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Smarks Board Name: JJ Johnson

Wrestlers Name: JJ Johnson

Nicknames: The Canadian Murder Machine, Mr. Cold Front Classic. Thus far, JJ and King are the only ones who refer to JJ as Mr. Cold Front Classic.

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 228 lbs.

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario

Age: 23

Face/Heel: Asshole heel in terms of actions. He's tweener in terms of crowd reaction, until the Return Nostalgia™ wears off.

Stable: No

Ring Escort: No

Weapon(s): Kendo stick, HIMSELF WIT KUNG FU LOLCELOT

Quote: "Save your breath. You're going to need it."


Looks: Shaved head, lumberjack beard with faint handlebar mustache. He's slowly but surely growing his hair back. Tattoos coat his arms, not Undertaker-like so much as a more extensive CM Punk. Danielson-esque build, more defined around the abs. In the ring, he wears dark, dark, almost black forest green knee-length tights with a yellow upside-down maple leaf design on each hip, sans stem, along with black elbow pads, black boots, black knee pads and yellow kick pads. Wears a black-on-yellow CM Punk-style track jacket to the ring, with a yellow Olde English J on the left breast, and should he hold any titles, he holds them by the strap in his hand like Misawa did, stacked on top of each other should he hold more than one. He also wears Chono-style sunglasses. All the true dicks wear sunglasses.


Ring Entrance: The lights drop out, and an ungodly voice begins chanting...




... and then a blast of red-and-white pyro goes off at the entranceway, Behemoth's "Slaves Shall Serve" revving into full gear, frantic drumming and chord-riffing assaulting the audience. Through the smoke comes JJ Johnson.


At this point, it's really up to you, but he neither plays to nor mocks the crowd. He'll go up the stairs, step through the ropes, and go up to the second rope to do the ol' crucifix pose, but everything else is flexible.




Strength: 6. He German Suplexed Aecas once, but that took a lot out of him. Use that as your reference.

Speed: 6. Very quick on the mat, and an acceptable-to-good flier depending on his mood.

Vitality: 6. Very good at absorbing blows, and sucking up pain. It should be noted that he's only tapped out once, having come back too early from his neck injury and been put into the RTF II by Toxxic.

Charisma: 2. He's witty enough. He just doesn't talk a lot.


Style: Dynamite Kid/Bryan Danielson/Mitsuharu Misawa with an infusion of mixed martial arts, drawing upon JJ's now-long-distant UFC background.


Signature moves

-Elbows: Rolling, roaring, diving back, suicida, you name it, he does it, and you bet your ass that he does it damn well.

-Kicks: All sorts, with the exception of spinning wheel kicks. Fuck that shit. He has a few favorites.

--Gamengiri: Jumping kick to the face. We all know this.

--Yakuza Kick: Running big boot. We also all know this.

-Kawada-style half crab: Namely, hoist them high angle and plant a foot on their head for good measure... complete with Canadian Maple Leaf setup.

-Lumbarjack: JJ drapes his opponent over the top rope via front suplex, then climbs to the top rope and double stomps them in the back.

-Dangerous German

-Buffalo Sleeper

-Cozy Lariat: Satoshi Kojima-style lariat.

-Exploder '98: Sheer-drop pumphandle T-bone suplex.


Common moves

-Exploder: JJ usually uses this if he needs the Exploder '98, but the opponent is too resilient to lock in a pumphandle or he's just too damn tired.

-Belly-to-belly suplex

-Half-hatch suplex: single-underhook suplex, or Tiger Neck Chancery suplex, depending on your mood.

-Jumbo-style Backdrop: BIIIIG back suplex. This isn't pick you up and suplex you so much as it is catch you, throw you up, jump, and catch you again on the way down to your shoulders/back.

-Die Deutschefalle: "The German Trap". Grab for German Suplex, roll backwards for Japanese clutch pin.

-Cowboy kicks: STIFF kicks to the back of a seated opponent.

-Flying scissors

-Running high knee: Akiyama-style, so from the front instead of HHH's goofy side shit.

-Dragon Flip: When whipped into the corner, JJ will more often than not leap, place his feet on the second and top turnbuckles, and backflip over the charging opponent, should they be charging. If not, JJ likes to either launch himself backwards with an elbow smash, or leap backwards, but turn and nail the opponent with a gamengiri; however, whatever he does is up to you.

-Dickery: Being a dick heel.

--He will frequently complain of beard pulls, legitimate or not.

--He will lift opponents in an elevated chickenwing and walk them into the corner. Yes, manhood first.

--If all else fails, just write the biggest asshole you possibly can. When he's in dick mood, he's out to embarass his opponent as much as possible, and he talks trash like R. Lee Ermey.


Rare moves

-Kawada-style folding powerbomb: Not rare in the sense that he rarely uses it, rare in the sense that most of the time he tries it, he can't lift them. It builds drama, you see. The fans like it when the heel can't put the face through the canvas. If he does hit it, it's a legitimate fall, but kick out of it all day if you feel like it.

-Dangerous suplexes: Besides the Dangerous German, which is kind of just a name. Dragon Suplex, Tiger Suplex, half-nelson suplex, etc.

-Diamond Head: One-armed side sitout sheer-drop Thunder Fire Powerbomb. *takes breath* Basically, Johnson will reach with one arm (usually his right, dominant arm) across the opponent's body, lock his hands, lift and put the opponent over his shoulder, at which point he simply sits out and throws them down, and whatever happens happens - usually a nasty neck/skull landing. Easy to reverse, but this is his ace, so to speak. If he hits it, and you kick out, it's probably an extremely serious feud, or it's a World Title match. If it's one of those situations, PM me.

-Stepover facelock: With the opponent on their knees, stand to the side, trap the near arm between your legs, put the opponent in a facelock and squeeze/grind. JJ has only used this once, when his opponent's face was beaten to all hell, but Danny Williams has used it to great effect, most famously against the massive Frost.



-ADF II: Emerald Frosion. Side sitout Tombstone Piledriver. Name stolen from Janus to commemorate the time JJ kicked their ass back to Australia.

-Juji-gatame: Cross armbreaker. It made Danny Williams tap out like a little bitch, although not when applied by JJ. For an example applied by JJ, ever wonder where TKO went? There you go.

-Oyasumi Nasai (Oji na Shinsetsu): KENTA's Go 2 Sleep. Get them in a fireman's carry, then shove them forwards and knee them quite unceremoniously - and quite stiffly - in the face as they fall. It's not as powerful as the ADF II, but it's easier to hit, and most of JJ's psychology revolves around hitting people in the face anyway.


Notes: If you don't see a move you think would be awesome if JJ did, so long as it isn't something like a 450 noogie bomb, a shooting star wedgie, or a spinning wheel kick, go for it. JJ also has neck issues after taking the Stinger from Va'aiga at 13th Hour 2006. Doctors don't recommend falling vertical on your head from seven feet up. Go figure. He's not like Charlie Matthews or John Duran, where you give him a mean look and his head will fall off, but it'll bother him if you work on it. Most of the time he'll just suck it up, though.


Bio: After recovering from MANSON looking at him the wrong way, JJ Johnson is back in action!

Edited by JJ Johnson

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Stats v.2007.2.01:

Added: Added new signature move (Shotgun Dropkick), added Youtube link to theme song, added move to tag team stats (Rockerplex). Changed: Signature move changed to Rare move (Presumed Guilty), changed some of the descriptions.

Last MAJOR update: November 5th



Smarks Board Name: Mr. S£im Citrus

Wrestler's Name: Wildchild

Real Name: Dominic LeCroix

Alias: WC (pronounced Dub-Cee), the Bahama Bomber, the Caribbean Cruiser, the Tropical Tumbler, the Human Hurricane

Height: 5'11''

Weight: 214 lbs.

Hometown: Morgan's Bluff, Andros, Commonwealth of the Bahamas (usually just announced as "from the Bahamas.")

Age: 25

Face/Heel: Lifelong Face

Stable: None

Tag Team: Wild and Dangerous

Ring Escort: None (see bio)

Weapon(s): See Wrestling Attire

Quote: None (note: Wildchild has a thick Caribbean accent. He sounds like the guys in the Malibu Rum commercials: he's Seriously Easy Going!)


Important Character Note: Wildchild will not usually bleed, even in hardcore matches. Please read the Rare Moves section for an explanation.




Wildchild has caramel-colored skin and shoulder-length braided black hair. He has light brown eyes. He appears toned, but is not overly muscular, and is hairless except for the hair on his head. He also now has tattoos all over his upper body:

• Across his throat, a one-inch braided pattern resembling a rope

• Across his right shoulder and down his back is a thin black outline bordering the scar from his reconstructive surgery, made a necessity by a vicious attack at the hands of Mike Van Siclen. Written vertically to the left of the outline are the words “n'oubliez jamais, ne pardonnez jamais” in bloodied text: “never forget, never forgive.”

• Across his back, a weeping angel, surrounded by the faces of Henri, Diana, Marius and Lillian, Wildchild’s parents and two siblings.

• On his left bicep, the LeCroix family crest.


Wrestling attire:


Wildchild wears knee-length solid black "Olympic-style" wrestling tights, with the colors of the National Flag of the Bahamas running vertically down each leg. He wears heavy black facepaint across his eyes that covers the upper portion of his face, and streaks down his cheeks. He wears black kneepads and wraps his arms in rough heavy gauze, from his knuckles up to his elbows, in order to give a little extra impact to his punches. He also wears shin guards, which are painted to resemble the National Flag of the Bahamas, and WC is not shy about using them as weapons, to make his kicks and his patented Leg Lariat even more dangerous!



For ease of reference, a picture of the flag of the Bahamas can be seen below:




Ring Entrance:


"Let's Get Dirty," by Redman. The lights in the arena will flash on and off as WC makes his way to the ring. WC somersaults between the bottom and middle ropes to enter the ring (this is the only quirk in WC's ring entrance, so you're welcome to freestyle it as long as you leave this in). If he is currently a title holder, he’ll head towards the edge of the ring and climb up onto the ropes, holding the title overhead right as Redman shouts “I CAN’T GET IN DA CLUUUUUB!” This is also usually when the lights come back on.


is a link to the unedited version of "Let's Get Dirty" on Youtube; unfortunately, it's attached to a really ghey DBZ clip...





Strength: 2 - Wildchild relies much more upon leverage and momentum to chop down his opponents than power. His strength is only a factor when using his finishers, and even then, he generally only uses his primary finisher against other Cruiserweights.


Speed: 10 - Wildchild is the fastest wrestler in the SWF, and by far the most acrobatic; this is due to the fact that, before he became the Wildchild, Dominic LeCroix was an actual, trained, professional circus acrobat. He utilizes his speed and agility to his fullest advantage, and has a great deal of "high-risk" attacks in his repertoire. Wildchild's ability to strike quickly and elusively is what makes him such a dangerous opponent.


Vitality: 4 - As a result of his background as a circus acrobat, Wildchild has an extremely high degree of flexibility, which makes him highly resistant to "bendy" submissions, but will not do much to protect him from "squeezy" ones. He also has a fairly high degree of stamina and endurance, due to his physical conditioning. He will be able to withstand most wear-down holds and some submissions, but will go down to ANY impact finisher.


Charisma: 4 - Wildchild is not an overly skilled mic worker, but has developed a strong cult following, due to his magnetic personality and exciting maneuvers. The crowd pops HUGE in anticipation whenever Wildchild goes to the top rope, because you never know what he's going to do up there.




Style: Technical high-flier, with extremely Lucha tendencies (earlier in his career, he was straight Lucha Suicida, and would fly just for the sake of flying, but he's been trying to become a more complete wrestler in recent years). He is a capable mat wrestler, but wrestling on the mat goes against Wildchild's instincts; he is in constant motion, and is always either running to the ropes, or flying off them.


Wildchild's strategy is to use his superior speed and maneuverability to tire his opponents out, and to use his body as a weapon, battering his opponents with high-speed flying attacks until they wear down. High-risk maneuvers are a staple of Wildchild's offense, and he will often perform an ornate, flashy move when a much more conventional move would have had the same effect. The key to writing Wildchild is to make the most of his athleticism, and write lots and lots (and LOTS) of high spots.


As an unintentional by-product of his extended feuds with technical wizards Ejiro Fasaki, Scott Pretzler and Jay Hawke, Wildchild has become a more adept technical wrestler, and will occasionally utilize a takedown that enables him to follow up with a high-speed attack. One of the staples of his offense, for example, has become a waistlock takedown into a running senton splash. Additionally, Wildchild has become more of a brawler, depending more heavily on punches than ever before. He has even begun wrapping his hands and arms in heavy gauze in an attempt to give more force to his punches. Despite the fact that he lacks great strength, Wildchild's phenomenal speed and agility often allow him to hit his opponents several times before they even have the opportunity to strike back.


Wildchild's speed and agility makes him highly effective against strikers, against whom Wildchild can use his superior speed to dodge the majority of their offense. He is least effective versus power wrestlers and grapplers, who are often able to dictate the pace of the match, and take him out of the air.



Signature moves (in order of frequency of use):


Leg Lariat

Character Note: Wildchild does not use clotheslines; partially due to his relative lack of upper body strength, but mostly because he just plain doesn't like to. Please use leg lariats whenever you want to write a clothesline spot.


Pinball: Slingshot rolling ball attack. This is Wildchild's premier signature move. Wildchild runs towards the ropes, jumps onto the top rope, curls into a ball, and launches himself at his opponents' head/upper torso. Maximum effective range: 8 feet. VERY high-speed attack. Not finisher strength, and often no-sold by wrestlers with high strength ratings (7+) and super-heavyweights, but virtually impossible to dodge, due to Wildchild's tremendous speed.

Character note: The Pinball attack is not likely to be blocked or dodged by anyone with a speed rating lower than 8, unless they've wrestled WC, like, a buttload of times, enough to have grown familiar with his timing (like Toxxic, Johnny or Jay Hawke). Basically, if you've never wrestled WC before, you're not going to be able to move out of the way, unless you're as fast as Zyon, or thereabouts.


Freefall (Airborne monkey-flip): Wildchild whips his opponents to the ropes, leaps up towards their chest (as if attempting to execute a Lou Thesz press), hooks his hands behind his opponents' head, and throws his opponent in monkey-flip fashion (think Scorpion's Air Throw from Mortal Kombat II). Can also be used to counter certain top rope moves. Wildchild often lands on his feet after executing this move.


Caribbean Cutter (Rocker Dropper): This is Wildchild's primary "out of nowhere" transition move (as in KICK! WHAM! CUTTER~!). Wildchild leaps into the air, drapes his leg over the back of his opponent’s neck, and uses leverage and momentum to drive the opponent face-first into the canvas.


Bahama Bomb (Sunset Flip Powerbomb): Now only done to the outside of the ring: When the opponent is standing on the ring apron with his back to the crowd, WC leaps over the top rope, latches his arms around the victim's waist and pulls him off the apron, using leverage and momentum, rather than power, to drive his opponent into the arena floor!


Springboard DDT: After knocking his opponents to the ring apron, Wildchild leaps to the second turnbuckle, jumps over the top rope, and hits his opponent with a Tornado DDT to the arena floor (think Chris Jericho's springboard dropkick to the outside, except with a Tornado DDT.)


Shotgun Dropkick (running dropkick): Done only outside the ring... Wildchild gets his opponent out to the floor on the side facing the ramp, and then heads up the ramp (usually between 20-30 feet) before running back down towards the ring at full speed and crushing his opponent's chest with a running dropkick!


Andros Dive: Wildchild’s tremendous agility enables him to easily walk, or even run, across the top rope. The Andros Dive is when Wildchild climbs onto the top turnbuckle of any corner of the ring, and runs across the top rope, leaping outside the ring when he reaches the other turnbuckle, and diving out onto his opponent. This is one of Wildchild’s most varied and dangerous attacks, and he has finished the dive with maneuvers ranging from a cross-body block to a dropkick to a flying headscissors to a chairshot (creativity is the key when writing Wildchild, so be creative).


Whiplash (Standing Flipping Neck Snap): Wildchild runs to the ropes behind his opponent, while they are either standing or on their knees, leaps into the air and flips over them, grabbing their heads as flies over and slams them face first into the canvas (e.g., John Cena's "Throwback").


Andros Drop: Twisting body splash. Wildchild ascends to the top rope, leaps off towards his opponent, while rotating across a horizontal axis, with his arms extended in a "T" (crucifix) position.






Common moves:



Blue Crush (Twisting Vertical Body Splash in the corner): "Stinger" Splash in the corner, proceeded by a twist. It's kinda like a 360º dunk... except it's a splash in the corner...


Top Rope/Turnbuckle Sunset Flip.


Various Handspring attacks (elbow, cross-body, flying forearm, will sometimes just handspring and backflip over his opponent to set up something else entirely.)


Moonsault press


Flying Forearm


"Shooting Star" Missile Dropkick (Missile Dropkick preceded by a forward flip)


Corkscrew Vertical Suplex: Wildchild lifts his opponents over head in a vertical suplex position, and spins around 270º degrees before dropping his opponent to the canvas. This is WC's preferred maneuver for setting up turnbuckle attacks, particularly the Andros Drop.


Running Senton Splash


Flying Back Elbow Smash


Miscellaneous cruiserweight moves (armdrags, cross-body blocks, La Majistral, ranas, etc.)


Shuffling Sidekick


Gamengiri: Standing either directly in front of, or just beside his opponent, Wildchild leaps into the air and whips his far leg towards his opponent's face, striking them in the face with the lower part of his leg. It's similar in appearance to an Enzugiri, except that it's done to the face instead of the back of the head.


Top Rope/Turnbuckle Senton Splash


Top Rope/Turnbuckle Fistdrop


Monkey Flip (executed from the corner)


Bulldog Headlock


Backflip kick (typically executed following a leapfrog)


Suicide Dive to the outside


Top rope elbow smash


Running elbow drop





Rare moves:


Bahaman Destroyer (Top Rope Sunset Flip Piledriver): That's right, you heard me... This move can be done either offensively or defensively, (e.g., to counter a superplex). With the opponent on the middle ropes, and his back facing the ring, WC leaps over his opponents’ head, latches his arms around the victim's waist and pulls him off the turnbuckle, using leverage and momentum, rather than power, to drive his opponent headfirst into the canvas!


The Wild-Driver: Reverse Double-Underhook Piledriver. This moves starts out the same way as the Wild Ride, where Wildchild bends his opponent over at the waist and stands in front of him, with his back to the opponent. He locks his left arm with the opponent's left arm, and his right arm with the opponent's right. At this point, the maneuver deviates from the Wild Ride, as Wildchild kicks his legs out from under him and drops straight down, driving his opponent's head into the canvas. This move is similar in function to Christian's "Unprettier," except that it’s more of a head bump than a face bump.


Presumed Guilty (Springboard Jump Swinging DDT): Wildchild will leap from the ring apron onto the top rope and spring into the ring, snaring his opponent's head in a front facelock and swinging around, driving their face into the mat with a DDT.


Blood Frenzy (Not to be used without my permission): First a quick clarification about a couple of things:


1 - It's not actually called "Blood Frenzy" by the announcers; in fact, they don't really call it anything, other to say that WC's snapped, or gone crazy, or something... it's just a name that I came up with because I figured, if it was in WC's stats, it ought to have a name of some kind. The Blood Frenzy originated in the JL, when I wrote a match against Manson where WC snapped after getting busted open, and basically tore Manson a new asshole, culminating with him giving Manson a Wild Ride on the concrete (which Manson was nice enough to sell in later matches, by the way... thanks Manson). I wrote it because I was desperate to get the match in on time, only to discover that I won when Manson no-showed. I later decided that I actually kind of liked it, and wanted it to be something that WC could do from time to time, but I didn't want it to happen often, so I made it a rare move. It's pretty much the equivalent of when Hogan "Hulked up," or when Ken Shamrock was "In the Zone," or whenever a wrestler goes into a brief period of no-selling, only for WC it only happens when he does a blade job...


2 - If you really just want to have WC bleed, all I ask is that you please have it be for something that leads directly to the finish of the match, ie, you hit WC with your finisher onto a chair, and then cover him... or something to that effect. Just don't have WC get up and keep fighting after getting busted open, and I'm cool.


And now, for the ridiculously contrived description:


Whenever he sees his own blood, Wildchild enters a state of frenzy. During this frenzy, he is jacked up on adrenaline and becomes much more aggressive, with a tendency to execute more physically impacting (read: head dropping) moves. Due to his manic condition, his balance and coordination also becomes impaired, meaning that he is able to perform far fewer acrobatic ones (e.g., ranas). Due to the adrenaline running through his veins, Wildchild becomes stronger and more resistant to pain, at the expense of some of his speed, causing his moves to do more damage. But this greater strength is not without a price: in addition to lesser speed and slower reaction time, Wildchild loses the ability to run across, or even balance on, the top ropes, although he retains the ability to climb the turnbuckles: ranas, headscissors, and all springboard moves are out. During this frenzied state, Wildchild is able to no-sell for short periods of time, which basically means he'll shrug off a few punches and maybe bounce right back up after a suplex.


Wildchild's stats while in Blood Frenzy are as follows:


Strength: 5

Speed: 7

Vitality: 7

Charisma: 1


Wildchild typically remains in Blood Frenzy for approximately five minutes, or until the sound of the bell ringing snaps him out of it, whichever comes first. WC usually comes out of Blood Frenzy by losing consciousness due to the loss of blood, and passing out.


Note: Blood Frenzy is reserved for intense and/or long-term feuds (see: WC/Ejiro, WC/Johnny, WC/Hawke)






Primary: The Wild Ride: Mexican Clutch Bomb (aka Vertebreaker). Wildchild bends his opponent over at the waist and stands in front of him, with his back to the opponent. He locks his left arm with the opponent's left arm, and his right arm with the opponent's right. Wildchild then rotates his body so that he underneath his opponent, bent over at the waist, with his opponent draped over his back. Wildchild then stands erect, leaving his opponent hanging upside down on his back, their legs dangling off his shoulders. Wildchild then swings his feet off the canvas in front of him, and drops to his posterior, driving his opponent head first into the canvas. This drop is often preceded by a primal scream.


*Rarely done against wrestlers above 230 pounds, due to Wildchild's relative lack of physical strength. Not used against wrestlers weighing more than 250 pounds


NOTE: Please do not kick out of the Wild Ride without asking me first! I have two other finishers; if you want to no-sell WC's finisher, I'd prefer if you please use one of those instead.



Secondary: The Bird Dropping (Flying vertical splash from the top turnbuckle)


* This finisher will be used against anybody that's too big for the Wild Ride.


Submission: Figure-Four Leglock

Character Note: In matches that have a "No DQ" stipulation, Wildchild will reverse his shin guards and use them to add pressure to his figure-four.






The Wildchild is VERY athletic, a reflection of his background as a circus performer, and has an unnaturally high degree of balance and agility. His ability to easily balance on the ropes, as well as his ability to leap atop the turnbuckles without stumbling enables him to hit flying attacks with a high degree of speed and accuracy. He is very comfortable walking, and even running, across the top rope, due to his experience as a high-wire artist, and uses the ropes for many of his various springboard attacks. Wildchild is able to leap to extraordinary heights, and gets more air than any other performer in the SWF, giving even greater impact to his many flying attacks.


Since he has spent most of his time in the SWF feuding with wrestlers that are highly regarded as mat tacticians, Wildchild has gradually introduced a few more technical aspects to his wrestling, employing a far greater number of takedowns and wear-down holds. Despite this, high-speed and high-risk maneuvers remain the "meat and potatoes" of his offense.




Parts One through Four available upon request


Part Five: After a rough beginning to their reunion, Wild and Dangerous climbed the mountain, and regained their Tag Team Titles for a record-breaking fifth time, a record that was actually set by them! They continue to break ground in the tag team division, having accomplished five times what no other team has ever accomplished more than twice… and they’re still not satisfied; having lost the tag team titles to Revolution Zero, Wildchild sustained a Grade-2 concussion, but his resolve to return and help Johnny win a sixth Tag Team Championship has never been stronger!


Despite his youth, having not yet even entered his prime, Wildchild has already begun looking at life beyond the squared circle: already the owner of a gym in the Bahamas where he trains wrestlers for the ACWA, a Caribbean-based wrestling promotion; he has also referred some of his talent to the SWF, where two of his referrals have been signed to developmental contracts. Additionally, Dominic LeCroix has recently proposed to his long-time girlfriend, Melissa Fasaki, and she has accepted. Although the couple currently do not have a date set for their wedding, they have come to the mutual decision that Melissa will no longer accompany Wildchild to the ring, although she does still accompany him on the road.





Wild and Dangerous


Team Members: Wildchild and Johnny Dangerous

Combined weight: 439 pounds

Alignment: Face


Wrestling attire:


Wildchild wears knee-length solid black "Olympic-style" wrestling tights (a la Mr. Perfect), with the National Flag of the Bahamas running vertically down each leg. He wears heavy black facepaint across his eyes that covers the upper portion of his face, and streaks down his cheeks. He wears black kneepads with black tae kwon do-style footpads, and wraps his arms in heavy gauze, from his knuckles up to his elbows, in order to give a little extra impact to his punches.


Johnny wears knee-length solid black "Olympic-style" wrestling tights, with the flag of the United States of America running vertically down each leg. He wears black kneepads and black wrestling boots, and keeps his hair slicked back.


Ring Entrance: Wild and Dangerous come down to the ring to “Starsky and Hutch” by LL Cool J and Busta Rhymes


Note: Wildchild always starts out tag team matches for Wild and Dangerous.





Wild and Dangerous are the SWF's premier tag team, in terms of tandem double-team maneuvers. Since they tend to have a distinct size disadvantage against most of their opponents, they utilize double-team maneuvers early and often to chop their opponents down to size. They are both high-fliers, and many of their double teams involve one or both of them coming off the top rope.


Remember, W&D's trademark is lots and LOTS of double teams, so spare no expense.


Tag Team Moves:


Wild and Dangerous employ a litany of double-team maneuvers, which include, but are not limited to:


Slam Dance: Johnny will drape an opponent's upper body on the top rope and grab them by the legs, effectively dangling them horizontally off the top rope. Wildchild will race towards the opposite edge of the ring, bouncing off the ropes to build momentum, and leap Johnny's shoulders, landing across the victim's back (This maneuver was used often by the Fabulous Rougeaus, as well as the WGTT).


Super Chicklet Buster: double Superkick


Rockerplex: Johnny holds the victim overhead in a stalling vertical suplex, and WC dives from the top rope to crash into the victim with a flying cross-body block as Johnny falls backwards.


E.L.E. (Extinction Level Event): With their intended victim lying on the mat, Wildchild will leap from one turnbuckle to execute a shooting-star frog splash as Johnny leaps from the opposite turnbuckle to deliver a corkscrew legdrop.


Double shoulderblock: Wildchild and Johnny Dangerous will both leap from the same turnbuckle, smashing into their opponent with a flying double-shoulderblock.


Drop toehold (executed by Johnny Dangerous) into running knee smash (executed by Wildchild)


Double leg-whip powerbomb: With their opponent lying on their back, Wildchild and Johnny each grapevine one of the victim's legs with their near leg. They reach across their bodies with their far arms and lock hands, and then roll forward, pulling the victim off the mat and through the air before slamming them back down to the mat (Tajiri and Whipwreck used to do this all the time in ECW).


Miscellaneous double-team maneuvers (double hiptoss, double dropkick, double suplex, double DDT, etc.)


Slingshot maneuvers (Johnny delivers slingshot unless otherwise stated):

- Slingshot into Pinball

- Slingshot into Dropkick

- Slingshot into Cross Body Block

- Slingshot into Clothesline (Clothesline delivered by Johnny)

- Slingshot into Blockbuster (Blockbuster delivered by Johnny): With Johnny standing on the top turnbuckle, Wildchild grabs the victim by the legs and falls backwards, propelling him towards the corner with a slingshot. Johnny leaps off the top turnbuckle, ensnaring the victim's head at the apex of the swing, and driving them backwards back down to the canvas with a top rope neckbreaker (Blockbuster).





Primary: Dangerous Drop (Electric Chair Drop/Top Rope Bulldog combination): Johnny places the victim on his shoulders and faces the center of the ring while Wildchild leaps off the top rope, grabbing the victims head with a side headlock on the way down, and Johnny sits down suddenly in an Electric Chair drop, basically creating an assisted top rope bulldog.


Alternate: Silver Bullet (Backdrop/Flying Forearm combination): Johnny whips the intended victim to the ropes as Wildchild ascends to the top rope. Johnny lifts the victim high into the air for a big back-body drop as Wildchild explodes off the top turnbuckle, blasting the airborne victim in the face with a flying forearm. He will usually land on top of them, often for the pin.


Note: Wild and Dangerous usually set up this move, but Wildchild's ability to quickly get to the top rope, combined with the often unpredictably sudden nature of a backdrop makes this a very easy maneuver for Wild and Dangerous to hit out of nowhere.

Edited by Mr. S£im Citrus

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UPDATE 14/7/07 - Changed a few moves, added stable details (and about time too) and tag stats with Sly.

UPDATE 5/11/07 - Added YouTube link to entrance music, updated the bio a little



Smarks Board Name: MikeofEvil

Wrestler’s Name: Toxxic

Wrestler’s Real Name: Michael Stephens

Nicknames: The Straight-Edge Sensation

Height: 6’0

Weight: 218lbs

Hometown: Nottingham, England

Age: 24

Face/Heel: Confident, cocky, generally fairly cheerful heel

Stable: Revolution Zero (leader)

Ring Escort: His sister Amy, but usually only when the opponent has a manager who might get involved, in which case Amy will neutralise them. She’s 5’10, 175lbs and chunky. She’s a former Hardcore Champion, not eye candy.

Weapons: Favours brass knuckles in no-DQ. Also has been known to use the ‘Aerosol Equaliser’, a pepper spray he inherited from Chris Card.

Quotes: ‘Prepare To Be Proved Wrong!’



Old-school, baby; Toxxic’s cut his hair and it’s spiked upwards again, about one inch long and still dyed blue-black. The pretty boy good looks are still there, accentuated once again by eyeliner and black nail polish; also still present are the faint scars on face and chest from the trip through plate glass courtesy of Kibagami. Physique-wise Toxxic is well-defined but not bulky, somewhere between Orton and Brad Pitt in Fight Club.


In the ring he wears the baggy Tripp NYC pants and black boots that may or may not contain lifts; outside he usually adds a customised England soccer shirt, but instead of ‘Stephens’ the player name over the number ‘9’ now reads ‘sXensation’. He also usually wears a black canvas trenchcoat with red lining, covered with zips and chains and with four small spikes on each shoulder.



Ring Entrance:


(full gratuitous description there for PPV only, cut it down as needed)


Every single light in the arena hits full, and the Smarktron whites out. For a few long moments there is silence, until a looped track of a crowd chant suddenly blasts over the PA System:





The soccer chant fades into the oozing bassline of ‘The Gush’ by Raging Speedhorn which reverberates around the arena as the Smarktron first whites out, then fades quickly down to black while jagged white letters flash up a familiar slogan, one word at a time as the drums and guitar feedback come in:




Three chords ring out; on the first we see Michael Stephens knocked off the top buckle to the floor by a Nathaniel Kibagami springboard enzuigiri; on the second we see him taken off the top rope with the Mark of the Beast by Gabriel Drake; on the third we see him chokeslammed out of the Clusterfuck by Janus onto the floor below. Then, as the bass solo hits the shot changes to show him taking Mike Van Siclen off a balcony and through a table, the shot starting to strobe and intercut with an image of Toxxic’s grinning face, the devastating landing timed to coincide with-




-the moment the song kicks in, and the stagewide eruption of red pyro that signals the arrival of the SWF’s most decorated Englishman! Toxxic strides through the smoke and remaining sparks, head up and looking around grinning at the booing crowd, then starts to walk down to the ring.




‘Dysfunction is my game

These thoughts drive me insane

Tell me the price

Of which I have to pay…


Toxxic stops at the bottom of the ramp, then crosses his arms in the straight-edge ‘X’ for a moment before throwing them wide, palms flat to ignite another blast of red pyro from each ring post as the chorus comes in!




Toxxic rolls into the ring and gets up to his feet, then strips his trenchcoat off and hands any title belt he may have to the referee. He’ll take his England shirt off and, depending on his mood, will either pass it to the outside or throw it into the crowd.


is a link to the monstrosity that is 'The Gush' by Raging Speedhorn. I chose NOT to link you to the version with naked bouncing breasts.




Strength: 3 - can’t get anyone over 260lbs up unless it’s in a Fireman’s Carry. Can hit hard enough to rattle your jaw.


Speed: 7 - Agile, high-flying, great balance and exceptionally good at wriggling out of moves.


Vitality: 4 - His straight-edge conditioning means he can run around the ring all night, but he’s physically fragile. Impact moves will knock the stuffing out of him, if you can hit them. He CAN kick out of a finisher, but this should be a serious ‘OMGWTF!?’ moment.


Charisma: 6 - Apparently blunt and straight-forward, he’s actually highly intelligent and articulate behind his idiosyncratic vocabulary. Don’t be fooled; he’s a master manipulator when he wants to be, and can twist logic and reason around his little finger.




Jack-of-all-trades. He’s best at high-flying, but is a reasonably competent if not expert mat wrestler now, innovative in hardcore environments, and can generally hold his own in a stand-up fight unless his opponent is much stronger or striking is a speciality. However, despite his relatively small size and lack of physical strength, he’s good. As for his in-ring attitude, imagine heel AJ Styles without the cowardly aspect. He’s confident, and for good reason. There are some wrestlers he has respect for (their abilities, at least), but generally he’ll be amused that you think you can beat him. Not above being a bit dickish, but not stupidly so. If you start to test him though, he’ll lose the smile and try to take you apart with everything he has.



SIGNATURE MOVES (as a rough guide, most powerful first, least powerful last):

‘Stephens Shock Syndrome’ (also known as the Triple S): swinging sit-out Pedigree, or Chris Daniels’ Angel’s Wings. A former finisher when he debuted under the name of the Toxxic Shock Syndrome, and should be treated with a certain amount of respect still.


Regal Stretch: ¾ nelson facelock with leglace. Often set up from a drop toe-hold.


‘Radford Calling’ - Triple-jump moonsault performed from the apron. He jumps to the top rope (facing in-ring), then to the top buckle (facing out), then backflips off for the moonsault. Radford, for those of you who were wondering, is the area of Nottingham where he grew up.


‘Unfinished Business’: Elbow-drive bulldog, i.e. Eye of the Hurricane from a front facelock instead of a reverse facelock.


Hangover - somersault legdrop from the top.


‘Final Shine’ - Tornado Reverse DDT from the corner.


Sambo Slam - Matt Hardy’s ‘Side Effect’. His usual set-up for a high-flying move on opponents he can lift.


‘Role Reversal’: When whipped towards the corner Toxxic will leap to the top rope, then come back with a flying clothesline. Big opponents will warrant a corkscrew dropkick. If he’s feeling it, he’ll kip up after. If he’s already done it once this match he might pull a Brian Pillman feint.


‘Sobering Thought’ - Triple H-style face buster chained instantly into a DDT.


European uppercut - his strike of choice, it’ll rattle your jaw. He’s also experimenting with coming off the second buckle with this, ala American Dragon.




Street Brawling - Headbutts, knees, elbows and good ol’ vanilla punches. A note about the elbows - he uses them if you’re too close to land a punch, not for the Misawa-style strike exchanges. He’ll just bull forward and keep hitting you until you go down because he’s not tough enough to let you hit him back, and he knows it.


Kip-up Enzuigiri - pure showmanship, but it hurts.


Double Leg Nelson - the opponent is seated: Toxx sits behind them and grabs their arms, then uses his own legs to apply a full nelson-type hold. Like a normal full nelson it works the neck, and he can use his own arms to stretch the other guy’s. A nice, easy to apply wear-down hold that won’t win any matches.


Mat wrestling. Abdominal stretches, cravates, things he makes up, facelocks etc. Plus lots of armbars, hammerlocks etc, maybe even a Kimura if he can remember how to do one.


Simple takedowns - drop toeholds, fireman’s carries, leg trips etc.


Stephenskick - superkick (usually a desperation momentum-changer, but it still targets the head so he’ll sometimes work it in anyway)


Soccer tackle: Whips his opponent off the ropes, then slides in and launches his feet and shins at theirs. Takes them off their feet, and when they get back up again they’re stumbling round. Usually used to set up another move.


Punch/discus clothesline combo: Left, right, left, right, flips the classic British v-sign (fingernails towards the opponent; it means ‘fuck you’, not ‘victory!’) - Discus Clothesline. Sadly most of the fed have learned to duck the clothesline by now, but he’s a stubborn bastard and will still try it.


Sitout jawbreaker


Dropkicks - a favourite is the basement dropkick to the head of a kneeling/crouching/sitting opponent


Running somersault senton to the outside. If the opponent moves before he gets there then Toxx will balance on the top rope for a second and then backflip back into the ring before flipping off his opponent/the crowd.


Inverted Muta Lock: Traps the opponents legs and bridges back for an inverted rear chinlock, then rolls over onto his stomach leaving the opponent flailing in the air.


Flippy-Floppy Stuff: Moonsaults, standing moonsaults, springboard stuff.




Toxxic has two signature spots in hardcore matches, both involving two chairs:


‘You Know When You’ve Been Tango’d’ - one chair in each hand, shouts that out, hits the opponent in the head with both chairs at the same time. Named after a Tango advert in about ‘91 that saw a man running out and clapping someone on both ears, before they banned it due to the children impersonating it and damaging each other’s hearing. Toxxic’s just put his own spin on it.


‘In-Flight Meal’ - Toxxic jumps off one set-up chair carrying another one (flat), and dropkicks that into his opponent’s face. Normally done with the opponent tied up in the ropes ala Andre, but not always.




‘sXensational’: Toxxic’s not above delving into his history and using or adapting the moves of previous notable opponents, or stablemates. He won’t do this for a regular run-of-the-mill match; if you think the occasion might warrant something special and you don’t know his past well enough, hit me up and I’ll let you know the sort of thing he might use, and its significance.


‘Dangerlust’: Electric Chair Cradle Driver. It’s broken necks and ended careers and overall is NOT to be fucked with. If he wants to beat you he’ll use the Caffeine Bomb; if he wants to fuck you up, he’ll use this.


‘Repeat To Fade’: The old finisher, a hammerlock/Dragon Sleeper combo with bodyscissors. It’s too tricky to set up to be reliable (plus [bREAKING KAYFABE ALERT] once it’s locked in it’s virtually impossible to escape from and that’s just no fun).


‘Inglorious’ - Shooting Star Legdrop.


Inverted Goku-Raku Gatame: with the opponent face-down, cross their arms underneath their throat and then roll forward over them into a bridge, pulling up on the arms as you do so. Adapted from former Revolutionary Scott Pretzler’s Snowflake Clutch, but it a) looks cooler and b) can’t be held for as long.




‘Caffeine Bomb’ - LSD II. Hook as if for vertical suplex, hook opponent’s LEFT leg with left arm, lift up, twist around, drop on head. Like a Ki Krusher but neater. If he wants to use this on someone over 260lbs he’ll almost certainly need to initiate it from a Fireman’s Carry and use the Mk II, which is very similar to Chris Sabin’s Cradle Shock.


‘Sunny In England’ - Shiranui/Sliced Bread #2. Nowhere near as sure a knockout blow as the Caffeine Bomb, but far more versatile. Can get the boost off the buckles, the ropes, the ref, a chair, the apron, a tag partner, another opponent, or in some cases simply from a backflip off the ropes (although he might overshoot this).


‘RTF II’ - Double Underhook with Bodyscissors aka Matt Hardy’s ‘Scar’. Particularly strong opponents or one with great mat skills can cause him problems with this, so he’ll try and be especially sure to wear these people down before he goes for it.




-The main difference between ‘Toxxic’ and ‘Michael Stephens’, beyond the fans’ attitudes? Mike’s losing his sense of perspective. He reacts to situations in a completely disproportionate way, and when the consequences arise he’ll react to them just as disproportionately. He’ll beat you down to beat you because he views that by getting into the ring you’re prepared for the risk, then be honestly perplexed at why you might get pissed off. So when you come back for revenge, he’ll beat you down again. Wash, rinse, repeat.

-STILL DOESN’T CHEAT. Won’t even THINK about cheating. It’s the only remnant of his inferiority complex, he HAS to beat you clean. If he’s stuck in a submission and there’s no escape he MIGHT go to the eyes, that’s about it.

-He’s straight-edge, but he doesn’t make a big deal out of it beyond the ‘X’ in his ring entrance. Throw beer in his face and that might change.

-If you’re writing him speaking, think of Spike from Buffy and Angel. Doesn’t have a posh accent, uses words like ‘wanker’, ‘bloody hell’ and ‘bollocks’ and has a tendency to call people ‘sunshine’ or, in certain situations, ‘Jackmonkey’. Plus the usual British stuff - pants are trousers, cars have bonnets and boots not hoods and trunks, and ass is pronounced arse.

-Please don’t write him doing knife-edge chops. Pretty much any other strike but that.

-Oh, and he’s gay, but that’s not a big deal either. He won’t be hitting on you, or poncing around like Rico. A female valet flashing him will still take him off-guard just through the surprise factor. It’s just a character trait, not a defining feature.




It couldn’t last. Michael Stephens was being rather good for him, trying to stay out of the spotlight and not break anyone’s neck. Unfortunately the appearance of former rivals Janus and then Danny Williams, along with Tom Flesher’s infuriating decision to de-push him and him and Landon Maddix finally losing the Tag Team Titles, while Landon went on to win the World Title again and refused to give Mike a shot… well, let’s just say he reacted badly. He cut his hair, re-applied the eyeliner and came out announced as ‘Toxxic’ again for his From The Fire match with Williams, then dropped the Louisville Elbower on his head three times to win. The fans were already souring to him, and that just put the cherry on it.


Toxxic’s gone and formed Revolution Zero again, not with any aim of conquering the fed but just to have some fun and piss as many people off as possible. He’s a four-time World Champion with the longest reign in history, a two-time Tag Champion with the longest reign in history, he doesn’t feel the need to prove himself. He’s not the intense and determined heel anymore, in fact he’s infuriatingly cheerful and wisecracking, but his nasty streak is not dead and buried by any means.


Updated... Toxxic's now a FIVE-time World Champion, the only one in the federation's history, after beating Johnny Dangerous at Genesis. How he'll cope with old enemy/tag partner Landon Maddix as Commissioner is anyone's guess, but it's safe to say that his attitude won't have improved any. He's now (in his eyes) justified in claiming he's better than anyone else ever.






Revolution Zero currently comprises Toxxic, Austin Sly and The Fabulous Jakey, with Toxxic’s sister Amy Stephens hanging around as a combination of drinking buddy and (im)moral support (don’t call her a valet if you value your teeth, and the only managing she does is of her own blood alcohol levels). Toxxic and Sly have teamed up, leaving Jakey to exercise his considerable talents in singles competition.


TEAM NAME: Revolution Zero

TEAM MEMBERS: Toxxic and Austin Sly (usually, but the entrance remains the same no matter if it’s a tag match or just the whole stable coming down to the ring for some mic time)

RING ESCORT: Amy Stephens. Sometimes. If she can be bothered.





Every light in the arena hits full, while the Smarktron whites out. For a few moments nothing is heard apart from a faint *skritch-skritch* of a needle on vinyl. Then:




A deep voice booms out of the PA system and the epileptic opening guitar of ‘Know Your Enemy’ by Rage Against The Machine starts to ring round the arena, while on the Smarktron the word ‘REV-0’ appears and rotates (think like those screensavers). It is interspersed with momentary clips of the Revolution Zero members while the arena lights slowly dim down. Then suddenly the pace changes as the main riff rings out, and three pyros explode from the soundstage-










-just before Zack de la Rocha’s voice roars out and the song kicks into full gear. At this point Revolution Zero come out, however many of them are going to - Toxxic tends to take the lead and unless he has good reason not to he’ll be grinning cockily. Austin Sly tends to be a little more brooding, as befits the muscle of the group, while Jakey will be flirting with the girls in the front row and Amy will be lagging behind, drinking lager from a can.



Austin brings the power side and a more technical base while Toxxic provides the high-flying flash and panache. On the other hand, it’s worth remembering that Toxxic CAN wrestle technically, while Sly is more agile than his size would lead you believe.



-Austin’s choke backbreaker, then Toxxic comes off with a Hangover as Sly pulls his hand away from the luckless opponent.

-Austin shinbreaker, then Toxxic comes off the second buckle with a flying European uppercut

-Spiked shinbreaker. Austin lifts, Toxx comes off the top rope to lend a hand.

-Shinbreaker from Sly onto Toxxic’s knee, then Sly transitions into a single-leg crab while Toxxic runs the ropes and comes back with a basement dropkick to the trapped leg.

-Assisted double-arm DDT. Sly hooks them, Toxxic picks both legs up, Sly drops back.



‘Welcome To The Revolution’ - Sly hooks them for a suplex, brings them up and then places their feet onto Toxxic shoulders before snapping sideways into an assisted rolling neckbreaker.

Edited by Toxxic

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Guest Ghetto Bird





About the set:


The House of Marvelous set consists of five main elements:

- A red carpet, which covers the entire area of the ring

- A luxurious couch, with matching love seat

- Two ten-foot prop “concrete” pillars, designed to resemble the columns in ancient Greco-Roman architecture, roughly five feet apart, and joined together by a “concrete” arch

- A thick velvet rope, which spans between the two arches

- A microphone stand, which holds the host’s microphone


Notes about placement (and it’s not necessary to put all of this stuff in your promos; this is just to help give you a better ideal of what the set should generally look like; you’re free to re-arrange the set a bit if you like, but please leave the five main elements in there):

- The arch and columns are set up so that the arch faces the SmarkTron. All guests will be made to enter the set through this arch, and if they try to get around, they will be cut off by Mister Bruner.

- Bruner is also in charge of the velvet rope; he will always open it immediately for heels, but he may make a face wait, if Sir Marvelous feels like jerking the face’s chain.

- If you’re walking down to the ring, the luxurious couch will be facing your right, and the matching love seat will be facing you. They are subject to be changed on a show-to-show basis, because the luxurious couch often ends up destroyed. In fact, it would be greatly appreciated if, any time you may choose to write a run-in, that the luxurious couch become a casualty of this conflict.

- The microphone stand should be somewhere in front of the luxurious couch, just as long as it’s far enough away that, if someone sits down, they won’t knock the stand over.





About the host:


Sir Marvelous

Real Name: Michael Anderson

Height: 5’8”

Weight: 196 lbs.

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Bald

From: Atlanta, GA


Ring Entrance: Sir Marvelous comes down to the ring to "I Love the Dough," by Notorious BIG


Sir Marvelous is a weasely, pro-heel host in the Brother Love style; he is always immaculately dressed in an Armani suit. And, like Brother Love, he is especially partial to heels with money or influence. Sir Marvelous will generally be ingratiating towards his heel guests, ask them easy questions, and even help them run down their rivals. He is somewhat more pejorative to his babyface guests, occasionally asking them a difficult question and then pulling the microphone away before they can reply. The likelihood of Sir Marvelous doing this to a babyface guest is inversely proportional to how high the face is up in the food chain. In other words, he probably wouldn’t try it with Michael Stephens even once, but somebody like, say, Ced Ordonez would barely be able to get a word in edgewise.


If you’re a face trying to figure out where you stand, and how often Sir Marvelous might interrupt you, imagine, on a scale of 1 to 10, that Cutthroat is a 1, and Mark Stevens is a 10, and assume that you fall somewhere in between the two of them.


Bio: Michael Anderson is a Black American of African descent and considers himself to be a Southern gentleman. He was born in Reynolds, GA, and raised in Oglethorpe; while he tried to overcome his thick accent through diction and elocution courses, it still breaks through from time-to-time, and he has a tendency to drawl whenever he’s joking around.


Anderson was an aspiring professional wrestler in the early to mid-90s, but never got a serious look from any of the major promotions in the US because of his size. He was immensely popular, however, in several independent promotions, and had a successful run in AAA that earned him a tryout with the IGNJL in late 2000, but fate intervened before he ever got there: a freak injury occurred during his final match in AAA that destroyed his left knee, and ended his wrestling career. It took six surgeries and three years of therapy before he was even able to walk again, and even now, he is only able to walk very short distances without the aid of a cane. While he was convalescing, Anderson completed his business degree, and also began studying law. During this time, he also became licensed as an agent; he had some minor stage actors signed to his agency, but his heart kept calling him to return to wrestling somehow.


In 2003, he first made contact with Dominic LeCroix when the SWF was performing in Atlanta; after listening to LeCroix lament about the SWF’s lack of a Light-Heavyweight division, Anderson proceeded to convince LeCroix to sign him as his agent, promising LeCroix that there would be a Light-Heavyweight Division in the SWF within the next twelve months. Anderson got himself an appointment with then-commissioner Mark Stevens for the purpose of trying to negotiate the re-instatement of the Light-Heavyweight Division, only to learn that Stevens had already convinced the SWF Executive Committee to instate a Cruiserweight Division. Anderson, however, did not share this information with LeCroix, allowing him to believe that his negotiating tactics made it possible.


When LeCroix sustained a serious shoulder injury at the hands of Mike Van Siclen, he decided to take some time off to convalesce, and then attempted to come back under a secret identity. Anderson helped him to re-enter the SWF under the Birdman persona, and protected his identity from others. He provided LeCroix with detailed dossiers on the wrestlers that had joined and/or returned to the SWF during his absence, ostensibly to give him the chance to prepare for his matches, but in reality, Anderson merely collected this information as a means to scout other potential clients. It was during this time that he retained the services of Tracey Bruner as a bodyguard. Anderson and LeCroix had a falling out when LeCroix abruptly quit the fed after his immediate family was tragically killed in a hurricane, despite Anderson’s attempts to get him to stay and compete, since he was still owed a title shot at the time that he left, which he never cashed in on.


When LeCroix eventually returned to the SWF later that year, Anderson continued to exert influence on LeCroix’s career from behind the scenes, since LeCroix had never actually fired him. Anderson also played a role in splitting up Wild and Dangerous, preying on Dangerous’ ego and jealousy by getting LeCroix several title opportunities, and several lucrative merchandising deals, while Dangerous, who would soon become a two-time World Heavyweight Champion, “languished” in the shadow of his more popular teammate. It was also during this time period that Anderson negotiated his own deal with the SWF to join the company as a road agent.


When Mike Van Siclen made his return to the SWF, LeCroix still had revenge on his mind; Anderson saw that as the perfect opportunity to enhance his visibility within the fed. He reminded LeCroix that he was technically still under contract, but offered to both end the contract and help LeCroix get revenge on Van Siclen if LeCroix would use his influence to help him get a televised segment on SWF programming. After a very successful three-episode pilot, Anderson negotiated a contract to host the House of Marvelous on SWF programming on a regular basis.





About the bodyguard:


Wrestlers Name: Tracey Bruner

Nickname: "Big Bully" Bruner, Mister Bruner

Height: 6' 10"

Weight: 455 lbs

Hometown: Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, in New York City, NY

Age: 31

Face/Heel: Heel

Stable: N/A

Ring Escort: Sir Marvelous

Weapon(s): None

Quote: none


Looks: Bruner wears a tailor-made suit and matching fedora at all times when on SWF programming; he even wrestles in it, although he will remove his jacket and fedora before wrestling. He also wears sunglasses at all time, which are held in place by a lanyard, and wrestles with the sunglasses on.


Bruner comes down to the ring to "Call the Ambulance," by Busta Rhymes.






Strength: 10

Speed: 4 (Frighteningly quick for a big man. He's no stranger to the top rope, but he won't try anything more risky than a moonsault :ph34r: )

Vitality: 5 (Hard as hell to knock off his feet, and can take a lot of punishment; gets blown quickly... cause, you know, he's 455 pounds, and all...)

Charisma: 1 (Marvelous does all the talking)



Style: Smashmouth, explosive, power-based style.


Signature moves:




Diving lariat

Belly-to-belly suplex

Bearhug spinebuster (the kind Ron Simmons does; snatch you up on the rebound and spike you!)

Avalanche splash in the corner

Military press (will do reps with anyone under 300 pounds)

Big boot

Guillotine legdrop from the second rope (this is one of those moves that Bruner likes to do all the time, but almost never hits)




Common moves:





Neck Vice

Snake eyes


Elbow drop

Full Nelson


Vertical suplex


"Kitchen Sink" kneelift

Miscellaneous big man moves




Rare moves:


Plancha (Undertaker-style: on a dead run)

Chokeslam over the top rope to the floor :ph34r:






Big Splash from the second rope*


* But here's the rub: Bruner will go for the splash if, and only if, he has successfully hit a powerbomb.




Bio: Tracey Bruner is a Black American of Caribbean descent (his parents emigrated from Jamaica) who was born and raised in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, in New York City. He tried playing football at NYU, but was kicked off the team for repeatedly injuring his teammates in practice. He dropped out of school shortly thereafter, and became a bouncer. Bruner quickly earned a reputation throughout New York as the top bouncer in the city, and he began working as a bodyguard on the side to earn more money. In mid 2004, the SWF was on tour in the New York area, and Bruner was contacted by the SWF to provide security for their top talent while they were performing at Madison Square Garden. It was during this time that Bruner made the acquaintance of Michael Anderson. Anderson made Bruner an offer to work for him as a personal bodyguard, and offered him a chance to become a professional wrestler. Anderson offered Bruner more money than he was making as a bouncer, so Bruner quit his job and has been working for Anderson ever since.

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Smarks Board Name: JHawk

Wrestlers Name: "The Dean of Professional Wrestling" Jay Hawke

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 215

Hometown: Cleveland, OH

Age: 30

Face/Heel: Heel

Stable: None officially

Ring Escort:

Weapon(s): lead pipe

Quote: "You're going to be taught a wrestling lesson you'll never forget, and there's not a damn thing you can do about it!"


Looks: Hawke comes to the ring wearing a Ric Flair-esque purple and black robe. He keeps his light brown hair cut short and usually remains clean-shaven, although he'll grow a goatee on occasion. Once in the ring, he removes his robes, showing a well-built but not too muscular frame. He wears black tights with "Dean" written in purple down both legs and "Class is in session" in purple on his ass. He finishes his ensemble with a pair of black boots with purple soles and laces.


Ring Entrance: "Learning to Fly" by Pink Floyd comes on the PA as the lights dim.


Ring Announcer: Introducing...from the Hall of Fame City of Cleveland, Ohio, and weighing in at 215 pounds...he is "The Dean of Professional Wrestling"...Jay Hawke!


A spotlight shines on Jay Hawke as he makes his way to the ring. As Hawke makes his way onto the ring apron, he takes off his robe, folds it, and hands it to the ring attendant. Then he stands up on the turnbuckle with both arms in the air as the crowd boos.




Strength: 4

Speed: 6

Vitality: 5

Charisma: 5


Style: Jay Hawke relies on technical wrestling but can take to the air if need be.


Signature moves:

Fujiwara armbar


short arm scissors

Rings of Saturn

dragon sleeper


front facelock into a DDT (NOT a transition move and designed to KO an opponent)



Common moves:

belly-to-back superplex


diving headbutt



swinging neckbreaker

sunset flip

roundhouse kick

camel clutch

inverted DDT onto the knee

springboard lariat

tilt-a-whirl backbreaker

leg lariat

backflip cradle

German suplex




Rare moves:

Burning Hammer

diamond dust


Finishers: Jay Hawke's primary finisher is a submission hold called the Wing Span. It's a crossface chickenwing with a twist, as Hawke uses his legs to scissor the opponent's other arm.


His secondary finisher is a moonsault called the Hawke Swoop, but it's notable because instead of landing with a bodypress, he lands with a kneedrop onto his opponent. This is only to be used in extreme situations where the Wing Span hasn't worked and should not be debuted until a title is on the line.


Notes: Jay Hawke is out of an old school cloth where he prefers to wear down a body part to weaken it for the finish. Notice that most of his common moves affect the neck and back, while the signature moves mostly affect the arms. Once he begins to use the signature moves, odds are it's just a matter of time before the Wing Span comes into play.


Bio: Jay Hawke began wrestling September 12, 1996, losing to Knightrous in the now-defunct High Octane Wrestling Federation. It was a minor setback, as he would win the HOWF Tag Team Title once and the HOWF National Title twice, retiring the latter title in March 1997. From there, he moved onto the High Impact Wrestling Federation based out of Cleveland. Although he wrestled largely in tag team matches in the HIWF (holding the HIWF Tag Team Title seven times), he holds the record as the longest-reigning HIWF World Champion (five months), as well as multiple reigns as United States and Hardcore Champion. He also had a cup of coffee with the Missouri Wrestling Alliance Cruiserweight Title in 2000. Hawke's career took a setback in 2002 when he retired after suffering his second serious neck injury in as many years. He has spent the last two years training promising wrestlers at the Legion of Pain Compound in Cleveland, but has gotten the itch to return to the ring.


Accomplishments since joining the SWF:


SWF USJL Champion (5 days)

SWF World Tag Team Champion (35 days)

SWF International Champion (twice -- 29 days, current since 13th Hour 2005). The current International Title reign is the longest uninterrupted title reign in SWF history, and Hawke loves to rub it in everybody's face.






Team Name: The Predators (w/Nighthawk)

Combined Weight: 500

Escort: Falcon


Entrance: The arena goes dark, lightning strikes go off at the top of the ramp, and a spotlight follows them as the team comes out to Pink Floyd's "Learning to Fly". Make this as elaborate as need be, as you know these arrogant SOBs are gonna flaunt themselves.


Finisher: Crash Landing. Nighthawk holds one opponent up on his shoulders, and Jay Hawke leaps off the top rope, taking the opponent down with a Frankensteiner (rana, huracanrana, call it what you will).


NOTE: The Predators have been teaming up for some ten years at this point, so if there's a double team move in existence, they probably know it, and they might know a few that aren't on the books. Remember, they're heels, so cheap tactics and double teaming are not only allowed, they're encouraged

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Smarks Board Name: Criplercrosface9

Wrestlers Name: "The Divine Wind" Akira Kaibatsu

Height: 6'0

Weight: 195

Hometown: Sendai, Japan

Age: 20

Face/Heel: face


Ring Escort: No longer. Can’t say I’m at all regretting ditching Kobe, either.

Weapon(s): --



But, you know, none.


Looks: Major changes and shit. Right, first of all, Akira no longer bears a mask. In its place, Kaibatsu bears a Jericho beard, Kaz Hayashi hair. Clean cut, Austin Aries like build. Tattoo on his left shoulder that says “Fearless” if you can read Kanji. If you can’t, it’s cool Japanese writing.


The attire is the same as before, only the new colors are black and maroon. Long tights, one pant leg is maroon, the other is black. The knee pad on the maroon knee is black, the knee pad on the maroon leg is black. Elbow pads match the knee pads. Black boots with maroon kickpads.


Ring Entrance: “Protect Ya Neck” by Wu-tang Clan hits, and Akira comes out. That’s how it works with me. He comes out. He’s Japanese, he ain’t flashy.




Strength: 4 - He'll have his troubles lifting the SWF's heavies (all three of them) but apart from that, he's fine.

Speed: 7 - Does his fair share of flipping around, but this is more mat quickness than anything.

Vitality: 7 - He won't no-sell anything, he's just incredibly hard to keep down.

Charisma: 2 – I’m one of those bastards that’s going to take advantage of no one caring about charisma rating.


Style: Akira used to wrestle like Sasuke, but in injury rehab he renovated his style, and his style is much more comparable to KENTA. High flying offense, and spunky kicks. Akira is also the master of te small package. MASTER. SMALL PACKAGE. OF. Akira is also a master of the spoonazi stiking style.


Signature moves

-Senton Bomb: No flip, just jumps on them back-first. Think Dick Togo.

-European Uppercut: JJ Johnson has elbows, Akira Kaibatsu has European Uppercuts. Sell these.

-Divine Backbreaker: He lifts them up suplex style, then twists their body and drops them, so that their back lands on his knee, ala Roderick Strong

-It Came From Sendai: Some know it as the Angel's Wings, and Alex Shelley may be scrambling to sue me for using this name, but it's a swinging sitout Pedigree.

-White Magic: Shining Gamengiri

--VARIATION (Black Magic), Akira will step up for this, but instead of kicking you, will go over your head, roll, and catch you with his plant-foot's heel.

-Yakuza Kick

-Superkick: You know Akira’s going to pester you with the European Uppercuts, so when he finally gets you this it hurts. Likes to stun the opponent for the Divine Wind with this.

-Crash and Burn: Hammerlock to clothesline.

-Australian Suplex: Secure a standing double chickenwing, then roll backwards and bridge up, pinning your opponent on his neck.


Common moves

-Float-over armdrag: With the opponent doubled over, Akira runs and jumps, rolling over their back. As he finishes the roll, he grabs their arm and uses his momentum to drag them over and to the canvas.

-Springboard front dropkick: KENTA-style, fools.

-Stalling brainbuster: Strength 4 means he can't hold them up there for long, but he'll go as long as he cares to before dropping you on your head.

-JAPANESE MAT WRESTLING~!: As stated before, Kaibatsu can carry himself quite well on the mat, and thus knows most of the tricks in the book. Lots of flips, rolls and handstands here. Be pretty creative, God knows they are.

-Chops: Knife-edged, overhead, whatever. Sometimes, Kaibatsu just gets the urge to slap you around. In a non-heelish way, of course.

-Kamikaze Rush: Springboard gamengiri. Runs to the ropes, jumps to the middle, springs off and kicks you in the face. Ouch.

-Basic kicks. Roundhouses, etc. No wacky spinning uber-head-removal kicks, but stuff you could learn by watching a karate class for a few days.

-Skull Fuck: Figure four necklock, roll to stomach, smash your head up and down on the canvas. Pwnzorz. And more Alex Shelley names.

-European uppercut suicida: Damn skippy.

-Powerdrive elbow: People's Elbow, but with no crazy posturing beforehand.


Rare moves

-Divine Wind '04: Head-drop Sliced Bread #2. See Bio for details. EXTREMELY RARE.

-Kaibatsu Drop: A very spotty move, but effective nonetheless. Akira gets them in a dragon sleeper before flipping over them and dropping into an Stunner.

-Half-nelson suplex: Cruiser killer fa' sho', home-skillet.

-Natural Born Chaos Theory: Australian Suplex, but if it doesn't get the pin, roll back through, pull them up, and give them a bridged Tiger Suplex.



-The Divine Wind - Sliced Bread #2

-Shadows Over Hell - an Anaconda Vice. The opponent on their back, Akira sits down to their left. He takes his right hand, wraps it around the opponents head, grabbing their left wrist. He then slips his left arm and slides it through the hole created. Keep in mind, CM Punk calls his finisher the Anaconda Vice, but it’s actually an arm triangle choke.

--VARIATION (Uwabami Vice) - The aforementioned Arm Triangle Choke. Named so because Toxx actually got me to believe that Uwabami was the Japanese word for Anaconda. Touche to you, Mr. Stephens.


Notes: Kaibatsu knows what he's doing now, which is good, because he no longer has Mr. Kobe to hold his hand and walk him through things. In terms of ethics, if you're familiar with Ring of Honor, Akira is a Code of Honor following guy.


Bio: I don't feel like writing a whole bio out, so I'll just explain the DW'04...


In Kaibatsu's debut match on August 12th, 2004, he was booked to win. Naturally, he was very excited, and his in-ring actions showed. He was jittery, he had a huge grin on his face the whole time (even when he was supposed to be selling), and it all built up. When it finally came time to hit his finisher, he was so overexcited that he overshot the flip and ended up dropping his opponent on his head.


This snapped the then-19 year old back to reality. If he kept getting excited when he knew he was winning, people could get hurt. From then on, he's carried himself like a professional in the ring, and hasn't injured anyone since. Get him too angry, though, and this may very well change.

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Edit 2/16/07- Big Shot is now the primary finisher, changed a few things with the moveset.


Smarks Board Name: Zyon

Real Name: Zak Owens

Wrestlers Name: Zyon

Nicknames: (The) "Unique Youth"

Height: 5’11

Weight: 200 lbs

Hometown: Elkhart, Indiana

Age: 22

Face/Heel: Ineriorly confused, hates Michael Stephens face. Exteriorly hates Michael Stephens face, no confusion detected. Tweenerdom hidden.

Stable: None

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): Pretty much anything, if legal.

Quote: None as of now.


Looks: (Inside Ring) Nose length brown hair (similiar to Jeff Hardy during his druggy period). Glowing green eyes, clean shaven, and yes still a pretty boy. Upper attire consists of a tight short sleeved shirt (Think under armor) with a "Z" logo located around his right pec. Opposite colors. Black shirt = White "Z". May have different logos other than the "Z". Lower attire is baggy knee length shorts of all different sorts of colors. Wrestles in black athletic shoes. Physique wise, he's built like a professional track runner as opposed to football player. Well defined, but not really full of mass. And despite the wars he's been in, he has no real visible scarring and no piercings/tatoos.


(Outside Ring, promo, etc) Everything the same as inside the ring except a bit more casual. May wear a hat, hoody, some reading glasses. Be creative.


Ring Entrance: The arena goes black as the words “I’m Born”, “I’m Alive”, and “I Breathe” alternate on the Smarktron. “Vitamin” by Incubus kicks in as the crowd immediately goes into a frenzy. After a moment of build the young Zyon emerges through the curtain, and pauses at the top of the ramp. Zyon scans the excited audience before busting out an innocent grin as he sprints down the ramp. Zyon leaps on to the ring apron before flipping into the ring with a simple leap and twist of the wrist. Once in the ring, Zyon energetically runs up to the ropes and climbs to the second rope. Once on the ropes he extends his arms, which bend at the elbows as he devours the spotlight (Aka the Randy Orton taunt).




Strength: 4- Gained a little bit of muscle, which helps the impact of his new neck/impact focused offense. Also helps with striking, which he has improved at.


Speed: 9- Uses the speed for counters and applying maneuvers as quick as possible, which hopefully lessens the countering rate of his opponents. A great high flyer, which is just as much a curse as a gift. Once again, helps with the striking. He still can't touch Wildchild in out and out speed though.


Vitality: 5- He's not zombie immortal, but with the right amount of adrenaline he can open up a few eyes. Capable of going the distance, but his body will pay for it the next day.


Charisma: 2- Has the ability to talk, and may throw out a good promo once in awhile, but he's been known to trip over his words. And his lack of over the top expression doesn't get over as well as the overdramatics.


Style: He's still spotty as hell and prefers flash over substance, but now he can ya know, actually wrestle...kinda. Improved in the striking and submission aspect of his game and he can now hurt you without hurting himself with impact oriented offense. However, he's still not mentally into the game. He doesn't wrestle like a chess player, he just goes and hopes for the best. If he happens to luck into psychology and stuff then its mostly accidental. Yet he does understand the concept of "Hey he's holding his neck...he must be hurt." Basically, he's an indy worker who lucked into a contract with a world renowned organization, and he's had to learn everything the hard way.


Signature Moves


-Cannonball Kamikaze: When perched on the top rope, Zyon will leap into the air, rolling himself up into a ball. As he descends down on to his fallen opponent, Zyon at the last second will abort the cannonball position and drive both knees into his opponent’s sternum/chest area. It does lack flash, but makes up for that due to the fact that the move is just plain mean.


-Double Arm DDT: Double underhook, lift and drop victim on head. Pretty simple.


Canadian Neck Breaker: Zyon will hold the opponent in a back drop position and will then maneuver his hands around the opponent’s head while instantly dropping to the canvas with a neck breaker. (Orton has used this move)


Aero Driver: Scoop slam into a piledriver, otherwise known as the Juvi Driver. Just to add a little flash to the move Zyon will perform a quick spin before spiking his opponent to the ground. This move has been known to catch some opponents off guard and could possibly give Zyon a win if he’s lucky or if the opponent is really fatigued.


-Decline: Reverse Russian leg sweep, otherwise known as the Flatliner that Kanyon used, not the maneuver that Jarrett and Hasan uses.


-Springboard Forearm Smash (Superman Forearm): Zyon goes out to the ring apron and springboards into the air using the top rope. Zyon pulls his right arm back keeping it at about the same level as his chest. Keep left hand forward while he kicks his feet through the air. Before he reaches his opponent, Zyon pulls his right arm forward and blasts his opponent with a charged forearm smash.


Dragon Sleeper: Zyon’s second most potent submission. The most basic version is grab a seated opponent in a reverse face lock and pull back. Due to Zyon's more aggressive ways, he may just start pounding away at his opponent's chest with his free hand.

NOTE: Zyon can perform the other variants as well which include hammerlock, standing, body scissors, and Landon’s Dragon Clutch among others. The body scissors and Dragon Clutch variations are a bit more rare and aren’t as potent as when someone like Landon or JJ Johnson does it.


Sambo Suplex: Spinning Rock Bottom.


Ansatsuken Knee: Street Fighter has some cool moves. Anyway, it's the lunging knee that Sagat uses. Basically, Zyon throws his body at his opponent, shooting off a dangerous knee that is supposed to connect with the opponent's face.



Common Moves


Snap: Zyon’s front dropkick to the chest that is followed up by a kip up if he is able to perform one. Has been used more recently as a momentum changer, but can still be used offensively as well.


-Flash Kick: More Street Fighter goodness. With his opponent doubled over, Zyon will perform a standing moonsault sending one of his feet into the opponent’s face. Guile’s flash kick from street fighter only without the wave that follows.


-3.0 Back Breaker: Zyon is back to back with his opponent and reaches around the victim’s throat with the near arm, like an inverted reverse face lock. Zyon will then drop to his knee, bowing the opponent’s back over his own.


Snap Brainbuster: Been moved to common moves since Zyon’s drop is more focused on the neck and the shoulder plexes as opposed to a murder, death, kill sheer head drop. Lift opponent vertically and quickly dropping them down is how he performs this maneuver.


-No Regard: Has also been moved to common moves since Zyon has used the maneuver more frequently as opposed to using it as just a counter. Zyon will leap to the top rope, facing the crowd, and will leap backward with a sensational corkscrew body attack.


-Lunging Yakuza Kick: Not your traditional Yakuza kick due to Zyon’s poor precision with his strikes. Zyon will charge at the opponent, leap and kick the opponent right under the chin. If anything it’s a running front dropkick with just one foot hitting the opponent.


-Rolling Neck Breaker: Zyon will put his near leg over a doubled over opponent’s head, and then proceed to grab the victim’s near arm. Pushing the opponent’s arm forward as well as his own leg, Zyon will rotate the opponent to the canvas with a neck breaker. Used as a counter to a telegraphed back body drop.

NOTE: I think Elix Skipper called this move The Play of the Day or something.


-Spinning Wheel Kick: Zyon will leap into the air, twist his body so that he is horizontal, and then kick the opponent in the face with his near foot.

-NOTE: Just to spite JJ.


Aerial Stuff: Any and all common/regular aerial moves can go here. That includes modified and variations of most. You know, your elbow drops, leg drops, moonsaults all go here.


-Snap Suplex: Quick suplex. Will sometimes chain a few together if the momentum is really going his way.


-Samoan Gutbuster: Zyon will place the opponent on his shoulders in a standing fireman’s carry. From there Zyon will duck his head and push the opponent forward. As the victim falls, Zyon will drop to the canvas, throwing his knees up, which the opponent collapses on sternum first.


-Blockbuster Neck Breaker: Normally the blockbuster is done from leaping off the second rope with a flipping neck breaker. And Zyon does use that variation as well, but Zyon also can leap over a standing or doubled over opponent and whip them to the canvas with a blockbuster neck breaker without assistance from the second rope.


-Neck Breakers: Any neck breakers not covered in Zyon’s moveset. Hangmans, swinging, running, etc.


-Reverse DDT: Uses both the sitting version and the diving variation.



Rare Moves


-Final Hour: A spike cradle piledriver causing the opponent on impact to either crumble or bounce a couple inches off the ground. Used to be a finisher, but Zyon has evolved a little with his move set. When busted can easily win a match, but can also be kicked out of.


-Sky Twister Press: Zyon starts off by facing the crowd. He then performs a moonsault while transitioning in the air into a 450 splash. Basically a crisp Phoenix splash performed with the users legs tugged in.


-Satsui no Hadou: The RARE move that puts the opponent down. You get hit with this, and it should be over. Heavyweights are safe from this unless Zyon can some how get them on his back with help from the ropes or something. Anyway the move goes as followed. Zyon lifts his opponent into a reverse fireman’s carry position (Torture rack) and elevated his opponent with the hand that is closest to the head. He uses the other hand to spin his opponent; all while Zyon sits down driving his opponent head first into the mat. Basically a Burning Hammer except the opponent is spiked in front of the user not to the side.


-Triangle Choke: Another submission hold that Zyon adores…but isn’t really good at. Uses it as a counter and to maybe catch the more arrogant wrestlers off guard. Will never willingly put it on while on the offensive.

-NOTE: Zyon can transition the Triangle Choke to a NASTY arm bar by pushing the opponent’s head away and transitioning his legs. Once again he’s pretty bad at the actual transition, but it is something he can do.





-Final Flash: A beautiful yet destructive Swanton Bomb on to the opponent. Zyon starts by obviously diving off the turnbuckle and when he is completely vertical he slowly starts to tilt downward like a vulture flying down on to its prey. Zyon lands shoulder plexes first instead of just flopping on to his back. The move is done to perfection and can be done on higher objects than the top turnbuckle. No longer the primary.


-Big Shot: RKO/Diamond Cutter/Ace Crusher. Realizing that the 911 Aero Driver took a bit to set up and didn’t play to his strengths at all, Zyon ventured for a new finisher. He decided on the Big Shot which can be hit out of numerous positions and due to Zyon’s incredible speed is difficult to counter since you really don’t see it coming until it’s too late. Now the Primary Finisher.


-Gouki Crossface: Cobra (Crippler) Crossface. Zyon's favorite submission move that was used by Ejiro Fasaki, who was World Champ at the beginning of Zyon's SWF career. After only seeing Ejiro use it one or two times, Zyon stole the move. It used to be sloppy, then the youth realized that it was simply putting your opponent's arm between his legs and pulling back on their neck. Zyon's submission finisher, but its not instant death if he traps you in it. Basically the go to move if impact and high flying dramatics isn't getting the job done.

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UPDATED FOR '07: Cleaned stuff up. Changed primary finisher and moved some other maneuvers around. Added a new rare move.


Smarks Board Name: Above Average

Real Name: Damien Gabriel Drake Junior

Wrestlers Name: Gabriel Drake

Alias: The Beast

Height: 6’ 4”

Weight: 258 lbs

Hometown: Athens, Georgia

Age: 25

Face/Heel: Heel

Stable: None

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): Steel Chair

Quote: None



Looks: Somewhat untidy, a little over ear length black hair with some white highlights on the right side framing cold hazel eyes. Unshaven, with a barbell piercing in his left eyebrow and a hoop pierced into his lip. Average legs with big shoulders, well toned arms and biceps, though his abs area isn’t defined much and a distinguishing tattoo of three sixes in a triad on the back of his neck.


Clothes-wise, he’ll be in traditional trunks of blue or red with a solid black bar down both sides. In the middle of his waistband sits a white logo box with three sixes in a triad in the same color (either red or blue) as his trunks. Boots with kickpads and kneepads, all in black, with a lone elbow pad on his left arm completely the look.

NOTE: His right hand will be completely taped up with white padding, while his left will only have black wrist tape.



Ring Entrance: Rob Zombie’s “The Devil’s Rejects.”


“I am the bad one…

Distant and cruel one...

I am the dream that, keeps you running down…”


“With distraction…

Violent reaction…

Scars of my actions, watch me running out…”






“The Devil's Rejects…”


“The Devil’s Rejects…”


This is just an outline. The arena will be filled with an eerie Blue light and white strobes will flash in time with the beat. Drake has a general routine that if you would like to see can be found on the first Storm of 2007.





Strength: 5 – As a true Heavyweight in a fed of Cruisers his strength seems amplified. He could Powerbomb someone 280+ pounds with some effort and probably place anyone on the roster into a fireman’s carry.


Speed: 3 – He can go quickly when he needs to, but it’s more about his fluidity in the ring than anything else. He just looks like a superstar in the making when moving.


Vitality: 7 – Tough as nails, he takes punishment like a man and comes back for more. He’s that hard-headed kid who loved to fight because he was good at taking a punch.


Charisma: 5 – Smart, but sinister; he sometimes uses vulgar language to intimidate. His tone slides from aggressive to nonchalant easily. He’s the kind of guy that grew up with a chip on his shoulder.



Style: Traditional Mid-90's Heavyweight mixed with the current WWE style. Good puncher, but not really a striker… considered more of a brawler. A solid grasp of basic wrestling mechanics and technique with flashes of impressive power; a semi-accomplished chain wrestler who uses stretches, a few suplexes and his basic knowledge of mixed martial arts to dominate opponents’ center ring, building to his vicious arsenal of power moves and deadly effective finishers.



Signature Moves:


“The Right Hand of Gabe” – A Leaping Palm Strike. The name is derived from ‘The Right Hand of God’. Gabe will set someone on the top rope and then blast them in the face.


Shotgun Lariat – Lariat after using the ropes for extra momentum.


Spear – Executed like Edge’s running side tackle.


“Mass Murder” – KENTA Combo (Well, part of it anyway). Two palm strikes and a spinning back fist, possibly followed up with a high kick. Due to Drake's lack of flexibility, the roundhouse is only used against opponents within or below the 6 foot mark. This is normally followed by one of Gabe's many takedowns.


Dead-lift German Suplex – High impact. Gabe lifts his opponent off the mat from their belly and drags them (kicking and screaming if necessary) overhead in a delayed German suplex with a bridge.


Butterfly Suplex – Tribute (of a sort) to Dave Taylor. Drake normal uses the release version, but he can execute Taylor's Britishplex which involves a float over into a pin while still holding the double underhook.


“Devil’s Reject” – Old school Steve Austin’s Stungun.


Top Rope Superplex – A Mid-90’s staple. All the way up top, unless in special cases when the opponent isn’t able to be put in position. This is normally executed after "The Right Hand of Gabe”.


“Demon Bomb” – The Powerbomb. He has been known to do a Double Powerbomb or Spiral Powerbomb as well depending on the opponent’s weight.



Common moves:


Corner shoulder thrusts


Pieface STO


Fall away slam


Knife-edge chops: Rapid fire and only used on an opponent in the corner.


Backbreakers: Pendulum, Tilt-a-whirl and most other variants you can think of...


Snap Spinebuster


Yakuza kick: Like Masa Chono to an opponent’s head while on one knee.


Dragon screw leg-whip


Back mounted forearms: Randy Orton’s repeated forearms to the upper-chest of a kneeling opponent.


Vertical suplex


Knee related offense: Running knee lift to the head, Muay Thai knee strikes, kitchen sink knees to the gut, knee drops, a Harley Race high corner knee and finally a Diving corner knee to an opponent slumped in the bottom of the corner.




Belly-to-Back suplex


STF: Step over toehold with a facelock, which can be a follow up to a “Face plant”.


“Face plant”: Off a hard whip into the corner he will throw his staggered opponent to the mat face first.



Rare moves:


“Violence Party” – Shoving his opponent into the corner, Gabe lays waste to them with a crapshoot of strikes, varying each time he does it though there is a basic format. That format normally consists of alternating chops and forearms, leading to multiple head butts followed by grabbing them by the hair for numerous Kawada kicks while doubled over and finally, snapmaring them into a seated position before kicking the crap out of their spine with several Cowboy kicks. Adjust as necessary.


“Manslaughter” – Running Musclebuster; The most frequent of Gabe’s rare moves because he’s strong enough to just lift them into it, but it’s most common use is for special cases when opponents can’t be maneuvered into a Superplex. Then he tries this, which could in theory also follow "The Right Hand of Gabe”.


Koji Clutch – Normally set-up through a Complete Shot.


“The Unholy Trinity” – Triple Powerbomb; He hits a Double Powerbomb followed up by a Spiral Powerbomb.


“The Mark of the Beast” – Cradle Stunner; commonly known as a Piggyback Stunner. There are many set-ups but one of the most common is from a Fireman’s carry into the cradle position by sliding them off his shoulders and trapping the left leg under his left arm. If the opponent is too large to piggyback then from the DVD position Gabe’s opponent is flung into a falling Ace Crusher like maneuver without the cradle. A huge hit that is rare now due to the ease with which it could be countered.





“Inverted Cross” – Modified Air Raid Crash; Drake releases the leg late which drops an opponent on a slightly steeper angle like Finlay’s current ‘Celtic Cross’. Following the move Gabe just leans back directly into the pin.


“Spite and Malice” – Stretch Muffler Crab; crushes the ribs/back while punishing the left leg through torque. If the opponent is small enough Gabriel will practically sit on their head as he twists their body like a pretzel. Ouch…



Notes: Having never actually wrestled outside of his Wrestling Academy, Gabe is prone to making mistakes, but being a second generation wrestler the little things come naturally. He was considered the best chain wrestler of his class, but this is the pros and there will be much better and experienced guys around. When going against a pure striker he will get out struck, but trading rights center ring with the crowd actively booing… he can go toe to toe with a lot of fighters. And finally, for someone fairly inexperienced he is very territorial about his ring, especially with opponents smaller than him. He’ll try to add injury to insult whenever possible.



Bio: A second generation wrestler trained at Dave Taylor's Blueblood Academy… and now the secrets out. Gabriel Drake, the former friend and training partner of Michael Stephens was sent to jail on charges of Manslaughter. Getting out for 'good behavior', Drake has gone on a tear in his SWF debut, forcing his way back into the former Toxxic's life. After tormenting his friends (well, I guess Landon's a friend), Stephens himself and then attempting to turn the crowd against him, Michael had enough and the match five years in the making was made. Now the World Heavyweight Champion and having done so by defeating his heated rival, Gabe is officially the man. But having reached his goal, what does 2007, dubbed the Year of the Beast, hold in store. Where do you go from the top of the mountain? Drake's about to find out what it's like to really be the man...

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Name: “Cadillac” Calvin Szechstein

Height: 5'11”

Weight: 203

Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Age: 32

Face/Heel: Not really arrogant and not really a prick but can be obnoxious at times and doesn't always play fair. Zack Malibu will get him face heat, but against someone more popular he will be booed.

Stable: None

Tag Team: Cadillac Boys (with Zack Malibu)

Ring Escort: None.

Weapon: Whatever's available.

Quote: Undeniably quotable.


Looks: Close-cropped hair, auburn with blonde highlights to try and tap into that young audience. Walks around backstage in dress shirts and dress pants, usually accompanied by a blazer -- Calvin is always well-dressed. In-ring, long royal blue tights with the RC Cola logo on the side of the left knee.


Ring Entrance:




“Over My Head (Cable Car)” by the Fray hits the speakers, garnering what will probably be Calvin's biggest response of the evening, a smattering of boos as he steps onto the ramp, arms extended. He walks down to the ring, occasionally handing out free samples, occasionally shilling items over a microphone; truth be told, the entrance is different every time, so either be creative or, uh... no show I guess.



Strength: 4

Speed: 4

Vitality: 7

Charisma: 5


Style: Szechstein is not a ring general at all. He has a very limited amateur wrestling background, probably no more than any other member of the fed, and even as OAOAST Champion he was unable to straight out-wrestle anybody. He is a brawler, plain and simple, and his style is to hit you as hard as he can as often as he can and hope that your body breaks down before his does.


Sponsored Moves:

- The BIG LARIAT (because I can't help my self; if there is a live mic anywhere NEAR Calvin, he will announce his own name for the big lariat. Calvin won't use this move off of every Irish whip, but usually as a way to cap off a burst of momentum.)

- Willy Wonka's World-Famous Jawbreaker (that sitout jawbreaker that Jeff Hardy does that I'm in love with.)

- Moonsault, Presented by Skittles: Taste the Rainbow (or just “Taste the Rainbow”, although this will make the Skittles company very upset.)

- Royal Crown Rattler (a running bulldog. Usually, instead of wrapping his arm around the opponent's head, Calvin will just grab the back of their head with both hands and slam their face to the mat.)

- ALPHA DOG (in theatres January 26th) Drop (only for use on those under 210 pounds, a military press drop.)


Common Moves:

- A lot of strikes; Calvin doesn't have an amateur wrestling background, and so most of his wear-down offence will consist of body shots.

- Restholds; Calvin will slap one of these on at any time, having enough confidence in his strength to be able to hold one of these without it being broken

- Backdrop

- Snap Suplex

- German Suplex (one at a tiiiiime)

- Powerslam

- Armdrags

- Drop Toe Holds



- The Pause that Refreshes (tilt-a-whirl head drop? Basically, Szechstein grabs a running opponent, flips them upside down, holds them there for a second, and then drops to his knees, driving their head into the mat. It looks more impressive when the opponent is running, but this can also be a standard tombstone, it simply won't have the momentum behind it that allows Calvin to hit the move on larger opponents.)

- Milwaukee's Best Headbutt (Representing his city's best beer, Calvin goes to the top and swan-dives into the opponent's body. Like I always say, nobody gets up after a good headbutt.)




Team Name: The Cadillac Boys

Team Members: Calvin Szechstein and Zack Malibu

Combined Weight: 403 pounds






“Over My Head (Cable Car)” by the Fray hits the speakers, and although Calvin's not even that bad of a guy, this song is an unforgivable offence and he will get booed as he steps to the top of the ramp. He will pause for a moment, and then Zack Malibu will step through the curtain, garnering a fairly large pop. The two men walk down to the ring, Malibu pandering to the crowd, Szechstein with a little bit of swagger. Change it up as you will.



Not yet known; Calvin and Zack's past is well-documented, and it's unclear whether or not one will ever be debuted. Until that point, if you need to tease a big move, use either one of the men's respective finishers.

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Guest CM Blue

Smarks Board Name: CM Blue

Wrestlers Name: "Mister Swiss" Victor Herzog

Height: 6'6"

Weight: 254

Hometown: Geneva, Switzerland

Age: 24

Face/Heel: He's Swiss. Neutral. Duh.

Stable: No current affiliation.

Ring Escort: No current ring escorts.

Weapon(s): Swiss Army Knife (when heel)/Box of Swiss chocolates (when face)/Alp Horn (when neutral)

Quote: "SALUTATIONS!!" (insert current city here)

Looks: Short blond hair, blue eyes, Austin Aries-eque facial hair, Red tights w/ white cross on the ass (like the Swiss flag design)

Ring Entrance: One big red pyro with confetti shoots up while "Smack My Bitch Up" by Prodigy plays. If face, he throws cough drops and chocolates into the crowd, if heel he threatens to stab people with his Swiss army knife. If Neutral he walks to the ring screaming "SALUTATIONS~!"




Strength: 7 (He can pull off the big power moves easily hold his own with big men, but can’t lift anyone bigger than, say, Kane)

Speed: 4 (Can do top rope moves regularly, but can’t do anything above a Moonsault)

Vitality: 5 (Works brawls and hardcore matches occasionally, can go in Ironman matches)

Charisma: 4 (Over with a majority amount of fans, think Chris Benoit)


Style: He’s power technical. Manhandles cruiserweights and smaller guys with throws and bombs but wears down bigger guys with punches, chops and submissions. Also very zany, makes the seemingly impossible, possible.


Signature moves:

Swiss Crab- Boston Crab variation, think when Jericho would focus on driving the neck into the ground when applying Walls of Jericho.

Top Rope Clothesline- Used to set up one of his finishers.

The Nestle Crunch- Uses a power bomb variation where he throws the opponent into the turnbuckle on the way down.

Flying Elbow- Not used too often, postures beforehand to get the crowd behind him.

Kreuzen Choke- he grabs hold of the opponent's wrists and crosses their arms under their chin. He then pulls back on the arms. Cross arm choke.


Common moves:

European Uppercut- Used frequently to stun opposition and set up for submissions or power moves.

Backbreakers- Many variations here

Snap Vertical Suplex- Snap vertical, also uses a superplex on occasion.

Headlock- Used to wear down opponent

Bearhug- Holds for a while, but rarely waits for the 3 arm falls before throwing opponent to mat

Double Chickenwing- Holds opponent up in air and throws them face first into the mat when finished. ONLY USES ON WRESTLERS UNDER 200 POUNDS

Rest Holds- Various head and neck locks and holds.

Leg Drop- Scoop slams a guy, bounces off the ropes and drops the leg right onto the guy’s throat. Ala Hogan, but no taunting

DDT- Any kind could be used, but he’s partial to the Spike. Euro uppercuts a guy, kicks him in the gut and drills him into the mat.

Dropkick: PICTURE-ESQUE dropkick

Rolex Hold- Known as the Muta Lock, an inverted STF.



Rare moves:


Victory Road- Styles Clash usually onto a steel chair or hardcore weapon.

The Bank Account- Moonsault to the outside

Chokeslam- to an outside table (Uses on cruiserweights and smaller wrestlers in )






The Neutral Zone Infraction - Suplex into a body slam, used by Goldberg as the Jackhammer

Ficken Schloss - Crossface with inverted cravate applied ala Chris Hero’s ‘Hangman‘s Clutch‘


Notes: Usually happy go lucky outside the ring but all business when inside the ring, will not show favoritism to anyone during a multi man match and is relentless even to “allies“. Anytime an argument occurs, he stays out of it. Interacts with the crowd frequently and is not afraid of attempting to get a cheap pop.


Bio: Born in Switzerland to a small family of farmers, Victor Herzog was an innocent boy that followed his parents wishes and helped out his neighbors and local businesses in his small township. One day he discovered the wonder of professional wrestling by attending a local show. His passion for wrestling built up until one day he secretly went to train with the local Swiss stars. Taught by Vorg Vikeres and Sven Goste, he learned the basics of wrestling. When he learned that the US had more to offer him, his family gave him enough money to travel to New York and train at the many schools there. One day he caught the eye of an independent promoter and wrestled in his fed and around the country for 4 years, during which time he became one of the best known workers and personalities of the independent scene.

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Board Name: The Amazing Rando

Wrestlers Name: "Disney-Sponsored" Alan Clark

Nicknames: "The Happiest Guy On Earth"

Aliases: Bloodshed, The Apostle (Former Ring-names)


Height: 6'1"

Weight: 225 lbs.

Hometown: When on the East Coast, Walt Disney World. When on the West Coast, Disneyland. When in Europe, Disneyland Paris. When in Asia, Hong Kong Disneyland or Tokyo DisneySea, depending on what country we happen to be in at the time. In Canada/Mexico, he states that he is from those Epcot Pavilions as an ambassador.

Age: 25

Alignment: Intelligent, plotting heel.

Ring Escort: Walter Reynolds


Quote: "Have A Magical Day."


Looks: Alan Clark has decided to be more serious than he has been of late, given his recent status change. His hair is still slightly longer than Disney protocol, but instead of wearing various theme park and movie related outfits, Alan will come to the ring with his hair tied back and wearing black Benoit-esque trunks, featuring gold and red stylized tri-circle Mickey Mouse heads down the side of the right leg. Alan will also, as long as he has the WHC, wear the belt around his waist. It deserves that kind of respect. His time of being overly annoying are quieted down. He is now out to prove himself.



Music: "To Die For" from The Lion King. (see attached)


Entrance: The lights go out, and the following echoes from the loudspeakers...


"Please Stand Clear of the...." the voice fades, and red, white, and gold spotlights flicker and flash around the arena slowly as "To Die For" thumps to life. The SmarkTron flashes shots of Alan Clark's steady career climb - flashing all of his various championship wins before finally showing a live shot of the stage as a spotlight hits the ramp to show Alan Clark emerging from the darkness, championship around his waist and Walter Reynolds in tow.


"Coming to the ring at this time...representing _____________ and being accompanied by Walter Reynolds... he is the S-W-F Heavyweight Champion of the World... ALAAAAAAAAN CLAAAAAAAARK!!


Alan will make a slow walk to ring, possibly stopping to show off his championship before climbing the steps and stepping through the ropes. With the music at full bore, Alan will jump up in a corner and pose as though he is looking down on the crowd. His smirk is ever present.




Remember, NO WEAPONS, but Alan *will* cheat as far as grabbing ropes for leverage, closed fists, and maybe a thumb to the eye if the moment shows itself. His contract only states that hardcore and weapon-related sanctioned fighting is forbidden, and says nothing about cheating. Alan loves this tiny loophole and may abuse it. Alan may also use whips into the stairs or anything that would be legal in a singles wrestling match, or that might get a warning but not a disqualification.




Wrestling Style: Alan Clark is decently quick, usually on defense but can do a few high-risk moves. He is, however, not very risky. His Parkhopper Frog Splash and Fauntleroy 450 have taken second place to Alan's more technical and impact moves. For being on the high-end of the cruiserweights, he is fairly strong, at least against other cruisers. His endurance helps him to be able to go above and beyond in the heat of battle, and he is known for getting second, third, and fourth winds, depending on how much he has been beaten down throughout the course of the match.


Alan will usually work on the back and the neck of the opponent, but will fall back on the legs if a weakness opens up, especially if the opponent is too large to be put into EPSOT or to be lifted for The Vacation's Over. Since size is apparent off the bat, he will not mess around with the back or neck as much as usual, and will instead mostly concentrate on the legs, going to the back somewhat if it helps get him out of sticky situations. If the opponent is too large to be placed into Touchstone Lightning, Alan will fall back on going off the top rope to get a victory. There is always a Plan B, and sometimes even a Plan C.




Strength: 4

Speed: 7

Endurance: 6

Charisma: 3


NOTE: Alan may also be inclined to use a move not listed here, but that may have been a part of either Bloodshed or Apostle's movesets (mostly in terms of finishers) And as with most wrestler's signature maneuvers, anything that might possibly get a pinfall could, though it is usually saved for a finisher.


Signature Moves (in order from most frequent use to least)


Cutting In Line - Twist Of Fate neckbreaker


3 O'clock Parade - The Three Amigos/Triple Suplexes


The Wreck Of The Miss Tilly - Cartwheel Corner Enziguri


A Walk In The Park - Jericho Bulldog followed by Lionsault


Mr. Clark's Wild Ride - Belly-to-Back Scoop Powerslam (Think Shelton Benjamin's T-bone, but with the opponent facing the other direction)


Maleficent Journey - Dragon Suplex (that's quite the pun, huh?) - Not as powerful as a heavyweight's version and only done to people below his own weight. Will very rarely get a pinfall unless an opponent's neck is incredibly worked over.


Maelstrom (Epcot's Norway Pavilion Attraction) - Whiplash Backbreaker - Alan will hold the opponent by the hands/wrists (while facing the opponent) and will climb up to the second/top turnbuckle while still holding the wrists. From this position Alan will leap forward, somersaulting over the head of the opponent to land in a seated position. The opponent will be pulled backwards and down so that they hit Alan's shoulder/back with their own back.


Parkhopper - Frog Splash


Fauntleroy (Donald Duck's middle name) - 450 Splash


Kodak Moment - With opponent in corner, Alan hits a dropkick and backflips off the opponents chest to his feet.



Common Moves

The Whole New Whirl - Airplane Spin

MEXICO Surfboard - Mexican Surfboard

Backlot Suplex - Backdrop Suplex

Illuminator - Alabama Slam (usually a tide-turner rather than a really big hit)

Kicks & Chops

Russian Legsweep


Slingshot Suplex

Standing Legdrop

Standing Moonsault

Snap Suplex




Sit-out Scoop Slam


German Suplex


Standing Elbow Drop

Hard Clothesline



Rare Moves

Bloodmist - Alan is not allowed by contract to participate in hardcore bouts, but because of his past he still may bleed and his new bosses know it. So if it can happen, it probably will.

The Vacation's Over II - Ordonez Tempest Driverbomb. (So rare that I will probably never do it again)

Touchstone Lightning - Nagata Lock II / Ced Ordonez's Cross Lighting




The Vacation's Over - Canadian Backbreaker with Double Underhook-to-Angels Wings (sitout) (sometimes does it Running)

EPSOT - The Extremely Painful Submission of Torture, aka La Ayakita 2000.

Wind In The Willows - Top Rope Mr. Clark's Wild Ride.




NOTES: Alan can not work hardcore, nor can he be involved in backstage brawling or fighting. Should someone try to goad him into such fighting or attack him from behind, Alan is instructed to fall down and take the beating until such time that Walter Reynolds or security can break it up and stop it. Regardless of these new rules, Alan is still just as much a loose cannon as ever, and it sort of pains him that he can't fight back when he wants to, but he does not want to lose his job. Because of this, Alan's "Eerie Cheer Factor" as Ejiro Fasaki once put it, has reemerged in full force, leading him to have a consistent smirk or smile regardless of whatever pain he happens to be in.



BIGGER NOTE: Alan is NOT happy with not being allowed to work hardcore or violent matches, but he deals with it in ways that only he can.




Manager's Name: Walter Reynolds

Height: 6'7"

Weight: 325 lbs.


An extremely strong bodyguard, it is Walter's job to make sure Alan is protected from any sort of “un-Disney-like" occurrences when not in the ring. When Alan is in the ring, it will be Walter's job to make sure Alan does not go over the deep end as he has prone to, keeping him from using any foreign objects of underhanded maneuvers that the company might not like. Walter can hold his own in fights, and will simply punch and kick the Pooh out of whatever tries to mess with him, but only as a last resort. Unlike Alan, he can fight in self-defense, because that is what he is being paid to do. Though not trained as a wrestler, he can brawl and has been known to do a NASTY STO. ...but only when provoked.





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Updated 11/15.


Smarks Board Name: InsanityMan

Wrestlers Name: Insane Luchador (His real name is Andrew Rickmen)

Nicknames: IL, The ("Your" if Funyon uses it) Psychotic Hero, The Ill One (credit: MVS)

Height: 6'2" (Compromise 'ween the changing 6'1" and 6'3")

Weight: 225

Hometown: Easton, Pennsylvania

Age: 28

Face/Heel: Face

Stable: None.

Ring Escort: None.

Weapon(s): Everything and anything. Light tubes have a very, very special place in his heart. His signature would be “Excalibur” (six light tubes bundled together and attached to a metal handle to create a sword).



Looks: Insane Luchador always had a “wiry” frame to him, for the skeptics then it is called skinny, but he’s defined his body recently. He doesn’t look freakishly big but simply in good shape. His black hair is wildly spiked, primarily green eyes, though streaks of other colors can be seen, and his nose proves that he’s had a few beatings. His body also has a lot of scars from over the years that are randomly scattered, randomly acquired, (well, not randomly, he never tripped into a woodchipper or anything) and they range from faded to gruesome. He isn’t intimidating strictly by looks, but his appearance can definitely reflect the pseudo-psychotic, sadistic demeanor that gets pretty damn unnerving.


Things have changed, time keeps moving things along. He now wraps up both of his hands up, from the thumb, over the knuckles, and a bit past the wrist, in light white tape. Not to mention the days of khaki cargoes, sweatshirts, long sleeved shirts are over, but he’s not ready to hop into any tights. Instead he wears black MMA shorts, is shirtless, and black athletic shoes. Outside of the ring is when the khaki cargoes, black sweatshirt gets busted back out.


Ring Entrance: "Man in the Box” by Alice in Chains begins and a surge of red and black, yes black, pyrotechnics goes off. Insane Luchador emerges from the lingering smoke and energetically throws his arms up into the air to rally the crowd. He’ll then sprint down the aisle while slapping fans’ hands until he hits ringside where he’ll slide into the ring, roll up, and then wait for his opponent (or the occasional bum-rush). Alternatively, he will walk down the aisle very slowly, while staring at his opponent in the ring with a psychotic grin on his face without giving anything else any attention. This is pretty much the equivalent of when Clint Eastwood walks into town and everybody knows that a massacre will follow.





Strength: 4 (His strikes will hurt and he has moments of “explosive” strength)

Speed: 6 (He’s no Wildchild but he can move quickly)

Vitality: 7 (It’s hard to pull off the sadomasochistic thing if you can’t take pain)

Charisma: 3 (He will cut a promo and will play to the crowd but it’s mostly his longevity and persona get him over)


Style: Let’s face it. Insane Luchador is at his best in any hardcore environment. Sure, it’s fun to throw some complex kick, do a little chain wrestling exchange, or see just how far those limbs could possibly stretch- but it’s not the most practical thing, at least for success. So he’s swaying back to his old habits- high flying with a steaming side of striking. He’s tried to incorporate some of the other things he’s picked up recently (read notes) but has turned his focus back towards a high flyer who has a brawlers’ mentality- only with some polished strikes this time around (again, read notes).


The other tactical change Luchador has made is he’s decided that with his speed and vitality that he should take advantage of it while still fresh- in other words, he’s coming out swinging early on, especially towards the beginning. He figures that his speed gives him fast strikes and evasive skills, so he’ll go balls-to-the-wall in hopes to end or do some damage early on in the match. After that, though, he realizes the importance of pacing himself and will slow down if he needs to until he gets the opportunity to blitzkrieg again. He’s also become well-versed in trying to stuff takedown attempts (basic sprawling), avoid some of the simpler submissions (as well as applying them but it’s not his forte), and will tenaciously strike whenever possible (especially to potentially escape a move). But, at the end of the day, IL isn’t the strongest man or the most talented striker so there has to be a balance between the striking and pseudo-high flying offense. Anything past the “basic” suplexes IL lacks, although he’s learned a few he has clung onto. He also isn’t that keen on submissions, although he’ll try to work on a limb here and there, but he mostly focuses demolishing the head/neck area combined with a slew of strikes to the body (usually in the form of kicks) to wear them down.



Signature moves:

Evenflow DDT- Old finisher and it’s a great move to set up for some top rope assault, but it’s nothing too brutal.

Moonsault- One of his few, maybe even only, picture perfect move.

Brainbuster Suplex

Tornado DDT

Top Rope Crossbody

Striking to DDT Combination- Right leg kick, left leg kick, right kick to the floating ribs, feint left kick and create space with an elbow, toe kick, and then grabs the front headlock, cranks the neck, rains down some elbows into the opponent’s spine, and finally drops for the DDT.

Fisherman’s Buster- He tried to have it as a new finisher but it didn’t pan out, but he’ll still try.

Planchas- Done without hesitation and can range from simple to amazing (if the mood strikes)

Frog Splash- Quickly done and tries to get the cover.

Flying knee- Now, this is the MMA style flying knee, not Triple H’s. This is the type of move where he fully commits with a huge lunge, or grab the back of the opponent’s head to pull it down for ensured connection, and it’d be appreciated if this is mildly sold if it hits.


Common moves:

Spinning backfist

Flying forearm

Baseball slide to opponent in tree of woe

Rear Naked Chokehold- Stolen from JJ Johnson after learning, the hard way, how effective it can be.

Victory Roll

Leg Kicks- There’s some venom behind these kicks but it’s more just to throw an opponent off balance.

Half-Nelson Facebuster

Knees- Using the clinch with the knees to the body are always a favorite of his.

Double Stomp


Elbows/Forearms- He's no Danny Williams but it's more reliable than wild punches.

Springboard Missile Dropkick

Rolling Koppo Kick

Kesagiri Chops- Not the most common strike since it's far from IL's specialty.

Guillotine Choke

Kick Combinations- A simple string of kicks to wear down the opponent, they’re usually nothing too dazzling, a series of kicks to the thigh, ribs, and then maybe a high kick to the head.


Reverse DDT

Spinning Back Kick- One of the more rare kicks.

Top Rope Leg Drop



Rare moves:

450* Splash

Striking combination-


Destruction- Foe and IL are back to back. IL reaches one arm back and hooks it around the opponent's throat then holds the other arm out in a cross. He then bends down and lets the opponent lay on his back, hopefully somewhat elevated, and then jumps backwards to smash them on their faces. It's hard to explain and it's sketchy but I've seen this move done. It's possible.



Hardcore moves:


Balcony Sault (Signature)- It's a moonsault from a balcony. Pretty self explanatory- he'll hit it against anybody if the opportunity presents itself but he rarely hits it. It's safe to say that off any high object IL will have no problem trying to hit a moonsault.


Hanging On the Brink (Signature)- It's the same thing as Brink of Insanity (see finishers) but instead it’s while the opponents facing the crowd while he’s got the lock on the top rope. It’s not the most convenient position for him to find himself in but it’s perfect for smashing through objects on the outside.


GoreGasm (Signature)- Backdrop driver. But it must be done through or onto something. Get creative because it's one of his favorites.


Master of Masochism (Rare)- Corkscrew moonsault and it’s always be off of something insanely high. Usually through something and Luchador will occasionally have a weapon to keep him company.



Implant DDT- This is his new finisher and he has found a way to make sure it’s a nasty, nasty one.

Brink of Insanity- He gets the opponent in a full nelson near the turnbuckle. He hops onto the top turnbuckle and leaps off, swinging his legs to his opponent's side, and bringing them down. Used for heavier opponents or if the situation presents itself.


Notes: Insane Luchador has been experimenting with various styles of wrestling in hopes to turn around the corner, lacking much success besides a short hardcore and cruiserweight reign from a few years back. Soon he realized that his natural talent for a brawling-based fight simply works for him, he had already built a career on it (successful or not) and decided to hit the gyms at some MMA camps, mostly for submission defense and striking. No, no he isn’t a skilled striker or MMA artist- this is merely my attempt to explain how he’s suddenly become quite component compared to past times. He finally had decided on a new way to approach his matches in hopes to capitalize on what’s been learned.


So what’s the approach? It’s pretty simple- he’s become exposed to more strikes (such as the flashy kicks, let’s say) but that doesn’t mean he has perfected it, a lot of the times he hasn’t done it often but practiced it here-or-there. He’s also kept the few suplexes learned under his hat, realizing that he doesn’t have the natural knack for an arsenal of suplexes, and has tried to learn some new submissions. So, basically, he’s faced off against more or less every style but that doesn’t mean he’s necessarily great at any of those styles. This led to him realizing that if he could hit fast and hard early in the match, potentially sacrificing energy later-on if it doesn’t pay off, using his old mentality- high flying with strikes. However, now that Luchador has learned some techniques and strikes, he’s more likely to throw them at any given chance.


IL definitely has an unstable mind but he isn't quite "voices in my head" crazy, instead he just has a very warped view on his life and the world surrounding him. He’s taken a rather reckless approach in wrestling, never truly hesitating on his actions (read: will recklessly fly sometimes), and has a firm belief in passing out before tapping out. He also bleeds like a first timer, adores any sort of hardcore match, and sometimes can seem like a complete masochist (although that’s mostly to freak out an opponent).


Bio: Don’t bother, even I have lost track and the parts I do remember, well, they’re not worth sharing.

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Smarks Board Name: King Cucaracha

Wrestlers Name: Dance Dance Dragon

Nickname(s): The Strong Style Party Animal, The Bemani Bruiser, The Masked Dance Assassin, Triple D, DDD (his hi-score name)

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 211lbs

Hometown: Heaven's Dancefloor

Age: 23

Face/Heel: Face

Stable: n/a

Ring Escort: n/a

Weapon(s): The power of dance

Quotes/Sayings: None. Dragon doesn't speak, he communicates through dance.

Taunts: Dancing?




Ring Attire- A black mask with a dragon design on the front *coughSuperDragoncough* and bright multi-coloured tassles hanging down from the back. A long sleeved bodysuit, again black but with some fancy design running around the front and sides, again in bright multi-colours. Black boots with multi-coloured laces, bright multi-coloured gloves.


Entrance Attire- A long black jacket with a multi-coloured Japanese dragon design on the back.



Basic Ring Entrance:

A DDR stage hollogram shines down in front of the entrance way and for a while it's quiet. The intro to "Hung Up" by Madonna plays as The Dance Dance Dragon calmly walks out. When the song picks up pace, multi-coloured strobes go freakoutapalooza through the rest of the arena and 'Triple D' starts to bust a freakin' move, people! Oh and a bunch of scantily clad dancers run out and dance to the sides of him, just for posterity. Dragon will eventually dance his way down to the ring and get ready for action.





Strength: 4

(For a cruiserweight, he's got some power in him. I think the Fire-Pro term is Instant Power. No prolonged feats of strength but enough to get the 240s/250s of the SWF up for quick power moves. Most of his power is in his legs, which is useful for his kicking.)


Speed: 7

(SWF=cruiserweight. Cruiserweight=fast. He's not tremendously fast but certainly agile. Dancing is good for agility, of course.)


Vitality: 5

(Gutsy. Will be put down by any finisher and some big sig moves but can take some punishment.)


Charisma: 4

(He does not speak. At all. Ever. But how can you not call a masked Japanese DDRing wrestling dragon charismatic?)



Style: Strong Style/Cruiserweight. Oh yes.



Signature moves:

-> Dance Dance DDT- Asai DDT/Standing Sliced Bread #2


-> Osaka Street Cutter


-> The Strong Style Shuffle- 5 Knuckle Shuffle, only with a Joe (~!) style kneedrop to end.


-> DDR Elbow- People's Elbow, with a DDR sequence thrown in for good measure.


-> Excellent!- Top Rope Double Stomp to the body


-> Combo- Low Ki's 3 Kick Series


-> Speed Modifier- Airplane Spin


-> Violence Party- Chop-Elbow combo in the corner.



'Common' Moves:

-> Dragon Suplex- (He's a Dragon!)


-> Dragon Sleeper- (He's a Dragon!)


-> Dragon Kicks- (He's a Dragon!)


-> Dragon Screw- (He's a Dragon!)


-> Pulling Piledriver- (Mick Foley style, puts the opponent in a headscissors and uses the waistband of the tights to pull the opponent down onto his head.)


-> Diving Reverse DDT


-> Neckbreaker


-> Tornado DDT


-> Top Rope High Crossbody


-> Moonsault/Moonsault Press/Asai Moonsault


-> Running Palm Strike


-> Front Dropkick/Front Missile Dropkick


-> Knifedge Chops


-> Elbow Strikes- (Preferrable to punches.)


-> Various Kicks- (Mostly low-level stuff, shots to the legs and to the body to wear the opponent down. Not so much educated feet as part-time studying feet.)


-> Lucha Libre Armdrags- (He's Strong Style but he's also a luchadore. Thus, he has a wide array of armdrags in his arsenal, from almost any position at any time. Mostly used in the feeling out process of matches, unless he needs a quick one to turn the tide of a match perhaps.)



Rare moves:

-> Bemani Buster- The Muscle Buster. Not really strong enough to execute it on most opponents and get full impact so busts it out on rare occassions when a high score big hit is needed.


-> Dragonrana- Did I mention he's a Dragon!?




1) Impact- Newbie Killer- Vertebreaker aka Cop Killa


2) Aerial- Perfect!- Top Rope Double Stomp to the head/back of the head os a laying opponent



Notes: Capitalising on the run-away success of Dance Dance Revolution roughly 5 years too late, The Dance Dance Dragon came to the OAOAST from his native Japan and enjoyed... mixed success. The height of which being his reign as OAOAST X-Division Champion. Dragon has moved on to pastures new now though, looking to make more of an impact in the SWF at the request of new SWF Commissioner Landon Maddix.



Bio: Uh, he likes DDR? Former OAOAST X-Division Champion. Does he need a bio, he's a Japanese guy who does DDR with a dragon mask on. That's pretty self explanatory if you ask me.

Edited by King Cucaracha

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TSM Board Name: Geedorah

Wrestlers Name: MANSON

Nickname(s): Savage Messiah, Raging Bull

Height: 6'1

Weight: 229

Hometown: Denver, Colorado

Age: 29

Face/Heel: Heel

Stable: Slaughterhouse Five w/ Michael Alexander

Ring Escort: N/A

Quote: N/A

Taunt: Devil Horns, Crucifix, Crouch/Kneel w/ Horns

Weapon(s): Crooked metal bat, metal mask, chains of various sizes, and others he's used in the past, including brass knuckles and bullropes.



Caucasian. He has dark eyes, long, black hair, and a thick Bruiser Brody-esque beard. He's muscular, although not to excess, while his upper body is adorned with various tattoos. His attire ususally consists of faded, blue jeans, black kneepads on the outside, and black boots underneath, black elbowpads, tape running from around his hands to his forearms, and a sleeveless black t-shirt. In addition, the cloak, mask, etc., is all gone, in favor of his old leather biker jacket.



The house lights drop, and after a brief pause, a low, guttural growl kicks 'Scientific Remote Viewing' by Cephalic Carnage into gear, as the crowd rises to their feet. As strobes pulse, spotlights roam the arena, while smoke pours out over the stage, and the curtain soon parts. Out comes Manson amidst the chaos, raising his clenched fists high above his head at the top of the ramp, as the jeering fans herald his arrival.


He rolls in under the bottom rope on his approach, standing and thrusting his arms out to the side in a crucifix, then after a moment, raising an arm above his head and throwing out the horns while backing into his corner, to more heat from the crowd. He flings his jacket over the post and leans back against the turnbuckle, waiting for the match to begin.



Strength: 5

Speed: 5

Vitality: 6

Charisma: 4



He's a bit more well rounded, although he still relies on strength and strikes, mainly, and while noticably quicker, don't expect him to start flying around. His submissions use is still minimal, very rudimentary, and whatever groundwork he uses mainly consists of dropping someone long enough to beat on them. Just as aggressive, violent and unpredictable as before, but is also a bit more in control, as well as a touch more wily and tricky. Very willing to take it to the next level when need be and he is just as ruthless, still lacking regard for his opponents and, when the time comes, for himself. Likewise, still a filthy bastard, he'll cheat, fight dirty and enjoy it.


Signature moves:


Koppou Kick

Flashing Elbow

Burning Sword

Brainwash [Facewash]

Imperial March [Curbstomp]

Uranage Suplex

Half and Half Suplex

Rocky Mountain High [Rydeen Bomb]

Fireman's Carry Double Knee Gutbuster


Common Moves:


Saito Suplex

German Suplex

Gargoyle Suplex

Suicide Dive

Slingshot Plancha

Cowboy Kicks

Mounted Strikes

Knee Lift

High Knee

Roundhouse Kick


European Uppercut


Kesagiri Chops

Spinning Backfist


Rare Moves:

Savage Elbow

Gutwrench Piledriver

Heaven's Gate [Goku Raku Gatame]

Rocky Mountain Murder Bomb [splash Mountain]



Iron-Cutting Sword [Lariato]

Instant Hell Murder [inverted Brainbuster]

Rocky Mountain Hydro Grind [spinning Fisherman's Buster]



He's more relaxed and low key, greatly toned down, though he retains most, if not all, of his old traits and is just as eccentric. Continuously in danger of losing himself and giving in to more maniacal tendencies, however. Likewise, the loaded cloak, mask, bat, etc., is no longer worn, but is always kept conveniently close, as a sort of security blanket and for more nefarious purposes when the time comes.



Born in Denver, he trained in Calgary. He made his IGNJL debut on November 2nd, 2001, as Mafia. After stints in Havoc and New Sound in early 2002, in August he changed his name to Manson, but was soon injured in a match with WC and wouldn't return until Spring 2003. He left for Japan shortly after the SWF/SJL consolidation, but would return later in the year. He won the USJL Title from the Masked Man on July 2nd and then engaged in a bitter feud with Max King over the belt, during which King would injure him in Denver and eventually caused him to lose the title to Vladimir Everheart. Prior to Ashes to Ashes he attacked Nathaniel Kibagami, turning heel, although nothing would come from the potential feud as he simply continued to feud with the heel Revolution Zero. On May 28th, 2005, he won the Hardcore Title from Insane Luchador in 'Hate Me Now' but lost it back five days later, meanwhile forming a team with Arch Griffon. His team with Griffon done, he joined JJ Johnson as Blood and Thunder, eventually winning the Tag Titles on March 5th, 2006. Their reign and team were eventually broken up due to Spike Jenkins, though Blood and Thunder would later pair up again on good terms. Some time later he became MANSON and later still, after leaving in September, he returned in January 2007. In May he set his sights on Landon Maddix, eventually meeting him at Ground Zero in an eventual loss. He formed Slaughterhouse Five with Michael Alexander in the meantime.

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Edited on February 17th, 2007

Made some minor edits. Rife Assault and Wayward Rising are now signature moves and added Ricky's real home town. Shall explain why the Lightning Shock Buster is now his sole finisher, with a promo.


Edited on February 15th, 2007

Introduce Ricky's bio, shall also include modifications to the moveset as well after work.



Smarks Board Name: Lightning Flik

Wrestlers Name: Ricky Barbosa

Nicknames: The Wayward Son

Height: 5’11

Weight: 180lbs

Hometown: Edmonton, Alberta, The City of Champions

Age: 18

Face/Heel: Face

Stable: None

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): None


Looks: Long red hair (shoulder blade in length) tied into a ponytail, blue eyes, and quite skinny but athletically toned. Has a scar running down his right forearm. If you've heard of the term bishonen, this pretty much describes how you should go about describing his features otherwise. If you don't, it means he's a "pretty boy" (borderlining on girlish looks).


In terms of gear, for ring wear he copies pretty much Alan Clark's old Wayward look as he is a fan. Cowboy hat, long suede trench coat, jeans, rustic brown t-shirt and a pair of dusty brown sneakers. Otherwise, he'll wear anything a normal kid his age would.


Ring Entrance:

The lights dim and the speakers let out:



There’ll be peace when you are done

Lay your weary head to rest

Don’t you cry no more…


The opening guitar riffs of “Carry On My Wayward Son” by Kansas resound within the arena. Two large blue flares make their way to the sky from both sides of the entrance way, as The Wayward Son makes his appearance from behind the curtains and into the now shining spotlight. He pauses with his head facing downwards and waits for Funyon to announce him to the ring.


“At five feet, eleven inches and weighing in at one hundred and eighty-two pounds… He hails from the City of Champions, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada!


Please welcome to the ring, ‘The Wayward Son’ Ricky Barbosa!”


The lyrics fade away as Ricky makes his leisurely walk to the ring. Passing by the fans, he slaps the hands of a few of them before arriving at the ring steps. It dawns on Ricky that he has arrived at the point of no return, but doesn’t walk up them. Instead Ricky takes a long deep breath and as if to release the jitter bugs, breathes it all out into one huge sigh.


Creaking his neck to his left and then right, Ricky finally walks up to the ring. The steps he takes are slow and deliberate, almost as if he wants to find some way, some how to run from the sold out crowd. His eyes are like that of a scared and cornered animal, yet at the same time there’s a fire deep within those eyes of unbridled anticipation and exhilaration.


Realizing that on the other side of the ropes is his final destination; Ricky pauses on the ring apron and ushers over a staff member. Taking off his hat and leather trench coat, he hands it over to his new ‘butler’ and tells him to take care of them for him.


With that over with and before the nerves get to him again, he hops into the ring as the crowd begins to roar.




Strength: 2

Speed: 8

Vitality: 6

Charisma: 4


Style: Cruiserweight.


Common moves:


01) Flying Lariat

02) Dropkicks (all sorts of variations)

03) Knife-edge Chops

04) Running Knee To The Head

05) Russian Legsweep

06) Bulldog

07) DDT

08) Running Neckbreaker

09) Arm Drag

10) Enziguiri

11) Elbow Drop

12) Flying Bodypress

13) Moonsault Press

14) Spinning Heel Kick (Owen Hart used to do it)

15) Various Clotheslines

16) Slingshot Suplex

17) Snap Suplex

18) Various ‘Ranas

19) Armdrags


Signature moves:


01) Wayward Fate - Twist Of Fate Neckbreaker

02) Northern Sunset Pin - Northern Lights Suplex Pin

03) Running Shooting Star Press

04) Space Flying Tiger Drop (Cartwheel-to-moonsault-plancha)

05) Wayward Time - John Cena’s Throwback

06) Rolling Thunder

07) Superkick

08) Rife Assault - Rock Bottom

~ This can end a match, but not consistently.

09) Wayward Rising – Phoenix Splash

~ This can end a match, but not consistently.



Lightning Shock Buster – Somersault Seated Reverse Neckbreaker

~ This is the move that Ricky was taught to him via his mentor, Marcus Chavayada. Version I is the standing move, Version II is the off the ropes one.


Rare Finisher:

Wayward Finale – Shooting Star Senton

~ Doubt this move will ever really be used, but if it is, its over. Plain and simple


Notes: Very smart and down to earth guy except in the presence of his hero Alan Clark. Because he's a fan who's happy to be doing what's he dreamed about, you could hit him with a chair shot and he'll get back up smile and beg for more. Finally, instead of getting to the point, he'll usually beat around the bush until its come to the point where he just has to say what he means. Also, he's a spot monkey at the moment simply because that's all I'm good at the moment.



Ricky Barbosa is a single child whose family had all died in a horrific car crash when he was 6 years old. This traumatized him deeply as he lost everything he ever knew and there was no way he could ever get it back. He thusly became a cold hearted jerk and disrespected everything around himself.


After the car crash, it was decided that he would be raised by his aunt and uncle (Linda and Tom Silverthrone). His folks hadn’t set up a will specifying which of the family members would raise him, but considering that Tom owned his very own law firm and had the money to deal with one more kid, that it would be best to live with them.


At first, Ricky didn’t like living with their three children and continually avoided having anything to do with any of them. However, it wasn’t until he was 9 before the four children were all getting buddy-buddy with each other. It did take knocking out Tom Jr., putting Michael in hospital, and then being slapped by Alicia in disgust, to make Ricky realize that it was pathetic of him to be like that.


To make amends he became the “happiest kid ever”: which was to say he became respectful of others, worked hard to do everything he could to make people happy, and just enjoyed life while he could.


Around this time Ricky watched a match in now defunct league of Complete World Dominance. It was a wrestler named Dee Jay vs. Shawn “Steel” Hawkins for the World Championship. The build up to the match wasn’t that great, since Dee Jay was a new rookie that was being given a God push, but the match itself was poetry in motion. The two made the fight seem like an epic struggle of good (Dee Jay) and evil (Steel) that was just beginning to its heightened climax of Dee Jay winning the World Championship.


From there Ricky tried getting every single piece of wrestling he could nab his thirsty and greedy little hands on. The more he watched, the more he felt like he really wanted to do this. Years passed, but he never did go through with it.


It wasn’t till the Smartmark Wrestling Federation that Ricky finally became a fan to one character in particular in January 2004 at the Cluster****. It was there that Ricky found about his favorite wrestler, Alan Clark. He liked Alan’s attitude of always giving it his best, always putting the amount of effort into it that the match for the fans, and above all, just flat out having fun with it.


The fandom within Ricky continued to grow before it finally became insane fandom at the SWF’s From The Fire when Alan Clark took on Thugg. It was this match that made Ricky realized how much he wanted to be a wrestler, and drove him into a mission to do so. However, he was still a child during this time and because he lived in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, there was no way for him to get a legitimate trainer. Therefore he did a lot of self studying and using his siblings (sans Alicia) as guinea pigs; to which the author must add, is amazing he didn’t severely hurt any of them.


Luck would come along as a new wrestling school was opened in Edmonton, called “Lightning Rising”. It was created by Marcus Chavayada, who apparently was at one point a wrestler but because of a knee injury had to retire before he had a chance at the big times. It took much pleading by Ricky to his parents and also to the owner, but he was eventually allowed to join the school.


He trained with Marcus for many months and as the months grew longer, Marcus realized that Ricky really did have a talent for being a wrestler. Taking him under his wing, Marcus taught him everything he knew and set it up so that he would eventually take on Marcus’ original wrestling title. Ricky declined to do so, as he promised he would set up his own destiny.


Marcus decided to put his student to the test, and therefore let the SWF know about his protégé. Ricky received a call concerning joining and took them up on it, even if the contract had a lot of knocks that would detract a person considering this a job. For the young man it was the opportunity of a life time.


Donning himself in what he believed was Alan’s “best” moments; he took up the mantel of Wayward Son, to be an example to others just like Clark was to him. While others have set him on his path, only he himself can create his own destiny from here.

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lollerz, I had previously forgotten to post these.


Wrestlers Name: Jimmy the Doom

Nickname: The Straight-Bread Sensation; Straight-Breader

Height: 6’5”

Weight: 230

Hometown: Doomopolis, Doomtopia

Age: 32

Face/Heel: Face


Ring Escort: Lois the Unethical

Weapon(s): Bag of produce, towel-wrapped bar of soap (If you've seen Full Metal Jacket, you know what I mean. If not, meh, don't use this one then) Basically, really idiotically stupid stuff. Maybe a piece of fruitcake, or a pumpkin. Yeah...Also, don't forget the dreidel he won at Crimson Yuletide.

Quote: "Your doom will come swift and strong, like a river. A river of doom!" (This explains a lot of his low charisma rating).

- Speaking note: Jimmy's above quote is one of the few complete sentences he can say in proper English. Otherwise, he speaks in crazy foreigner talk.



Appearance - Lanky as hell. Has about a seven foot wingspan. That 230 above might be true if he’s got a pocket full of rocks or something, but you don’t want to look too skinny. Very short black hair with a gigantic Rollie Fingers/Snidely Whiplash handlebar mustache. Or moustache. Maybe both.


Clothing - His in-ring attire consists of black wrestling boots that come up just above the ankle, long white socks that end at the knee, a pair of tight cut-off black jean shorts that only reach to mid-thigh and look like a Geico Caveman hacked them off with primitive flint tools. Along with the cut-offs, he wears a black t-shirt with an off-center, ironed-on image of a sharkasaurus (That's a T-Rex with a great white shark for its head). Backstage attire also includes a leather vest with a lot of fringe hanging at the bottom, sleeve-holes, and on the back across Jimmy’s shoulders. Additionally, he wears glove-less fingers (The opposite of finger-less gloves. Usually kept on with some form of tape).


Ring Entrance: The arena lights go out suddenly and two columns of hooded druids/monks/acolytes/Jedis march down the ramp and to the ring, chanting “Doom” the entire time. They place themselves against the crowd barriers, facing the ring, but leaving a gap from the entrance ramp open. The lights come back on, the chanting stops immediately, and Boots Randolph’s “Yakety Sax” plays over the speakers. Jimmy the Doom and Lois the Unethical walk down the ramp, and like, do stuff. Or get in the ring. As long as the first bit about the druids and the song are in, have fun with the entrance. Also: For big matches (Title/feud/PPV), the druids will probably be so numerous they stretch from the top of the entrance ramp down to the ring. Feel free to have a few catch fire in fancy pyrotechnic displays. They’re just druids.




Strength: 5 (I’d put Jimmy as being able to lift the upper-end of the 200 pound spectrum, and getting up to 300, and maybe a little more, at the very beginning of matches, or under the most dire of situations).

Speed: 5 (He can move fairly well, particularly for a guy that’s 6’5”, not so much when you consider he’s easily eligible for Cruiserweight matches. Going to the air is an option, though perhaps not one that Jimmy uses as often as he probably could)

Vitality: 9 [Doomtopian life hardens people, makes them tough. Not so much no-selling (Though that does happen), as just bouncing right back up after a big move.]

Charisma: 1 (He can talk, it's just that with the exception of a few select phrases, he has horrible syntax and grammar, also known as 'crazy foreigner talk'. As such, most people basically tune him out.)


Style: Mostly a striker, due to earlier training (See notes), and his ability to take a beating helps him come out on top of many duels. Quick enough to use the ropes semi-frequently, and a nearly-average knowledge of mat wrestling. Also, due to his ability to withstand a lot of punishment, he won't waste time circling, looking for an opening. He won't attack before the bell, or anything, but Jimmy the Doom doesn't like waiting around.


Signature moves:

1. Jimmy Bomb - Two-handed choke lifty sit-out powerbomb.

2. Hand of Doom - a sharp, jab-like throat thrust, often used to set up grabby-type moves (Like the Jimmy Bomb, or Doomsday)

3. The 73.5267.1094Q80.16 - After a whip into the turnbuckles, Jimmy rushes in after and flips him/her to the mat with a headlock takedown. For the smaller folk, mostly. (And, yes, 73.52677.1094Q80.16 is the international calling code for Doomopolis, Doomtopia.)

4. Flying Front/Snap Kick (Steve Blackman in da heezy! If ye be under 6’, there’s a good chance you’ll get kicked in the face, rather than the chest/stomach as intended. Not that Jimmy cares, it’s just that he’d prefer to give you that feeling of getting shot in the chest with a twelve gauge)

5. Doom Driver - Inverted cradle brainbuster

6. Head vice (You wouldn’t think a damn head squeeze would ever get a submission victory, and you’d be right. But still, it’s...honestly, it’s lame, but what part of Jimmy the Doom isn’t?)

7. Yak Kick - Get it straight. This is not a Yakuza kick. The yak is a revered, sacred, nearly royal animal to the people of Doomtopia. The Yak Kick is a crane kick, stolen straight from Karate Kid.

8. Jimmy-Plex - A corkscrew German suplex, and that doesn't make any sense, so I'll elaborate. With either Jimmy or the opponent coming off the ropes (Or both), or Jimmy ducking a clothesline, he grabs on a front (or side) waistlock, slides around/behind, lifts the opponent, continues to move in the same direction (Say he grabs the left side, he'll move towards the right to get directly behind, and once lifted, keep going right) and often releases the opponent, though it's not uncommon for Jimmy to hang on (Though he won't bridge or roll through). Also, sometimes Jimmy will manage to lock in a single or double chickenwing as opposed to a standard rear waistlock.

9. Majestic Cradle - A flying, top rope la majistral cradle (Learned from the amazing Villano IV who can cradle anyone from anywhere)


Common moves:

1. DDTs (Of nearly all sorts)

2. Bulldogs (See above)

3. Tilt-a-whirl inverted atomic drop (It’s a bit of a crowd deflater, what with the hope of an awesome tilt-a-whirl move. Plus, the end result is so mundane, it fits in the common moves section)

4. Basic (and advanced) kicks (He is a martialy arts trained striker, or whatever the hell I say down below)

5. Headbutts (You’d better believe that with a vitality of nine, his head can take a lot of punishment, so this is a cinch. All manner of headbutts, including the tornado or discus headbutt)

6. Palm thrusts (Don’t forget the double palm thrust, which often looks like a shove, and sometimes is one, but usually it isn’t. It’s usually a palm thrust with both hands instead of one)

7. Flying body scissors takedown (Were it done in an internet chatroom, it’d probably be called a glomp, if I’m not mistaken. Pouncing tackle that nearly always looks like a hug, especially against a big guy who doesn’t go down immediately. Or at all.)

8. Simple body splashes that aren’t someone’s finisher

9. Dropkicks (As long as they aren’t too flippy-floppy and such)

10. Suplexes

11. Submissions for Dummies (Anything an idiot could figure out. As in, “Hey, that joint does not bend in that direction. It would hurt were it made to bend that way.” Bear in mind this could easily include bending fingers. Doomtopia doesn’t boast much of an education system)

12. Corkscrew flying elbow (Running, not from the top ropes. Both standard and back elbows)


Rare moves:

1. Death Submission (The move Gary “Deadly Sadness” Black used to beat Foul Arnold during their sixth match in ‘98, which, incidentally, was only the second match Foul Arnold lost in that epic series. You know the one.)

2. Russian Knife (Douglas “Crusher Doctor” Perkins’ finisher from 1987-93 and the ‘96 World Shootout).

3. Chicken Fists (Eastern Graham nearly killed Spectral Bryant at Sudden Force 02 with this.)

4. Boston Monkey Blow

5. Mad Monkey Torture of the Carnage (This is the deadliest, most prestigious move The Warring Monkey School of martial arts teaches, and as such, only eight people currently alive know it. Think of it as far more devastating than an atomic bomb. Yeah, Jimmy the Doom can use it, but he’d really rather not. As such, PM if you plan on even teasing it for further details)




1. Doomsday - Combination strikes, ahoy! From an arm wringer, Jimmy lands either a knee or kick to his opponent’s stomach for a good doubling over, followed with rising knee to the face, enough kicks to the back of the legs to send the opponent to his/her knees (Or possibly simply sitting down), and a nifty roundhouse to the back or front of the head.


2. Doom Factor - An X-Factor of DOOM! Also, just because, if the person is too big (In which case, Jimmy would probably look for something else to finish off the match, but, whatever), he'll go Thoth Scum Gale all up in your face and flip off the top rope. And stuff.


3. Jimmy's Jump - This can be one of two things. Either a 540 splash, and if you know your angles and degrees and such, you know that means Jimmy lands head-first on the person. Pete 'n' King should probably sell it like he botched something very badly, but he didn't. The second version, if you don't think the first can be done without snapped vertebrae, is a 450 headbutt. So, yeah...


Notes: This is in regards to the druids: They will not attack anyone. Ever. You can punch every single one of them in the testicles before you get into the ring, if you go outside the ring, or after the match, and they’ll just fall down. They probably won’t even help each other up in such an event, or even acknowledge it has occured.


This is in regards to Lois the Unethical: She will not get involved at all. She's similar to the druids, only different. You can have her read a book, knit a sweater, whatever. And yes, the only reason she doesn't get involved is because I forget that she's there and I don't want to edit her screaming for Jimmy in the match.


Jimmy (And Lois) is straight-bread. That is, he is furiously anti-sandwich, as well as anything else that results in bread not remaining pure and plain. No butter, jellies, peanut butter, etc. Even toast is taboo among straight-breaders.


Bio: Jimmy the Doom was born in Doomopolis, Doomtopia, and that's totally a real place. He grew up in the slummiest section of the capital city, right next to the capitol building. As a kid, he was mugged often, and in turn, did a bit of mugging himself. However, he soon realized that mugging people was wrong, so he decided to hustle people in various activities. However, he was beaten many, many times for this. However, these beatings made him tougher, so he was able to fight back. However, I'm not sure what I was talking about. Anyway, Doom trained martial arts under Prykzwietz Norris at The Warring Monkey School, and he kicked a lot of ass. And whatnot. Doom did some stuff, ate a waffle this one time, and that waffle inspired him to become a professional wrestler. How? The waffle sucked [All waffles (And pancakes) suck, admit it], Jimmy complained, and the chef was a former pro wrestler and beat Doom with a frying pan. Yes.



Name: Lois the Unethical

Nickname: The Panic Ogre

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 163lbs.

Hometown: Little Doomton, Doomtopia

Age: 29

Face/Heel: Tweenery, but with heavy face leanings (Not all by way of being associated with Jimmy the Doom, though)

Quote: "When you step into the ring with Jimmy, you're DOOMED!"


Looks: Long red hair left to hang loose. Let's see, what else...a black body suit type dealie with the Doomtopian flag emblazoned on the front (The Doomtopian flag is a light blue hexagon, with two yellow chevrons, and above the uppermost point, four crimson diamonds, and below, a green sea monster. It's a weird flag.) She's actually rather plain looking, which, you know, is shocking considering this is the world of professional wrestling and all. And I don't mean plain by wrestling diva/valet standards, but by normal human standards. And stuff.


Ring Entrance: If coming to the ring by herself for whatever reason (Which, honestly, probably will never happen, unless I think of something, or whatever), Lois is accompanied by the Doomtopian National Anthem, "Hail, Hail, Doomtopia", which is not only the longest anthem, but song in general to exist, as just about every facet of Doomtopia is included in the anthem. It's also kind of like a Wikipedia entry in that Doomtopian citizens can send in suggestions for inclusion to the anthem. As such, it's constantly growing and changing. If you want to type out lyrics for it, PM me and I'll make some shit up, unless you want to make some shit up for it yourself.





Strength: 1

Speed: 7

Vitality: 4

Charisma: 8


Lois doesn't do much in the way of wrestlefication, but she can kinda handle herself, at least against what few other women are in the fed. Except for, you know, the actual wrestlers.


Moves and such:


Desert Yak Kick (Just as the desert yak differs from regular or 'common' yaks, so does Jimmy the Doom's Yak Kick differ from Lois the Unethical's Desert Yak Kick. Hers is a whipback kick.)

Ranas and the like


Finisher strengthliness:


Hail, Hail, Doomtopia - Flying piledriver (Okay, this is kind of complicated, and probably not even possible, but damn it, if that didn't stop Ash Ketchum it sure as hell won't stop me. So, there are a few different versions of this move. The first could be called a 'tornado' piledriver. Lois is on the top rope, opponent is facing her and very close to the buckles. Lois either headscissors first, or jumps then headscissors, pulling the opponent around and down to the mat. The other has a similar set up, only the opponent is facing away from Lois. Then she jumps, turns around, scissors, and down to the mat. It's kind of like a sunset flip powerbomb, only not. And it's not a sunset flip powerbomb because I say it's not.)

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(I'm back - but not as you think ;) )


Wrestlers Name: Matt "<Insert Thing Here>" Myers

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 221

Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii (Origonally from New Haven, Connecticut)

Age: 23

Face/Heel: Super-Underdog-Face

Stable: None

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): Anything ringside, but if he happens to stumble across his trusty wallet-chain, HELL YES!

Quote: No real quotes here, after all when you don’t win a lot you hardly ever get mic time.



Basic Looks/Outside Of The Ring: Meh, whatever. It doesn't really matter he’ll generally be “In character” after all


Ring Gear: It’s different each time depending on what gimmick he’s got this week.


Ring Entrance:


Whatever song you want, but no pyro, and the lights do not dim in any way. Myers is not good enough to get dim lights or explosions although the occasional color change or smoke effect to go with the gimmick is acceptable.




Strength: 4 (Can pull of a few power moves, but would rather stick to arm drags, scoop slams if anything other than flying moves. His strength is similar to the amount of Christian; he can lift people that weigh up to 250 Pounds)


Speed: 8 (What the...Which way did he go? His judo kicks are similar to Tajiri, very swifts and making a big impact sound and same for his high-flying moves. Has qualities of Rob Van Dam, Tajiri, with a smidgen of Billy Kidman)


Vitality: 2 (He can take somewhat of a beating, but a finisher will put him to rest as demonstrated repeatedly on SWF Television)


Charisma: 6 (He's so fricken' over! People love Matt Myers especially now that he’s been able to pick up a surprise victory!)


Style: Matt Myers wrestles kind of like a cruiserweight, as he uses both high-flying moves and he has some technical moves up his sleeve. Also, Matt Myers will resort to martial art moves to get him trough matches, such as any martial arts kick, punch, or combos, such as spinning kicks and punch/kick combos, he often uses a swift kick to any body part to get out of a hold or submission


Myers style is influenced by the fact that he’s been beaten so many times that he’s lost confidence in his skills, he’ll be a bit apprehensions at times (especially with bigger opponents) and has to fight against the “Jobber mentality” that he’s had drilled into him since he returned in 2005 – with a few victories under his belt the Matt Myers of old may reappear


Signature moves:

1) Corkscrew Moonsault. Sometimes will use this as a finisher in matches

2) 450 Splash. If Myers misses this, he'll be down for a bit

3) Diamond Cutter

4) Basically an evenflow DDT, all expect it's good enough to use as a finisher sometimes

5) Dragon Sleeper hold, but Myers usually sweeps the legs of his oponent, and hooks them as well, so they fall to the mat, making it very hard to move around

6) Formerly known as Death Myers Driver I, Matt Myers scoops his oponent up into a Death Valley Driver Position, and then pushes his oponent over into a tombstone piledriver, and then slams them down. Even with a 4/10 strength, Matt can pull this off, just very quickly and not as effective and only to people in the Cruiserweight division.


Common moves:

1) Leg Drop

2) Moonsault

3) Spinning Wheel Kick

4) Super Kick

5) Running Powerslam

6) Spinebuster

7) Powerbomb

8) Russian Leg Sweep

9) Tornado DDT

10) Flying Cross-body

11) Belly-To-Belly Suplex

12) Frogsplash


Rare moves:

1) Shooting Star Press

2) Gorilla Press (Usually Done to smaller opponents that are less than 200 pounds)

3) TKO (Usually a last resort, but can be done when driven to the edge in matches. He usually does this one and only one, and it’s usually a complete desperation attempt)



1) Basically a Ki Krusher 99, Matt catches his opponent in a fisherman's suplex position, pulls them up into the air, and then turns them on to their back and slams them down in a piledriver type move. Very devastating


2) For people who he quite can't pick up with the above, Matt kicks them in their gut, as they double over. Now this is where it gets kind of confusing. Matt gets on their neck so he's facing the way they are facing, grabs the arm and hooks them as if he was to do a pedigree, and jumps into the air and slams their head and neck on to the ground. So it's basically a pedigree with Matt facing the other direction


3) Black Mist (The traditional black mist. Also comes in other colors)


Myers, well, Myers sucks in general. Those signature moves up there? You can ignore them if you want, or use them and give them a fitting name that goes with the gimmick of the week. So, yeah...it's Matt Myers, everyone’s favorite job boy.


History: Matt Myers is your basic “Enhancement Talent”, he has been since he made his SWF return late in 2005. The only real difference between Matt Myers and the other people on the roster hired just to make guys look good is that Myers has a “rotating gimmick” gimmick – the higher ups thought it’d be a cool way to do product ties ins, take advantage of current events and well generally have a laugh – usually at Myers expense.


But he’s taken the idea to heart, coming up with gimmick after gimmick week in and week out while also making time to squeeze in time to look at the arena lights. Spending more time on the canvas than Michelangelo has taken it’s toll on Matt though, his confidence is at an all time low right now.


There is one positive thing that’s happened though, Myers managed to pull off a huge upset by beating the returning Ghost Machine V3.0 and then a week later he lucked into a victory over Wayne Blank due to an unscheduled appearance of Zack Malibu. Has Myers broken his streak of bad luck? Will the plucky kid overcome? Will he actually rise up and make a name of himself after paying enough dues to build him a separate win in the Hall of Fame?


Time will tell, then fans are rooting for Matt – they want the underdog to succeed, whether he can or not is up to Matt. The pressure is on.

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Smarks Board Name: Secret Agent

Wrestlers Name: Johnny Dangerous

Real Name: Johnny Dangerous

Nick Name(s): The Barracuda, the Secret Agent

Height: 6’1

Weight: 225

Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada

Age: 29

Face/Heel: Flashy face

Stable: None

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): Whatever’s handy. Though he might McGuvyer some weapon if he has to.




Johnny is a clean cut, medium build white male, with stylish jet black hair. His face is normally as smooth as a baby’s bottom, and his teeth as white as pearls. (He likes to smile a lot, especially at the ladies.)


The Barracuda dresses in a high tech style. Black slacks, black short sleeved shirt (tight fitting to accent his muscular build - stylish while at the same time having a somewhat techno feel. He always comes out wearing a pair of high-tech shades and has even been wearing them during the course of his matches lately. For a bigger match he’d probably remove them by himself or have them slapped off his face by a heel. Also, he sometimes comes out in a all black trench coat, but only with this outfit, and even then it’s becoming less common.


On occasions where Johnny needs to really bring it, big matches, etc, Johnny could wear knee-length black "Olympic-style" wrestling tights, with red, white and blue stripes within the "V" pattern on the back. He wears black knee pads and black wrestling boots, and keeps his hair slicked back. This is what he used to wear in Wild and Dangerous tag team matches and occasionally in a singles match. This is also proper wrestling gear and when Johnny knows the match is really big he will want to make sure his movements are free from restrictions.


Out of the ring, Johnny will wear a slick, trendy black Armani suit.


Ring Entrance:


Johnny comes out to “Mission Impossible” as done by the James Taylor Quartet. The Smarktron will show the famous “fuse to a stick of dynamite” lighting scene as the music starts before breaking away to show clips of Johnny in action.


Feel free to add things like Johnny giving crowd members high fives or Johnny kissing a female on the cheek. Johnny heads into the ring, mounts a turnbuckle and raises his arms out to the fans.




Strength: 5 - Although he isn’t built like an ox, he has some hellacious strength for a man of his size. Can usually get anyone up 300 pounds or under. Over that it is possible, but some serious effort would be needed.


Speed: 5 - Johnny has excellent speed, and is small enough to deliver plenty of luncha style moves, escape a tight situation, or get to someone in a hurry.


Vitality: 4 - A secret Agent never surrenders, never gives up! That doesn’t mean he won’t tap or anything, he is just stubborn and sometimes doesn’t know when to quit so that he can live to fight another day. He has plenty of energy and stamina.


Charisma: 6 - Can talk the talk, especially when swooning ladies. Johnny is well educated, and though he won’t be bringing home Oscars anytime soon can put on some serious acting for the ladies…or his enemies! He can also get a crowd to love him with his brilliant personality.





Johnny “The Barracuda” Dangerous is well trained in the finer martial arts and as such, speed is very much on his side. Being the Spy that he is; brawling, high-risk maneuvers, and aerial attacks are common ground for him. For the basics, Martial Art strikes to loosen them up, then wear downs or attacks with more “umph” to it as it goes on.


Signature Moves:


-Spinning Heel Kick

-Scorpion Kick

-Back-flip kick

-Spinning Back Fist

-Shotei Palmstrike

-Guillotine Face Driver

-Spinal Explosion (A Rolling Fireman’s Carry: Get someone into a fireman’s carry, then flip forward, impacting their back into the mat.)

-Rolling Verticle Suplex (Three if he can get them off. This move WILL put someone down…. this isn’t an ego trip, but rather how it should be.)

-Dangerous Driver (The attacker stands behind the victim. The attacker places both their arms under the victim's arms and locks them behind the victim's neck. The attacker lifts the victim in the air. Once they reach the apex, the attacker pushes down forward and drives the victim down face first into the mat.

-Johnny Kick (Super Kick - It always precedes an Armed and Dangerous, though an Armed and Dangerous does not always follow it.)

-Crucifix Armbar

-The Interrogator (A Crossface hold. Used to wear down an opponent and for submissions as well. This can, and has been used as a finisher as built properly this move is deadly.)


Common Moves:


-All of your basic wrestling moves that anyone would HAVE to know. Hip-tosses, basic takedowns, all that good stuff.

-Any Martial Art’s kick

-Any Martial Art’s chop

-Punches/Kicks/Elbows/Chops (Not very often for chops, mostly when chopped first.)

-Enzuigiri (Back Brain Kick)


-Standing or running leg drops and elbow drops

-Neck Breaker (Rear and swinging)

-Dropkick/Missile Dropkick/Springboard Dropkick

-DDT (Various kinds)

-Double Axe Handle Smash


-Body Press/Body Scissor





-Arm Wringer


Irish Whips into:



•Elbow Smashes

•Drop Kicks

•Body presses






•German – Can also end on a bridge, and on occasion, can be turned into rolling German’s




From the turnbuckles:


•Elbow drops

•Leg drops

•Fist drops




Rare Moves:


-Wild Ride (A Vertebreaker – When a tremendous hit is needed to get a pin…BIG money matches/Feud Matches)


- Death From Above (Moonsault double stomp.) Moonsault from the turnbuckle, only Johnny lands feet first into someone’s chest, and lands with finesse. Please, if you must kick out of a move, use a finisher that isn’t this deadly or use the SSP. Contact me before using so we can discuss, please.


-Armed and Dangerous (Running Fist Drop. Johnny darts for the ropes while the opponent lies face up on the mat. He bounces back and flips in the air, coming down fist first on their chest or face. *NOTE* Johnny usualy sets up this move with a Johnny Kick A.K.A. - A Super Kick. This move is more of a crowd popper than anything. The Johnny Kick is what will do you in, this is just humiliation.)


-The Cover Up (Diamond Dust. Johnny gets his opponent in a inverted DDT, sits on the top rope, somersaults over the opponent, and pulls them down with a Diamond Cutter. If you don’t know what a diamond cutter is, here you go. The attacker applies 3/4 face lock …basically, the victim's head on the attacker's shoulder with the attacker forming a headlock around the top of their head as the attacker has their back to the victim… and drops down to the mat, flat on your back, impacting the victim's chin into the attacker's shoulder.)





Primary: The MI SLAM (Same as an Angle/Olympic Slam/Fallaway Slam - Can be done to anyone of any size, due to it be more of a momentum move and not actually requiring lifting anyone for more than a second.)


Secondary/Submission finisher: The Barracuda (Over the Shoulder Half Crab. Can be used as a finishing submission but mainly used to wear down an opponent. If the opponent is too resilient Johnny can turn this into an Over-the-shoulder full crab…Think a Boston Crab but you reverse the attacker’s position.)


Aerial Finisher: Shooting Johnny Press (A regular Shooting Star Press/Mexican Pride Press.)




coming soon.





Johnny Dangerous is a former secret agent for the wonderful United States of America. He’s a lot like a James Bond, only American. If you want to know more then PM me as I don’t feel like typing all of this now.

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Smarks Board Name: redbaron51

Wrestlers Name: Xero


Height: 6'5

Weight: 258

Hometown: Niagara Falls, Ontario

Age: 29

Face/Heel: Face

Stable: None

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): None




Looks: (Wrestling) Thick build, like JBL. Bald head with a handle bar mustache (brown). Tights are either red with black diamonds on the side of the leg running up or green with gold diamonds running up the side of the leg. Taped wrists and a knee brace on the right knee. Tights flare out on the bottom (like Tajiri)


(Backstage) Either in suit or well dressed (you decide on the style)


Ring Entrance:


A big “X” is shown on the Smarktron as it begins to flash rapidly for a few seconds then fades away. Flames shoot up as “Tourniquet” by Marilyn Manson plays as Xero walks out to a tremendous pop. Xero walks towards the ring usually raising his right arm in the air to acknowledge the fans.




He climbs the turnbuckle from the outside of the ring and raises both arms in the air. After a few seconds for the camera pose, he enters the ring, and walks towards the other turnbuckle across from him.



Strength: 7 - Fairly strong and can hold his own pretty good against the rest of the competition.


Speed: 3 - Xero lost his speed some what, but don‘t expect anymore head scissors or hurricanrana‘s anymore..


Vitality: 6 - Stronger and can hold out on longer matches too.


Charisma: 4 - He talks but lets the wrestling do the talking.


Style: A combination of a technical wizard and power wrestler. Most of his arsenal is submission moves or suplexes. Very precise wrestler. He can brawl but not very good at it. Uses more chops and kicks than punches. Rarely fights hardcore.




(as a rough guide; most powerful first, weakest last)



Xero Pressed: Standing Fireman’s Carry into a Flapjack


German Suplex w/bridge


Cobra Clutch Bomb into pin


Figure Four Leg Lock


Tilt-A-Whirl Driver


High-Angle Back Drop


Knife Edge Chops in the corner followed by a running knee strike.


Camel Clutch


Fisherman Suplex


Belly to Belly Suplex




DDT (variety)

Neck breakers (variety)

Arm drag

Arm bar

Rest holds and basic holds (arm bars, etc..)



Front Kicks or kicks to the knee

Atomic or Inverted Atomic Drop

Russian Leg Sweep

Drop kicks

Running knee strike

Side slam

Other variety of suplexes.



Crucifix Powerbomb

Xero Hour (Opponent is in a reverse facelock position. Xero lifts the opponent up to do a reverse suplex, and as the opponent is about to fall down Xero grabs the opponents head and lands in a cutter like neck breaker finish.)

Gory Guerrero Special






Xero Ground: Northen Lights Buster (Snow plow if that helps)


Xeromission: Bow and Arrow lock





Very clean wrestler. Not hardcore nor dirty (no low blows or thumb to the eye)





Will come later

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Zack Malibu









200 lbs.



Providence, Rhode Island


Alignment (heel, face, tweener):

Face...we think.


Stable affiliation (if any):

Is responsible for the arrival of The Wildcards (Bruce Blank, Todd Cortez and Bloodshed), but is not an active part of that stable. Formerly led popular OAOAST stable The In Crowd with retired superstars EvenflowDDT, The Superstar, and Alison.



Wrestling style (brawler, cruiserweight, technical, all-rounder, etc.):

Extremely well rounded. Technically proficient, can take to the air, brawl with the best of them...whatever the situation calls for.



Theme music:

"Getting Away With Murder" by Papa Roach.



Entrance Style (what color pyro, spotlights, etc.):


As the opening bass line strikes, the lights in the arena drop, with the entrance ramp illuminated in blue and gold. As the guitar melody starts, a shower of gold pyro goes off on either side of the ramp, showering Zack Malibu with sparks as he walks out. Once in the ring, Malibu will more often than not play to the crowd, even momentarily, by climbing the ropes, throwing his arms up, and things of that nature.


Entrance attire (sunglasses, robe, jacket, etc):

A sleeveless ring jacket with a hood, similar to AJ Styles.


Ring attire:

Semi-short tights, typically blue and white or blue and gold. Boots with kickpads, taped wrists, , knee and elbow pads.



Finishing Move(s) (try to keep it to 1 or 2):


School's Out (superkick, Sweet Chin Music style)-named as such by CWM in the early days of the OAOAST due to Malibu's penchant for teen high school sitcoms. A very powerful superkick that is responsible for many of Malibu's wins.


Angle Slam-the finisher of the company's namesake, Anglesault. Since having the torch pass to him by AS, Malibu has taken to using some of the former World Champions moveset as tribute, namely the Angle Slam and the rolling German Suplex combo.


Falling Star Driver-Fisherman's Cradle into Piledriver. Rarely used these days, but still capable of being a finisher for Malibu. Zack debuted this move during his "dark days" and his feud with Crystal. The opponent is lifted a la a fisherman buster or suplex, but rather than fall back or down, the opponent is cradled in front of Malibu and dropped down on their neck and head. Deadly.


California Dream-Dragon Sleeper. Another move, this one named after one of Malibu's favorite shows. It's a submission finisher and has won him matches, but it's the rarest move in his arsenal.



Signature Moves:


Zack Attack-Shining Wizard. A hard running, leaping knee strike, targeted towards the head of the opponent.


Trendsetter-sleeperhold drop. Starts out as the typical sleeper, but then Malibu drops the opponent to the mat on the back of their head.


P.O.P. Drop-fisherman buster. Lift for a fisherman suplex, but drop like a brainbuster.


Rolling Suplex Combination-As mentioned, Malibu lifted the Rolling German Suplexes from Anglesault, but will also put his own twist on it. Rolling Germans into a Dragon Suplex, Rolling Germans into a release half nelson suplex...depending on the situation, Malibu could take someone down with anything he desires.


Basic moveset:


Hard hitting, technical, aerial...Malibu does it all. These are just some basic manuevers that you'll always see.



Hard slaps

Right jabs

Suplexes (he's not Taz, but he's got variety)

Flying legdrop


Diving Corner Splash

Reverse DDT

Missle Dropkick

Malibu is also capable and willing to do high-risk springboard moves, out of the ring dives, etc.



Current girlfriend Candie is at home, expecting the couples first baby!


Catchphrases/Trademark gestures

"You don't have to love me, you don't have to like me, but you WILL respect me!"


"Good for business, bad for you."

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Name: Dan Williams

Height: 6'2â€

Weight: 270

Hometown: Louisville, Kentucky

Age: 26

Face/Heel: Face

Stable: None

Tag Team: None.

Ring Escort: None.

Weapon: Chair when he needs one.

Taunt: Adjusts elbow pad. Doesn't speak much.


Looks: Strong featured and broadly built with an emphasis on mass rather than definition. Very rough looking and intimidating, though his face has a rugged kindness to it; it is fairly obvious he is not a mean spirited or vicious person. Long wavy brown hair and clean shaven, think of Arnold from the first Conan movie. Mostly stoic but intense, and passionate in the heat of battle. Wears black tights cut off at the knee, white boots, and wrist tape. Also wears a black elbow pad on his Lariat arm.


Ring Entrance:


Comes out to the marching, heroic guitar of In Flames' "Jester's Dance." Intense and focused as he makes his way to the ring, looks like a guy that's come to fight and little else. May raise an arm to the crowd if the mood strikes him right.




Strength: 8 (Can throw most anybody around with a little effort.)

Speed: 2 (Agile but not very quick. Can still manage the Suicide Dive but little else.)

Vitality: 8 (Battled tested vet, tough as hell to hurt. Can no sell weaker strikes and such.)

Charisma: 2 (Super over but not for his flash and mic skills. His dramatic in ring heorics are the stuff of the legend, giving him a rather mythical quality with fans.)


Style: Power/Brawler. Few can stand toe to toe against his devestating elbow smashes. His power, fire and toughness makes him a hard fight for most anybody, and his alarming experience doesn't help matters. However, he is highly prone to injuries with a history of bad facial cuts, broken noses, concussions, arm injuries, and suspect legs and lower body. Nowhere near as athletic as he used to be and his amateur mat wrestling days are looking further and further away.


Rare Moves:

-Apron Powerbomb for bitter fueds.

-Cross Armbreaker (a deadly surprise move)


Common Moves:

-The basics: Scoop Slam, Headlock stuff.

-Press Slam


-Elbow Smashes

-Back Elbow

-Spinning Back Elbow

-Rolling Elbow

-A Heavy Dropkick

-Elbow Drops

-Big Shoulderblock


Signature Moves:

-Elbow Suicida

-German Suplex


-Step Over Facelock




Axe Bomber-Hard Lariat to the face that mostly connects with the elbow.


Notes: Williams is an honorable, modest athlete that rarely breaks the rules or even bends them. Exploiting serious injuries is something he strays away from, prefering to beat his opponents in a fair fight without crutches. Does his best to wrestle without malice, simply doing enough to get the job done; not looking to seriously punish or injure anybody. Very patient and composed, though he does have a mean streak when pushed too far repeatedly; yet his retorts are often very controlled these days.





Former junior heavyweight, high flying, mat wrestler. The least successful of his legendary peers(Flesher, Frost, TNT), though possibly the most endured by the fans. Turned heavyweight in SWF, helping to introduce a highly influential hard hitting, strike based style to the fed. Though often plagued by career threatening injuries, he managed to captured the World Title 4 times(none lasting very long). His dramatic battles, global touring, likable but reserved personality, and superhuman athleticism made him into a huge star; one of the highest grossing ones ever in fact. Forced into retirement after a brutal string of concussions and arm injuries. Popping up from the occassional exhibition over the past two years with much success, he has returned with newfound health in the hopes of giving the now struggling SWF a boost.

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These are my more recent stats, so you can just delete the ones posted by MVS.


Name: Zack Malibu


Nicknames: The Franchise, The Preppy One, The Savior Of The OAOAST, Pissed Off Prep


Age: 26


Height: 6 ft.


Weight: 210 lbs.


Hometown: Providence, RI


Alignment: Ultra-babyface cornerstone of the OAOAST. In the SWF, it's more shades of grey, leaning towards face, but that's due to the interpromotional tension more than Zack's personal choosing.


Stable Affiliation: Currently none in the OAOAST. A member of the Cadillac Boys tag team in the SWF with former OAOAST World Champion Calvin Szechstein.


Wrestling style: A truly complete all-rounder. Supberb technical skills, above average aerial ability, and as the feud with The Wildcards shows, Zack can be one of the most brutal, vicious brawlers in the game.


Theme music: "Getting Away With Murder" by Papa Roach.


Entrance Style: The opening bass riff of Getting Away With Murder hits, and as the song kicks in completely, Malibu makes his way out through a shower of golden pyro. White pyro then shoots off on both sides of the ramp as he walks down to the ring, usually appearing completely focused on the task at hand.


Entrance attire:A hooded vest, similar to what AJ Styles wears down to the ring. Traditionally blue with either white or gold used for the trim and logos on it.


Ring attire: Semi-short tights, with either gold or white trim, and the name "Malibu" etched across the back waist.



Finishing Move(s):

School's Out (superkick, Zack's original and most consistent finishing manuever).

Angle Slam (a tribute to Anglesault, and to his home company, Malibu has become very fond of this as a finisher).

Falling Star Driver (Fisherman lift into an inverted cradle piledriver).

POP Drop (Fisherman's buster).


Signature Moves:

Zack Attack (shining wizard)

Trendsetter (sleeperhold headdrop)

California Dream (when he needs a submission finish, he busts this out, but it's become one of the rarer moves in his moveset).

Rolling Suplex Combination (not just the rolling Germans, Malibu switches it up, using Germans, Dragon, Tiger, and Half Nelson suplexes amongst others. At climactic moments, Malibu will finish off with the Angle Slam for an attempt at victory).


Basic moveset:

Dropkicks, chops, forearms, elbows, kicks, ranas...Zack can do anything really, with the exception of extreme high flying (for instance, a 450 is capable, but 720's are stretching it). He tends to adapt to his opponents, countering their offense with whatever he sees fit.


Manager/valet/sidekick:No one, as his girlfriend/valet Candie is now 99.9% of the time at home with the couple's daughter, Jenna.


Catchphrases/Trademark gestures:

"Good for business, bad for you."


"You don't have to like me, don't have to love me, but you WILL respect me."


History/Background/Career Highlights:

A lot has happened in the near five year career of Zack Malibu. Since first bursting on the scene, he created one of the most famous wrestling stables of all time (The In Crowd), immediately drew the ire of company namesake Anglesault, and engaged him in one of the OAOAST's earliest classic matches at Anglemania II, where Malibu captured the World Title for the first time. In the years since, Malibu has evolved into the franchise of the company, not just as a fancy nickname, but in every aspect of the company from the boardroom to the ring. He's befriended and battled many superstars within the company, including eventual friend and current tag team partner Calvin Szechstein, OAOAST legend Caboose, the now-retired CWM, The Hooligans, and Popick. In 2004, a shift in attitude saw Zack turn on his fans and friends, allowing his ego to grow out of control and lay claim to all of the OAOAST's glory. He shunned former friend Sly Sommers, viciously turned on Crystal, and formed a group not as well loved as The In Crowd, namely The Thrillogy. After losing his World Title to Crystal, Malibu went on a slump, until turned on by Tony Brannigan and Dan Black, bringing Caboose and Some Guy out of retirement. After realigning with fellow Originals, the company was turned into a battleground, with Drek Stone leading the charge of talent that felt oppressed and held back. A "civil war" broke out, tearing the company apart from the inside and out, eventually being settled once and for all once Zack went "outside the box" to deal with the new leaders of the revolution, The Hooligans. It was an act that would change the course of the OAOAST as we know it.


Malibu brought in SWF superstars Bruce Blank and Alan Clark, under his Bloodshed moniker, along with former SWF superstar "Urban Legend" Todd Cortez. Known as The Wildcards, Zack thought that the three brawlers would run off the threat of a civil war once and for all, but the tide turned and the three turned out to break away from Malibu's leash. Now with Blank calling the shots, The Wildcards became Zack's most despised rivals, breaking the boundary and turning their issue personal by invading Malibu's home and accosting his girlfriend and newborn daughter. For months, Malibu fought and fought, and even with former enemies The Hooligans and his tag partner Leon Rodez by his side, he couldn't rid his company, nor his life of the threat of Blank. Seeing his family harmed, and his best friends neck snapped, as well as Caboose beaten into a bloody pulp, Malibu had enough, and put his career on the line to lure Blank to the ring one last time...in a Survive Or Surrender Cage Match in January 2007. After months of torture, Malibu defeated his rival once and for all, forcing him out of the OAOAST and into a forced retirement.


Now, in order to mend fences for the "defamation" of the SWF's name, Malibu cut a deal to appear on their broadcasts, using his star power to attempt to bolster the federation. He continues to do what he's always done in the OAOAST, acting as a leader of the company in an effort to restore respect and honor to the World Title he's setting his sights on once again.

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Guest TheFabulousJakey



Smarks Board Name: The Fabulous Jakey

Wrestlers Name: The Fabulous Jakey

Height: 160

Weight: 5'7

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN, NOW RESIDING IN NEW YORK CITY

Age: 21

Face/Heel: Heel

Stable: Revolution Zero

Quote: "You WISH you could be this fabulous."


Looks: Wears bright-colored power suits during promos (often red); in combat, wears a white jersey with JAKEY on the back and shiny silver workout pants. Very thin build, as the essence of the character is someone who looks like a wuss but in actuality isn't.


Ring Entrance: Fast techno-themed music plays, with red and pink lights decorating the arena. Comes to the ring wearing a red trenchaot over his outfit. Slow walk down the ramp, often giving dirty looks to catcalling fans. Jakey walks up the steps and enters the ring through the ropes, then stands in the center and undoes trenchcoat, then removes it with arms spread out. Jakey then flings the coat over his shoulder before parking it in the corner, then stands in the center of the ring and raises both arms.


Entrance Attire: Jakey likes to wear outlandish outfits to the ring -- usually a trenchcoat in a bright color. When wrestling opponents with equally extravagant entrances, Jakey likes to match them; in a match with Jimmy the Doom, Jakey brought out an entourage of James Bond look-a-likes to contend with The Druids.




Strength: 2

Speed: 5; he's not a Cruiserweight in the Wildchild sense. Jakey does a fair share of flying, but works best on the ground.

Vitality: 6; a major part of the character is that he defies physical expectations. This wrestler can be a glutton for punishment if the match demands it.

Charisma: 7; doesn't just get easy heel heat. Has a surprisingly strong female fan base.



Style: Since this wrestler is at a physical disadvantage, he uses speed and technical wrestling to his advantage. Since he cannot often use power-based moves, this wrestler often attacks from behind or tries to ground his opponent.


From a wrestling standpoint, Jakey's moveset is much like that of Trish Stratus; nothing boring, but nothing really fancy either. His charisma and mind games are honestly more likely to win the match for him. However, since winning his second Cruiserweight Title, Jakey has become a lot angrier and quite frankly, bitchier; he's now much more likely to do a post-match beatdown or full five-counts on certain holds than before.


Signature moves:

Jumping DDT

Spin Kick

Springboard Bulldog

Victory Roll

Neck Snap

Fujiwa Armbar

Swinging Neckbreaker

Backslide Pin (sneaky victory)

High Cross Body

Boston Crab/STF



Common moves:



Snap Suplex

Football Kick (kick to spine)

Soccer Kick (running kick to head when wrestler is down)


Running Headscissors

Monkey Flip

Footchoke in Corner

Full Body Choke

Reverse DDT

Russian Leg Sweep

Chop Block (against bigger opponents)

Jumping Arm Breaker

Roundhouse Kick

Lou Thesz Press

Flying Clothesline

Oklahoma Roll



Rare moves: Powerbomb (if against cruiserweight)




Jumping Jakey Flash - Formerly called a Springboard DDT, but the name was changed since the move really isn't one. Think of a springboard bulldog, only a DDT. Jakey gets the opponent in a front face lock, then uses said opponent for leverage to jump off the second rope and plant him with a DDT.


Middle-Rope DDT: With the wrestler on his stomach in between the second and third ropes (usually getting there from the apron), Jakey plants him with a dangerous DDT that drives his head to the mat (Randy Orton has been using this move)


Wet Cement: Front face lock submission hold, usually set up by jumping onto an opponent head-on (used by Jamie Noble)


Christo: Often to counter a move such as a side slam, Jakey begins into a headscissors but instead of taking the opponent down, Jakey turns the move into both a headscissors AND a Fujiwa Armbar while the wrestler is standing (Gail Kim used this move in her 2004 WWE run)


Jakey has been described by fellow board members as "an ungodly mix of Rico and Spike Dudley." The wrestler looks like he weighs 150 pounds soaking wet, but defies physical expectations. He often takes advantage of opponents underestimating him, often attacking from behind or using technical wrestling to make up for what he lacks in physical prowess. The wrestler is also known to put opponents off-guard by flamboyant mannerisms -- not to the blatant outrageousness of Goldust and Rico, but the wrestler is not above tactics such as winking at an opponent to throw him off his game (he DID once blow a kiss to then-Heavyweight Champion Landon Maddix). He's also not above throwing a male wrestler by his hair.


Bio: A young upstart from Minneapolis territories, Jakey initially worked as a manager before becoming a full-fledged wrestler. Many of the tricks he learned in managing (distracting an opponent or referee) still apply to his matches. Likes to adapt his wardrobe depending on where wrestling (a cowboy hat in Texas, for example).

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Guest Rex

Smarks Board Name: Rex

Wrestlers Name: Rex

Height: 6’2

Weight: 320

Hometown: The Nevada Dessert

Age: 28

Face/Heel: Face

Stable: Team EMF (Extreme Measures Federation)

Ring Escort: None (Possibly other Team EMF members on occasion)

Weapon(s): Barbwire, Dog Collar And Chain

Quote: Heed my warning : Beware of Rex


Looks: Has a look very animalistic and round like TNA’s Rhino. Dark wet hair that runs down to his shoulders. A demonic smile that resembles a tiger and blue eyes that roll into the back of his head. He wears the same kind of full body suit as Rob Van Dam or Rhino (Always in black) with a black hoodie (Which he wrestles in).


Ring Entrance: The lights suddenly dim as “For Whom The Bell Tolls” by Metallica roars across the arena. After a few moments of eager anticipation, Rex finally makes his way through the crowd, finally jumping over the guard rail and climbing onto the side of the ring. As a red beam lowers on Rex, he stares menacingly at the audience for a moment before administering a “cutthroat” Gesture while spiting “blood” into the air (Think Chris Benoit and Triple H mixed into one). Rex finally enters the ring, blood dripping from his mouth, and sits in the corner of the ring (Like Raven) as he silently awaits his next victim.




Strength: 5

Speed: 3

Vitality: 7

Charisma: 5


Style: Rex is known as “The Hardcore Powerbomb Machine” due to his skill in both Hardcore Wrestling and Powerbombs. Now, although Rex enjoys the freedoms of Hardcore Wrestling, his style is mostly that of an Ultimate Fighter/Shoot Wrestler. Rex enjoys technical wrestling for the sheer “fun” of slowly breaking an opponent apart, although breaking them quickly in Hardcore Matches is just as fun. Rex usually utilizes tables to slam and power bomb his opponents through (Think of a mix between Taz and Mike Awesome). Rex’s mentality is to never stay die. He does not stop. He does not stay down, no matter how much you throw at him (The only pinfall loses Rex has ever had he was pinned down by numerous wrestlers or wrapped in barbwire). Rex’s ultimate goal in the ring is to bring as much pain to his opponent as humanly possible, so much so that some people believe that by the time he is done, finishing them off with a powerbomb is just overkill (Thus the name).


Signature moves:

Powerbombs of any and all kinds,

Half nelson suplex,

Suicide Dive,



Dragon suplex,

Guerrilla Press Slam,

Diving Headbutt,

Death Valley Driver,

Arm Anderson Spinebuster


Common moves:

Ronny Garvin Foot Stomps

Belly To Belly Suplex,

northern lights suplex,

Lion tamer,

Undertaker DDT,

Reverse DDT Submission,

Headlock into closed punches (Ric Flair Style),

Running kick into the bottom corner (Like Samoa Joe),


Shoulder pounce,


Strikes To The Back Of The Head (Taz Style),

Flying Clothesline,

Alabama Slam,

Knife Edge Chops,

Triple H Flying Knee,

Dragon Sleeper


Rare moves:

Running dive over the tope rope,



Rings Of Saturn,

Diamond Dust Off The Top Rope



“Overkill” - Running Overarm Powerbomb (Much like Mike Awesome’s),

“Rextinction” - Tazzmission


Notes: Rex craves competition. He needs the satisfaction of victory and championships to feel secure as his ultimate goal is to make a mark in the wrestling world. Rex is very slow and calculated outside the ring (Much like the undertaker) but can snap when angry. Rex (Like Raven) is much more intelligent than he looks and can even be described as poetic. With a poetic and tragic mind mixed with an animalistic rage, Rex can be very unpredictable. Rex does believe in righteousness and social order, but his craving for competition can give him a “Survival of the fittest” mentality that can get the best of him for a time. Rex searches the wrestling world for a competitor who could rival his skill and passion, but from the lowest rookie to former eWorld Champions, Rex has yet to find such a definitive rival.


Bio: After a horrid childhood surviving with his father, a rough and tuff pro wrestler himself, Rex had made a vow to leave an defining mark in the world in order to never be forgotten in the sands of time, and he soon chose professional wrestling to do this. His abusive father, whom was against the decision at first, ended up aiding in bringing out the animalistic rage that he had built up over the years. After nearly a decade of training to focus his anger in the ring, Rex has since become a force to be reckoned with, and has left a path of destruction from Philadelphia to Tokyo to New York and back again. He now leads Team EMF, a four wrestler stable representing the Extreme Measures Federation in search of the finest competition in eWrestling today to either destroy or be worthy enough to join them and their organization.

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At Mirror Max's request, so he can remain anonymous....


Wrestler’s Name: Mirror Max

Height: unknown

Weight: cruiserweight.

Hometown: Hollywood, California

Age: unknown

Alignment: unknown.

Ring Escort: Mortimer (a taller, bulkier fellow in a glittery gold mask and black suit)

Weapons: Whatever works.

Quote: None.


Looks: Mirror Max wears a glittery silver mask and silvery baggy tights. Think Low Ki or Sabu minus the sash.


Music: “Burn” by the Cure


Entrance: Nothing special. Music plays. He comes out. Announcer announces him. Easy.



Strength: 5

Speed: 7

Endurance: 7

Charisma: 1


Signature Moves

Cigarette Burn – Grinding Knuckles To The Face


Cliffhanger – Top Rope Slow-Fall Headbutt


“No Ticket” – Max will unceremoniously throw the opponent, with force, through the ropes and to the outside. You can guess the response when the referee questions the action.


Plot Device – One-legged Crab with knee pushing down on the head


Atomic Sequel – Atomic Drop (opponent facing out) then lifted into backdrop suplex


Rotten Tomatoes – Half Nelson (with left arm) cross-face strikes with right arm


Written Out – Slingshot Toss (using momentum from the bounce to complete the throw)


“On The Cutting Room Floor” – Calf-Impact Neckbreaker (Max will set up as though going for a Famouser, but will use his outside leg to wrap around the head, getting his calf under the opponent’s neck just as he leaps up and pushes his knee into their shoulders/upper back, pushing them down so as to impact the opponent’s neck into his calf ala a neckbreaker)


Critically Acclaimed Frog Splash – Frog Splash, but done with a 360 barrel roll, heightening the risk.


I-Max - AJ Styles Spiral Tap (Corkscrew Somersault Senton)




Common Moves

Forearm Strikes

Russian Legsweep

Standing Moonsault

Snap Suplexs




German Suplex


Short Arm Clothesline


Knees to the face

Mule Kick

Flying Forearm Smash

Drop Toe Holds

Double Stomp To Head

Knee Drop

Atomic Drops


Jawbreaker Counter




Hollywood Ending – Max places victim in standing headscissors and pulls their arms out from their body, he then jumps, placing his knees into the opponent’s shoulders and driving them to the canvas with a facebuster. Combination UnPrettier and Pedigree, if you will.

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Guest RadHazard

Smarks Board Name: RadHazard


Wrestlers Name: "The Truth" Rad Hazard


Height: 6'3


Weight: 285


Hometown: Los Angeles, California


Age: 27


Face/Heel: Face


Stable: Team EMF (Extreme Measures Federation)


Ring Escort: None (Possibly other Team EMF members on occasion)


Weapon(s): His mouth / His personal microphone


Quotes: "It's only a matter of time before the realization hits you."




"You can't handle the truth!"


"You wanted the truth and now you've got me"


"I AM the truth and the truth hurts, bitch!"


Looks: Rad Hazard is a young, brash, even cocky individual with dark hair and a bright smile. Rad wears MMA style black trunks along with a black leather jacket to the ring, which hold his own personal microphone so he can say whatever he wants, whenever he wants.


Ring Entrance: "Walk" by Pantera blasts as Rad Hazard makes his way to the ring, talking and laughing with the fans all the way. Rad tends to yell stuff to the cameramen as well, asking them if his hair is straight and laughing and entering the ring. From there, Rad will either enter the ring and take off his jacket and prepare for his opponent or take out his trusty microphone and address a situation he doesn't like.




Strength: 4

Speed: 5

Vitality: 4

Charisma: 7


Style: Rad Hazard is known for getting under people's skin in more ways than one. While constantly trash talking in and out of the ring, Rad is also a technical and aerial specialist, heavily inspired by the style of Jerry Lynn. Rad also likes to brag about how he can reverse just about any move that can be put on him, a statement he's so been able to back with his incredible chain wrestling "hold and counter hold" ability, which only frustrates his opponents further.


Signature moves:

Gory Special

Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker

Inverted DDT

Powerbomb into a facebuster

A.J. Styles Dropkick combo


Tope Rope Bulldog

German Suplex with a bridge

Sitout Powerbomb

Top Rope Crossbody


Common moves:

Lots of chain wrestling

Running high crossbody

Knife-Edge chops

Tilt-A-Whirl Headscissors


Baseball Slide

Northern Lights Suplex with a Bridge


Top Rope Missile Dropkick

Standing Boston Crab


Fujiwara Armbar

Double Ax Handle

Top Rope Legdrop



Dragon screw leg whip

Running back elbow

Fisherman Suplex

10 Punches in the corner


Rare moves:

Shooting Star Press

Top Rope Hurricanranna


Running Swanton Bomb from the ring apron to the outside

Sunset flip into a powerbomb




"The Realization" - Cradle Piledriver (Original)

"The Realization" - Cradle Tombstone Piledriver (Modified for special occasions)


Notes: While Rad is good at always staying one step ahead of his opponent, his mouth has gotten him into more trouble than he can handle from time to time. Also, constant trash talking and shout outs to the fans has led Rad to become unfocused on the match and to take his eye off of his opponent, opening the door for sneak attacks and whatnot. Rad has even gone as far as to take out his trusty microphone and talk to the audience in the middle of one of his own matches!


Bio: Rad was born a rich child in the heart of Los Angeles, California, where he had a childhood people could only dream about, that was, until his teen years, where his families stock plummeted to nothing. While his family begged for work, Rad found his talent for professional wrestling to be his biggest asset when he joined the independent circuit, wrestling up a storm and turning head with his incredible talent and good looks wherever he went. His managers and promoters would exploit the unknowing youngster for every penny he got, leaving him with an empty wallet and a broken spirit.


Where most would quit, Rad once again found a way to succeed by wrestling his spectacular matches, followed by ranting over the industries dirty secrets and constant favoring and back stabbings. From talentless divas to son-in-law champions, the more Rad talked, the more he was hated by his peers, but loved by the fans who saw through the smoke and mirrors as he did. Rad has since took things into his own hands, being "too controversial" for any manager to control and continues to garner a love-hate relationship with the fans. He has even been said to be the next Rowdy Roddy Piper by pro wrestling illustrated.


Rad Hazard eventually joined up with the Extreme Measures Federation, whom stated that they had nothing to hide from the truth. It was there that Rad won the EMF World Television Championship, a title that he hopes will give him more TV time to get his "Truth" across, no matter what organization's TV Time it is. Rad is also currently a member of Team EMF, hoping to Spread his word across the country to as many fans as possible.



edited to fix board-generated bug with apostrophes. - TF

Edited by RadHazard

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Guest AyYoJoe

Smarks Board Name: Ay Yo joe

Wrestlers Name: JRR

Height: 6'2

Weight: 230

Hometown: Carteret,New Jersey

Age: 24

Face/Heel: Face

Stable: none

Ring Escort: none

Weapon(s): Chair, Heavy Chain

Quote: "Were going to Hell, but I'm coming back"



Well-built, with medium-length hair which normally has green highlights. He wrestles in a guinea tee and jean shorts.



Ring Entrance:

'Click Click Boom' by Saliva hits and he comes out - when the 'BOOM!' comes a blast of pyro shoots from the top of the ramp.


-Announcer stuff-


As he reaches the bottom of the ramp another 'Boom!' happens and more pyro shoots up from each ringpost.




Strength: 5

Speed: 5(Bobby Lashley style)

Vitality: 4

Charisma: 6


Style: If I were to classify my wrestler he would be along the lines of Randy Orton and John Cena, can put down a hard hitting move and at the same time hit a few high flyers or just speed up the match, and is willing to "take one for the team" pretty much tough



Signature moves:


-Clothesline off the top rope (usually part of the set up to the Redline)

-Jackhammer - the second part of the set up to the Redline, he pumps the crowd up before this.

-German suplex (sometimes into a pin, sometimes not)

-Belly to belly suplex

-Dragon sleeper

-Top rope legdrop



Common moves:

-Right and left jabs



-vertical/snap suplex

-top rope elbow drop



-Big boot (mainly to cruiserweights)


-Arm wrench into short-arm shoulderblocks


Rare moves:



-plancha to the outside



The Redline - running Tiger Driver (double-underhook powerbomb). Primary finisher.

The Powerpop - Running STO. Secondary/out-of-nowhere finisher.


Notes: JRR is a very good speaker and can really add a little somethign to a match



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Guest link13090



Preliminary Question: How did you find us/hear about us? MySpace


Smarks Board Name:link13090

Wrestler's Name:'Trademark' Tad Michael Michaels



Hometown:Los Angeles, California


Face/Heel: Face


Ring Escort:No One

Weapon(s):steel chair


"Everyone wants to see some of this stuff"

"That's Trademarked"


Looks: Wears 'TM' logo (like the trademark sign) shirt and cap which he takes off before a match, also wears shiny black pants with the 'TM' logo on the side.


Ring Entrance: 'Knights of Cydonia' by Muse starts playing (20 seconds in) and Michaels makes his way out. He has pyro contraptions on his hands (like Bam Bam Bigelow used to have) and he makes his thumb and index finger look like guns, and as he is pretending to 'shoot' red fireworks come out making it look like they came out of his fingers.











Style:Mostly power based, likes to do a lot of strong grappling moves, strong for his size.


Signature moves:

'The Trademark' - Full Nelson Slam

Sidewalk Slam







Common moves:


backbody drop


body slam

top rope legdrop


right fists

left fists


elbow drop from the ropes




Rare moves:

Atomic drop

Inverted atomic drop

German Suplex



'Some Of That Sweet Stuff' - (running tornado DDT off the ropes, not the buckles)

'The Iron Lotus' - (a powerful double elbow drop from the top ropes towards the throat and chest)


Notes:Preferably a clean fighter and the crowd likes him, if he has to on rare occasions he will fight dirty


Bio:Comes from Los Angeles, California has been into wrestling since a little kid since his dad was a wrestler, his whole family likes it and he wrestled and played football during his highschool years.

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Update - July 08, 2007

Update - June 19, 2007 (Fixed for Rev. 0)


Smarks Board Name: Sly

Wrestlers Name: Austin Sly

Nicknames: The Sly One

Height: 6’ 3”

Weight: 240 lbs.

Hometown: St. Louis, MO

Age: 28

Face/Heel: Heel

Stable: Revolution Zero

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): Preference to Steel Chairs and Baseball Bats

Quote: “You should’ve just stayed home today.”


Looks: Shortly after his induction into Revolution Zero, Austin decided it was time for a makeover. His hair has been shortened up and is now just shaggy, barely too short to touch his collar in the back and just long enough to reach his eyes in the front. He has also recently added red highlights to his dark black hair, giving him a slightly more punk look. Sly wears an absolute plethora of t-shirts which will range from vintage punk rock tee’s (such as The Clash, Black Flag, etc.) to newer punk (Rancid, Alkaline Trio, etc.) or even wrestling related (SWF or Rev-0) and novelty tee’s, but he’s always wearing his black cut-off Dickies that stretch down to his shins that are held up by a metal studded belt, and a custom pair of Vans.


Ring Entrance: The lights in the arena go dark as a hush falls over the crowd.






A barrage of silver sparks fills the air as The Sly One’s chosen pyros explode from each side of the entrance ramp, receiving a less than positive response from the crowd on hand. The opening chord of The Offspring “Defy You” fill the arena…


You may push me around,

But you can not win.

You may throw me down,

But I’ll rise again.


… escorting Austin from behind the curtain and out onto stage. He pauses at the top of the ramp for only a brief second to take a glance through the audience before he heads towards the ring.


(Funyon stuff goes here.)


Austin climbs the ring steps and enters into the ring between the second and third rope before shooting across the ring and ascending the corner turnbuckles. He stretches his arms out into a crucifixion-esque pose (not to be confused with Kibigami), soaking in the loathing of the fans. He cracks a slight smile before jumping down and going into his pre-match stretches.


(You can take quite a few liberties with my introduction just so long as you stick with the basics... I don't want to be dancing down to the ring to Bon Jovi or some shit. That’s what Skull was for.)




Strength: 5

Speed: 7

Vitality: 4

Charisma: 4


Style: Strong Technical Style with Submissions


Signature moves:

- Sky Surfer (Just a lionsault. Was listed as a finisher for the entire run up until this stats change, so it’s still likely to get a pin, but I just felt it didn’t really match my style anymore.)


- Backbreaker with choke hold (performed just like a normal backbreaker, but instead of letting the opponent roll off his knee, Austin places his forearm across their throat)


- Double Arm DDT


- Figure Four Leg Lock


- Spinning Toe Hold


- Slylock (Ankle Lock)


Common moves: (All can feature variations when needed)

- Springboard Elbow/ Dropkick/ Spinning Heel Kick (just springboards~!)

- Chopblock

- Suplexes (With preference to Northern Lights)

- DDTs (With preference to Tornado and Fisherman)

- Superkick (hey, everyone has it)

- Knee Drop Bulldog

- Boston Crab

- Half Boston Crab

- Shinbreaker

- Twisting Neckbreaker


- Leg Lock/ Reverse Leg Lock

- Choke Holds

- Other common Heel tactics


Rare moves:

- So-Cal (Set up like most other top rope finishers, the opponent is to be sitting on the turnbuckle as Austin climbs to the top rope. He then hits a swinging neckbreaker to the campus below with both men landing flat. Particularly devastating and rare.)


- Shooting Star Press (This is *only* broke out as a last resort, big time move)


- Running Sit-Out Powerbomb (probably his biggest power move)


- Phoenix Splash (Moonsault into a 450 Splash, another last resort)



- Boot Heel Stretch (Texas Cloverleaf, named after the South-East corner of Missouri which is often referred to as the Boot Heel)


- Sold Out (A Reverse STO, Impaler, or Flatliner, can perform any variation)


Notes: Extremely cocky and arrogant heel. He’ll use every trick in the book and maybe a few that he just thought of to beat you. He taunts the crowd and his opponents constantly, loving to use hand gestures and colorful language in order to get his points across. He loves to work the legs of his opponent in order to ground them or lead to one of many submission moves.


Bio: Austin Sly started his wrestling career, as is fairly common anymore, in high school. He was a stand out in the state of Missouri, placing fifth in his weight class his sophomore year. As sad as it may seem, this was the peak of his academic-wrestling career. His father lost his job that summer when the television assembly plant closed it’s doors. Times were tight for the Sly family, and Austin was forced to pick up a part time job in order to help out with bills. He wasn’t allowed on the wrestling team the following year due to his slipping grades, but was allowed to continue taking Band due to it being his best subject and the only class he regularly attended. When Austin graduated from high school in 1998, he started working weekends with a local indy federation based out of the St. Louis area. A year and a half later, he was picked up as a full-time worker for the ICW.


Sly formed an instant bond with the owners that made of the tri-fecta management system that owned and operated the struggling, but financially comfortable, indy federation. His closest friend on the tour, though, was Marcus Cirillo. Despite being one of the owners of the fed, Marcus (who went simply by Crow in the ring) was a rather down-to-earth individual and a dedicated worker. The pressure was beginning to wear on him, though, and he quickly found comfort in illegal drugs. Soon enough there wasn’t a man in the locker room that didn’t have his own vice. One night, in a drug and alcohol induced haze, Crow made the mistake of booking his young friend in a match against their Heavyweight Champion who was simply known as Hangover Man. Austin wrestled what many considered to be the greatest match of his young career that night, barring the final few moments, which saw the full weight of both Hangover Man and himself collapse onto his neck in a twisted turn of events from a botched hurricanrana.


While Austin would recover, his neck and his psyche would never be the same. There’s no way to be quiet sure if it’s because of the accident or just simply that he’d had enough of life kicking around, but Austin turned cold to the world that night. His friends and family began to notice a difference in him even before he ever left the hospital. He spent the next few months training with fellow independent wrestler NTD (before he got signed to the then IGNWF in Sept. 2000) before making his in-ring return to the ICW early the next year.


The ICW didn’t last very long after Austin’s return, finally closing its doors later that year. The influx of recognizable stars to the independent scene forced Austin even lower on the totem pole and forced him to take work anywhere that he could find it. At the same time, his interest in music started to return (partially due to feeling lost in his other career). He would be sited often playing open mic nights at bars whenever he could find the time. He spent the next few years of his life this way until one faithful day in April 2004 when he received a call from the SWF. The rest has been history…


Board Promos:























Titles Held:

Cruiserweight Champion (1) (6/23/04 to 7/12/04, 19 Days)

USJL Champion (1) (3/07/05 to 3/25/05, 19 days)


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