he got more and more determined to “prove them wrong”, and started getting into bodybuilding. However, his straight-edge beliefs meant that any “chemical” help was out of the question and his natural build is rather smaller than his ideal form, meaning that despite all his efforts Stephens is still a relatively slim figure. When he felt that he had got the right physique he started training to become a professional wrester, even travelling the States to be trained at Dave Taylor’s Bluebloods Academy in Georgia. It was there that he ran into the visiting William Regal and with his help perfected the Regal Stretch STF variation.


Having wrestled in the UK indy leagues under the name Toxxic - naming himself after the effects of all the substances he avoids - he made the full-time move to America looking for employment in the big time. Finally noticed by the SWF, the closure of the SJL meant that there was to be no “easing in” for the Straight-Edge Sensation; instead, he was to be thrown straight into the deep end. In an environment where he is outweighed by plenty of people Toxxic's former inferiority complex has resurfaced again, leading him to view those of his new federation colleagues who are larger than him with a mixture of envy, dislike and for those who have flagrantly used drugs to achieve their physique, contempt.


Following his entry to the SWF Toxxic went on something of a winning streak. In a brutal match at From The Fire he won the Hardcore Title from Aecas, but on the following show he lost his temper with what he sees as his misuse by Mark Stevens. Taking the ICTV title from Insane Luchador, ironically with the title shot granted to him by Grand Slam, Toxxic's ego and unpopularity reached new heights. Although he and his partner Jimmy Liston (picked on the spot) lost to the team of Tom Flesher and a mystery opponent (who later turned out to be Grand Slam himself) Toxxic got his revenge by attacking Grand Slam after the match, then went on to cement his place in the fed by retaining the ICTV belt against Dace Night. Toxxic later lost the ICTV belt to the third Trinity member, Terrence Bailey, but after pulling off a huge upset by defeating returning veteran Nathanial Kibagami he regained it (albeit losing the HGC title) in the infamous Tag Match From Hell at Battleground, which also saw him take a Gravedigger through a table from Aecas and end up in hospital. Toxxic then got beaten in a rematch by Kibagami who went on to capture the world title, and that loss has been eating away at the Brit since.




Name: Jet

Height: 5’10, although the thick soles of her boots give her an extra inch.

Weight: 177lbs

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Face/Heel: Heel



Strength: 3 - Jet is a pretty tall for a girl, and she’s well-toned without being overly buff.


Speed: 5 - Jet is pretty agile, but she’s still training.


Vitality: 4 - Jet can take a bit of a knock-around.


Charisma: 6 - She doesn’t speak much but Jet has a laid-back and sultry attitude, not to mention is pretty damn fine.


Looks: Pretty, punk-rock lookin’ girl with red and black dreads and nose, eyebrow and lip piercings. She wears lady-fit versions of Toxxic’s “Hardcore Punk” T-shirts or punk bands like a Bad Religion “Crossbuster” top. Bulky skate trousers and army-style boots with fairly thick soles.



Jet is still training - consider her to be able to do simple lucha-ish stuff like ranas, some springboard moves and basic wrestling stuff plus Toxxic’s ‘Hangover’ legdrop. But as noted in the Notes, she won’t really get involved much.


Bio: Jet was training and working the Philly indies when the SWF came to town. She sneaked backstage hoping to bump into someone and get a job, but instead blundered into the Toxxic vs Insane Luchador All-Show Brawl. Here she mugged a Girl Scout for her uniform before ambushing Toxxic and giving the then-Hardcore Champion a surprise kiss during a break in the fight when both men had been separated (due to escaping the screaming Girl Scouts). Toxxic managed to catch up with her after the show and the two hooked up and began their relationship. When Jet isn’t on the road with her boyfriend she is training at the SWF academy.


Notes: Jet is purely there for moral support, although she can weigh in if the stipulations allow or if the fight continues after a match. Generally, however, she respects her boyfriend’s wishes and doesn’t interfere - the only time she has done is by pushing the ringrope into Toxxic’s hand when he was stuck in a hold; both times unbidden by him and indeed without his knowledge (at the time he thought he’d reached them on his own), and both when he was facing Kibagami.

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Minor Edit: Finisher changed to be a little more akin with the moveset.


Smarks Board Name: Lightning Flik


Wrestler’s Name: Edward James


Alias: Eddy J


Nicknames: [Has Acquired No Nicknames Yet]


Height: 6'7


Weight: 276 lbs.


Hometown: Redwater, Alberta, Canada.


Date Of Birth: March 29th, 1982


Age: 21


Years Pro: Rookie (Trained for 3 years though)


Face/Heel: Face


Stable: None


Ring Escort: None





Body - Standing as tall as a giant and built like an ox never described anyone better than Edward James. His massive frame is just a prime specimen of excellent physic and fitness and is clearly at the top form that it can be.


Face - A face that clearly displays his youth as it is unblemished with any wear, tear or facial hair. The blue eyes shine with innocence and naivety yet carry about them a glint of something dark and sinister.


Hair - His hair is unlike his body or attitude. The brown hair adorned on his head is absolute mess, as it spans out in spikes all over the place. One would swear that he just woke up and left it exactly the way it is.

Attire: Blue jeans, silver belt, white t-shirt, and red baseball cap. Standard attire for a standard sort of guy.



Ring Music: Darkest Omen (A Remix by mv on VGMix.com of Yasunori Mitsuda’s Black Omen off of Chrono Trigger)


Ring Entrance: Around the arena the lights drop out, leaving everyone shrouded in complete and total darkness. After a few moments of silence, an ominous voice bellows from the rafters as the SmarkTron slowly fades to life, showing a large crag of mountain that seems larger than life...


"An overwhelming symbol of power..."


...the voice fades away as the opening notes of "Darkest Omen" cascade over the crowd, two large spotlights hit the entrance ramp, showing a large figure standing tall and looking out over the arena. The music continues and the man steps from the shadows, revealing himself to be none other than Edward James. With an intense look frozen in his eyes, Edward walks to the ring, his every step met with the mix of slow, classical tones and cymbal crashes of his music...


(Funyon says his peace here)


The crowd cheers the rookie as he climbs the ring steps, turning to face them as he reaches the apron. He raises one fist slow and delibrately, holding it high in the air for a moment before turning back and climbing into the ring, his motions like a caged lion - waiting to be unleashed onto the SWF.





Strength: 10

[Eddy J is just naturally gifted with power. Meaning any power move hurts like hell.]


Speed: 4

[Don’t get me wrong. Eddy J can be speedy, but is not athletic. Hence, he’ll use his power instead of his speed more often then not.]


Vitality: 5

[Eddy J has a little more endurance than the ordinary person, but that is probably because he eats his veggies, takes his vitamins and is very consistent in his routines.]


Charisma: 1

[Eddy J can cut a normal promo that gets his point across.]


Style: Newbie wrestler with some promise. So please, full fill the need to make sure he makes a mistake here and there. I know I will.


Basically Signature Moves:


Choke Bomb (think of A-Train's finisher)

Military Press Drop

Samoan Drop

Military Press Drop into Gutbuster

Gutwrench Brainbuster

Bear Hug into Sidewalk Slam

Flapjack into DDT/Neckbreaker

Stalling Jackhammer

Lifting Double Arm DDT (the Stevie-T)



Common Moves:

Arm Drag

Clothesline (Lariato and Jumping as well)

Big Boot

Knife Edge Chops

Dragon Screw

Scoop Slam

Gutwrench Suplex

Avalanche Charge

Headlock Takedown

Side Headlock


Russian Leg Sweep


Back Drop Suplex

Snap Suplex

Spine Buster

Neckbreaker (Swinging and as a Counter as well)

DDT (Tornado and Reversed as well)

Key Lock

Double Axe Handle



Rare Move:

Death Valley Driver



Impact Finisher:

Head Rush - Canadian Backbreaker Crucifix Powerbomb (Opponent over your shoulders, ala Dominator. Grab their arms, spreading them out. After that, toss them over the shoulder and onto the mat.)

Edited by Lightning Flik

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Guest D. Lucretia

Smarks Board Name: D. Lucretia (at the moment)

Wrestlers Name: Austin Sly

Height: 6’ 3”

Weight: 230

Hometown: St. Louis, MO

Age: 27

Face/Heel: Cocky Heel

Stable: None

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): Usually none, but will bring a guitar to ringside on occasion.

Quote: “You should’ve just stayed home today.”


Looks: Austin’s main look is probably best described as slacker/ So-Cal, even for a midwest born and raised. Shaggy brown hair covers his head almost stretching to his shoulders. He is usually clean-shaved but will sport a couple of days stubble from time to time. In the ring, he wears blue-jean shorts, elbow and knee pads, and dark colored boots (usually brown or black). Outside of the ring, he wears the So-Cal look with vintage shirts, pants, jacket, etc.


Ring Entrance: A cooling blue light engulfs the arena as the sound of an acoustic guitar fills the air. It’s a powerful, driving riff. Austin emerges from the back with a calm strut. The lights in the arena get more violent and start to swirl as he stretches his neck and arms at the top of the stage. He then continues his walk down toward the ring, focusing solely on the ring and deliberately ignoring the fans around it. When he arrives at ring side, he jumps up onto the apron and hooks his arm on the top rope, as he takes his first and only look through the arena, not focusing on anyone or anything in the crowd, just taking it in. He doesn’t play to the crowd at all as he climbs into the ring through the middle rope.




Strength: 5

Speed: 6

Vitality: 5

Charisma: 4


Style: More of a technical style based wrestler than power, all though he has a few good power moves that work their way out on occasion. Is cocky in the ring and will usually mock his opponents. Doesn’t go to the top rope but for big time matches or devastating moves.


Signature moves:

- Snap Suplex with rollover into Half Boston Crab (showing some of his speed and athleticism, Austin grabs a hold of his opponents leg before the snap suplex and holds onto it throughout the move. After the impact, Austin rolls over with his opponent and turns him onto their stomach to lock on the half boston crab.)


- Spinning heel kick from the middle rope (used like any other springboard move, this particular spinning heel kick seems to be much more devastating than the normal variety)


- Backbreaker with choke hold (performed just like a normal backbreaker, but instead of letting the opponent roll off his knee, Austin places his forearm across their throat)


- Mocking slaps (not particularly devastating, but just aggravating slaps when an opponent seems weakened... Jericho type stuff)


- Reverse DDT with pin (after the impact, Austin reaches forward to grab the leg in more of a cocky pin... almost never gets more than a two count)


- Running school boy (used when he needs a quick finish to a match... just a usual school boy with an extra emphasis on finding a way to cheat)


- Shinning Wizard


Common moves:

- In the corner spear

- Springboard dropkick (and just about anything else springboard)

- Belly to back suplex with bridge

- Northern Lights suplex

- Boston Crab

- Tornado DDT

- Double Arm DDT

- Choke holds

- Bulldog

- Neckbreaker

- Twisting Neckbreaker

- Various stiff kicks

- Abdominal stretch (with rope when necessary)


Rare moves:

- Tornado DDT from the top turnbuckle


- Most top rope moves (he can do the majority of them, he just always prefers mat wrestling)


- Running Sit-Out Powerbomb (probably his biggest power move)


- Suplex over the top rope (used when Austin is on the apron and his opponent is still in the ring. Both men end up on the mat below, almost equally devastated)



- Earthquake (Set up similar to a Last Ride, Austin places the opponents head between his legs before hoisting him above his head. He then hits two devastating powerbombs [staying locked throughout] followed by a third powerbomb, this time releasing on the way down.)


- Sky Surfer (Just a lionsault.)


- So-Cal (Set up like most other top rope finishers, the opponent is to be sitting on the turnbuckle as Austin climbs to the top rope. He then hits a swinging neckbreaker to the campus below with both men landing flat. Particularly devastating and rare.)


Notes: Austin is a cocky heel, and as so, wrestles like one. Often times preferring to humiliate his opponent instead of just beating them. Slows down the match to prolong his enjoyment. Is a very vocal wrestler in the ring, taunting constantly.



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Guest Fire and Knives

Wrestlers Name: Nathaniel Kibagami

Nicknames: The River Dragon, The Slaughterer

Height: 6’5”

Weight: 261 lbs.

Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona

Age: 32

Face/Heel: Face

Stable: None

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): The steel-tipped cane, of course.


Looks: Kibagami’s hair is back to its orginal black – it reaches just below his shoulders, and is usually tied back in a ponytail to keep it out of his eyes. He’s frighteningly well-muscled – he’s spent enough time at the gym to make up for the loss of the steriods and the painkillers. He comes to the ring shirtless, proudly displaying his numerous tattoos, the newest of which are two sets of flames running up either arm and his former ring name, “Silent”, inked in gothic lettering just above his breastbone. There is an ankh on his right forearm, a number of Chinese characters on either side of his neck, and across his shoulder blades are the words, “No Salvation” – a reminder of his days with the Clan. Kibagami’s wrists are taped, and he wears red full-length tights with black ankhs printed on either side, as well as a pair of generic red wrestling boots. Backstage, he can be found wearing very plain, nondescript clothes, his hair tied back. He’s usually watching tapes or getting ready for a match.


Ring Entrance: Fog begins to billow up from unseen holes in the entrance ramp as the first haunting notes of Nevermore’s “The River Dragon Has Come” echo through the arena. The SmarksTron flickers and crackles, showing nothing more than static, just as the audience is lulled into a false sense of security by the soothing music…




Every light in the arena – the house lights, the spotlights near the entrance ramp, even the picture on the SmarksTron – suddenly flares, blinding white, as the distortion kicks in and the music begins to pound through the speakers. The picture on the SmarksTron is replaced with the familiar burning ankh…


Today, the warning came in the flood…


The man himself comes through the curtains and the fog as the vocals begin, and the lights are finally reduced to their usual level. The Silent One briskly makes his way to the ring, ignoring the fans’ cheers completely as the music surges forward. He slides into the ring, rolls to his feet, and walks to the nearest turnbuckle. Kibagami climbs to the top rope and poses in the crucifix position until the music dies down, at which point he hops back off the top rope and turns to face his opponent or await his entrance.



Strength: 6 (Surprisingly, he hasn’t lost much since his stint in rehab – Kibagami is still frighteningly strong for a man his size. His kicks have just as much impact as any wrestling move – maybe a little more if he kicks you in the face.)

Speed: 3 (He takes it slow and steady in the ring, but his reaction time is excellent. A few aerial moves are possible, but rarely attempted – opponents that threaten Silent to this extent are few and far between.)

Vitality: 6 (Kibagami is totally off of the painkillers, and his legendary no-selling is a thing of the past. That said, he is still one tough bastard who might not pay as much attention to your offense as you’d want him to, but he will go down to a finisher if you build to it right.)

Charisma: 5 (The audience is almost as forgiving as Mark Stevens himself – they’re willing to give Kibagami another chance. They’re even willing to see Genesis IV as a tremendous victory rather than a miscarriage of justice. Kibagami’s impassioned promos do a lot to further the fans’ goodwill. )


Style: Kibagami’s style is similar to the ‘logical impact’ of Edwin MacPhisto; he takes the path of least resistance to do the most damage possible. He’s very fond of keeping an opponent at bay with his kicks until he sees an opening – then he rushes in with his array of suplexes and more esoteric maneuvers.


Game Plan: Kibagami prefers to work the arm of an opponent as more of a means to an end; the arm work can result in a submission, if it’s appropriate to the match or if the opponent consistently evades or counters the Fall From Grace. However, if he’s in a match against an opponent who has a distinct advantage of some kind, he’ll go right for the throat from the start – trying to either work the neck and prep the opponent for the Demonstar or cinch in the triangle choke for a quick victory.




-Downshifter Suplex: Neck Crank Suplex

-Dragon DDT: A reverse DDT with a Dragon Sleeper applied. The Dragon Sleeper is sometimes maintained.

-Cradle Suplex (Not the cradle suplex you’re thinking of; picture the attacker positioning the victim for a capture suplex. Now picture the attacker behind the victim and reaching around the victim’s body to pin the leg. That’s it. Ugly, huh?)


-Springboard Gamengiri (When the opponent is leaning against the turnbuckles, Kibagami plants one foot on the second rope and pulls himself upwards with the top rope, kicking the victim flush in the side of the head.)

-Double spinning back chop: Kibagami hits a spinning back chop, then spins back towards his opponent to deliver a second.

-Hammerlock DDT

-Yakuza kick

-Triangle Choke Hold (Nathaniel’s primary submission hold, and a legitimate one at that.)

-Burning Lariat



Common moves:


Knee strikes: Kibagami will usually pepper his opponent with knee strikes in any sort of lockup, looking for a quick advantage – and often getting one.

Gutwrench suplex

Front facelock: Kibagami will work a front facelock for all it’s worth against a cruiserweight or any other opponent with a considerable speed advantage. He’s not keeping up with them, so he’ll do his best to slow them down.

Kick combos: The Slaughterer will string together three or four kicks to swing the momentum of a match back in his direction if the opponent takes control for too long.

Russian leg sweep

Fujiwara Armbar

Belly-to-belly suplex: often used as a desperation counter while the opponent is running the ropes.

Ippon Seionage (An over-the-shoulder judo throw. A sheer-drop variant is possible, and finisher strength when used, but it’s almost as rare as the Firebird Splash.)

Single-arm DDT

Simple armwork: elbows, knees, kicks, and assorted ring equipment to the arms. Be as creative as you’d like; Kibagami’s no cruiserweight, but he’s more agile than you’d think.

Basic takedowns: Fireman’s carry/Fireman’s carry cradle, single-leg takedown to half-crab, arm drag to armbar, headlock takedown, arm screw to short-arm scissors.


Rare moves:


Year of the Dragon: Firebird Splash. The rarest of the rare.

Chasing the Dragon: rolling Dragon suplexes (2-4). Usually an alternate “look at how many times I can lift the little guy” finisher.

Riot of the Blood: Thoth’s cradle tombstone piledriver.

Dangerous Backdrop: usually only used if Kibagami is desperate and the opportunity presents itself; not likely to get a pin if Kibagami is exhausted enough to break it out.


Finishers: (appearing in order of frequency)


Fall From Grace: High-angle crucifix powerbomb. Standard fare for Kibagami over the years. He’ll go for this if the opponent’s arms are practically useless or if the lariat and cradle suplex both fail to get the job done.


Rough Redemption: Backdrop into spinning powerbomb. Avoid the Fall From Grace once too often or kick out of it outright, and this is what Kibagami will go do. The impact alone usually knocks the wind out of the victim long enough for a three-count; this can also be used for kick-wham WWE-style finisher reversal sequences.


The Demonstar Driver: Stylized, sheer-drop J-Driller. This is the rarest of the rare and the baddest of the bad. This is the move that broke Chris Raynor’s neck. This move has won Kibagami hundreds of matches. A Demonstar Driver delivered from the second rope bested Edwin motherfucking MacPhisto. You better have your affairs in order if Kibagami decides to bring this to the table.



Bio: After seven months of forced retirement, Kibagami actually seems rehabilitated – he hasn’t threatened to kill the rest of the roster, the drugs are all out of his system, and none of the specters of his past remain to haunt him. He’s focused and ready to take the spot at the top that so many have predicted for him over the years.


There’s just a few little details he has to attend to, first.

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Smarks Board Name: Zack Malibu

Wrestlers Name: "Urban Legend" Todd Cortez

Height: An even 6 ft.

Weight: 226 lbs.

Hometown: "The Streets"

Age: 20

Face/Heel: Tweener

Stable: None

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): None

Quote: "Bow down or throw down."


Looks: [Description of how your character usually looks inc. ring attire.]


Thick build, as Todd is jacked but not excessively "cut". Natural olive skin. Closely cropped black hair, faded. Thin black goatee. No tattoos or really distinguishing marks, as even his skin is "pure" due to his straight edge philosophy on life. Wears baggy, blue "Tajiri" style pants and a grey "wifebeater" tank top. Black boots. Both wrists and fists taped up. Wears gold chain and cross to the ring, but removes it before every match, holding it in his hand and kissing it before handing it over to the timekeeper or announcer.


Ring Entrance: [How you come out to the ring, music, etc. No need to be extremely specific.]


Delinquent Habits "Tres Delinquentes" (Rock Remix) for theme music. Stands at the top of the ramp, crossing his arms in front of him like an X (symbol for straight edge, see CM Punk) and pounds his chest. Will then point to the sky while holding his gold chain/cross as he walks to the ring.




Strength: 4

Speed: 6

Vitality: 4

Charisma: 6


[Can not exceed 20 points in total... NB: Strength, speed, vitality and charisma play a vital part on what moves your wrestler is capable of. Keep this in mind when you write your move lists. See the guide down the bottom of this thread. Maximum of 10 per catagory.]


Style: [is your wrestler technical? Power based? Fast? Put it here.]


The best way to describe Cortez is that of a "cruiserweight brawler". He can move rather quickly, as a legitimate background in martial arts enhances both his speed and endurance. His involvements in both martial arts training as well as numerous street fights in his youth also add a stiffness to his moveset, as Todd is not known for pulling his punches.


Signature moves: [Maximum of 10. Minimum of 6. The moves that make your wrestler famous. Most of the things people have in there top 10 can be considered signature moves.]


Shooting Star Plancha (daredevil move, only used in the heat of battle, never "just for the hell of it")


Springboard Rana


Handspring Elbow (with opponent in corner)


Sitout Spinebuster


Quebrada (second rope

moonsault/Jericho's "Lionsault")


Superkick (I would say Todd's would have more effect than a normal, transitional one, as he's got the background in martial arts.)


Backdrop Driver


Cereal Killer (over the back neckbreaker, aka Mike Sanders' 3.0, or most recently used by Randy Orton. Named as such due to the "Snap, Crackle and Pop" of the opponents neck. Can also be used as a finisher on occasion.)


Common moves: [Maximum of 20, 15 preferable. Minimum of 10. The more mundane stuff that your character might use. This is outside of scoop slams, clotheslines, etc, but could include the more stylised suplex, and the like.]


Shoulder jawbreaker


STO takedown


Single leg dropkick


Spinning wheel kick




Snap powerslam


Senton Splash (not a Swanton/flipping senton, but rather just dropping all his weight, back-first onto his opponent, a la Dick Togo).


Hangman's Neckbreaker


Palm strikes


Clubbing forearms


Somersault Plancha (any variation, be it slingshot, top rope, running, etc.)


Camel Clutch


Single-Arm DDT


Stepover Armbar (will also put a twist on this move by putting a knee on opponent's shoulder area and digging it in).


Judo-throw (ex: blocking a punch, and then turning with your back to opponent, flipping them over your shoulder).


Pendelum style backbreaker


Snap enzugiri (does not have to be a counter/opponent does not have to be holding one leg).


Sweep kick


Flying lariat (either from top rope or springboard).



Rare moves: [Maximum of 5. No minimum needed. The moves your guy might use every once in a blue moon. He's capable of them perhaps, but might not fit his style, or he may only go up against people he can use these moves on once in awhile]


Moonsault Fallaway Slam-with opponent propped on top rope, Cortez stands on the second rope, and grabs opponent in a fallaway slam position, but springs himself off as well, floating over and driving his opponent into the mat, powerslam style.


Super Somersault Rana-Todd will launch himself at an opponent Somersault Plancha style, but will catch their head with his legs and snap them over with a huracanrana. Is typically done from the top rope into the ring, but in excessively brutal, "win at all costs" battles, can be done to the opponent on the outside as a highspot of all highspots.


Finishers: [2 preferred. 3 at the absolute most. Minimum of 1. EG, 1 power move, 1 submission, 1 top rope, etc... Try not to use the same finisher as somebody else. AN ANKLE LOCK IS NOT A FINISHER! Don't have two finishers if you don't need them.]


Urban Assault-Miracle Ecstacy Bomb, aka Chokeslam into sitout powerbomb. Formerly used by Funaki pre-comedy act days. Opponent is grabbed and lifted chokeslam style, and then driven into the mat, as Todd sits out with the move.


Street Dreams-Dragon Sleeper/Armbar takedown w/ grapevine. Opponent is grabbed in a reverse facelock (Dragon Sleeper), and Todd takes them to the mat, wrapping his legs around them to make escape tough to come by. With his free (left) arm, he'll wrap it around the opponent's left arm and pull back, also putting pressure on the left shoulder/upper arm area.


NOTE:Several of the signature moves may also be used as finishers at various points during his career, but they are non-specific.


Notes: [A general description of fighting style and ethic. Anything you want to say about how your character comes across.]


Todd should come across as someone who doesn't WANT to win. He should comes across as someone who HAS to win. He will always be focused on his opponent and the task at hand, and is not afraid to get hardcore. He may have benefitted from his martial arts/wrestling training, but the streets have served him just as well.


Bio: [Optional. A bit of backround information about your wrestler.]


Todd Cortez is a young man who has seen all too much in his short life. One of four children, Todd was raised solely by his mother after she divorced the children's alcoholic father when Todd was just 2. Having looked at his older brother Joshua as a father figure, Todd was scarred permanently at the age of 11 when Joshua, then 25, was killed by a drug dealer whom Joshua's friend owed money too. Vowing to never resort to the "low road" of drugs and alcohol, Todd focused on growing up to be the keeper of his family, protecting them at all costs. He enrolled in a local martial arts school, and took part in his high school wrestling team, winning the State Championship for his division. Despite being pure of heart and mind, Todd couldn't help getting into brushes with the law, as his fights with local thugs and bullies landed him stints behind bars on more than a few occasions. Feeling that he was disgracing his family name by his constant trouble, he's opted to channel his aggression in a more resourceful way, as his SJL paychecks enable him to support himself and his family. Some view Todd as too cocky for his own good, and as having a chip on his shoulder. Todd feels otherwise, that his straight edge lifestyle proves he's better than most people out there, and can back up his boasts whether in the ring or on the street.

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Smarks Board Name: Crowe

Wrestlers Name: Crow

Nickname: Antichrist Superstar, Antichristian Phenomenon, Gothic Warrior, Gothic Avian

Real Name: Markus Cirillo

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 230 pounds



- Adelaide, Australia


- Anchorage, Alaska

Age: 23

Face/Heel: Face

Stable: None at the moment.

Tag Team: None at the moment.

Ring Escort: Jessica

Weapon(s): Cigarette, Cigarette Lighter, Glass Light Tubes, Singapore Cane

Quote: "Victim." "Victims... aren't we all?"






- Caucasian male.

- Very long black hair (reaches past his shoulders) and present are numerous streaks of red.

- A well-defined, muscular build - imagine a more properly proportioned Jerry Lynn build.

- Numerous scars all over body, particularly on his back – this is due to numerous hardcore encounters in the SJL and the best of five with Janus in the SWF.

- Large scale tattoo of a crow with its wings spread on upper back - ala, right wing spreads over to the right shoulder blade, and left wing spreads over to the left shoulder blade. Also present is a small tattoo of the Grim Reaper on right arm tricep and a small tattoo of an inverted cross on left breast.

- Fingernails are now long. Approximate length is 7mm long off the tip of the finger.


While Wrestling:

- Hair is always wet through and never ever tied up.

- Is topless in the ring, show casing the many scars and tattoos and not to mention the sexy physique for the ladies.

- Crow will on occasion wear a black button up/down shirt to the ring. This usually only occurs when wounds on back/chest/arms are not completely healed and/or stitches are present. The shirt acts as a security blanket, if you will.

- Wears normal full length black pants - no patterns or other colours present.

- If ever wearing a title belt, he will always sling it over the right shoulder. Wearing the belt around the waist just isn't Crow's style.


Promos, Instances Outside The Ring:

- Always wear a black button up/down shirt that can be made of any fabric, however, note that is never had any patterns or different colours on it.

- Wears the same normal black pants he wears whilst wrestling.

- On almost every occasion, he’s smoking a cigarette.



Ring Entrance:


A small collection of screams is heard as the lights fall and darkness overtakes the arena. Machine Head’s “Imperium” begins to play with its mellow strumming of the guitar. The intensity picks up progressively until it reaches boiling point...




The lights flicker in a brooding red light as screens at homes around the world become distorted with picture noise. The lights and noise stops as the darkness goes black again, and a spotlight appears in the middle of the stage. Standing amidst the light is Crow, the Antichrist Superstar with his wings spread and head cocked back. The crowd cheers wildly for their beloved superstar.


“Hear me now!

Words I vow!

No fucking regrets!”


Crow drops his arms and turns around to face the crowd. A cigarette is as always present, the BUTT resting gently between his lips. He reaches into his pocket, pulls out his zippo and smiles as he slashes the zippo back and forward across his pants.


”Fuck these chains!

No god damn slave!

I will be different!”


The Antichristian Phenomenon lights the cigarette in his mouth and proceeds to stride forward. After his second stride he throws the still lit zippo behind him onto the stage and an eruption of fire goes off! The crowd cheers wildly as the flames rise up to two metres in height!


I'll stand here defiantly!

My middle finger raised!

Fuck your prejudice!


Crow strides up the steel steps and enters the ring. He walks over to his corner and sits down, smoking, whilst waiting for his opponent.


(If second out, will BUTT the cigarette out on ring post.)





Strength: 4

Crow has good strength for his size and can surprise the bigger blokes on the occasion. A man of 275 pounds is the maximum weight he can lift up in the Natural Born Chaos suplex. He is, however, able to hit a basic snap suplex on opponents up to 285 pounds (and possibly a little more).


Speed: 5

A relatively fast mover in the ring, the Antichrist Superstar can run circles around larger 'victims' and can keep with the smaller 'victims' for a little while, but they will always out speed him. He is able to perform various modifications of the moonsault.


Vitality: 7

Crow is one tough motherfucker and he has the reputation to boot. His numerous hardcore encounters in ICW and in the SJL proved he is damn resilient and can take a ferocious beating, yet still kick out. He will go down to a finisher and tap out, unless specified otherwise.


Charisma: 4

A great speaker as evidenced in the SJL, the Antichristian Phenomenon has the confidence and the 'look' that the crowd loves. He has sex appeal that gets the ladies’ tingling in certain areas, whilst somehow also managing to be chauvinistic in nature and thusly, appealing to the male audience.





It has been widely recognised that the Antichrist Superstar wrestles best in the hardcore environment and whilst inside the squared circle, he adheres to his reputation that the SJL had assisted him in gathering, as a gutsy fighter. This label though, does not mean Crow is a merely a brawler, on the contrary, in actuality he is accomplished in the sport of wrestling and showcases this by competing against opponents using his unique style. The style consists of an array of strikes (roundhouse kicks, knife-edge chops, thrusting claws etc) combined with semi-technical wrestling moves (dragon screw, judo moves, submissions etc), speedy/high flying moves (DDTs, moonsaults, dropkicks etc) and a variety of suplexes (German, Natural Born Chaos etc). Crow's matches tend to start off at a relatively fast pace, with strikes and moves like arm drags, hip tosses and dropkicks, amongst other moves being utilised. Though, on the occasion, if the opponent calls for it, he will participate in a fistfight, basic lock up or a test of strength. But all in all, it depends on his opponent. More often than not, tactics involving use of the ropes and/or hardcore tactics are soon employed to slow down his opponent, so high impact and high-risk moves can be performed. Depending on the circumstance, the Antichrist Superstar may also apply psychology to a various body part and work on it, thus allowing for a submission to be locked on. Please note that in any situation outside the ring, Crow is sure to excel or at least gain back the advantage unless the attack upon him is consistent.


Obviously, Crow may be a little rusty due to being out of action for a little while. Though, during his short retirement, he made a conscious effort to maintain (and improve) his wrestling physique and fitness and thusly, he is ever harder than he was before. It will be very hard to put this motherfucker down for the three. Note that he’s a little wiser as well.



Signature moves:


Evenflow Moonsault

Previously a finisher, but now shifted back to this area. Though, it still can finish a match, but if you need to kick out of a big move, do it to this one. The attacker climbs the turnbuckle so that he is looking out into the crowd. The attacker then jumps off the turnbuckle with arms in crucifix pose, performs a two hundred and seventy-degree back flip and lands stomach first on the lying victim. This move can also be performed onto a standing victim.


Figure Four Leg Lock

This is the secondary submission finisher and is used when psychology is applied to the leg and/or Crow is unable to perform the Sharpshooter. The victim is on their back, the attacker grabs one leg and bends it sideways behind one of the attacker's own legs and on top of the victim's other leg, forming a "4" with the victim's legs. The attacker holds the victim's straight leg, falls backwards to the mat and secures the victim's bent leg in place by placing their free leg on top of the ankle of the victim's bent leg.


Das Wunder Kick (Roundhouse Kick)

A stiff Tajiri-esque roundhouse kick. The attacker kicks with one leg while pivioting 90 degrees on the other. The attack can be directed at the knee, midsection or head and also it can be done to a sitting opponent to the back. The top of the attacker's foot is the contact point for this kick. Occasionally done repeatedly, and can be possible knock out if kick is direct and connects with the face.


German Suplex

The attacker stands behind the victim and applies a waistlock. The attacker lifts the victim up and falls backwards, dropping the victim on their shoulders/neck/upper back. If the attacker releases the victim at the height of their lift, this often becomes a "Release German Suplex". However, most times the attacker keeps the waistlock applied and bridges for the pin.


Murderous DDT

The attacker sits on the top turnbuckle and grabs the victim's head, applying a front face lock. From there, the attacker jumps off the buckles, swings around one side of the victim's body and drives the victim's head into the mat. Or, the attacker jumps off the ropes and then applies the swinging DDT. This variation can be performed off the apron to the outside as well.


Moonsault Variations

The attacker jumps onto the second/third ring rope, performs a 270 degree back flip with arms spread in the crucifix position and lands stomach first on the lying victim. This move can also be performed onto a standing victim. Crow can perform any variation of this move, for example... Asai Moonsault, Quebrada Moonsault, Twisting Corkscrew Moonsault etc.


Top Rope Somersault Senton

The attacker climbs the turnbuckle so that his back is facing the crowd. He then jumps off the turnbuckle, performs a 270 degree front flip over the victim and lands back first on them. This move can also be performed onto a standing victim and can be performed in a number of ways, for example... whilst running, via springboard, from the apron... basically anything you can think of.


Claw Swipe

Ever seen Iori swipe the fuck out of opponent’s in King Of Fighters? Well, Crow does the same thing. The attacker forms a claw with his hand and lashes out at his opponent’s face/head/chest/back/arms/legs - scratching them and usually drawing blood. This can be performed in either a downward, upward or sideward thrust.


Knife Edged Chop

Crow prefers to use the knife edged chop over punching, he still uses the punch however. The attacker strikes the victim with the outer part of their hand, the pinky finger side. This attack can be done to a variety of locations on the victim's body.



Common moves:


Arm Drag

Chin Breaker


Drop Toe Hold

Dropkick (Performed while standing, running and from top rope.)

Dragon Screw Leg Whip

Hip Toss

La Majistral Cradle

Leg Drop (Performed while standing, running and from top rope.)

Leg Related Psych Moves

Northern Lights Suplex (With bridge or without.)


Russian Leg Sweep (Can be performed onto railing.)

Shin Breaker

Snap Suplex

Various Body Presses (Performed while running, from top rope, from apron, etc...)


This section is tedious, so any basic wrestling move.



Rare moves:


Wing And A Prayer Suplex

The attacker stands behind the victim. The attacker grabs one of the victim's arms and bends it behind the victim's back and places their hand so it at the top of the victim's shoulder. The attacker uses their other free arm to reach around the victim's face so their forearm is across their nose/face. The attacker locks their hands together. From there, the attacker lifts the victim up and falls backwards, dropping the victim on their head/neck/shoulders. This is Crow's rarest signature move and is not pulled out very often.


My Last Serenade (Rider Kick)

The victim is on the outside, whilst the attacker is in the ring. The attacker ascends to the top turnbuckle, then jumps in the air, and kicks the victim with both their feet. The attack can be focuses on the victim's head, chest, stomach, back or legs. This move only happens once in a blue moon, more specifically, it’s only used in big matches... ala Number One Contendership/Title matches.


Spider German Suplex (Top Rope German Suplex)

The attacker locks their legs on the ropes and hangs onto the buckles as they do the move. The attacker stands behind the victim and applies a waistlock. The attacker lifts the victim up and falls backwards, dropping the victim on their shoulders/neck/upper back. If the attacker releases the victim at the height of their lift, this often becomes a "Release German Suplex". However, most times the attacker keeps the waistlock applied and bridges for the pin. Only used when the opportunity presents itself, i.e. not very often.





Natural Born Chaos (Jumping Brainbuster Suplex)

This is the finishing move. No one will, ever, ever, EVER kick out of this move unless I clear such thing first. Only one person has kicked out of it and that was the immortal Sean Atlas, maximum respect, yo. The attacker applies a front face lock on the victim and throws the victim's near arm across their shoulders. The attacker grabs the victim's tights and lifts them straight up in the air so they are upside down. The attacker then jumps in the air, kicks his legs out and falls onto his back, causing the victim to fall straight down on their head at a neck-breaking angle. Preferred finisher.




Failure to comply will result in death and loss of penis.



The sharpshooter. The deadly dangerous submission move that has made one of the SWF's giants submit... twice... in a row. :D This is Bret Hart level move of death. The victim is on their back. The attacker holds up the victim's legs and steps in between them. The attacker crosses the victim's legs around the leg that they put through, and holds them in place with their arms. The attacker then steps over, turning the victim over on their stomach. The attacker leans/crouches back to apply pressure.





Just a few small ‘nitpicky’ things that I’d like you all to keep in mind when writing Crow in a match or promo. Firstly, he will never, under any circumstances, be scared of his opponent or try to back down/beg off wrestlers, no matter how bigger or stronger they may be. Secondly, the Antichristian Phenomenon is an instinctive wrestler and does whatever is needed to win. This can be using psychology on a specific limb, focussing on an opponent’s weak spot or even cheating. With a heel history at the beginning of his SJL career, he is by no means above cheating or messing with his opponent’s mind, even though he is an extremely over babyface. Crow will play and taunt to the crowd on the occasion during his matches (usually during a time of known advantage), but he is not overly concerned with them, he still concentrates on winning the match. Finally, Crow has developed a reputation for bumping one hell of a lot, even willingly taking huge bumps that could hurt him badly. He loves to bleed and when the circumstance calls for it, he will bleed a copious amount... and of course, let’s not forget that the former SJL World Champion has an ardour for glass bumps.





Ask me for it, as it's very, very long.



Career Highlights:

2x SJL Superstar Of The Month - January and April 2003

1x SJL World Heavyweight Champion - 52 days (24/04/03 - 15/06/03)

1x SJL Wrestler Of The Year (2003 - The Cyclone Comet Memorial Trophy)

1x Best SJL World Champion (2003 - HVT Thugg Passion Award)

1x Best SJL Promo Writer (2003 - The Eddy Mac Award)

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Guest Tonights Highlite

Smarks Board Name: Tonights Highlite

Wrestlers Name: Ryan Dustin

Nickname(s): The Real Deal (and hopefully for good reason)

Height: 6’3” (actually 6’ 1 and a half feet, but billed at 6’ 3” even)

Weight: 228 lbs

Hometown: Carson City, Nevada

Age: Mid 30’s (Where exactly is your guess)

Face/Heel: ‘Balls to the wall’ face

Stable: --

Ring Escort: --

Weapon(s): We’ll see what situations turn up, but I’m willing to bet if a ladder gets involved, Ryan will be doing something with it. A ladder spot aficionado at it’s finest.

Quote: --




Fairly tall, just above the six foot mark, but not surprising well defined - a little lanky. I guess you could say he lacks the ‘superstar’ look. He has piercing green eyes, hidden behind yellow wire-rimmed shades and straight (clearly dyed) dirty blond hair on top that’s spiked up for matches, minus a few falling strands. His inks consist of a skull with smoking eyes and the phrase ‘Dead or Alive’ etched into the forehead, with the word ‘Bandito’ underneath that, on his right shoulder, and the Japanese characters for ‘bad’ in a small font across his collarbone. Other than those tattoos, he’s as close to a ‘Babyface’ (clean shaving) as they come, minus the two small silver hoop earrings, on his left earlobe.


He wears semi-baggy black pants, held up by a black belt with silver buckle and custom made reddish brown doc martens with a metallic silver bottom. Ryan always wears his signature extended length red camouflage jacket, (unless he’s in the act of wrestling, of course) with a black crosshair and the letters R and D in black, interlocking over a red bulls-eye on the back. The words, “The Real Deal” are scrawled just underneath the crosshair design, in silver. White wrist tape and a single elbow pad, on his right arm complete the look.


Ring Entrance:


"Lapdance" by N.E.R.D begins to play in the background, while multi-colored lights flash. A lone spotlight shines down upon the stage and as the vocals drop, "Lap-dance" continues, causing Ryan Dustin comes to the stage, through the curtain, facing the crowd -- arms folded across his chest -- while his red cameo jacket flutters from an unknown undercurrent. After a pause, Dustin makes his way to the ring, interacting with various fans...


(Insert ring announcement)


...Until he reaches the ring, climbing up the outside of the turnbuckle, he poses once again, sizing up his would be opponent by placing his hands in the form of a 'picture frame'. As if waiting for a cue, Ryan turns to the crowd, nodding his head to the beat... before backflipping into the ring, giving the fans a little flourish for their buck. Ryan props himself up in the corner and awaits the action to begin, as his music fades into the background.




Strength: 3


Strong enough to leverage opponents 260+ for his suplexes with some effort and then, let gravity do the rest


Speed: 6


He’s fast~! For a 6'3" guy, that is... he moves about the ring with grace and his double jump moonsault is a sight to behold… a “real classic”, if you will


Vitality: 4


Not really a kid fresh out of high school anymore, Dustin has taken the trip down broad-way before, but it’d be difficult for him to do so now. He’s like an energizer battery after being recharged in the freezer… he use to keep going and going and going… now he just goes


Charisma: 6


Normally, light-hearted and even (read: possibly intoxicated), there’s never a dull moment on the stick with Ryan. But, while he may not walk the walk of a superstar, when upset, his deliberate tone and piercing emerald eyes have been known to hold an audience like no other.


Style: A High-flying technical hybrid. He’s got excellent strikes, which he falls back on regularly. Ryan’s odd mix of maneuvers juxtaposition the old and new school -- taking some classic attacks and tweaking them to get a rise from the crowd.


Game Plan: Plan? What plan? He just loves to pop the crowd. Don’t mistake that for being spotastic, as he’ll work the match like a traditional North-American light/middle weight, always looking to hit a high impact or flashy signature attack to enthrall his audience, while sprinkling in some ring psych. In theory, the rare ‘Tonights’ Highlight’, or even a ‘Done Deal’ or ‘Real Classic’ could definitely be enough to take down an opponent, like most of his signature moves, in the right context. Working over the neck and or rib cage/back, seems like a good enough plan, since it sets up his finishers. A mat wizard/submission wrestler he ain’t, but he has enough experience to hopefully help chop down a monster or out headlock a young gun. At times you can tell from his work, he’s been abroad (Mexico/Japan) at some point, but he’ll mostly stick to the above mentioned style and psychology.


Signature moves:


‘Done Deal’ -- Super kick -- Close quarters savate kick to the jaw. It's his quick, outta-nowhere-oh-whatta-maneuver. Catching it flush could get him a pin

‘Just Deal’ -- Shinning Wizard Knee Strike -- A stiff strike to say the least, but not necessarily a TKO; his proficency in striking, makes this attack all the more deadly

Straightjacket suplex

Lou Thez Press/Ten corner punches -- As he gets over, these two old school heat getters will pop the crowd more and more

Teardrop Suplex -- An oldschool favorite, from the vault of HBK

Hurricanrana variations -- Standing, Springboard, Top rope and just when you thought it was only used for a pin… from a Victory Roll position, Ryan can, but rarely does arch back into a Reverse Hurricanrana… head spiking goodness at its finest

(Step-up) Enzuigiri -- Leaping back brain kick, or it's shinning counterpart, depending on the height of the opponent

‘Bona-fide Thiller’ -- Inverted Atomic Drop/Spinebuster combo

‘Blonde moment’ -- Snap suplex chained with a vertical and delayed gordbuster suplex

‘A Real Classic’ -- Double jump Moonsault


Common moves:


Shotei -- To the jaw or ribcage, to surprise or wind an opponent

Reverse Russian Leg Sweep

European uppercuts -- Channeling the spirit of Owen Hart, woooooo

Jumping side kick -- Channeling the spirit of Booker T, sucka

Rolling Fireman’s carry

Shin breaker


Arm drag variations -- Any and all versions of an arm drag

Sharp snap kicks

German suplex (Released only)

Tilt-a-whirl Backbreaker or Gut-buster

Sambo Suplex -- While not in the “signature” section, since it’s not Ryan’s most stylized suplex (that honor goes to the Straightjacket suplex), this move is still dangerous. Not quite the impact of a legit neck drop (see Suplex, exploder), but a “signature” level suplex, all the same. The difference between the two being that the Sambo is hooked under the arm pits, instead of around the neck

Submissions: Sleeper, Figure four, Nagata lock, Texas Cloverleaf (main leg/back), Triangle choke (flash submission) and the Guillotine choke (main neck)


Rare moves:


Flash kick -- Backflip enzuigiri

‘Sidewinder’ -- Springboard Side Effect

(Burning) Lariat -- It’s a rarity for Dustin to pull this out, but sometimes as a signal for crowd acknowledgement, he’ll pull down the elbow pad covering his arm

‘Tonights’ Highlight’ -- Springboard Satellite DDT; A springboard 720 DDT - Add one part DDT, seven hundred and twenty parts flash and you get this old/new school combo. A fairly common rare move to get the win, when a little more flash and panache is necessary

‘Wanted in 48 States’ -- Super DVD -- A Death Valley Driver from the second rope; done after crotching or planting an opponent on the top rope, he’ll climb on the second buckle and place his foe in a fireman’s carry, driving their neck into the canvas from there. A former exclamation point (!) finisher of Ryan’s-this should put you down if you’ve kicked out of the Real Deal




StarDustin’ Press -- Stardust Press or Phoenix Splash -- With his back to the opponent, Ryan leaps off the top rope and twists in mid-air, landing in a 450 splash. It can be done shotgun style, i.e. while his opponent is on the mat Ryan steps over them, runs the turnbuckle pads and executes it in one fluid motion. It’s the quintessential finisher to prove he is in fact, the Real Deal. It can be proceeded by the 'picture frame' hand signal, if convenient.


The Real Deal -- Rude Awakening variant -- A throwback to the old school, but nobody can execute it more crisply than Ryan, with a twist. Set-ups include: Back to back, top rope, front or inverted facelock... it looks similar to something middling between a reverse RKO/Diamond Cutter and Rude Awakening, if you have trouble picturing it. It can be proceeded by the 'picture frame' hand signal, if convenient.


Notes: Over his years in the business, Ryan has seen many battles and learned a lot about the different styles one is prone to seeing, here and abroad. This forced him to become a well rounded wrestler, instead of the spot monkey he was in his youth -- thusly, giving him a slight advantage over some of the younger grapplers he may face. His ring savvy and veteran knowledge may give him an edge in deciding on and implementing a game plan, when he just doesn’t have anything else left in the tank.


Sadly, you won’t see him doing any of today’s more amazing feats (minus his 720 DDT and SDP) like a standing/running SSP or most of the Wildchild’s moveset, but his old school foundation, new school additions and ability to pull a counter out of his ass, always leaves the crowd wanting more. Ryan’s lack of bulk and mass is troublesome, but luckily he can fall back on his agility, speed, and the impact of his top notch strikes to help even the odds… against the young and old.


Bio: All that is known right know is that Ryan Dustin, originally from Hollywood, California, (hence the 'picture frame' taunt) now resides in Carson City, Nevada. He's wrestled before and is looking to wrestle once again. Oh, and he might possibly be a drunken leche...

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Smarks Board Name: A Happy Medium

Wrestlers Name: Munich

Height: 6’4”

Weight: 260

Hometown: Dallas, Texas

Age: 28

Face/Heel: Face

Weapon(s): “Synergy”…his trusty Easton Synergy wrapped up in barbed wire. Only used in matches he can get away with it legally.

Quote: “I’ll fix your little red wagon.”


Looks: Munich is a tall man. Not a freakishly tall man like the HVille Thugg or that guy from Europe who scrapes his head on most ceilings, but he’s long. Along with being tall, Munich is built very well. He is not perfectly chiseled and does have meat to him. Two hundred and sixty pounds is a lot of weight and not all of it is muscle. He does not have society’s body. He has a small gut and a happy trail that travels from the top of his chest down to the bottom of his Gulliver. Munich has long brown, almost auburn hair that flows to the top of his back. His bags hang down to his chin, sometimes blocking out facial expressions all together. To go along with the hair, the man has very dark brown sad eyes that are framed by bushy, almost evil, eyebrows. His facial grows almost uncontrollably, but he usually goes with sideburns down to the earlobe and a soul patch on his chin. He has no piercing or tattoos on his body.


In Ring Attire: Black wrestling boots, black pants, black elbow pads, and taped up fists. Doesn’t bother to wear his customary black t-shirt to the ring anymore, but wears it on the way down the entrance ramp, before ripping it off and tossing it to the ramp, but not before lovingly pulling his pack of cigs out of the shirt pocket.


Out of Ring Attire: Cigarette tucked behind his ear, jeans or shorts, and either t-shirts or lightweight long sleeved shirts. And a torn up pair of Chuck Taylors.


Ring Entrance: “Gimme Shelter” by The Rolling Stones kicks up on the PA, and out saunters (love that word…even if it may have a feminine connotation to it…fuck it) Munich…black t-shirt only thing different from his normal In Ring Attire. Inside the shirt’s pocket sits a pack of cigarettes. At the top of the ramp, Munich takes the cigarettes out of his pocket and places them vertically on the ramp. Munich lifts the shirt off over his head and throws it onto the steel. He then makes a quick walk to the ring, slides under the bottom rope, and goes about doing warm exercises in the ring.




Strength: 5 (Not very surprising that Munich has had a slight increase in strength since his major leg injury, having to compensate for a lack of speed)

Speed: 3 (With the injury that lead to crutches for four months, his speed has taken a noticeable decline. He will still show flashes of speed at certain points in a match, and still has a few top rope maneuvers.

Vitality: 7 (Not an easy thing to explain, but Munich can take a lot more damage than he used too. Might have something to do with his pain threshold increasing after the agony that the shattered leg brought)

Charisma: 5 (Same old, same old..more of a dry humor these days than the past)


Style: Technical Brawler. Pretty does everything except high flying, since his leg can no longer take the punishment of constant flight


Signature moves:


1. Munich Edge – Crucifix Powerbomb that sits out…usually done from the corner to an opponent sitting on the top turnbuckle.


2. Plan M – Shoulder Jaw Breaker.


3. Guilty Pleasure – Running Clothesline to the back of the head.


4. BAMBOOZLE!! – The opponent is down, and Munich hits the victim with a running dropkick to the back of the head. Usually makes a nice thwack sound.


5. C4 Crank – Swinging neck breaker on the exposed bottom steel step. Munich normally does this move in a prolonged battle on the outside.


6. Leap of Cynicism – Guillotine leg drop from the top rope.


7. Once in a Blue Moon - Munich collides into the steel stairs quite a bit. He has a habit of slamming in knees first and tumbling over them. Noticing this, Munich has come up with a counter, that never really has a good possibility of working. Munich is whipped into the stairs, but is able to, once in a blue moon; steps up onto them and leap to the crowd barrier, which he tries to land on. After perching on top, Munich comes at his opponent with a small aerial move from the barricade, usually a diving clotheline, but go ahead and get creative.


Common moves:


1. Hanging Vertical Suplex


2. Inverted Atomic Drop


3. Figure Four Leg Lock


4. Half Boston Crab


5. Reverse DDT


6. Vile, Crashing, Devastating Left Hook


7. Stungun


8. Fisherman Suplex Pin


9. Dragon Suplex Pin


10. Firemans Carry to STF





1. C-4 Crunch – Cradle Piledriver


2. Wagon Repair – Standing Full Nelson. Munich usually does this after working over his opponent’s neck through out a match. Munich likes to set up near the ropes, his back to them, so his opponent cannot walk to the ropes and get his legs around them.



Notes: Doesn’t have many laws he lives by. He isn’t a coward. He isn’t Superman. He doesn’t strike women..at all. He isn’t fast, and he is not overly strong. He is just who he is. He is a tragic hero. His tragic flaw being a shattered leg he suffered two years ago in one of his last matches for the SWF that will keep him slowed down for the rest of his career. Many moves have been lost from his repertoire, and some of the moves he does now are maybe too risky for his leg to support.


Bio: It’s kind of long and I don’t feel like making up events for two years of rehab following a shattered leg.

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Forum Name: Ced

Wrestler's Name: Ced Ordonez

Nickname: "Bemani Cross Wizard"

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 209 lbs.

Hometown: Sacramento, CA

Age: 22

Alignment: Face

Stable: N/A

Weapon(s): Whatever becomes available, but only if it's match legal.

Quote: N/A


Looks: Decent muscular build, tanned skin and spiky black hair with brunette highlights.


Ring Attire: A white mask with red, blue and yellow details. The mask is fashioned after a Gundam mecha, but with a few Dance Dance Revolution related details. It is open on the top to reveal Ced's spiky hair and open around the eyes and the lower half of his face to allow viewers to see his facial expressions. White long tights with blue and yellow trim. Red boots and kneepads with yellow flame trim. Red open fingered gloves that extend just short of the elbow and blue elbowpads complete the set. The colors can be changed to match his partner's attire (ie pink and black if he were to team with Bret Hart) or to elicit a cheap pop (ie purple and silver in Sacramento).


Ring Attire Note: Although he now dons a mask, it is purely for ornamental purposes and not meant to hide his identity in any way. It can be removed at any time, although Ced really doesn't appreciate people trying to rip the mask off of his head.


Entrance/Backstage Attire: Ring attire with a SWF or Bemani Cross Wizard themed sports jersey. Once in a while, Ced will don the jersey of the local sports franchise for the sake of a cheap pop. The jersey will always bear the number 17.


Entrance Theme: "Night of Fire" - Niko (High energy Eurobeat theme)


Ring Entrance:


"Night of Fire!"


The lights go out as the beat of the Niko composed theme begins to excite the crowd.

Near the entrance, a group of shadowy figures slowly appear from underneath the raised stage with via a built-in elevator. These figures are remain motionless in various poses until...




A female group in the song yells as fireballs shoot upward in front of the stage and the figures are revealed to be Ced Ordonez and four female dancers. They immediately start a heavily choreographed dance routine as the stage is illuminated in an elaborate light show. After a minute or two of pumping up the crowd, Ced breaks away from the group and makes his way to the ring.


He slides in and makes his way to the one of the far turnbuckle sets, posing for the crowd for the obligatory photo op. He then looks back to the entrance way and directs the crowd's attention to his dance troupe before they head to the back. Ced then gives the crowd one more photo op before going into his pre-match stretch.



Strength: 4

Speed: 6

Vitality: 6

Charisma: 4


Game plan: Incorporates alot of legwork in the early going to set up the aerial game and possible submission in the latter stages of the match.


Signature moves:

- Dragon Screw Legwhip

- Regal Roll: Forward Roll from a Fireman's Carry.

- Powerdrive Elbow: Ced bounces off the ropes once then drops a hard elbow. He usually gets overzealous and winds up landing on his opponent with his entire torso, making the blow even more uncomfortable for his opponent.

- Double Stomp: With the opponent lying on the mat, Ced jumps up and drills both feet into his opponent's stomach.

- Freestyle Routine: Not an actual move, but a spot used to frustrate his opponent. It's basically Ced going Drunken Master, except with various dance moves. As his opponent tries to attack, Ced counters with an appropriate move and poses for the crowd to end the routine.


Common moves:

- Roundhouse Kick

- Senton Splash

- Drop Toehold

- Cross Kneelock

- Second Rope Elbowdrop

- Flying Leg Scissors

- Top Rope Missile Dropkick

- Running High Kick

- Kneebreaker

- Jumping Double Knee Drop

- Cross Bodyblock

- Huracanrana

- Jumping Back Elbow

- Enzuigiri

- Dropkick to the Knee


Rare moves:

- To be announced at a later date...



- Fire Soul: Top Rope Corkscrew Swanton Bomb. Primary finisher. With the opponent lying on the mat. Ced perches himself on to the top turnbuckle, facing the crowd, then pushes off while twisting. He rotates in midair and hits his opponent with a swanton.

- Cross Lightning: Nagata Lock/Reverse Figure-Four Leglock. Submission finisher.

- Dynamite Rave: Fallaway Moonsault. Cruiserweight finisher. With his opponent crotched on the top turnbuckle, Ced hops onto the second rope and hoists his opponent into a fallaway slam position. He steps up to the top rope and then he does a moonsault while still holding onto his opponent. The opponent slams onto the mat hard as Ced simultaneously lands on top of the opponent, allowing Ced to get the easy pinfall.

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Smarks Board Name: N/A

Wrestler's Name: Ebony

Nickname: None

Height: 6'0

Weight: 200lbs (yes, she's big)

Hometown: Parts Unknown

Age: 26

Face/Heel: Tweener

Stable: None

Tag Team: None

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): Butcher's Knife (for those SPECIAL occasions...)

Quote: "I'll show the boys how a -real- girl fights..."




Ebony is beautiful to most people, in that dangerous and alluring sort of way. And provided you're of the furry-enjoying sort. She's an antromorphic (human in form) ferret/weasel crossbreed. Her fur is black as night, and long, dark hair falls about halfway down her back; ferret-esque ears poke through it at the top of her head. Her clothing is essentially a neck to ankle black catsuit, form-fitted to her body. Relatively well-endowed, she doesn't wear gloves or boots, and her fingernails have been refined to points, just right for clawing some poor guy. She wears this attire both in the ring and backstage.



The lights flicker and several of them turn green, and the others drop out, leaving the ring and the rampway bathed in a mixture of darkness and green light. As images of a knife and a glowering pair of green eyes flicker across the Smarktron, the sound of Alice Cooper's "Poison" begins to sound from the speakers, echoing over the arena as the fans await.


"Your cruel device

Your blood, like ice

One look could kill

My pain, your thrill!"


Black and green pyrotechnics explode across the ramp like machinegun fire, and the crowd roars in appreciation. The sound dies down to a mixture of cheers and boos as the black catsuited figure of Ebony strides through the smoke. With a smirk on her face, she looks left and right at the fans, either bowing mockingly or flipping the occasional hooting male off. She spares a wink for the occasional lady, as well.


<Funyon Stuff>


Ebony leaps up onto the apron, climbs over the top rope, and mounts the turnbuckles and lifts her arms, leaning in the direction of a female fan to give them a good look. She then hops off the ropes and waits in the ring for her opponent, or for the match to start.




Strength: 4

Speed: 6

Vitality: 5

Charisma: 5


Style: Likes to strike her opponents, has no problem hitting low blows on the guys if the ref doesn't see it or it's legal. Not particularly strong enough to use power moves, so she uses athleticism and martial arts to wear her foes down.


Signature Moves

"Crotch Crusher" - Mudhole Stomping to the groin.


Mexican Surfboard

Wishbone Leg Split w/ Double Legdrop

Cross/Reverse Cross Kneebreaker


"Eboniser" - Any sort of low blow, be it standard, Shattered Dreams style, using the ring ropes...

Cross Armbreaker


Common Moves

Abdominal Stretch


Flying Elbow Smashes (instead of lariats)

Martial Arts kicks

Basic DDTs (Standard, Reverse, Tornado, Flying, Top Rope)


Claw Swipes

Monkey Flip

Hurricanranas (Standard, Reverse, Flying, Top Rope)

Martial Arts chops

Bitchslap of Superiority




"Loving Embrace" - Front Facelock With Body Scissors. Think of it like the Thighs of Steel. Yup, you read it right. When the opponent is on the ground, Ebony wraps her leg around their abdomen and squeezes, rolling the opponent so she's underneath and locking on a front facelock choke as well. The end result is the opponent passing out from lack of oxygen or giving up, unless they break the hold.


"Man Is Obsolete" - Inverted 450º Splash. Ebony goes to the top rope and faces the crowd, then runs her arms up her torso ala Goldust. After clearly flaunting her sexuality to the crowd, she jumps backwards into the ring, and throws her body forward into a 450º splash, crashing down on her opponent's ribcage.


Rare Moves


Anything that involves using a weapon to hit someone in the groin.




As said in her style, she works with striking her opponents to weaken them, then either uses an athletic move or a submission to get the win. She relishes in hitting someone in the nuts, so she'll definitely try to do that at least once, and then taunt to her heart's content.




Yes, she's really a ferret/weasel crossbreed, daughter of evil alternate universe Sable Flame and eviler alternate universe Yuria, which is probably lost on you because I'm the only other person here to have read a single damned page of Furfire. It's not a suit, guys, I'll just sum that much up. She is indeed also a lesbian, and tends to despise males of all species. A lot.


(These are Janus' stats, and I've edited them ever so slightly, so this remains inane for the PPV match. And also, a reference for those who dare double no-show on my watch.)

Edited by realitycheck

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Guest Horse hockey!

Preliminary Question: How did you find us/hear about us? Just looking through the boards


Smarks Board Name: Horse hockey!

Wrestlers Name: Sean Davis

Nicknames: The Perfect Storm, The Tempest, The Tropic Terror, The Handsome Hurricane

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 270 lbs

Hometown: Jacksonville, FL

Age: 26

Face/Heel: Heel

Stable: None

Ring Escort: Marcus Washington, P.A.

Weapon(s): None, weapons are a last resort

Quote: "I'll take you on."


Looks: African-American, medium brown skin tone. Deep, brown eyes and short, black hair. Dark blue wrestling tights, lightning design down left pant leg, no shirt, black wrestling boots. Marcus is 6'0", 180 lbs and has the same complexion as Sean. He's always dressed in a neat suit, tie and trendy glasses.


Ring Entrance: Flashes of white pyro streak from ceiling to stage, imitating lightning, and a loud clap of thunder hushes the arena (or causes 'oohs' and 'aahs'). "Headstrong" by Trapt kicks up. The arena darkens (but does not go black) as lines of flame burst alive and border the stage, as if a fire was started by the 'lightning' strike. Sean steps out and heads down the ramp, followed closely by Marcus. A dark blue spotlight follows them to the ring.



Strength: 8, strong, easily lifts 225 lbs

Speed: 2, capable of a short burst of speed when the adrenaline hits, doesn't visit the top rope

Vitality: 8, doesn't quit easily, can take hardcore shots and recover

Charisma: 2, gets a negative reaction from the crowd, not well-liked backstage


Style: Adrenaline charged, violent power base


Signature moves:

Super Cell - Enraged Press and Knuckle. Use dirty fighting against Sean, you'd better watch out. Once recovered from an illegal blow, he flies at his opponent, tackling them to the mat, then lands furious blows to his foe's face and head. Can be very intimidating if he's bleeding.

Thunderclap – Big hook followed by a big backfist.

Death Valley Driver - Always tries for a pinfall after this move.

Jacknife powerbomb - A simple move, but he usually bombs his opponent on their upper back/neck, thus folding them over on the mat. Mistake, or intentional? Definitely the rarest of his Signature moves, but not rare enough to be classified a Rare move.

Chokeslam - Quickly executed.

Spinebuster - He drives his shoulder into the opponent's chest upon impact with the mat.

Pulling Piledriver - He sits out in the piledriver instead of dropping to his knees.

Reverse Armbar - An opponent throws a lazy or misguided punch, he'll grab the fist and force the opponent into a wristlock, then push their shoulder down and lock on the reverse armbar.


Common moves:

Super Inside Cradle (Schoolboy Buster) - A harsh, forced schoolboy pin, with Sean putting most of his weight over his opponent.

Underhook Brainbuster Suplex (Michinoku Driver)

Underhook Powerbomb (Tiger Driver) - Sean drops to his BUTT in his version.

Full Nelson Slam

Full Nelson Atomic Drop

Brainbuster DDT

Fireman's Carry Gutbuster Drop

Falcon Arrow

Military Press Drop - Sometimes Sean will drop his opponent onto the ropes, or face first into the turnbuckle.

Military Press Slam - Sean will press lighter (under 225lbs) opponents a couple times before slamming them.

Elbow Drop - Follows the Military Press Slam.

Reverse Headlock - with knee to the back

Release German Suplex

Shoulder Block - followed by stomps, often to the point of forcing his opponent out of the ring


Rare moves:

(Semi) Big Boot - to the stomach.

Cyclone Driver - Underhook Piledriver. Sean sets this up much like a Pedigree, but lifts his opponent up for a piledriver, then falls to his knees, driving the foe's upper back/neck to the mat (tuck your chin!). This move will put anyone down for the count. A non-wrestler would take a trip to the local hospital.



Maelstrom - Powerbomb Implant DDT. Sean lifts his opponent by their waist, positioning them over his shoulder. He pulls his opponent down as he falls back, executing a devastating DDT

Avalanche - Back mounted Full Nelson. He sits on his opponent's lower back and pulls their arms into a Full Nelson. He leans back while applying pressure on his opponent's neck. A cruiserweight will have a tough time escaping this move, while someone with a higher strength may be able to power out of it, or to the ropes. Generally only escaped by outside interference. He uses this late in a match, when he knows his opponent is worn enough that he will submit.


Notes: Sean is on average a very quiet man. Marcus tends to do a lot of Sean's talking for him, which he allows for the most part. Sean doesn't back down from a fight.


Marcus is the stereotypical lawyer, a scum and annoying. He gets beat up frequently. Marc's favorite phrase is, "You don't have to answer that."


Bio: Sean went to FSU in Tallahassee on scholarship for football. An altercation on-campus resulted in Sean's arrest and subsequent incarceration. Longtime friend and recent addition to the pool of lawyers, Marcus Washington took Sean's case and fought for his freedom. After two years in state prison, a mere technicality set Sean free, despite his continued pleas of innocence.


While studying at FSU, Sean dated Rashelle Moore on and off again. Rashelle continued her education in Chicago, and often stops by shows in the area.

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Guest Fratastic

Smarks Board Name: Fratastic

Wrestlers Name: Martin "Big Country" Hunt

Height: 6 foot 2 inches

Weight: 220 lbs

Hometown: Boone, NC

Age: 22

Face/Heel: Heel--> can be a face though

Stable: N/A

Ring Escort: None.. as of yet

Weapon(s): Carries a wooden baseball bat often.. sometimes carries a bottle of Southern Comfort


"WHO-HA" "The South Shall Rise Again" "I have drank liquor stronger than you"

"I am the Box King"


Looks: Martin Hunt is your typical college student. He is tall and fairly built-- reasonably sized and has somewhat of muscle definition. He has very long arms that provide him with an extensive reach on most opponents and has the looks of a farm boy. He is often sporting collared polo shirts with khakis and boots or a pair of faded overalls. He has short curly hair and a touch of craziness is seen within his brown eyes. Martin is also very cocky, southern-acting, and is of course a fraternity brother-- which only furthers his cockiness and attitude. His ring attire consists of worn fraternity shirts sporting the letters of Pi Kappa Phi and a pair of blue jeans and boots.


Ring Entrance: "A Country Boy Can Survive" plays by Hank Williams Jr as Martin "Big Country" Hunt struts out to the ring proudly wearing his fraternity's letters, blue jeans, and boots that look fresh for kicking ass. He smirks at the crowd and mocks various fans in attendance before entering the ring.




Strength: 6

Speed: 4

Vitality: 6

Charisma: 4



Style: Power-Techinal Based


Signature moves:


power slam

Baseball bat shots

spitting liquor in eyes of opponent

choking opponents with beer bongs

"100 Proof" Knee to forehead like HHH's

"Donkey Punch" Big splash off topes like Val Venis' Money Shot

suspended suplex


Common moves:

Neck breakers

Choke Hold

Multiple Punches in the corner

scissor kick


power slam

body to body suplex

headlock with multiple punches

drop kick

body-stretch submission like move

leg locks

arm bars..


Rare moves: "Pi Kapp Attack" Flying Moonsault off top ropes



1) (Submission Based) "Black-Out"-- Vicious sleeper-hold that is normally held way to long and refs have to push Martin off of his opponent

2) (Power Based) "Sweet Southern Comfort" -- Reverse DDT similar to Raven's Evenflow


Notes: Martin "Big Country" Hunt will do anything to win a fight, from a cheap shot, to outside interference to even spitting liquor in his opponent's eye he just doesn't care. He seems to only show his pain and hurt in extreme cases and has a mild case of "Mankind"'s masochist characteristics. He is extremely dedicated, hard-working and cocky. His attitude often offends others and he is normally found "hard to control". Martin comes across as the average fraternity guy that is showing you how cocky he is and how cocky he will be on his quest for the gold.


Bio: Martin "Big Country" Hunt has been around in a few e-feds back in his early teenage years (17-19 years old). He wrestled extremely hardcore and was often arrested for violent conduct and public drunkeness. He left the wrestling scene where he was struggling to make a living and pursued a college career in the mountains. Even though he held numerous world titles, american titles, u.s. titles, hardcore titles, intercontinental titles, and even a tag team title-- Martin seemed to only be content with making money and winning more gold. His greed led to his departure of "EHW" (Extreme Hardcore Wrestling) after he got inducted into their hall of fame and he ventured into Appalachian State University to try out his business side of academics. While in college, Martin grew extremely cocky and joined Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity where he lead as a feared president and helped develop a name for himself among the campus. In his senior year, Martin began missing wrestling so he ventured into the SWF...

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Here comes trouble. I've been accepted.


Preliminary Question: How did you find us/hear about us?: Well, AndrewTS told me about TSM, and then from there I just scrolled down to SWF one day.


Smarks Board Name: ChrisMWaters

Wrestlers Name: "The Icon" Max King

Nicknames: "The Superior Talent", "Wrestling's Superman"

Height: 6'3

Weight: 250 lbs.

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Age: 25

Face/Heel: Heel

Stable: None

Ring Escort: Kelly Connelly (see below)

Weapon(s): Nothing special. If he's DESPERATE enough to use one though, he will use a chair.



"My superiority: it's not a complex, it's a fact of life."

"Sometimes, it's not easy being me."


Physical Looks: King's a average sized man for a wrestler, but his body is not. He looks VERY ripped...to the point of chiseled. Though it may hurt to remember...think one of the guys off those BOD commercials. He has black hair cut short, in a style similar to...um...*shrug* I dunno, George Clooney? That works I guess.


Out of Ring Attire: Without being OVER-dressed, he likes to wear stylish clothing. Expensive shirts and pants, as well as sunglasses. Think The Rock when he was corporate...only moreso.


Ring Attire: Classic short tights in blue with "ICON" written on the back of them in cursive lettering, and his initials monogrammed on the front, ala Ric Flair's tights. Has boots that come right up to the calf, and matching kneepads and elbow pads.


Ring Entrance: Kelly will come to the ring, and take the microphone from Funyon, looking out. She will make the announcement for King's entrance. Something along the lines of this.


"Now ladies and gentlemen, you are about to be amazed and thrilled. So take a look now, to Wrestling's Superman himself...a god among mortals in the ring, the one and only Superior Talent himself...give it up...for "THE ICON" MAX KING!"


An explosion occurs on the entryway, then "Superstar" by Saliva cues up. King steps out, a smug expression on his face as he comes to the ring. He doesn't even acknowledge the fans as he walks to the ring, his head up high with an arrogance about him as he does. He walks up the ring steps onto the apron, where Kelly is holding the ropes for him, sitting on the second one and holding up the top one with her arm. For visual aid, watch an old Randy Savage entrance with Ms. Elizabeth coming to the ring with him. Anyway, Max then enters the ring, standing in the center...and Kelly comes over, rubbing her hands up and down his body a bit, before kissing him on the cheek and leaving the ring. Max then looks to the entryway, almost taunting the opponent to come out.



Strength: 5

Speed: 4

Vitality: 5

Charisma: 6


Style: The Icon wants to prove he is the best all around wrestler out there. He mostly sticks to the technical, mat based game...but doesn't limit himself to just that. He will do whatever it takes to win a match


Signature moves:

Superb Plex (Basically a plain old Superplex, but in mid air will twist his body so he lands right on top of an opponent. Will usually stay on for a pin from this position.)

The Complex (Hits a person with a hard knee to the back, then follows up right away with a kick to the head. Follows it up by flexing a bit.)

Leg Snapper (While opponents are on the mat face down, picks up the person's legs, jumps up, and snaps them towards the person's body to hyperextend the thigh muscles.)

Jumping Piledriver

Sleeper Drop

Reverse DDT onto the knee.

Top Rope Elbow

Flying Forearm, followed by a roll to the feet and a pose



Common moves:

Knife Edged Chops in corner

Elbows to the back

Leg Drags

Lifting DDT

Flipping Neck Roll with opponent sitting (like the one Curt Hennig used to do)


Clothesline in the corner

Back Elbow Shot

Sternum buster

Leaping Roundhouse

Butterfly Suplex

Corner Body Splash

Running swinging neckbreaker

High Cross Body

Top Rope Splash




King Buster (Locks an opponent in a reverse DDT position, grabs the other leg with an arm, as if planning to a reverse Fisherman's suplex. However, he only gets a person up halfway into a vertical position, and then drops that person on his head. He then stays on for a pin from there.)

The Compressor (Max's submission finisher. Basically the same set up as the King Buster, but goes from there into a kneeling position, putting a knee into the back of an opponent, holding and stretching the person as he locks his hands together)


Notes: Max King's target points to work on in a match are the back and the neck. He goes out of his way to embarrass his opponent as well, because he thinks that he's better than anyone that he's up against. Since I didn't think it'd be right to put them under moves, he does a lot of cocky pins...including the Jericho style one.


Bio: Max King was a kid with a dream, to be the best pro wrestler ever. As a young man, he joined the wrestling team in jr. high and then continued on through high school. Growing up, he started to get upset with how he saw wrestling change from the classic mat-based style he grew up with, and turn towards brawls and extreme styles, especially in his hometown. King went over to Japan to finish up his wrestling training, and spent 3 years over there competing. Now, he's returning to the United States, and has decided to pursue the SWF and it's champions




Name: Kelly Connelly

Height: 6' (mostly in her legs, like Stacy Keibler)

Weight: She won't tell

Age: 24

Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada

Face/Heel: Heel



Strength: 2 – She's not a trained competitor, but she is somewhat fit

Speed: 4 (3 with heels) – Running is her main excercise

Vitality: 3 – Can last a bit running, but never really worked a match, so hard to judge there

Charisma: 6 – She loves to promote Max in her own unique way, and considers herself the female version of Bobby Heenan.


Looks: A tall red-headed lovely. Her legs are 41 inches long (you know where I got the basis for that. :P) and her body is well toned. Her chest is about a c-cup, and yes, they ARE natural there. Her red hair is straight, and flows down to her shoulders. The outfit of choice for her are female business suits...like the ones Debra used to wear.


Entrance: When coming out by herself, Kelly will come out to "Bitch" by Meredith Brooks. She'll walk to the ring in a sexy manner, but in a way that almost says "I'm sexy AND better than you!" She'll then get into the ring through the second and top rope, like Stacy, but not as flirty.


Moves: Kelly doesn't really get into matches as an active competitor, so she doesn't really have any wrestling moves. She's just mostly there to give moral support to her man, Max.


Bio: Kelly was born to a family that owns a casino in Las Vegas. Not wanting to follow the family business, Kelly saved up and studied hard, and earned her way into college, earning degrees in business and law. Growing up, she was a wrestling fan, but was more into the role of managers than actual wrestlers, intrigued by what they did. Eventually, she found out about Max King, who was looking for a manager to handle the finer points of his career, and Kelly was quick to sign up. Since then, the two have grown close to each other...but how close?


Notes: Kelly considers herself the next step in the great managers of the past like Bobby Heenan, Jimmy Hart, and the like. As such, if Max is in trouble, she will try to interject herself to help her man out. She'll only use her sexuality to distract if extremely necessary, due to the fact that she thinks Max is the only one worthy of such flirtations.


[And can't wait to get started!]

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Note- read the “notes” area, read the promo, read the Gauntlet. :wub: this new character.



Smarks Board Name: InsanityMan

Wrestlers Name: Petey the (Irish) Penguin

Nicknames: “Petey” “The Penguin” “Petey the (Irish) Pimp Penguin”, and “The Squawker”

Height: 6’3” (Penguin’s head adds a bit of length it’s a tall Penguin)

Weight: 227 (costume added)

Hometown: South Pole

Age: …22? Yeah.

Face/Heel: Face. You can’t hate Petey!

Stable: The Celtic Misfits (see notes)

Ring Escort: Occasionally “Adorable Edwin- the Mini-MacPhisto”, Wallace McHaggis or Adorable Edwin hitchin’ a ride on Wallace McHaggis’ shoulders!

Weapon(s): Just about anything, this is quite the hardcore penguin.

Quote: “Squawk!” “Oh come on!” (In the heavy brogue accent)


Looks: This is Tim Dillon. But he’s dressed in an overstuffed penguin suit that comes down a bit past his knees. So his khaki cargoes have the same shamrock patches at the end, same Emerica black skate shoes, his face is exposed as the beak is “opened” so his face pokes out of the beak and the rest of the suit above it. Attractive guy, nice green eyes, scattered freckles on a nose, blonde hair, has some dimples, and somehow has a dazzling smile. But his legs and arms are rather free but overall this movement is constricted.


Ring Entrance: The lights dim and a loud “BBbuuuurrrr, it is cold in here!” Then a long pause as blue lights switch on “UNLEASH THE FURY!” This leads right into the bagpipes blaring for “Barroom Hero” by Dropkick Murphys! Meanwhile the SmarkTron shows Petey Irish jigging and two penguins getting into a chest-bumping contest. White, green, and orange pyro explodes everywhere! Confetti rains down in the shape of a penguin and out comes Petey! The fans give their cheers as if Jesus and Edwin were in a dance-off while Petey mimes some boxing punches. Then depending on if it’s a special occasion he might be smoking a hand-rolled, green dyed papers cigarette or chug a Guinness to an “Oi” chant! Slaps fans’ hands maybe lets a little kid pet his beak, you know, he’s a great guy.




Strength: 20(4- you sell his strikes)

Speed: 20 (3- he’s a quick penguin but his attire constricts him)

Vitality: 20 (7- tough Penguin, plus the suit absorbs blows, I mean the South Pole is COLD~!)

Charisma: Numbers can’t describe. (6- is it possible to NOT love Petey?)



Style: Well Petey is a master brawler. But he’s rather capable of moving swiftly but he’s restricted by his suit. So basically he’s a brawler at heart who just uses good, (mostly) simple wrestling and fighting to win. Now he’s not sadistic but by nature he likes knocking people out silly. Matter of fact it makes him quite the happy penguin.


Signature moves:


Penguin Panic- Trap both arms under arm pits, a battle cry (“squawk!”) headbutts galore, then throwing them overhead.


Fury Unleashed- Garvin-like stomps after a snapmare, hip toss, or side headlock take down. But instead of stomping he hops onto your chest and treats your ribcage like a treadmill with waddles!


Rapid strikes and brawling moves before he busts out an Irish jig and clotheslines or dropkicks the opponent down.


Arctic Freeze-Three to five rolling DDTs


THE Spear- Always done with a “squawk” as a battle cry.


Penguin’s Power- Hurricarana from the top rope.


Just brawling with hints of “dirty fighting” kneecap shots, kidney kicks, elbows, palm strike


Arctic Atomic Bomb- Yeah but you sell this like it is death, for no real reason.


Leg drop off top rope


Just about every springboard because it’s DAMN impressive to see Petey suicide Planchas to the outside.


Wings of Wrath- basically you got opponent on middle turnbuckle- grab a hold of his head out and gets to middle rope- spiked DDT





Common moves:

Ten head butts in the corner- where the fans “squawk” instead of count along

Beak Buster- snapmare into chinlock

Snap Suplex

Side headlock takedown into retaining hold

German Suplex

Hip toss

Monkey flip

Sting Splash- Mostly a joke move because, you know, there’s a lot of fluff in that costume. But sets up for the ten head butts in the corner.

Boston Crab

Simple top rope moves just because Petey got the fundamentals down.

Super Kick

Squawk Slam- backdrop

Spine buster

Wing Taps- quick bitch slaps… mostly as humiliation and get the crowd rallied.


Rare moves:

Tux’s Takedown- Burning Hammer. That’s right, you read it correctly.




Penguin Pandemonium- Same as “blood and whiskey” which is a reverse DDT with elevation due to grabbing hold of pants and lifting up.


Penguins Can Too Fly- Petey vaults onto the top turnbuckle and then hits a corkscrew Moonsault, it’s beautiful really.



Notes: So here’s the deal, guys. This is Tim Dillon, it’s OBVIOUSLY Tim Dillon, but dressed up as Petey the Penguin. The idea is he’s being half-goofy and half-serious in the federation so he fights to win but prefers a good time. This guy is Mr. Happy-Go-Lucky there isn’t any “anguish” that IL was “plagued” with. Anyway but only Alex Zennon, The Celtic Misfits, and Bobby Riley (who just realizes how obvious it is) have caught on.


Petey the (Irish) Penguin is quite the player, therefore he can be referred to as “Petey the (Irish) Pimp Penguin” also. “The Squawker” works too. Instead of swearing, most of the time, he “squawks.” He also jigs, slips into Gaelic, has the same silver flask with gold chain with the family crest covered up by a piece of paper with a huge “P” taped over his family crest. Same with the silver lighter too. It’s rare when Petey is being serious but when he is, it’s pretty intimidating. As a rule of the universe- people adore Petey the Penguin. The thick, brogue accent can make girls melt with a big grin and how can guys NOT like a Penguin who can chug down a keg… then casually ask for another! You can’t. You love Petey. Most likely he loves you back, too.


The Celtic Misfits is more of Petey’s “posse” or group he’s almost always around. Here’s how it breaks down-


“Adorable Edwin- the Mini-MacPhisto” (Mini-Mac, Mini-MacPhisto, and Adorable Edwin all work as nicknames)- He’s a midget impersonator of Edwin MacPhisto. But not in a disrespectful way, it’s because he freakin’ worships the guy! Now Adorable Edwin is very charismatic and runs with the jokes about him being who he is. However at the same time this guy is roughly 4’4” and got ups. Therefore a Cocktail O’ Shame, Encore Cross, Standing Shotei, Kip-Up, and all other classics can be attempted. He’s a feisty guy but at the end of the day he makes a good manager. He looks exactly like Edwin, if he was shrunk.


Wallace McHaggis- That good natured Scotsmen, but his weight puts Rikishi to shame! This guy can sprint across a ring and that’s about it. But he knows how to throw his weight around, damn it! He’s around 6’1”, eats haggis, and has full, ruby face with blue face paint that matches Gibson in “Braveheart.” Wears a kilt, can use bagpipes as a weapon, and has the fighting spirit inside him. Usually you just have to get past the pounds and pounds of fat to get to it.


Sean O’Connor- He is Petey the Penguin’s friend who helps him out. Of American-Irish descent he has shaggy brown hair, green eyes, pale skin, and is only 5’10.” He works out though and knows how to box and fight, but doesn’t really like to unless it’s for the sake of a sport. But he’s very defensive, so it happens.


Candice- Petey’s girlfriend, rarely seen though, usually stays in Limerick, Ireland. But she’s pretty short, 5’8” or so then shoulder length blonde hair, blue eyes, cute smile. You know, the type only such a(n) (Irish) Pimp Penguin could snatch.


Sean Daly- Another Petey the Penguin friend but he's from Limerick, Ireland. Short, curly brown hair, rather dull brown eyes, freckles, very muscular though. He's about 6'2" and just not the type of guy to piss off. He's usually only there when the shows are on the East Coast but doesn't mean he can't catch a ride. His accent is actually very light but he's too intimidating to attract many girls. He's that friend that takes life and everything too seriously so next to Petey he's going to be coming out swinging.


(Inflatable Buddy Christ- Eh, it just travels with them wherever it goes. Doing anything to Buddy Christ is asking for certain death.)


Oh, last but not least-






Entrance theme-


“Cadence to Arms” by Dropkick Murphys begins as the bagpipes speed their way through the classic and the crowd chants “Oi!” along with the bagpipes. The pyro explodes and so do the cheers! Out comes the Celtic Misfits to do whatever the agenda is.


If they have to wrestle or there’s the chance of a fight then “Adorable Edwin- the Mini-MacPhisto” will also have blue battle face paint as Wallace McHaggis does (like the Scotsmen in Braveheart, the pattern usually changes).


http://www.insults.net/html/swear/irish.html Gaelic swears, which he'll use.


Bio: Tim Dillon burned his contract in a fury as he stormed out of the SJL life. The only problem was that included the clause where he could return to the SWF ever again. Without knowing this Dillon went back to Limerick and had to find new work. The underground knuckle boxing wasn’t enough income so he auditioned to become Linux’s mascot for the United Kingdom. However after a few too many shots of Jack Daniels Tim began rambling about Pro-IRA comments while in a British pub. An altercation broke out and Dillon was promptly fired. Insanely desperate for money he came crawling back to the SWF, where he was informed it’s not legally possible for him to return as Tim Dillon. However the bitter Alex Zennon decided there’d be absolutely no harm in having Dillon become Petey the (Irish) Penguin (due to have seen a Linux commercial with Dillon dressed up) then made Tim get back into Linux costume… never to reveal his true identity or he’s FIRED~!

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Smarks Board Name: What?


Wrestlers Name: Heath Black


Height: 6'1


Weight: 202


Hometown: Las Vegas, NV


Age: 19


Face/Heel: Tweener


Stable: eh...


Ring Escort: Kelsey Black (wife)


Weapon(s): Aluminum Bat


Quote: None


Looks: Always dresses in normal street clothes, in and out of the ring. ALWAYS has a cigarette in his mouth, except during matches. Has dyed blonde hair, black bags under his eyes, and slightly lanky.


Ring Entrance: "Out Ta Get Me" by Guns n' Roses hits, and Heath and Kelsey walk out together.




Strength: 4

Speed: 6

Vitality: 5

Charisma: 5


Style: depends on the match, I guess.


Signature moves:

8. Camelcanrana - Step up Hurrancanrana.

7. Sidewinder DDT - Leaping DDT

6. Alien Workshop - Top Rope Spin Wheel Kick

5. Rolling Fisherman Suplexes

4. Emerica - Spaceman Somersault Plancha

3. Leaping Superkick

2. Foundation Station - Rolling Swinging Neckbreakers

1. Hook-up - Judo takedown into the turnbuckles


Common moves:

Stalling Vertical Suplex


Crossover Clothesline

Armbar variations


Rare moves:

3. Kamel Red Clash - Lyger Bomb

2. Second Rope German Suplex

1. Shooting Star Press



2. The End - Amityville Horror

1. Destroying America - Fisherman Buster/Michinoku Driver II...I guess the Ki Krusher


Notes: Somewhat a brawler, somewhat a technical guy, somewhat a luchadore. You never know with Heath.


Bio: meh

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Smarks Board Name: Rob E. Dangerously

Wrestlers Name: Rob Gilbert

Nickname(s): Robzilla the Lady-Thrilla

Height: 5'11.5"

Weight: 165lbs

Hometown: Chappaqua, NY

Summer Residence: Kennebuckport, ME

Winter Residence: Paradise Valley, AZ

Age: 18

Face/Heel: Super-Cowardly Heel

Stable: none

Ring Escort: "The Terrific One" Timothy Valentine (height: 6'0", weight: around 240lbs, Age: 50, bleached blonde hair, dresses in fancy suits. Serves as trainer and mentor)

Weapon(s): One Loaded Black glove (left-handed), Chain, Brass Knuckles. Whatever other things he, or Timothy Valentine, can get into the ring

Quote: "Let me tell you this", "Yeeeeah"



Gilbert has short red hair, clean-shaven. Long limbs (arms/legs). Not very built physically, skinny. Basically, one of the more unimposing figures in the history of this sport.


Street clothes:

Dresses in Orange suits, wearing sunglasses and sandals


Ring Attire:

Bright Orange tights going down to his knees, black elbowpads, black kneepads, wrist tape, orange boots with a white G on them and a white collared shirt with short sleeves (occaisionally wrestles without a shirt). Wears a dark jacket down to the ring.


Ring Entrance:

["Serial Thrilla" by Prodigy plays as Gilbert walks though the curtains followed by his trainer/mentor Timothy Valentine. Gilbert ignores the fans as he gets on the apron, and enters the ring as his trainer has the ropes opened for him. Gilbert then holds up his left hand and goes to his corner.]




Strength: 3 (Not that strong)

Speed: 5 (Has some agility and can pull off top rope moves)

Vitality: 5 (Can take a beating and last for awhile)

Charisma: 7 (Has charisma)


Style: Awkward. Gilbert is a technical wrestler, when he does wrestle. For a man his size, he rarely leaves his feet, and may brawl at times (unsuccessfully)


Signature moves:

Flying Elbowdrop

Tornado DDT

Frog Splash


Fisherman's Suplex

Russian Legsweep

Slingshot Suplex


Fistdrop (clean, or with the aid of an illegal object)

The Iron Claw (success of this move is.. dubious)


Common moves:



Camel Clutch (Scott Steiner-variant, sorta like a rear chin lock)


Knee to the face


Reverse Neckbreaker

Punching to the kidneys (done out of the view of the referee)

"Discus Elbow" (Spinning Elbow to the face)


Atomic Drop

Gutwrench Suplex





Rare moves:






Straight out of Chappaqua (Downward Spiral, Gilbert then rams the guys face into the mat a few times after the move, before going for the pin)



Gilbert has an awkward stance in the ring (a peek-a-boo stance with his hands in front of his face), and isn't afraid to backdown, beg for mercy or keep his distance. Gilbert is also prone to what some would consider 'overselling' (although he's one of the skinnier wrestlers too). Gilbert doesn't mind cheating to win.



Robert Brandon Gilbert got all the good things in life. Why not? his parents were only well-off. He attended private schools and he didn't have the time for the common man. But the one link between him and the usual common person is that Gilbert is a fan of Professional Wrestling. Using his family's wealth, he could get the good seats for whatever events he wanted. But, on his 18th birthday, he shocked his family by annoucing that he wouldn't be going to the prestigous Columbia University, but he would instead buy some of the most talented wrestlers around to train him to become the next great pro wrestler. Now, just months after the end of his training, first with Jackson Vega (who was dismissed from his duties in may) and continuing with his second trainer Mitch Duncan, most Wrestling observers still doubt that Gilbert has any sort of ring talent. But, money gets you far these days, and Gilbert's ability to win by any means makes up for his inexperience.


Unfortunately after losing his second match, he fired his trainer Mitchell Duncan. He replaced him with a former champion, Timothy Valentine.

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