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SWF STATS THREAD, Summer 2005 Edition

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Smarks Board Name: Cuban_Linx

Wrestlers Name: Stryke

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 230 pounds

Hometown: Sydney, Australia

Age: 26

Face/Heel: Face

Weapon(s): A steel chair will do for most occasions, nothing too fancy. Has utilized barbed wire in the past, but that’s something saved for serious blood feuds.




Stryke falls into a heavy cruiserweight-smallish heavyweight class size-wise, bigger than most cruiser competition but still giving up plenty of size to the true heavyweights. Stryke has cleaned up his look for his latest attempt at conquering the SWF, the messy brown hair has been cut short and the street clothes/shoes look is gone, for the first time in his SWF career Stryke has gone with a more standard wrestling tights, kneepads and boots look, all blue & white in color. And though it’s not too noticeable, he also has a scar on the right side of his face after a particularly nasty Stairway to Hell match with Low Brass from back in the day. Barbed Wire + Face does not mix.


Ring Entrance:


Cypress Hill’s “How I Could Just Kill A Man” hits, a wall of blue & white pyrotechnics triggering the cheers of the crowd as Stryke steps through the smoke and sparks onto the stage. Stryke quickly heads down the ramp, slapping a few hands on the way before climbing onto the apron, looking out into the stands for a moment to absorb the aduration of the fans before climing in and getting straight to business, preparing for the match at hand.




Strength: 4

Speed: 5

Vitality: 7

Charisma: 4




Stryke tends to be a jack-of-all-trades in the ring. He’s can trade strikes, brawl, take it to the mat or use his speed and high-flying abilities, though he doesn’t excel at any of them. So while he doesn’t have any overwhelming strengths, he can adapt himself to take advantage of the opponent’s weaknesses.


In the past perhaps Stryke’s biggest flaw has been his lack of focus, too busy antagonising the crowd, the referee, his opponent and anyone else who gets in his way, which has cost him numerous victories. This time Stryke is determined to get it right, cutting out a lot of excessively risky stuff from his moveset and focusing 100% on winning the match. As part of proving himself Stryke also will try and keep away from taking shortcuts and cheating, something he has done a lot of in the past. And should he be in a match that the rules allow Stryke isn't afraid to go all-out Hardcore as well.


Signature moves:


* Piledriver – Quick and dirty, Stryke pulls the opponent into a standing headscissors, lifts them vertical and sits out, spiking the opponent on their cranium.

* DDT – Pretty much every type of DDT, Stryke will do it. Standard, Double Arm, Inverted, Tornado, Stryke can adapt to whatever situation he’s in to drive the opponents head into the canvas.

* Slingshot Suplex – Stryke lifts the opponent as you would for a Vertical Suplex, before bouncing the opponent’s feet off the top rope, using the spring generated to snap the opponent over. It’s also the best move ever.

* Fisherman’s Neckbreaker – Stryke hooks the opponent in position for a Fisherman's Suplex, but instead of lifting them vertical Stryke snaps to the side, snapping the opponent over in a neckbreaker variation.

* Sleeper Drop – Stryke locks on a sleeper hold, before dropping down, slamming the opponent back/head first to the mat. Stryke'll often milk the Sleeper for all it's worth first, then hit the drop just as the opponent starts to fight back. Once down Stryke will on some ocassions keep the Sleeper locked on, maybe even adding in a body scissors to try and wear the opponent down further.

* Airplane Spin – Stryke hoists the opponent onto his shoulders in a Fireman's Carry, and then proceeds to spin around and around multiple times, dizzying the opponent greatly. After a satisfactory number of rotations Stryke usually rolls forward and lands on top of the opponent with a Fireman's Carry takedown, provided he still has the balance to do so. Of course this move affects Stryke almost as much as the opponent, and should Stryke try and do pretty much anything directly after it'll likely be met with almost comical dazed selling of his own.

* Double Stomps – Simple but effective, Stryke jumps and lands with both feet on an opponent, his whole bodyweight behind it. Will on occasion be performed off the turnbuckles, with the opponent either laying flat on the mat or in a seated/kneeling position with Stryke delivering the double stomp to the top of their head.

* Jumping Enziguri – Stryke jumps up and attempts to cave in the opponent’s skull with his boot.

* All Time High – Top Rope Frogsplash. This will tend to be Stryke's go-to Finisher against opponents he can't hit with either the Overdrive or Backdrop Driver, or just whenever something aerial is needed for the job. Feel free to kick out of it all you want though.


Common moves:


Striking – Stryke has worked on his strikes in his time away from the SWF rings, and now has an arsenal that goes beyond punch, punch, punch, chop, punch. European Uppercuts are perhaps his favorite, but forearms, elbows, kicks, the prerequisite punches and chops, maybe even a headbutt if he’s in the mood to kill a few braincells will all make appearances.

Back Senton


Hurricanrana – From pretty much anywhere.

Dropkick – Also from pretty much anywhere. Standard, Springboard, Missile Dropkicks, and they’re all done picture perfect.

Frogsplash Crossbody

Double Underhook Suplex

Gutwrench Suplex



Hammerlock-assisted Moves

Fujiwara Takedown/Armbar

Abdominal Stretch

Bow and Arrow

Flash Pins/Rollups – Whatever pinning predicament you can think of, Stryke will utilise it.

Basic Holds & Chain Wrestling


Rare moves:


* Low End Theory – Stryke's former finisher of choice, a Pumphandle Piledriver. Dropped for now, but it could make a comeback in a bigtime match.

* Slingshot Brainbuster – Just like the Slingshot Suplex, only ending in a head-droppingly fun Brainbuster.

* Tope Con Hilo – A Somersault dive through the ropes onto an opponent on the floor. Not done as much due to Stryke toning down his style, but every now and then the old completely reckless Stryke might rise to the surface and bust this out again.




* Backdrop Driver – Your standard Backdrop Suplex, only with a landing that is positively UGLY. Not 100% Ultra Mega Mass Homicide-Always Gets The Pin damaging, but getting dumped forcefully on your skull have never been good for anyone and it'll get the job done more often than not. Stryke will also occasionally reach forward and cradle the opponents leg as well in order to REALLY fold them up on their neck with the move.


* Overdrive – Top Rope Moonsault Fallaway Slam. Stryke's Cruiserweight Killer. After catching an opponent on the top turnbuckle, Stryke picks them up in Fallaway Slam position before leaping back, simultaneously Fallaway Slamming them from the top rope and landing on top of them Moonsault-style.




Long, convoluted and generally uninteresting. I’ll probably put something here sooner or later, but there’s really nothing important you need to know. Basically Stryke sucked in the past despite obvious talent, and now he’s back to try and convert that potential into actual results this time.

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Here are the stats for the Masked Crusader:


Name: The Masked Crusader

Height: 6’6”

Weight: 273

Hometown: Cairo, Egypt

Age: Unknown

Face/Heel: Unknown at the moment. Should come out through matches.

Stable: None.

Tag Team: None.

Ring Escort: None.

Weapon: None.

Quote: Does not talk.


Looks: Black mask, with a maroon stencil over the eyes; long black bodysuit, black boots.


Ring Entrance:





Large, maroon pyro goes off and the Masked Crusader steps onto the ramp, walking coldly to the ring.



Strength: 5

Speed: 4

Vitality: 6

Charisma: 5


Style: The Crusader is an obviously experienced wrestler, and uses his strength and experience to get by in the ring.


Signature Moves:

- A hard knee to the back, followed by the kick to the head.

- Dragon Screw legwhip take-down

- Half-nelson DDT

- Short-arm lariato

- Cobra Clutch suplex

- Superkick


Common Moves:

- Sitout Jawbreaker

- Swinging Neckbreaker

- Two-Handed Facebuster

- Drop Toe Hold

- Elbows to the back of the head

- HIGH cross body off the top

- Backdrop

- Snap Suplex

- German Suplex (release or bridged… he never does the rolling Germans)

- Powerslam (quick and dirty)



- The Murderer: Unprotected tombstone piledriver.

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Well, I'm back. And as such...BAM! My peeps are back too!


Smarks Board Name: ChrisMWaters

Wrestlers Name: "The Icon" Max King

Nicknames: "The Superior Talent", "Wrestling's Superman"

Height: 6'3

Weight: 250 lbs.

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Age: 26

Face/Heel: Heel

Stable: None

Ring Escort: Kelly Connelly (see below)

Weapon(s): Nothing special. If he's DESPERATE enough to use one though, he will use a chair.



"My superiority: it's not a complex, it's a fact of life."

"Sometimes, it's not easy being me."

"The King...Has Returned."


Physical Looks: King's a average sized man for a wrestler, but his body is not. He looks VERY ripped...to the point of chiseled. Though it may hurt to remember...think one of the guys off those BOD commercials. He has black hair cut short, in a style similar to...um...*shrug* I dunno, George Clooney? That works I guess.


Out of Ring Attire: Without being OVER-dressed, he likes to wear stylish clothing. Expensive shirts and pants, as well as sunglasses. Think The Rock when he was corporate...only moreso.


Ring Attire: Classic short tights in blue, red, or...in championship matches, gold with "ICON" written on the back of them in cursive lettering, and his initials monogrammed on the front, ala Ric Flair's tights. Has boots that come right up to the calf, and matching kneepads and elbow pads. For entrance, will wear a sleeveless vest with "ICON" on the back like his tights, matching his tights color...as well as a pair of high-priced sunglasses.


Ring Entrance: The lights go out in the arena, and after a few seconds, the speakers call out, in King's voice




Cue pyrotechnics display on the ramp, followed by "Superstar" by Saliva playing over the speakers. Max King and Kelly step out from the entryway, looking out to the crowd with smiles, before looking to the ring. King will walk to the ring with a focused look on his face, and Kelly will tell the crowd about Max's greatness and what will happen to the opponent. King and Kelly then get onto the ring apron, and enter through the second rope at the same time, pausing a moment to give each other a deep, passionate kiss, before going to the center of the ring. Kelly will remove King's vest and shades, then rub his chest with her hand before stepping out of the ring. King then goes to the corner to start stretching, preparing for his match.



Strength: 5

Speed: 4

Vitality: 5

Charisma: 6


Style: The Icon wants to prove he is the best all around wrestler out there. He mostly sticks to the technical, mat based game...but doesn't limit himself to just that. He will do whatever it takes to win a match


Signature moves:

Superb Plex (Basically a plain old Superplex, but in mid air will twist his body so he lands right on top of an opponent. Will usually stay on for a pin from this position.)

The Complex (Hits a person with a hard knee to the back, then follows up right away with a kick to the head. Follows it up by flexing a bit.)

Leg Snapper (While opponents are on the mat face down, picks up the person's legs, jumps up, and snaps them towards the person's body to hyperextend the thigh muscles.)

Jumping Piledriver

Sleeper Drop

Reverse DDT onto the knee.

Top Rope Elbow

Flying Forearm, followed by a roll to the feet and a pose

The Iconizer (Grabs person in a judo choke by the name of the Katihajime (AKA Tazmission)...one arm around neck, the other arm holding the first up. From there, drops down onto his chest, while still holding onto the move with the person, in a snapping style maneuver. Will ALWAYS follow this up with The Compressor)


Common moves:

Knife Edged Chops in corner

Elbows to the back

Leg Drags

Lifting DDT

Flipping Neck Roll with opponent sitting (like the one Curt Hennig used to do)


Clothesline in the corner

Back Elbow Shot

Sternum buster

Leaping Roundhouse

Butterfly Suplex

Corner Body Splash

Running swinging neckbreaker

High Cross Body

Top Rope Splash




King Buster (Locks an opponent in a reverse DDT position, grabs the other leg with an arm, as if planning to a reverse Fisherman's suplex. However, he only gets a person up halfway into a vertical position, and then drops that person on his head. He then stays on for a pin from there.)

The Compressor (Max's submission finisher. Basically the same set up as the Icon Buster, but goes from there into a kneeling position, putting a knee into the back of an opponent, holding and stretching the person as he locks his hands together)


Notes: Max King's target points to work on in a match are the back and the neck. He goes out of his way to embarrass his opponent as well, because he thinks that he's better than anyone that he's up against. Since I didn't think it'd be right to put them under moves, he does a lot of cocky pins...including the Jericho style one. However, he'll only do this nowadays to heels, as being out of action has changed his views somewhat.


Bio: Max King was a kid with a dream, to be the best pro wrestler ever. As a young man, he joined the wrestling team in jr. high and then continued on through high school. Growing up, he started to get upset with how he saw wrestling change from the classic mat-based style he grew up with, and turn towards brawls and extreme styles, especially in his hometown. King went over to Japan to finish up his wrestling training, and spent 3 years over there competing. Now, he's returning to the United States, and has decided to pursue the SWF and it's champions. Had an all right run before in SWF, but an injury from a major car crash took him out of action and slowed his career. Now, he returns...and to make sure people remember him, he's picking up on an old feud: against Landon Maddix




Name: Kelly Connelly

Height: 6' (mostly in her legs, like Stacy Keibler)

Weight: She won't tell

Age: 25

Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada

Face/Heel: Tweener with Face Tendances

Role: Max King's manager



Strength: 2 – She's not a trained competitor, but she is somewhat fit

Speed: 4 (3 with heels) – Running is her main exercise

Vitality: 3 – Can last a bit running, but never really worked a match, so hard to judge there

Charisma: 6 – She loves to promote Max in her own unique way, and considers herself the female version of Bobby Heenan.


Looks: A tall red-headed lovely. Her legs are 41 inches long (you know where I got the basis for that. ) and her body is well toned. Her chest is about a c-cup, and yes, they ARE natural there. Her red hair is straight, and flows down to her shoulders. The outfit of choice for her are female business suits...like the ones Debra used to wear.


Ring Attire: Kelly comes to the ring wearing a flowing evening gown, showing plenty of cleevege and a bit of leg. After she enters the ring, she removes the dress part of the gown, showing female ring tights underneath, and will wrestle barefoot in the ring. For those that remember, think Mona (Molly Holly's old identity) from WCW.


Entrance: When coming out by herself, Kelly will come out to "Bitch" by Meredith Brooks. She'll walk to the ring in a sexy manner, then get into the ring through the second and top rope, like Stacy, but not as flirty.




Signature Moves

-Nose Job: Kelly takes her opponent's face and bounces it repeatedly on the mat, like a basketball

-K-Lock: Kelly wraps her long legs around her opponent's neck in a figure-four position. She'll most of the time do something cocky while doing this...like pretending to file her nails.

-The Facial: The X-Factor

-Foot Choke In Corner

-Big Boot From Irish Whip


Common Moves

-Eye Gouge

-Knife-Edge Chops

-Slaps To Face

-Snap Mare by holding hair.

-Forearm Uppercuts

-Knees to gut

-Sleeper Hold

-Russian Leg Sweep

-Powerslam (only up to 160 pounds)




-Moneymaker: Gets opponent into a bent forward position, similar to how a powerbomb or a Pedigree is set up. Kelly then faces away from the opponent, sitting on the back of his/her head, and reaches back to hook the arms. She then drops down, making sure to sit on the back of his/her head on the way down. Sorta like a reverse Pedigree.


Style: Kelly is in no way, shape, or form that trained of a wrestler. Most of the stuff she does in the ring is played by ear. She'll try things, mostly messing them up in the ring. She'll cheat often, almost regularly as a matter of fact...because that's the best way for her to win a match..


Bio: Kelly was born to a family that owns a casino in Las Vegas. Not wanting to follow the family business, Kelly saved up and studied hard, and earned her way into college, earning degrees in business and law. Growing up, she was a wrestling fan, but was more into the role of managers than actual wrestlers, intrigued by what they did. Eventually, she found out about Max King, who was looking for a manager to handle the finer points of his career, and Kelly was quick to sign up. Since then, the two have grown close to each other...but how close? Had a good run as a manager and even one of the few women to hold the short-lived SWF Women's Title before a major injury took out Max King and had her arm broken. Is just now returning


Notes: Kelly considers herself the next step in the great managers of the past like Bobby Heenan, Jimmy Hart, and the like. As such, if Max is in trouble, she will try to interject herself to help her man out. She'll only use her sexuality to distract if extremely necessary, due to the fact that she thinks Max is the only one worthy of such flirtations.

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Smarks Board Name: Muzz

Wrestlers Name: Wes Davenport

Height: 6’5”

Weight: 252 pounds

Hometown: Hollywood, California.

Age: 30

Face/Heel: Face when working and in front of fans, heelish attitude back stage.

Ring Escort: Usually alone (Doesn’t like to share the spotlight)

Weapons: Will use anything in the hardcore environment, but won't use any to cheat.


Looks/Notes: Although he may come off as somewhat of a naïve, self-centered, clueless prick, Wes is in all actuality, a handsome fellow, which may explain his success, one of the reasons, anyway.


Despite all the new young, hunky newcomers to the mainstream acting community in the last 10 years, Wes is different. His look is unique to what people are used to see, almost dashing and debonair like the movie stars of old. That of course, is when he’s playing to a crowd. Behind the rugged good looks and blue eyes, Wes is a rather petty man, but everyone just sees his sleepy eyes and strong, masculine physique. He’s always kept in shape, despite having hit a rough patch in his movie career, and has a well toned body, and maintains a strict cardio workout and a healthy diet.


He’s one of the hardest working actors to rarely act.


Has black slicked back hair, rugged features and strong jaw line. When dealing with business, beyond the scenes in the SWF for example, Wes always tries to look his best, with dress pants and a white shirt (with or without tie) and black jacket, but usually dispenses with the jacket, as the backstage area is rather stressful. In the ring, Wes wears much the same thing, but of course, he gets a little messed up.


Ring Entrance: Quite simple for now. OK Go’s “Get Over It” begins to play, but since his first match, a spotlight shines on him as he walks down the ramp.




Strength: 6 – Has surprising strength, because as most people don’t know (or care to know), Wes did most of his own stunts (Wes tries to boast about this often).


Speed: 2 – Nimble on his feet, and capable of some surprising agility (from counters and the like). Will go to the top rope just to get a rise from the crowd, but in Ric Flair fashion, will be thrown or knocked off.


Vitality: 5 – This man can go, no doubt about it. Despite not stepping into a wrestling ring for 10 years, Davenport’s strict training regime keeps him fit and trim.


Charisma: 7 – Wes’ biggest, most important secret. He’s a damn good actor. Despite his poor choice in movie roles, and his somewhat tarnished public reputation, Wes has always been a great actor. Despite being such an insecure prat away from prying eyes, he has… something that the crowd is drawn too, an “IT” factor.


Style: Wes is more attentive in the ring than he ever was browsing screenplays. He’ll try to find any weakness in his opponent, whether it is physical or mental, and make good use of it, despite his own insecurities. Isn’t quite so proficient in high-flying or technical moves, but he’s a very stiff worker that always delivers hard hitting moves and strikes, making him a very capable Power wrestler. Despite this, he’s also a dramatic overseller without realizing it, as it comes partly from his theatrical background, and also a dislike to the constant… pain.


Wes did used to do his own stunt’s (which is why he’s perfect for low budget B-movies) and got roughed up a bit by other stunt men or nasty falls, so he can take the blows, but he won’t exactly like it. He never minded bleeding for his craft in the past, if it were acting, but now that he’s back in the ring and the blows come with more force and regularity, he tries to avoid them as much as he can.


Signature Moves:


Tilt-a-whirl Moves (Due to his great balance and power, Wes can deliver a variety of tilt-a-whirl moves with relative ease, including a Powerbomb, backbreaker, shoulderbreaker, )


Orange Crush (Opponent brought up into a vertical Suplex position, before being thrown forward, sitting out and dropping them on their back/neck.)


Torture Rack (Used to wear the opponent out, or to set up a backbreaker or Neckbreaker from the same position. Often employs this move in a variety of ways.)


Snap Powerbomb (A vicious and stiff Powerbomb delivered at break-neck speed.)


Scorpion Death Drop (Relegated to a signature move, Wes hits this hard and fast, taking hold of an opponent’s neck and arm, holding it out to the side and bringing them down from an inverted facelock position.)


Standing Side Kick (A favored kick of Wes, he takes advantage of his above average height to connect strongly)




Overhead Belly-to-Belly


European Uppercut (Likes to throw these out often, more so than a standard right hand)


Common moves:


Seeing as he’s just getting back into the swing of things, his offense is plain and light.

Fisherman’s Suplex

Suplex (Standard, snap and back drop)

Flying Clothesline



Arm Drag

Fujiwara Armbar


Drop Toe Hold





Six Degrees of Separation - Cattle Mutilation. With the opponent standing or face down on the mat, Davenport locks his opponent with a double chickenwing, then flips over them into a bridged position, pulling back and causing pain ‘n such.


First used on TORU Takahara to win the 2006 Clusterfuck. If Davenport has this locked in, it’s extremely hard to break out of as it’s applied with the rage equal to Wes’ had when he was beaten out of the role of ‘Paul’ by Will Smith in Six Degrees of Separation.




Wes Davenport is quite an enigma, but often self-centered, vainglorious and pompous like most actors. He absolutely adores the spotlight and craves it a lot, and sometimes feels bitter when others get it over him, but not often. He genuinely likes what he does, whether it be acting or wrestling, but is easily side tracked by money or adulation. Wes is also an incredibly insecure person, will be deeply hurt when he’s not recognized as a celebrity, will avoid situations that frighten him, and doubt himself at every turn. He’s seen as a good guy by the fans, and a great comeback story, but there’s always those skeptics who know better.


Forced into a situation not of his own making, Wes is forced to wrestle in the SWF as his acting career completely dries up, as it had been doing the recent years. A former Indy Worker himself, Wes does know how to wrestle, but over ten years away from the sport has made him rusty. He’s only now relearning all the basics, and training to add another level to his game. Wes may not completely want to be here, but he’s not going to make himself to look like a fool.




At the tender age of 19, Wes, while training at a wrestling school in Chicago, was discovered for his tremendous potential and charisma by a big Hollywood agent. Leaving the car sleeping, body bruising, hateful world of Professional wrestling behind him, Wes went on to star in a number of moderately received, but disappointing Hollywood movies, and it only got worse from there. Now, at age 30, Wes now finds his new movie deal dead and is stuck in a contract signed with Thomas Flesher, which was only originally to be a research role but Davenport opened his big mouth again. He angered the Technical master by running down the sport he helped build to a thriving entity, and finds himself with no choice but to wrestle, something he never thought he’d have to do again.

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Guest OKCoyote

Last edited 2/19/06 to reflect recent storyline developments.


Smarks Board Name: OKCoyote

Wrestlers Name: Kevin Coyote (real name: Ethan MacDougal)

Aliases: Kevin Douglas

Height: 5' 11"

Weight: 225

Hometown: Brunswick, Georgia

Age: 20

Face/Heel: Heel

Stable: None

Ring Escort: None yet

Weapon(s): Kevin keeps a set of brass knuckles in his left jacket pocket.

Quote: "This dog's not OK with that." and "How 'bout it, dog?" And inevitably, "Hang on, I gotta take this."


Looks: Kevin Coyote has blue eyes and short spiked blond hair. He usually dresses/wrestles in blue jeans and black sneakers, and a black T-shirt (usually a generic SWF T-shirt or one of his own: his newest reads "InJustice For All") covered by an unbuttoned blue jean jacket. He carries a small mobile phone in his right jacket pocket, which he wears everywhere except during the match itself, including during his ring entrance and exit, backstage, etc. (He sets the phone aside before climbing into the ring.)


Ring Entrance: Kevin's theme is "I'm Alive" by Disturbed. A series of bright white flashing lights accompany the theme, but no pyro. Kevin takes his time getting to the ring, posing for the jeering fans, etc. By the time he's in the ring and his music has died down, the first verse and chorus verse have usually played; the lyrics to those verses are below:


Never again will I be dishonored

And never again will I be reminded

We're living within the world of the jaded

They killed inspiration

It's my obligation

To never again, allow this to happen

Where do I begin?

The choices are endless

Denying the sin

My art, my redemption

I carry the torch of my fathers before me


The thing I treasure most in life cannot be taken away

There will never be a reason why I will surrender to your advice

To change myself, I'd rather die

Lonely, we'll not understand

I will make the greatest sacrifice

You can't predict where the outcome lies

You'll never take me alive

I'm alive

I'm alive

I'm alive





Strength: 3

Speed: 6

Vitality: 5

Charisma: 6



Style: Kevin is fast and athletic but prefers a mat-based style to an aerial style. Kevin likes to use grapple and takedown moves against opponents close to his size. Against larger opponents, Kevin picks up his speed, using it as an advantage, assaulting his opponents with rapid strikes and the occasional top rope move.


Signature moves:

Diving Reverse DDT



Tornado DDT

Gut Punches (to opponent standing or, more commonly, opponent lying on the mat)

Second rope leg drop

Headscissor Takedown

Rolling Thunder


Common moves:



Russian Leg Sweep

Spinning Wheel Kick




High kick to the face (sometimes off the ropes for added effect)

Snap suplex (to similar sized opponents)

Basic sleeper and choke holds (Kevin doesn't use many submissions)

Elbow smashes




Rare moves:

RKO (obviously not his move, but fits his style)

Diving Elbow Drop (his most common aerial move)

Diving Cross Body



Coyote Takedown (This move is a hard clothesline from a standing position to a groggy opponent, similar to a Rock Bottom but without the lift in the air. Kevin always begins this move standing behind a groggy opponent. Cocky as hell and determined to look his opponent in the eye, Kevin taps the dazed opponent on the shoulder, spins him around, then sticks his arm out in front of the opponent's upper body, slamming him backward to the mat.) (I really wanted to name this the Coyote Ugly, but was talked out of it.)

Full Moon Assault (Lionsault. Used primarily against larger opponents.)


Notes: Kevin is a cocky youth with some street smarts (or so he thinks). His cell phone rings frequently and usually at inopportune times, yet he always answers the phone anyway (unless he's actually in a match). The person on the other end is always the same: an unknown female voice that Kevin does not identify by name. Kevin calls everyone 'dog,' except for his female friend on the phone, whom he calls by pet names such as 'girl' or 'baby.' We still don't know anything about her except that her name is Avery.


Also noteworthy is the fact that Kevin is left-handed, and will thus use that hand to perform many of his strike-based moves. This is the reason he keeps his brass knuckles in his left jacket pocket and his phone in his right.


Bio: Kevin Coyote didn't volunteer very much biographical information prior to his arrival in the SWF. It was known that he came from a broken home, and that he dropped out of high school to begin a fulltime wrestling career, competing at first in small independent promotions. Kevin's confident attitude was what attracted the attention of the SWF scouts.


We've learned a lot since Coyote's arrival. Coyote was first seen on television during the syndicated reality series Smark Enough, where he competed as Kevin Douglas but was eliminated from the competition early by trainer William Hearford. Coyote managed to earn an SWF contract anyway and has been battling long-standing rumors that he did not receive the contract based on actual talent. These rumors were given more credence with the reveleation that Coyote's birth name is Ethan MacDougal, and that he is in fact the son of SWF announcer and former wrestler Peter MacDougal, aka Longdogger Pete. Now Coyote has a vendetta against Hearford for trying to discredit him, against his own father for the stigma it adds to his career, and against anyone who would disrespect him or challenge his in-ring ability.

Edited by OKCoyote

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Edit: Tried to improve the stats a bit.


Smarks Board Name: InsanityMan

Wrestlers Name: Insane Luchador (His real name is Andrew Rickmen)

Nicknames: IL, Your Psychotic Hero, The Ill One (credit: MVS)

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 221

Hometown: Easton, Pennsylvania

Age: 23

Face/Heel: Face

Stable: None.

Ring Escort: None.

Weapon(s): Everything and anything. Light tubes have a very, very special place in his heart. His signature would be “Excalibur” (six light tubes taped together attached to a metal handle to create a sword).



Looks: His body is built in the frame of an average twenty-something man in surprisingly good shape. He has black hair that he spikes up, wild green eyes with streaks of blue and yellow, a somewhat beaten nose, and an overall an intimidating presence. He doesn’t make people run for cover but his looks do match his occasional psychotic behavior and that can make him unnerving. He wears baggy, khaki cargo pants, either a skateboarding, blank, music t-shirt, or a hooded sweatshirt and beaten up black Emericas. He dresses casually inside the ring and outside.


Ring Entrance: “Man in the Box” by Alice in Chains plays as the opening guitars grind into the audience’s heads. Once the song kicks up pyro of black and red burst and he just walks out. He milks the cheers before throwing his arms into the air energetically before sprinting down to the ring while slapping fans’ hands.





Strength: 3 (His strikes will hurt and he can lift –to an extent- but nothing too impressive).

Speed: 6 (He’s no Wildchild but he can move).

Vitality: 8 (He’ll fall from the chair shots but chances are that he’ll roll back up for more).

Charisma: 3 (He does talk but his longevity and persona gets the fans’ support).


Style: Insane Luchador’s original instinct is to brawl but over time he’s learned that it hasn’t been the most effective method. So he learned how to take to the air and use his speed in hopes that combining that with smart striking would do the trick, but it didn’t. But over time he learned how he prefers to handle his different opponents-


Technical (includes mat wrestlers)- He will use his striking to keep distance and will do whatever it takes to avoid it going to the canvas. This means he will wiggle out of holds, leaping forward rolls when the opponent lunges out, leap frogs, etc. Once it does hit the canvas he just has to rely on his limit knowledge of the basics to get free. His only advantage, which is hardly an advantage, is that his tolerance for pain makes it next to impossible to get him to tap. On the flipside, you can always keep the hold until he passes out.


Heavyweight Beasts (includes basic brawlers)- He just has to use his speed and some smart striking to wear them down. Once it seems likely for him to take to air then he’ll bust out the aerial arsenal. The only exception would be planchas because he doesn’t hesitate for those. His DDTs used with momentum is his safest bet to wear them down for an Evenflow DDT or a Brink of Insanity.


Cruiserweights- Here is where his striking and brawling comes to play. Despite being speedy IL isn’t known for the flashiest cruiserweight action so he’ll use body blows (especially knees) and work those legs. Once they are fatigued then he will feel free to take to the top rope, bigger moves, etc.


Hardcore- This is more or less a unique category because IL was born for hardcore wrestling. Here is where his high tolerance and “sadistic streak” shines. He just likes inflicting pain, bleeding, taking some punishment, and he’s very, very creative with his environment.


In the vein of Flesher’s stance- if you see a move that Luchador could conceivably do, especially for spots, then go wild. You have total freedom in writing Luchador but I’d appreciate it if you make sure he passes out before tapping out.


Signature moves:

Flying Crossbody- Off the top rope and can Steamboat proud.

Tornado DDT


Rear Naked Chokehold- Stolen from JJ Johnson after learning how effective it can be. Usually starts with the opponent standing and he brings them down by body scissors.

Rolling DDTs- Three to Four Rolling DDTs

Moonsault- Off the top rope

Top Rope Bulldog

Frog Splash

Strikes until the opponent falls to their knees followed by a dropkick to the face

Fisherman’s Suplex- On the rarer end of signature moves, if that makes any sense.




Common moves:

Spinning Backfist

Knees- One of his favorite tactics is a front headlock followed by knees to the body.

Elbows- He’s not Danny Williams but it’s a good alternative sometimes.

Knife Edge Chops

Kesagiri Chop- Downward diagonal chop to the side of opponent’s neck (think Kobashi)

Reverse DDT

Camel Clutch


Kick Combinations- Nothing too fancy, just a string of three to four kicks.

Snap Suplex

Release German Suplex- Generally used on cruiserweights or lighter heavyweights.

Baseball slide to opponent in Tree of Woe


Backdrop Suplex

Russian Legsweep

Elbow Drop- Off the top rope.


Yakuza Kick- I know this seems like an odd move to put here but it’s to sway momentum, not murder.

Drop toehold

Basic Cruiserweight Moves




Rare moves:

Implant DDT

Destruction- Foe and IL are back to back. IL reaches one arm back and hooks it around the opponent’s throat then holds the other arm out in a cross. He then bends down and lets the opponent lay elevated then jumps backwards to smash them on their faces. It’s hard to explain and it’s sketchy but I’ve seen this move done. It’s possible.


Hardcore moves:


Balcony Sault (Signature)- It’s a moonsault from a balcony. Pretty self explanatory- he’ll hit it against anybody if the opportunity presents itself but he rarely hits it. It’s safe to say that off any high object IL will have no problem trying to hit a moonsault.


Hanging On the Brink (Signature)- It’s the same thing as Brink of Insanity (see finishers) but instead of the usual he hangs the opponent over the ropes and apron off to the side. This is perfect for smashing people through objects on the outside.


GoreGasm (Signature)- Backdrop driver. But it must be done through or onto something. Get creative because it’s one of his favorites.


Master of Masochism (Rare)- Corkscrew moonsault and it’s always off of something insanely high. Usually through something and Luchador will occasionally have a weapon to keep him company.



Brink of Insanity: He gets the opponent in a full nelson near the turnbuckle. He hops onto the top turnbuckle and leaps off, swinging his legs to his opponent’s side, and bringing them down.


Evenflow DDT- Kick to the gut, front headlock, an optional jump into the air, spike down for DDT. He can make it lightning fast or lingering if he wants to work the crowd or taunt his opponent. This used to be his favorite finisher but now-a-days it doesn’t seem to have the venom it used to but he won’t hesitate to use it.


Notes: IL definitely has an unstable mind but he isn’t quite “voices in my head” crazy, instead he just has a very warped view on his life and the world. He bleeds like a first timer, adores any sort of hardcore match, and sometimes can seem like a complete masochist.


Bio: Death? What Death?

Edited by InsanityMan

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Guest Ghost Machine

Smarks Board Name: Ghost Machine

Wrestlers Name: Ghost Machine 2.0

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 231 pounds. 229.9 if some of the oil is drained out of his crankcase for cruiserweight matches.

Hometown: Parts Unknown

Age: Unknown

Face/Heel: Heel

Ring Escort: SWF road agent Chris Belcourt pushes Ghost Machine to the ring on a dolly.

Weapon(s): Ghost Machine has super robot strength… or does he? What we do know is that he has a mask that will hide small foreign objects.


Looks: Ghost Machine wears a purple bodysuit (long sleeves, long tights) and a purple mask with green trim around the eye holes and mesh over where a human would have a mouth. (Why does he need mesh? Well, he may *not* be a robot. No one’s sure.) He has broad shoulders and an enormous neck.


Ring Entrance: Some weird robot song starts up and Ghost Machine is pushed to the ring on a dolly by SWF road agent Chris Belcourt, who apparently drew the short straw and is now Ghost Machine's handler. After unstrapping Ghost Machine, Belcourt goes to the back (he won't stay around to watch the match, much less act like a manager). Ghost Machine prints off a card with his introduction (it comes out through the mouth slit in his mask), which Funyon reads.



Strength: 5 - Ghost is very strong and tough. He can take a beating, and give one.

Speed: 2 – Ghost Machine may be a robot. As a result, when he is not properly oiled, his speed suffers.

Vitality: 8 – Because he may be a robot, Ghost can take a beating and give one back. Steel doesn’t have nerves, you see.

Charisma: 1 – He can’t talk, and pantomime only goes so far these days.


Style: Ghost Machine’s handlers tell us that he is programmed only to crush, kill and destroy. He does this mainly by picking his opponents up and throwing them through the air in stylized forms that humans refer to as “suplexes.” Sometimes, he is able to apply a vise-like grip to an opponent’s joints or airway and force his opponent to withdraw.


NOTE: After winning a match, Ghost Machine will dance the robot in the ring. Soon after the match, however, he will need to be oiled with a bottle of Smithwick's ale and have his filter cleaned with a Camel cigarette. Chris Belcourt usually handles this.


Signature moves:

- Undefined Variable (Exploder '98 - A sheer-drop pumphandle exploder)

- Backdrop driver (High-angle belly-to-back suplex)

- Big boot

- Straitjacket suplex

- Shining Black (shining wizard-style big boot)


Common moves:

- Brainbuster

- Railgun Suplex (Overhead belly-to-belly - usually catches someone running the ropes, but can initiate it from a standing position against someone about 240 or under)

- German suplex (bridging or released)

- Stalling front suplex across the top rope. (This is meant to hurt the squishy things inside your human abdomen.)

- Abdominal stretch, occasionally with the elbow stuck in the opponent’s ribs.

- Body scissors, alone or with another hold

- Elbowdrop into the knee

- Shotei (palm strike – Ghost Machine’s hands do not form easily into fists)


Rare moves:

- Ghost Machine is programmed to imitate the people around him. As a result, he will occasionally use maneuvers his visual apparatus has taken in recently. Because he is so well-programmed, expect him to execute the moves crisply and with deadly precision.

- Dropkick (SLOPPPPY)



- Piledriver

- Interface Bug (Sheer drop gutwrench suplex, because humans are poorly designed and this short-circuits them.)

- Feature Creep (Calf Branding - generally set up by an Irish whip and a running shotei, Ghost Machine sits on the top rope behind the opponent, plants a knee in the back of his neck and jumps off, driving the face into the mat.)



After introducing Ghost Machine to the SWF with disappointing results, JL Crunk became frustrated with his acquisition and attempted to return him to the factory from which he’d initially bought him… or to fire him. It depends whether Ghost Machine is a robot or not.


Depending who you believe, however, Crunk either was unable to fire Ghost Machine due to union regulations or had lost his receipt. As a result, if he is indeed a robot, he had to be refurbished in order to keep Crunk from losing his entire investment. If he is not a robot, we’re not sure why he’s back. (Therefore, he must be a robot. … or must he?)


Now, Ghost Machine 2.0 has come to the SWF in order to finally settle the question:

Is he a robot?

… or NOT?!

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Smarks Board Name: FFMS

Wrestlers Name: The 70s Dude

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 290lbs

Hometown: Newark, New Jersey

Age: 37

Face/Heel: Heel

Stable: none

Ring Escort: none

Weapon(s): sometimes uses a Disco Ball or other hippy-esque weaponry

Quote: Oh, Have Mercy!


Looks: Think a mixture of Dude Love and "The Dude" from the movie The Big Lebowski. Long Wavy brown hair, thick goattee, beer gut, and thick thighs. Tie-dyed wrestling pants and 70s style t-shirts (RUSH t-shirts, tye-dye t-shirts, Grateful Dead t-shirts, etc)


Ring Entrance: The house lights dim and strobe lights pan around the crowd while I'm Your Boogie Man by KC and the Sunshine Band plays.




Strength: 5

Speed: 3

Vitality: 8

Charisma: 4


Style: Hardcore and slight power


Signature moves:

Running knee to opponent in Tree of Woe

Running elbow drop off the apron

Fisherman's DDT

Double-underhook DDT

Bulldog from the middle rope

Suicide Clothesline


Common moves:

Swinging neck breaker

Slingshot suplex

Kitchen Sink (for all those knowledgable of the THQ wrestling games~!)

Eye rake on the ropes

Flury of punches in the corner (while standing on the mat, not on turnbuckles)

Side Suplex

Fallaway Slam

Sitdown Piledriver

Front facelock

Russian Legsweep

Rope Drop Clothesline


Atomik Drop

Back Breaker


Rare moves:

Suicide Dive



The Draft Dodger (Death Valley Driver)

Three Mile Island (Fame-asser)


Notes: Tough as hell but still often takes cheap shots and cheats. Extremely cocky and arrogant. Thinks he's a chick magnet even though he has a beer belly and resembles Grizzly Addams.



-Debuted on OAOAST television on 1/6/05

-Made his in-ring debut on the 1/20/05 edition of OAOAST HeldDOWN with a win over Barry Horowitz

-Defeated Calvin Szechstein in a Last Man Standing match at Anglemania IV

-Won the OAOAST X-Division Title from Leon Rodez at Living Anglelously 2005 in a Last Man Dancing Match

-Fired from the OAOAST after trying to sell the X-Division Title during a promotional trip to Japan

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Guest Laberinto

Preliminary Question: How did you find us/hear about us? A friend


Smarks Board Name: Laberinto

Wrestlers Name: Laberinto

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 220lbs

Hometown: Tocula, Mexico

Age: unknown

Face/Heel: Face

Stable: none

Ring Escort: none

Weapon(s): if in hardcore matches, he may use a chair as a springboard. Rarely uses weapons as weapons. He has great respect for the business.

Quote: speaks in Spanish.


Looks: A gold mask covering the face much like El Santo's, but with black flames making up 'eyebrows' and going around the eyeholes. Full bodysuit, black with gold patterning across the chest and the legs. Gold boots and gloves. Wears a crucifix pendant which he removes before match. Also wears a gold cape to the ring.


Ring Entrance: Bouncing Souls, "Olé", hits and Laberinto comes out. He tags some hands as he jogs to the ring, slides in and plays to the crowd.



Strength: 3 (basic cruiserweight strength.)

Speed: 8 (he's a luchadore of course he's quick!)

Vitality: 5 (can take punishment, big moves will beat him though.)

Charisma: 4 (seems quite charismatic, but speaks no English.)


Style: Mexican


Signature moves:

Desvanecimiento- Triangle Choke

Flying Novacain

Standing Sliced Bread #2/Asiai DDT

Shining Wizard

Slingshot Quebrada

Frog Splash



Common moves:

Uno Momento- Edge-O-Matic

Flying Forearm (Taught to him by Tito Santana)

Frontflip Dropkick (Drop Sault)



Tilt a Whirl Backbreaker

Tornado DDT

Top Rope Back Senton


Slingshot Somersault Senton

Mexican Surfboard

Spinning Heel Kick

Various Strikes: Knifedge Chops, Palm Strikes, Forearms, Kicks, that sort of stuff.

Armdrags Variations


Rare moves:

La Choque De Ataque Aéreo- Air Raid Crash

Hacha Bombardero- Axe Bomber



Aterrizaje Forzado- Spinning Novacain aka The Shell Shock.

Está Terminado!- Swandive Headbutt





Bio: nobody knows much about Laberinto. His name means 'Labryinth', so maybe that's why. He speaks no English and has seemed very shy. Spanish interpretors haven't been able to speak to him yet either. What is known is he likes to enjoy himself in the ring but has great respect for his heritage.

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Most recent edits in bolded italics.


Minor Edit: 2/10 - Changed entrance music

Major Edit: None




Smarks Board Name: Vasarian_Brandy

Wrestlers Name: Christian Fury

Nicknames: The Fury

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 222 lbs

Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio

Age: 31

Face/Heel: Face side of tweener

Stable: None

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): The ever-present kendo stick, but only in hardcore / no-DQ matches, or moments of desperation.

Quote: "Life is a lesson of pain, loss, and anguish... Today, -I- am your teacher!", "Chalk one up for the grizzled veteran!"


Looks: Physically, Christian Fury is in good shape for his age. Decently tall, lean... He's not bulging muscles, but the ones he shows are well-toned. Long, red hair... Not quite fire-engine red... A bit darker. Tanned complexion. Small goatee. When not scheduled to wrestle (or backstage before a show), Chris Fury usually wears his long, red hair in a ponytail to keep it out of his face. His black leather jacket is usually either being worn, or close to Fury's side. The "Fury" on the back of the jacket is written in a silvery-red stylized script. He wears black denim jeans with silver-colored stitching, a pair of "Marauders", and a form-fit, short-sleeved muscle shirt... The shirt is a simple black. Accessory-wise, he wears a pair of silver-framed, reflective sunglasses, and a simple gold ring on a silver chain, which hangs around his neck. In the ring, not much changes... The "Marauders" gain a nice steel toe.


Ring Entrance: The locale goes somewhat darkened, and "Remember The Name" by Fort Minor spins up. Fury comes out to a minor pop, but mostly a non-commital reaction. But he doesn't mind. He walks straight from the back to the ring, kendo stick in hand, the only thing happening is some white sparklers on the entranceway. His SmarkTron display is also pretty simple: Old matches, training footage, an occasional red stylized-script "Fury"... Mostly in time with the music. He ditches the kendo stick at ringside as he slides in, eyeing his opponent / eyeing the entranceway, depending on when he comes out.




Strength: 4 (He's toned down from his past... While working on his quickness and finesse, he's lost a bit of pure bulk)

Speed: 7 (A new conditioning program has helped him pick up some speed to help focus on a slightly 'flightier' move set)

Vitality: 7 (Conditioning has also helped his endurance and pure toughness. He's a tougher nut to crack nowadays)

Charisma: 2 (His old fans have pretty much moved on, and he's not too concerned about making new ones. He's in this to prove himself to the business, and also to himself)


Style: Cruiser-style speedster, but with access to a big move or two. He'll give bigger guys fits with speed, then hit them hard when he can, using his higher-than-average vitality to hang in before turning on the jets again... Smaller, speedier folk he can easily go toe-to-toe with and hit them with a few 'heavy' moves to rattle them.


Signature moves:


Note: While a bunch of these are finisher-style moves, Fury simply doesn't have the pure Strength / experience with the moves to give them the finisher impact you'd expect. What they -do- accomplish is a continuation of working the head / neck / "wheels" of his opponent.


- Twist Of Fate

- "Trip To The Dawg Pound": Stratusfaction

- Flatliner

- Dragon Sleeper

- Grapevine Ankle Lock

- Springboard Huracanrana

- Damascus Head-Leglock


Common moves:


Note: Similar to the Sig Moves, most of these are used to work the head / neck / "wheels" of Fury's opponent. There are a few "impact" moves designed to generally wear the opponent down.


- Spinning heel kicks to the head

- Irish whip into a backdrop (using opponent's momentum to put them over)

- Short-arm and irish whip clotheslines (see above)

- Nerve strikes, focused on the neck

- Top turnbuckle legdrop

- Sleepers

- Shoulder charges to a cornered opponent

- Sleeper slam

- Forward and regular Russian legsweeps

- Crossface chickenwing

- Victory roll (this will only rarely get a match-ending pin)

- Sickle hold / Muta lock

- Lifting leg stomp

- Scissors kick (either off the ropes or off the top turnbuckle)

- Spinning toe hold

- Tiger suplex

- Rolling cross-arm German suplexes (mostly on the lightweights, and usually in groups of 3... He might try 4, but it's no guarantee)


Rare moves:


Note: Some of these are older moves (or modifications thereof) he used to know. They probably aren't as potent as they used to be.


- Spear / Gore (the most 'common' of the rares)

- Sidewalk slam

- Double spinning back fist (fingers laced together)

- Cuyahoga-sault (Think of Taker's "Old School", but instead of a chop, it ends in a diving moonsault... Or it ends with Fury just driving the opponent back-first to the mat. If the moonsault hits, it's a major move, inciting a gargantuan pop... You can picture it, I know you can. But there's a reason this one's a rare move... He has yet to really pull it off)




- "Dead Man's Curve": Nearly identical to the "619", but Fury threads through the bottom 2 ropes, letting him deliver a more "uppercutted" kick under his opponent's jaw. He might have somewhat lowered Strength, but combined with higher-than-average Speed, this finisher is a heavy shot more geared to the big guys.


- "Lightning And Thunder": The ol' Double Stunner comes back for another play. The first is just a quick kneel-down Stunner (not a full drop). Fury then stands, taking a couple of quick steps to the side before dropping the opponent into a more "normal" Stunner... The second half resembles the "RKO", and is done this way because of Fury's lost weight and Strength. He'll bust this finisher out with lighter opposition, or if he got a good pop coming in... See Notes for more details.



- Proud, but not pompous. Tactically minded, but not the most stunning technique. He's still knocking off ring rust.

- He generally works the lower body with the basics (takedowns, dragon screws, sweeps... Submission-style moves focused on the lower part of an opponent). He also tries to focus towards the head and neck of bigger wrestlers (running under the mantra "Kill the head, and the body will die"), and the midsection of lighterweights (to try to take away general Stamina, slow them up more)... But these are by no means set in stone.

- He'll have issues with the HOSS~! style of wrestler with big power movesets (Stamina can only go so far), and will be slowly frustrated over the course of a match with ultra-speedsters like Wildchild (unless he works the legs into oblivion, they still have speed to spare over his).

- His moves... He tries to show a little passion and flair to draw the fans behind him, but sometimes there's hesitance and "unsureness" in them, due to being out of the regularity of the sport for so long.

- LDP and Fury have a bit of history feuding (with titles involved and without) in the past, back when Fury's life was quite a bit darker, so LDP is not going to be heavily complimenting Fury anytime soon.

- Though his overall Charisma is 2, he will get (non-cheap) hometown pops in Cleveland and surrounding communities. Shows in Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania will have him well-received, due to his past with the independent circuits. He will also get light pop (but more than normal) in Washington State, due to having lived there for a while up to this point.


Bio: More to come...

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Preliminary Question: Through IGN’s efed/JJ Johnson, Akira Kaibatsu

Smarks Board Name: Super_Tigris

Wrestlers Name: Michael Cross

Nickname: The Suicide Machine

Height: 5’11’’

Weight: 223 pounds

Hometown: Detroit, MI

Age: 21

Face/Heel: Face (somewhat tweener)

Stable: None

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): Barbed Wire, Ladders, and Tables

Quote: None




Hair – Long, Black

Eyes – Beady, Dark Blue

Facial Hair – Black, Sabin-like Chin Strap goatee

Body – Small, tight, muscular

Tattoo – A cross on the back of his neck, an S on his left shoulder and an E on his right shoulder, “DRUG FREE” tattooed across his knuckles, and the numbers “2” and “8” tattooed tiny near the middle of his chest.

Attire – Gym shorts (dark red waist band with white draw strings, white legs, thick dark red strip down the left leg and the right leg, in white text the words “twenty” and “eight” are spelled on the left and right leg with dark red circular cuffs at the bottom of each leg), long white boots with dark red kick pads, dark red knee pads, long taped wrists (white tape) with a dark red X on both of the tops of the hands.

Ring Attire – Dark red and black Independent hoodie sweat shirt.



Ring Entrance:

A lot of dark red and black strobe lights. Grim walk, cold and lifeless.

Colony by In Flames for an entrance theme




Strength: 4

Speed: 5

Vitality: 8

Charisma: 3


Style: When the size of a match favors him, Cross likes to work a fast paced power offense with some flying moves. When the wrestler is bigger than Cross by quite a bit, then Cross tends to stick with a fast paced striking and high flying offense that attempts to keep his opponent on the ground.


Also, Cross is known for being extremely spotty and able to take a very intricate beating while being able to still manage at least to give his opponent a run for his money.


Signature move:


Avalanche Head Trauma - Double Stomp (be it from the top rope, or just in general while standing)


Break the Ice – Starts in a powerbomp, and the opponent is dropped down into a knee creating a back/neck breaker


Triple Northern Lights Suplex Pin


Entrapment – STS, or an STF with a headlock applied


Nail in the Cross – Michinoku Driver I, or a double arm brainbuster


Fierce Strikes – while opponent is on hands and knees, Cross stands over him and delivers cross face forearms over and over again.



Common moves:



Rapid arm drags

Oklahoma Roll Pin

Alternating knee strikes

Spinning drop toe hold


Sunset flip (from various positions)

Snap suplex

Pendulum Backbreaker

Double leg takedown

Chain wrestling (arm wringing, headlock exchanges, arm drags, submission/pin exchange)

Dropkick to Knee


Rare moves:


Blasphemy in Motion – Spinning Fisherman’s Neckbreaker


Violent Roots – Arabian Face Buster/Atomic Arabian Face Buster




Silent Rage Syndrome – Chris Hero’s Strong Hero Welcome, or a dragon sleeper that lifts and twists into a cutter.


The Devil’s Soul Snare – Dragon Suplex Pin


Desperation ’28 – Assault Driver (often used as a transition spot for a close two count, however, it’s capable of being used as a finish for a match – often used for a top rope spot, if necessary)


Notes: Cross is extremely violent, loves blood, loves fighting, but isn’t just super-spotty. He can wrestle, he can take big bumps, and generally works in matches where he takes a majority of the punishment be it that he puts himself in position to take horrific falls by using high risk maneuvers. Cross often likes to rush into a fight and try and catch his opponent off guard, and because his vitality is so high, he’s able to have large spurts of energy later in matches, similar to the likes of Kurt Angle, Shawn Michaels, and Chris Benoit.


When Cross is in control, he’s often like Taz in that he’s machine-like and very destructive/controlling. He likes inducing the maximum amount of pain he can by dissecting his opponent piece by piece. Very thorough, very dangerous when in control.


Bio: Cross was abandoned 28 days after his birth, thus the meaning of the number 28 that he uses to symbolize himself. He went through a hard childhood being shuffled through foster home after foster home. At the age of 12 he was placed in with an abusive foster father who was a drunk. He eventually escaped at the age of 16 and has been training in a Japanese dojo to be a pro wrestler ever since. Cross was found in the underground ultra-violent federations of Japan and was brought to America by Mr. Kobe, Akira Kaibatsu’s manager.


Cross' last name was taken and changed by him, the reason being that he feels he's a modern-day messiah who suffers for the sins of others. One of the big factors as to why is because his parents had abandoned him at a young age, their sin being original sin placed on him by his parents, who he feels made him suffer through a hard childhood. He's often refered to as "Pandora's Box" because he's full of the hate of the entire world that surrounds him. He's manically depressed, and easily controlled in situations where he's not seeing straight. Cross often hurts himself and others, as he has become masochistic. He's extremely dangerous, and fights the hatred of the world because of all the sin and hatred that follows him and the people he loves.


Cross' main face appeal is that he's so hurt inside that the crowd wants him to finally suceed and be happy. Unfortunatly, when Cross fails, he's destroyed mentally and will often result to masochism, hatred, and just generally seeking out the destruction of others. When this happens, he becomes very dangerous to himself and to others.

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Updated. Just in case anyone needs them... ::twiddles thumbs::


Longdogger Pete - Inactive/Employed as Staff


Smartmarks Board Name: Longdogger_Pete

Real Name: Peter MacDougal

Nicknames: LDP, Miami Menace, One Man Wrecking Crew, the Doggah

Height: 6' 6"

Weight: 277

Hometown: Miami, Florida

Age: 39

Face/Heel: Face

Stable: None

Ring Escort: None

Preferred Weapon(s): Pete prefers straight-up wrestling to hardcore-style matches (though he does surprisingly well in those types of matches).


Quotes and Catchphrases:

"There's a reason I'm a champion in this bid'ness... and you ain't it!"

"Are you ready for the LONGDOGGAH!"



Looks: Pete has tanned skin and short, balding bleach-blonde hair. He usually wears dark sunglasses and a black leather jacket backstage or on his way to the broadcast table. These days Pete wrestles in a solid black T-shirt (or occasionally an LDP "Doggah in the House" or "True Champion" T-shirt to help sell some merchandise) and black or gray jean shorts. On the rare occasion that Pete wrestles, he also wears black knee pads and leg braces to help protect his weakened limbs. Pete has picked up a few pounds since he was last active, but has stayed generally healthy while working as a broadcaster.


Ring Entrance:




A white pyrotechnic explosion erupts across the stage, and the entrance fills with smoke. Pete steps out of the smoke and walks down the ring, slowly and deliberately in tune with his entrance music, "Baseline" by Quarashi, slightly remixed to begin with the chorus and continue with the second verse of the song.


Baseline, baseline

we’ve got fools on the case and their giving me baseline

Baseline, baseline

Baseline, baseline

we’ve got fools on the case and their giving me baseline

Baseline, baseline


Now we’re back in the game

The Quarashi pain it’s plain

I see the suckers fall out and the fuckers call out

Pick me up. But they don’t know what it’s about

I do my shit on the mic and I’m pleasing the crowd

Jump back, get back or else your getting a smack

on your face just like your daddy used to smack you way back in the days

This ain't no silly ass game I’m playing

hear what I’m saying, now start praying





Strength: 7 (he's big, overbearing, and intimidating. very few opponents are larger than him)

Speed: 3 (he has short bursts of speed, particularly at the beginning of the match, but usually not his strong point)

Vitality: 5 (he can last through longer matches if necessary but isn't used to them)

Charisma: 5 (he's developed some mike skills over the course of his career)


Style: Mostly power with some technical ability and a few crowd-pleasing moves thrown in for spice. Pete's size and strength also comes in handy during hardcore-style matches, which he seems to have a knack for, though he prefers ordinary singles matches for the chance to test skill vs. skill. He is also fond of the match he invented, the rare Miami Mayhem match.


Signature moves:

1) Lo' Dogger (Low Blow. Not used very often; "dirty fighting" isn't really Pete's style.)

2) Second rope diving elbow (Pete rarely risks his career with top rope moves)

3) Perfect Dark (double leg pickup with bridged pin attempt)

4) Dogg Pound (Standing Lou Thesz press)

5) Manhattan Drop

6) German Suplex (sometimes held in place for a bridged pinfall attempt or performed as multiple "rolling" suplexes)

7) Samoan Drop

8) Figure four leg lock

9) Longdogger Denial (This move is a reversal to an enziguri. If a smaller, faster opponent performs a spinning heel kick, Pete catches his leg in midair. Should the opponent then bring up his other leg in an enziguri, Pete senses the move and catches that leg as well, slamming the hapless opponent upside down into the mat. Great way to shift momentum against a cruiserweight opponent when Pete can't outrace him.)

10) Chokeslam (on lighter opponents only)


Common moves:

1) Pumphandle Slam

2) Kicks to the groin or midsection

3) Arm Bar

4) Spear

5) Multiple hard right overhand punches (Pete almost always starts a match with this maneuver to gain an early advantage. He also uses this as a comeback move late in the match to help regain his momentum.)

6) Angry stomps to the chest of a grounded opponent

7) Elbow Drop

8) Sleeper Hold (so Pete can catch his breath; he's not as young as he used to be. Used often in longer matches.)

9) Crossface submission

10) Standing Leg Drop

11) Second rope Leg Drop

12) Arm Wrench

13) Scissor kick

14) Sharpshooter

15) Big boot to the face


Rare moves:

1) Longdogger Legdrop (diving leg drop off the top rope. Pete signals for this by holding his hand up with his thumb and forefinger in an "L" shape. Pete rarely uses this move now due to his leg injuries.)

2) Choke Toss

3) Top rope diving elbow (as noted above, top rope moves are very risky on Pete's body and he rarely uses them)



1) Longdogger Clogger (double arm DDT)

2) Musclehead Slam (military press slam. This can be done on a heavier opponent if set up with an Irish whip. Pete uses the momentum of the return trip to lift his opponent. Pete usually goes for the Musclehead Slam if his opponent kicks out of the Clogger, in higher-profile matches.)


Titles Held:


AWF Heavyweight (7/24/00 - 8/13/00)

AWF Heavyweight (12/30/00 - 1/15/01)

AWF Heavyweight (3/25/01 - 4/1/01)

IGNJL European (5/16/01 - 5/23/01)

IGNJL European (7/21/01 - 7/25/01)

IGNJL European (10/7/01 - 10/24/01)

IGNJL Tag/Stables (12/15/01 - 12/20/01)

IGNJL World (12/20/01 - 1/16/02)

IGNJL Tag/Stables (1/30/02 - 2/17/02)

SWF Hardcore Gamers (3/31/02 - 4/28/02)




Peter MacDougal is an experienced wrestler and champion, recording three world title reigns in the independent AWF (Arilyn Wrestling Federation) in Central Florida. Pete valued his time in the independent leagues as it taught him how to truly act and feel like a champion, even while not currently holding a belt. Pete speaks with a clipped Southern accent and tends to get on the microphone and rant when he's angry about something.


Since his debut in the IGNJL, Pete moved up to the mid-card level fairly quickly, mostly thanks to Apostle's formation of X Force 9, arguably the most dominant face stable in IGNJL/SJL history. Pete had a continuous feud with Mistress Sarah, his former friend and ally (not to mention five-time champion) in the AWF. On May 23, 2001, Pete defeated Trash for the IGNJL European title, but lost the belt seven days later to Sarah.


The loss only strengthened Pete's resolve. On the final episode of IGNJL Wrath (before the merger of the IGNJL and IGNML), Pete defeated Triple E in the first Miami Mayhem match. Two more Miami Mayhem matches would occur during LDP's Junior League career, including his final IGNJL match, in which he was victorious over Xero.


Two more European titles would follow, but the ultimate prize was yet to come. Five days before Christmas 2001, Pete finally won his most sought-after championship, defeating the Boston Strangler and Ash Ketchum in a triple threat match for Strangler's IGNJL world title. Pete held the title for almost a month, but tragedy soon struck. On January 16, 2002, an unknown attacker critically injured Pete backstage, and Pete was hospitalized for nearly a month. IGNJL commissioner Edwin MacPhisto had no choice but to vacate the title. Upon returning, Pete revealed that his attacker was the Boston Strangler himself. Pete vowed to exact vengeance on Strangler, following him all the way to the IGNWF. Strangler disappeared shortly after Pete's arrival in what is now known as the SWF, so Pete never got his one on one match with Strangler, but he did score a win over Mistress Sarah at Battleground 2002 to secure the SWF Hardcore Gamers title. Proving his win wasn't a fluke, he retained in a rematch against Sarah the following week in a brutal steel cage match.


After losing the belt to Stryke three weeks later, Pete took a break from SWF competition. He made his return over the summer of 2002, quickly recruiting allies to reform the now-defunct X Force 9 with an SWF incarnation. Despite previous feuds with nearly all of them, Pete recruited several new members, unleashing his team on the SWF with the goal of becoming a new dominant force upon the league.


Several months later, Pete was forced into an early retirement when feuds with Chris Wilson and Perfect Bo caused excessive damage to his legs, forcing him into rehabilitation with the chance he might never wrestle again. After healing, Pete took a position with the SJL as a road agent, and while training the newest SJL talent, he also honed his own skills for an eventual SWF return.


The return came in 2003 when SWF creative control forced Pete into a teaming with Frost. The pairing was short-lived, culminating in a failed attempt to wrest the SWF Tag Team titles away from Justice and Rule. Afterwards Pete returned to his road agent career, and soon was promoted to Head of SJL Creative Control, up until the league's dissolution in January 2004. Pete was jobless for a year, and spent his time working across the country for multiple independent leagues. The work was grueling and demeaning for the veteran performer, but he kept at it, determined to keep his name from fading from the limelight entirely.


Fortunately, in January 2005 Pete was re-hired by SWF as the new play-by-play announcer for all SWF broadcasts, teaming with Suicide King for Lockdown, Smarkdown, and Storm shows, and he has held this position ever since.

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Guest The Satanic Angel

SmarksBoard Name: The Satanic Angel

Wrestler: Mistress Sarah

Real Name: Sarah Renee Leavenworth

Height: 5’8”

Weight: 165

Hometown: Bellevue, Nebraska

Age: 26

Face/Heel: Face

Stable: None

Tag Partner (optional): None

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): Whip

Quote(s): "The Bitch is back!"

"I don't think I like you."

“You will feel the pleasure of pain!”


Looks: Sarah is muscular but defined, and has an exotic look to her face. Her eyes are blue/green and her hair is a wavy cherry cola red with swirls of blonde thrown in. She wears red or purple tiger striped leather pants and a bust enhancing white tank top, with a red or purple lacy bra barely visible. A ten foot black bullwhip whip is curled around her waist. Sarah wears black boots with a two inch heel.


Ring Entrance: The lights in the arena become dark, as the Smarktron sizzles to life, rolling the blank fuzz of an old home movie (like Test’s opening, without the countdown), as “Paint It Black” by the Rolling Stones hits. When the drum beats rat-a-tat, the screen plays clips of long past matches involving the Mistress, freeze-framed in time with the drums. Red and purple lights pierce the darkness as the Mistress steps out from behind the curtain. Pausing at the top of the ramp, Sarah raises her arms, accepting the warmth of the crowds’ cheers. The Mistress then heads down to the ring, sliding in under the bottom rope. She unfurls the whip from around her waist and slowly curls it up, placing it on the apron before warming up.


Tag Entrance: Same as above.




Strength: 2 – Uses an opponent’s momentum rather than her own strength for most moves.

Speed: 9 – Hella quick! Might start slowing down around the five minute mark.

Vitality: 6 – Actively practices taekwon do, where everyone is a punching bag!

Charisma: 3 – Can work the crowd but can’t inspire world peace with a smile ...


Style: Sarah is a high flying, technical wrestler. Many of her moves are variants of martial arts, which she studies profusely. With her years of experience in and out of the ring, Sarah knows how to pace herself and wear an opponent down for a submission finish.


Signature moves:

Superkick to the throat

Neckbreaker variants

Diving hurricanrana


Figure four reveral with chin bridge

Springboard hurricanrana. Sarah will climb the turnbuckle and move to the center of the ropes, bounce a few times for momentum and spring off, hitting a hurricanrana with extra oomph. Sarah has been known to use her momentum out of an Irish whip to hit a springboard hurricanrana, still from the top rope. **Usually used late in the match, to set up the Torture Chamber.

Sit-Out DDT -- a counter to a punch or even a faked irish whip, Sarah will pull an opponent into her elbow, dazing them. Then, she'll push the person away just a bit, axe her leg up and snatch her opponent around the neck with her leg, pressing her foot against their chest, then sit down. Basically, she uses her leg instead of an arm for an Evenflow DDT.


Common moves:

Any martial arts-like moves.

Any high risk/top rope maneuver (EXCEPT the frogsplash!).

Taekwon do back kick

Judo hip throw

Jump spin kick


Leg bars/locks

Triangle hold

Rolling boston crab

Missile dropkick

Snap suplex


Any other DDT


Rare moves:

Flipping armbar

Scoop reverse DDT

Samurai driver

Dragon attack


Any other suplex

Choke Toss

Bearhug Front Slam.

Woman's Wile -- any form of low blow.



Domination -- an arm wrench, not taking them to the ground, but while the opponent is doubled over, Sarah brings a leg up and around in an axe kick to the back, and sits down, forcing the opponent’s forehead into the mat, finishing like a Fameasser.

Torture Chamber -- a scissor leg choke hold. Most commonly, after a springboard ‘rana, Sarah will keep her shins locked around the opponent's neck, then slide up and lock in the TC.


Notes: If anyone threatens her, she will have no problem attempting to rid herself of the problem. Her style of wrestling resembles martial arts sparring, and is defensive. Sarah will wait until a move is made at her to reverse it or capitalize on blunders. Sarah relies on her speed and agility to tough it out against bigger wrestlers.


Bio: Sarah Renee Leavenworth was born and raised in Bellevue, Nebraska. She became avidly interested in three things. Wrestling, martial arts, and ancient Egypt. Sarah found a way to do all this. She attended a wrestling school nearby. With her martial arts background, Sarah learned quickly. Just before her 24th birthday, Sarah applied to the IGN wrestling league, and was accepted. She brought her best friend with her to the IGNJL, Caisha Davenport (related?).


Once in the league, Sarah became involved with the darkest group in the league, the Alliance. Together, Grimedogg, Jacob Helmsley, Hville Thugg and Mistress Sarah dominated the INGJL, until Mistress Sarah took over the league, booting Grimedogg out. When Grimedogg returned, he stripped Sarah of her European Title, and within a week, Hville Thugg had been called up, destroying the Alliance.


A blossoming relationship was halted by the Thugg's move up into the WF, Mistress Sarah took on a darker side. Also egged by the loss of Caisha, her dear friend and escort, to a fued between Jacob Helmsley and Trash, Mistress Sarah turned to the books of ancient Egypt for solace.


A call from WF Commissioner Mercury gave Sarah the surprise of a lifetime. She was being called up. With the opportunity to finally get back at HVT for his transgression, Sarah gleefully accepted the contract and appeared at SWF's biggest PPV, Ground Zero.


There, she became Thugg's tag partner in a title match, in a ruse to get back at him. After turning her back on the Thugg, it was revealed that Sarah had joined the Midnight Carnival!


After an unexpected hiatus due to Chris Wilson, Sarah returned to action at the PPV Apocalypse, having escaped from Wilson's grasp by means of HVille Thugg. She came back her former self, but a little more risky than she was before.


During her time back, Sarah experienced a bit of a slump. A fued with Jamie Bjork brought out the bad side in Mistress Sarah, but also helped her back to the top. With a satisfying win at the latest PPV, IGNWF Dissention, Mistress Sarah obtained the Hardcore Gamers' championship in a triple threat match against Fallout and Jamie Bjork. Later that night, Caisha revealed tests that proved Chris Raynor was the father of her unborn baby. Sarah sent Caisha back to Nebraska and ruled the Hardcore scene.


After a devastating loss at SWF No Sells Christmas, Sarah took time over the break to think about how her career was going. She decided that the Carnival was no longer her thing and left. She remained on board the SWF team, playing a consulting role to emerging greats like Tod deKindes, XF9 and Sean Davis.

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Because nobody else did it, I will:


Wrestlers Name: Matt "<Insert Thing Here>" Myers

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 221

Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii (Origonally from New Haven, Connecticut)

Age: 23

Face/Heel: Hyper Active Super-Face

Stable: None!

Ring Escort: None!

Weapon(s): Anything ringside, but if he happens to stumble across his trusty wallet-chain, HELL YES!

Quote: No real quote, will usually make fun of the way his oponent looks, or something to that affect.




Basic Looks/Outside Of The Ring: Meh, whatever. It doesn't really matter.


Ring Gear: Whatever to fit his current gimmick.


Ring Entrance:


Whatever song you want, but no pyro, and the lights do not change in any way. Myers is not good enough to get dim lights or explosions.





Strength: 4 (Can pull of a few power moves, but would rather stick to arm drags, scoop slams if anything other than flying moves. His strength is similar to the amount of Christian; he can lift people that weigh up to 250 Pounds)

Speed: 8 (What the...Which way did he go? His judo kicks are similar to Tajiri, very swifts and making a big impact sound and same for his high-flying moves. Has qualities of Rob Van Dam, Tajiri, with a smidgen of Billy Kidman)

Vitality: 2 (He can take somewhat of a beating, but a finisher will put him to rest.)

Charisma: 6 (He's so fricken' over! People love Matt Myers!)



Style: Matt Myers wrestles kind of like a cruiserweight, as he uses both high-flying moves and he has some technical moves up his sleeve. Also, Matt Myers will resort to martial art moves to get him trough matches, such as any martial arts kick, punch, or combos, such as spinning kicks and punch/kick combos, he often uses a swift kick to any body part to get out of a hold or submission


Signature moves:

1) Corkscrew Moonsault. Sometimes will use this as a finisher in matches

2) 450 Splash. If Myers misses this, he'll be down for a bit

3) Diamond Cutter

4) Basically an evenflow DDT, all expect it's good enough to use as a finisher sometimes

5) Dragon Sleeper hold, but Myers usually sweeps the legs of his oponent, and hooks them as well, so they fall to the mat, making it very hard to move around

6) Formerly known as Death Myers Driver I, Matt Myers scoops his oponent up into a Death Valley Driver Position, and then pushes his oponent over into a tombstone piledriver, and then slams them down. Even with a 4/10 strength, Matt can pull this off, just very quickly and not as affective if it was to someone lighter


Common moves:

1) Leg Drop

2) Moonsault

3) Spinning Wheel Kick

4) Super Kick

5) Running Powerslam

6) Spinebuster

7) Powerbomb

8) Russian Leg Sweep

9) Tornado DDT

10) Flying Cross-body

11) Belly-To-Belly Suplex

12) Frogsplash


Rare moves:

1) Shooting Star Press

2) Gorilla Press (Usually Done to smaller oponents that are less than 200 pounds)

3) TKO (Usually a last resort, but can be done when driven to the edge in matches. He usually does this one and only one, and it’s usually a complete desperation attempt)



1) Basically a Ki Krusher 99, Matt catches his opoennt in a fisherman's suplex position, pulls them up into the air, and then turns them on to their back and slams them down in a piledriver type move. Very devistating


2) For people who he quite can't pick up with the above, Matt kicks them in their gut, as they double over. Now this is where it gets kind of confusing. Matt gets on their neck so he's facing the way they are facing, grabs the arm and hooks them as if he was to do a pedigree, and jumps into the air and slams their head and neck on to the ground. So it's basically a pedigree with Matt facing the other direction


3) Black Mist (The traditional black mist. Also comes in other colors)



Myers, well, Myers sucks. Those signature moves up there? You can ignore them if you want, or use them and give them a fitting name. And whatnot. So, yeah...it's Matt Myers.

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