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    Songs you hate by artists you like

    Today, I was listening to Lawrence Gowan's "Best Of..." CD, and his cover of the Guess Who's "These Eyes" came on. Now, usually, I'm a big fan of his; however, I can say without hesitation that he absolutely butchered the song, and possibly ruined the original for me. It's just that bad. Are there any songs (covers or originals) by artists you normally love that just make you want to retch?
  2. Dogbert

    WWE Raw (7/28/2008)

    Perhaps a dig at Bischoff's rise to power?
  3. Dogbert

    WWE suspends 10 wrestlers

    Let me get this straight: Thirty names were linked to this, but only ten were punished? There's some hard justice for you.
  4. Dogbert

    Chris Benoit Dead - Toxicology results released

    It was only a matter of time before the rampant steroid and drug use in wrestling led to something like this. Sure, the many deaths from within the business were horrible, but now it's impacted innocents, and that should be enough for people to look inside themselves and ask why they're helping support an industry that basically forces reckless drug abuse on its workers. I have done this, and have made the decision not to watch WWE's programs, order their PPVs, or buy their merchandise again. Yes, it's just me, and it's not going to affect anything, but I hope that others will come to the same conclusion that I have.
  5. Dogbert

    Chris Benoit Dead - Toxicology results released

    I always wondered how the O.J. Simpson Fan Club reacted to the news on that day in 1994. I guess I know now. I don't even know what to say at this point. It's a horrible thing to have happen, of course, but if what they're saying is truthful... I don't think I could comment on it without getting banned.
  6. I guess it depends on who you end up talking to. I'll tell the customer politely that we're out, offer them a business card and tell them that their best bet would be to phone us every weekday at 10:00, and that we'd tell them if we were getting them in that day. You probably just had crappy luck with the employees you've talked to. I've actually asked my manager why we don't do this. There are two reasons for it: 1) Our Nintendo rep doesn't want us to do that, as he controls our Nintendo display and thinks that it reflects badly on his company if we put those signs up. 2) The average customer just ignores the various signs that we do put up and asks us for the same information that the sign says anyway. For example, we have several big signs that say that the PS3 goes for $659.99; we still end up with hundreds of people who walk right past the signs and ask us how much we're selling the PS3 for.
  7. Dogbert


    When Wilson Phillips tried their comeback a few years ago, the first single off of their album was a cover of Go Your Own Way. If they'd gone over to Stevie Nicks' place armed with meat cleavers, they could not have butchered Fleetwood Mac any worse.
  8. Dogbert

    The OaO Backlash 2007 thread.

    Looks like having all the brands combine for one PPV a month was a good idea.
  9. Dogbert

    Speed of Light possibly broken...

    This is the News forum. You want the Six-And-A-Half-Years-Agos forum. Perhaps you could petition the administration to create one.
  10. Dogbert

    Comments which don't warrant a thread.

    Did Avril Lavigne get her tits done? I watched her new video, and they seem bigger than before. Oh, and the song sucks just as much as everything else in her catalogue.
  11. Dogbert

    PlayStation 3

    Nor will they, for quite a while. The longest they've lasted in my EB store was eight hours. We got the shipment a day before they usually came, and nobody asked for one all day. Of course, after the first one sold, the rest followed it in about half an hour. Usually, they'll be gone in half an hour, as we still have folks camping in the food court to get one. PS3s, on the other hand, are readily available at pretty much all times. Nobody wants to spend $750 (with tax, and that doesn't even include games/utilities) on a video game system; the ones who do are the ones who trade their entire libraries in for one.
  12. Dogbert

    Xbox 360

    PlayStation 2. Okay, you've got me there. Still, these kinds of errors aren't acceptable, given the price tag that the machine carries. They're gonna have to make this redesign flawless, or people will start abandoning the Xbox en masse.
  13. Dogbert

    Xbox 360

    Has there ever been a console with as many technical problems as the 360? Every day, I seem to deal with customer after customer whose 360s have turned into $500 paperweights for no reason. Add to that the recall on the copies of Ghost Recon that the common platinum package ships with, and you've got a situation that would be laughable if it wasn't so infuriating. This rumoured redesign is gonna go over REAL well with all the folks who blew hundreds of dollars on the first version.
  14. Games can be delayed at any time. We've had several games get delayed on the scheduled release date, but they don't make a big deal out of it and we usually don't find out about it until someone tries to pick the game in question up. You shouldn't blame the clerk for not knowing that the developer would delay the game before it happened.
  15. Dogbert

    Gas Price Check...

    I was seeing 77.5 cents per litre tonight. Pretty good, though not as low as pretty much anywhere in the States.
  16. Dogbert

    OAO Monday Night Raw Thread-1/15/2007

    They've set themselves up nicely to build towards HBK/Cena at 'Mania. - Have HBK beat a few more guys up like he did, showing a mean streak. - Have Flair call him out because of it. - Rumble: HBK/Flair opens the show; HBK wins, goes apeshit on Flair after the match and officially goes heel. Later, Shawn wins the Rumble. - Shawn is rejuvenated; can Cena defeat the Heartbreak Kid at his best? - For bonus deck-stacking, add Rodimer in the Diesel/Sid role. Thoughts? It's certainly better than Umaga/Cena. Plus, you could break up Rated RKO and feud them with one another, with Orton holding a grudge against Edge for not helping him when HBK whacked him on Monday.
  17. Dogbert

    The OAO Thread For 1/8

    You'd think he'd have some sort of talent when you look at all the amatuer stuff he's excelled in. He probably does. They just don't want to spend the time and energy on actually training the guy. If they were really as high on Prudius as they seemed, then they should've assigned one of their trainers to figure out how the man's skills translate to a wrestling ring and to teach him the proper way of using them. Instead, they're rushing yet another poorly-trained rookie out there in the hopes that his look captivates the masses. That's how wrestlers get hurt.
  18. Dogbert

    HHH tore his quad tonight

    They could go that route, but it wouldn't matter. I'd be willing to bet that, regardless of how the feud was booked, Hogan would have most - if not all - of the fan support during the match.
  19. Dogbert

    New Year's Revolution

    Don't you love how they've spent so much time booking "big man" matches the wrong way that when they finally do it right, it looks like they're fucking it up?
  20. Dogbert

    HHH tore his quad tonight

    No, but with the other top names taken care of, what else is there that doesn't involve bringing someone over from Smackdown? Cena-Hogan Well, Hogan is apparently floating around the idea of Hogan and Vince against Eric and Big Show so Hogan might not be available. Then again, if Hunter really is out past WM, this puts Hogan in a great bargaining position by offering to lose clean to Cena. Yeah... but it'd also ruin the work they've done to actually get the fans to cheer for Cena. He's gone from getting booed out of buildings to RAW's number-three face (behind DX) in a span of six months. You match him up with Hogan, and all that will be gone, because Hogan would need to eat a puppy alive in the ring to get booed at this point (and even then, it'd be a split house).
  21. Dogbert

    HHH tore his quad tonight

    I dunno why everyone craps on DX. Sure, it's a rehash of something they've done before, but it's over with the fans and that's all that matters. Unless they were screwing around with the sound again, it seemed to me like HHH and HBK were getting the biggest reactions, and tons of fans were wearing DX merchandise and carrying DX signs and making the X with the green glow-sticks (hell, even the referee got into the act on that one... okay, I'm bad); combine that with the good feud they had going with RRKO, and WWE has a major problem on its hands. I can see them running with Cena/Umaga for the title (NOT in the main event, though...), but Flair would not work out well as Shawn's partner. They need to have RRKO beat the shit out of someone else, and insert that guy in the spot. Who that would be, exactly? Well, I'm not being paid to figure that out, now am I?
  22. Dogbert

    New Year's Revolution

    I thought that this was an alright show. Nothing horrible, that's for sure. Yes, the ending to the DX/RRKO match was stupid, but what do you expect? I can only recall one time where someone was seriously injured in a match with Edge, and I can't recall it ever happening while Orton was in there. I can't blame them for not knowing what to do in that situation, or for being frazzled and doing something dumb and nonsensical. Cena/Umaga was done very well, which isn't something I can usually say after a big guy/little guy match. They played up the "Cena can't lift Umaga" bit well, and having it almost cost Cena the belt a few times only added to the build. I also liked the ending, as it kept the belt on Cena without making Umaga look weak.
  23. Yeah. You sign up for the Edge card for $15, get the current issue to take home, and a year's subscription. I did it. It's slightly cheaper than a normal subscription, anyway. $15 for the Edge card and a year's subscription to a magazine, eh? Doesn't sound like an awful deal, considering that our Edge cards go for $5 CDN.
  24. I dunno what EB's like in the States, but I work in one here, and we don't try to shove the guarantees or EB Edge cards down anyone's throats; we just ask the customers if they want to buy them, and if not, that's it. The guarantees also apply if the customers damage the games themselves, so it's not typically a question of the game breaking down on its own. Also, we don't have a magazine to sell, and I've never been asked to buy one in an EB store. I don't know which ones do.
  25. Dogbert

    FOX shows last night (11/26)

    Someone must've gotten to MacFarlane and told him that he was overdoing the "Remember when..." jokes. I've liked this season a lot more than the last.