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(Recent edit: 8/23/2007, for new aka)

Smarks Board Name: godfish

Wrestlers Name: Michael Alexander, also known as (in some cases only by self-reference) the Professor of Pain, the Mad Scientist of the Mat, the Evil Genius, The Most Scientifically Scintillating Superstar Ever to Enter the Squared Circle, the Eidolon of Excellence

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 221 lbs.

Hometown: Greenville, South Carolina

Age: 30

Face/Heel: Heel tendencies, but could play a reasonable anti-babyface

Stable: No Stable per se, but has taken to tagging with MANSON, dubbing themselves "Slaughterhouse/Five"

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): Typically avoids them, but will occasionally make use of a steel chair or sledgehammer at need; enjoys incorporating weapons in hardcore matches into submission-style maneuvers (i.e., using a Singapore cane for leverage in a choking STF)

Quotes: “Wrestling is not simply a battle of strength, but also one of wits; in this case, you are simply outmatched.”

“You will be outwitted, outwrestled, and quite simply outclassed by The Most Scientifically Scintillating Superstar Ever to Enter the Squared Circle.”

"Scientific curiosity is a dangerous thing...especially when you are its subject."

Looks: Alexander is of medium height with a good physique, if not a lot of obvious power. He keeps his black hair cut very short, and sports a close trimmed goatee without a mustache. In the ring he wears classic style dark blue tights with asymmetrically aligned designs in white resembling a mixture of geometry and Celtic knot art. His boots are white with dark blue trim.

Ring Entrance: “Dread Rock” by Paul Oakenfold begins to play, and the a video montage of Alexander’s previous in-ring exploits interspersed with Da Vinci’s “Vitruvian Man” highlighting the areas that the various moves depicted injure on his opponents. The lights in the arena flicker in time with the Smarktron.




Alexander steps out onto the stage, and the flicker lighting stops dead. He gazes out over the crowd, smirks, and makes his way to the ring, trash-talking to the crowd. He will roll into the ring, taking up a position in his corner and stretch, adjusting his boots, apparently disinterested in his opponent or the crowd, while smirking to himself.




Strength: 4 (reasonably strong light heavyweight; can probably reliably lift anyone up to about 250 lbs. for lift/suplex/slam moves)

Speed: 5 (quick for his size, but nowhere near a lot of the cruiserweights; his speed really comes out in chain wrestling more so than actual movement or crazy flippy stuff)

Vitality: 5 (tough guy to put down and keeps himself in good shape; a good finisher will put him down, but he will rarely go down to much less than that)

Charisma: 6 (something about him resonates with fans; comes off as an old school heel that you love to hate - Carlito in his early heel incarnation is similar to his appeal, but he comes off much more like Lance Storm's "serious" phase)


Style: Technical wrestler with little tiny bit of luchador thrown in...and maybe a touch of puro...just a very little touch, mind you.


Signature moves:

Release Dragon Suplex

Whiplash (HHH-style facebuster in which Alexander hangs on to the opponent’s head, stepping over and turning himself around and shifting into a Side Russian Leg Sweep, normally rolling over into pin)

Dragon Wing (Chickenwing combined with a Dragon Sleeper; can either remain standing with the move, using it as a submission, or drop backwards, turning it into a reverse DDT/armbreaker combination)

Ouroboros (Spinning Toe Hold combined with a Front Facelock- basically he spins his opponent's leg around to the full torque, scissoring the opponent's leg between his own, then he will reach over and pull the opponent's head into a front facelock, usually rolling over to the side while keeping the opponent's leg pinioned and the head in the facelock; he will use this as a weardown hold most of the time, but it could be used as a submission if need be)

Ouroboros II (Single Leg Crab/Headscissors - basically, he applies a single leg crab as normal, but pulls almost into a "Lion Tamer" stance, with the inside of one of his knees right beside his opponent's head; he then rolls to one side and during the roll hooks his opponent's head into the headscissors while still maintaining his hold on the halfcrab. This causes no small amount of pressure to the leg, the back, and the neck. He usually uses this as a weardown hold, although it could be used to garner a submission)

Foucault’s Pendulum (Catatonic into a backbreaker)

Shining Heel-kick Enzuigiri (Shining Enzuigiri using the heel of the foot for the actual kick; basically he combines a spinning heel kick with a Shining Enzuigiri)

Tope-style Legbreaker (placing a fallen opponent's leg on the bottom rope, he steps to the outside and stands on his opponent's ankle or calf as it rests on the bottom rope; after a bit of showboating perhaps, he will spring over the top rope and deliver a double stomp to his opponent's exposed leg, usually around the knee area)

Inverted Dragon Screw (basically a normal dragon screw, except he lifts the leg from behind his opponent and it ends up with the opponent hitting the mat face down; loves to use this as a setup from the Gordian Knot)

The Crucible (Airplane Spin into a flapjack - he basically flings the opponent off his shoulders during the spin, but holds on to one of his opponent's legs and falls backward, dropping his opponent on his face)


Common moves:

Mad Mat Skills (Alexander prides himself on mat wrestling with good reason; this is his strong suit - he can go hold for hold with anyone, and will do it to start out almost any match, given the opportunity.)

Running knee lift

Rolling neckbreaker


Dropkick to Knee

Chopblock (often from the second rope/turnbuckle)

MMA-style leg kicks

Drop Toehold

Flying Forearm Smash

Head scissors armbar (Stranglehold Alpha)

Jumping Knee Drop (usually to the chest, neck, or head)

Spinning Back Elbow

Springboard Calf Kick

Spin Kick to the Gut



Leglocks of various sorts

Improvised Weardown Holds for whatever body part he’s working on (using the ropes or turnbuckles for extra leverage or damage)

Chain Wrestling (loves to string moves together and combine them for extra effect)

Dickish heel moves (slaps to the face, slaps to the back of head, a bootwash here or there)

Mocking (he'll do his best to make fun of his opponent when he thinks he's got the advantage)


Rare moves:

Tornado DDT from the turnbuckle

Blackout (Cobra Clutch with a body scissors)

Superfly Splash

Missile Dropkick

Suicide Plancha



The Gordian Knot (primary finisher) (Reverse Indian Deathlock; he begins this typically with a drop toe hold or inverted dragon screw, leaving his opponent face down, then rolls up, folds his opponent’s legs into the position around his leg and drops backwards, his body forming roughly a thirty degree angle with his opponent’s body)

Event Horizon (Spinning Blue Thunder Bomb; usually turns this into a pinning combination)

DELENDA EST (*RARE*; this is what he'll do if he's looking to send a message, and that message is that he really, really, seriously doesn't like you - it's a super tiger driver ('91). Yes, that's right. The opponent is seated on the top turnbuckle. Alexander climbs up, facing him, and underhooks both arms in the standard tiger driver position, then lifts his opponent up and falls backwards from the turnbuckle, bringing his opponent down to land on his neck and shoulders between Alexander's extended legs. Needless to say, this move is not pleasant for anyone involved, thus it is something that is rarely used in any normal context. Not something that anyone kicks out of, needless to say.)


Notes: Michael Alexander is a classic superior heel. He acts and carries himself as if he knows that he is better than his opponent and anyone else that he encounters; his favorite vehicle for this is to make obscure references and mock those who miss them. If he is beaten, he will rationalize that he made an error, not that his opponent was good enough to beat him independently. Alexander will apply classic submissionist tactics in most of his matches, working on a chosen body part (usually a leg to set up his favorite finisher, but will also work his opponent’s weak or strategic points if he feels the need (i.e., if his opponent’s most dangerous moves make use of his shoulder or arm, he will focus on that, trying to remove his opponent’s strengths or capitalize on a weakness). He will mix up his basic tactics with a mix of heelish humiliation moves (like slaps to the head while applying an arm bar), kicks and stomps, and an occasional high kick or acrobatic move to keep his opponent off-guard and rattled. Against an opponent on roughly his same scale (cruiserweight up to a heavyweight), he will be a little more willing to go mano-a-mano, but will not desert his basic strategy. Against a big man or a very powerful one, he will add in a few more high impact moves like high kicks, flying forearms, diving lariats, and dropkicks to help wear down his opponent to allow him to implement his basic submission style without risking being caught in a dangerous situation where he may be overpowered. Alexander loves to play mindgames as well. He is not above threatening a manager to distract his opponent, nor will he hesitate to take any advantage offered to him to score a win. Alexander considers each match to be an extremely physical game of chess, and he believes it’s foolish to pass up any advantage offered. He will not stoop to using the classic "foreign object," though, as he feels this to be an admission of his difficulty with his opponent (this will not stop him from making the most of a hardcore match; it just means he doesn't pack his trunks with brass knuckles or the like). His main flaw in many matches is his overconfidence. Alexander, if he feels his opponent is broken down sufficiently, will waste time either berating/mocking him or mocking the crowd and/or ringside managers/valets. This can allow him to be blindsided if his opponent is able to capitalize. If his opponent catches him in this way once, Alexander will be wary for the remainder of the match, refocusing himself if the lapse did not allow his opponent to hit a finisher and/or get a quick pin.


Bio: Michael Alexander was born in the upstate of South Carolina. He has an MA in History and is very well-read. He had some training in Juijitsu but did not pursue competition. Alexander got into wrestling at an early age by watching old Jim Crockett NWA shows both locally and on TV. He began his wrestling career training in both Canada and Mexico. Obviously, the Canadian training forms the roots of his current style. He has taken a tour of Japan as well. He has worked mostly independent promotions up until this point in his career, with no mainstream exposure in the United States or Europe.



Tag Stats for Slaughterhouse/Five (MANSON and Alexander).

Weight: 451 lbs.

Alignment: Heel



The arena lights drop, cueing a guttural, distorted warbling from the speakers, which brings the fans up to their feet as tension builds, when…




Devin Townsend's 'Ziltoidia Attaxx!!!' kicks off, the thick, heavy tune accompanied by flashing strobes and spotlights which roam the arena. The SmarkTron lights up with images of Vitruvian Man interspersed with shots of MANSON and Michael Alexander.


"People of Earth… we are your Ziltoidian overlords…


…resistance… is futile…"


The crowd boos as the two enter the arena, with Michael Alexander taking the lead and MANSON following behind. While Alexander berates those ringside, MANSON follows along silently, his eyes darting around the arena and chains rattling nonetheless. They roll into their ring, and while Alexander immediately moves on to their corner, the Messiah pulls out the metal bat from beneath his cloak. He begins stomping about the ring, the bat held high in the air until the referee calms him down, convincing him to drop it to the outside while Alexander watches the antics with a bemused smirk on his face. Finally MANSON backs away, discarding the mask and cloak, as well, placing both over the post and preparing for the match.


Double Team Moves:


OMEGA Point (Gamengiri/Heel Kick Enzuigiri; basically MANSON kicks them in the face or side of the head, and Alexander kicks them in the back of the head, AT EXACTLY THE SAME TIME)


Magnum Opus (Flapjack/Enzuigiri; MANSON lifts them up, and Alexander kicks them in the back of the head, and MANSON drops them on their face)


Psychotic Break (Chopblock/Lariat; Both men charge an opponent from opposite sides, with Alexander hitting a chopblock and MANSON hitting his lariat)

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SmarkBoards Name: chirs3

Wrestlers Name: Chris Raynor

Nicknames: Rayn-man, and though it technically is OOC, go ahead and call him Caveman if you like. :P

Height: 6 feet 4 inches

Weight: 250

Hometown: Baton Rouge

Age: 31

Face/Heel: Tweening, at the moment. Doesn't go out of his way in either direction, but the fans still don't remember him too fondly.

Stable: None!

Tag Partner (optional): None yet.

Ring Escort: None.

Weapon(s): Ladders. The situation rarely calls for them, but whenever possible, he enjoys finding new and creative uses for ladders.




Big bulky guy, Test-ish in appearance. Backstage, he's in just casual wear, whatever t-shirt and jeans happen to be closest to him in the morning. For entrances, he'll come out wearing a Genesis III t-shirt, which promptly gets ripped off and thrown aside, before heading down to the ring. Black boots and slightly baggy black pants fill out the rest.


Ring Entrance


Nothing too fancy this time around - Isle of Q's "Rubberneck" is the song. A brief lights-out-strobing-whites for the opening drums - as the song begins proper, the lights stay down but the stage becomes more clearly illuminated - strobing moves off the sides, while the main stage and ramp are clearly lit. Raynor appears just as the singing begins - he takes a moment at the top of the ramp to display his Genesis III shirt, then rips it off throws it aside (not into the crowd), then does the ole' all-business walk to the ring from there.




Strength: 5 - Still capable of most of his power-based offense, but it'll take a little extra oomph to get it done this time around.


Speed: 3 - He can climb the ropes, but rarely sees a need to.


Vitality: 4 - This is what happens when you get out of the game for a while. He can hold his own in a regular fight, but he'll go down to a finisher without much fuss.

NOTE: If you're looking for a weakspot, go for the neck. It's in good enough shape to wrestle on it, but I'm told they rarely heal completely.


Charisma: 4 - When he gets worked up, he can deliver on the mic, but he doesn't have much to get worked up about these days.


Wrestling Style


Raynor still relies on a mostly power-based offense, although he's going to be a little faster paced this time around. Hit 'em hard, hit 'em fast, get in and out as fast as possible - he wants to win decisively, in a bid to dispel any doubts people may still have about him, but he also knows that longer matches are not in his favor, given his lowered vitality. So starting a match, his general strategy will be to bum rush his opponent and beat them down as fast as possible, which means most of the moves on here he's going to try to transition into and out of very quickly. If he hits them, then great, but his emphasis on executing them quickly can make him prone to mistakes.


Now, if he's on the recieving end of an asswhooping, and it's clear the end is near, he will most likely get really desperate, really fast. His lowered physical vitality means a finisher will put him down for the count, but if he knows one is coming, the odds of him pulling some crazy/desperate/suicidal/low-odds stunt to buy himself some time will increase exponentially. He will not outright cheat - no steel chairs and blatant lowblows - but he will skate very close to that line if he needs to. The closer he is to going down, the more like a wounded animal he will become - good for intensity, bad because when he gets worked up, he can get sloppy.


Signature moves


1. "CHRIS SMASH" - From an Electric Chair Drop position, will lift his opponent up and drop him forward throat-first onto the top rope, then use the recoil to pull him back and drop him in a German Suplex.


2. "Raynfall" (credit: Alan Clark) - A Swinging Leghook Fireman Carry Slam. Yeah, I know, it's a mouthful. Click Here - it's the move at the 35 second mark.


3. "Rayn Drops Keep Fallin' On My Head" (I love you, Johnny) - A quick hop up to the second turnbuckle, into a flying elbow drop. Again, rather than waste time climbing the outside and making a big fuss, this will be quick and clean.


4. Tilt-a-whirl Slam / Tilt-a-whirl Backbreaker (which can transition into consecutive backbreakers)


5. Uranage - Description courtesy of Wiki. God bless the Wiki.

Also known as a sambo suplex or side suplex. The wrestler stands face to face with the opponent, slightly to their side. The wrestler tucks his head under the opponent's near arm, and reaches across the opponent's chest and around their neck with his near arm. The wrestler then simultaneously lifts the opponent up, turns 180° and falls backwards, bringing the opponent over him and slamming them down to the mat back first.


6. Forward Legsweep (Jericho's short lived "Breakdown")


7. Scissor Kick


8. Tower of London - Raynor picks his foe up vertical suplex style, but places their feet on the top rope. He then turns, essentially in a stunner position with victim elevated, then drops down in a neckbreaker. As added insult to injury, the victim essentially falls from there right into a pinning position.


9. Any number of Irish Whip Into's - Big Boot, Elbow Smash, Flying Forearm Smash, take your pick.


10. Strikes - nothing wrong with just bashing a guy's face in. Prefers mostly forearms and European Uppercuts - if he's in the mood, he might throw a knife-edge chop or two. Rarely ever kicks, outside of the Big Boot and just general mudhole-stomping.


Common Moves


1. Atomic/Inverted Atomic Drops

2. Gutbuster (backbreaker, but to their stomach, see...)

3. Pump Handle Slam

4. Good old fashioned Spinebuster

5. Basic DDT's (Nothing to flashy, not gonna do a float-over or anything)

6. Basic Suplexes (Again, nothing too fancy... Gutwrench, German, etc...)

7. Side Russian Legsweep

8. Samoan Drop


Rare moves


1. Superplex (just when the opportunity arises, which isn't often)

2. Insiguri (again, only when there's an opportunity)

3. Iconoclasm (ditto).




Acid Rayn, Version 3.0 - I pick the opponent up for a vertical suplex, lift him straight up and hold him. Then push him out forward, as if turning it into a powerbomb, but at the same time I kneel down and drive the opponent head-and-neck-first down onto my knee. (I'm being told that it's an "Orange Crusher" or something close to it)


ADDITIONAL NOTE: As soon as I get a tag partner, one of our double-team moves is going to be named "It's Rayning Men". THIS IS NOT NEGOTIABLE. :P


Thanks to Alan Clark and Johnny Dangerous for helping out with new moves, entrance music, and other details. :)

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Guest SoulxOfxLove

Hola Everyone. Just Wanted To Thank MikeofEvil for All The Help! Lol.



Smarks Board Name: SoulxOfxLove

Wrestlers Name: Saintly C. Killa

Height: 6'10''

Weight: 342

Hometown: Jersey City, NJ

Age: 29

Face/Heel: Violent anti-face

Stable: None

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): Voodoo Stick

Quote: "Mad Mother Fucking Clown Love" *Laugh*


Looks: Black Top Hat, Suspenders, Tattoos (front, back, right leg, wrists and left arm), Dickies Work Shorts[black] Sag & held up by spenders & belt, Trenchcoat, Painted Face, Long Hair, Black & White Skate Shoes[ES].


Ring Entrance:

'Song 2' by Blur starts playing and Killa comes out carrying his kendo stick while the screen shows him doing moves and crazy hardcore stuff. He climbs to the apron, steps in over the ropes and walks around the ring holding up his arms before taking his trenchcoat off.





Strength: 8

Speed: 3

Vitality: 7

Charisma: 2



Style: Power, hardcore specialist if the rules allow.


Signature moves:


-Gorilla Press Slam

-New Jersey Toss (scoop slam, but the opponent gets thrown as far as he can instead of just slamming them down)


-Bounces off the ropes, yells 'CLOWN LOVE!' and drops a knee onto his opponent's face. The crowd might shout along with him.

-Martyr's Drop (crucifix powerbomb, very powerful)

-2nd Rope Legdrop


Common moves:


-Left jab, left jab, right hook combo


-Sidewalk Slam

-Standing legdrop

-Running shoulderblock

-Avalanche in corner

-Stallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllling suplex (the crowd counts along)

-Big boot. (VERY big boot)

-Kneelift to the gut.


Rare moves:



Necro Links (seated surfboard - Killa sits on their back and pulls back on their arms)

Hero's Blessing (Towerhacker Bomb Pin - Argentinian backbreaker rack thrown into sitout powerbomb-like pin)


Notes: Violent in a crowd-pleasing way, gets cheered because he's a monster who kicks ass not because he plays to the fans though. Loves hardcore matches, fond of fire.


Bio: A mystery at the moment.

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Guest WhollyChao

Edit: 7/15


Smarks Board Name: WhollyChao

Wrestlers Name: Fulminatus!

Nickname(s): Deconstruction Dynamo, Cruiserweight Chaos Engine, anything with alliteration

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 190 lbs

Hometown: Everywhere

Age: You wouldn't be able to tell, but about 30.

Face/Heel: Face, but the fan's still aren't sure why they like him.

Stable: None

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): Nothing orthodox

Quote: “Reality is the original Rorschach!”


Looks: He's averagely built. Wears brightly colored blue, orange, and red one-piece tights that cover everything but his arms. Shoulder pads that stick out almost a foot from his arms (almost like Nightcrawler’s old costume in the X-Men comics.) A mask covers his face except for his mouth and chin, from which protrudes a pointy beard about four inches long. A distinct yin-yang-esque logo adorns his back. My avatar picture is Fulminatus. That's how he looks.


Ring Entrance: The lights flicker out and the arena is silent for a moment or two but the moment or two is soon shattered by a loud explosion of sparks at the entrance. The grating riff of “Inna-Gadda-Da-Vida” rocks the loudspeakers and through the smoke Fulminatus wanders out, weaving his way down the ramp. He looks at the crowd, often reacting to them in interesting ways. Fulminatus may also become distracted by anything in the crowd and stop to investigate for any period of time while his theme song’s perpetual riff plays. Note: The lyrics of the song are not played. Just the music. They are pointless anyway.



Strength: 4 (Nothing too special, can lift about 250. After that it gets tricky.)

Speed: 6 (He’s fast, but not in the traditional bouncing-off-the-ropes way. He’s perpetually moving, tricky to get a lock on.)

Vitality: 7 (Fulminatus can take an unusual amount of punishment. He’s not invincible, by any means, but you’ll break a sweat putting him down.)

Charisma: 3 (Despite his seemingly nonsensical ramblings and actions, people will react to him in some fashion.)


Style: His style is essentially a form of drunken boxing. Fulminatus never stands still. Ever. In fact, he cannot. He is always moving, crouching, gyrating, spinning, dodging, etc. It makes the bastard difficult to catch. Mat wrestlers will find him slippery, while strikers will find him to be much like one of those inflatable clowns that avoids your every hit. He can hit you from any awkward back-bend or fall. His momentum is his strong point; stop that and you stop Fulminatus.


He's an opportunistic wrestler. If something goes wrong with his opponent, he'll take full advantage of it. Fulminatus will capitalize on any situation he's in. Also, he rarely wrestles consistently, meaning he never has a certain structure to his matches. Not a "Five Moves of Doom" kind of guy by any means.


Signature moves:

Fortuna’s Wheel – A no-handed aerial cartwheel kick to the face. He takes two steps and then leaps in the air, spinning his legs over where his head was, and kicks you on top of your head. Sometimes he can even land standing after the move. Sometimes.

"FNOOOOORD~!!" - Fulminatus yells out the word "FNORD~!!" and then hits a high-impact power move. It's different every time, so have fun.

The Wrath of Norton - Flying leg drop

Seek ye the Eye of the Hurricanrana

Spinning powerbomb (if he can lift you)

Armpit claw - His one submission move. He grabs you under the armpit and in front of the pec with his hand and squeezes. Sounds silly and it is, but it also hurts like a bitch.

Cactus clothesline

Distraction – Not a move per se, but Fulminatus will do out of the ordinary, unexpected things to disorder his opponent. Anything. Feel free to be creative.


Common moves:

Chops anywhere

Quick strikes


Spin kicks

Drop toehold

Snap suplex

Mongolian chops

Toe stomp, generally as a set up for another move


Drop kicks

Arm drag

Seated headscissors

Running knee


Rare moves:

FLIEGENDE KINDERSCHEISSE!! – A splash off a ladder or other suitably high object of peril. The name is to be exclaimed loudly by the announcer, regardless of his/her knowledge of the German language.

Tarantula, just because I like the look of it. Probably wont use it unless he works either the arms or legs of an opponent in a match, which he never does. Maybe if the work's already done for him, such as a match involving more than two people.



The Spear of St. Gulik – He bounces off the ropes, leaps in the air and headbutts you like a missile to the gut. Fulminatus can hit this out of nowhere. High propensity to miss, though.

Confusion Bomb – A senton bomb to the face of a dazed, standing opponent.


Notes: Fights like a whirling dervish. He’ll cheat if the situation calls for it, but he won’t try and hide it. He’s doing no wrong in his own mind. Very effective wrestler in a hardcore situation, but it’s not especially his chosen match.


Personality-wise, he's an enigma. No one is sure just what to make of Fulminatus. He has a surprisingly high-pitched voice with a strange, indistinct accent. He speaks in riddles to the wise and nonsense to the foolish. Maybe the other way around. Either way it is irrelevant.


Bio: All things in time.

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Edited: July 2nd. Found the real definition of a "Code Red".


Preliminary Question: I noticed it at the bottom of the board.


Smarks Board Name: Nightwing

Wrestlers Name: Blue Leaf (Real Name: Eric Markham)

Height: 1.83 Meters / 6’0”

Weight: 101.15 Kilograms / 223 pounds

Hometown: Sarnia, Ontario, Canada (Announced: “The Great, White North!”)

Age: 24

Face/Heel: Face, but read the notes.

Stable: None

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): None in a normal match. In a hardcore match, he might pull out a few homegrown weapons/gadgets.

Quote: No specific quotes, but groan-inducing puns are always a favorite.


Ring Entrance: Outside of Canada, he uses an instrumental piece reminiscent of the stuff coming out of the recent Marvel movies; if you take out your copy of Spider-Man 2 and just watch the intro, that’s about it. In Canada, he uses the Canadian National Anthem, and prefers to walk out with a Canadian Flag.


Looks: He has a similar build to most of the younger, more agile comic book characters (think young Peter Parker, Dick Grayson, etc…), but not as ridiculously buff. Kind of thin, but well-toned; looks like was a college athlete, or worked out a lot. Blue eyes, good-looking face, and straight brown hair (combed forwards).


His outfit is a full-body suit, blue and white, similar (But not the same; gotta avoid copyright laws…) in design and look to what The Guardian wears, only with blue instead of red. Rather than the full head covering, he just wears a blue domino mask. He also wears white gloves (rather than them just being an extension of the suit) and shin-high blue boots (same reasoning as above).


Out of character (For promos or whatever), he wears normal clothing, though he likes CFL Jerseys and Hockey Jerseys (Preferably Toronto) when he goes out. Occasionally wears sunglasses. No dorky voice, no dorky hairdo, etc… just a regular, unspectacular guy.




Strength: Four. Mostly his ‘fearsome’ striking power, but he can hold his own for most people around his size and weight. He has an ‘upper limit’ of around 250 pounds unless there are special conditions in his favor.

Speed: Seven. Athletic and acrobatic, he can hang with most cruiserweights in a fast-paced match, but he won’t be able to beat them that way. He also has great reflexes, which allow him to compete in stand-up fights against stronger strikers.

Vitality: Five. Being a long-distance runner in college gave him incredible stamina, and his pain threshold is quite high.

Charisma: Four. Not the best guy behind the mic, but he’s good enough to get pops. Crowds warm up easily to him, unless they don’t like Canadians, which might make it a bit tougher.


Style: A Cruiserweight with strong mix of striking and acrobatics. He prefers to use his striking ability to knock his opponent off-balance, allowing him to move on to more acrobatic moves and such. He took training in judo and jujitsu, but don’t mistake him for an experienced grappler; he only really uses it to avoid protracted grapple contests and keep mat wrestlers from putting him down.


He has two particularly glaring flaws: At moment, he is very unskilled at mat-wrestling, and if he’s on the ground, he can get in trouble very quickly. While he’s tough enough to make it to the ropes or smart enough to figure ways out of submissions, he’ll still lose valuable time due to his lack of training. His second flaw is that of his experience: He is wrestler because that’s how he can achieve his dream, not because he wants to be a wrestler. Eric isn’t stupid (note the emphasis), but he hasn’t needed to exert himself enough to learn the subtle nuances of certain styles while in the bush leagues, making him vulnerable to more experienced wrestlers who have dedicated themselves to their profession.


Signature moves:

1. “For Great Justice!” – A series of kicks finished off by a leaping roundhouse kick to the temple. Hard to stop once it gets going, and usually starts off a momentum switch.

2. The Maple Leap – Suicide Plancha to the Outside

3. Springboard Dropkick – Used as an entry to the outside or as a whip counter.

4. Flipping Dropkick

5. Victory Roll

6. Hurricanrana

7. Harper Kick – A Super Kick

8. Shining Black

9. Flip-Floppery – Most of the various cruiser moves that I’ve failed to note. Things like Moonsaults, Splashes, and other things that high flyers do without thinking.

10. Uranage


Common moves:

1. Enzuigiri

2. Gamengiri

3. Most kicks, punches, palm-strikes, knees, and elbows.

4. Arm Drag

5. Cross Body Block (Used in place of clotheslines)

6. Various Judo Tosses and Takedowns

7. Russian Legsweep (If you want to call it Canadian, go ahead, but I’m not going to be that tool…)

8. DDT

9. Reverse DDT

10. Inverted DDT

11. Drop Toe Hold

12. Neckbreaker

13. Kip-up – Not really a move, but it’s something he does enough that it deserves a note.

14. STO

15. Flying Head Scissors


Rare moves:

True Blue – A Tornado DDT, often done running off the ropes or (even rarer) springboard.

CN Tower-Bomb – A running Powerbomb, only used against Cruiserweights.

Don Cherry Drop (DCD) – A Death Valley Driver. Not used often, as it’s hard to integrate into his style. It’s strong enough to be a possible finisher against weaker opponents.



Canadian Brain Crusher (The CBC) – A jumping Fisherman’s Buster. Done against opponents he can pick up.

The Niagara Fall – Leg trap sunset flip powerbomb, better known as "Code Red" by the Amazing Red. Done against opponents he can’t use the CBC on.


Notes: As Blue Leaf, Eric is an upstanding citizen. Perhaps not to the level of the “Cyclone Comet”, but he’s interested in standing up to the bad guys, keeping order, and helping out people in need. While he still can be silly (What superhero isn’t at some time?), he’s a bit more serious take on the super hero gimmick.


Out of costume, Eric a decent guy, but has a tendency to be a dick when things don’t go the way he’d like them. He’s very dedicated to keeping his ‘character’ popular, and his drive is born more out of a desire for self-gratification and self-fulfillment than actually being a role model and helping people. But outside of career concerns, Eric’s an okay guy. Think of it this way: He doesn’t go out of his way to be a dick, only when something might negatively affect his career. Another big note: He does not consider himself to be Blue Leaf. Blue Leaf is a character to him.


Most of the time, this doesn’t come into conflict with the Blue Leaf character; again, he’s really dedicated to keeping Blue Leaf’s image in sterling shape. But, on very, very rare occasions, the act breaks down. If his career is threatened, or someone is making him look really, really bad, he’ll lash out viciously. Please contact me if you do this, preferably before you put it in or rely on it, as I’d like to make it exceedingly rare, but meaningful.


Bio: Eric Markham was your average kid who found his idols in the pages of comic books. Batman, Daredevil, the Justice League, and the Avengers, he kept up with just about all of them. Unlike most kids, who give up silly dreams like being astronauts, President, or ever entering into a happy marriage, Eric never gave up on his dream of becoming a super hero. At the age of 15, he finally realized a way to live his dream: Become a wrestler.


He worked out, took fighting classes (In particular, he studied Muai Thai along with Judo and Jujitsu), while making his High School CC Team. He abided by his parents request to go to college, attending the University of Toronto on a Track scholarship and earning a B.A. in English and Literature. But as soon as he got out of college he created the character ‘Blue Leaf’ and joined a wrestling school. After that, he began jumping around a few local leagues in Ontario, managing to get by while he showed off his natural talent. Finally, he got noticed by an SWF Talent scout and is now headed to the big leagues.

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Guest step up, ghetto blaster.

Wrestler’s Name: Nathaniel Kibagami

Nicknames: Silent, The River Dragon

Height: 6’5”

Weight: 272 lbs.

Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona

Age: 38

Face/Heel: face. sort of.

Stable: none

Ring Escort: none

Weapon(s): weapons are for bitches, and Kibagami, in the words of the immortal Nick Diaz, “ain‘t no bitch“.



Looks: Kibagami doesn’t look much different than he did three years ago - shoulder-length black hair, several noticeable scars, heavily tattooed - he‘s got full sleeves now - and the red and black trunks with the ankh on the right leg. he looks more or less like a ripped Nathan Explosion with shorter hair and inked up. the trench coat and cane generally only make an appearance in his pay-per-view entrance; he‘s a little touchy about his age and doesn‘t like carrying the cane around any more. he has bulked up a LOT for a guy that’s been out of active competition for three years. allegations of steroid use have followed Kibagami for years, but the management seems a bit too preoccupied to check up on that.


backstage, he usually looks…well…like shit. ripped jeans, Doc Martens, and the same god-damned Black Flag t-shirt in every promo or interview (it might actually be from their ‘85 tour. Kibagami is pretty old.) he chain-smokes Camel Menthols and is usually carrying a pint of Jameson with him. never Bushmill’s, though, because Bushmill’s is Protestant trash.



Ring Entrance:








“Let’s Go” hits the speakers and red pyrotechnics flash out from the entrance ramp. the lights turn red and dim as the familiar burning ankh appears on the Smarkstron and Kibagami comes through the curtain at the top of the ramp. he pauses briefly and assumes his traditional crucifix pose - cigarette in one hand, drink in the other - before sauntering down the ramp and into the ring. he poses again atop the turnbuckles as the music stops and the lights come up, and then he turns to face his opponent for the evening.




Strength: 7 (he was a fighter before he was a wrestler; that fact has always been reflected by the way he trains. he‘s incredibly strong, even for a man his size; attempting to trade blows with him is highly inadvisable for those that aren‘t freakish seven-foot-tall behemoths.)

Speed: 2 (he‘s getting old, and speed has never been his strong suit anyway. He prefers to plant his feet and grind his opponent to a pulp.)

Vitality: 9 (it seems incredible given the way he smokes and drinks - among other things, if you believe the rumors - but Kibagami‘s barely lost a step when it comes to his cardio. equipped with a granite chin and a competitive instinct that very few can match, The River Dragon‘s tenacity in the ring makes him a tough fight for anyone.)

Charisma: 2 (he’s not charismatic in the usual way; his humor is dry and biting and he’s usually drunk during interviews. but the man has a lot of history in the SWF, and the audiences have always loved seeing Kibagami cave somebody’s head in. it‘s never been what he says - to an extent, it‘s how he says it, but mostly it‘s what he does in the ring. the fans don’t love him because he name-checks their hometowns - they love Silent because he’s fucking crazy. )


Style: Kibagami works an odd hybrid of mixed martial arts (heavy on the Muay Thai) and pro-wrestling.


Game Plan: Kibagami’s kicks have always been one of the most feared aspects of his game, but his time in K-1 and PrideFC has taken his striking to a whole new level. his wrestling remains mostly the same - he’s been doing it for twenty years, after all; he takes an arm away from you and then you’re suplexed to pieces. but the improvement in his striking makes his basic game that much harder to handle - it’s not as easy to eat a kick and go after the leg when that kick is fast, pinpoint accurate, and aimed squarely at your temple. simply put, Kibagami likes beating the shit out of his opponents and he’s a legitimate heavyweight in a federation full of cruisers. parental discretion is advised.






-downshifter suplex: front chancre suplex. a definite momentum shifter. see your local American Dragon match for a visual aid.

-dragon DDT: A reverse DDT with a dragon sleeper applied. the dragon sleeper is sometimes maintained.

-cradle suplex (not the cradle suplex you’re thinking of; picture the attacker positioning the victim for a capture suplex. now picture the attacker behind the victim and reaching around the victim’s body to pin the leg. that’s it. ugly, huh?)

-fire and knives (leg kick, body kick, body kick, roaring elbow to the jaw. kind of liking eating a shotgun blast point-blank with a vest on - it probably won‘t kill you, but you‘re going to want to take a time-out until your lungs remember how to breathe right.)

-springboard gamengiri (when the opponent is leaning against the turnbuckles, Kibagami plants one foot on the second rope and pulls himself upwards with the top rope, kicking the victim flush in the side of the head.)

-double spinning back chop (Kibagami hits a spinning back chop, then spins back towards his opponent to deliver a second. this is mostly for show with an opponent dazed or on the ropes - it’s too easy for him to get caught on the second spin.)

-hammerlock DDT

-yakuza kick (because it looks pimp.)

-rear naked choke (Kibagami‘s not fond of weak-ass sleeper holds - he‘s going to try and choke you out, and if he gets both hooks in and an arm under your chin, rest assured, he‘ll do just that.)

-Burning Lariat (450-degree oversell encouraged for cruisers everywhere.)



Common moves:


Muay Thai clinch: Kibagami’s not much of a wrestler these days; he’s much more comfortable trading strikes whenever he can. the Muay Thai clinch allows him to control a match the way he prefers.

- knee strikes: if his opponent can’t defend the clinch or throw knees of their own, Kibagami will crush their face with knees as soon as possible. against another striker, he’ll throw his knees at the opponent’s thighs to try and take their legs away.

- knee thrust: Kibagami breaks away from the clinch and jams his knee forward into the opponent’s midsection. hurts like hell and often catches the opponent by surprise.

- front facelock: if he‘s in the ring with somebody particularly fast, Kibagami will drop the clinch and muscle the opponent down into a front facelock and work it as best he can to grind out the faster and likely smaller man.

fakes & mix-ups: Kibagami is not at all fast, but he’s got very competent head movement and footwork for a pro-wrestling environment. any time he feels the pace of a match slipping away from him, he’ll use feints to derail the other person’s momentum - delayed leg kicks are one of his favorites.

russian leg sweep

cross arm breaker: if an opponent ever grows lax, assuming that Kibagami’s prowess is limited to his strikes, the former Clan leader has no problem hyper extending an elbow or two to correct that popular misperception.

belly-to-belly suplex: often used as a desperation counter while the opponent is running the ropes.

ippon seionage (An over-the-shoulder judo throw. a sheer-drop variant is possible, and finisher strength when used, but it’s almost as rare as the Firebird Splash; he has to catch the opponent just right to make that happen.)

single-arm DDT

shoulder breaker (over-the-shoulder and fireman’s carry varieties)

simple armwork: elbows, knees, kicks, and assorted ring equipment to the arms. Be as creative as you’d like; Kibagami’s no cruiserweight, but he’s more agile than you’d think.

clinch takedowns: Kibagami’s wrestling base has improved dramatically as a result of his time on the MMA circuit. he’s not fast enough to make much of a shot, but takedowns from the clinch are another matter entirely; what he might lack in technique he more than makes up for in brute strength.


Rare moves:


Year of the Dragon: Phoenix Splash. this is the move that won him the World title, but you probably won’t see this ever; the man is damn near forty.

Chasing the Dragon: rolling Dragon suplexes (2-4). usually an alternate “look at how many times I can lift the little guy” finisher.

Riot of the Blood: Thoth’s cradle tombstone piledriver. used where appropriate.

Dangerous Backdrop: usually only used if Kibagami is desperate and the opportunity presents itself; not likely to get a pin if Kibagami is exhausted enough to break it out.


Finishers: (appearing in order of frequency)


“Left Leg: Hospital. Right Leg: Cemetery.”

-Kibagami’s weapon of choice is his left head kick. he’s scary accurate, he has far too much muscle to put behind it, and at six foot five, there’s precious few people on the roster that are out of his range. if you’re lucky enough to see this coming, you had better get your hands up - you eat one of these unprotected and you’re leaving the arena on a stretcher.


“Fall From Grace”

- the high-angle crucifix power bomb Kibagami’s been using since his ML debut. if he can’t choke you out or beat you down, he’ll fall back to his tried-and-true battle plan: wear down the arms and spike the other guy with the Fall From Grace.


“Demonstar Driver”

- the original neck-snapping, career-ending, character-defining finisher. a stylized Tiger Driver ’91, this move broke Chris Raynor’s neck when delivered by Edwin MacPhisto - and it broke Edwin MacPhisto’s neck when delivered by Nathaniel Kibagami. it would take an amazing amount of effort to anger Kibagami to such an extent that he’d consider using this move again…which is not to say it’s impossible.



Notes: no-selling Kibagami’s strikes is not an option. he’s not working stiff; he’s actually driving 270 lbs. of shin bone directly into the side of your dome. every strike he throws is as legit as it gets; the spinning back chops or the lariat allow some flexibility since they owe more to pro-wrestling, but an elbow to the jaw is a straight up elbow to the jaw. trading blows with Kibagami is akin to attempting to outwrestle Flesher; it‘s statistically possible, but who’s really stupid enough to risk it?



Bio: he’s been out of action for almost four years. his neck’s been broken twice, he’s pushing forty, and even in his prime he was far from being consistent. allegations of steriod use have followed Kibagami for years - as opposed to his drinking, which is a very visible and very public concern. if the SWF wasn’t in such a desperate position since the loss of their TV deal, it’s doubtful the River Dragon would even be present.


but they are and he is, and the fans spend just enough money to see him that management turns something of a blind eye to the laundry list of problems he presents. and at the top of the list of worries he brings is Nathan’s new penchant for beating his opponents half to death instead of simply pinning them. it’s really a shame the fans enjoy the spectacle so much.


and it’s worrisome that Kibagami’s still so talented when it comes to casual brutality.

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Smarks Board Name: HollywoodSpikeJenkins

Wrestlers Name: "Hollywood" Spike Jenkins

Height: 6'1

Weight: 205 lbs.

Hometown: Long Island, New York

Age: 25

Face/Heel: Heel.

Stable: None.

Tag Partner: None.

Ring Escort: None.

Weapon(s): Anything.

Quote: "Hollywood = Ratings."


Looks: Caucasian. Medium build. Has emo dirty blonde hair (like Charlie from LOST), with black highlights. Wears yellow and black shorts that reach the edge of his boots when wrestling. Has his wrist and hands wrapped in white tape with a black X drawn over the back of each wrist. Wears a black zip-up hoodie to the ring with some type of logo of a band or something. Wears shin high black boots.


Ring Entrance:


The lights begin to flicker around the arena as the violent guitar riffs and the blaring trumpets of Emmure’s “When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong” blast through the PA system.





The horrifying shriek of a laugh from lead singer Frank Palmieri sends a shiver down the spines of everyone in attendance.


I hope this is a passing phase.

There is no future where I stand,

Here with you!



The lights on the stage begin to flicker on and off. The audience begins to stomp their feet and clap their hands as they await The New Straight Edge Sensation. A small, but audible “Spike…Spike…Spike” chant breaks out inside the arena.


This Is…






…The End!



With that, the crowd goes into frenzy as “Hollywood” Spike Jenkins steps out from behind the curtain. Now sporting short hair and a Five O’clock shadow and wearing an official SWF Spike Jenkins (SWFShopZone.com) black “Heartless” zip-up sweatshirt, Jenkins stomps down the ramp towards the ring.


[Funyon stuff]


Jenkins stomps down the ramp, unzipping the sweatshirt and tossing it to the side. Climbing up the steel steps, he slowly climbs onto the ring apron. Carefully watching his opponent, he steps into the ring…





Strength: 4

Speed: 5

Vitality: 5

Charisma: 6


Style: Works the U.S. Independent Cruiser Style, but also over the past couple of months started training heavily in MMA (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Amateur wrestling, and Muay Thai Kickboxing), so now he is a really strong striker and will use that mostly.


Signature moves:

1. Lariat

2. Spear

3. Jumping Yakuza Kick (Roderick Strong style)

4. Half Nelson Back Breaker (Opponent in a half nelson, Spike lifts them up and drops them across one knee)

5. “The Strong Island Stretch”

- Alex Shelly’s “Border City Stretch”/A Crippler Crossface, but with the opponents arm trapped behind the neck of Jenkins.

6. Running Yakuza Kick into corner (Kawada/MVP style)

7. Gutbuster (Opponent up on shoulders as if for a DVD, Spike throws them into the air and as they come back down, Spike lays out with double knees to the gut)

8. Shotei/Spinning backfist combo (2 open palm slaps followed by a spinning backfist)

9. Double Stomp

10. Pelle Kick (Spike does a backflip, kicking a standing opponent behind him in the head)


Common moves:


1. 2 Kick Combo + Knock Out Kick to Face

- Opponent is standing on knees. Spike kicks them twice in the chest, backs away, and hits a final shot to the face.

2. Soccer Tackle

- Instead of having it used to set a move up, like by Toxxic; Spike uses it as a defensive maneuver. Used to slow down faster cruiserweights or to take big men down.

3. European uppercuts.

4. Boot scrapes/Forearm scrapes/Running boot scrape/Running dropkick to face/ Running forearm scrape.

5. “Dangerous Wizard”

- Shining wizard but with a kick to the back of the head instead of a knee

6. Suplexs (Any kind you want)

7. Chops

8. Kicks

9. Amateur wrestling takedowns

10. Roaring Elbow


Rare moves:


“The Ratings Crash”

- “Styles Clash”/ Can only be used against Cruiserweights, or small heavyweights. Spike lifts the opponent up from a standing head scissors, holding him upside


"Super Ego Trip"

- "Destiny Hammer"/Diving Enzu Knee/Spike's version of Tom Flesher's Ego Trip. Ever since losing the Cruiserweight title to Flesher (who used the Ego Trip to beat Spike), Spike has decided to start using his version of the move to gain the attention of The Superior One. With the opponent crouched over; Spike comes off the top rope with a diving knee to the back of the head/neck.


“The Ratings Grabber”

- “Five Star Frog Splash”/ Old SJL finisher. Will bust it out on special occasions every now and then. We all know what it is.


“Breaking Edge”

- Death Move/Opponent is put in a powerbomb position, but with his arms double underhooked. They get flipped up, but HSJ turns to his side in mid-air, having his opponent in a reverse DVD position, and drops them down in a Burning Hammer. Very Rare.






- “Pedigree”/Can and will be used against everyone and anyone.


“The Fall of Rome”

- “Roll the Dice”/Reverse Front Face Lock Swinging Neckbreaker


“The Silver Lining”

- “Dragon Clutch”/with the opponent lying on their stomach, Spike sits on their lower back. He wraps his right arm around their throat, then locks his left arm over his opponents left arm and pulls back with a Dragon Sleeper. Usually used after a float-over after “The Fall of Rome.”


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Wrestlers Name: 'C.I.A.', Canadian Intelligence Agent

Height: 6'4

Weight: 225

Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Age: 29

Face/Heel: MEGA-Face

Stable: Midnight Carnival (Leader, for a short time, of the 'International Carnival', and technically, still has rights to the Carnival name.)

Ring Escort: National Pride

Weapon(s): Hockey Stick, Curling stone, Briefcase full of Canadian Tire money (The hockey stick was sharp bladed metal wrapped in barbed wire during C.I.A.'s hardcore run.)

Quote: Lots. He likes to do rhymed verse for his ring intros (More spoken word than poem, mind you), and has a history of talking about as big a game as anyone. Nevertheless, he is very good on the mic, and will generally win over the crowd. Also, instead of saying 'Oh, god', 'Oh, my', or anything similar, he will ALWAYS say 'Oh, Canada' with the proper emphasis for the situation.

Looks: 6 foot 4 inches tall, mostly wiry muscle, like Rey Mysterio or other cruiserwights. C.I.A. comes to the ring wearing black ring pants, with 'C.I.A.' emblazoned down the side of both legs ('Property of the Midnight Carnival' stamped on the ass), as well as one of his many gimmicky t-shirts, and don't worry, he's always coming up with new ones. On return, he should be wearing a shirt that depicts his fall from the Smarkstron in his Hardcore title winning match, overlaid with the word 'OH!' in the style of the old batman tv series 'boffo!'s. On the back is a picture of CIA giving a goofy thumbs up, and the word 'CANADA!'. He dons a mask as well, a red maple leaf wrapping around the front of his face, hiding his identity, but allowing his shoulder length blond hair and now mildly rough and tumble facial hair to be seen.


Finally, C.I.A can often be seen wearing a leather jacket, ordinary in all respects except for the fact that from the underside of each arm a Canadian flag dangles, top of the maple leaf pointing away from his body, fabric coming down just below his waist even with arms extended out to either side, giving him the appearance of rather stringently canadian 'wings'.


This last item, however, he will take off before entering the ring.


Ring Entrance: The lights in the arena start to flash like mad as a familiar riff strikes up, signalling the opening tones of the Red Hot Chili Pepper's 'Love Rollercoaster'. Just after the words 'Say What!?!' are heard, there is the sound of a needle scratching along a record, and David Bowie's 'I'm afraid of Americans' kicks in, as C.I.A. rises out of the floor (ala Rey Mysterio, without the jump), arms extended out to either side, and the lights in the arena drop to nothing, red fireworks flaring up behind him in a shape very reminiscent to a maple leaf.


C.I.A. will then begin marching down to the ring, and will ALWAYS have a microphone handy to do a long intro spiel (It's his big thing, after all). Be creative, (Or, if you're stuck, ask me, and I'll be happy to help, even for your match. Or just don't do it if you feel it's better, I'll live). But remember, he likes to rhyme, he is able to put down his opponents in a wry, funny way without really belittling their skills.


Finally, C.I.A. will enter the ring, mounting all four corners with arms out to his sides before removing his jacket and throwing it to the ring attendants.




Strength: 4 Strong enough to do most moves that aren't big power, but not exceptionally strong in any way.

Speed: 3 Can move around the ring, and has perfected the very few high flying moves he knows. No tope suicida's from C.I.A.

Vitality: 6 C.I.A. will get hurt by big shots. BADLY hurt. He's not the kind of monster who can shrug off chairshots. Nevertheless, C.I.A.'s matches back in the day often had him absorbing tremendous amounts of punishment and still fighting on. Think of this as more of a 'Will to win' than anything else. It's not hard to drop C.I.A., but it is VERY difficult to pin him or keep him down.

Charisma: 7 He's a madman, but he's good at it. Though clearly just a bit loopy, C.I.A. is dedicated, willing to go to almost any lengths to suceed, and able to make just about any crowd rally behind his madcap antics.


Style: Crowd Pleaser/North American Middleweight. What should I put to help you out here? Somewhere between Davey Boy Smith, back when he was tagging with Dynamite, and Chris Kanyon.


But feel free to adapt the style slightly if it helps out your match. I'm willing to take criticism, and would prefer you write the best match possible before getting your characterization of my character JUST right.


Signature moves: Half Nelson Suplex - C.I.A. Will use this maneuver to set up his 'Air Canada' finisher.

Dragon Sleeper - C.I.A. Will try to lock this in after a few minutes spent wearing his foe down, stretching the neck and back in preperation for his later moves.

Heavy Dropkick - One of C.I.A.'s longtime standby moves, this gets used in almost every match. It doesn't matter if he's using it to take your legs out from under you, or tear your head clean off, but the basics are that he throws his dropkick with as much power as he can muster, and aims his feet about a foot behind his target by the time he's done. Never the prettiest move, but always painful.

Bionic Elbow - Running at his opponent, C.I.A. will often use the Bionic Elbow as a substitute for the more common clothesline.

Roaring Elbow - Setting up the powerful elbow to the face with two swift strikes to the cheek or jaw area, C.I.A. Will often use this maneuver out of a lockup, or to break a front hold.

Release Belly to Back Suplex - C.I.A. will snap this on quickly, and execute crisply, if he should ever find himself behind his opponent, and not running.


Common moves:

Knee to the Midsection


Hard Corner Whip




Sunset Flip

Stepping Palm Blow

Thrust Kick


Low Dropkick

Spinning heel kick

Second Rope Double Axehandle

Abdominal Stretch

Spinning Gutbuster

Crucifix Pin



Rare moves: Pumphandle Slam - C.I.A. Will only use this move against a smaller opponent, to take advantage of his size.

Running Powerbomb - Out of desperation, C.I.A. MAY use this move to counter an opponent, pulling them forth off the top rope. Even then, he'll usually use something else instead. Will occasionally set this move up, if he needs to take the energy out of a large, or physically dominant opponent.


Finishers: Air Canada-Beginning as a moonsault, C.I.A. performs a quarter twist in mid flight, landing on his opponent with a Macho Man Elbow. One of the very few high flying moves the Canadian ever uses, but to compensate, he executes it almost perfectly. (This is the big finisher, folks. I'd prefer less kickouts from successful Air Canada's, if any at all.)


Via Rail - A downward spiral (Or 'Stroke'), this move could be on tap almost anytime in a match, and C.I.A. will use all his strength and weight to power the maneuver, only using it if he feels he needs lots of damage, quick. This move won't always close out a match, but it certainly is capable of doing so. (Especially when he does it onto a chair or other object.



Bio: C.I.A. is a lovable kook who achieved his greatest fame in the SJL. Showing some technical skill, and a lot of heart, C.I.A. nevertheless wowed the crowds with his micwork and quickly secured himself a spot as a top face in the SJL. Though he never held a title in his early days, he was a perennial contender, and many expected big things from him. Those hopes were realized when C.I.A. had his greatest fued, with Mak Francis over the SJL world title, which the two of them battled vicously for. (They were archenemies for some time, but became good friends and even tag team partners later, so for Commentary purposes, Mak will be a big C.I.A. booster.)


Shortly after winning the SJL world title, both Mak and C.I.A. were bumped up to the SWF, where Francis won the initial grudge match between the two, before both branched off seperate ways. Again, C.I.A. found himself regularly in contendership for titles, though he never seemed to win them, and to the fans, it never seemed to matter. Finally, C.I.A. turned hardcore for a brief stint, winning the title in a brutal matchup. During this time, C.I.A. also gained the use of the 'Midnight Carnival' stable name, and used it to form his 'International Carnival', with members from many different countries, including El Luchador Magnifico. This was also short lived, and C.I.A. soon disappeared. It's been many years, and C.I.A. has returned to the SWF. Who knows how much success he'll have, but it sure will be a whole lot of fun, eh?

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Jebus, I'm a glutton for punishment...


Smarks Board Name: jesse_ewiak

Wrestlers Name: Jesse James Sanders

Height: 6' 7"

Weight: 268 lbs.

Hometown: Lawerence, KS

Age: 24

Face/Heel: White-meat babyface




When looking at Sanders, the first impression that comes across ones mind is 'farmboy.' While Sanders is muscular and is a striking figure no matter where he is, it's a natural look, unlike say, a Bobby Lashley.


From the top, Sanders has short brown hair and green eyes to go with the soft-ish face. At times, he has some stubble on his face, but usually realizes it just looks silly and shaves it before match. Wear typical early-20's male attire outside the ring and simple black tights to the ring. Nothing fancy here as he can't really afford it yet and it's not his style.



Ring Entrance:


The house lights dim across the arena as the blues-rock sounds of 'Blue on Black' by Kenny Wayne Shepard starts...


Funyon stuff


...as the introductions are finished and the song is in full bore, Sanders comes out to a decent response from the SWF crowd. He has a small smile on his face as he comes to the ring, absent-mindely slapping hands but focused on the ring.




Strength: 7 (Um yeah...strong.)

Speed: 3 (Normal bigger guy speed)

Vitality: 6 (Still too young to effectively no-sell death, but can still take a beating.)

Charisma:4 (Not too effective on the mic, but good in the ring.)


Style: High end US pro style worker. Not good on the mat or in submissions, but a decent brawler and can throw around virtually anyone if need be.


Signature moves:


Release German Suplex

Tombstone Piledriver

Snap Powerslam

Flying Shoulderblock

Gutwrench Powerbomb

'Snake Eyes' -style Hotshot into the corner

Spear - Usual way to reverse momentum in a match



Common moves:

Delayed vertical suplex

Release belly-to-belly suplex

Clubberin' forearms

Big Boot

Single Arm DDT


Reverse Neckbreaker

Running Forearm

Samoan Drop

Pumphandle Slam


Rare moves:

K-Driller - Big PPV matches only

Emerald Frosion - called 'Combine Special' - again, title and/or PPV matches only

Big Plancha - Reasons for why it is rare obvious




'Bleeding Kansas' - Fireman's Carry into a Brainbuster - Most people, not kicking out of this

LARIAT~! - Well, not quite at Va'aiga level yet, still effective and can get a win if hit at the right time

and situation.

'Outlaw's Curse' - Top-Rope Fisherman's Suplex into a Sit-Out Powerbomb. Do I have to explain this is something not to be used often - if at all?




Couple of quick notes


- Will not cheat, but will fight fire with fire

- Not that experienced, so will try things before it's time too. (ie. signatures too early, etc.)

- Quick learner though, so things don't work too often twice in a row.




Born on a farm outside of Lawrence, Kansas, Jesse James "JJ" Sanders lived a typical farm-life existence for his childhood. A growth spurt in his junior year got him on the football team and as a result, he played well enough at Defensive End in his last two years of high school to get a football scholarship to the University of Kansas.


However, in only his third game of his college career, he tore his MCL and ACL and was never the same again. Sanders finished his degree in Agriculture summa cum laude, but went back to the farm after graduating. After a few months of basically doing nothing, Sanders came upon an advertisement for a training school for wrestling in Topeka.


In Topeka, the training school was a joke, but Sanders was a fast enough learner to catch on to things so he wouldn't look stupid. Now, after nearly two years of wrestling on the midwest independent scene, he was spotted at a show in Minnesota by a SWF scout (ie. friend of a friend of a friend of Tom Fleisher) and Sanders was given a tryout match. He impressed the collected road agents enough that he was given a (minimum) contract and after a month of internal training, was brought up to the 'Big Show.'

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Guest bennerisbetter

Smarks Board Name: bennerisbetter

Wrestlers Name: Ghost Machine

Height: 6’ 8”

Weight: 312 lbs

Hometown: ???

Age: 26

Face/Heel: Heel

Stable: none

Ring Escort: none

Weapon(s): none

Quote: “I am destroy!”


Looks: He has a typical hoss build, tall and muscular. He is slightly tan, with medium length curly black hair. He has a green and purple mask with eyeholes. There is a tattoo on his back of a weird symbol. He wears red trunks with the same symbol, in black. Black boots and kneepads.


Ring Entrance: Some weird robot song starts up, then he struts out, spitting on fans.




Strength: 6

Speed: 1

Vitality: 4

Charisma: 3



Style: GRRR!!! POWERRR!!!! Machine is powerful man who does strong hoss moves. Too bad he’s slow as hell and gets winded easily.

Signature moves:


Running Double Axe handle

Reverse Powerbomb

Double Clothesline

Inverted Headbutt



Common moves:


Knee strike

Throat chop



Belly to belly

Flurry of punches

Power bomb


Camel Clutch


Russian Leg Sweep

Drop Kick (SLOPPPPY)

Testicular Mule Kick





Notes: He will cheat. Has been described as super villain.


Bio: No one knows if he is a robot or not.

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Howdy all, I'm new and looking forward to my debut :)


Smarks Board Name: Luke-o

Wrestlers Name: luke-o

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 210

Hometown: London, England

Age: 21

Face/Heel: Face

Stable: None

Ring Escort: His girlfriend, Rosie "Red Lips" Brake

Weapon(s): His mouth

Quote: "I am the High Flying, Death Defying, Heart Stopping, Body Popping, Undeniable, Undeniable, Non Stop, 24/7 King of the Goddamn World!"


Looks: ¾ length shorts, band/film related t-shirt, converse all star trainers. Has short brown hair and backstage will be seen wearing a cap not to dissimilar to Les Claypool of Primus fame. Often seen as if he'd just walked off the streets.


Ring Entrance: Guitar Synth intro of Hadouken!'s "Liquid Lives" (lyrics) (video) begins as the lights are down. As the rest of the band kicks in the lights come up to a set of pyro on the stage. I come down the ring playing up to the crowd getting them on my side. I get into the ring just in time for the 1st chorus, going round each turnbuckle playing to the crowd and posing in the middle of the ring like the cocky son of a gun I am.


"I want to drink, drink, drink, smoke, fuck, fight! I want to shout and scream! I wanna die! I want to be arrested, I want to be molested! My heads in pain, next weekend let's do it again!"


Big pyro goes off as the chorus ends.




Strength: 3 - Not the strongest guy in the world, but strong enough.

Speed: 6 - His main weapon, runs rings around bigger wrestlers

Vitality: 5 - Not bad, but all the running around can tire him out.

Charisma: 6 - He love's the mic, it's his friend :)


Style: I use my speed to overcome most opponents as it's the best tactic I have in my arsenal. Due to my charismatic character, I often destroy people on the mic during dueling promos. When up against bigger opponents, I often go for the knees either with kicks or with my signature submission the Single Leg Boston Crab, chopping them down to size so that I may apply one of high-flying maneuvers.


Signature moves:


1. Running Spinning Heel Kick

2. Float Over DDT

3. Tornado DDT

4. Standing Enzigurhi

5. Hurricanrana

6. Dragonarana

7. Single Leg Boston Crab




Common moves:


1. Booker T Spin Kick

2. Armdrag

3. Fujiwar Armbar

4. Baseball Slide

5. Leg Drop

6. School Boy Sneak Pin

7. Sunset Flip

8. Light Slap - used more to infuriate opponents - comedy move

9. Springboard Clothesline

10. Springboard Dropkick

11. High Dropkick

12. Any other form of DDT


Rare moves:


1. Cutter

2. Rude Awakening

3. Senton Bomb




1. Uber-kick (Super kick)

2. Flying Red Arrow (Shooting Star Leg Drop)

3. Luke-O-verdrive (Used more as a set up for either one of the the ‘finishers’)


Notes: I am a very quick, brash and cocky wrestler. Often seen as a comedy character due to my cockiness and underdog nature. I use mind games that infuriate my opponents so that they loose focus and make mistakes. Faces want to be me and Heels want to kill me.


Bio: Grew up on the streets of London listening to 90's grunge music and idolizing wrestler Raven (hence all the DDT's) with dreams of becoming a SWF star. Due to the fact the he grew up on the streets of London, he's not afraid of a fight and will back down from no man.

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Smarks Board Name: Rob E Dangerously

Wrestlers Name: Leon Sharpe

Height: 6'10"

Weight: 325lbs

Hometown: Paradise Valley, Arizona

Age: 36

Face/Heel: Snarky Tweener

Stable: none

Ring Escort: The Sharpertarian Leadership Force (two people holding "Vote Sharpe" signs and a bodyguard)

Weapon(s): Brass Knuckles, Loaded Black Glove



Looks: Sharpe has medium length black hair, along with a full beard. His physique is slightly lanky with a mix of muscle and mass. Sharpe wears dark sweatpants, a Detroit Red Wings jersey and boots, all of which he wears during his matches.


Ring Entrance:


["Devil's Dance" by Metallica starts to play as the lights dim and we see Leon Sharpe walk through the curtains. Sharpe is followed by two people holding signs saying "Vote Sharpe" on them, and a security guard who is obviously smaller than Sharpe. Sharpe has an obvious smirk on his face as he walks down to the entrance ramp.]


{Funyon stuff}


[sharpe gets to the ring and steps over the top rope and walks to the corner.]




Strength: 7

Speed: 2

Vitality: 6

Charisma: 5


Style: Power-based brawler


Signature moves:

01) Powerbomb

02) Chokeslam

03) Military Press into a Backbreaker (start with the press, move to a backbreaker)

04) Shake and Bake Powerslam (Tilt-a-whirl Powerslam. Sharpe lifts the the victim up and spins them around in front of hid body until Sharpe holds the victim over his shoulder. From there, Sharpe falls foward and slams the victim to the mat while landing on top of them)

05) Death Valley Driver

06) Press Slam

07) Release German Suplex

08) Uraken Spinning Back Fist (Performed with the assistance of the Loaded Black Glove, if the referee is unable to see Sharpe load the glove)

09) Gorilla Press into a Front Slam

10) Anaconda Slam (Sharpe stands face to face with the victim. Sharpe reaches under the victim's arms and locks his hands on the victim's face/forehead. Sharpe lifts the victim up and pushes the victim backwards and releases the hold, slamming them back first on the mat. AKA: Pete Gas' Gas Mask finisher)


Common moves:

01) Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex

02) Elbowdrop

03) Running Powerslam

04) Big Boot

05) Snake Eyes

06) Powerslam

07) Elbow to the throat (while the opponent is over his knee)

08) Snap Suplex

09) Slingshot into the corner

10) Shoulderbreaker

11) Russian Legsweep

12) Fallaway Slam

13) Leg Drop

14) Camel Clutch

15) Spinebuster

16) Backbreaker

17) Sidewalk Slam

18) Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker

19) Neckbreaker

20) Side Slam


Rare moves:

01) Full-Nelson Camel Clutch

02) Corkscrew Tombstone




01) The Sharpe Edge (Stalling Brainbuster variant. Sharpe lifts you up for a brainbuster, holds you up for a second, walks forward, and then drops you with the Brainbuster)


02) The Splatterhorn (Sharpe lifts his opponent up into a fireman's carry, and then moves his opponent into a position where they are up in position for a vertical suplex, Sharpe then drops them on their back with a powerslam)


Notes: Sharpe essentially comes across as not taking events as seriously as some, as evidenced by his ringgear. But at the same time, he's focused and experienced enough to not be surprised.


Bio: Leon Sharpe was born Leonard Albert Sharpe in March 1971. He watched Wrestling out of Detroit as a kid, gaining a fandom for Pro Wrestling. After spending time in college, Sharpe decided to pursue his less conventional dream. Sharpe made wrestling a part-time job until going fully into the business and achieving modest success. Part of his success involved a stint in the SJL which is memorable for Sharpe's "T-shirt" gimmick.


After leaving the SJL, Sharpe persued other options in various fields. Sharpe was drawn back to Wrestling in order to help pay for his million dollar home in Arizona and in order to promote his candidacy for President of the United States in 2008. Why run in 2008? Because Sharpe is bored and wants to get his name in the newspapers from time to time. But Sharpe is more focused on getting more money, and in order to get more money, Sharpe will win more matches.

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Smarks Board Name: A Happy Medium

Wrestlers Name: Arch “Archie” Griffon

Height: 6’4”

Weight: 290 pounds

Hometown: Des Moines, Iowa

Age: 29

Face/Heel: Tweener

Stable: None

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): Doesn’t need any

Quote: “I’m just here to make a day’s killing.”


Looks: Arch is a big hulking man with red hair, and hazel eyes. He is ripped, and looks like he may be doing steroids or injecting horse testosterone every two hours. Outside of the ring, he usually wears a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, sneakers, and a pair of sunglasses. Inside of the ring, Arch wears white wrestling boots and white tights. Think of Ricky Steamboat back in the day and there you go.


Ring Entrance: Unearth’s “Bloodlust of the Human Condition” plays around the arena, sending the fans into a frenzy of mixed reactions. Some boo, some cheer. The arena goes dark as the song starts up. It slowly fades to black, but right before it goes to black, the song kicks into gear, sending out some white pyro, that temporarily blinds the fans. Out of the pyro comes Arch, power walking out to the ring. He doesn’t acknowledge the fans, only the thought that his job must be done. Once he gets to the ring, he does some stretches to warm up for his upcoming match.




Strength: 9 (He’s very strong)

Speed: 3 (Not fast, but has good leaping ability along with agility)

Vitality: 5 (Not indestructible, and has back problems which do give him problems)

Charisma: 3 (Can cut a promo, usually lets his actions do the talking)


Style: Arch is all about power wrestling, though he can break out some wrestling skills if he needs to. Against other power wrestlers, he will fight fire with fire. Against speeding wrestlers, he will try to destroy them. Against brawlers…same thing. However, with technical wrestlers, he will be much more cautious.


Signature moves:


(one) Griffon’s Grasp (Arch grabs and opponents left wrist, and delivers a short armed clothesline. Using his amazing strength, Arch lifts his opponent back to their feet, and delivers another. He always does two, but can go on forever with them.


(two) Powerbomb (your standard powerbomb with gusto)


(three) Gridlock (Full Nelson with…you guessed it…gusto. May be used as a finisher if built up to. See finishers for more details.


(four) The Lion and The Dragon (bulldog where Arch actually stands still with his opponent in a rear headlock and lifts the victim by the head and neck, and then falls to his ass)


(five) Running Shoulder Breaker


(six) Bloodlust Plancha (Running plancha to the outside)


Common moves:


(one) Snap Suplex

(two) Backbreaker

(three) Knife Edge Chop

(four) Twisting Spinebuster

(five) Rope Guillotine

(six) European Uppercut

(seven) Superkick

(eight) Belly to Belly Overhead Suplex

(nine) Superplex

(ten) Northern Lights Suplex

(eleven) Gutwrench Suplex

(twelve) Half Boston Crab

(thirteen) Running Leg Drop

(fourteen) Flying Shoulder Block

(fifteen) Victory Roll

(sixteen) Double Chickenwing Cradle

(seventeen) German Suplex

(eighteen) Charging Yakuza Kick Into Corner

(nineteen) Reverse DDT



Rare moves:


(one) Bloodlust Powerbomb (Running Powerbomb over the top and to the floor.) Done on wrestlers 250 pounds and smaller, and only in big matches.




(one) Arch Nemesis (Cradle Piledriver which is usually up by a kick to the stomach, a nasty knee to the face, and then a grab into a standing head scissors. Arch doesn’t like making mistakes.)


(two) Gridlock (only if the opponent’s neck and/or head have been injured)


Bio: Archie grew up in Des Moines, and had a normal childhood. Tricycles, bicycles, and shitty beat up first cars the way he progressed in transportation. In high school, he excelled in amateur wrestling. He was ranked number one in his 220 pound weight class. However, an injury cut his amateur career short. He did not receive any scholarships for college, but luckily he was book smart, and wound up transferring into Northern Illinois University. He majored and graduated with a degree in Computer Science, making him the most muscular professional computer nerd in the country. However, immediately after graduating, the technology bubble burst. So Archie went back to Des Moines to find some simple work. He later went into wrestling school.


After a few months in the SWF, Archie tasted mild success. His tag team with Manson was on of the surprises of the year, as they had come out of nowhere to become contenders. After a successful run which featured a small feud with Jay Hawke, Griffon was suspended indefinitely.



(If any of my moves are stealing from your own, please let me know. I'm a bit rusty.)

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Smarks Board Name: Dace59

Wrestlers Name: Dace F'n' Night

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 260 lbs

Hometown: Birmingham, England, UK

Age: 27

Face/Heel: Face

Stable: None

Ring Escort: None




Well built, well muscled, pale skin.

Black hair with red streaks through it, long enough for a small pony tail. Grey eyes. Has a mesh of permanent scars on his face.

He has two tattoos. The one that covers most of his back, a wolf and mountain skyline that covers most of his back. And the other running down the right side of his neck and all the way down his arm to his finger, an interlacing pattern of spikes.



Plain black wrestling boots. Black tights, with the word "Dace" is written on down one leg in spiky lettering red lettering and "Night" down the other in the same style.

FOR GENESIS - Torn, blood covered SJL t shirt, from the good old days.


Ring Entrance:

"Winds of Creation" by Decapitated kicks in as the lights flash red and white to the beats. The opening scream kicks in white pyro lighting up the ramp from bottom to top before the song kicks into full gear as Dace walks out. Walks down through the smoke and pyro. Climbs into the ring, and throws the horns to the crowd.

His entrance video starts off as a black screen, which shatters like glass to so red filtered clips of his head dropping and heating on people. Then spiky "Dace Night" lettering background over highlight shots of him.




Strength: 8

Speed: 3

Vitality: 8

Charisma: 1




Signature moves:

Elbow Smash

Yakuza Kick


Release Spinebuster

German Suplex

Roundhouse Kicks




Common moves:

Backdrop Suplex

Backdrop Suplex Hold

Northern Lights Suplex

Vertical Suplex

Stalling Vertical Suplex


Inverted Atomic Drop

Gutwrench Suplex

Snap Suplex


Knee Strikes

Knee Drops

Knife Edge Chops

Double Leg Takedown

Single Leg Takedown

Side Headlock

Scoop Slam


Punt Kicks


Rare moves:

Choke Sleeper [Good F’n’ Night]

Mounted Elbow Smashes

Avalanche Brainbuster

Elbow Suicidia




Double Arm High Angle DDT [Defenestration]

Torture Crab


Tag Stats


Name: Violence Distribution Network (VDN)

Combined Weight: 608lbs


Ring Entrance: The Juno Reactor remix of "Guilty" by Gravity Kills stats up as the entrance area fills with smoke. Red and White lights flash as Va'aiga and Dace step through, both taking slow walks to the ring. Va'aiga loosens up with a few phantom jabs as the pair enter the ring, Va'aiga casting aside his entrance robe. Dace and Va'aiga pose on opposite corners, the pair stare out into the crowd before Dace throws the horns and Va'aiga the Shaka sign.


Signature Tag Moves

-Sandwich Rugby Tackles

-Double Team Spear Tackle

-Forearm/German Suplex (either way round)

-Torture Boston Crab (DN)/Punt kicks to the head (V)

-Knee Lift (DN) to Running DDT (V) to Running Knee Drop (DN)

-Yakuza Kick (DN)/Back Suplex (V)

-BOO-YAH! Punch combo (V) alternated with Forearms (DN)


Tag Finisher

-The Decapitator (Inverted Powerbomb (V)/Axe Kick (DN))





It’s Dace. Still the same ass kicking Dace. And in full SJL/SWF pride mode for Genesis.

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Smarks Board Name: Ace309

Wrestlers Name: "The Superior One" Tom Flesher

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 229.9 pounds for cruiserweight matches, 231 when he doesn't have to make weight

Hometown: Buffalo, New York

Age: 24

Face/Heel: Rudo, dick, bastard heel, whatever you want to call the guy who’ll step on your neck, count along with the ref and then still deny it.

Ring Escort: With James Matheson on indefinite hiatus, just Allison Onita for now.

Weapon(s): Allison Onita's purse is a wonderland of interesting things, many of which are small enough to be hidden in Flesher's singlet, wrist tape or kickpads. (You didn't really think they were for the opponent's protection, did you?)


Looks: Flesher is fairly stocky, a fireplug with broad shoulders, a barrel chest and an 18-inch neck. He wears his short brown hair combed forward and spiked in the front, nearly shaved on the sides with a reddish beard kept closely trimmed. Typical Irish/German - light brown hair, light blue eyes, average-to-fair skin. When wrestling, he wears black ASICS wrestling shoes with attached black-on-blue kickpads and a royal blue singlet with black trim at the edges and metallic silver side panels. Like all good heels, he'll also use black wrist tape. He wears a blue warmup suit with black shoulder rings to the ring. Out of the ring, think GQ – stylish, erring toward conservative, but certainly not buttoned-up. Black wingtips are standard outside the ring.


On special occasions, Flesher will substitute gold side panels for the silver, and a gold warmup suit.


Ring Entrance: Allison Onita will make an introduction, the blue pyro goes off coincident with the opening to Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir," and Flesher struts to the ring. He'll acknowledge the crowd from the ring with a kind of quiet confidence before stripping his warmup off and stretching out.



Strength: 4 - He's a lightweight, but he can still hoist most guys around, being a suplex machine and all. He's given up some of his functional strength in an effort to improve his ability to take punishment - he doesn't need to lift anyone overhead and spike him on his neck anymore, but when he limits the ways he's willing to win, he'll need to be able to take more of a beating.

Speed: 2 - His speed is more a result of his conditioning training than anything else, but he's fast enough to tie someone up in a pretzel hold out of nowhere. He won't be doing slingshot suicida stuff any time soon, though.

Vitality: 9 - Very good stamina, and hard to pin. Nearly never submits, and bleeds like a stuck pig given the opportunity. Flesher is able to wrestle on instinct and without higher brain function (particularly after being dumped on his head). Is he tough to beat? Absolutely. He carried the fed on his back for a year. He earned the right to be.

Charisma: 5 - The man uses the thumb to the eye as a signature move, for god's sake. Everybody hates him.


Style: He's fat. He's probably up to 240 from his billed weight of 231. He's lazy. He'd rather drop you on your head than actually wrestle you, but he knows he needs to stretch you out to get you to that point.


Signature moves:

- Yakuza kick

- Derailleur (Canadian backbreaker with kneedrop)

- Double chicken wing (standing and elevated for the submission, or grounded and worked into an amateur-style pin)

- Any suplex you've ever seen someone do, but especially the Straitjacket, the Fisherman's and the head-and-arm

- Figure-four leglock

- Shotei/Palm blow (doesn't punch - only uses palms or backhands, whether striking or just slapping the taste out of an opponent's mouth for no apparent reason)

- Variants on submissions he already does, or wacky submissions made up on the spot, that may be either painful or merely irritating

- Dropkick to the crotch

- Thumb to the eye


Common moves:

- Railgun Suplex (Overhead belly-to-belly - usually catches someone running the ropes, but can initiate it from a standing position against someone about 240 or under)

- German suplex (bridging or released)

- Greco-Roman backdrop (belly-to-back suplex)

- Shoulderbreaker

- Front headlock (aka front facelock.)

-- From the front headlock, Flesher can do several things. He can use it as a choke, sprawl backward and throw knees at the opponent's head, apply a hammerlock and wait it out, or use the amateur-style cement series. For the sake of these explanations, assume the head is under Flesher's right arm.

-- Cement Drop (Wrench the chin to the right side, hook the arm and drive forward, pushing the opponent onto his BUTT. Step with one foot on each side of his hips and continue driving forward into a Thesz press pin, keeping the chin wrench. The simplest way to finish, but also the hardest to hit against anyone who knows what he's doing.)

-- Cement Mixer (Floatover front facelock suplex, ending with the same chin wrench-Thesz press pin as above.)

-- Cement Job (From the front headlock, wrench the chin and underhook the opponent's arm with the left arm. Punch the left hand through and over the shoulder, driving the opponent to his back for the pin and keeping the chin wrench.

-- Flying Cement Job (Underhook the arm as for the Cement Job. Kick the left leg under the opponent's chest and pull him over it, using the same basic motion as a side headlock takeover. The hold finishes the same way as a Cement Job, but has the added benefit of knocking the wind out of the opponent.)

-- Wet Cement (Bodyscissors front headlock – usually applied to a sitting opponent, throw on the headlock and then wrap the legs around the opponent’s middle from the front a la Jamie Noble. So named by Dace Night because getting caught in it is like getting stuck in wet cement – you just can’t get out.)

- Stalling front suplex (Lifts the opponent up and then throws them face-down onto the mat; can also be done across the top rope)

- Camel Clutch or Gedo clutch

- Abdominal stretch, occasionally with the elbow stuck in the opponent’s ribs.

- Body scissors, alone or with a full nelson, sleeper or just about any other move that fits the story of the match.

- Doc Marten boot-related offense (Yakuza kick, double stomp, corner boot scrape to the face, kick to the knee, dropkick to the knee, enzuigiri)

- Amateur-style techniques

-- … including the blast double leg, which functions as a spear

-- … or the By The Numbers pin, which involves applying a hammerlock to the left arm of a face-down opponent, coming out to the front, threading your arm under the elbow of his right arm and forcing him onto his back with both arms controlled.


Rare moves:

- Burning Hammer (Torture rack into head drop. This is the move that broke Mak Francis' neck, so it's a bit like a police officer's gun: he isn't going to use it unless it's absolutely necessary, and he's going to feel incredibly conflicted about it afterward.)

- The Boilermaker (Avalanche-style [off the top rope] brainbuster. Obviously limited by size. Set up with an Irish whip followed by either an avalanche or a running palm strike, then setting the opponent on the top rope and hitting a 'Venus' [leaping and spinning] palm strike.) Counter this with an Orange Crush Bomb and you win (see losses to TNT [ladder match, US Title] and Ejiro Fasaki [sWF Xmas PPV 2003, World Title]).

- Logical Disconnect (Exploder '98 - A sheer-drop pumphandle exploder)

- Backdrop driver (High-angle belly-to-back suplex)

- Ego Buster (Sheer drop gutwrench suplex. For reference, see Fire Pro Wrestling Advance, 'Alevin's Lift'.)

- Superior Stretch Beta (back-mounted dragon sleeper - still in Flesher's repertoire, but since Jenkins is using it, and since it's hard to apply, it's not at the top of his list.)



- King Cobra hold (grounded cobra clutch/million dollar dream with bodyscissors, used in tribute to Mak Francis - often set up with a judo-style arm throw to put the opponent in front of Flesher on his BUTT)

- Superior Stretch (Texas Cloverleaf)

- Held Without Bail (Judge William Hearford’s Stretch Plum, which Tom used during his tenure in the M7 and face turn. He got accustomed to using it, and will now fall back on it when he needs to.)

Edited by Ace309

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This is the initial, so there's something posted... The entrance and moveset are a bit on the rough side until I can get into SVR '07 a little more. Should work for now though.




Preliminary Question: How did you find us/hear about us? Returning old-timer... Again... Heh.


Smarks Board Name: Vasarian_Brandy

Wrestlers Name: Chris Fury

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 232lbs

Hometown: Puyallup, Washington (will be announced as Tacoma, Washington)

Age: 33

Face/Heel: Tweener-Face

Stable: None

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): Kendo Stick, only for Hardcore / "Weapons Allowed" matches

Quote: "The grizzled vet strikes again!"


Looks: Physically, Christian Fury is in good shape for his age. Decently tall, lean... He's not bulging muscles, but the ones he shows are well-toned. Long, red hair... Not quite fire-engine red... A bit darker. Tanned complexion. Small goatee. He's now sporting a highly stylized tattoo on his left arm... It can be best described as an "Asian Fairy", white skin, red hair, blue wings, with wisps of flame around her form. It takes up the entire length of his arm. Fury usually wears his long, red hair in a ponytail to keep it out of his face. His black leather jacket is usually either being worn, or close to Fury's side. The "Fury" on the back of the jacket is written in a silvery-red stylized script. He wears black denim jeans, a pair of "Marauders", and a form-fit, short-sleeved muscle shirt, simple black. Accessory-wise, he wears a pair of silver-framed, reflective sunglasses, and a simple gold ring on a silver chain, which hangs around his neck. This look, he says, is the only thing decent he picked up from his days with The Clan. He liked their look, but (and I quote, in the understatement of the year), "I despised their fucking attitude after the fact".


In the ring, not much changes... The "Marauders" gain a nice steel toe. He fights shirtless, but keeps his ring necklace on. He will not be happy if someone were to take that, or break it off him, as it belonged to his former fiancee Lara, now deceased.


Ring Entrance: Music to be used is P.O.D.'s version of "Booyaka 619", minus the lyrics... No lyrics, just this Latino Alternative-sounding soundtrack. Darkened arena, but not totally dark. 4 blasts of pyro at the entranceway, with Fury waiting there until they all go off, working the crowd. Walks down to the ring confident and cool. Once in the ring, once again trying to work the crowd, sparkler pyros raining down from the ceiling around the ring. If you need help, I can try to expain it better.




Strength: 5 - Though he put on some weight from his last run, another year of life under his belt has kept the strength gain at a minimum. Also with the injuries of the past taking their toll, he's gone easy on the full-blown training he used to do.

Speed: 6 - His workout routines haven't been as rigorous in his 'retirement', but his jet-setting ways (and the price of gas) have gotten him doing a lot of cardio and legwork... Bike-riding in England, swimming in the Pacific, that sort of thing. He vowed to not let his age hit him in all aspects of life, and it shows here.

Vitality: 6 - As with Speed, his cardio-style focus shows here too. Age has managed to not erode his stamina work overmuch.

Charisma: 3 - If the promos weren't overly clear, he's coming back because of the business and the fans. He'll perform for them, and should draw more pop than before because of it, but it might not be overly evident in the beginning.


Style: On the side of speed and (eventually) tactics. A good bit of submission wrestling and focus work on the head / legs. But with a Strength of 5, there's a big move or two in the tank yet. Ring rust will minimize the tactics to start, as he rediscovers the art of wrestling and being beaten on a regular basis.


Signature moves:


- Twist Of Fate

- "Trip To The Dawg Pound": Stratusfaction

- Dragon Sleeper

- Grapevine Ankle Lock

- Springboard Huracanrana

- Damascus Head-Leglock


Common moves:


- Feint roundhouse kick into a leg sweep from the back

- Irish whip into a backdrop (using opponent's momentum to put them over)

- Short-arm and irish whip clotheslines (see above)

- Top turnbuckle legdrop

- Sleepers

- Shoulder charges to a cornered opponent

- Sleeper slam

- Forward and regular Russian legsweeps

- Crossface chickenwing

- Sickle hold / Muta lock

- Lifting leg stomp

- Scissors kick (either off the ropes or off the top turnbuckle)

- Spinning toe hold

- Tiger suplex

- Rolling cross-arm German suplexes (mostly on the lightweights, and usually in groups of 3)

- Polish Hammer


Rare moves:


- Cuyahoga-sault (Think of Taker's "Old School", but instead of a chop, it ends in a diving moonsault... Or it ends with Fury just driving the opponent back-first to the mat. If the moonsault hits, it's a major move, inciting a gargantuan pop... You can picture it, I know you can. But there's a reason this one's a rare move... He has yet to really pull it off)


- Step-Up Enzuigiri




- "Dead Man's Curve": Nearly identical to the "619", but Fury threads through the bottom 2 ropes, letting him deliver a more "uppercutted" kick under his opponent's jaw. Decent Strength, combined with higher-than-average Speed, this finisher is a heavy shot more geared to the big guys.


- "Lightning And Thunder": The ol' Double Stunner comes back for another play. The first is just a quick kneel-down Stunner (not a full drop). Fury then stands, taking a couple of quick steps to the side before dropping the opponent into a more "normal" Stunner... The second half resembles the "RKO". He'll bust this finisher out with lighter opposition, or if he got a good pop coming in.



- Proud, but not pompous. Tactically minded, but not the most stunning technique. He's knocking off ring rust, and probably will be for a bit.

- Fury is a bit more in balance stats and move-wise than the past. While overall he's not the wrestler he once was, he's not bad. His speed is still his best attribute, and that along with a more technical set of submissions and such will allow him to frustrate the slower, bigger opponents. His Vitality will allow him a degree of "damage sponge" ability, but he won't be able to stand in with a big guy for long. Fury will (once the ring rust is gone) fight Cruisers smarter, focusing on diminishing -their- speed through attrition of the legs and (less so) the torso, and using the few big moves he's got for putting them away.

- He'll have issues with the HOSS~! style of wrestler with big power movesets (Read this as the Janus-style wrestler... Vitality can only go so far), and will be slowly frustrated over the course of a match with ultra-speedsters like Wildchild (unless he works the legs into oblivion, they still have speed to spare over his).

- His moves... He tries to show a little passion and flair to keep the fans behind him, but sometimes there's hesitance and "unsureness" in them, due to being out of the regularity of the sport for so long. Again.

- His best pops and crowd response will still come from the Cleveland area, due to how long he lived / trained / etc. there. He'll pull decent fans in the Seattle / Tacoma area due to him living there now, and spending a lot of time there in recent history. The rest of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Indiana will recognize and respect him (read as: more than normal pop) from his Indie circuit days in OVW and the like. He will not be well-received (read as: damn near Heel response) in Miami and surrounding areas due to his past with local star and former INGWF / SWFer Longdogger Pete.


Bio: Maybe when I find it all.

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Wrestlers Name: Christian Blackwell

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 272 pounds.

Hometown: Rosslare, Ireland.

Age: 35

Face/Heel: Face

Stable: N/A

Ring Escort: N/A

Weapon(s): Not likely to use weapons, unless the match allows it.


Appearence/characteristics: Rather mysterious in appearance, with dark, deep set jade eyes. Has slightly pale skin along with a coarse beard, but hardly grown in. Short black hair, almost wavy, brushed to the back, with a few strands falling over his face. In the ring he wears long, black pants to the ring, with a belt, and normal black boots, and no shirt.


As for his build, he is rather muscular, making a definite presence in the ring. Despite his age, he has kept in good shape, despite his time away from the ring. Talks in a low, husky tone, and rarely raises his voice. Always speaks with authority and confidence, but isn't exactly talkative. He's kind of a sage in some ways, possessing much wisdom, which helps considering how troubled his younger brother has been through his life.


Ring Entrance


Hellacopters "By the Grace of God". (



The lights dim before the music begins to play, and as it does, Strobe lights flash in time with the opening keyboard strikes, until the drums and guitar kick in on the first thunderous beat, when there's an almighty flash and the lights return to normal from their dimmed state. As each drum and guitar beat play, vision of Backwell slamming some poor soul appears on the Smarktron.


Christian comes out moments later and strides straight down to the ring, climbing the ring steps and entering through the ropes with little fuss.




Power - 5


Speed - 3


Vitality - 8


Charisma - 4


Style: Power game mixed with technical influences. Christian has trained hard recently, putting on body mass and working the punching bags regularly. He’s always technical at heart, but now uses his knowledge to best position his opponent for his next devastating move or strike, which are some of the stiffest seen recently.


Signature Moves


- Bow and Arrow Hold

- Canadian Backbreaker

- German Suplex

- Standing Side Kick (Almost a hook kick)

- Dragon Sleeper

- Triple Snap Suplexes

- Orange Crush


- Dragon Screw Leg Whip

- Knife Edge Chops

- Second Rope Knee Drop

- European Uppercut (Preferred strike)

- Running Powerslam


Common Moves


- Basically, technical moves, like takedowns (Snapmare, drop toe hold, judo throw, hip toss, arm drag, etc. Anything you can think of really)

- Basic Submission Holds

- And then, basic pinning predicaments.

- Arm Breaker

- Back Breaker

- Pump-handle Backbreaker

- Knee Drop

- Running Forearm

- Running, leaping Elbow Strike

- Single Leg Crab (Elevated, with knee into back)

- Back Drop Suplex

- Overhead Belly-to-Belly Suplex


Rare Moves


"Cruel Fate"


(Sacred/Andrew Blackwell's finisher. Blackwell takes his opponent in a front face lock/front chancre, lifts one leg forward towards his opponent, then swings it the opposite direction at lighting quick speed, falling forward in the same motion and planting the opponent face first onto the mat. Christian has experimented recently with kicking his opponent in the stomach before swinging his leg back, just making them even more vulnerable to the move as they fail to break their fall.)




"Sleep on it"


(Cut-Throat Psycho Driver)


"Narcosynthesis" (Cattle Mutilation)


Notes: No one knows why Christian, brother of Andrew, otherwise known as “Sacred”, has returned to the SWF, and he’s not giving anything away himself. What people do know is that he’s in shape, and he’s determined, and that’s good enough to get him a gig, considering the lack of a roster.


Before, Christian joined the SJL as a way to be closer to his brother, find out what had driven him away, and in some way, to somehow right some wrongs. Christian's stint was short, but picked up the European title along the way. With his brother Andrew seemingly at peace, having FINALLY gotten over the death of his wife, no one knows why Christian has returned, and at such an age. From what people have seen, he's supremely focused on his goals, whatever they are.

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Smarks Board Name: Rawknight

Wrestlers Name: Va'aiga

Nicknames: The Maori Badass, The Predator

Height: 6'7"

Weight: 348 lbs (Islander middle age takes its toll)

Hometown: Rotorua, New Zealand (now resides in Sunnyvale, CA)

Age: 37

Face/Heel: Badass face

Stable: VDN with Dace Night

Ring Escort: No - Dace and Va'aiga dno't come out for each other's matches generally.

Weapon(s): Anything not nailed down. Va'aiga specialises in covering his forearmtape in something nasty (barbed wire, fire) and hitting The Lariat

Quote: "If you're whanau of mine, throw the Shaka sign and shout BOO-YAH!"


Looks: Imagine Samoa Joe, 6" taller with bigger arms, a bigger gut (do NOT dis' an Island Brother's puku, brah!) and with his arms and face covered in tribal tattoos. ACTUAL tattoos, not facepaint. Va'aiga wears white wrestling tape that covers his palms, wrists and forearms on both sides. Va'aiga's tights are half red, half black divided by a stylised white fern - the Maori flag. Va'aiga wears a boxer's entrance robe which is also styled after the flag.




Ring Entrance: Smoke fills the entrance area as

fires up. As Scribe's chorus gets mixed out the shouts of Savage fill the arena...



It's ain't good.. it ain't good... it ain't good 'cos you'll get jumped in my hood!


...and Va'aiga steps out of the smoke throwing the BOO-YAH! combination. Va'aiga walks down to the ring and steps through the ropes, tossing back his hood and throwing the Shaka sign to the crowd. Va'aiga casts his robe aside and warms up with a few more boxing steps and jabs.





Strength: 7. If he was cloned, Va'aiga could suplex himself. Now that's a scary thought.

Speed: 2. Good pace, NO acceleration. Va'aiga is a big lug, but once he gets moving he's hard to stop - even if it's HIM that wants to stop.

Vitality: 8. And about 15 on the head. Kiwi mate!

Charisma: 3. You'll not get much from Va'aiga except vague ramblings about his heritage, threats and BOO-YAH!


Style: Force of nature! Va'aiga aims to overwhelm his opponents with power moves and strikes. He generally likes to keep fights standing as much as possible - on the mat his skills are somewhat basic. Somewhere between Samoa Joe and Hiroyoshi Tenzan, but with less mat time.


Signature moves

-Maoribomb: Back Suplex lift into an Inverted Powerbomb (Nick Berk's Berkulator)

-Maori Drop: Fall Forward Slam (Mark Henry's World's Strongest Slam - but with some effort behind it)

-BOO-YAH! Combination: Left jab, left jab, left jab, kiss the right fist, BIG right hook (and shout BOO-YAH!). The crowd traditionally counts ONE! TWO! THREE! BOO-YAH! in time with the punches.

-Swiss Suplex: Half Straightjacket Half Nelson suplex. Va'aiga traps the victim's arm over his own throat then pins in in place with a half nelson (Claudio Castagnoli's Swi$$ Sleeperholding). From there Va'aiga falls backwards into a suplex

-Rugby Tackle: Running Double Arm Tackle from any angle

-Spear Tackle: Va'aiga lifts the victim up by both legs, inverts them and drops them in a heap. Can be a head drop.

-Dangerous German Suplex

-Dragon Suplex


-Falling Headbutt



Common moves



-Punches from the mount (often follows the Rugby Tackle)

-Forearm smashes

-Shoulder Block


-Yakuza Kick

-German Suplex

-Back Suplex

-Release Vertical Suplex

-Stalling Vertical Suplex

-Exploder Suplex


-Powerbomb (especially as a Huracanrana counter)

-High Angle Bodyslam

-Grounded Head Scissors



Rare moves

-Va'aiga Stinger: Half Straightjacket Burning Hammer (Mark Briscoe's Cuthroat Driver). Va'aiga traps the victim's arm over their own throat then lifts them by the trapped arm over his shoulders. Va'aiga then drops to a side dropping the victim on their head. The move that won the SWF World Title.

-P.O.P. (Pohututia O Peketua - literally "Splash of [native] Frog"): Frog Splash. Traditionally set up with a Maori Drop into the corner. Lacks any range. The move that won the PAW world title.

-Slingshot Plancha: Kane style - hoist yourself over the roeps and then fall out of the sky.




-THE LARIAT: Delivered running. Cruiserweights in the fed have an unnoficial competiton as to who can sell it best. Traditionally written with about 5 descriptive words and with several Os at the end like Japanese commentators call it (THE EVIL VICIOUS NASTY PSYCHOTIC INSTANT DEATH LAAAAAAAAARIIIIIIIIAAAAAAAAAAATOOOOOOOOOOOO!).


Tag Stats


Name: Violence Distribution Network (VDN)

Combined Weight: 608lbs


Ring Entrance: The Juno Reactor remix of "Guilty" by Gravity Kills stats up as the entrance area fills with smoke. Red and White lights flash as Va'aiga and Dace step through, both taking slow walks to the ring. Va'aiga loosens up with a few phantom jabs as the pair enter the ring, Va'aiga casting aside his entrance robe. Dace and Va'aiga pose on opposite corners, the pair stare out into the crowd before Dace throws the horns and Va'aiga the Shaka sign.


Signature Tag Moves

-Sandwich Rugby Tackles

-Double Team Spear Tackle

-Forearm/German Suplex (either way round)

-Torture Boston Crab (DN)/Punt kicks to the head (V)

-Knee Lift (DN) to Running DDT (V) to Running Knee Drop (DN)

-Yakuza Kick (DN)/Back Suplex (V)

-BOO-YAH! Punch combo (V) alternated with Forearms (DN)


Tag Finisher

-The Decapitator (Inverted Powerbomb (V)/Axe Kick (DN))

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Smarks Board Name: Toshiaki Koala

Wrestlers Name: “The Critic” Scott Pretzler

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 232 lbs.

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario

Age: 29

Face/Heel: Heel

Stable: None – former member of Revolution Zero

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): His wrestling ability.

Quote: “Feel the swankness.”


Looks: The Critic is a handsome and clean-cut young man, but not as youthful as he once was. His blond hair is fairly short and is combed straight back; plain but good-looking would be the best way to describe his face. He is in excellent physical shape but his body shows no signs of steroid use. Since the last time we saw him, he has acquired one notable feature: a straight scar, about eight inches long, on his right shoulder. He wears traditional black trunks with a metallic red tildebang insignia (~!) on the front and “SP” in jagged red letters on the back. Black wrist taping, black kneepads and black boots with red laces to match his trunks complete his ring attire. He has deep-set blue eyes. He will sometimes wear a black robe with red trim and the tildebang logo over his heart. The red/black color pattern for his trunks and robe may be reversed.


Ring Entrance: As the choral opening to “Force Ten” by Rush soars over the speaker system, a red light flashes in the entryway, growing in frequency, until the guitar kicks in and Pretzler emerges onto the stage.


Tough times demand tough talk

demand tough hearts demand tough songs



He stops and places his hands on his hips as he stares down smugly at the audience, their boos like music to his ears.


“Making his way to the ring… from Toronto, Ontario, weighing two hundred thirty-two pounds… SCOTT PUUUUUH-REEEETZLEEEER!”


We can rise and fall like empires

Flow in and out like the tide

Be vain and smart, humble and dumb

We can hit and miss like pride… just like pride.


Taking his time, he walks down the ramp, climbs the steps, and enters the ring with pride. The audience continues to boo as he paces the ring.


Look in

To the eye of the storm

Look out

For the force without form

Look around

At the sight and the sound

Look in look out look around…




Strength: 5

He cannot lift bulky opponents, but is capable of fearsome bursts of energy and puts a great deal of power into his impact moves and holds.


Speed: 3

Pretzler prefers to keep the match in one place. When he does fly, his aerial attacks are precise and devoid of flash.


Vitality: 6

His small size makes him vulnerable to power moves, but he has GREAT stamina and almost never submits.


Charisma: 6

Charismatic is the last way Pretzler would describe himself, but his command of the audience’s feelings (namely, hatred) is absolute. His promos are verbose and condescending.


Style: Priding himself on his technical abilities, Pretzler works a style that features impactful moves with little flash or style. Because the Snowflake Clutch puts pressure on the neck and back, Pretzler will relentlessly attempt to wear down this area using strikes, holds, and backbreakers. His contempt for the audience will sometimes lead him to intentionally slow the match to a crawl, and when this happens he revels in the crowd’s frustration. He never uses weapons in a match, but outside of the ring his actions may take a less disciplined course.


Signature moves:


Suplex Trifecta - Any three suplexes strung together in a logical way. Can be a finisher, depending on the specific moves used. Examples: German-German-Dragon, German-German-Snowflake, Snap-Snap-Brainbuster.


Octopus Hold – Pretzler bends his opponent over so that their upper bodies are perpendicular, hooks his left leg over the back of the foe’s head while placing his right in front of the other's left, and wrenches the right arm back in his own direction.


Powerbomb – Done high-speed à la Chris Benoit’s Wildbomb. Pretzler always holds on for the pin, and sometimes flips over in a jackknife.


Brainbuster – Not a complete vertical drop like Hashimoto’s, this is still very punishing to the neck.


Guillotine Leg Drop – One of Pretzler’s few aerial maneuvers. He will attempt it only if he is certain that it will not be avoided (could therefore be considered a rare move as well.)


Front Guillotine Neck Lock – With both men standing, Pretzler applies a front facelock and then scissors his legs around the opponent’s body, pulling him down to the mat.


Crossface Chickenwing – Used to wear down the neck in preparation for the Snowflake Clutch, this can also end a match by itself.


Common moves:


Knife-Edged Chops

Elbows to the back of the neck

European Uppercut

High-Angle Dropkick (Best in the business!)



Back Drop

German Suplex (With or without bridge)

Butterfly Suplex

Front Neck Lock (Opponent either standing or seated)

Pendulum Backbreaker

Headlocks! Technical headlocks. Lots of them.

Shoulder Neckbreaker

Grounded Neck Lock w/ Arm Scissor (Samoa Joe's 'Joejigatame')



Rare moves:


Tope Suicida – Pretzler has a beautiful suicide dive, but he rarely busts it out as the risk for him is too great.


Top Rope Frankensteiner – Another junior-style move that Pretzler has the ability to execute but will do so only when desperate.


Snowflake Suplex - A cross-arm German suplex, also called a Strait Jacket Suplex. Near-impossible to escape, but equally hard to hit.




Snowflake Clutch – A camel clutch variation in which the opponent’s arms are crossed in front of his chest. Unlike a regular camel clutch, this starts with the opponent in a seated position. Nearly identical to Jinsei Shinzaki’s Goku-Raku Gatame. Often set up with a hard elbow to the back of the neck causing the opponent to fall to his knees.


The Tildebang – Pretzler puts his opponent in a rear facelock and lifts him up as if to deliver a reverse brainbuster; when the jabroni’s body is at a 90-degree angle, Pretzler drops him down into a Michinoku Driver. (See the “Yukiguni Driver β” in Fire Pro Advance.) Pretzler will almost never use this on opponents heavier than 250 lbs.


Notes: Scott Pretzler despised Sports-Entertainment. A former world champion in the northeast-based Ring of Respect promotion, he came to the SWF with the lofty goal of “saving” North American pro wrestling. Both highly educated and a superb athlete, he simply could’t help believing that he was better than everyone else – his every word and action dripped with arrogance. His superiority complex allowed him to overlook any morally questionable actions he may take, and on very rare occasions he was willing to play dirty to get the job done. Pretzler racked up an impressive record in his first year of competition, with an undefeated streak followed by multiple Cruiserweight Championship victories. It seemed that nothing could stop him.


Then, on September 7, 2005, Pretzler tore his rotator cuff in a match against the Crimson Skull. While doctors told him the injury would sideline him for no more than six months, a botched surgical procedure greatly aggravated the condition and made it unlikely that he would ever wrestle again. For over two years, not a word was heard from him.


Now, without warning, Pretzler has returned… but is he the same man he once was?

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Smarks Board Name: TaigaStar

Wrestlers Name: Taiga Star

Height: 5'5"

Weight: "one hundred and none of your damn business" pounds (fifteen pounds shy of 200, but still)

Hometown: Helltown - Haverhill, Massachusetts.

Age: 26

Face/Heel: face with heel-ish tendencies.

Stable: I'm a loner

Ring Escort: Don't need a damn escort.

Weapon(s): chair, hubcap

Quote: "Today is not that day", "So it is said, so it is done"


Looks: (Mickie Knuckles-ish) black tank top, camouflage cargo pants cut off at the knees, big clunky black boots, black kneepads, black wrist guards.


Ring Entrance: Be a Man by Hole (listen). Slapping hands with the fans, some waving, nothing fancy.




Strength: 4

Speed: 4

Vitality: 7

Charisma: 5



Style: Slow and methodical. Power moves with a bit of mat work and a side of hardcore. Very, very rarely does anything high-spotty. Can give and take a great deal of pain and punishment. Will pass out before tapping out. Very strong, willing to take on any man.


Signature moves:

stretch muffler

surfboard stretch

mafia kick/big boot to the face

dragon screw leg whip

swinging neckbreaker

torture rack

corner boot facewash

headbutts. a lot of headbutts.


note: Taiga has a tendency to make up submissions as she goes along, randomly tying up limbs as she sees fit. When asked about the name of any particular submission used, her reply is likely to be, "I'm not exactly sure what I did. A fuji-gatta-doodah-mae?"





Common moves:

dropkicks to the knee, back, and head

belly-to-belly suplex

t-bone suplex

snap suplex

hard chops to the chest

back chops

straight slap to the face

straight kicks to the back and head

forarm throws/elbow shots

backbreaker over the knee


knee to the face

choking out with the boot in the corner





Rare moves:

fat girl frog splash





texas cloverleaf

top rope double stomp





Notes: Taiga is a very no nonsense, down to earth, straightforward, and honest kind of woman. She looks down on other women as being catty and using their sex to get them ahead. She is tough and fearless, taking on any opponent, no matter what size. Won't go out of her way to cause any problems; but if someone picks a fight with her, she won't back down. Is occasionally seen driving her big black Dodge pickup. Will do anything to win a fight, even if it is a little dirty or underhanded. Is out to prove herself as viable as any man in the wrestling business. Has a habit of bringing adult novelties into hardcore matches.




Bio: Taiga grew up on the streets on her own from her preteens. Her fighting skills have been honed over years of fighting to survive. Early on, she learned there were two ways to get what she needed: using sex, or her fists. She chose her fists. She got into wrestling when she was 16 and hasn't left. Works hard to prove she is more than just a 'girl', in all aspects of her life.



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