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kkk Bowl VI: Signups

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Bored’s college football contest is posted, which only means it’s time for me to start up kkk Bowl VI.


Click here for more information about what we do and stuff.


Once again, it’s time for those who took part in last year’s contest to re-claim their teams. I have emergency picks saved from last year. If you want to change your EPs let me know via PM. There is one poster who needs to re-submit Emergency Picks.


HarleyQuinn. Your EP list was season-specific.


Below is a list of posters with the teams they represent. Let me know in this thread if you intend on taking part in this year’s contest and I will bold your name/team.


If you are not part of this contest but want to be, there will be a chance for you to take any unclaimed teams. Just post your interest in this thread. Unlike previous years this will not be a “first come first serve.” Anyone who wants in and doesn’t have a team will get a chance to claim an available franchise by taking part in a Week 3 preseason pick 'em contest, but that’s not for another few weeks. First things first.


Vets, claim your teams by noon on August 14.



Buffalo Bills (Bob Barron)

New England Patriots (Harley Quinn)

Miami Dolphins (Spaceman Spiff)

New York Jets (Gert T)



Baltimore Ravens (King PK)

Cincinnati Bengals (Teke)

Cleveland Browns (SFA Jack)

Pittsburgh Steelers (Kahran Ramsus)



Houston Texans (Bored)

Indianapolis Colts (Alfdogg)

Jacksonville Jaguars (Always Pissed Off)

Tennessee Titans (Cuban Linx)



Denver Broncos (Canadian Chris)

Kansas City Chiefs (Prime Time Andrew Doyle)

Oakland Raiders (Smues)

San Diego Chargers (909)



Dallas Cowboys (Hawk 34)

New York Giants (Cartman)

Philadelphia Eagles (Starvenger)

Washington Redskins (Human Fly)



Chicago Bears (Tzar Lysergic)

Detroit Lions (Chazz)

Green Bay Packers (Vitamin X)

Minnesota Vikings (Danville Wrestling)



Atlanta Falcons (USC#)

Carolina Panthers (Fazzle)

New Orleans Saints (Brooklyn Zoo)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Agent Bond34



Arizona Cardinals (Vern Gagne)

San Francisco 49ers (Devo)

Seattle Seahawks UZI Suicide

St. Louis Rams (CanadianGuitarist)





Posters for the Week 3 Preseason Play-in



The Ghost of Harold Ballard



UZI Suicide

Obi Chris Kenobi


Mr. Rant -- for his usual 4-5 weeks before dropping out.

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Guest Smues

Back as the Raiders, ready to choke my playoff chances away in week 16 and 17 as usually.

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Guest Tzar Lysergic

This dude kills me^


The only Browns fan in England. Awesome.

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