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SJL Metal Card for Tuesday, 11/18/03

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Date: Tuesday, November 18, @ 9 PM EST

Venue: The parking lot outside the St. Pete Times Forum (formerly the Tampa Ice Palace). As some of you may remember, the SJL has been banned from the Ice Palace. However, we were planning to be in the area, and so they let us hold a card in their parking lot. Weather will be sunny for the early matches but we’ll kick the lights on for the later ones, and the fans will be general admissions (read: crazy).

Send Promos & Marked Matches To: Longdogger_Pete


OPENING PROMO: Not called yet.



Charismatic Kev vs. Wes Outlett

Description: Wes Outlett hasn’t been doing well in his first few appearances, but Commissioner Raynor is wondering if he’ll do better against fellow rookie Charismatic Kev! The ladies love him, for some reason.

Rules: Standard singles match. DQ & countout in effect.

Word Count: 3000

Send To: Ace309



Todd Royal vs. Unknown Warrior

Description: Todd’s got a title shot coming up after defeating Insane Luchador in a Quadruple Domination match. He’ll have to tune up against the Unknown Warrior, who has his sights set on the World Title as well. A win here, or even a strong showing, will put Warrior in line for a shot.

Rules: Standard singles match. DQ & countout in effect.

Word Count: 4500

Send To: Ace309



“Hollywood” Spike Jenkins vs. Manson vs. Alan Clark vs. Dominic Korgath

Description: These four men struggle to stand out from the field. Tonight, they will try to be the last man standing in the ring that’s situated in a parking lot, not a field.

Rules: All four men in the ring. A wrestler is eliminated when he is pinned, submits, or is thrown over the top rope and has both feet touch the floor. No, there are technically no disqualifications. No, this does not mean you get to go medieval on your opponents’ asses using all kinds of hardcore plunder.

Word Count: 5500

Send To: Thoth





Aecas © vs. Landon “La Cucaracha” Maddix

Description: Maddix is cashing in his title shot here! He’s been enjoying the hradkore stylingz thus far, so why not let these two get it on hardcore? This time, the fans will be supplying the madness! And remember: They’re comped, so they’re crazy!

Rules: Hardcore-style match. A garbage can full of fan-donated weapons will be in the parking lot, and the fans can hand the wrestlers weapons at any time. Only the World Title is on the line. The winner has Todd Royal waiting in the wings to challenge him at some indeterminate point in the near future. Technically, the fans brought their cars to the arena.

Word Count: 6000

Send To: Longdogger_Pete

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Then I shall fight you on the beaches Maddix :D


Pot Plant Vs Baguette right here.

There's your Malice In Wonderland main event right there...

*holds up sign* Pot Plant > Baguette.


MiW - where I won Mall Brawl! Woo!

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If Malice In Wonderland rolls around again, someone had better be brave enough to ask for....


DAMNATION IN A BOX! Or I will be less than pleased.


Pot Plants > All! FBTW is gonna be a brutal match!

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Disney In A Box would have rules such as:


1) please keep your hands and arms inside the box at all times

2) for the safety and comfort of others...no smoking please

3) at random intervals...a wrestler comes down to the ring and helps one or both of the wrestlers before leaving (this is based on the fact that as a Disney cast member...especially in the parks...you are there to help EVERYONE...you choose).

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