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OK, here is the free agent list. (LSP = Limited Salary Protection, T = Team Option, P = Player Option, ETO = Early Termination Option)


Atlanta Hawks

Restricted: Esteban Batista, Royal Ivey

Unrestricted: Slava Medvedenko

LSP: none


Boston Celtics

Restricted: none

Unrestricted: Michael Olowokandi

LSP: Ryan Gomes (no salary protection if waived before July 1), Leon Powe (no salary protection if waived before July 1, $150,000 if waived before October 2, $200,000 thereafter), Allan Ray (no salary protection if waived before July 1)


Charlotte Bobcats

Restricted: Alan Anderson, Walter Herrmann (T), Ryan Hollins (T)

Unrestricted: Derek Anderson, Primoz Brezec (P), Matt Carroll, Jeff McInnis, Jake Voskuhl (P), Gerald Wallace (P)

LSP: Brevin Knight ($1.5M if waived before July 1)


Chicago Bulls

Restricted: Martynas Andriuskevicius, Andre Barrett, Andres Nocioni, Michael Sweetney

Unrestricted: Malik Allen, P.J. Brown

LSP: none


Cleveland Cavaliers

Restricted: Dwayne Jones, Sasha Pavlovic, Anderson Varejao

Unrestricted: Ira Newble (P), Scot Pollard

LSP: David Wesley ($250,000)


Dallas Mavericks

Restricted: none

Unrestricted: Austin Croshere, DeSagana Diop (T), Devean George (P), Jerry Stackhouse, Kevin Willis

LSP: Jose Juan Barea (no salary protection if waived before August 2), Pops Mensah-Bonsu (no salary protection if waived before September 1)


Denver Nuggets

Restricted: none

Unrestricted: Steve Blake, DerMarr Johnson, Eduardo Najera (ETO), Jamal Sampson

LSP: Anthony Carter (no salary protection if waived before September 16), Von Wafer (no salary protection if waived before September 2)


Detroit Pistons

Restricted: Will Blalock (T), Amir Johnson

Unrestricted: Chauncey Billups (ETO), Dale Davis, Ronald Dupree (P), Antonio McDyess (P), Flip Murray (P), Chris Webber

LSP: none


Golden State Warriors

Restricted: Kelenna Azubiuke, Zarko Cabarkapa, Sarunas Jasikevicius (P), Mickael Pietrus, Josh Powell

Unrestricted: Matt Barnes

LSP: Monta Ellis ($100,000 if waived before August 2)


Houston Rockets

Restricted: Chuck Hayes

Unrestricted: Dikembe Mutombo, Jake Tsakalidis, Bonzi Wells (P)

LSP: John Lucas ($500,000), Bob Sura ($1M)


Indiana Pacers

Restricted: Maceo Baston (P), Rawle Marshall

Unrestricted: Keith McLeod

LSP: Darrell Armstrong (no salary protection), Orien Greene (no salary protection if waived before July 2)


Los Angeles Clippers

Restricted: James Singleton (T)

Unrestricted: Yaroslav Korolev, Jason Hart, Quinton Ross (T)

LSP: Will Conroy (no salary protection), Paul "he's a large man, Dwyane!" Davis ($200,000 if waived before July 16), Daniel Ewing (no salary protection if waived before July 2)


Los Angeles Lakers

Restricted: none

Unrestricted: Aaron McKie, Chris Mihm, Smush Parker, Luke Walton, Shammond Williams

LSP: Ronny Turiaf (no salary protection if waived before opening day)


Memphis Grizzlies

Restricted: Dahntay Jones, Tarence Kinsey (T, no salary protection if waived on or before opening day, $166,568 thereafter), Lawrence Roberts

Unrestricted: Chucky Atkins, Junior Harrington

LSP: Alexander Johnson (no salary protection if waived before August 2)


Miami Heat

Restricted: Earl Barron

Unrestricted: Michael Doleac (P), Eddie Jones, Jason Kapono, Gary Payton, James Posey

LSP: Alonzo Mourning (no salary protection if waived before August 11), Chris Quinn (no salary protection if waived before July 20)


Milwaukee Bucks

Restricted: Charlie Bell, Ersan Ilyasova, Jared Reiner

Unrestricted: Earl Boykins (P), Ruben Patterson, Brian Skinner (T), Mo Williams

LSP: none


Minnesota Timberwolves

Restricted: Bracey Wright

Unrestricted: none

LSP: Craig Smith (no salary protection if waived before August 1, $100,000 if waived before opening day, $350,000 if waived before December 1)


New Jersey Nets

Restricted: none

Unrestricted: Vince Carter (ETO), Eddie House, Mikki Moore

LSP: Hassan Adams (no salary protection if waived before July 16), Cliff Robinson ($500,000 if waived before July 16)


New Orleans Hornets

Restricted: Brandon Bass

Unrestricted: Devin Brown, Marc Jackson, Linton Johnson, Desmond Mason, Jannero Pargo (P)

LSP: none


New York Knicks

Restricted: none

Unrestricted: Kelvin Cato, Malik Rose (ETO)

LSP: none


Orlando Magic

Restricted: Travis Diener, Darko Milicic

Unrestricted: Keyon Dooling (P), Pat Garrity (ETO), Grant Hill, Bo Outlaw

LSP: James Augustine ($171,864 if waived before July 31)


Philadelphia 76ers

Restricted: Louis Amundson, Shavlik Randolph (P), Louis Williams (T)

Unrestricted: Joe Smith

LSP: Bobby Jones (no salary protection if waived before July 2, $100,000 if waived before August 2, $200,000 if waived before October 2)


Phoenix Suns

Restricted: Pat Burke

Unrestricted: Jumaine Jones, Sean Marks, Jalen Rose, Kurt Thomas (P)

LSP: none


Portland Trail Blazers

Restricted: Travis Outlaw, Luke Schenscher

Unrestriced: Jamaal Magloire, Ime Udoka

LSP: none


Sacramento Kings

Restricted: Ronnie Price, Justin Williams

Unrestricted: Mike Bibby (ETO), Vitaly Potapenko, Corliss Williamson

LSP: none


San Antonio Spurs

Restricted: Matt Bonner, Fabricio Oberto (P)

Unrestricted: Melvin Ely, Michael Finley (P), Jacque Vaughn

LSP: Bruce Bowen ($2M if waived before July 1), Robert Horry ($2M if waived before July 1), James White (no salary protection if waived before August 1, $100,000 if waived before October 1, $200,000 if waived before opening day, $300,000 thereafter)


Seattle SuperSonics

Restricted: Andre Brown

Unrestricted: Danny Fortson, Rashard Lewis (ETO), Randy Livingston, Mike Wilks

LSP: none


Toronto Raptors

Restricted: Uros Slokar, Pape Sow

Unrestricted: Darrick Martin, Morris Peterson

LSP: none


Utah Jazz

Restricted: Dee Brown, C.J. Miles

Unrestricted: Rafael Araujo

LSP: none


Washington Wizards

Restricted: Andray Blatche, Mike Hall, Jarvis Hayes, Donnell Taylor

Unrestricted: Calvin Booth, Roger Mason, Michael Ruffin, DeShawn Stevenson (P)

LSP: none


I still don't know what the difference between player option and ETO is.

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Pretty weak FA class. Besides Rashard Lewis, Vince Carter and Chauncey Billups, I can see Mo Williams getting at least 6-7 mil per (Mike James was able to get that last year), and someone will pay Bibby near max even after a real down year for him. Matt Barnes and Jason Kapono have likely played their way into getting Kyle Korver/John Salmons type money. Luke Walton and Mo Pete will probably have several bidders for mid-range deals, and it will be interesting to see the market for Mickael Pietrus, I can see some team getting crazy there...

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Does anyone see KG leaving this offseason? I remember reading an interview with him in last years edition of SLAM Kicks, where he basically said that something had to change in the T-Wolves organisation soon, or he'd be forced to walk.

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and that should be it for Olowokandi. One of the biggest #1 overall pick busts of my lifetime.

As he should've been. I mean come on, he went to UNIVERSITY OF THE PACIFIC!!!

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As posted in the playoff thread, Jeff Van Gundy is leaving the Rockets according to the NY Post. ESPN picked up on it, but Van Gundy's camp has denied the report.

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The Houston Rag (or Chronicle, if you prefer) is still saying that Van Grumpy is planning on coming back, but the owner isn't sure if he wants him back A) at all or B) as coach. Who knows at this point what's going to happen.

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He should be gone. Houston has maxed out their potential under his system, and they need a more offensively-minded coach to get to the next level. The Rockets looked their best this season when they ran and scored 100-110 points a game. The half court thing just doesn't work when you only have one real creator.

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Maybe Houston can make things right and get Rashard back in Houston


Well, other than the fact that he doesn't fill one of Houston's glaring needs (a legit starting PG or a banger of a 4), any ideas how to pull it off? He's not going to take the MLE just to return to Houston, and the Rockets don't have many appetizing contracts for a S&T (unless for some reason the Soincs REALLY want Juwon Howard). I'd gladly give up 1st round picks for him until the cows come home, but that can only get you so far.

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All-Rookie Teams



Brandon Roy, Portland (29) 58

Andrea Bargnani, Toronto (28) 57

Randy Foye, Minnesota (21) 48

Rudy Gay, Memphis (12) 39

LaMarcus Aldridge, Portland (14) 37

Jorge Garbajosa, Toronto (13) 37



Paul Millsap, Utah (10) 36

Adam Morrison, Charlotte (12) 35

Tyrus Thomas, Chicago (5) 26

Craig Smith, Minnesota (1) 21

Rajon Rondo, Boston (1) 10

Walter Herrmann, Charlotte (1) 10

Marcus Williams, New Jersey (1) 10

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Guest Vitamin X

Interesting rumor going around..


Shaq to Mavs?


No one really wants to talk about it, but the Miami Heat's main issue is the decline of center Shaquille O'Neal with three years left on his contract at $20 million per season.


Despite O'Neal's presence and reputation, he'll turn 36 next season. Frankly, it's difficult to see many teams that would even take a chance on him.


And then there are the Dallas Mavericks, which is where Shaq wanted to go when he was breaking up with the Los Angeles Lakers.


Mavs owner Mark Cuban said they are not panicking, but time will tell. Miami needs a major overhaul. Would Dallas take a last shot with Shaq? Maybe for Erick Dampier, Devin Harris and a sign-and-trade with Jerry Stackhouse?


Source: Chicago Tribune

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I read that article, and I think it was mostly just the author throwing shit against the wall. He also said that Jermaine O'Neal had asked to be traded to the Knicks, which O'Neal has since denied.

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All-NBA teams



G: Steve Nash

G: Kobe Bryant

F: Dirk Nowitzki

F: Tim Duncan

C: Amare Stoudemire



G: Gilbert Arenas

G: Tracy McGrady

F: LeBron James

F: Chris Bosh

C: Yao Ming



G: Dwyane Wade

G: Chauncey Billups

F: Carmelo Anthony

F: Kevin Garnett

C: Dwight Howard


Interestingly enough, Nash was the only unanimous first-teamer.

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Guest Vitamin X



Jackson: J.O. wants out of Indy


SALT LAKE CITY -- As Jermaine O'Neal tries to conduct some public damage control about his understood desire to leave the Indiana Pacers, his old teammate, Golden State's Stephen Jackson, says he knows how badly O'Neal wants a trade from Indy.


"I don't think he has any patience (left), but Jermaine is the ultimate professional," Jackson told Yahoo! Sports on Wednesday. "But he wants to get out of there because all of the guys they brought in to build the team around him are gone now. Me, Ron (Artest) and Al (Harrington). I've heard rumors that (Jamaal) Tinsley wants to leave, too.


"I just hope J.O. gets put in the best situation because he is a great player."


O'Neal, 28, is playing semantics with his trade request to Pacers executives. Request? Demand? Whatever he wants to call it, it's been made clear to Donnie Walsh and Larry Bird that the 6-foot-11 All-Star would rather leave than stay. At the top of his list of destinations are the Los Angeles Lakers to join Kobe Bryant and the New York Knicks to be reunited with Isiah Thomas.


"I talked to him a while back, and he was saying that if he did get traded he would want to go to those two teams," Jackson said. "Isiah and Jermaine are good friends. If it does happen, look out East. Him and (Eddy) Curry in the paint are going to be a monster. But him and Kobe will be a monster, too."


With as much success as the eight-player mid-season trade involving Jackson and Harrington has brought Golden State, there is only more pressure on Walsh and Bird to get maximum value for O'Neal.


After finishing 35-47 and missing the playoffs for the first time in a decade, the Pacers appear to be in full rebuilding mode. O'Neal wants no part of starting over with the franchise.


"It's going to have to be the perfect deal (to get O'Neal out), because you know from the deal they made with us (landing Mike Dunleavy and Troy Murphy) it didn't work out for them," Jackson said. "They don't want to make a bad deal again. I think it would have to be a perfect deal.


"Hopefully it works for him because you play so much better when you're somewhere you want to be, in a place where you are wanted. That's why I'm having so much success here, because they've embraced me like a newborn."


And alf explodes in 3.... 2..... 1....

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Here's the scoring results in the MVP vote (1st, 2nd, 3rd place votes)


Dirk Nowitzki (83, 39, 7) 1,138

Steve Nash (44, 74, 11) 1,013

Kobe Bryant (2, 11, 65) 521

Tim Duncan (-, 3, 25) 286

LeBron James (-, -, 11) 183

Tracy McGrady (-, 2, 6) 110

Chris Bosh (-, -, 3) 43

Gilbert Arenas (-, -, 1) 31

Kevin Garnett (-, -, -) 7

Carlos Boozer (-, -, -) 7

Chauncey Billups (-, -, -) 4

Dwyane Wade (-, -, -) 3

Shaquille O'Neal (-, -, -) 3

Amare Stoudemire (-, -, -) 2

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What two assholes voted for Amare Stoudimire


And what three assholes voted for Shaq?


Really, they should revoke some peoples right to vote for any awards.

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Isn't balloting spread across different sports reporters? So you'd have to get some homer votes.

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