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Chuck Woolery

Better Know A Writer!

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take a moment to fill out this survey to help you better know your swf companions! how exciting could this possibly be? ... well, who knows.


Real Name:

Characters Portrayed:

In SWF Since:

Real-Life Height:

Real-Life Weight:

Real-Life Age:

Real-Life Location:




Accomplishments Outside of SWF:

Favorite Band:

Favorite Song:

Favorite Movie:

Virgin? Explain.:


Accomplishments Within SWF:

Favorite SWF Moment:

Favorite SWF Writer (All-Time):

Favorite SWF Writer (Current):

Why You Joined The SWF:


feel free to add questions, also... anyway, here's mine.


Real Name: joseph peters

Characters Portrayed: snow demon, jeremy miller, mike van siclen, quiz, calvin szechstein

In SWF Since: a couple months after the original genesis.

Real-Life Height: 6'1" on a good day

Real-Life Weight: 187

Real-Life Age: 18

Real-Life Location: living in savannah, georgia; raised in littleton, new hampshire



Education: freshman at savannah college of art and design, majoring in contemporary writing, minoring in film and television

Accomplishments Outside of SWF: ugh. member of scad college republicans, played hockey until my junior year of high school (two state championship seasons, one with me as the captain). held the beer pong and beirut championship at the college for three weeks, and am currently an avid partier, with a side hobby writing student films for less creative people.

Favorite Band: ying yang twins... i think i'm in the minority.

Favorite Song: right now, "give it to me" by michael jackson and the youngbloodz... all-time, "yeah" by usher, lil' jon and ludacris.

Favorite Movie: tie between mallrats and you, me and dupree

Virgin? Explain.: lost it when i was fifteen to a chick i'd met on the internet. true story. not something i'm proud of.


Accomplishments Within SWF: multiple-time tag champ and hardcore gamers' champ; won all three JL titles, the world title twice, and the first JL television champion. i'm most proud of my tag triangle storyline with zack and supes, as well as the legendary american gladiators match.

Favorite SWF Moment: honestly? i was a huge xstasy mark, so him coming back and being moderately successful was the shit.

Favorite SWF Writer (All-Time): xstasy, for reasons outlined above.

Favorite SWF Writer (Current): my respect for wildchild grew enormously after i became head booker, and he's probably my favorite writer.

Why You Joined The SWF: i had just discovered message boarding and vastly overrated my own skills as a writer, plus i was just getting into wrestling through the wrestling boom.

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Real Name: Michael Brooks

Characters Portrayed: Toxxic/Michael Stephens, Jet, TORU Takahara, Amy Stephens

In SWF Since: The show after 2004 Clusterfuck

Real-Life Height: 5'11

Real-Life Weight: 12.5 stone, which i think works out at about 175lbs

Real-Life Age: 25

Real-Life Location: Nottingham

Picture: KM3Y4099.jpg



Education: University degree in Communication Studies. Don't ask me what it was.

Accomplishments Outside of SWF: Hmm... promoted young original bands in my hometown for a couple of years, have played guitar and sang in a couple of my own although never to any great point, currently work with the homeless and run/DJ at a gay clubnight that plays alternative music rather than cheesy pop shit.

Favorite Band: At the moment? Probably Rise Against, although they fight off severe competition from Therapy?, the Wildhearts and Bad Religion.

Favorite Song: 'Sunny In England' by 3 Colours Red.

Favorite Movie: Fight Club

Virgin? Explain.: 18, first and so far only girlfriend, still with her 7 years later.


Accomplishments Within SWF: Read my signature. In terms of sheer achievement I'm one of the most successful ever, although how much is due to my talent and how much is due to a weaker fed these days is open to debate.

Favorite SWF Moment: Dunno, to be honest. My favourite moment for me was realising I'd beaten Tom at G7.

Favorite SWF Writer (All-Time): Kibs was great, no doubt. But I'll go with Taamo.

Favorite SWF Writer (Current): When he's on, JJ is great. However, I think I'll give the nod to Landon.

Why You Joined The SWF: I asked Dace what the banner in his footer was, he told me, I thought it sounded interesting. I joined up and Wildchild asked me if I realised I had to write matches. Three years later, I hope he's satisfied with the outcome ;)

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Oh, why not. I'm glad to see that even in the intervening years, Mike still has not lost his terrible taste. Right on.


Real Name: Chris Belcourt

Characters Portrayed: Z/Alexander Zenon, Dante Crane, The Inquisitor

In SWF Since: March 9th, 2002.

Real-Life Height: 5'11"

Real-Life Weight: 135lbs

Real-Life Age: 19

Real-Life Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Picture: SP_A0056.jpg

Pardon my emo. I was in "need" of new dyes and a more trendy hairstyle, apparently.


Education: Woefully inadequate.

Accomplishments Outside of SWF: What, the fact I am indeed capable of living a perfectly normal life isn't a big enough accomplishment for you? I was also recently promoted to an assistant manager for Canada Safeway Ltd.

Favorite Band: Pink Floyd.

Favorite Song: "Wish You Were Here" by the above.

Favorite Movie: Lawrence of Arabia, because I am a voiceferous vigilante in vanguard of true film and great cinema! Gaze upon my superior tastes and despair!.


...and the empire strikes back when i'm being honest...

Virgin? Explain.: Well, I have a girlfriend now.


Accomplishments Within SWF: My most hallowed SWF related accomplishment is being one of the biggests busts in history despite having more writing talent in my little finger than most English departments would allow. I made up for it by being probably the most tenured administrator ever, starting with marking, working my way up to booking for the JL, then becoming head booker before getting promoted to the SWF, where I would also become head booker. My run atop the WF probably saw a more disparate amount of success (Toxxic, Kibagami, Va'aiga, another rejuvinated tag team scene) and failure (the end of the JL, the world title crisis) than anybody else's. I was also a chat op, and am one of three people to sucessfully conclude a storyline with Kibagami.

Favorite SWF Moment: The entierity of Chirs Raynor vs Edwin MacPhisto at Genesis III, still the greatest match ever written in the history of the SWF. The conclusion of Mark Stevens vs Edwin MacPhisto, the the promo on the following show highlighting Mark's career. The Boston Strangler no-selling getting hit by a car. Thoth finally winning the world title. Everything Thoth did, for better for worse, for that matter. Tom's use of belt girls. The Crossfire finish. Annie and Strangler's DNS match, as well as Kibagami and GOdrea's DNS match. Toxxic and IL's through the show hardcore match. Thugg retconning Bastion out of existance. Anything Ebony. Wilson being Wilson. Me beating Wilson with the Stone Cold Stunner. Cyclone Comet. CIA. I could go on.

Favorite SWF Writer (All-Time): Edwin MacPhisto. Could there be any other? EDIT: Yes there could, what the fuck is wrong with me? WILDCHILD!

Favorite SWF Writer (Current): I don't really even know who's currently active right now. Tom? JJ?

Why You Joined The SWF: I lurked for an epoch before joining. I loved the community, loved the characters, and just really wanted to be a part of it all.



Edited by realitycheck

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Real Name: Jim Murphy

Characters Portrayed: Alan Clark (and his incarnations), Devon Walters (now let's never speak of him again)

In SWF Since: June 29th, 2003

Real-Life Height: 5'10" or so.

Real-Life Weight: 135 lbs. (don't laugh)

Real-Life Age: 24

Real-Life Location: Western Maryland, USA



Education: College Graduate, Mass Communications/Writing

Accomplishments Outside of SWF: Uhmmm....i bought a house.

Favorite Band: The Philosopher Kings

Favorite Song: "Wish You Were Here" by Pink Floyd (I had no idea Z also chose this song, as I was hunting out info on when some of my favorite WF moments happened)

Favorite Movie: Fight Club

Virgin? Explain.: Hell no.


Accomplishments Within SWF: Seven-time champion, two successful title defenses. Mall Brawl IV winner. Put Thugg through a car. Went the farthest out of the JL contingent of the Genesis IV tourney (thanks to tons of no-shows).

Favorite SWF Moment: Of my own design, the backstage betting of the Iron Man at From The Fire 2004. Of someone else's, Wildchild pinning Ejiro Fasaki at A2A 03 in the 10 Man Tag. Second Place is Tom's "retirement" at Genesis V. Honorable mention goes to the entire TBS vs. Erek Taylor cage match at the 03 Xmas PPV. (the last two especially hit me emotionally, and I wouldn't exactly say I know much of anything about the careers of either TBS or Taylor. It was just that good.)

Favorite SWF Writer (All-Time): Tie. Tom Flesher and Ejiro Fasaki.

Favorite SWF Writer (Current): Landon Maddix.

Why You Joined The SWF: I have no freaking idea, but I'm sure it seemed like a good idea at the time.

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Real Name: Kel Thomas

Characters Portrayed: Mak Francis, Ryan Dustin and Gabriel Drake

In SWF Since: May of 02

Real-Life Height: 5' 8"

Real-Life Weight: 145 lbs

Real-Life Age: 23

Real-Life Location: Philly... thats the Illadelph, son

Picture: facebook me cause I'm too lazy to find a better one than that to show how GQ I am


Education: BS of Science in Commerce and Engineering

Accomplishments Outside of SWF: I'm a black kid that plays/teaches tennis and was good enough to get some money for school while doing it. That's a hell of an accomplishment. I averaged in the 97th percentile on those city/state wide tests they do and one year took the PSAT when I was in 4th or 5th grade (can't really remember which) but didn't do really well. Then I went to highschool/college, got lazy and hovered at barely above average, hence the name. And I won an elementary school science fair once...

Favorite Band: Jackson 5, Wu Tang for a minute and Maroon 5 of all people... change this to Artist and I guess it could be Talib Kweli, John Mayer or Lupe Fiasco (me and my friends knew he would be hot after his verse on Kayne's Touch the Sky track)

Favorite Song: Right now: Kick, Push. Oh and any verse from the (White) Rapper Show especially John Brown's first verse to avoid elimination. That was a joke, well kinda... the word play was sick though.

Favorite Movie: I don't have one favorite. Maybe Good Will Hunting or Searching for Bobby Fisher from a purely cinematic stand point. Check facebook. But Eddie Murphy comedies came to mind first (Coming to America and Trading Places)

Virgin? Explain.: Nah. I lost it to a girl at this party then found out the hard way it was just a drunken hook-up. I must've sucked back then, probably still do. As they say in the 40 year old virgin, I need to slay more hoodrats. Heh, still smashed her though so I don't care much now that she crushed me.


Accomplishments Within SWF: I had the MOTN at G5. I've won every title in the JL and WF ever... except the SWF Tag Titles, if Toxx jobbing me the strap counts. Never beat Tom Flesher, what do you mean that's not an accomplishment?!

Favorite SWF Moment: The finish to the Original Canadian Deathmatch. Me personally, opening G3 with CIA.

Favorite SWF Writer (All-Time): Edwin MacPhisto because he's what I grew up on and he seemed to do so much for the fed whether it was commenting or creating angles. Wilson, Thugg and Flesher come a close but significant second. Sacred's in there somewhere too. Can't forget Danny Williams either, who probably did more to create the current style the fed writes in than any other person. I wish I could have seen more of King and GSMS though.

Favorite SWF Writer (Current): Landon Maddix. Mike Stephens is a close second.

Why You Joined The SWF: I stumbled on to e-feds through one on gamefaqs.com and was bored so I came up with the Mak Francis character for some random RP fed. I had just gotten into the internet after having it full time at school and I'd been a huge wrestling fan so it just fit when I found these boards. Then I needed something to blow off steam from Differential Equations, which is some of the hardest shit I've ever dealt with and it was cake to my math major friend.

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Real Name: Andrew Irishsomething (yeah, there's still mild paranoia... which is really stupid for numerous reasons, a main one being I've said my real name on the board)

Characters Portrayed: Midjit, Insane Luchador, Tim Dillon, Danny Dagda, Petey the Irish Penguin (never seemed like many 'til listed)

In SWF Since: I'm not sure, a long, long time. (2001ish?)

Real-Life Height: 5'10" (if I stand up totally straight)

Real-Life Weight: 130ish (wiry, naysayers, wiry)

Real-Life Age: 18

Real-Life Location: Wouldn't know where, but I live in Iowa.

Picture: Don't have one, surprisingly enough.


Education: Graduated High School (just a couple weeks ago, too)

Accomplishments Outside of SWF: Fuck, I don't know.

Favorite Band: Led Zeppelin or Bob Dylan

Favorite Song: "Tangled Up in Blue" or "When the Levee Breaks"

Favorite Movie: Rotates constantly, at the moment it'd be Goodfellas or Pulp Fiction.

Virgin? Explain.: No, not since I was 16 but I got blueballed, it sucked.


Accomplishments Within SWF: Nada.

Favorite SWF Moment: Raynor/MacPhisto Genesis III was amazing, I remember a hell in the cell between Neilsen of the Jungle and Cyclone Comet that wasn't -that- great but always was a favorite. Oh yeah, the days of Renegade and I was when I had the most fun in the federation.

Favorite SWF Writer (All-Time): Toss-up between Tom and Edwin, though I dug Spider Nekura back in the day.

Favorite SWF Writer (Current): Not sure, Wildchild's loved for a reason while Stephens is just as high up there.

Why You Joined The SWF: Shit, I don't really remember, it was really spur of the moment. I just remember seeing it and thinking, "Well, I like to write and wrestling's pretty cool to me." Then Midjit came along and, somehow, it all went downhill from there.


Let's throw another question for people who have written multiple characters- who was your favorite to write and why?

-I don't think I showed once as Danny Dagda for a match but I wrote a couple outlandish promos that were ignored, for all the right reasons, but I still like the idea of "Lil' Dag." But it'd probably be Insane Luchador, though writing as Dillon had its moments (Petey was a bad attempt to revive the fun).

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Real Name: Christopher William Becker

Characters Portrayed: Chris Raynor

In SWF Since: I don't remember the specific date, but it was right when the ML was formed.

Real-Life Height: 5'10"

Real-Life Weight: 155

Real-Life Age: 22

Real-Life Location: Salt Lake City, Utaw.

Picture: 1-Westminster.jpg (a few years old - just take this picture and add stubble, glasses, and rattier clothing)


Education: Some college. Taking a break until I can figure out what I want to do.

Accomplishments Outside of SWF: Nothing noteworthy comes to mind.

Favorite Band: Green Day

Favorite Song: Stuck With Me

Favorite Movie: Primer

Virgin? Explain.: Sadly, yes, I am still a virgin, because the one relationship I've had in my life was a disaster, and I've no desire to repeat it any time soon.


Accomplishments Within SWF: Four-time tag-team champ, very short ICTV and US title reigns, first ML World Title holder. Twice co-wrote matches that beat Cyclone Comet and Rane. And, of course, co-wrote Raynor vs. Edwin at G3.

Favorite SWF Moment: If I had to pick just one, I'd go with Comet vs. The Pepsi Max Machine.

Favorite SWF Writer (All-Time): Edwin MacPhisto.

Favorite SWF Writer (Current): Toxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. With a close runner up going to the underappreciated Bruce Blank.

Why You Joined The SWF: Honestly, I don't remember. I don't mean that as an insult or anything, I just don't remember what my original motivation was.

Edited by chirs3

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Real Name: Matt Reischl (also facebook-accessible!)

Characters Portrayed: Charlie "Grappler" Matthews, Show, The Masked Man

In SWF Since: oh jeez. Summer '03.

Real-Life Height: 6'0"

Real-Life Weight: 165

Real-Life Age: 19

Real-Life Location: Charlottesville, VA by way of Naples, FL



I'm the azn in the background. Notice the YEAH-UH face.



Education: Currently a first year at the University of Virginia, probably majoring in English with a concentration in film/television study.

Accomplishments Outside of SWF: Who knows. University Democrats, former swimmer for 11 years (district & regional champion and state finalist). I'm rushing the Alpha Kappa Psi professional business fraternity.

Favorite Band: right now, Rhett Miller

Favorite Song: "Question" by the above

Favorite Movie: GoodFellas or Magnolia. It changes daily.

Virgin? Explain.: Nope. Graduation night. Tequila. Etc.


Accomplishments Within SWF: every SJL title, SWF Tag, ICTV, US, and World. Clusterfuck '04. Yikes.

Favorite SWF Moment: American fucking Gladiators. Sorry, but it's true.

Favorite SWF Writer (All-Time): Tom Flesher

Favorite SWF Writer (Current): Landon Maddix

Why You Joined The SWF: I didn't like the oaoast no more.

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Real Name: Louis A. Maldarelli, Jr.

Characters Portrayed: "Hollywood" Spike Jenkins

In SWF Since: June of 03, I believe.

Real-Life Height: 6'0"

Real-Life Weight: 190 lbs.

Real-Life Age: 19

Real-Life Location: Long Island, New York

Picture: MySpace.com/aa_punk (facebook, as well.)


Education: Currently a student at Nassau Community College, just trying to find my way.

Accomplishments Outside of SWF: Youngest Real Estate Appraiser in New York, I make a decent buck and drive a new car, I practice Bikram Yoga, I somehow get laid more often then I probably should. I also smoke a lot of pot and have long hair. I'm also a former pro wrestler (trained under Mikey Whipwreck). And I'm thinking about getting back into it or heading into MMA.

Favorite Band: I don't have a favorite band. I enjoy too many.

Favorite Song: At the moment, I have two albums playing in my car nonstop. "Homeland Insecurity" by Endwell and "The Score" by the Fugees.

Favorite Movie: Rounders, Taxi Driver, and Dazed and Confused.

Virgin? Explain.: Not in the longest amount of time. Nailed some spanish girl after my ex cheated on me (the one who played WoW). Me and her are talking again and her best friend is dying to get us back together.


Accomplishments Within SWF: Multi-time SWF World Tag Team Champion, Multi-time SWF Cruiserweight Champion, SWF Hardcore Champion,

Favorite SWF Moment: [email protected] in a Box, the original Gauntlet Match, feuds with Toxx, ELM, Tom Flesher, and Zyon.

Favorite SWF Writer (All-Time): Mak Francis, Edwin (to a certain extent) and Tom Flesher.

Favorite SWF Writer (Current): Landon.

Why You Joined The SWF: Pro Wrestling is my life. Ever since I was a little kid, I've been in love with everything that has to do with it. Most people don't understand why I have such a passion for it or why I consider it art. Then again, thats just me.

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Spike, you had to be in the SJL before June of 03 because that is when both myself and Todd Royal joined, and you were a veteran back then. Also, you and IL both won the SJL World Title (unless you aren't counting those as accomplishments in the "SWF")

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Real Name:What ya'll don't think my real name is "Bruce Blank"? Alright it's Martin

Characters Portrayed: Bruce Blank, Wayne Blank, Ghost Machine V3.0 (I know you're shocked), Nemesis (according to some people) Matt Myers

In SWF Since: Right before Genesis VI

Real-Life Height: 6'5'' I think

Real-Life Weight: somewhere over 220 pounds

Real-Life Age: 33

Real-Life Location: Copenhagen Denmark.

Picture: Not happening


Education: Engineering Degree

Accomplishments Outside of SWF: Marrying my wife, becoming an IT Manager by the age of 30

Favorite Band: Sort Sol (Danish Group)

Favorite Song: "Let your fingers do the walking" by Sort Sol

Favorite Movie: Hard to pick I'm partial to Star Wars IV & V

Virgin? Explain.: Nope, should I draw a picture?


Accomplishments Within SWF: Won stuff by beating people over the head with other stuff (in other words: Hardcore champion) - part of like 10 "We're making a go of it" tag-teams that never did make a go of it.

Favorite SWF Moment: The Japanese Death Match Vs Akira at last year's 'Fuck

Favorite SWF Writer (All-Time): Tom Flesher

Favorite SWF Writer (Current): the comedy stylings of Alan Clark at this very moment

Why You Joined The SWF: For the fame and fortune of course! Well because I'm a big wrestling geek and this looked like it'd be fun

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How'd my name get thrown into that fray? ;) Including Dillon then I held TV, Euro, and World at some point in the JL but, uh, it was hard not to after so much time spent. Hell, I even held the ICTV for a brief, brief period but that's because Grappler dropped it to me sooo... the only "memorable" run I had with any title was HGC.

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Real Name: Dan Sauer

Characters Portrayed: Danny Williams

In SWF Since: Eh.....a few years

Real-Life Height: 6'2"

Real-Life Weight: 175

Real-Life Age: 24

Real-Life Location: Louisville



Education: College

Accomplishments Outside of SWF: Graduated College, Klaus Kinski as Aguirre portrait, I play guitar...

Favorite Band: Can

Favorite Song: "New Grass" Talk Talk

Favorite Movie: Kikujiro

Virgin? Explain.: No, been in a relationship for some time. First time, 19 a different girl I had been seeing for only a couple of days; was a lesbian who wanted to see what it was like on the other side. It didn't take her long to go back.


Accomplishments Within SWF:

Favorite SWF Moment: My win over Francis during our last run was probably my favorite match that I can recall.

Favorite SWF Writer (All-Time): Frost

Favorite SWF Writer (Current): I haven't been following

Why You Joined The SWF: Maybe I liked wrestling too much.

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Real Name: Justin "JJ" Johnson.

Characters Portrayed: JJ Johnson. Just him. Yep. Mmm hm.

In SWF Since: March 30th, 2005. Lockdown from Boise, Idaho. Life?

Real-Life Height: 6'2", thereabouts.

Real-Life Weight: 195, but I look about 160, apparently.

Real-Life Age: 17.

Real-Life Location:

Picture: 8468083.jpg


Education: Working on my third year of high school.

Accomplishments Outside of SWF: Uh.

Favorite Band: Mastodon.

Favorite Song: Right now, "Stained Glass Cross," Down. Organ solo.

Favorite Movie: The Rock.

Virgin? Explain.: No, Verizon.


Accomplishments Within SWF: 0-infinity in matches of import.

Favorite SWF Moment: Danny-Mak Ironman. I heart Danny, and Mak is pretty awesome, even if I'm now going to have to refer to how much he loves orange soda. Ah, childhood.

Favorite SWF Writer (All-Time): As mentioned, Danny Williams.

Favorite SWF Writer (Current): I like Windy, when he writes. So, Landon.

Why You Joined The SWF: Bored, really. I like writing, I like wrestling, and our powers combined, Captain SWF, etc.


Unrelatedly, finding Henrik Zetterberg's player reminds me that Zed looks a lot like Pavel Datsyuk: 8467514.jpg. Also, I thought Mike was threatening people with the title. "You better know a writer, or bang! Zoom! To the moon!"

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Real Name: Mike K. (something Croatian)

Characters Portrayed: Mike Cross, Ultimo Phantasmo

In SWF Since: 2005/2006

Real-Life Height: 5'11''

Real-Life Weight: 180 lbs.

Real-Life Age: 16

Real-Life Location: Quite literally, parts unknown (also known as Bumfuck, OH)

Picture: Will have one later


Education: Third year of high school.

Accomplishments Outside of SWF: Not very much, aside from amateur wrestling medals earned before a pretty bad should injury.

Favorite Band: Gorillaz

Favorite Song: "The Show Must Go On" by Queen

Favorite Movie: Die Hard

Virgin? Explain: I don't want to talk about it. Fuckers.


Accomplishments Within SWF: Lethal Lottery winner (as Asia Underground, with Akira), SWF Tag Team Champion (as Asia Underground, with Akira), SWF Cruiserweight Champion.

Favorite SWF Moment: Probably beating Team SpYon in the Lethal Lottery finals.

Favorite SWF Writer (All-Time): Meh.

Favorite SWF Writer (Current): Meh (x2).

Why You Joined The SWF: I like to write and I like wrestling. 2 + 2.

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Real Name: Harry lastname

Characters Portrayed: Akira Kaibatsu

In SWF Since: Genesis VI

Real-Life Height: 5'5, 5'6

Real-Life Weight: 110 maybe?

Real-Life Age: 15

Real-Life Location: Jacksonville Florida by way of the village of Ridgewood, New Jersey



Education: Freshman in high school

Accomplishments Outside of SWF: I'm up for a student journalism award. I won't win, but I'm up for it. I'm also pretty good at roller hockey, and rocks paper scissors.

Favorite Band: Umm...Pixies, I suppose, but it changes on any given day.

Favorite Song: "Is This It" - The Strokes

Favorite Movie: Anchorman

Virgin? Explain.: yeah... I don't think I really need to explain, so much as I need to direct you to the "age" part.


Accomplishments Within SWF: cruiser champ, int champ, tag champ, lethal lottery winner with cross,

Favorite SWF Moment: ELM over Danny on the first show I was on. I remember how unbelieveably well he wrote having the heel win at the wrestlemania equivelant. Just fucking awesome.

Favorite SWF Writer (All-Time): Tom

Favorite SWF Writer (Current): Landon

Why You Joined The SWF: JJ told me to try it out, I like it.

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Real Name:Chris

Characters Portrayed: "Grand Slam" Mark Stevens

In SWF Since: August 2000 (?)

Real-Life Height: 5'11

Real-Life Weight: 235

Real-Life Age: 33

Real-Life Location: Xenia, Ohio

Picture: I'll edit it in later


Education: Some college, almost a junior! :(

Accomplishments Outside of SWF: Livin' the American Dream, married, house, two cars, good friends...

Favorite Band: Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band

Favorite Song: "Born to Run" or "Thunder Road" depending on my mood.

Favorite Movie: Star Wars

Virgin? Explain.: Nope... married...


Accomplishments Within SWF: IGNJL Euro Champ, 2xSWF World Champ, 2x ICTV Champ, 3x Tag Champ, won Clusterf**k 2002 (?)

Favorite SWF Moment: Outside of my own stuff (hey, I mark for me)? Honestly? King beating Thugg for the World Title the same night I won CF. It meant so much to him and I. Also, King v. Raynor and Raynor v. Edwin.

Favorite SWF Writers (All-Time): King, Edwin, Raynor, Thugg, X, Tom

Favorite SWF Writer (Current): Is Landon still active? Toxxic

Why You Joined The SWF: It looked like a lot of fun, I love to write and I was a huge wrestling fan. Seemed a natural.

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Real Name: Patrick Hannon

Characters Portrayed: The Boston Strangler

In SWF Since: June 2001, about 8 months after the place started up

Real-Life Height: 6'2"

Real-Life Weight: 185

Real-Life Age: 21

Real-Life Location: School in Worcester, MA - home in Cambridge, MA

Picture: Just Facebook me - if you were willing to do it for Mak, you can do it for me too, you parasites.


Education: Three months from graduating from Holy Cross in Worcester, MA with a degree in English and a minor in What The Fuck Am I Gonna Do With My Life

Accomplishments Outside of SWF: I wrote the football and basketball beats for the school paper this year after a couple years doing less glamorous stuff, I wrote and directed my own play in high school, I got lost at sea in Hawaii for 15 hours a couple summer ago, and I've been in the business end of an ambulance a total of 5 times during my college career.

Favorite Band: U2, Green Day, and the Dropkick Murphys - one of the three, depending on the day

Favorite Song: Where The Streets Have No Name - U2

Favorite Movie: American Beauty

Virgin? Explain.: Yes, because being a bisexual in an all-boys Catholic high school fucks you up sex-wise


Accomplishments Within SWF: IGNJL TV, Euro, and World champ, star of the greatest JL stable of all time (The Alley 4 lyfe!), first man to hold JL World and Euro title at same time, two-time member of the Clan, IGNWF Hardcore Champion, Magnificent Seven original member, runner-up for feud of the year 2002-2003 (w./ Erek Taylor), SWF World Champion, Mall Brawl winner (despite Z telling me there was no chance he'd let me win that cameo appearance), JL head booker, SWF co-booker (and the first SWF booker not to have held the world title at the time he was booking - desperation is sweet)

Favorite SWF Moment: Edwin vs. Grand Slam, retirement match. I think me and Z have argued this versus the Raynor/Edwin match at least 10 times, and we've made exactly zero headground on that one. For myself, having Taylor write me no-selling a car was pretty fucking badass.

Favorite SWF Writer (All-Time): I was always partial to Edwin and Thugg - the two of them knew how to write matches that fit their characters perfectly. And Axis never got his due.

Favorite SWF Writer (Current): I honestly don't follow this place enough to answer, so I'll answer WC/Landon/Toxxic since I know them.

Why You Joined The SWF: I was bored during my summer break. That's basically it, and it kept me entertained from June 2001 till the end of 2003.

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Real Name: David Crockett N***** (Go on Facebook and figure it out, Poirot)

Characters Portrayed: Scott Pretzler

In SWF Since: January 2005. Haven't written in over a year, though (ducks flying metal things)

Real-Life Height: 5'9" on a warm day

Real-Life Weight: ~145 lbs.

Real-Life Age: 19

Real-Life Location: A place where people pick their feet. But my heart will always be in California

Picture: n1339560011_30048306_6199.jpg

I'm the short hairy dude on the left


Education: College Freshman, concentrating on Biology or who knows what

Accomplishments Outside of SWF: Made Jushin Liger laugh, appeared in Hello Kitty commercial. Voted 'most sarcastic' by my HS class. Sarcastic—yeah right I am. Psh!

Favorite Band: Neutral Milk Hotel, but Black Sabbath has very much been growing on me lately

Favorite Song: "Mr. Tambourine Man" - Bob Dylan

Favorite Movie: Return of the Jedi

Virgin? Explain.: Yeah. But I just got out of high school and was never the straightest arrow in the quiver... cut me some slack, guys!


Accomplishments Within SWF: Rookie of the Year 2005, twice Cruiserweight Champion

Favorite SWF Moment: For myself... this, quite easily. Of others' work, probably the first match I read—Landon vs. Toxxic. It gave me something of a standard, which I may or may not have reached

Favorite SWF Writer (All-Time): Tom, maybe, or Toxxic

Favorite SWF Writer (Current): Haven't read in a while either

Why You Joined The SWF: Wanted to crush heads, naturally. And crush them I did

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Real Name: Anyone who knows me well knows it.

Characters Portrayed: Tom Flesher. Tom Flesher as Durandal. Tom Flesher as Ghost Machine 2.0. Allison Onita.

In SWF Since: March 9, 2003. Same time Danny and Zed joined.

Real-Life Height: 5'11".

Real-Life Weight: It's a closely-guarded secret, even from me.

Real-Life Age: 24

Real-Life Location: A suburb of Buffalo, New York

Picture: InternetDisease01.jpg


Education: Bachelor of Arts cum laude in Philosophy and Political Science, certification as a paralegal, and 47 credits toward my Juris Doctor

Accomplishments Outside of SWF: USA Wrestling mat official (category M2), active in student government, future leader of the free world and possibly Major League Baseball. I also own the world's cutest cat.

Favorite Band: Led Zeppelin

Favorite Song: "Tangerine" by same

Favorite Movie: "My Blue Heaven" with Steve Martin and Rick Moranis

Virgin? Explain.: With these eyes? Come on, bitch, give me some credit. I'm a demon, too.


Accomplishments Within SWF: Pretty much everything, aside from the Hardcore Championship and the Clusterfuck. I may be the best ever, with the possible exceptions of Edwin MacPhisto, El Luchador Magnifico and Toxxic.

Favorite SWF Moment: Wildchild beating Ejiro to win the Ashes 2 Ashes Survivor Series tag match

Favorite SWF Writer (All-Time): Kibagami. He never wrote enough to show his bad side, so we were left with a haloed image of his writing skill.

Favorite SWF Writer (Current): I'll go with the chorus and say Wildchild, although the people who show consistently always give me something to enjoy.

Why You Joined The SWF: I write. I like wrestling. Come on, it's a given.

Edited by Ace309

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Real Name: Jared Hawkins

Characters Portrayed: Jay Hawke

In SWF Since: February 2005

Real-Life Height: 5'9"

Real-Life Weight: 120

Real-Life Age: 28

Real-Life Location: Warren, OH

Picture: When I get it resized you'll see it


Education: some college

Accomplishments Outside of SWF: Um...I did some stuff

Favorite Band: Pink Floyd

Favorite Song: "Margaritaville" by Jimmy Buffett

Favorite Movie: Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Virgin? Explain.: No. No details given. :P


Accomplishments Within SWF: SWF World Tag Team Champion, SWF USJL Champion, 2x SWF International Champion, longest uninterrupted title reign ever

Favorite SWF Moment: Beating Fallout's record for longest interrupted title reign

Favorite SWF Writer (All-Time): Me

Favorite SWF Writer (Current): Toxxic

Why You Joined The SWF: I ran an RP efed for six years. Got burned out, took two years off, tried something different. Did it pretty damn well.

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