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Guest pinnacleofallthingsmanly
For all the talk of how the Bears have an easy schedule, the Patriots haven't beaten anyone with a winning record.


But nobody thinks they're going to the Super Bowl and nobody's comparing the Patriots to one of the greatest teams in NFL history.


I think the Chargers might be able to go to the Super Bowl this year. It looks like they're going to win the best division in the AFC and they have the best player in the NFL on their team. They came back against the Bengals and they may have given up 40+ points but to pull off that comeback they had to shut down the Bengals in the second half of that game. They're also missing their best player on defense right now. They might have to worry about the Ravens, but they match up well against the Colts because of their 3-4 defense. The Patroits just beat up on the Packers, but I don't think they can go far in the playoffs without a star receiver.


The Colts suckered me inot thinking they could win all of their games this season just like they suckered me last season. I think I just want to see a team end the season with a perfect record. The Colts can be beaten with the 3-4 because it's harder to tell who's going to be blitzing and dropping into coverage before the play starts. That makes it harder to do all of the pre-snap adjustments the Colts like to make and I think they need to work on some max protect packages because i didn't notice any pass blcoking from the tight ends against the Cowboys.


Falcons receivers need to stop dropping passes because all that's going to do is make Vick feel like he has to make every play with his legs.


I think everybody made a big deal over what Randy Moss said for nothing. It's hard to be enthusiastic on a team that sucks all the time and doesn't look like the people in charge can make it better. If you're not enthusiastic it's harder to give your absolute best. I really hope everytime the Raiders lose we have to hear someone joke that Randy Moss was in a bad mood because we know the Raiders are going to lose alot more games.


Tom Nalen should get smacked in his head for diving at peoples' knees on a play where they're just trying to spike the ball. I hope he gets fined because he could have caused an injury and I hate how referees never say anything about what happened to cause an incident or escalate an incident.


Who the hell wants to win the NFC West? Nobody is consistent in that division.


I kind of felt like Damon Huard should keep the starting job in Kansas City, but then I remembered that he's the backup QB. There wasn't any debate going into the season about who should be the starting QB so there shouldn't be one until maybe the end of the season. Huard's job as backup is to go in if something happens to the starter and keep things from falling apart. He did his job as backup and did it bettter than anyone expected him to, but Trent Green shouldn't lose his job because he was injured from a dirty hit.


I heard an analyst say today that the Steelers have a shot at making the playoffs. Clearly you don't have to know shit about winning and losing football games to be an analyst.

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Favre and Elway were the same with the rifle release passes but it was always an endearing quality from the media but with Vick, it's just another criticism.


I can't think of a single player with the possible exception Alex Rodriguez that has been so critically praised and condemned simultaneously with such vigor as Vick.

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Guest Vitamin X

Or maybe because HE'S BLACK




Also, I don't remember Elway rocketing throws as much as Favre does, but at this point in his career (I alluded to this a couple weeks ago) it's REALLY hurting the team because the accuracy is just not there. He's making the correct decisions, but when he's just rifling every throw instead of putting some touch on it, I don't know how many times I saw the ball get completely overthrown. Then you have Rodgers in and you have the exact opposite problem: Making nice throws, but not where they're supposed to go.


c'est la vie

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Take these stats for whatever they're worth.


Michael Vick in his first 5 Seasons

- 2 Playoff Appearances.

- 1 Divisional Round Game and 1 NFC Championship Game.


John Elway in his first 5 Seasons

- 4 Playoff Appearances.

- 1 Wildcard Game, 1 Divisional Round Game, and 2 Super Bowl Appearances.


Brett Favre in his first 5 Seasons

- 3 Playoff Appearances.

- 2 Divisional Round Games and 1 NFC Championship Game.

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The one good thing I can say about Vick is he only has one season where he has more interceptions than touchdowns. Course he also only has one season with a QB rating above 80, which isn't good. And he's never had a season where he has completed more than 57% of his passes, which also isn't good.


The talent is there, its just a question of which Michael Vick will show up. He might need a damn quarterback coach or a veteran he can actually listen too to get him over that hump.

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Elway had a tendency to not win one till the end of his career.


Lets give Vick some time.

Not Elway's fault. Him even getting those first three teams TO the Super Bowl was nothing short of miraculous.


Time to lay off the Elway/Favre comparisons for awhile. A long while.

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This season

Ashley Lelie: 18 catches on 42 targets (43%)

Michael Jenkins: 26 catches on 57 targets (46%)

Alge Crumpler: 36 catches on 69 targets (52%)

Roddy White: 19 catches in 41 targets (46%)

Warrick Dunn: 14 catches in 18 targets (78%)


Last Season

- Brian Finneran had 50 catches in 81 targets (62%)


The top players have an insane number of targets for a reason (minimum 85). While Vick has spread the ball around a bit, that's hurt him more than helped him IMO. He needs to continue targeting Crumpler/Jenkins and start getting Dunn more involved in the passing game.


Dunn needs to start being split out like LT, Bush, and Westbrook are and let Vick use him as a 2nd/3rd WR in those formations.


The loss of Finneran is a huge loss. Finneran is like having a second Crumpler on the team at 6'5" and Vick will do better when Finneran returns to the team next season (season ending injury, right?).

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Guest Princess Leena

But, Vick never threw to Finneran, anyway. Schaub gave him twice as more looks in the 8 or so games he played.


I don't know about putting Dunn in as a WR... there must be a reason his catches have significantly dropped in the past few years, even Griffith is getting more looks.


The problem I see with Vick is that he's far too inconsistent. Some games he's accurate, some games he'll miss lots of throws. Like I said at the start of the season, I'd just let Vick do what he wants to do, and that means 10+ rushes per game. If he gets injured running all the time, then so be it. Because he's just not going to be a successful mainly pocket QB.

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Guest Felonies!

Aaron Rodgers is out with a broken foot, but Brett Favre is okay. Football is weird sometimes. I thought he broke his wrist for sure.

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Former Eagle Andre Waters commits suicide


TAMPA, Fla. -- Andre Waters, a defensive back who spent most of his 12 seasons in the NFL with the Philadelphia Eagles, was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound early Monday. He was 44.




Allen Kee/WireImage.com

Andre Waters played for the Philadelphia Eagles from 1984-1993.


His body was found at about 1:30 a.m. at his Tampa home, the medical examiner's office said. He had shot himself in the head. Toxicology reports were ordered and results will be available in four to six weeks, the office said.


Waters' body was found by his girlfriend, Hillsborough County sheriff's spokeswoman Debbie Carter said. The woman's name was not available, and the sheriff's office had no further details, Carter added.


"What a devastating piece of news," Eagles radio voice Merrill Reese said in a statement on the team's Web site. "Andre was a guy who could light up a room with his personality. As a football player, he came from nothing. But he made himself into a fine player by working hard and dedicating himself to the game."



Waters, an assistant football coach at Fort Valley State in Georgia, joined the Eagles out of Cheyney State in 1984 and played with them at cornerback and safety through 1993. He was known as one of the NFL's hardest hitters and often was fined for some of his tackles. He spent his last two seasons with the Arizona Cardinals.



"Everybody has been in such shock," Fort Valley State spokeswoman Cindy Gambill said.



Waters was in his first year coaching at the school. Many students, including football players, are not on campus this week because of Thanksgiving.



Football coach Deondri Clark lauded Waters for an "outstanding" college career that enabled him to make the NFL.



Waters, who was born in Belle Glade, also coached at Morgan State, South Florida and Alabama State before coming to Fort Valley State this summer.



Funeral arrangements are incomplete.



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Found this on Stats Inc regarding Vick and his incompletions in 2006.


Michael Vick: 127 incompletions

10.2% are dropped

34.6% are poor throws

20.5% are passes defended

7.1% are intercepted


Here's a comparison to other "average" quarterbacks

David Carr: 87 incompletions

- 11.5% are drops

- 17.2% are poor throws

- 25.3% are defended

- 6.9% are intercepted


Chad Pennington: 109 incompletions

- 11% are drops

- 23.9% are poor throws

- 25.7% are defended

- 10.1% are intercepted


Charlie Frye: 112 incompletions

- 12.7% are drops

- 28% are poor throws

- 23.7% are defended

- 10.2% are intercepted


J.P. Losman: 98 incompletions

- 4.1% are drops

- 33.7% are poor throws

- 19.4% are defended

- 7.1% are intercepted


It's clear that the most damning thing against Michael Vick as a QB is his unreliability to be accurate from 5 yards to 50 yards. Even those proponents saying the drops are killing him, there are QBs in the league where their receivers are hurting them more.


Tom Brady: 11.9% are drops.

Peyton Manning: 10.1% are drops.

Drew Brees: 12.4% are drops.

Philip Rivers: 10.1% are drops.

Eli Manning: 10.1% are drop.

Donovan McNabb: 19.1% are drops (holy shit!)

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I presume it's an uncatchable ball by either the receiver or the defender (think Vick overthrowing a WR). Other examples would be a deep ball being overthrown, a ball being thrown at the feet of a receiver, etc.


A recent example would be the swing pass that Brees threw to LT that lead LT too far and bounced out of bounds.

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I gotta say, I'm impressed with the 49ers this season. Who woulda had them pegged at 5-5? A lot of people, including myself had them as the worst team in the league. Frank Gore has turned into one of the big breakout players this season. The only problem (albeit a major one) is that he does have butterfingers now and then. I wouldn't be shocked if they get spot 6 in the playoffs. Now let's see if they can build off this good season they've got going so far.


Also up for discussion - Hodge on ESPN earlier today proclaimed Rivers and LT to be the best quarterback/running back tandem in the NFL. Are there any real challengers for them though?

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