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The Niggardly King

African-Americans: The Rock Needs YOU!

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African-Americans: The Rock Needs YOU!


The Rock Needs Talented Men and Women for "The Game Plan!"




Today we have a brand new casting call, and we urgently need you to consider auditioning right now.


Here is the FEATURED OPPORTUNITY we've selected just for you - no experience necessary, and you can live anywhere.





Featured Call:

Blockbuster Movie Needs Undiscovered Talent!

Do you smell what The Rock is cooking? African-Americans: He's coming to a football stadium near you! Get discovered on the set of "The Game Plan," a hot movie about the NFL. Talent scouts & agents are casting guys and girls for parts at Gillette Stadium OR a local football stadium near you. Hang out with The Rock, play an NFL football fan or player and even see your face in movie theaters nationwide. No experience necessary-this could be your Big Break! Apply now, they're casting men and women ASAP!





Do not delay - Apply for this part today - People just like you are landing parts every day...why not you?


At InstantCast, we are committed to helping new faces break into acting by putting them in touch with casting directors who are looking to fill parts on an urgent basis.


This is a rare opportunity...


Don't miss out for another day...





Tyler Briggs

Director of Casting, InstantCast


P.S. The only way to break into the entertainment business is for auditioning for parts like these. So audition for these parts immediately.



Star in the New James Cameron Movie!

Huge Lead Role on "Nip/Tuck!"

Star in Wyclef Jean's New HBO Show!

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"A local football stadium near you?" Come on, man.


I'm covering myself in shoe polish and headed to my old high school football stadium. Hope I make it.

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I have a friend who's black who liked wrestling. Whenever we'd ride around he'd bump "Nation of Domination" on his stereo. Yes, he had the CD. Which also included the funniest version of 'sexy boy' ever. Sounded like Meatloaf.


There's nothing like bumping "Nation of Domination" and mean-mugging random people.


How did the rap go? It wasn't on the Cd, it was just the beat.


We are the the nation, rhyming in color

Don't dis the man 'cause I bum rush your mother

This is what I'm sayin'

for real and not playin'

[Farroq, Savio, Rocky] is the man so hit your knees and start prayin'


I can't believe I fucking remember that.

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He got strength like the bear

And quick like the cat

Two and two together put your face on the mat

You count the stars while the ref counts three

Hope you like to look at ceilings cuz that's all you're gonna see

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Do you smell what The Rock is cooking? African-Americans


Hmmm, I wondered what that smell was.

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