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2008 Bored's College Football Pick 'Em Sign Up Thread

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*Any of the mods who are in the contest, please pin this thread. Thanks.


Welcome to year five of the second longest running football pick' em contest in TSM history! And this promises to be the most exciting season of them all! We start... by making a big CG building and then we have a meteor go CROSSHH! [makes a diving motion with his left arm] and it, and it's all like CRAAWWWLL [simulates an explosion with his arms] a-and motorcycles burst into flame while they jump over these helicopters, right? [has his right hand go over his left arm like a motorcycle over a helicopter]...An eighteen-wheeler spins out of control and it's all like BROSSHH [makes a crashing motion with his right hand] And then this huuuge tanker full of dyna- [launches into a series of explosions]...


Okay, there is nothing exciting about this season. In fact for the first time in the history of the contest, nothing has changed. Same number of teams, same number of bowls, same number games, and same Bored Championship Series formula. So let me get the "how the contest works" stuff out of the way for those who possibly are interested up for the first time and for those returnees that have early onset of Alzheimer's. Basically this will be copy and paste of last year's sign up thread with some small edits.


The prize is still the same, the winner of the contest will receive $50 cash. Also if someone can finish the season undefeated they will win $100. Each player will represent a Division I-A school and match-up head-to-head each week with another poster. I will select 14 games from the college schedule each week and you will pick the winners for each game. I avoid picking games that are obvious blowouts and I do pick a few games from the non-BCS conferences. There will be two tiebreak questions every week, #1 always asking for the total score from a key game that week, and #2 asking how many yards a star player will have that week. The regular season is 12 weeks long, then follows the conference championships that will match-up the 1st and 2nd place teams from each conference. The conference championships will take place over a two week span and will include 20 games. After that of comes the bowl season where if eligible you play in a bowl game and pick all the winners from the entire bowl season.


Each week there are typically two deadlines for making your picks. I will always include either the Thursday or Friday ESPN game along with the Saturday games. If you don't get your picks in prior to the Thursday or Friday kick off you can not earn a point for those games. If you do not submit your picks prior to the Noon EST/9:00 AM PST kick off on Saturday you will be assigned replacement picks. You will be assigned the picks of a similarly ranked team for that week and teams using replacement picks can not win by tiebreak. You are allowed to use replacement picks only once during the season and still be eligible to win the contest, although you can still participate in bowl games. You will not be eligible to win the $100 undefeated prize if you use replacement picks at any point in the season.


After each week is completed, I post the Bored Championship Series Rankings which is a spoof of the real life rankings. The rankings are based on three factors 1) Win/Loss Record, 2) Pct of Games Picked Correctly, 3) Pct of Games Picked Correclty by Opponent aka "Strength of Schedule." As already mentioned, there is no change in the formula this season. Your ranking in Win/Loss record is 65% of your BCS ranking, Correct Pick % is 30% of your ranking, and "Strength of Schedule" is 5% of your ranking.


Now for veterans of the contest you know that the each winner of the prior year's bowl games have the option of renaming the bowl game you won, the only one that can't renamed is the Bored Bowl but the sponsorship can be changed. If you want to change the name of your bowl game please PM me, or if you don't want change the bowl name to let me know as well. I'll probably send a reminder PM to those who won once we get closer to the season. Here's last year's winners:


Bored Bowl: Cuban Linx

The Synagogue Bowl presented by Al Jazerra: AboveAverage484

The SWF.com Dust Bowl: Vitamin X (name change received)

Deadspin.com Barbaro Memorial Bowl: Broward83 (name change received)

Covers.com Degenerate Bowl: CanadianChris (will keep name)

ConED Blackout Bowl: Edwin MacPhisto

Ex-Lax Toilet Bowl: JHawk (name changed received)

KFC PETA Bowl: phoenixrising (will keep name)

Trent Boyette’s Texas Chili Bowl: Hawk 34 (name change received)


For Cuban Linx, the Bored Bowl the name can't be changed but you can add a sponsor (iggymcfly the previous year elected not to have one). For AboveAverage484, please keep the same format of "bowl name" presented by "sponsor" as that is the Rose Bowl of the contest.


Now on to the sign ups. Last season we ended the year with only two dead teams. kkktookmybabyaway will remain as the possible replacement for any early season dropouts, which always happens, and Ortonsault let me know at the end of last season that he would not be participating this year. So that leaves us with 36 holdovers and only four open spots. The first four new sign ups will be guaranteed a spot. After that I will still take new sign ups but can't make any promises you'll be in the contest but I've yet to have 100% return on holdovers and there's a couple of holdovers who I'm not sure if they visit the board anymore.


For all sign ups please post in this thread what team you want to represent and it must be a Division I-A school. It is first come, first serve and holdovers can change their school if they want to. If any holdovers do not want to participate this year please let me know.


Sign Ups are Now Closed




Alabama - AlwaysPissedOff

Arizona - UZI Suicide

Ball State - Vampiro69

Boise State - Vitamin X

Boston College - HarleyQuinn

Buffalo - Carnival

Florida - Urban Warfare

Florida State - 909

Georgia Tech - iggymcfly

Indiana - Tzar Lysergic

Kent State - JHawk

Kentucky - Danville Wrestling

LSU - teke184

Miami - Spaceman Spiff

Miami of Ohio - Hawk 34

Michigan - MFerXtreme87

Minnesota - Vern Gagne

N.C. State - AboveAverage484

Nebraska - Mecca

Notre Dame - KingPK

Ohio State - Gert T

Rutgers - the pinjockey

San Diego State - Next USC #55

South Carolina - Cuban Linx

Stanford - Bored

Syracuse - CanadianChris

Texas - Broward83

Tulsa - Will Scarlet

UCLA - phoenixrising

USC - Cartman

UTEP - Angel Grace Blue

Virginia - Edwin MacPhisto

Washington - Smues


New Sign Ups


Arizona State - still fly

Fresno State - Agent Bond34

Georgia - Obi Chris Kenobi

Illinois - The Ghost of Harold Ballard

Navy - MarvinisaLunatic

Tennessee - Canadian Brandon

Washington State - MrRant


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Guest Tzar Lysergic

Oh I am in. Time for a change, though. I'll take Indiana University.

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Guest Smues
I'll give it a shot.


Washington State I guess.


Aren't you on the cougar hating side of the state?

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Hook 'em!


Eh, might change the bowl game...


Gamestop.com Early Reservation Bowl presented by Game Informer or something.. (I'm tired, so yeah.. it sucks)

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