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Lord of The Curry

The OAO PRIDE vs UFC Fantasy-Booking Thread

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Obviously these aren't full rosters but the main and supporting players.




UFC- Randy Couture, Andrei Arlovski, Tim Sylvia, Mirko Cro-Cop, Brandon Vera, Heath Herring, Jake O'Brien, Fabricio Werdum, Antoni Hardonk, Gabriel Gonzaga, Chieck Kongo, Jeff Monson


PRIDE- Fedor Emilianenko, Antonio Rodrigo Noguiera, Josh Barnett, Mark Hunt, Hidehiko Yoshida, Kazayuki Fujita, James Thompson, Aleksander Emilianenko




UFC- Chuck Liddell, Rampage Jackson, Tito Ortiz, Rashad Evans, Michael Bisping, Keith Jardine, Forrest Griffin, Jason Lambert, Babalu, Lyoto Machida


PRIDE- Shogun Rua, Wanderlei Silva, Dan Henderson, Ricardo Arona, Sokodjou, Antonio Rogerio Nogeuira, Alistair Overeem, Ikuhisu Minowa




UFC- Anderson Silva, Rich Franklin, Nate Marquardt, Mike Swick, Yushin Okami, Dean Lister, Kendall Groves, Martin Kampmann, Jason MacDonald


PRIDE- Dan Henderson, Paulo Filho, Denis Kang, Frank Trigg, Kazuo Misaki, Akihiro Gono, Amar Suloev




UFC- Georges St. Pierre, Matt Hughes, Diego Sanchez, Josh Koschceck, Karo Parysian, Drew Fickett, Jon Fitch


PRIDE- No such division, but fighters like Gomi, Sakurai, Hansen and others can/might make 170.




UFC- Sean Sherk, Hermes Franca, Spencer Fisher, Joe Stevenson, Roger Huerta, Frankie Edgar, Tyson Griffin, Melvin Guillard, BJ Penn, Jens Pulver


PRIDE- Takanori Gomi, Nick Diaz, Hayato Sakurai, Joachim Hansen, Shinya Aoki, Gilbert Melendez, Tatsuya Kawijiri, Mitsuhiro Ishida



Commence the insanity. To get people started, a few fights that Dana tossed out as possibilities at the PC are......


Fedor vs Randy Couture

Chuck Liddell vs Shogun

GSP vs Gomi

Andrei Arlovski vs Josh Barnett


Have fun

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ABSOLUTE FIGHT NIGHT for PRIDE, HONOR, RESPECT: from the Staples Center of LA in front of a crowd of standing room only 200,000. The event opens with Cirque Du Soleil: Quidam and then a performance of Taiko Kumi-Daiko traditional japanese drums then we go to out host Bas Rutten, Stephan Quadros, Mike Goldberg, Joe Rogan.


Quadros: Welcome to the very first of many joint ventures between UFC and Pride

Bas: You just got to be here to witness the spectacle of the opening production


Bas: The typical Pride FC opening


Bas: Yup

Goldberg: And now we go to the Parade of Combatants


*out comes the fights on the raised entrance ramps*


*j-pop star yells out the names*


Randy Couture, Fedor Emilianenko, Andrei Arlovski, Antonio Rodrigo Noguiera, Tim Sylvia, Mirko Cro-Cop, Josh Barnett, Mark Hunt, Chuck Liddell, Quintin Rampage Jackson, Tito Ortiz, Shogun Rua, Wanderlei Silva, Dan Henderson, Matt Hughes.


Goldberg: tonight on this supercard the rules of the octagon are as follows knees and elbows are allowed but not on a down opponet on all fours, there will be no "soccer kicks" or "jumping stomps/kicks". It will be three five minute rounds and incase of championship title matches it will be five rounds of five minutes.



Bas: Yup

Quadros: The hardcore fans have been dreaming of this forever and now it begins now we find out who is the truly the best Heavyweight in MMA.


the card:

Randy Couture vs Fedor Emilianenko

Andrei Arlovski vs Antonio Rodrigo Noguiera

Tim Slyvia vs Mark Hunt

Mirko Cro-Cop vs Josh Barnett

Chuck Liddell vs Shogun Rua

Rampage Jackson vs Wanderlei Silva

Dan Henderson vs Matt Hughes

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Why would anybody want to see Rampage/Silva III or Barnett/Cro-Cop III? Both fights had pretty definitive endings. I'd be all up ons Barnett vs Randy II, however.

Cause I want to see them fight in the octagon under UFC rules and/or Pride rules in the ring they gotta give the rematch a new spin to it.

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I'd like to see Rampage/Shogun II. Yeah, Jackson pretty much got handled, but, stil...And Chuck vs. Arona (in addition to Chuck/Shogun and Chuck vs. Nog). Uh...well, Fujita and Monson is already scheduled...uh...Fujita vs. Vera. Penn/Gomi II. Swick vs. Hollywood. And I really wouldn't mind seeing Nick Diaz vs. Gomi again. I know that's not Pride vs. UFC...and Diaz failed his drug test, but damned if that wasn't a great fight. Diaz busting out the gogoplata and all. There's...lots of fights that I wanna see.

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Guest Tzar Lysergic

Jake O'Brien vs. Cro Cop and Fedor Emilianenko simultaneously.

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Overeem vs. Bisping would be interesting. Alistair seems to have him trumped as far as skill is concerned but might not have the gas tank to avoid getting ktfo.


Edgar vs. Melendez would probably be a REALLY fun fight.


Rich Franklin vs. Denis Kang should happen. Denis would probably have a smarter game plan when facing off against Silva.

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Randy Couture vs. Fedor Emilianenko

Chuck Liddell vs. Wanderlai Silva

Anderson Silva vs. Frank Trigg

Georges St. Pierre vs. Nick Diaz

Andrei Arlovski vs. Antonio Rodrigo Noguiera

Tito Ortiz vs. Alistair Overeem

Rich Franklin vs. Dan Henderson

Matt Hughes vs. Takanori Gomi

Jens Pulver vs. Hayato Sakurai

Tim Sylvia vs. Josh Barnett

Michael Bisping vs. Sokodjou

Dean Lister vs. Kazuo Misaki

Josh Koschceck vs. Joachim Hansen

Brandon Vera vs. Mark Hunt

Jeff Monson vs. Kazuyuki Fujita

BJ Penn vs. Mitsuhiro Ishida

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Fedor, DEC

Chuck, KO

Silva, KO


Nog, DEC

Ortiz, TKO

Franklin, TKO

Hughes, TKO

Sakurai has already killed Pulver in PRIDE

Barnett, Sub

Bisping, TKO

Misaki, DEC

Hansen, Ficketting

Vera, Sub

Fujita, DEC

Penn, TKO

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155: Joachim Hansen vs. Frankie Edgar

155: Takanori Gomi vs. Spencer Fisher

170: Shinya Aoki vs. Karo Parisyan

170: GSP vs. Hayato Sakurai

185: Anderson Silva vs. Akihiro Gono

185: Rich Franklin vs. Ryo Chonan

205: Shogun vs. Tito Ortiz

205: Chuck Liddell vs. Dan Henderson

205+: Noguiera vs. Gonzaga

205+: Brandon Vera vs. Josh Barnett

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Denis Kang via chemically-enhanced biggerness?


Kang couldn't even beat Misaki, and we know your thoughts on him.


Well I actually think Rich would win. But Kang fought Misaki with one arm. It's not fair to use that to judge the guy. That's why Misaki's stock was so inflated, until Trigg and indirectly Lawler brought it crashing back down to earth.

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Tyson Griffin or Sherk vs. Ishida would be good. The positioning/grappling exchanges would probably be pretty sick.


Like I've stated earlier, Randy vs. Big Nog is a fight I've wanted to see for awhile. It would be interesting to see how Randy, a great strategist, approaches someone as dynamic as Noguiera.

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I dont know how significant that story is. I still hold out hope that the guy is still healthy.


I don't see a rematch going much different for Randy with Josh Barnett. Tim Sylvia didn't use his size at all in that fight. Big HW Grapplers still pose a problem for Couture.

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But Randy was doing *really* well against Josh and his conditioning and preparation is so much better now. Not saying that Josh wouldn't be the heavy favourite, but there is enough doubt in my mind that makes me want to see the rematch.

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I love Randy just as much as the next guy but I don't think he has a chance against Fedor. Captain America would get destroyed by the Eastern European Killing Machine.

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Explain. Where do you see Fedor having the overwhelming advantage?


Because against wrestlers like Randleman and Coleman, Fedor was able to get taken down. Even against someone with a sub-par shot like Noguiera, Fedor got taken down. And those are guys who shoot low, which is going against Fedor's strengths which is his hip control and balance. We haven't really seen anyone take it took Fedor in the clinch. Actually, on second thought, Randleman did well against Fedor in the clinch.


Fedor uses the same strategies as Randy does for takedowns, with leg trips and upper-body throws. Given their experience and pedigree, I think it would be much harder for Fedor to take Randy down than it would be for Randy to take Fedor down.


Standing, Fedor throws long bombs that only work when his opponents keep their hands low. Randy doesn't. They also work when the opponent covers up and doesn't counter - Randy is not afraid to get hit and will counter. Speaking of countering, Randy has only been rocked when counter-punched and on the offensive, and Fedor doesn't offer much of a threat in that area. Against Cro Cop, Fedor was remarkable in his countering, but that was by design - he had to counter or else he would lose. Since Randy does not pose as much of a threat standing, nor does he have the tools that Cro Cop has, I can't see Fedor adopting that strategy for Couture, since Fedor took so much damage employing that countering strategy (coupled with Randy's straight punches). Therefore, I don't see either guy doing much damage on their feet.


So I think standing up, where their striking will only be used to set up their grappling, Randy will get a takedown and put Fedor on his back.


Fedor does have the ability to tap Randy off his back, as he did Coleman, and he does have the ability to sweep him as he did Randleman and Nog, but I see Randy being able to neutralize that as his control and submission awareness is better than their's. Fedor hasn't really been put on his back for very long, as he likes to give up his back rather than stay on it, and I think Randy is smart enough to see that and it will be interesting to see what he does to capitalize on that. I can see Randy doing his fair share of GnP damage on the ground to Fedor, but Fedor is very good at avoiding damage and is so adaptable that I don't see Randy finishing it there. I say Randy takes Fedor down a bunch of times and Fedor gets back up, rinse and repeat.


Where Fedor does have the advantage is in conditioning. Fedor went 20 minutes at a high pace with Nog twice and with Cro Cop. Randy was winded against Sylvia after 10 minutes. With-that-said, moving around 280 is a lot harder than moving around 230, I don't care how strong Fedor is, he won't make Randy work hard enough to gas that early. I do think Randy would eventually get gassed against Fedor, and that Fedor would have a very good chance to win with GnP in the championship rounds, but what makes this a great fight is that for the first 3 rounds it would be hotly competitive with advantage Couture. So all Randy would have to do is avoid getting put on his back for 2 rounds and he could win the decision (the only way I can see Randy beating Fedor is by cut or decision).

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The last time Randy got tapped, Shaggy had a hit song. When Shaggy becomes relevant again, so does Randy's submission avoidance game.

The last time Fedor lost was never. When never happens again, Fedor will lose.


Or something...

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Fights I wanna see...


Chuck Liddell Vs. Ricardo Arona(205)

Paulo Filho Vs. Rich Franklin(185)

Hayato Sakurai Vs. Diego Sanchez(170)

Joachim Hansen Vs. Melvin Guillard(155)

Sean Sherk Vs. Gilbert Melendez(155)

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