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Thread started 8-12-2003 (post Ground Zero)


After the board crash it was decided that a new stats thread should be started so people can edit their stats and we can keep the thread relatively clean. Any retiree stats should go into the "Archived Stats Thread" which will be up by the time you read this.



Kliq 4 Life



SmarkBoards Name: Grand Slam

AIM: Mulkiathe

Wrestlers Name: "Grand Slam" Mark Stevens

Nickname: The Heavy Hitter, Slammer

Height: 6'6

Weight: 286 lbs.

Hometown: Lincoln, Nebraska

Age: 35

Face/Heel: Mega-Face

Stable: Midnight Carnival (Once a Carnie, always a Carnie.)

Tag Partner (optional): None

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): Baseball Bat (or two), occasionally even the Spark Model Hardcore Special Bat (a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire and able to be set on fire).

Quotes: "And that, my friends, is a damn promise."

"I don't start feuds... I end them."

"Step up to the plate Junior, and find out why they call me the Heavy Hitter!"


Looks: Red hair cut pretty short and a little spikey on top, blue eyes, close-cropped red goatee, fair skin. He is built well, actually getting a little bigger across the chest and in his arms since he retired because of increased time to just work out.


Street Clothes: Wears jeans (black or blue), gym shoes, a Grand Slam t-shirt (Either the classic grey with MVP on the front in faded blue, the semi-classic "Step Up to the Plate" in Black or the newer "Property of the Bases Loaded Training Center" on the front), a baseball cap (different MLB teams, SWF logo or the Midnight Carnival logo) and a varsity jacket (Black suede with grey sleeves) with his last name on the back over the number 25 and a small "MVP" on the left chest.


Ring attire: Black calf high boots with shin guards (similar to Jericho), Black tights with either a red or blue abstract design on the legs, a black and gray suede varsity jacket with "Grand Slam" on the back (which he removes before the start of the match) and red or blue (depending on the tights) wristbands. In matches he will be wearing a heavy knee brace on his left knee (the remnant of a nasty injury in both the JL and, recently, the SWF) and an elbow pad on his right arm (a little ligament damagefrom his baseball career).


Ring Entrance: Music: "Go Home" - Blessid Union of Souls

The lights go out... several seconds of hushed silence cause the crowd to become restless... they are clapping, talking, shouting, waving signs, waiting for whatever is about to happen...


The crowd, simply put, explodes!

The crack of a bat and the roar of the crowd announce Grand Slam!! It quickly fades into the opening drumline of "Go Home" by Blessid Union of Souls. The SmarkTron lights up with baseball highlights mixed with big spots from Grand Slam's matches while flashing the words "Grand Slam", "Mark Stevens" and "The Heavy Hitter". The various multicolored lights flash in time with the rhythmic drumbeats until the drums roll fast and the lead singer yells out "Go Home", then the arena is flooded with bright white light!! Red and white pyro explodes at the top of the entrance ramp!! When the smoke clears and everyone can see again, "Grand Slam" Mark Stevens is standing underneath the SmarkTron!!! The crowd erupts in even more cheers for the Heavy Hitter!!!


Funyon: ::Makes announcement::


As Funyon makes his announcement, Grand Slam runs back and forth on the stage, waving his arms, pumping his fists, anything to fire up the crowd! The Heavy Hitter walks down the ramp slowly, savoring every moment of cheers and pointing at various fans, slapping hands and keeping them screaming! Tonight, as the camera zooms in, he is wearing a (Fill in either the local MLB team or an SWF) baseball cap!! When the crowd sees this, they cheer even louder, nearly drowning out his music!! Grand Slam steps into the ring between the ropes and heads to a corner. He then climbs to the second turnbuckle, looks at the crowd, then pumps his right fist into the air several times, firing the crowd up even more and causing a flurry of flashbulbs to pop, illuminating the ring like a strobe-light!! Before dropping back to the mat, Grand Slam flings his cap out to the crowd, giving some lucky fan a unique souvenir from the SWF!!!


Tag/Stable Entrance: The arena lights fade into blackness as a soft female voice whispers, “Midnight Carnival.” The IGNTron flashes blazing white in time with the opening beats of the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Love Rollercoaster” as the Carnival’s anthem pumps through the arena, revealing with each flash thin black lettering that reads “Step Right Up.” As the guitar part drops in, three blue laser lights trace the arena, all stemming from the same point in the middle of the entrance ramp. As the words “rollercoaster of love” echo through the arena for the first time, the laser lights flare out into a blue haze across the entrance ramp as the members of the Midnight Carnival step out from behind the curtain. As the refrain arrives for the first time, the arena plunges back into darkness just as purple strobe lights tear through the house and the blue laser lights spiral wildly, illuminating the members of the Midnight Carnival in funky, staccato bursts. The IGNTron video plays, flashing half-second clips of classic maneuvers from the Carnival’s members. They make their way to the ring, and get down to the business at hand.



Strength: 6 (Has been working out heavily since he retired to stay in shape)

Speed: 3 (His knee is healed and his cane is history. His mobility isn't what it once was though, and it was never great.)

Vitality: 4 (He has been in the ring rehabbing his knee over the past few weeks, so he is getting his wind back.)

Charisma: 7 (Loved by fans everywhere. So over with the crowd it is frightening.)


Style: Grand Slam is a natural talent in the ring. He can pound you with big time power moves or wrestle a more catch-as-catch can technical style. He is a move encyclopedia, a talent enhanced by his time calling matches from the announce table. In general he prefers to put people away with the Walk-Off (which he can pull out at a moment's notice) but the Seventh Inning Stretch is a proven and reliable submission finisher. Out of his signature moves, the Grand Slam, Moonsault and Figure Four are near finisher quality, but he only rarely gets wins with them. To be honest, the Moonsault should be under rare moves, but it is a signature spot, just not one he uses that often. The biggest mistake an opponent could make is to take him lightly in a "garbage match" though. When he's angry, the Heavy Hitter can brawl and "be hardcore" with the best of them.


Signature moves:

The "Grand Slam" - a face-first Full Nelson Slam

The "Double Play" - I hit the full nelson sit-out atomic drop, then maintain full nelson as I stand up and hit the "Grand Slam"

Full Nelson Sit-out Atomic Drop (Bubba Bomb)

The Figure Four Leglock

Falling Neckbreaker

Sidewalk Slam

Snap Suplex

Belly-to-Belly Suplex

Moonsault (top rope) (looks like Bill DeMott's - very straight body position)


Spinebuster (old fasioned Arn Anderson spin 'em around and deliver the spinebuster)

German Suplex

Knife-edge chops


Un-common moves:

Flying Cross-Body


Big Boot

Running DDT (like the one Taker does)

Northern Lights Suplex

"Super" kick (similar to but not nearly as cool as HBK's finisher)

Russian Leg Sweep


Stalling Vertical Suplex

Superplex (off top rope)


Rare moves:

Flying Elbow (top rope)



Inverted DDT

Leg Drop

Tilt-a-Whirl Powerslam

Underhook Leg Trap (Neck submission)

Stalling Brainbuster


Back Mounted Chinlock (Camel Clutch)



The Walk Off - A Pedigree, signaled by waving my right arm over my head in the baseball signal for "Home Run" One of the most feared and respected finishers in the SWF, this is one of those "everyone sells this" finishers.


The Seventh Inning Stretch - A Standing Octopus Stretch, signaled by holding both arms over my head, my left hand showing four fingers and my right showing three. I don't use this often but I can get people to tap with it. I'll set it up by working the ribs and abdomen (obviously).


Heavily edited 12-18-2003

Edited by Grand Slam

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2nd July. Few moves changed, take note.


Smarks Board Name: Dace59

Wrestlers Name: Dace F'n' Night

Nicknames: Horrorcore, Hardcore Goth, White Night (credit Tom Flesher)

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 252 lbs

Hometown: Birmingham, England, UK

Lives: Tampa Bay, Florida

Age: 25

Face/Heel: Face

Stable: None

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): Chairs, lightbulbs, tables, thumbtacks, barbed wire, etc.

Quote: "Violence is an art form"

Taunt: The Metal Horns (\m/ pinky and index out, throws it a lot)



Well built, but not bulging with muscles or the effects of roids. Has pale white skin.

Short spiked black hair with metallic red tips and dark purple streaks. Storm grey eyes. Has a mesh of perminat scars on his face since Janus Knuckle Bombed him with woodern splinters from a table.

He has two tattos. One of the back his left shoulder, a wolf's head howling at the moon. And the other running down the right side of his neck and all the way down his arm to his finger, an intelacing pattern of spikes .



Plain black wrestling boots. Black tights, with red and sliver fire/spike patterns running down each leg, the word "Dace" is written on the back in spiky lettering.

A black short sleeve slogan T-shirt (see below)


Outside of the ring, wears black jeans and various t shirts. And generally his girlfriend on his arm (She's not a wrestler, or under SWF contrant in any way or form, so no one can touch or use her.)


T shirts: Mayhem, Immortal, Emperor, Darkthrone, Marduk, Death, Cryptopsy, Nile, Decapitated, Opeth, Napalm Death, At The Gates, Zyklon, Dream Theater. Ultra F'n' Voilence, Horrorcore:666, Warrior of Satan, Death Lord, Dace F'n' Night, Dace 'Horrorcore' Night, War Against Light, Pentagram/Inverted Crosses.


Ring Entrance:

"Hero" by Nightrage kicks in with shredding guitar harmonies and blast beats, as the ramp is lit by bursts of white pryo. Walks down through the smoke and pyro. Climbs into the ring, and throws the horns to the crowd.

His entrance video starts off as a black screen which shatters like glass to so red fillterd clips of his head dropping and heating on people. Then spiky "Dace Night" lettering background over highlight shots of him.




Strength: 8 (Very hard hitting and can shift almost anyone with effort.)

Speed: 3 (Just so he can run to hit the Yakuza Kick. Straight line speed.)

Vitality: 8 (He's Ultraviolent, he's tougher than nails. Can take anything he gives.)

Charisma: 1 (Doesn't talk to much. Gets over with his actions.)


Style: Power/Impact with a Technical Edge.

Dace focuses mainly around his big strikes and big impact moves, fighting most of his battles with these. Uses his less moves when the situation calls for it or when it's too soon for the bigger bombs.


For all moves "/" separates different names/terms for the same moves, so most will know what they are.

[] breakets surround gimmick names and () breakets surround general notes.


Signature moves:

Elbow Smashes

Rolling Elbow

Yakuza Kick

Sheer Drop Brainbuster

Release/Slam Spinebuster

Tiger Driver

Release German Suplex

Dangerous German Suplex (None release version, just snaps them backwards)

Roundhouse Kicks (Never flashy or that fast)

Reverse DVD (Opp in Fireman's Carry, throw over the other way som they land on their back while you hold their legs)


Common moves:

Backdrop Suplex


Gutwrench Suplex

Northern Lights Suplex

Vertical Suplex


Inverted Atomic Drop



Knee Strikes

Knee Drops

Knife Edge Chops


Double Leg Takedown

Side Headlock

Scoop Slam

Mat Wrestling Basics


Rare moves:

Avalanhce Tiger Driver

Mounted Elbow Smashes/Ground and Pound (sits on opps chest and Elbows the living snot outta their face and head)

Superplex to the outside

Vertical Sheer Drop Thunder Fire Powerbomb [Dark Star Driver] (Gut wrench opp up over one shoulder, and powerbomb bomb down, TOTALLY vertical. Big Death Move)



Double Arm High Angle DDT [Defenestration] (As Double Underhook DDT, but lift opp into air, and drop onto head at 45 Degree angle. Primary Finisher)


Torture Crab (Ye olde Lion Tamer, near Vertical Crab with a knee in the back of the neck. Submission Finisher)


Single Arm Sleeper Suplex/Inverted Head and Arm Suplex [Good F'n' Night] (Warp one arm around under opps shoulder and around throat, then wrap other arm around neck and link arms. Snap backwards and spike opp on their head. Desperation Finisher)



Dace is a pretty happy guy, though no overly social. Always honourable and willing to have fun with other faces inside the ring. But will focus on the action first and formost. With a no thrills style, not playing to the crowd, just working on his opponent.

Is an 9 year vetern, and has 6 years of amture experience.

As the stats say uses mainly Elbow Smashes or the other listed strikes rather than punches.

If the Ref is down, Dace will NOT check on him, and will just conintue to pound the hell out of his opponent. This comes from his focus.

If he has a submission on, and no one is around to call it, he will keep the hold on, and WONT let go, until something breaks, or the ref makes a call.



Born and bred in local Brum, a highly intelligent child, and the most educated in his area. His best friend , Scott Rage, got into the wrestling business at 14, and soon got Dace invloved as well when he was 16. Both men managed to wrestle through college and univeristy, putting on some of the greatest UK shows ever seen, either with or against each other.

Dace helped Rage to prefect the Callidonian Safe Maker, a Firemans Carry to Kryptonite Krunch. After Univeristy, Scott when out to Japan as a buisness major and a wreslter.

Dace headed west to America as an electronics expert and wrestler.

Never had any major injury in his life. He is heavily influced by music tastes of the black north, and the wrestling styles of the East.

He doesnt keep much contact with his family, but does with some of his oldest and closest friend. Never the most charismatic guy, but always smart and friendly.

Wrestling is some sort of kick and expression he cant get else where for him.

He has also wrestled amture since he was 19, and still does, but it's not reflected in major parts of his style. Not any Kurt Angle, be he can still take it to the mat, in both styles. After leaving KSW and England, he moved to America. Floating around varous N.E. Coast indies, Dace finally landed himself a spot in CZW. Making a name for himself in brutall stiff matches and ultravoilent bloodbaths. In October 2002 he entered the SJL, finally singing a contract with the biggest North America fed and becoming a truely major name on the world wrestling curcuit.


(History) Form KSW Hardcore Champion, KSW UK Champion, KSW World Champion. NWA/FWA UK Champion, NWA Eurpoean Tag Team Champion, CZW Tag Team Champion, CZW Iron Man Champion.


(Real) Former - SJL World Champion, SWF Hardcore Champion, SWF Tag Team Champion, SWF ICTV Champion.

Edited by Dace59

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Smarks Board Name: Rawknight

Wrestlers Name: Chris Card

Nicknames: Technical Perfection

Height: 6’4

Weight: 235

From: Nottingham, UK

Age: 31

Face/Heel: Edgy Heel


Ring Escort: Natasha

Weapon(s): The Aerosol Equalizer (A can of mace that either Card or Natasha can carry)

Quote: “Deal With It!”


Looks: Long jet black hair, tied back. Cut physique, simple black wrestling tights with the Technical Perfection logo on them. White wrist tape and black arm pads. Backstage Card will normally wear one of his own T-shirts.


Ring Entrance:


The arena lights dim, except for the entrance ramp spotlights which turn royal purple and focus on the skull over spade Technical Perfection logo on the SmarkTron. As the images change, first showing Chris Card shaking Suicide King’s hand, then showing Chris Card and Natasha doing what they do best (cheating, kicking and spraying people with mace)


“If dysfunction is a function then I must be some kind of…



Chris Card and Natasha step out into the entrance gate and wait for Funyon’s introduction…


::Insert Funyon Stuff Here::


…before walking down the ramp way towards the ring. Card parts the ropes to allow Natasha to step into the ring first before sliding in between the ropes himself and posing to rile up the crowd.


Style: Martial Arts based wrestler mixed with a solid technical wrestling background. Wrestles like a cross between heel Shawn Micheals and Ultimo Dragon (or Steve Blackman with charisma, your choice)




Strength: 4 (Nice and stiff with the kicks, no huge power stuff)

Speed: 4 (Quick enough to climb the ropes and fire off moves with some speed)

Vitality: 4 (Sells everything, takes a good kicking)

Charisma: 8 (Gets under your skin REAL fast)


Signature moves:

The Ecstasy/STC/Space Tornado Card (Chokeslam/Leg Trip, STO style)

Cardiac Arrest I (Hammerlock Inverted DDT)

Cardiac Arrest II (Hammerlock Dragon Sleeper to DDT)

Kip Up and Dropkick to the chest

Top Rope Spinning Heel Kick

Muay Thai Clinch and Knee Strikes

Repeated Roundhouse Kicks to a victim in the corner

Leaping Palm Strike to a victim on the top turnbuckle

Straightjacket Suplex

Sitout Front Suplex

Roundhouse Kick Rush

Rolling Inverted Surfboards


Common moves:

Roundhouse Kick

Knife Hand Chop

Backfist Strike (Uraken)

Palm Heel Strike (Shotei)

Snap Kick

Side Kick

Knee Strikes

Running High Knee

Roundhouse Enzuigiri

Rolling Sobat

Spinning Heel Kick

Spinning Leg Lariat



Vertical Suplex

Northern Lights Suplex

German Suplex

Rear Naked Choke

Forearm Choke

Bow and Arrow Submission

Elevated Surfboard

Heel Tactics Stuff (Eye Rakes, Low Blows that sort of thing)

Chain Wrestling Stuff as needed


Rare moves:




The Calling Card (Superkick to the chest)


This can be signalled for by crossing his fingers over his heart, or hit out of nowhere. In promos Card often sets this up with "And here's my Calling Card..."


Managers Name: Natasha

Nicknames: The Gothic Sexual Icon

Height: 5'10

Weight: rude to ask you know... (about 170lbs)

From: Point Pleasence Beach, NJ

Age: 28

Face/Heel: Heel



Entrance: (This is for Natasha specific promos)


Strength: 2 (Knows how to throw a kick)

Speed: 7 (Quite good at running away)

Vitality: 1 (Frail)

Charisma: 10 (Pure sexual appeal, Pure evil)


Natasha’s entrance is the same as Card’s but her theme music is “Brackish” by Kittie and the important lines are


“She is not scared to die

The best things in life drive her to cry




Looks: Natasha is DAMN sexy (for those who prefer raven haired beauties) with long flowing black hair and an exquisite gothic wardrobe. When wrestling (which isn’t very often) Natasha wears a female version of Card’s outfit complete with her own “Sexy Goth Bitch” baby-t shirt.


Notes: Wherever Chris Card goes, Natasha is sure to follow close behind. Not that there's anything going on between them. Sexy (and she knows it), nasty (and she loves it) and downright evil (and damn proud of it), Natasha has always been prepared to do anything to help her charges to succeed. Especially if it involves kicking people in the 'nads. Natasha CAN wrestle if called upon to, but she generally sticks to kicking and hair pulling.


Signature Move: The Sterilizer

With the victim seated on the top turnbuckle (and stunned), Natasha enters the ring and superkicks them in the crotch.

Edited by Rawknight

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Guest Suicide King

Kliq 4 Life.



Smarkboard name: Suicide King

Wrestlers Name: the Suicide King (Nicknames include the King of Hearts, the Gambling Man, and the Heartbreaker)

Height: 6 ft tall.

Weight: 226 lbs

Hometown: Dayton, Ohio

Age: 25

Face/Heel: Heel (take Shawn Michaels/DDP/Million Dollar Man... cowardly, desperate, vain, cunning, willing to do anything to win Memphis heel. Will beg for his life. Is intelligent.)

Stable: None

Tag Partner (optional): None at this time

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): the Ace of Clubs, a black wooden baseball bat

Quote: "That, you can bet on."

"Are you a gambling man?"


ring attire: Very much like Jerry Lynn, but slightly more clean-cut. Pretty boy, black vest, no shirt, long blond hair, short chin beard. Black tights with images of bright red broken hearts all over them. Tattoo of (you guessed it) the King of Hearts on his right shoulder. Black boots on his feet.

actual person: Built like a gymnast, prefers to wear polo shirts and jeans outside of the ring, normally with his overcoat. Wears hair untied out of the ring.


Ring Entrance: The arena goes dark as the voice of Ozzy Ozborne screams out, "ALL ABOARD!! AH HAH HAH HAH!!" The stage suddenly explodes as a wall of crimson pyro shoots skyward, deafening and blinding those closest. When the pyro finishes the wailing guitar chords of Ozzy Ozborne's "Crazy Train" pick up in volume and the Suicide King is revealed, posing cockily as the crowds pours their derision on him (save for the few sparse cheers from desperate women). Smirking in disdain he makes his way down to the ring, strutting like he is the single greatest thing since sliced bread. Making his way to ringside, he jumps up to stand on the ring apron and moves provocatively between the ropes. Once inside the ring the Suicide King circles the ropes, making sure that everyone in attendance gets a good, long look at the most talented, entertaining, and handsome man in wrestling today. The men swear, the women squeal, and the SWF collects another fortune in merchandising... the Suicide King casually brushes the hair out of his eyes and waits for his unworthy opponent.



Strength: 3

Speed: 5

Vitality: 5

Charisma: 7


Style: Small striker/grappler. Is craven and cunning, cocky and vain. Bad at tapping submissions, ok at chokeout submissions..


Signature moves:

10) Low Blow

9) "Heartbreaker" shotei (palm strike to opponent's chest, staggers them and knocks the breath out of them long enough to get off a big move)

8) Dropkick

7) Diving Reverse DDT

6) Reverse DDT onto knee

5) Hurricanrana

4) Top rope Superfly Splash

3) Dragon Sleeper, standing or kneeling

2) Superkick

1) Drop Toe Hold (often into the ropes or turnbuckle)


[The moves that make your wrestler famous. Most of the things people have in there top 10 can be considered signature moves]


Un-common moves:

1) Pumphandle Drop/Backbreaker

2) Falling Arm Breaker (not that silly over-the-shoulder one)

3) Eye Gouge/Thumb to the Eye

4) Bulldog

5) Missile Dropkick

6) Arm Wrench and Ax Kick to Shoulder/Straight Sidekick to Armpit

7) Irish Whip to High Knee (like HHH's)

8) Concealed foreign object shot (you know, roll of quarters in the tights, that sort of thing)

9) Chop block

10) Shin breaker

[The more mundane stuff that your character might use. This is outside of scoop slams, clotheslines, etc, but could include the more stylised suplex’s and the like]


Rare moves:

1) Pumphandle Low Blow

2) Fujiwara Armbar Takedown

3) Suicide Plancha

4) Tornado Bulldog, corner-assisted

5) Kneelift to Bulldog

6) Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker (only able to do it to cruiserweights)

7) Victory Roll

8) Springboard Hangman (jump on ropes, grab opponent's head on way down, snap it off ropes, land outside)

9) Stump puller

[The moves your guy might use every once in a blue moon. He’s capable of them perhaps, but might not fit his style, or he may only go up against people he can use these moves on once in awhile]




1. (Favorite and preferred) Jokers Wild: Half Nelson Forward Russian Leg Sweep. For example, I stand to my opponent's left, take his left arm and pull it out with my left arm, put his right arm up in a half nelson with my right arm, and then sweep him forward face first into the ground. For my worst enemies only, once on the ground I maintain the half nelson and place the opponent's free arm in a leg scissors, then reach my free arm across his throat, creating a leg scissor kataha-jime (Tazzmission). Very nasty submission move that is maintained until chokeout... call it the Suicide Squeeze. Not like you'll ever write it though, since it always wins.


Psychology: Generally just goes out there with a plan, a backup plan, and three or four backup backup plans just in case. Prefers to win by cheating rather than skill, as in his mind that is the best way to show his superiority. Should he be dragged kicking and screaming into an actual wrestling match though he will focus on quick strikes and grapples to wear down his opponent. Often he will target the neck or shoulder specifically to set up his finishers.


Background: The King may have been momentarily dethroned but as any gambler can tell you, everyone loses a hand now and then. The game ain't over yet.

Edited by Suicide King

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Guest Evolution

Edit - The Notorious John Duran has made some wholesale changes to his common moves, signature moves, and finisher hiearchy. New entrance music, too. Make note, bitches.


Smarks Board Name: Evolution

Wrestlers Name: "The Notorious" John Duran

Acceptable Nicknames: Notorious One (thanks to Janus)

Height: 6'8"

Weight: 268 lbs.

Hometown: Champaign, Illinois

Age: 29

Face/Heel: Heel

Tag Partner: None

Stable: None

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): Glass tubes (hardcore matches ONLY), otherwise a chair or a table.

Quote: "Sin To Win"


Looks: Jet black hair that comes down to Duran's neck and just above his eyes, simply combed straight down, with matching black tights, quite muscular, with dark brown eyes, very intense-looking. Tights have the name "Duran" on both legs running down vertically in big white lettering, and Duran commonly wears a black t-shirt reading "SIN TO WIN" in big white lettering, with a big number seven on the back and a listing of the "seven deadly sins." Sometimes, however, he goes without the shirt.


Ring Entrance: The lights go out in the arena as bright white letters flash on the screen on a black background, guided by the opening words of Duran Duran's "Notorious."






Those words fade into Spineshank's "Synthetic," as Duran comes through the curtain and makes his way down to the ring.


(Funyon stuff here)


(Duran will likely do some kind of negative crowd interaction to piss them off. Be as creative as you want.)


Duran gets up on the apron and enters the ring, going to the center of the ring and raising his arms, anger and hate apparent in his eyes, before going to the corner and awaiting his opponent.




Strength: 7

When you reach the 400 pound mark, things do tend to get a little difficult for Duran. Imagine Brock Lesnar lifting the Big Show up, and how much trouble he appears to have doing it. That's pretty much the idea here.


Speed: 3

Duran will go to the top rope once every blue moon, and he's not going to be doing any springboard moves or the like. Against men considerably faster than him, he'll be glad for his strength to take the little buggers down.


Vitality: 6

Pissing off Duran is not recommended, as he'll likely need a lot to be put down if you do so. Otherwise, Duran will go down to a finisher, barring that it's a big match.


Charisma: 4

Well, he can cut a promo, but it's not like Duran is electrifying the crowd with his words. His actions speak louder, as his JL career should reveal, and since he takes every chance he gets to piss off the crowd, he'll get the reaction he wants. He might get some screams from the women in the crowd when he takes off a t-shirt, but considering he probably spit on somebody else's t-shirt before he did so, that's not a guarantee.


Style: Duran depends on his strength and his ability to take a fair amount of a beating in matches, dishing out an amazing amount of powerhouse offense to his opponent in every match, trying to disable everyone he steps in the ring with. Also, Duran has lately shown a hardcore streak. Though it has not enveloped his style, when put into a hardcore match, Duran will adapt to it quickly. He shows favoritism towards glass tubes when put in a hardcore match.


Signature moves:


Spear/Tackle (More of a tackle, he'll wrap his arms around you and drive you hard into the turnbuckle)

Hard punches in the corner (mostly body shots)


Knees - Knees, knees, the magical fruit. The more Duran's opponent eats...well, you get the picture. Any way to integrate Duran's knees into a match is recommended. Whether it be a knee to the face, a knee to the abdomen, the knee in the Notorious Tactics section...if you innovate it, it's probably cool with me. Writer beware, though, Duran won't do a Shining Wizard variation with the knee. Not fast enough (nor svelt enough) to pull it off.


Powerslam (out of the ropes)

Chokeslam (very commonly used to set up the Blunt Force Trauma) -- This move will be done in a quick, "slam-dunk" manner to anyone above 230 pounds, the cruiserweights will be held into the air for quite some time to show off Duran's strength and control of those smaller than him.


Notorious Tactics: Oft borderline-illegal moves that Duran will use in a course of a match to get his way.

Low blow - by punch or kick

Knee to the face on the outside - Victim is propped up against the ring steps, and Duran will charge, attempting to smash the victim's head between the steps and his knee

Eye rake

Boot choke - opponent should be standing in the corner

Ground choke - Duran simply pins the opponent's neck to the ground with his hand wrapped around it. Feel free to use the "innocent" ploy if Duran is totally in control of his opponent and just seems to be playing around with him. (I wasn't choking him, I swear!)

Chokeslam counter to the Shining Wizard - Since the Shining Wizard has become a very common move, Duran has mastered his one and only counter to it: A chokeslam. Anyone with a speed at or above 8 will be able to hit the Shining Wizard without the counter; if you are at 7 or below, John will simply have the reflexes to wrap his hand around your throat, rising to his feet. From there, it's up to you. Duran can either hit the chokeslam or you can fight your way out of it; the emphasis here is whether or not the Shining Wizard will actually hit.


Common moves:

Vertical suplex




Reverse neckbreaker

Running shoulderblock (when opponent is coming out of the ropes)

Full Nelson into a Dragon Suplex (should his opponent not tap out quickly enough)

Belly-to-belly suplex

Front suplex

Running forearm


Gorilla Press

Low blow

Gutwrench Powerbomb

Double underhook DDT

Gutwrench suplex


Rare moves:

"Blunt Force Trauma II Beta" - Pumphandle Torture Rack Neck Breaker: "The attacker bends the victim over and stands to their back. The victim's lower arm is put between their legs and held by one of the attacker's hands as the attacker hooks the victim's other arm. The attacker bends down and lifts the victim up so they are laying across the attacker's back. The attacker releases their hold on the victim's arm and pushes the victim's body so that it swings out straight behind the attacker's body. As the victim's body is moving out, the attacker keeps hold to the victim's neck and falls down, executing a hangman's style neck breaker."

"Ultimate Sin" - A sit-out Razor's Edge.

Top rope legdrop - Rare, rare, rare. Duran shouldn't even BE on the top rope! Should only be used in extreme situations, in BIG matches.



"Blunt Force Trauma"- Duran lifts up his opponent in a torture rack or Burning Hammer position, before pushing his opponent's body around so that his opponent's legs are behind Duran as he falls to the mat, holding onto his opponent's neck and landing in an inverted neckbreaker (inverted Diamond Cutter, if you will) (Common finisher)

"Break Point" - Full nelson bomb (Bubba Bomb), at which point Duran leans back and locks the victim in a body scissors.


Notes: Duran isn't exactly a hardcore wrestler, but will use weapons if the situation makes it necessary to do so. Otherwise, he's a by-the-book powerhouse wrestler, attempting to break his opponent in every match.


Bio: The thought of even becoming a pro wrestler was laughable to John Duran, until his wrestling teammate in college and longtime friend Randy Turner died training in Mexico during the summer due to a freak accident which was likely the result of overheating while working out. Duran knew that Turner was working his ass off to become a better wrestler, since Randy had felt that what he was giving the SJL at the time wasn't his best.


Upset over the circumstances in which Randy left the world, Duran knew that the only way to avenge Turner's death was to make an entrance in the SJL himself. After training for almost 8 months, John Duran comes to the SJL. Filled with anger and hate towards the other SJL superstars, Duran makes his entrance into the ranks with only one thing on his mind: To be the king of the hill. For Randy.


Now, as "The Sinner" enters the SWF, his mind is no longer focused on Randy Turner, but rather, the color of gold. Duran, the former leader of Urban Decay, now has his sights set on the top of the SWF, but it's not for Randy anymore. It's all for "The Sinner."


SWF Match History (11-10)

8/10/03 - W vs. Xcalibur and Dante Crane (L) (Triple Threat Match, Ground Zero)

8/15/03 - W vs. CIA

8/20/03 - L vs. Jay Dawg (Genesis Tournament, 1st Round)

8/25/03 - W vs. Aecas (Genesis Tournament, Losers Bracket)

8/29/03 - W vs. Dante Crane (Genesis Tournament, Losers Bracket)

9/3/03 - L vs. Quiz and Ejiro Fasaki (W) (Genesis Tournament, Losers Bracket)

9/8/03 - W vs. Annie Eclectic (No-DQ)

9/12/03 - L vs. Wildchild (Hardcore Title Match)

9/17/03 - L vs. Va'aiga

9/22/03 - W vs. Mak Francis

9/28/03 - W vs. English Dragon (Genesis IV)

10/8/03 - W w/ Quiz vs. Bemani Cross Wizards

10/18/03 - L w/ Quiz vs. Justice and Rule (Tag Team Title Match, Title Loss)

10/22/03 - W w/ Quiz vs. The Boston Strangler (Handicap Match)

11/1/03 - L vs. Wildchild (Hardcore Title Match)

11/5/03 - L vs. Johnny Dangerous via DQ

11/10/03 - L w/ Va'aiga vs. Wildchild/Johnny Dangerous

11/16/03 - L vs. Dace Night (ICTV #1 Contender Match)

11/21/03 - W vs. Linchpin

11/26/03 - L w/ Va'aiga vs. Dace Night/Terrence Bailey

Edited by Evolution

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Name: Mike Van Siclen

Acceptable Nicknames: The Spectacle, Hollywood

Height: 6’4”

Weight: 241

Hometown: Harrison, Illinois

Age: 25

Face/Heel: Full-on cocky prick heel, who has a nasty mean streak.

Stable: None.

Tag Team: Hollywood Boulevard (with Todd Cortez)

Ring Escort: None.

Weapon: Use what yo mama gave you.


“That’s what I said!”


Looks: Blue eyes and long blonde hair, often loosely tied back. Walks backstage in a dress shirt and dress pants, occasionally wearing the black bowler that was first introduced in the Casino Brawl match.. In the ring, wears black wristbands and long black tights, with the maroon letters "MVS" interlocking on the side. Feel free to mix-and-match colors there -- I've had pure white tights with a silver MVS stencil before, so feel free to mix-and-match.


Ring Entrance:

"I’m head of the class… I’m popular…”


“Popular” by Nada Surf kicks up, as gold pyro begins to fountain up on the top of the entrance ramp and Mike Van Siclen leaps out from behind the curtain, walking down the ramp with a slick smile on his face. He mockingly points to some fans before sliding into the ring, nodding at the crowd like, “Yeah, I’m the best,” and waiting for his opponent to come out.


Tag Entrance:

”This Is Your Life” by Switchfoot hits the speakers, and Mike Van Siclen leaps out from behind the curtain, raising one arm to the crowd and nodding with far too much swagger as he begins walking down the ramp. Behind him steps the Urban Legend, Todd Cortez, crossing his arms in front of his face as he walks down the ramp.




Cortez lifts his cross, kissing it, before sliding into the ring alongside Van Siclen. The two men go through their prematch poses, Van Siclen significantly more cocky than Cortez as the two wait for their opponent.



Strength: 4

Speed: 4

Vitality: 7

Charisma: 5


Style: Van Siclen has enough strength and speed to survive the first few minutes, but beyond that he'll rely on his ring generalism to get by.


Game Plan: While he has gotten more focused, Mike still targets the neck with the majority of his offence, trying to set up the Riot Act to set up the Cardinal Sin Clutch or just get the pin. Mike has excellent balance and poise in the ring... he's a somewhat boring worker, but everything he does is done very fluidly. This can be disrupted if the opponent targets the legs (see: Fugue/MVS, Mak/MVS, Tom/MVS). As another note, Van Siclen simply can not hold most people in the air for extended periods of time. This is why, if you'll notice, most of his lifts are very brief -- the Snap Suplex, the German, even the Van Slaminator can be done very swiftly. However, if you're of a weight that Van Siclen can hold you in the air for a long time, well, he will, and he'll grin cockily doing so.


Signature Moves:

- Van Slaminator (A back-to-belly piledriver, set up countless ways. Is potent enough to put you down for the three, but usually isn't used as such. The equivalent of a Stunner -- Mike can literally pull this out from anywhere.)

- Crossface Black (Get the opponent into a standing crossface, then fall back Edge-o-Matic style, with the opponent's head landing on Van Siclen's knee. Often set up very slowly, and very cockily.)

- The Answer (Twisting Body Splash in the corner, with a little forearm to the face for insulting emphasis. It’s a Stinger splash, only with a 360º spin proceeding it. Formerly Wildchild’s “Blue Crush”, lifted by Van Siclen as a way of reminding people of what happened to the Caribbean.)

- Code Red (Van Siclen gets his opponent into DDT position, only instead of DDTing them, comes around like the Eye of the Hurricane or the Final Cut and grabs his opponent by the hair, forcing their face into the mat. Can be done off a ladder or onto a chair as an alternate finisher.)

- Superkick (If the opponent telegraphs a clothesline/lariat, Van Siclen will roll underneath it, and when the opponent turns around, Van Siclen catches them with a Superkick. This will be the ONLY time Van Siclen uses a superkick.)

- Guillotine Leg Drop

- Moonsault


Common Moves:

- Sitout Jawbreaker ->

- Double Leg Wishbone -> These two moves often occur consecutively and somewhat out of nowhere, if Mike makes a key reversal at a point in the match.

- Rectal Stretch (Opponent on back, Van Siclen puts foot between legs and pulls on their legs. Feel free to bridge the DLW into this, and it can be built to with nutshot psychology. All that I ask is that I don't bite anyone's nuts.)

- Swinging Neckbreaker

- Two-Handed Facebuster

- Drop Toe Hold (Van Siclen adores this move, and it is his most common Irish Whip counter)

- Jericho's Springboard Dropkick to the Outside

- Backdrop

- Snap Suplex

- German Suplex (release or bridged… he never does the rolling Germans)

- Powerslam (quick and dirty)

- Spinning Wheelkick


Striking Notes:

- Van Siclen adores the bitchslap.

- Aside from the superkick, Van Siclen doesn't have a real strong kick.

- Forearms and bitchslaps are most commonly used, although on occasion he'll pull out a closed-fist punch.

- Never ever EVER have him do knife-edged chops. Those things fucking suck.


Rare Moves:

- Van Siclen’s Gambit (or just ‘the Gambit’) (450* Frog Splash, used as a rare finisher in a high-profile match. Given the nature of Van Siclen's offence, he'll signal for this move by putting his hands in the shape of a gun and pressing it to his temple.)

- Sin Aerial (Corkscrew 450* Legdrop. Like the Gambit, Van Siclen will signal for this with a crucifix pose on the top rope.)

- Super Riot Act (Styles Clash '03 from the second rope. No amount of writing skill will permit you to kick out of this, so don't use it unless you're jobbing.)



- Riot Act (Van Siclen puts the opponent into a standing headscissors, grabbing them around the waist and hoisting them up so that the opponent is dangling, with his head around Van Siclen's knees. Van Siclen proceeds to jump slightly, landing on his knees and driving his opponent headfirst into the mat. This is commonly referred to as the "Styles Clash '03" by NWA-TNA fans, and there's a vid of it floating around the 'net. Unless you write it DAMN good, you will not be kicking out of this.)

- Cardinal Sin Clutch (Gokuraku Clutch, a Crossface from the Camel Clutch position. Tap to this sumbitch.)


Tag Finisher:


"That Special Place"

Van Siclen lifts the opponent onto his shoulders for an electric chair drop, and Cortez gets in front of him, catching him as Van Siclen throws him down with a stunner. Stunner/Electric Chair Drop combo for those of you not wanting my obese description.


“Varsity Blues”

Sitout jawbreaker from Van Siclen, and as he sits out Cortez superkicks the opponent in the jaw right over Van Siclen’s head.

Edited by Chuck Woolery

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1/27/04: Updates for the CF match. Read carefully.




SmarkBoards Name: Ash Ketchum

Wrestler’s Name: “The King of Nightmares” Michael Craven

Additional Nicknames: The Gulf Coast Hurricane

Height: 6'6"

Weight: 280 lbs.

Hometown: Tampa, Florida

Age: 29

Face/Heel: One Intelligent Asshole of a Heel (kind of like Chris Wilson)

Stable: None

Ring Escorts: None

Weapon(s): ANYTHING not tied down. Loves using the steel chair, though, and knows many different things you can do with it besides bash people’s heads in.

Some Quotes:


- “Craven is law. Craven is order.”

- “Your devastation is at hand! Prepare yourself/yourselves!”

- “Everyone has their own worst nightmare. After today, you will know yours.”



-Physical Characteristics: His hair is now a short-spiked brown, and his blue eyes are back now that he no longer wears the color-changing contacts. His build resembles that of The Rock: Muscular, but not TOO muscular.


-Out of the ring or cutting a promo: Whatever the hell he feels like, from jeans and a t-shirt to a suit. Depends on the occasion, but if his promo takes place right before or after a match, he’ll be in his wrestling gear.


-In the ring:


Attire- Wears a metallic black wrestling singlet, about mid-thigh length or slightly longer, with a life-like flame pattern rising from the bottom to about the hip of the singlet and wrap around the leg. A golden crown has been added on the side of each leg. Two silver chains cross the flames, forming an “X” across the flames on each side of his legs. He has black kneepads and elbowpads. The word “Craven” is scrawled across the back of the singlet, near his waist, in blood red Old English letters.


Equipment- He has a black wristband on each hand, a flame pattern coming up from the bottom towards the top. His boots look like this, but with more orange and yellow in the flames. He also has several other variations on design, but he saves those for special shows, such as PPVs.


Warm-up Gear: Jin Kazama's hooded warm-up suit from Tekken 4. It is the 7th picture down from the profile (here). The hood stays up the entire way down to the ring until Craven finishes warming up.


-Tattoos: Craven has several now:


1) On his right bicep: A small, unique combination of a blue star for the USA and a red maple leaf for Canada, split down the middle with a curved line like a ying-yang.


2) On his right bicep, below the 1st tattoo: The name “Stu” written in Old English, in honor of Stu Hart. Since Craven’s from Canada and trained at the Hart Bros. Pro Wrestling Camp, I need not explain further.


3) On his left bicep: An ornate black rose and cross logo. Six names encircle the tattoo: “Owen” (For Owen Hart), “Davey” (For Davey Boy Smith), “Brian” (for Brian Pillman), “Rick” (For Rick Rude), “Andre” (Of course, for Andre The Giant, a man whom Craven himself has great respect for), and the latest addition, “Curt” (for Curt Hennig). This one is more of a tribute if anything.


4) Left shoulderblade: One half of a pair of new tattoos. Oddly enough, it’s not what you’d expect from Craven, because the King of Nightmare’s newest tattoo is of... an angel? (Linkage)


5) Right shoulderblade: Of course, for every angel, there’s a demon as well, and Craven has spared no expense to forget that. Therefore, on his right shoulderblade, is a demon to counter the angel on his left one. (Linkage)


Ring Entrance:

The lights cut out, all going silent. Suddenly, strobe lights pulse to the background beats, crescendoing while "Don't Stay" by Linkin Park kicks in as the crowd boos, realizing who's on his way out. As the first words kick in, the strobes cut out, a pale blue light covering the arena, illuminating the figure of Michael Craven as he walks out onto the stage, no expression visible on his shadowed face. Continuing his walk down to the ring, he turns around at the top of the ramp, walking backwards as he stretches his arms out wide, soaking in the crowd’s jeers. Halfway down the ramp, though, he abruptly spins back around, swinging his right arm in a straight path across the top of the stage.




A huge blast of bright white pyro kicks up, the smoke lingering on stage for quite some time as Craven finishes the spin, continuing his walk to ringside without interruption.


*Funyon does his thing here*


Entering casually through the middle and top ropes, Craven quickly scales the turnbuckle closest to him, opening his arms wide and soaking in a chorus of heavy boos, a white spotlight shining down upon him, casting shadows across his face. Mike remains up top, staring back at the entryway if he is out first, or his opponent if out second, before he hops down and begins warming up on the ropes in the corner, removing his warm-ups before the match begins.




Strength: 5

Speed: 6

Vitality: 6

Charisma: 3


Style: A technical wrestler with (though somewhat limited) aerial abilities. Craven’s focus is on wearing his opponent down and decimating him with power moves and some holds once that has been accomplished. Can perform well in almost any type of match that can be thrown at him. He’s not super-strong or fast, but he combines his strength and speed into sheer force, making him seem and look stronger than he is. This also increases his overall power, making him tougher to stop and harder to predict.


Against bigger, power-based wrestlers, he’ll use his speed to out-maneuver them and gain an advantage. Against speed demons, he’ll use powerful slams and drops to crush them to the mat. And against mat-based wrestlers, he’ll go head-to-head with then, combining strength, speed, and his technical abilities evenly.


As for a basic battle plan, Craven tends to work the upper body, usually singling out the chest or neck/head area, but in certain cases, if there is a nagging injury, Craven will go out of his way to work that (Mak Francis’ knee, Nathan Kibagami’s neck, etc.).


Signature moves:

1.) The Craven Driver (Samoan Driver - In hardcore matches, The Craven Driver is sometimes hit onto the ring bell or a steel chair, sometimes ending the match, but causing his opponent to bleed. This may also be used as an alternate finisher.)

2.) Nightfall Slam (Full Nelson Front Slam- Mike stands behind his opponent. He places both his arms under their arms and locks them behind their neck. Mike lifts them in the air. Once they reach the apex, Mike pushes down forward and releases the hold, dropping the opponent down with great force face/chest first into the mat.)

3.) High Power Forearm Smash (A supercharged forearm smash where Craven draws his arm back like a shortstop scooping up a grounder and throwing it to first before he draws his hand close to his head and drives his forearm into the head of the opponent with amazing force that slams them hard into the mat. You’re not gonna get right back up after this... that is, if this doesn’t knock out you out cold. Most likely not enough for a three-count alone, though.)

4.) Swan Dive Flying Headbutt (Benoit-style, baby. Don’t forget: this thing’s got some damn good range.)

5.) Sheer-drop Sambo Suplex (it's baaaack!)

6.) Guillotine Choke with Body Scissors

7.) Gorilla Press Slam (Goldberg-style)

8.) Inverted DDT

9.) Full Nelson Bulldog

10.) Electric Chair Drop


Common moves:

1.) Flipping Neckbreakers from anywhere... and I mean ANYWHERE

2.) Multiple Rib Breaker

3.) Crossface Hold

4.) Chokeslam (Done Hurricane-style. For those under 6'9", 300 pounds)

5.) Reverse Suplex

6.) Flap Jack

7.) Missile Dropkick

8.) Fisherman’s Suplex

9.) Sitdown Jawbreaker

10.) Drop Toe Hold

11.) DDT

12.) Sleeper Hold with Body Scissors

13.) German Suplex

14.) Enziguri

15.) Corner Shoulder Thrusts

16.) Roll of the Dice

17.) Basic Submissions That Focus On The Head/Neck/Body:

-Camel Clutch


-Sleeper Holds, and so on... you get my drift.

18.) Evil Heelish Moves, including:

-Eddie Guererro’s Spinning Boot Scrape

-Jericho’s Cocky Pin

-Grabbing The Tights While Executing A Roll-Up Pin

-Using the ropes to choke people

-Low blows, eye rakes... you get the point by now.

19.) Various Basics And Fundamentals:

-Simple armbars



-Leg and Elbow Drops

-Roll-Up Pins

-Leg Takedowns

-Scoop Slams

-Snapmares, etc.: The stuff every wrestler learns.


Rare moves:

1.) Spear/Gore

2.) Running Powerbomb

3.) Backdrop Driver

4.) The Chimera Suplex (A German suplex into two Dragon suplexes, all done rolling from one into another. There’s no Tiger in there anymore, so now it flows faster. The rarest move in Mike Craven’s arsenal.)




Soul Edge - Razor’s Edge into Tiger Driver ‘91 (a.k.a. Craven’s personal head-dropping move of DOOM~!). Here’s how it works: Craven grabs the opponent for a Razor’s Edge, but by the wrists instead of under the armpits. Then, as he lifts him/her up, pulls the opponent’s arms behind his/her back and hooks then over his/her head, the opponent now trapped in a double overhead. Craven then swings him/her down into the Tiger Driver ‘91. It is possible to pull off in the real world, and you better sell this fucker like you just died.



1. Kingdom Come (Main Finisher, Big Aerial Move)

- A Shooting Star Knee Drop. Similar to a Shooting Star Press, but Mike rotates himself around an extra 45-90 degrees, impacting the opponent’s chest with his knees. If he hits at the right angle, can land on top to floatover into a pin. And if he’s feeling particularly nasty, and/or he hates the opponent enough, he’ll drop his knee not on their chest, but across their throat. Ask Triple H how a knee to the throat can fuck you up pretty bad.

2. Gulf Coast Crunch (Back-up Finisher, Heavy-Duty Power Move)

- An F5 Neckbreaker or Stunner. Same set up as Lesnar’s F5, but Mike positions his opponent the opposite way, so their head is on Mike’s left shoulder instead of his right. He winds up, twisting his body clockwise as far as it can go. Then, he uncoil and launches his opponent into the move, rotating them around like Lesnar, but the opponent follows the same path as the F5 across Mike’s back. Craven then grabs him around the head and drops down, slamming the opponent’s head and/or neck on his right shoulder. This is supposed to look and feel devastating, so please, no KICKOUTS. Thank you. :)

3. Dragon Stretch (Submission Finisher)

-???. What is this mysterious hold? Is this the surprise Craven has planned for Tom Flesher? Only time will tell, children...

Edited by Ash Ketchum

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How do I say goodbye to what we had?

The good times that made us laugh

Outweigh the bad.

I thought we'd get to see forever,

But forever's gone away.

It's so hard to say goodbye... to yesterday.


I don't know where this road

Is going to lead.

All I know is where we've been,

And what we've been through.

If we get to see tomorrow,

I hope it's worth all the wait.

It's so hard to say goodbye... to yesterday.


And I'll take with me the memories...

To be my sunshine after the rain.

It's so hard to say goodbye... to yesterday.


And I'll take with me the memories...

To be my sunshine after the rain.

It's so hard to say goodbye... to yesterday.

Edited by Mr. S£im Citrus

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NEW EDIT 04/26/2004


Smarks Board Name: Secret Agent

Wrestlers Name: Johnny Dangerous

Real Name: Johnny Dangerous

Nick Name(s): The Barracuda, the Secret Agent

Height: 6’1

Weight: 217

Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada

Age: 28

Face/Heel: Face with ferciousness

Stable: None

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): Whatever’s handy.




Johnny is a medium build white male, with stylishly jet black hair, clean shaven - very good hygiene. Since taking a leave of absence from the Secret Service, Johnny has stopped wearing his suits to the ring. Now the Barracuda dresses in a high tech style. Black slacks, black short sleeved shirt (tight fitting to accent his muscular build. Think very matrix looking, like Keanu Reeves.)


Johnny usually comes to the ring with some high-tech looking shades, and a black trench coat.


On occasions where Johnny needs to really bring it, big matches, etc, Johnny could wear knee-length black "Olympic-style" wrestling tights, with red, white and blue stripes within the "V" pattern on the back. He wears black knee pads and black wrestling boots, and keeps his hair slicked back. This is saved from the Wild and Dangerous tag team days.


Out of the ring, is open game as long as it is expensive and dressy looking.


Ring Entrance:


“Johnny Dangerous!”


Suddenly, the lights dim, and a sultry female voice breathes the name of the SWF’s resident super-spy. “After The Flesh” by My Life With The Thrill Kill Cult begins to thump through the crowds. Smoke fills the stage as tons of strobes cut through it and Johnny Dangerous walks out onto center stage.


Feel free to add things like Johnny giving crowd members high fives or Johnny kissing a female on the cheek. Johnny heads into the ring, mounts a turnbuckle and raises his arms out to the fans.


Feel free to add things like Johnny giving crowd members high fives or Johnny kissing a female on the cheek. Johnny heads into the ring, mounts a turnbuckle and raises his arms out to the fans.




Strength: 4 - Although he isn’t built like an ox, he has some hellacious strength for a man of his size. Can usually get anyone up 300 pounds or under. Over that it is possible, but some serious effort would be needed.


Speed: 5 - Johnny has excellent speed, and is small enough to deliver plenty of luncha style moves, escape a tight situation, or get to someone in a hurry.


Vitality: 5 - A secret Agent never surrenders, never gives up! That doesn’t mean he won’t tap or anything, he is just stubborn and sometimes doesn’t know when to quit so that he can live to fight another day. He has plenty of energy and stamina.


Charisma: 6 - Can talk the talk, especially when swooning ladies. Johnny is well educated, and can talk for hours, though he won’t be bringing home Oscars anytime soon. He can also get a crowd to love him, and on the flip side to hate him.





Johnny “The Barracuda” Dangerous is well trained in the finer martial arts and as such, speed is very much on his side. Being the Spy that he is; brawling, high-risk maneuvers, and aerial attacks are common ground for him. For the basics, Martial Art strikes to loosen them up, then wear downs or attacks with more “umph” to it as it goes on.


Signature Moves:


-Spinning Heel Kick

-Scorpion Kick

-Back-flip kick

-Spinning Back Fist

-Shotei Palmstrike

-Guillotine Face Driver

-Spinal Explosion (A Rolling Fireman’s Carry: Get someone into a fireman’s carry, then flip forward, impacting their back into the mat.)

-Rolling Verticle Suplex (Three if he can get them off. This move WILL put someone down…. this isn’t an ego trip, but rather how it should be.)

-Dangerous Driver (The attacker stands behind the victim. The attacker places both their arms under the victim's arms and locks them behind the victim's neck. The attacker lifts the victim in the air. Once they reach the apex, the attacker pushes down forward and drives the victim down face first into the mat.

-Johnny Kick (Super Kick - It always precedes an Armed and Dangerous, though an Armed and Dangerous does not always follow it.)

-Crucifix Armbar

-The Interrogator (A Crossface hold. Used to wear down an opponent and for submissions as well.)


Common Moves:


-All of your basic wrestling moves that anyone would HAVE to know. Hip-tosses, basic takedowns, all that good stuff.

-Any Martial Art’s kick

-Any Martial Art’s chop

-Punches/Kicks/Elbows/Chops (Not very often for chops, mostly when chopped first.)

-Enzuigiri (Back Brain Kick)


-Standing or running leg drops and elbow drops

-Neck Breaker (Rear and swinging)

-Dropkick/Missile Dropkick/Springboard Dropkick

-DDT (Various kinds)

-Double Axe Handle Smash


-Body Press/Body Scissor





-Arm Wringer


Irish Whips into:



•Elbow Smashes

•Drop Kicks

•Body presses






•German – Can also end on a bridge, and on occasion, can be turned into rolling German’s




From the turnbuckles:


•Elbow drops

•Leg drops

•Fist drops




Rare Moves:


-Wild Ride (A Vertebreaker – When a tremendous hit is needed to get a pin…BIG money matches/Feud Matches)


-Shooting Johnny Press (A regular Shooting Star Press/Mexican Pride Press.)


-Armed and Dangerous (Running Fist Drop. Johnny darts for the ropes while the opponent lies face up on the mat. He bounces back and flips in the air, coming down fist first on their chest or face. *NOTE* Johnny usualy sets up this move with a Johnny Kick A.K.A. - A Super Kick. This move is more of a crowd popper than anything. The Johnny Kick is what will do you in, this is just humiliation.)


-The Cover Up (Diamond Dust. Johnny gets his opponent in a inverted DDT, sits on the top rope, somersaults over the opponent, and pulls them down with a Diamond Cutter. If you don’t know what a diamond cutter is, here you go. The attacker applies 3/4 face lock …basically, the victim's head on the attacker's shoulder with the attacker forming a headlock around the top of their head as the attacker has their back to the victim… and drops down to the mat, flat on your back, impacting the victim's chin into the attacker's shoulder.)





Primary: The MI SLAM (Same as an Angle/Olympic Slam/Fallaway Slam - Can be done to anyone of any size, due to it be more of a momentum move and not actually requiring lifting anyone for more than a second.)


Secondary/Submission finisher: The Barracuda (Over the Shoulder Half Crab. Can be used as a finishing submission but mainly used to wear down an opponent. If the opponent is too resilient Johnny can turn this into an Over-the-shoulder full crab…Think a Boston Crab but you reverse the attacker’s position.)


Aerial Finisher: Death From Above (Moonsault double stomp. Moonsault from the turnbuckle, only Johnny lands feet first into someone’s chest, and lands with finesse.)




coming soon.





Johnny “The Barracuda” Dangerous is a real life spy (Like James Bond M7 type of spy), who has been sent on a top secret mission to infiltrate the Smarks Wrestling Federation, under the guise of a wrestler with a spy gimmick named none other than Johnny “The Barracuda” Dangerous. According to the “Agency’s” reports someone lurking in the SWF is behind some seriously huge criminal activities and Johnny must uncover the plot, and put a stop to it or die trying! With the Agency’s political power backing it, getting Johnny Dangerous a SWF tryout was not a problem, Johnny’s natural charm, and charisma made him a shoe in for a future star in the SWF, and as such Johnny was signed to a contract almost instantly, putting the mission into effect.


Unfortunately for Johnny, learning the art of wrestling has not been an easy road. At first he relied on his brawling that gave him many victories over some of the most notorious scum on the planet. However, those notorious villains were never trained wrestlers, and Johnny soon found out that these wrestlers could beat a brawler in no time.


Since then Johnny has seemingly picked up a lot of wrestling maneuvers from someone and started working his way up the roster like what was originally planned, grabbing the SJL World Championship in the process. With the fans backing and believing in this new star, Johnny is quickly rising to new heights of popularity. Will it be enough to get him where he needs to go in order to complete his real task? Only time can tell, and the clock is slowly ticking away…


That was then. Currently, something has happened to Johnny Dangerous! Immediately following 13th Hour, Johnny Dangerous seemingly turned his back on his partner, and disappeared without a trace. At Ground Zero, Johnny returned to the SWF with a serious grudge. His prime target looks to be his former partner and friend, the Wildchild, for reasons unknown.


Then the accusations came. Wildchild was fingered as the man Johnny so desperately seeked to uncover in the SWF. His partner, his friend, the man he must bring to justice! After six weeks of terrorizing events everything came to ahead at Genesis 4. There Johnny Dangerous took on The Wildchild in a brutal match for the Hardcore title in which Wildchild managed to overcome all odds and become victorious, as well as winning his freedom from prosecution.


Moments after Genesis 4 ended, Johnny discovered that there had been a set up. A man that worked in the same bureau as Johnny had made a deal with Judge Mental - William Hearford III to use his connections to have his girlfriend paroled from prision in exchange for destroying Wild & Dangerous by making Wildchild the man Johnny was after. Now Johnny has put him self on a leave of absence from the Secret Service in order to take on a personal mission against Justice and Rule for destroying him, and his partnership with Wildchild.


Blah, Blah, two time tag champ, etc.



Edited by Secret Agent

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Smarks Board Name: Powerplay

Wrestlers Name: "The Judge" William Hearford (III)

Nicknames: Judge Mental

Height: 6’4”

Weight: 250 lbs

Hometown: Royal Oak, Michigan

Age: 45

Face/Heel: Becoming more of a calm, slightly-sadistic heel like he used to be.

Stable: With the M7 dead, none.

Ring Escort: None

Tag Team: "Justice and Rule" with Ejiro Fasaki! WHOO!

Weapon(s): Good 'Ole Memphis Chain.

Quote: Doesn't have a specific phrase that he likes to use.




His face is almost exactly like La Fours from Mallrats, especially with the clean cut beard and hair. His body is well built, certainly in shape despite how old he looks. He wears black spandex wrestling pants with the red words “Judge Mental” on them. On his feet are plain old black wrestling boots.


Ring Entrance:


The crowd quiets down as the lights dim to a harsh red, and the drumbeats from beginning of Rage Against the Machine's "Testify" softly, slowly crescendoing up. The drumbeat gets louder and louder, and as the drum hits the cymbal there is a split second of silence before....




The song skips to midway through and continues on as three sets of red pyros shoot up all across the stage, and Judge Mental appears on the entrance ramp. He walks down to the ring in a very precise and deliberate step, occasionally stopping to give a small taunt to the crowd.


Tag Entrance:


"Sleep Now in the Fire" by RATM plays while "JUSTICE" flashes on the SmarkTron, followed quickly by "RULE". The drumbeat sets in, and 3 second clips of them nailing tag moves, finishers, cheating, taunting the crowd, and being ass holes in general show on the SmarkTron. The guitars get heavy and....




... Red machine gun pyros shoot off on either sideo of the stage as the two enter wearing their traditional black (Main Color), red (# Color), and white (secondary color) Magnificent 7 Football Jerseys with "Justice" and "Rule" on the back of their respective people. Zach De La Roche's solliquoy comes on and Funyon speaks up.


*Funyon Stuff*


The two slide into the ring together, taunting or showing off their tag belts if they still have them. They hand off the tag belts to some attendants and go over to their corner, where they huddle up and review their plan for the match.




Strength: 6- As strong as he ever was, Judge Mental definitely has some power under his belt. He is strong enough to lift people around 280-290 lbs with his suplexes without overexerting himself too much.

Speed: 4– Great ground and reaction speed, which allows him to exploit quick falls and be able to escape most moves. He can also pull out a few top rope moves, but his bitterness and general attitude nowadays generally limits him to a rare Axehandle and an even rarer Plancha.

Vitality: 5- He’s got very good stamina and can work just about any match you can throw at him. This also accounts for his planning and his uncanny ability to sneak out of the finishing blows during the match.

Charisma: 5- A very distinct and dignified speaker. Can hold his own in a battle of words.


Style: He’s changed his focus a bit from his normal submission style, using more of a combination of suplexes and early submissions to wear out his opponent, setting them up for either a submission victory or sufficiently tiring them out enough for a finisher. Generally stays away from striking battles unless he has a decided advantage over his opponent.


Signature moves:

The Boston Crab Series: His favorite type of submission. Knows just about every variation you can think of, though he’ll generally stick to simple stuff unless the situation dictates otherwise. He does use the old-school Liontamer (With the Knee to the back), which is a bona-fide match ender but has become increasingly rare.

Hammerlock Suplex: Much like a Half-Nelson Suplex, only with a Hammerlock instead. Victim lands on the head and neck, making it gruesome looking, but while it’s painful it’s recognized as a solid two-counter.

Cross Examination: A Reverse Figure Four Leglock ala Yuji Nagata, Jamie Noble, or CED Ordonez. It’s his new leg submission finisher, and is different from the Crabs in that it doesn’t need much set-up to be effective.

Classic Figure Four: The old school Flair version. Nothing to smirk at, but generally used early-mid match to slow an opponent down.

Judicial Review: Implant DDT. Used against people who are a bit too heavy for suplexes.

Closing Arguments: A Reverse Half-Nelson STO. You are facing the victim, you thread your right arm under theirs, palm their face, and plaster them into the mat. It’s his strongest takedown and something you don’t want to be hit with.

Rolling Northern Lights Suplexes: This is an “Oooooooo” move for the crowd, even if he is a heel. Generally done in sets of 3, and if still has the strength, he’ll bridge out the final one. His big, near match-finishing power move. Not used too often.

Doushime Sleeper: A sleeper with body scissors. A very tiring move, it’ll leave you wheezing pretty bad. Repeated applications can turn this move into a finisher, which can happen with Heavyweights who are too big to suplex properly.

Corkscrew Suplex: A Spinning Vertical Suplex.. All flash, not much power.

Straitjacket Suplex: Another fancy suplex of sorts, but this one is packs a punch. This is is somewhat common nowadays.


Common moves:

Snap Suplex: Your standard Snap Suplex. He can do it to just about everyone, despite their weight, but doesn’t carry too much power in them.

Knife-Edged Chops: The Judge uses forearms, European Uppercuts, and occasionally punches, but his favorite striking attack remains the Knife-edged chop.

German Suplex: Bridged or Release, never Rolling anymore.

Camel Clutch: Basic wear-down move, nothing more, nothing less.

Belly-To-Belly Suplex: Either version is fine. Shamrock Suplex is used on bigger opponents, though.

Pendulum Backbreaker: Pick you up with one arm and slam you across

Russian Legsweep: Used pretty much as a takedown to slap on a submission.

Chain Wrestling: Damn good at it as well. It’s his style and he has a lot of experience on his side. It’ll be pretty hard to constantly outmaneuver him.

Fujiwara Armbar: The standard takedown version.

Sunset Flip: Used when countering back body drops.

Shin Breaker: Used when working the legs of an opponent.

Standing Abdominal Stretch: Standard wear down move, generally used on those smaller than him.

Lariat: Danny Williams has his Rolling Elbow, Ejiro has his Screaming Elbow, Annie has the Dropkiss, and the Judge has his lariat. His big power strike, think Stan Hansen lite. Generally knocks people head over heels, for weaker opponents it's a solid 2 counter and late in a very long match it could very well finish it.

Cheating: Face Rakes, Eye Pokes, Low Blows, Feet on the ropes, etc. He’s done it all.

Powerslam: Off a whip and held over for a pin.

Basic Holds: Headlock, Armbar/Reverse Armbar, Chinlock, Hammerlock, Sleeper, Legbar

Basic Takedowns (Yes, this is blantantly stolen from Danny, but it'll help those who need it ): Headlock takedown, Double Leg Takedown, Dragon Screw, Drop Toe Hold, Fireman's Carry, Armdrag


Rare moves

Super-Plex When the opportunity arises, you may see one of these.

Any Submission Not Yet Mentioned: No more that once, but generally the submission will serve some purpose during the match. He’s not gonna bust out a Dragon Sleeper if he is working the legs.

Any other Magnificent 7 finisher: These are ALWAYS finisher strength, so no kickouts unless you have written permission from the person whose move you are using.

The Verdict His former JL finisher, it's a Spinning Tombstone Piledriver. He rarely busts it out anymore, and he'll only do it if the opportunity is too good to pass up.

Fisherman's Suplex or Dragon Suplex: Two powerful suplexes in his arsenal. Close to and at finisher strength (respectively).



(Primary) Capital Punishment- A sitout straight jacket powerbomb. The motion is much like that of a Tiger Driver (Underhook Powerbomb), and Hearford puts all his strength into this. You won't be kicking out of this baby unless it's a seriously heated feud, since it's pretty much an insta-cover once it's hit.

(Secondary) Surprise Witness: A picture perfect Diamond Cutter. Usually used as a desperation move, and can be done from just about anywhere feasible. Sometimes busted out when he’s in a tough spot and needs time or rest.

Held Without Bail- A Sitting Stretch Plum. His best submission, this will be causing some major hurt if you happen to get stuck in it. Generally set up with Judicial Review.


Tag Team Moves with Ejiro Fasaki (JUSTICE AND RULE):

The Figure 7: A Triangle Choke by Ejiro and a Figure Four by the Judge. 3+4 = 7 and the move looks like it as well. One of two particularly deadly submission combos, this one is known to all the Magnificent 7 and any member can complete the move.

Plea Bargain A Cobra Crossface/Sharpshooter Combo. You don't want to get in this sucker otherwise you'll tap like a 'sumbitch.

Curt Hennig Necksnap by Ejiro, followed by Held Without Bail from Hearford

Double DDT

Double Suplex

DDT/Fasaki Fuser Combo move.

Enzugiri/German Suplex Combo

Double Dropkick

Dual Fujiwara Armbars

Various distraction/cheap heel trick combos

Good 'ole double team stomp down


Tag Finishers with Ejiro Fasaki (JUSTICE AND RULE). You do NOT kick out of these.

Rule of Law: A combination German Spider Suplex from the top from Judge and a flying driving elbow from Ejiro ... Tom Freakin Flesher didn't kick out of this.

Overruled: Power Drill. With Judge Mental holding the opponent in position for a powerbomb, Ejiro snags the opponent in position for a reverse DDT. Then, as Judge tosses the legs of the opponent off to one side, Ejiro spins the man into mat with an elevated Testdrive/Last Rights/Roll of The Dice.

Gavel Bang: Problem Solver. Ejiro flapjack into a Judge DDT ... think the 3D except with a DDT.

Edited by Powerplay

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Smarks Board Name: Coffin Surfer

Wrestlers Name: Danny Williams

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 243 lbs.

Hometown: Louisville, Kentucky

Age: 22

Face/Heel: Face

Stable: Unholy Trinity(leader)

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): None

Quote: None


Looks: Williams is a tan Caucasian. His thick light brown hair is shoulder length, and parted in the middle with very long bangs hanging down over his eyes. He is short, bulky, and wide. Most of his body weight is in his chest, shoulders, and arms. He is ripped like a professional body builder(obvious roid abuser) except his abs are rather undefined when compared to the rest of his body.


Williams wears black boxer/short style tights, with matching black knee pads. However, his boots and wrist tape are white. Also, a black elbow pad protects his right arm.


Ring Entrance: The gentle melodies of In Flame’s “Jester’s Dance” dances it's way out of the loud speakers, igniting the cheers of the crowd. The vocal members of the audience begin to chant "DAN-E! DAN-E! DAN-E!" as Williams pushes his way through the heavy curtains draping from the locker room entrance, and slowly makes his way out to the platform. With his head held high, Williams confidenlty marches down the aisle.



Strength:6-can pull most of his big moves off on anyone under or around 265.

Speed:3-very athletic but not very quick.

Vitality:8-never no sells, but can take nasty bumps and is hard as hell to keep down.

Charisma:3-relies on in ring work and emotion to get over.


Style: Power Wrestler. However, Danny is very versatile, capable of brawling, high flying, and working the mat with the best of them.


Signature moves:

La Magistral Cradle

Dangerous German Suplex-Rick Steineresque in it's brutality, distance, and power.

Belly to Belly Suplex-normal, not overhead.

Top Rope Elbow Drop-Randy Savage style

Rolling Elbow

Diving Elbow-top rope flying elbow smash to standing victim.

Elbow Suicida-tope w/elbow smash.

Running Elbow

Jumping Elbow Smash(running or sling shot off 2nd rope)



Common moves:

Sleeperhold(standing or doushime)

Neckbreaker Drop-falling, hooking western lariat.


Lariat(enzui, running, or standing)

Reverse Elbow Smash(spinning, standing, or running)

Mule Kick(jumping, or normal)-back kick.

Elevated Half Crab-likes to stand on victim’s head.

Abdominal Stretch w/Facelock

Knee Drops and Elbow Drops

Cowboy Kicks-Stiff kicks to seated, kneeling or laying victim.

STIFF Elbow Smashes

basics: Vertical Suplex, Backdrop Suplex, Scoop Slam, Headlocks....etc.


Rare moves

Throwing Piledriver-Lou Thesz’s Ganso Bomb, differs from Kawada’s in that it doesn’t use the knee drop. Victim is lifted up for the Powerbomb, but instead of mounting them on his shoulders, Danny leans back and throws them straight down on the top of the their head. A desperaton move in a must win situation.


Powerbomb from apron, top rope, or into turnbuckles-Uses whenever opportunity arises.



Powerbomb Pin(Benoit’s Wild Bomb Pin)-A particularly nasty Powerbomb where Williams lifts the victim high over his shoulders, and than in one fluid motion quickly doubles over deep, slamming the victim hard into the mat. Williams always folds the victim up after impact, and slides for the pin. Mostly saves it for big matches.


Buffalo Sleeperhold-rear chinlock/armbar combo. Can be used as a submission or highly effective wear down hold.





Williams is often cold, focused, intense, and all business. However in big matches, he can be rather passonate and emotional.


Game Plan:


Depends on his opponent, really. On average, Williams likes to soften his opponent up with his strikes, dives, and wear down holds. Sometimes he will build towards the Dangerous German, which like his elbow variants can be a weaker finisher or a set up for the Powerbomb, his primary go to finisher in big matches.




-an amateur wrestler in high school.

-never made it to the college level, because of steriod abuse.

-was trained in puroresu dojos in Japan.

-joins SJL, where he moves up to heavyweight division.

-Williams was undefeated as SJL World Champion in a long winning streak that includes a major victory over Frost.



-joins M7

-participates in the first ever SWF War Games

-becomes 2 time U.S. Champion

-1 time ICTV Champion

-Forms Unholy Trinity with Dace and Va'aiga.

Edited by Coffin Surfer

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EDIT: Finally revamped post-US Title win, 6/26


Smarks Board Name: The Superstar

Wrestlers Name: The Masked Man

Nicknames: TMM, Masked Fury, Sexual Maskosaurus

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 243 lbs.

Hometown: Craiova, Romania (currently resides in Orofino, Idaho)

Age: 26

Face/Heel: Heel~

Stable: None

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): Nothing in particular


"That which can not be shall not be, unless he that doth seek it fufill his conquest with pure, glimmering courage and hope."

"The great penis of charisma hath ejaculated its load unto me."


Looks: A white European, slight muscular definition in his upper body. His ring attire is a suit, at least, that's what he wears to the ring. He usually removes the coat, leaving him in a dress shirt, tie, and slacks, a nondescript mask (like a ski mask, except professionally done). The jacket, tie, slacks, and shoes are black, while the shirt is white. The shirt usually has the sleeves torn off, giving him that BAD ASS~ look. For his ring entrance, Masked Man carries a briefcase (to continue the Pulp vibe). What's in it? Who's it for? What's the combination? Only Masked Man knows~


Ring Entrance: The arena's house lights go into strobe mode, and "Misirlou" by Dick Dale and his Del-Tones (from the credit sequence of "Pulp Fiction") rocks the speakers! Masked Man enters the arena to a negative reaction. He calmly walks to the ring, straightening his tie with one hand and holding onto the briefcase with the other. He places his briefcase in a safe place (next to the ring steps, usually), and then jogs up the steps and slingshots over the top rope into the ring. From there, he leaps onto the second rope of one of the corners and removes his jacket, throwing it onto the ground and doing a pose before jumping down and warming up for the match.




Strength: 5 [he's built, but not freakishly strong. he can suplex anyone under 300 pounds, although even the 280+ range is pushing it. The maximum for other lifting moves is probably around 300. ]

Speed: 3 [he can be pretty quick if he wants to, but TMM really doesn't rely on speed to win the day. He's just there to FIGHT~]

Vitality: 5 [will go down to a finisher. He's pretty tough, but nothing extraordinary. Can go through a long match before getting really winded.]

Charisma: 7 [just read his second quote. Really, how can you not love a guy who calls himself the Sexual Maskosaurus?]


Style: Middleweight. Basically, the Sexual Maskosaurus wrestles in a brawling style usually seen on WWE TV. He's a good wrestler, but not an over-the-top extravagant purohead. He tends to focus on the head/neck of the opponent, to set up the Cautionary Tale of Sexual Maskosaurus finisher. If it's a bigger/stronger opponent that's tougher to put down, Mask will usually resort to fast strikes to try and keep the opponent off of their game.


Signature moves:


"Lineage" - Arm-wrench neckbreaker (Regal's Union Jack). If you haven't seen it, TMM wraps his opponent's own arm around their throat, holds onto their hand, and leaps forward, wrenching their neck in the process. This move is named as such because, according to legend, Masked Man's great grandfather, famous Eastern European wrestler Muztev Nyiregyháza, used it to defeat archrival Ho Min-Chou Ahn at The Battle in Manchuria during the first World War.


"Cyclone Complex" - Tornado DDT. And yes, feel free to have Comet mark out over it on commentary if you'd like.


"Blood Money" - A combination move; First, TMM executes Christian's reverse-DDT backbreaker move, holds onto his opponent's head and brings him back up, and then executes a swift falling neckbreaker. Sometimes he does the two moves separately, but he prefers doing them together.


"Maski Pad" - A reverse half-nelson STO, perfected by Judge Mental. Used to stop an opponent's momentum in most cases.


"Romanian Suplex" - German Suplex. Neither bridged nor released, Mask just holds onto the waistlock until the move is completed, and then lets go. This isn't a "DEADLY NECK BUMP DROP OF DOOOOM", but it's pretty powerful.


Missile Dropkick, Flying Clothesline - Masked Man doesn't take it to the air too often, but when he does, it's to execute one of these moves (excluding the rare moves).


La Magistral - a commonly used, surprise pinning move used by Masked Man.


Snake Eyes - Masked Man commonly uses this to stun an opponent silly.




Common moves:

Rock-like punches

Corner kicks (abdomen, legs, and occasionally head)

Knife-edge chops

Back suplex (not a head/neck bump, just the upper back)

Snap suplex

Bulldog headlock

Facebuster (X-Pac's X-Factor, sit-out face slam into the mat)



Monkey flip (similarly, if Masked Man is monkey flipped by an opponent, he will almost ALWAYS land on his feet, unless he's fatigued)

Russian leg sweep

Swinging Neckbreaker (usually used as a counter)

Baseball slide schoolboy (Mask baseball slides under the opponent's legs and reaches up, pulling them over in a schoolboy)

Wear-down holds that focus on the neck (chinlock, front facelock, etc.)


Rare moves:


Superfly Splash - This is one of those "top rope exception" things. Probably not enough to finish off an opponent anyway, but it's flashy.


"Ezekiel 25:17" - STF with a full nelson. One of the rarest, since he's not exactly a submission expert. However, He will use this move occasionally to wear down an opponent's head/neck. Again, if he can't lift them up for the Cautionary Tale, he may resort to this to cause more head and neck pain.


"Suruasoksam Lauxes fo Elat Yranoituac Eht" - A reverse, inverted Cautionary Tale of Sexual Maskosaurus (clever, huh?). Masked Man executes the same forward fall brainbuster, but from behind with an inverted facelock.


Any of "Judge" William Hearford's rare and finishing moves, besides the Suprise Witness (see below). TMM was taught by this man, so he's taking after him (but not very often). Obviously, if you get hit with one of these, it's a three count/submission.





Impact I - "The Cautionary Tale of Sexual Maskosaurus" - A forward fall brainbuster. TMM picks his opponent up for a regular brainbuster, but instead of falling backwards, he drops onto his stomach, spiking his opponent's head into the canvas. Ouch.


Impact II - "The Masked Avenger" - Diamond Cutter/Judge Mental's Surprise Witness. Originally a rare move, Masked Man has perfected his sensai's style of this neckbreaker and decided to make it his own. This move is usually only hit out of desperation, or if TMM can't lift his opponent up for the Cautionary Tale.




*Trained by Judge Mental, so if you need other ideas for moves not listed, his stats are two up from this post.

*Unlike his trainer, he rarely cheats. This isn't an uptight rule or anything, but Masked Man is confident enough in his abilities to find no need for cheating. Except for low blows. Because low blows are awesome.


Bio: A man in a mask.


Title History

SWF United States Championship - 6/23/04 - Defeated champion Alan Clark in a fatal four-way match involving Clark, Aecas, and Todd Cortez.

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Here we go again!


Name : Annie Eclectic

Wrestler : Ann(ie) Onita

Nicknames : Ichiban, Number One, Hardcore Queen

Hometown : Tokyo, Japan

Age : 23

Status : Face

Height : 5' 6"

Ring Escort: Allison Onita (yes, her twin sister)

Weight : 175 lbs. (more muscular, but not near Chyna. She's cute dammit.)

Weapon : Kendo Sword (Singapore Cane)


Looks: Long black hair frames the pretty face of Ann Onita, now going by her birth name in the federation. She wears a Powder Blue suit, black button-up blouse and powder blue tie, matching powder blue fedora. She wears dress shoes outside of battle, but if preparing for a match or in ring she will wear similarly styled wrestling boots, to which her pant legs will go over.


Her sister is dressed similarly, except wearing no hat, and her suit is dark blue w/ white pinstripes. Her hair is cut to a short bob. If a referee is green or trying to hold down a large confusing match, it may be possible for them to confuse the two... (hint hint).


Entrance: As the slow intro of "Risky Gamble" by Megumi Hayashibara plays, the suit-clad Ann appears on the SmarkTron, shown sideways with her hand extended like a gun. The viewpoint rotates until the shot is dead straight with Ann's finger. The song kicks into high gear just as she 'shoots', causing a blue pyrotechnic explosion to occur on the entrance ramp. Annie walks out with cigar in hand, her sister following behind her.


Ann will walk straight to the ring as Allison plays more to the crowd.


Stats :

Strength : 5

Speed : 5

Vitality : 7

Charisma : 3


Style: Since I write this way, might as well model the moveset like it. Annie has two plans of attacks basically dependant on her opponent. Should she fight someone she can lift, she will go for a more technical attack, while heavier opponents (Consider 250 lbs. and above 'heavy') will get her speedster side. She's not brilliant at either, but is managable at both. A Jane of all Trades, so to speak.


Signature moves :

-Drop Kiss (Dropkick to the mouth)

-Superkick (Stepping Side Savate kick, more fast than hard, not finisher material)

-Shining Wizard/Black (whichever is easier to write)

-Handspring Elbow to the Corner


-Death Valley/Spicolli Driver (more likely in a hardcore match than a regular one)

-Snap or Stalling Suplex

-German Suplex

-Millenium Suplex (Crossface Chickenwing Suplex, if she's worked the arm or back she can FLIP~! this into a Triple C)


Common Moves:

-Knee Strike to the Face (Usually by holding the back of the head and jumping up to make the attack)

-Armbar Takedown



-Spinning Neckbreaker

-Flying Cross Body (off ropes)

-Flying Forearm (off ropes)

-Any DDT variant

-Springboard Dropkick

-Hard, hard kicks. Lots of them, Annie is a former martial artist and loves to kick.



Rare Moves:

-Somersault Leg Drop Through a Table: only in hardcore/no DQ matches.

-Annie T: Simple maneuver, setup like a normal DDT, but Annie lifts at the belt/tights/whatever to lift them up, hopefully into an angle where the body is higher than the head, then drives down in a DDT. Kinda a DDT/Brainbuster mix. Hurts, but it's more of a stun move, so if a pin is not somewhat immediately done, good chance of a kickout.

-Splashdown: (Not possible if opponenet is above 280. Either catches a person running and lifts them onto her shoulder or lifts them from a standing position. As soon as they're up she immediately sits backwards while grabbing the opponent's torso and pushing them away slightly. She then grabs the head in midair and braces it against her shoulder before impact. Heavier opponents might end up with their neck on her shoulder, making it a lot worse upon impact. Can be used as a finisher to opponents with vitality less than or equal to 5)


Incredibly Rare Move :

-"No Fucking Way": Usually set up with a tag partner having an opponent on their shoulders, with their back to the corner. Ann goes up to the top rope, faces out of the ring, then backflips, grabbing the opponent's head in mid air, then dropping a vicious DDT with her momentum. This... is INCREDIBLY hard to pull off... please, ask me before writing this in, I dont even know if *I* will ever use it....




For lighter foes -

-Hollowpoint Driver (credit for name goes to Tom and Z for each respective word in order) This is Annie's revenge/grudge finisher. Setup like a Tombstone, but Annie lifts her victim by the belt lifting them up until both fighters form a 90 degree angle with the vertex being at Annie's head and her opponent's... well crotch. Annie then sits out, driving their unprotected head and body face first into the mat. In a Hardcore/No DQ match, will have opponent's head land on a weapon or the steel steps on the outside. If you're going to kickout, please have a high vitality (7+). The hardcore version should be even harder to kick out of, obviously.


For heavier foes -

-Daybreak Pedigree. Mastered from her first SWF lover, Sydney Sky. Preferred finisher if she's worked more on the head of her opponent.


For anyone -

-Crossface Chickenwing Clutch [or "Triple C"] Crossface chickenwing on ground on opponents back. When locked in properly, will arch back to create camel-clutch like pressure on neck, shoulders, and lower back. Possible to wriggle out of before lock is cinched in, but you have to be incredibly strong [7 or higher] to lift yourself up with your remaining arm to try to break it. Preferred finisher if she's worked more on her opponent's shoulder or back.




Edited by AnnieEclectic

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Guest Beingz0wningj00

Board Name: Beingz0wningj00

Wrestlers Name: Jamie Drazon... Hardcore Maniac.

Height: Six Feet Four Inches

Weight: 243 pounds

Hometown: Vancouver B.C.

Age: Looks about 30

Face/Heel: Anti Face… Very punishing style, however his code of ethics seem to be respected(at the least) by the fans

Stable: None

Tag Partner (optional): None

Ring Escort: None

Weapons: Cue balls in a sock

Quote: “I’m going to enjoy hurting you.”




Physical: Drazon is a product of constant combat. His upper body is well proportioned, his pecs/shoulders are not massive only slightly wider then his abdominals which are ripped to the bone. His arms and hands have an extremely tough skin, provided for strong blocking and a solid grip with calloused over hands. His legs are lean and flexible however extremely toned with muscle. His face is chiseled to a kind of rugged handsomeness, dents and scars across his bone structures from numerous battles. His eyes are a beaming baby blue, which almost arouse sympathy upon sight, but those who know, are aware of the danger that comes with it. His hair is trimmed down to about one inch, with blonde tips.


Wrestling Gear: He wears a black pair of baggy jeans, glide lightly and allow free movement, which are kept even with a stylish leather belt (not used as a weapon) A pair of Lugz, or stylish boots, polished always and ladder laced. His wrists are often taped, and at times, he will wear a wife beater.


Backstage: If he isn't in his wrestling gear, he is wearing jeans and either a T-Shirt, or a button up shirt which is left open. He also wears a trenchcoat, known to have a dubie backstage, but has been cutting back until after performances.


Ring Entrance: The arena dims down to solid darkness. After a few moments, allowing the hushes and the comments to pass... Marilyn Manson's "Dope Hat" hits the speakers to a loud ovation. Drazon walks through the curtains, observing the crowd briefly, scanning what he can for his presence. He finally walks down the isle and to the ring... interaction is minimal and normally requires some sort of outside motivation to do so.




Strength: 5- He has VERY powerful strikes and an extremely solid grip, however he relies more on momentum/leverage to throw you around. An unnatural powerhouse, he explodes with energy.

Speed: 4- Drazon is fast enough to keep a good pace, able to leap to the top rope. He remains focused however, and knows his timing will catch you. Able to chain wrestle quite well.

Vitality: 8- Drazon’s pain tolerance is both physical and psychological. He’s taken the worst some have had to offer, and he already knows he can take whatever you dish out. Very seldomly nosells, and won’t nosell any big time move, but he won’t always go down to it. Fueled by intensity and his own confidence.

Charisma: 3-His aggression and intensity inside the ring allows him to get over. He doesn’t talk much, however when he does, he skips straight to the point or looks to piss off the opponent. He carries an aura behind him that commands respect though.


Style: Martial Arts/Submissions/Hardcore

He has excellent balance, extremely well trained with his legs. Understands the physics of momentum and leverage. Due to experience and special training, he is capable of some paralyzing submissions. Fearless to pain, will invite it. A veteran in the circle, he can wrestle with some of the best, and can become highly innovative with his counters. Although not the fastest wrestler, Drazon has extremely quick hip movements, which he often uses to both defend/avoid attacks and generate extra power with his offense.



Attitude Note: Drazon is very well trained. He knows this. This attitude doesn't quite make him cocky although it should. He is calm and focused. However once the fuel starts pumping, he can very easily lose control. He runs on a very high energy while in the ring. Gets very pissed off if anyone he considers ‘beneath him’ choose to disrespect him. Although physically clever, after 8 minutes into a match, Drazon’s common sense begins to slide and he can often lose control. His tactics lead to some mind blowing visuals and many bumps and bruises


Signature moves:


Thai Roundhouse- a straight leg roundhouse kick, which targets the sensitive jaw structure. Drazon’s side is to the opponent, he swings his leg up, turning his hips while gaining momentum and CRACK. Kickout is possible, but it definitely puts you down.


Spike Piledriver- Sit out, and kneeling. Remember, the ‘spike’ is an extra jump.


German Suplex- a big time throw, which is intended to make them land on their head.


Swandive Headbutt- Massive hangtime off top rope


Strikes- Palm strikes, elbow shots, headbutts, kicks. Drazon doesn’t flurry with these, each one is very precise and intended to hurt. Will use these to counter a strike often.


Yakuza Kick- Gangsta Bootdown


JD DDT- In the facelock, JD takes a second to tighten the facelock with a blackout style choke, before dropping them square on their head with an Evenflow DDT.


Dragon Suplex Bridged-> Deadly


Belly to Belly suplex-overhead or sideways throw.


Iron Claw- Drazon digs his fingers into the paralyzing nerve tendons on the face. Often using two hands if he can grip it on right. This hurts beyond belief people, I don't care who you are, you don't nosell it. Often used as a set up for a Shining Black or Yakuza Kick.


Suicide Dive over top rope





Common moves: These moves are less flashy, but can often be caught done frequently.


1) Dragon Screw Leg Whip-quick takedown, attacks the leg

2) Counter Combo(punch)-> catches the attacker by the wrist, twists it inward to make it ineffective.

3) Counter Combo(Kick) -> Attacker kicks, Drazon kicks the leg out of the way and hard enough for the attacker to spin in the opposite direction.

4) Snap Suplex (If you don’t know this, you suck)

5) T-Bone suplex

6) Pendulem Backbreaker

7) Leg Sweep Kick.

8) Leg Attacks. Banging off posts, squashing ropes and other stuff. Kicking the knee.(simple set ups for leg torture)

9) Knife Edge chops

10) Kneedrop to the forehead, often repeated.

11) Low Blow... this really should be a signature, due to him doing it probably every match.

12) Spinning Neckbreaker

13) Drop Toe Hold into a Fujiwara armbar

14) Judo Hiptoss aka over the shoulder arm drag




-Moonsault-If the action spills outside, Drazon is willing to do this off the top rope.




-Stalling Brainbuster DDT- When confident, he will let this stall, sometimes up to 8-10 seconds. Straight down drop.


-Kataha Jime(half nelson choke aka Tazzmission) This is busted out when JD doesn't want the opponent getting away. It doesn't matter if it's DQ or not, if he' pissed, he will choke you out. If he can get a scissorlock on you, he will try to mount over the back(ala camel clutch) to make it far more difficult to escape.


-JD's Revenge- Cross armed Pedigree





Demolition Dreams: Sheer Drop Angle Slam...This move started out as a counter. Set up like an Angle Slam. JD modifies the move by sliding inward a bit and sliding you over his shoulder, allowing him to flip you over with leverage and gravity being your enemies. Drazon lands over top of your chest, crushing it as the top of your neck and shoulders are driven into the ground with a vicious brainbuster.


Shining Black: Yakuza Kick to kneeling opponent. Set up by the Thai Roundhouse, or Iron Claw, which places the Victim into a kneeling position. JD will then run off the ropes, upon the bounce he gains massive momentum, before stepping onto the left knee and flattening the opponent with a stiff big boot kick to their face. If the person has a strong enough leg, Drazon will do a similar move to a standing opponent. However the kick that follows is closer to a leaping Thai Roundhouse.


Hiza juji-gatame-Cross Kneebar. A scissorlock on the leg and a hyperextension of the knee, meaning tap out is pretty much inevitable due to excessive pain!



Feature Note: Drazon frequently goes from Kind of tough guy, with a decent heart and a focused point of view... to a savage, sadistic beast. The crossing barrier is his eyes. When they are closed, Drazon is a growing, developed human being. He is calm and often able to talk to, even showing signs of actual intelligence. His other side, often represented when his eyes burst open, is a side nobody in the fed likes to see. Drazon turns into an emotional fighter tank, and will keep on trucking until somebody is hurt.



Bio: Been around longer then you, knows more then you, and is probably gonna kick your ass. (In other words... I'm getting to it)

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Smarks Board Name: kelloggs

Wrestlers Name: "The Franchise" Mak Francis

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 236

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Age: 19

Face/Heel: Cocky face

Tag team: International Incident (CIA/Mak Francis)

Stable: teh same I believe (CIA/Mak/Annie) and more to come...

Ring Escort: N/A

Weapon(s): Steel chair


Mak Francis: That's why I get the franchise bucks, the franchise perks and the franchise tag!



A black male, pretty tall and well defined for a Junior Heavyweight, think Shelton Benjamin or Kenny from TE2. He wears a silver chain and cross around his neck, ice blue shades and has both ears pierced. In the back he’ll wear a silk shirt and jeans with tims. Red Phillies cap and walkman with headphones are optional.


In ring, he’ll still come down with the shades. He wears black tights and boots with blue and white barbed-wire image on the sides. He has black athletic tape on his left wrist up to his forearm and white tape on his right wrist. Green tape covers some of both his wrists. The most noticeable changes are he gained a little weight, but wrestles shirtless anyway and a large black knee brace, much like Steve Austin’s over his left knee.


Ring Entrance:


The house lights shut off as the wispy sounds of a digital xylophone echo throughout the arena. You can feel the pulsation of the light dings, as a hard beat done by violins, suddenly strikes up slightly overshadowing the original background rhythm.


“So do you wanna’ be a Franchise… And live large… A big house… five cars…”


The SmarkTron flares up with a blue and white photonegative image of Mak Francis, which is followed by ‘The Franchise’ in large green lettering, flashing on the screen in time with the beat.


“The rent charge… Comin’ up in the world, don’t trust nobody… Gotta’ look over your shoulder constantly!”


As the opening lyrics from Rock Superstar by Cypress Hill, slightly altered of course, blare over the PA system, it takes a little while but eventually the self proclaimed franchise makes his way through the curtain. The lights come back up and Francis comes out onto the stage, tilting his shades down on the bridge of his nose, before looking left and then right…


“I remember the days, when I was a young kid grownin’ up… Lookin’ in the mirror dreamin’ about blowin’ up!”


That cues multiple short bursts of green pyrotechnics erupting from either side of him. He readjusts his shades with a smirk, before slowly strolling down to ringside and after walking up the ring steps, he cockily wipes his feet on the apron, giving a mock salute to the crowd, before entering through the middle ropes. Francis climbs the nearest turnbuckle and poses with both fists raised in the air.


Entrance Notes:


You can add or subtract Rock Superstar lyrics if necessary. Also, if he comes out second, Mak will usually stare down his opponent before hitting the turnbuckle. If first, Francis props himself in the corner and awaits his opponent with a smirk.


On PPV, if the stage allows for it, Francis comes from under stage on a lift, think Gangrel, so his pyro is minimal except for two small bursts to either side after the elevator stops and Francis looks left and right. Can’t spend too much money on an entrance…


Tag Entrance:


There is a loud buzz of static, and the Smarktron, framed in stylized jagged metal and concrete fragments, flickers to life, showing a grainy, scratched looking shot of a news anchor behind his desk. “This just in. There are reports of tensions rising, and fighting on all sides. It looks like we’re on the way to a full blown International Incident.”


At these last two words, the picture blinks off the screen, and the beats of ‘Double Trouble’ by The Roots fills the arena, Smarktron now showing a shot of two smiling faces in profile, looking towards each other from either edge of the giant screen. The words ‘International Incident’ fill the empty black space between them in bright red letters, columns of pyro rising all along the length of the stage. In the center of it all, a masked figure rises, kneeling, arms bent at his side in a flex. The Smarktron flashes with images of CIA flying through the sky, as he rises, and then shows Mak Francis locking in holds on various opponents, just when the current ICTV champ emerging through the entryway.


Francis moves in behind CIA, hands straight out to his sides, camera flashes bathing both men. As the flashes die down, CIA pops up onto his feet, and both men move down the aisle towards the ring, the Canadian playing to the crowd, Francis looking much more serious.


“Introducing first, weighing in tonight at a combined weight of FOUR hundred and SEVENTY THREE pounds, they are the team of CIA and Mak Francis, INTERNATIONAL INCIDENT!”




Strength: 4 – Francis lost a little of that pop in his hips, but he’s training and lifting to get it back after his injury.


Speed: 3 – He was a deceptively quick Junior Heavyweight. He can still motor AND his motor is always running, but sadly his injured knee has slowed him down a little. He’s not above taking risks though, but only when pressed to do so.


Vitality: 6 – He bleeds like a white shirted Flair and attempts to bump around like Angle. Resilient is the word, think Vince McMahon shilling Shawn Michaels but he’ll go down to a finisher though. On a side note, he doesn’t like to tap, but will tap if the situation dictates (Although, in the JL he passed out rather than tap to Fugue Harmony).


Charisma: 7 – He’s over with the crowd and I mean OVER! Great on the stick and well… he is Franchisable~!


Style: Technical, dirty, counter puncher, now with Junior Heavyweight tendencies. He’s got some solid strikes and his high impact maneuvers help round out somewhat hard to categorize style. I guess you could call it an “Attack with Impact” style as each move, while having solid execution, has great speed and torque.


He was never the greatest physical specimen known to man and coming back early from injury hasn’t helped that at all. Coming off of a concussion and an injury to his knee, Mak isn’t as quick or strong as he once was, but he still has great anticipation and ring savvy. He’s using more of his amateur roots to make up for the injuries, as finding his way out of a tricky situation with a counter is still a big part of his style.


Game Plan: His fighting style is solidly based in the mat being an amateur wrestler, even more so after his injury, but he’s always out to show up his opponent at least once or twice a match, so a few flashy counters and combos are a staple of his repertoire. His main goal is to work the neck, shoulders and back with an array of suplexes and combination attacks, a neck and or shoulder breaker and strikes that lead into the Franchise Tag or Bittersweet finishers.


If there is a glaring weakness, ex., an injured leg, then he’ll work it over with chop blocks, elbow drops into leg locks and STF variations hoping to set up for the Figure Four.


He’ll pull out the Brotherly Love combo to pop the crowd, but it’s nowhere near as common, since he does it only when he’s feeling the electricity of the audience.


Signature moves:


1. Gut-wrench suplex – His most common set up for the Frog Splash, this suplex helps work the ribs and is one half of the Brotherly Love finisher sequence.

2. Release German suplex, a.k.a ‘Filthy German™’

3. Knife-edge chops – His most common strike used although he will use a closed fist punch often, when needing extra pop.

4. Overhead/Side belly to belly suplex - depending on weight, Mak will catch a light running opponent with an Railgun suplex and a heavier one with an Owen Hart like Side B2B. Overhead can be done without momentum, much like a Brock/Angle head capture suplex.

5. Yakuza Kicks – Probably his strongest strike as he gets a full head of steam before hitting it. He can also fall into a pin by sitting on his opponents’ chest, think Trent Acid.

6. Neckbreakers - (Pulling, Swinging, Hangman's) each for a different situation. Ducked clothesline, head down, and momentum swinger.

7. “The Truth Hurts” - Running bulldog into a Strutting Fist drop – This move is all about humiliation. Pelvic thrusts of truthittude optional. In serious situations no showmanship necessary.

8. “That’s Franchisable” - chickenwing jawbreaker into a StunGun/Hot shot - A combo that can lead to the “Million Dollar Exemption” and or “Million Dollar-plex”.

9. Dragon suplex - set-up for the Cattle Mutilation.

10. “Million Dollar-plex” – High angle Cobra clutch suplex. Dumps a body on their head, nuff said?


Common moves:


1. Drop toe hold

2. German suplexes – (Bridging, Overthrow, Rolling) from weakest to strongest.

3. Single leg crab

4. Flying Forearm

5. DDT

6. Dirty tactics - Thumb to the eyes, Low blow, etc.

7. Northern lights suplex w/pin

8. Figure four leg lock – A possible variation is around the ring post and it’s also his most trusted leg submission.

9. Textbook dropkick

10. Fujiwara arm bar – Possibly into a cross face.

11. Kidney punch into a Side Russian leg sweep

12. Corner punches - Three snapping left hand jabs followed by a snapping right to the face. Mak hits these against opponents who’re propped up in the corner and then normally goes into a corner whip.

13. Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker (sparingly used)

14. Slingshot maneuvers - leg drops, cross bodies or a senton atomico are the most lucha he’ll pull out, sans an infrequent Moonsault or very well set up Hurricanrana. (sparingly used)

15. Cobra Clutch


Rare moves: In order of frequency


1. Float over DDT – A little extra flare added on to show up his opponents. Has the added advantage of surprise.

2. Sit-out powerbomb or Spinning sit-out powerbomb [light opponents]

3. “Tribute” - Dragon sleeper Russian leg sweep – Former finisher, now he’ll pull it out of moth balls if the situation dictates.

4. Cross-arm breaker – serious submission not to be taken lightly. Taught to him by Mercury and Tom Flesher, after his run against Danny Williams it has become a very respected move.


Rarest move:


Cobra Clutch Suplex through a table propped up in the corner – The end all be all of finishers for Mak. This is a potential break your neck material move.


Striking Notes:


- Alternates between closed fists punches and knife edge chops

- Repeated forearms and elbows to the head

- Super & Yakuza kicks a little less than they once were due to injury




Striking: Franchise Tag - (Jumping fisherman's buster) - The Franchise Tag is a variation of a brainbuster. It starts out like a typical brainbuster but the opponent is placed in a cradle position (a vertical setup of the fisherman's suplex). Then as Mak jumps into the air, the opponent is dropped into a brainbuster.


Submission: Bittersweet – (Cattle Mutilation) – Bittersweet is a Double arm bar with bridge. The opponent is face down on the mat and Mak snitches his opponents' arms in a double chickenwing, before flipping forward in a bridge. The announcers won't call it 'Bittersweet', but put over how the move is bittersweet. They'll just call it Cattle Mutilation, since that's the moves technical name and all...


Arieal: Brotherly Love – (Frog Splash after Gut-wretch suplex) - No need for an explaination. But please note this is the rarest of his finishers, not due to power, but Mak’s new limitations.


Notes: Mak Francis is cocky. You can see it in the way he walks and in the way he talks. But surprisingly the crowd has taken to this Franchise, getting behind him and his humorous antics. In fact, he’s getting a great response from the crowd since returning from his injuries.


Tag team finisher:


Def Con One - (Leaping Neckbreaker/'Filthy German' suplex) - Mak grabs the opponent in a back waistlock and heaves them overhead in a German suplex, then CIA, usually bouncing off the near ropes for momentum, leaps up and drags the opponent down, spiking them on their neck, in a neckbreaker. Think of it as a reverse 3-D, if that makes it easier.


Bio: Mak Francis, a child prodigy born in Philadelphia, PA that competed in junior and US Amateur Tournaments. Nicknamed "The Franchise" by his amateur wrestling coach and teammates, Francis was top ten in the nation out of high school and was recruited to Michigan State University where he gained 2 time All-American status, 2 National Championships and a US amateur gold medal throughout his tenure there. Although he was considered by most to be the future of American collegiate wrestling he left amateur wrestling because there's no money in it and a true Franchise deserves to be living the high life...


More bio coming soon...

Edited by kelloggs

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UPDATED 06/15/04: Post-13th Hour


Smarks Board Name: Ace309

Wrestlers Name: "The Superior One" Tom Flesher

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 231 pounds (now within easy sauna distance of the Cruiswerweight limit)

Hometown: Buffalo, New York

Age: 23

Face/Heel: Rudo, dick, bastard heel, whatever you want to call the guy who’ll step on your neck, count along with the ref and then still deny it.

Ring Escort: Allison Onita

Weapon(s): Not really the type to use weapons; probably nothing beyond a chair or a table, and even those only if the match requires it.


Looks: Flesher is fairly stocky, a fireplug with broad shoulders, a barrel chest and an 18-inch neck. He wears his short brown hair combed forward and spiked in the front, nearly shaved on the sides with narrow reddish sideburns that go straight to the earlobe and hook down to about halfway down the jaw. Typical Irish/German - light brown hair, light blue eyes, average-to-fair skin. When wrestling, he wears black Doc Marten combat boots (a throwback to his old look, and he's become accustomed to wrestling in them) and a blue singlet with black trim at the edges and black swipes down the sides. He wears a blue warmup suit with black shoulder rings to the ring. Out of the ring, think GQ – stylish, erring toward conservative, but certainly not buttoned-up.


Ring Entrance: “Kashmir” by Led Zeppelin. If you must, copypaste and edit from a recent card.



Strength: 5 - He's a lightweight, but he can still hoist most guys around, being a suplex machine and all.

Speed: 2 - His speed is more a result of his conditioning training than anything else, but he's fast enough to hit a high-impact finisher out of nowhere (the Ego Buster, for example). He also threw out a slingshot senton suicida against Dace Night on pay-per-view, but that really took the starch out of him.

Vitality: 8 - Very good stamina, and hard to pin. Nearly never submits, and bleeds like a stuck pig given the opportunity.

Charisma: 5 - He’s still great at working the crowd. Even if they don’t know it, they’re always doing exactly what he wants them to.


Style: Technically skilled, with superb matwork and submission skills. Flesher tends to work slow at the beginning of a match, attempting submissions to fatigue his opponent, and slowly work up to high-impact suplexes and bigger submission holds. (He's like a New Japan junior who makes sense!) The standard strategy is to work his opponent's neck to keep him on the mat and fatigue him for either the Ego Buster or the Superior Stretch Beta. Against a much larger opponent, he'll concentrate on taking his opponent's legs out from under him and proceed to shoot for the Superior Stretch.


Demonstrating his superiority by skill, rather than strictly by win-loss record, Flesher has forced himself to move more slowly in the early parts of the match. Without worrying about pleasing the fans and instead considering every match to be an athletic contest, he works for low risk and high percentages. Once he senses an opening, he’ll focus on that, relentlessly attacking it and going for submissions and falls until something works.


Against a luchadore or a generic high-flyer, Flesher will take “low risk, high percentage” to whole new levels and simply try to ground the opponent with submissions and pretzel locks until such time that suplexes and bombs are appropriately low-risk. It occurs to him that the fans might not like this, but sometimes winning the match is more important than being entertaining.


BREAKING KAYFABE: Do whatever the fuck you want with Flesher. If you want him to use a move that’s not in his stats, go ahead and do it. All I ask is that you use the stats as a guide and respect the no-punching thing, as the only time Flesher threw a punch was against Ejiro Fasaki when he was desperate not to give up the last fall and lose the World Title.


Signature moves: Any of these can finish a match if properly built, though they're not 'finisher strength' per se.

- Logical Disconnect (Exploder '98 - A sheer-drop pumphandle exploder)

- Death Valley Driver

- Backdrop driver (High-angle belly-to-back suplex)

- Superior Stretch (Texas Cloverleaf)

- Yakuza kick

- Straitjacket suplex (Practically a sure pin if he can get it locked up, but without many lasting consequences. It's essentially a pinning combination, not a knockout blow.)

- Fisherman's suplex

- Superiority Complex (Lift the opponent into a stalling vertical suplex, then turn him chest-to-chest and sit out, slamming him onto his back with his legs pointing away. Cradle the legs for the fall.)


Common moves:

- Brainbuster

- Railgun Suplex (Overhead belly-to-belly - usually catches someone running the ropes, but can initiate it from a standing position against someone about 240 or under)

- German suplex (bridging or released)

- Front headlock (aka front facelock.)

-- From the front headlock, Flesher can do several things. He can use it as a choke, sprawl backward and throw knees at the opponent's head, apply a hammerlock and wait it out, or use the amateur-style cement series. For the sake of these explanations, assume the head is under Flesher's right arm.

-- Cement Drop (Wrench the chin to the right side, hook the arm and drive forward, pushing the opponent onto his BUTT. Step with one foot on each side of his hips and continue driving forward into a Thesz press pin, keeping the chin wrench. The simplest way to finish, but also the hardest to hit against anyone who knows what he's doing.)

-- Cement Mixer (Floatover front facelock suplex, ending with the same chin wrench-Thesz press pin as above.)

-- Cement Job (From the front headlock, wrench the chin and underhook the opponent's arm with the left arm. Punch the left hand through and over the shoulder, driving the opponent to his back for the pin and keeping the chin wrench. See a movie of this here.)

-- Flying Cement Job (Underhook the arm as for the Cement Job. Kick the left leg under the opponent's chest and pull him over it, using the same basic motion as a side headlock takeover. The hold finishes the same way as a Cement Job, but has the added benefit of knocking the wind out of the opponent.)

-- Wet Cement (Bodyscissors front headlock – usually applied to a sitting opponent, throw on the headlock and then wrap the legs around the opponent’s middle from the front a la Jamie Noble. So named by Dace Night because getting caught in it is like getting stuck in wet cement – you just can’t get out.)

- Stalling front suplex (Lifts the opponent up and then throws them face-down onto the mat; can also be done across the top rope)

- Camel Clutch or Gedo clutch

- Abdominal stretch, occasionally with the elbow stuck in the opponent’s ribs.

- Body scissors, alone or with a full nelson, sleeper or just about any other move that fits the story of the match.

- Doc Marten boot-related offense (Yakuza kick, double stomp, corner boot scrape to the face, kick to the knee, dropkick to the knee, enzuigiri)

- Amateur-style techniques (http://www.themat.com/articles/showfaq.asp?fldAuto=5 has some excellent anigifs)

-- … including the blast double leg, which functions as a spear

-- … or the By The Numbers pin, which involves applying a hammerlock to the left arm of a face-down opponent, coming out to the front, threading your arm under the elbow of his right arm and forcing him onto his back with both arms controlled.

- Elbowdrop into the knee (a la Greg Valentine)

- Shotei/Palm blow (doesn't punch - only uses palms or backhands)

- Bitchslap, bitchslap, bitchslap... just in case you didn't know he's better than you.


Rare moves:

- Burning Hammer (Torture rack into head drop. It’s almost guaranteed to end the match, but it’s hard to set up.)

- Held Without Bail (Judge William Hearford’s Stretch Plum, which Tom used during his tenure in the M7 and face turn. He got accustomed to using it, and will now fall back on it when he needs to.)

- The Boilermaker (Avalanche-style [off the top rope] brainbuster. Obviously limited by size. Set up with an Irish whip followed by either an avalanche or a running palm strike, then setting the opponent on the top rope and hitting a 'Venus' [leaping and spinning] palm strike.) Counter this with an Orange Crush Bomb and you win (see losses to TNT [ladder match, US Title] and Ejiro Fasaki [sWF Xmas PPV 2003, World Title]).



- Ego Buster (Sheer drop gutwrench suplex. For reference, see Fire Pro Wrestling Advance, 'Alevin's Lift'.)

- Ego Trip (Calf Branding - generally set up by an Irish whip and a running shotei, Flesher sits on the top rope behind the opponent, plants a knee in the back of his neck and jumps off, driving the face into the mat. Mainly for heavyweight opponents. Did this once to Dace Night on a chair.)

- Superior Stretch Beta (Back-mounted dragon sleeper)



- Two-time SWF World Heavyweight Champion (95 days, over the Boston Strangler; lost to Ejiro Fasaki; five successful defenses [record tied again]; 89 days, over Taylor Nicholas Thompson; lost to Thoth; five successful defenses [record for most successful defenses, tied with Edwin MacPhisto])

- Former Tag Team Champion (With Frost, 101 days, over Mak Francis and Ced Ordonez for the vacant titles; lost to Justice & Rule)

- Former ICTV Champion (63 days, over Perfect Bo at Genesis III; lost to Orochi)

- Former Light Heavyweight Champion (68 days, over El Luchadore Magnifico; lost to Annie Eclectic)

- 3-time US Champion [Record for most US Title Reigns, tied with Jay Dawg] (17 days [over Annie Eclectic and Xero for a vacant title; lost to Chris Raynor], 38 days [over Chris Raynor and Jay Dawg; lost to "TNT" Taylor Nicholas Thompson], 35 days [Over TNT; lost to Tod deKindes])

- 2001-2002 SWF Best US Champion

- 2001-2002 SWF Most Promising Bumpee

- 2002-2003 SWF Wrestler of the Year (Jayson Grant Memorial Trophy)

- 2002-2003 SWF Heel of the Year (Ace of Clubs Trophy)

- 2002-2003 SWF Best World Champion (HVille Thugg & Edwin MacPhisto Cup of Champions)

- Participant, 2002-2003 SWF Feud of the Year (against Frost; blown off in Window Pain 2k3)

- Leader, 2002-2003 SWF Stable of the Year (the now-defunct Magnificent Seven)


SJL: Final record of 13-4 (12-3 singles)

- 2-Time World Champion (10 days [over Z and "Deathwish" Danny Williams in a two-fall, two title match for the vacant World Title and Z's European Title; lost to Ash Ketchum], 7 days [over Ash Ketchum; lost to Ash Ketchum in a three-way cage match also involving Frost, Tom's last SJL match])

- European Champion (25 days [over Mike Van Siclen; lost to Z in a Fatal Four Way also involving "Deathwish" Danny Williams and Ced Ordonez])




Manager Name: Allison Onita

Age: 23

Status: Heel

Height: 5' 6"

Weight: 155 lbs. (less muscular than her sister, thanks to an extended period out of the ring)

Weapon: Anything that comes to mind. She wrestled a hardcore style and is proficient with the Singapore cane or kendo stick, but can use just about anything.


Looks: For now, Allison’s hair is a short bob reminiscent of Ann’s. She’ll wear something fashion-forward that matches Flesher’s wardrobe (which is almost invariably some shade of blue).


Notes: Allison has, shall we say, flipped for Tom Flesher, much to her sister Ann’s chagrin. Flesher won her managerial services in a ladder match at Battleground, and though they haven’t come out and said so, it’s pretty obvious what’s going on in the locker room, although much of that, like her tenure in the Clan, is likely due to her inability to say no to a strong, charismatic personality like Flesher’s.


She’s cocky, fired up and involved. She’ll be screaming at the referee, coaching Flesher and showing more emotion than your average corner. How much of this is just managerial fire and how much is her affinity Flesher, you can’t say exactly.


Allison did an SWF stint as Lady Red, filling in for her sister during her time in the Clan. She didn’t do well in the ring, compiling a long losing streak despite success in the SJL. However, she is certainly able to hold her own for brief periods, and has practical training in judo.



- Think of Allison as a less-ring-wary version of Ann Onita. She’s not as strong and can’t take as much damage, but she’s seen as a total witch for betraying her twin sister and so the crowd could absolutely kill her.

Strength: 3

Speed: 5

Vitality: 5

Charisma: 7


Consider Allison able to do:

- Drop Kiss (Dropkick to the mouth)

- Superkick (Stepping Side Savate kick, more fast than hard, not finisher material)

- Knee Strike to the Face (Usually by holding the back of the head and jumping up to make the attack)

- Moonsault

- Hard, hard kicks

- Some minor judo throwing, depending on size and keeping in mind that judo is about leverage. She’ll be able to score ippon throws easily on Ann or Alan Clark, but not Charlie Matthews.


These should be treated as finisher-strength:

- Daybreak Pedigree

- Crossface Chickenwing Clutch [or "Triple C"] – Crossface chickenwing in camel clutch position.

Edited by Ace309

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Guest Xstasy

Kliq 4 Life (how could I forget this?)



-Board Name- Xstasy

-Hometown- Washington DC (Funyon says “The Nation’s Capital)

-Height- 6’1”

-Weight- 211

-Age- 19

-Face/Heel- Face

-Weapon(s)- Chain (Used as a flail, or wrapped around a fist)

-Quote- “All The Joy… of X!”


-Looks- He is still the same dread-headed, incredibly good-looking kid he always was, complete with rust-colored skin and burgundy eyes. The time off has done wonders for his conditioning; he has more flexibility and leaner muscle mass. His dreads are thinner now, but he still keeps them tied back in the ring and wears the sleeveless, short coal wetsuit. Out of the ring he wears leather pants or jeans, a sleeveless hoodie or one of his tees, and almost clear sunglasses. And of course, there’s always the perpetual smile.


-Ring Entrance


“… AND I WANT YOU!!!!”


A huge explosion and a BLINDING shower of white sparks come from the entryway as the dreadlocked figure stands silhouetted in its midst!

“YOU ARE THE PERFECT DRUG… THE PERFECT DRUG… THE PERFECT DRUG!” NIN’s “The Perfect Drug” rocks on as the crowd loses their minds! The lights begin to flash now as Xstasy emerges from the spark eruption and saunters down to the ring. He hops the top rope, and gets in, going to two opposite turnbuckles and displaying the sign of the X over his head. Then he ties up his hair, before chilling Eddie Guerro style in a corner, or just getting to the action.


-Stats- Strength (1) Speed (7) Vitality (3) Charisma (9)

-Style- High Flyer/ Capoeira


-Notes- X has always had a spectacular style, and that tradition continues. He is more of a passion fighter and risk taker than a strategist, preferring to rely on the rhythm and feel of Capoeira than the planning of regular wrestling. His instincts are impeccable, but his decision-making leaves some to be desired. Also remember that he always goes for the showstopper, often to his detriment.


-Bio- Too long to elaborate. Let’s just say the Drug is back, and this time he’s the miracle cure for EVERYTHING!



Xception™- A swift and vicious spinning neckbreaker. (Medium and smaller sized opponents continue spinning with the torque until they hit the ground, and they might roll a few times once on the canvas! The important thing: it can happen anywhere. Off of the top rope, while being lifted for a brainbuster, while springboarding, anywhere! He can even chain them together if he’s really hyped up!)

Soargasm™- Rack. (X needs extra leverage for this move, so he usually will do it from off of the top rope. After downing the opponent, X leaps onto the near turnbuckle, where he throws his hair tie into the now Xstatic crowd. The opponent stands, and X flies off of the top rope, flipping for leverage. He lifts the opponent up into a Torture Rack, then brings them down onto the mat, where he cranks them in a flailing mass until they tap out. This move CAN occur from a simple standing position as well.)


-Signature moves (strongest to weakest)

Xclusion- This move is a Senton Bomb, but facing the audience! Basically, X leaps backwards off of the buckle, but flips forwards, creating an interesting visual picture and diving hard onto his victim! Once again, it looks incredible!

Wishbone Splint- X places his feet between his opponent’s and forces them into a split


Knee Facebuster- Triple H Style (usually sets up the Soargasm)

X DDT- X does a running or flying DDT, backrolling to his feet upon impact

Whipback Kick- X backflips with no hands, kicking the opponent in the chest with one foot, and the chin with the other, with or without a running start

Ridgehand Chop- A chop with the inside of the hand as opposed to the outside

Blitzing Jabs- Fast quick Jabs to the opponent

Upstart Slap- X brings his hand, palm upwards, hard under the opponent’s chin. Really done as a disrespectful gesture, not as a powerful move

Get Xstatic- Not so much a move as a trademark, X unzips and pulls down the top of his wetsuit


-Common moves (strongest to weakest)

Moonsault Variations (diving, standing, corkscrew, spring, lionsault, shooting star press)

Double Footed Wheel Kick

Capoeira Flip Suplex- X pulls his opponent and backrolls, using his leg to push them overhead and back onto the mat

Capoeira Front Dropkick- X grabs the opponent by the arm, plants his feet in their chest, and pushes off, backflipping while they fall

The Crux (Rings of Saturn)

Rana Variations (Frankensteiner & Hurricanrana)

Bulldog (Often X will spring off of the second or top rope to do it)

Hard Cross Body (running or from the top rope)

Guillotine Strikes (Mounted on a standing opponent and punching)


Knee Strikes (Good Xception set up)

Half Crab

Hard Hip Toss

Dragon Screw Takedown (rolling or single)


Shooting Leg Tackle (takes out the knee)

Capoeira Kicks (of any variety- sidekick, roundhouse, back roundhouse, flying, backflip Enzugiri, etc…)

Fireman’s Carry with Cartwheel

Capoeira Windmill Sweep (looks like a short spinaroonie)

Rollups (of any variety- schoolboy, small package, clutch roll, etc…)


-Rare moves (strongest to weakest)

Piledriver (simple, but BRUTAL)

Wishbone Low Blow (a la Johnny Cage)

Backwards Diving Headbutt (hurts Xstasy a lot as well)


Edited by Xstasy

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30th April 2004, Hell Machine Revised Edition! Notes! Stats! Intro!


Smarks Board Name: janusd

Wrestler's Name: Janus

Nickname: The Hell Machine

Real Name: Terrence Bailey

Height: 7'2''

Weight: 360lbs

Hometown: Sydney, Australia

Age: 30

Face/Heel: Evil, Evil Heel.

Stable: None

Tag Team: None

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): The Equalizer

Quote: "Confident. Cocky. Lazy. DEAD."


Looks - Ring Attire


Janus always wears a pair of black boots and long black leather pants. His body is proportinately muscled for his seven foot frame, and on his hands he also has a pair of black fingerless gloves. He has long, shoulder-length hair - now groomed and dyed just so, that one half is black and the other half is white. His eyes are back to bloody red. A small goatee graces his face, and a trio of long scars slashing across his chest completes his appearance.


Looks - Backstage


While backstage, Janus wears his usual black pants and boots, but drops the gloves and goes barehanded. He wears a deep purple shirt. It's usually covered by his latest clothing addition - an ankle length white trenchcoat that matches the white in his hair. On occasion, he will tie his long hair back behind his head to give himself a more dignified, but still monsterous appearance.




The lights in the arena dim, and red lights begin to flash, in synch with an ominous, buzzing alarm. As the alarm continues to buzz out, indistinct red letters flash on the Smarktron, and a bell tolls ominously as the words resolve into...




The chorus of Fear Factory's "Resurrection" echoes out over the arena, accompanied by a pair of spotlights that swing around the crowd as if searching. Blue pyrotechnics fountain from the rampsides, causing a rain of azure to sprinkle down.


Consumed with memories...

That preceded today...

Given a chance to bereave...

Life that's slipping AWAY!


Janus comes stalking through the entranceway, trenchcoat flapping behind him. He lifts his arms into the air despite the noise from the crowd, and begins stalking down the ramp. As he goes past each pyrotechnic fountain, they go out.


>Funyon stuff<


Revive all my fears!

Revive wasted tears!

Revive void within!

Revive once again!


When he reaches the bottom of the ramp, the Hell Machine discards his trenchcoat, laying it on the steps and rolling into the ring. He rises to his feet with a grim expression, thrusting his arms into the air. Blue fountains of flame explode from the turnbuckles, and it is this that brings the light back up as the sound of "Resurrection" fades out.




Strength: 10 (You ain't no-selling anything this guy does, believe me.)

Speed: 1 (Moves and reacts with precision slowness.)

Vitality: 7 (Keeping your muscle tone up keeps you as resilient as ever)

Charisma: 2 (Keeps his voice low and ominous, unless he gets pissed. Then he shouts.)


Style: Still power-based.


Signature Moves


"Spinal Division" - Train Wreck** (Canadian Backbreaker Rack, squeeze the opponent once or twice, then drop to your knees, wrenching their back before dropping them.)

Knuckle Bomb (A punch as deadly as the Rolling Elbow / Burning Lariat.)


High-Angle Spinebuster**

"Thoughts In Chaos" - Airplane Spin to Diamond Cutter (Spins around, then swings their legs out behind him and drops with a Diamond Cutter)

The Gore (straight line charge, usually comes off the ropes unless he's running clear across the ring)

"Sydney Harbour Bridge" - Full Nelson Suplex**

Gutwrench Falcon Arrow** (Gutwrench opponent into the air, turn around with them, and then sit out in a body slam piledriver)


Common Moves


Rolling Lariat

"Everdream" - Implant DDT**

Suplexes (any and all basic suplexes. Overhead, belly to belly, vertical etc.)**


Big Boot

Gorilla Press Slam**

"Crash and Burn" - Powerslam-Backbreaker (usually a running counter)

Two Leg Folding Pin (Janus folds his opponent's legs over their head and pins their shoulders to the mat)

Legdrop (standing or running)**

Towerhacker Bomb (Torture Rack to Sitout Powerbomb)**

Triple Rib-breaker




"ADF II" - Emerald Fusion / Dreamer Driver**

(Dace) Scoop them up over one shoulder like a Running Powerslam

(Dace) Wrap your far arm around their body and your near arm around their head

(Dace) Sit out and drop them on their neck

(Dace) And in Kayfabe, stronger than the TD'91


"Hell Crush" - Arm-Capture Bearhug


Variations Include


Around The Ropes

Around The Turnbuckles

Around The Ringpost

With A Chair/Barbed Wire

With A Table

With Rolling Belly-to-Bellys



Rare Moves


Frog Splash


"Rage Unleashed" - Vertical Suplex into Sit-Out Tombstone Piledriver. Instant DEATH move.** This move means nothing but victory, and if he gets pissed he will pull it out. You better have a GOOD reason for kicking out, if you dare to.




1) Any move marked ** can be done off the top rope if necessary.

2) All hurricanranas can be reversed into sitout powerbombs.

3) All crossbodys/moonsaults can be reversed into the triple rib-breaker or powerslam-backbreaker -- and occasionally the ADF II.

4) Fuck fair play. He will win by any means necessary.

5) Eye for an eye; if an opponent lowblows him, he WILL return the favour.


Fiery and ferocious once more, Janus is a force to be reckoned with. Despite being seven feet tall and packed with muscle, the Hell Machine has a sharp mind. He knows psychology, he knows how to work a body over. He revels in causing others pain. However, there is a measure of control in his mind - he will not blindly murder everyone in sight. Cheered against heels, booed against faces, the monsterous Hell Machine has a strange duality about him, even if he's the dominant personality again.


All signature and rare moves can be match finishers if executed at the right time or onto something like a chair or concrete.




Too Damn Long

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Smarks Board Name: Cuban_Linx

Wrestlers Name: Stryke

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 219lbs

Hometown: Sydney, Australia.

Age: 26

Face/Heel: Heel

Weapon(s): Anything within arms reach, Stryke will gladly take it and beat the opponent in the noggin with it.




Stryke is of decent build (he’s in good shape, though with no great muscle development), with tanned skin and mid-length brown hair. In the ring he wears shiny silver and blue ‘Hardy Boys’ style baggy pants with your standard wrestling boots. And though it’s not too noticeable, he also has a scar on the right side of his face after a particularly nasty Stairway to Hell match with Low Brass from back in the day. Barbed Wire + Face does not mix.


Ring Entrance


The arena is silent except for the murmuring of the crowd, but that quickly changes a massive wall of blue and silver pyrotechnics fires up all across the stage, Cypress Hill's "How I Could Just Kill A Man" kicking into action as Stryke steps out onto the stage! The crowd rise to their feet in boos, Stryke slowly sauntering his way down the ramp, soaking up the crowd's hatred as he reaches the ring and climbs up onto the ring apron. The Australian pauses to look out into the crowd, and as the chorus hits Stryke steps to the second turnbuckle and raises his arms to the crowd, further drawing their ire as Funyon commences the introductions.


* Funyon stuff here *


Stryke hops over the top rope and into the ring, casually leaning back on the ropes as he either focuses his attention on his opponent or waits for them to arrive.




Strength: 4 [stryke possesses average strength, he’s strong enough to handle most mid-size opponents, but against the bigger wrestlerss in the SWF he’ll have problems]

Speed: 6 [After moving away from his high-flying background during his last SWF stint, Stryke’s dropped weight and has picked up his speed levels once again. He’s quite fast-paced in the ring, and won’t shy away from high-risk manuevers of any kind]

Vitality: 7 [Can take his fair-share of punishment, but will go down eventually. The high vitality is more representative of his strong endurance levels rather than his ability to go around no-selling or kicking out of finishers, which won’t be happening anytime soon]

Charisma: 3 [Doesn’t get on the mic very much, though he’s capable when he does. Stryke doesn’t radiate charisma like some others in the SWF, though he does have a certain presence in the ring, he prefers his action to do the talking]




Stryke likes to wrestle a fast-paced style in the ring, utilising both his affinity for high-risk moves with a number of power and ground-based manuevers to wear the opponent down. A lot of the focus of his attack is the head/neck region of the opponent, many of his signature moves targeting that region, before looking to finish them off with one or two big moves. Of course depending on factors such as the match type and the opponent’s size/style etc. Stryke will change his strategy to suit the situtation as necessary.


Stryke has some basic submission skills and has numerous mat-based moves in his repertoire, but overall he's just not that good at them. While Stryke is working to improve it his ground game is a weakness the more adept pure wrestlers in he fed will be able to dominate him at, but that won't stop an over-confident idiot like Stryke from trying. He’s also no stranger to the hardcore style, being a two-time Hardcore champ he can bleed like a ’68 Buick losing oil. Feel free to write Stryke however you want though, write him whatever way is easiest for you, i won't mind/care.


Signature moves


* Half and Half Suplex: Standing behind the opponent, Stryke hooks one of the opponents arms in a chickenwing and the other in a half nelson. From there Stryke suplexes the opponent over, dropping them right on the top of their head.

* Spinning Backdrop Suplex: Stryke lifts the opponent for a standard backdrop suplex, but spins around as he’s executing the move before swiftly dropping down, the opponent crashing back first to the mat.

* Backslide Neckbreaker: Stryke hooks the opponent for a standard backslide, but instead of pulling them over into a pin he drops down, snapping them to the mat with a modified neckbreaker.

* Sleeper Drop: Stryke locks on a sleeper hold, before dropping down, slamming the opponent back/head first to the mat. Stryke'll often milk the Sleeper for all it's worth first, then hit the drop just as the opponents starts to fight back.

* Event Horizon: Applying a front facelock and hooking the opponents leg, Stryke sets the opponent just as you would for a Fisherman's Suplex/Buster, but instead of lifting the opponent up for the suplex he spins to the side, snapping them down hard in a style similar to a Swinging Neckbreaker.

* Facelift: A running dropkick to the face with the opponent seated against the turnbuckles. With an opponent sitting in the corner, Stryke moves to the opposite corner as he lines the victim up before charging in full pelt, dropkicking the opponent right in the face. Nothing flashy, but this will definitely leave you hurting, Stryke holds nothing back on this and will likely have to scrape the opponents face off the bottom of his shoes.

* Fireman’s Carry to Facebuster: With the opponent on Stryke’s shoulders, Stryke swings them out, going to one knee and dropping the opponent face-first across his extended knee.

* Diving Neckbreaker: Stryke climbs to either the top or middle turnbuckle, and with the opponent standing Stryke dives towards them, catching them by the head and snapping them down with a neckbreaker.

* All Time High: A Frogsplash, getting impressive air and hitting hard. Stryke's used this as a finisher in the past, and should he focus his attack on the back or stomach region of the opponent it is still more than capable of getting the victory.


Common moves


* DDT: Pretty much any way a DDT can be done, Stryke will do it. Standard, double arm, reverse, inverted, tornado, Stryke can adapt to whatever situation he’s in to drive the opponents head into the canvas.

* Hurricanrana: Hit from pretty much anywhere at anytime, much like the DDT any way Stryke can think of doing a Hurricanrana he'll do it.

* Leg Drops & Elbow Drops: Stryke can do both a number of ways, be it regular, off the top, to a particular bodypart, whatever.

* Double Knee Drop

* Sit-out Scoop Slam

* Bulldog

* Neckbreaker

* Dropkick: Regular, springboard, missile, whatever the occasion calls for.

* Brainbuster

* Snap Suplex

* Overhead Release Belly to Belly Suplex

* German Suplex (not a fan of rolling germans though)

* Superplex

* Senton Backsplash

* Suicide Dives of all kinds, a straight dive, somersault, corkscrew, whatever, Stryke has no problem hurling his body at the opponent with little care for the consequences.

* Shoulder Thrusts in the corner

* Bodypart specific offence: Armbreakers, Gutbusters, Backbreakers and the like.

* Any other basic moves or submission holds, armbars, headlocks, powerslams, basic matwork etc. And it’s non uncommon for Stryke to forget about all the fancy suplexes and flip-floppy crap and just smack the opponent around with some stiff strikes. Really, any moves you'd like Stryke to use that make sense and fit with what he's doing, go right ahead.


Rare moves


* One-Man Conchairto: With a chair in each hand, Stryke brings them together, sandwiching the opponents head between them. It’ll only turn up in hardcore or no-DQ situations obviously, unless he manages to sneak it in while the referee is suitably distracted.

* Cradle Piledriver: From a standing headscissors Stryke lifts the opponent vertical, reaching one arm between the victim's legs and hooking it with his other, before sitting out and spiking the victim's head right into the canvas. Finisher strength, but by no means a sure thing.




* Low End Theory: A Pumphandle Piledriver. As the name indicates, Stryke sets the opponent in a pumphandle position before lifting them up, holding them upside down as shoulder-height before sitting out, crunching the opponent’s skull into the canvas. Serious headaches and pinfalls shall follow.

* Breakdown: A combination Top Rope Fallaway Slam/Moonsault Press. Standing on the top turnbuckle Stryke faces out into the crowd, holding the opponent in a fallaway slam position. From there he moonsaults back into the ring, keeping hold of the opponent as the opponent slams to the canvas with Stryke simultaneously landing on top as he would for a moonsault. Only really used against cruiser-sized opposition.




Stryke returns for the millionth time. At this point even I don’t remember most of his history, though it's not like Stryke's been involved in anything of note anyway. Chronic no-showing and quitting will do that to you.

Edited by Cuban_Linx

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Guest Goodear

Smarks Board Name: Goodear

Wrestlers Name: "Wild” Coy West

Height: 6'6"

Weight: 253 lbs.

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Age: 26

Face/Heel: Face

Stable: None

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): If Coy has to go into a no disqualifcation fight, he will often come out with a section of bullrope with which to whip and choke his opponent. He will also come out dressed in jeans and cowboy boots for the most part in order to give a more 'bunkhouse' feel to the proceedings.


"I'm coming for you boy."


Looks: Coy is a slightly muscled but thick man in his mid twenties with his long black hair pulled back into a ponytail. West will either appear clean shaven or with a bit of a five o'clock shadow depending on the mood of the contest. A good rule of thumb is that the more important the match or heated the rivalry, the more facial hair. No longer trying to be a stereotypical hick, West now wears actual wrestling attire into the ring. Instead of a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, West now wears a pair of black tights with a double W on the front in white. Other than that, West wears a pair of black boots with white kneepads pulled low onto his shins ala Ric Flair as well as a thick elbow pad on his right arm to aid with the impact of his elbow drops and clotheslines.


Ring Entrance: West simply walks into the ring from backstage with a denim vest and a baseball cap as ring attire (alter as you see fit). Tossing the cap into the crowd as he gets into the ring, West immediately starts to test the spring of the ropes before the match up can get underway. He is not someone for a whole lot of fanfare anymore and is simply not in the mood for a lot of music or fireworks. He is clearly from the old school mold.




Strength: 7

Speed: 4

Vitality: 5

Charisma: 4


Style: West commonly uses an old school style of wrestling that starts out working over a body part with rudimentary moves such as hammerlocks and armbars in order to grab that intitial advantage. But as the match goes on, the wrestling slowly works its way out of his style in favor of throwing heavy leather punches as well as his more high impact offense.


Signature moves:

Corkscrew elbow drop


Superplex off the top rope (w/float over because floating over ROCKS)

Belly-to-belly suplex (None of this overhead suplex either… Magnum TA style)

Spinning ToeHold

Top rope elbow drop


Common moves:


Leaping Lariat

Reverse atomic drop


Belly-to-back suplex


Bulldog Headlock ... usually after a hard clothesline in a corner

Airplane Spin

Missile dropkick

Kneebreaker... in order to set up the spinning toehold



Slingshot Suplex



Rare Move:

'How West Won' - Starting off from a pedigree position, West pulls his opponent up and off the canvas and to his shoulders before swiging his opponent back down tot he canvas facefirst. West sits out at the point of impact.


Notes: I'll add the notes a bit more as I promo to provide the reasons for the changes from lovable dimwit to a more focused and aggressive worker. Yes I will.

Edited by Goodear

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Guest Aecas

EDIT: Removed two rare moves as I have far too many moves anyway.


Smarks Board Name: Aecas

Wrestlers Name: Aecas

Nickname: The Black Angel

Height: 7'

Weight: 315lbs

Hometown: Shrewsbury, England

Age: 29

Face/Heel: Psychotic Face

Stable: The Unholy Trinity

Ring Escort: N/A

Weapon(s): Anything not nailed down and liftable. Carries Flick Scythe to the ring with him. (See notes for description)

Quote: "Sanity is just a weird form of madness..."


Looks: He has black hair that comes down to his shoulders, when backstage he wears it tied back in a ponytail but loosens it before making his entrance to the ring. His eyes are blue/green but he wears contact lenses that blot out the iris and pupil leaving them totally white. He wears black leather pants and a large pair of Goth New Rock boots from the waist up he wears nothing, his skin is pale and contrasts sharply to a snaking dragon tattoo that works its sinuous length around his chest and back. He wears black and white face paint and across the pale skin of his forehead the word DEATH is written in black face paint.


Ring Entrance: The arena goes dark for several long moments, a graveyard bell ringing ominously before a deep voice reverberates through the arena speakers.


"Are you scared?"


The voice echoes for a moment before several voices speak as one.


"He's here..........."


Amon Amarth's "Death in Fire" blasts out from the arena speakers as a lighting flash highlights Aecas on the Smarktron, a sadistic grin on his face. Red lights begin to strobe around the arena, like an alarm system gone wrong - or a system that is warning of imminent carnage. Thick smoke boils up from the entranceway, filling the air and carpeting the floor, a blood red spotlight picks out Aecas as he stands deep in the depths of the smoke, an eerie silhouette will a large staff in one hand.


Aecas raises the staff high above his head holding it high in both hands. A long wicked blade snaps forth from the staff as Aecas tips his head back spraying a mist of blood into the air, inciting a roar of approval from the crowd as he begins to stride down the aisle. As he walks the light flickers his face alternating from an impassive visage to a mask of almost demonic glee with each flicker. He enters the ring through the ropes as the lights slowly come up a grin on his face as he anticipates what is to come before his face becomes indifferent and impassive once again.




Strength: 8 (He's back and more pumped up than ever!)

Speed: 3 (Though he has sacrificed some of his speed for strength, he can still move around and will still fly from the top regardless of his health or his opponents.)

Vitality: 8 (Hit him in the face with a broken bottle and he'd give you another and tell you to put more effort behind it.)

Charisma: 1 (He looks positively gloomy unless involved in very brutal matches when he lets excitement break the surface. He talks little but his actions often speak volumes of their own.)


Style: Power Based but mixes in some Technical moves.


Signature moves:

Brainbuster Variations/Entrance To Hades - Aecas' Suplex move of choice the Brainbuster name a variant and he can throw it, variations include, Normal, Stalling, One Armed, Inverted, Sheer Drop, Evenflow, Slingshot, Second Rope Into Turnbuckles, Corkscrew,and on special occasions Jumping, Darkness Buster and Super (Jumping Darkness Buster and Super are rare because obviously they are Finisher strength). The Entrance To Hades is a combination move, Normal Brainbuster to Evenflow Brainbuster to Corkscrew Brainbuster.

The Unholy Driver - (Double Underhook Face Crusher) Aecas Double Underhook's his opponent and lifts them up until they are draped across his shoulders in a Canadian Backbreaker like position. Aecas then spins around and sits out flipping his opponent forward and driving their face into the mat.

M Bison – When his opponent is on their hands and knees, or propped up against a chair Aecas will move to the nearest turnbuckle, ascending to either the second or top rope. Aecas then springs off the ropes his arms held out at his sides like wings as he stomps down hard on his opponent’s neck and head.

The Betrayer – Aecas lifts his opponent onto his shoulders in a Burning Hammer position, he holds them there for a moment before placing one hand on their thigh and pushes hard while pulling down on their neck with his right hand flipping them upside down. As his opponent is catapulted forwards Aecas twists his body and sits out, smashing his opponents face into the canvas.

Uranage Suplex - Aecas stands side on to his opponent, stepping close and wrapping his right arm around tight their throat, his left tossing their right arm over his right shoulder before moving down and grabbing their tights. He lifts them up bodily by the neck and tights spinning around and slamming them down HARD on their neck and shoulders.

Mother F'n' Bomb - This is a pure show of strength, Aecas hauls his opponent into the air in a Gorilla Press posistion. He holds them high above his head a good 8 feet in the air before he runs forwards, leaping into the air and landing in a sitout posistion, flipping his opponent forwards and slamming them backfirst into the canvas between his legs.

Running Powerslam - British Bulldog style, when he was in his prime.

Yakuza Kick - HUGE running kick to the face.

The Gore - Self Explanatory.

Hard Rain - Top rope Elbow Drop, and we are talking HBK style hang time here kiddies. Aecas will SAIL through the air before smashing an elbow into his opponents head knocking them silly or out, depending on their Vitality rating.

Guillotine Leg Drop - A top Rope Leg Drop. Like his Hard Rain Elbow Drop Aecas can get quite a bit of height with this one, and a Seven footer dropping a leg from a great height will devastate all but the toughest opponents.

Chokebreaker - Chokeslam into Backbreaker. Haul you opponent off of their feet for a Chokeslam and when they are in mid air drop down to one knee and slam the small of their back across your knee.

Decapitator - STIFF Lariat not quite LARIATO stiffness but more than enough to knock almost anybody down whether they want to go down or not.


Common moves:

Forearms - Aecas will typicaly use forearm smashes instead of punches. And please note a seven foot man whacking you with the meat of his arm is going to hurt. We aren't talking about RVD's shitty ineffective forearms here, if you've seen B-Boy wrestle you'll have an idea of how stiff these can get, marginally less damaging then an elbow.


Double Arm DDT

Gutwrench Powerbomb

Double Powerbomb

German Suplex (Variations: Release, With or Without Bridge)

Dragon Suplex (Variations: Release, With or Without Bridge and on rare occasions Multiple)

Pendulum Backbreaker

Sidewalk Slam

Shoulder Breaker

Fujiwara Armbar/Reverse Armbar



Side Belly to Belly Suplex

Boston Crab

Spinning Neck Breaker

Big Boot

Northern lights Suplex


Rare moves:

Black Death Driver - Psycho Driver '01 (Sheer Drop Pumphandle Piledriver) Aecas steps in behind his opponent, hooks them up and lifts them into the air in a pumphandle position, he turns his opponent upside down and then sits out, driving them headfirst into the canvas. Piss him off enough and you'll get a Jumping version and a few weeks in traction ;)

Backdrop Driver - Aecas steps up beside his opponent, tosses their left arm over his shoulders and wraps his arms around their waist, he lifts them up into the air and arches himself backwards driving them headfirst into the mat. Given Aecas' height there is no chance you're going to land on anything other than your head. There are two variations Aecas likes to use in addition to the standard Backdrop Driver. Snap Backdrop Driver, as soon as Aecas has his hands locked he will take his oppoennt up and over, no stalling, no itime to prepare, just lock arms and BANG. The second variation is used when his opponent is on the apron, Aecas steps up to the ropes, reaches over the top rope and grabs his opponent by the waist before Backdrop Driving them over the top rope and back INTO the ring.

The Grave Digger - 3 to 5 HARD Powerbombs before Aecas flips his opponent up onto his shoulders and hits him with a Death Valley Driver (Piss Aecas off and this is what you're likely to get. The number of Powerbombs depends on size and weight of opponent, for visual description see the Continuous Powerbomb to DVD on No Mercy.) And its variation The Grim Reaper - Same situation as The Grave Digger but this move ends with Aecas letting his opponent’s battered body hang upside down before finishing them off with the Executioner.

The Fallen Angel - Aecas sets his opponent up into a sitting position on the top turnbuckle facing out towards the crowd, he then climbs upwards to the second rope wrapping his arms around his opponents middle with a tight waistlock. He then jumps from the second rope, using the rope to springboard himself upwards and across the ring culminating the move by German Suplexing his opponent in mid air dropping them practically on their head as they land. Nearest visual description of this move is the Super German Suplex for those of you who have Fire Pro 2 on the GBA.

Cobra Clutch Suplex - Aecas moves behind his opponent and puts them in a Cobra Clutch (Aecas locks a Half Nelson onto their left arm before he uses his right arm to pul the captured limb across his opponents throat) before snapping his opponent backwards like a German Suplex and cratering their head and neck into the mat. Occasionaly before he drops his opponent on their head Aecas will keep the Cobra Clutch locked on to wear down his opponent before he takes them up and over.






A Spinning Ganso Bomb (Jumping Kneeling Vertical Sheer Drop Powerbomb). Aecas gets his opponent into a Powerbomb position and hoists them up in the normal way. However, instead of holding his opponent up, Aecas lets them flop down, leaving them hanging upside down with his arms wrapped around their waist. Aecas then jumps and spins around driving his opponents head into the canvas in an unprotected reverse Tombstone position, typically followed by a Darkness pin. Below are two variations of the Executioner that you can use if you feel it appropriate.


Executioner 02


Aecas lifts his opponent up into a Torture Rack posistion on his shoulders, he then leaps into the air pulling them down from his shoulders and drilling them headfirst into the canvas. Essentialy a Psycho Driver except he kneels down rather than sitting out, he's only likely to use this version on sombody who has REALLY pissed him off.


Executioner 03


(A Jumping Cross Armed Thunder Fire Bomb) Aecas sets the opponent up in a Powerbomb posistion as usual but with this version he reaches underneath them and crosses their arms across their chest, gripping them by the wrists. Aecas then hoists them up to his shoulders and lets them drop back down, holding them fast by the wrists before he jumps up and sends them crashing headfirst onto the mat. Since he's holding your arms you aren't going to land on anything except your head.


Assault Driver


Aecas gets his opponent onto his shoulders in an Electric Chair Drop position (There are several ways of doing this so just pick one) he then puts his arms between the opponents legs and reaches up to grab his opponent by both wrists. Aecas pulls hard and send his opponent toppling off of his shoulders, as they fall he sits out dropping his opponent on their head and shoulders.



Burning Angel


Aecas stands behind and to the side of the opponent and applies a Cobra Clutch, he then falls back, dragging them to the mat and swinging his body around so he is sitting directly in front of them still holding the Cobra Clutch. He then leans back and locks his legs around the opponents head locking the hold on tight. A high strength is the only way to get out of this. As you will have to physically get back up to your feet with Aecas hanging on to you forcing him to go back to a standing Cobra Clutch. How you break the hold from there is up to you.


If you want to see this move in action here are some pictures to show you what this looks like locked in. http://robbo.oeck.net/Stuff/TC1.jpg and http://robbo.oeck.net/Stuff/TC2.jpg




Aecas never says more than he feels he has to, he has no concern or regrets about putting his health on the line to pull off a successful match and seems to relish enduring as much pain as he inflicts. You can hit Aecas with everything you want to including weaponry, and he will love it, pain is another form of pleasure to him, he may scream but a grin will not be far behind it. Some view him as evil, other view him as mindlessly psychotic, despite this he still has a large and ever growing fan base from his career in Japan to his work in the Smarks Wrestling Federation. Submission moves WILL make him tap out, but it will take a lot of working on the body part to make himself feel enough pain to submit.


The Flick Scythe is as tall as Aecas, and heavy enough so that anyone who doesn't have a strength of 7 or above will find it difficult to wield effectively. This does NOT mean that somebody with say strength 4 could not use it, it simply means they would have a very difficult time trying to use it effectively. There are two hidden catches on the length of the staff, one when depressed will causes the Scythes blade to snap out and lock, ensuring its readiness for use. The other catch unlocks the blade and pulls it back down against the body of the staff.


Bio: Born in Shrewsbury in the United Kingdom little is known about his origins and entry into wrestling though it has been speculated that he built a career upon mindless violence and sadism in Japan. Not the sort of chap you'd want to bring home to see your parents he is nevertheless loyal to those he deems as allies.

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Update 6/29 - With the exception of one move added, very minor changes.




Smarks Name: KingofOldSchool

Wrestler Name: Manson

Height: 6'

Weight: 230

Hometown: Denver, Colorado

Age: 23

Face/Heel: Tweener.

Stable: None.

Tag Partners: None.

Ring Escort: None.

Weapons: Basically anything and everything.

Quote: None.



General: White. He has dark eyes, a neatly trimmed beard and medium-length black hair, often worn loose. Covering his back is a phoenix taking flight, and from his hands to his forearms are tribal flames. Muscular and well-defined, but not outlandishly so, probably closer to Lance Storm.


He wears faded blue jeans, with black kneepads worn on the outside and black boots worn underneath. Waist up he wears sparse white tape around his hands and up to his forearms, black elbow pads and an optional sleeveless black t-shirt. When not in matches and away from the ring, you'll likely catch him in jeans, boots, a black t-shirt and his trademark black leather jacket.


Ring Entrance:

The house lights dim and multi-colored strobes flash as "Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck" by Prong hits to the ovation of the fans. Manson emerges, heads straight down the ramp and rolls into the ring. Upon standing he immediately heads to his corner where he waits on his opponent.



Strength 6 (Enough strength that he can toss those around his weight and lower or hold his own against those much bigger than him. Just don't expect him to lift someone Janus size easily or regularly)

Speed 4 (Comes across in his quick reactions, how fast he can get moves off and running speed. However, the flying elbow or suicide dive is as agile as he gets. Will typically go to the top once in a blue moon)

Vitality 7 (He can take a good deal of punishment and although he never no-sells, he's relentless and it takes plenty of effort to keep him down)

Charisma 3 (Talks adequately in short spurts, saying no more than he needs to, but he rarely gets on the mic. Over due to his strong ringwork and recognizability with the fans. His voice is fairly rough)



In general, he's a nasty brawler and power move kind of guy. However, in the past, he has been known to use plenty of submissions, chain wrestling and limited, simple mat wrestling. Will use elbows, forearms and punches. Simply kicking and kneeing his opponents is a favorite tactic of his.


Is a serious blue collar worker. He plays no favorites and will hit everyone just as hard. He will fight dirty and will cheat, but is far from being a coward, as he'll rarely back down from confrontation.


Signature moves:

1) STO

2) German Suplex

3) Northern Lights Suplex

4) Spinning Fisherman's Suplex (Saturn's Moss Covered Three Handled Family Credenza)

5) Front Sit-Out Suplex

6) Powerbomb

7) Gokuraku Gatame (Back Mounted Crossarm Choke)

8) Spinebuster

9) Fujiwara Armbar

10) Yakuza Kick


Common moves:

1) Backdrop Suplex

2) Overhead Belly-Belly Suplex

3) Side Belly-Belly Suplex

4) DDT

5) Stun Gun

6) Back Breaker

7) Shoulder Breaker

8) Shin Breaker

9) Dragon Screw

10) Suicide Dive

11) 2nd Rope Legdrop

12) Knees

- knee lifts

- knee drops

- running high knee

13) Kicks

- low roundhouse

- standard kicks and stomps

14) Elbows

- back elbow

- back elbow (running)

- spinning elbow (standing)

- spinning back elbow (standing)

15) Other

- lariat

- knifedge chops

- short chop to neck


Rare Moves:

1) Suplexes (Dragon, Tiger and Exploder)

2) Last Rites (Inverted facelock spinning neckbreaker)

3) M-Driller (Gutwrench to inverted piledriver)

4) Savage Elbow (Standard flying elbow)

5) Rings of Saturn (Double arm version)



1) Consequences (Diamond Cutter)

2) Elevated Half Crab



Heaps of anger and bitterness, but instead of it hampering him as it has in the past, with a bunch of empty threats, he turns it to his advantage with a renewed work ethic and passion. Simply put, he feels he is one of the best, and is dead set on proving it. Has a take no prisoners attitude, and his general outlook is one of cold distance and slight disdain with no allegiances.


Bio, History:

Born and raised in Denver. At 17 he goes to train in the Hart Dungeon, afterward traveling the world to wrestle. He's billed as a phenom and rapidly gains a following, but suffers neck injuries in Mexico. He rehabs frantically and signs with the (then) IGNWF.


On November 7, 2001 he makes his debut as "The Mafia" Tommy Gunn in the IGNJL, later shortening his name to Mafia. He joins up with Havoc (Stryke, Renegade, Annie (Eclectic) Onita, Sydney Sky) in early 2002. After Havoc breaks apart a short time later, he takes a part in forming The New Sound. As the dominant heel stable, they prepare to become the sWo under mentor Chris Wilson, but Mafia takes a leave as this occurs.


In August 2002, Mafia returns as Manson, his worked real name. He feuds with his ex-teammates in the sWo. As a newly turned face he picks up steam, but aggravates old injuries in a match with Wildchild.


In March 2003 he returns. He meets success, and later turns from heel to face for the latter part of the year. This is his greatest point, as he remains in top contention for the SJL World Championship, running up against Crow, Charlie Matthews, John Duran, Insane Luchador and Aecas, among others.


In December 2003, after a Cage Match loss to Todd Royal for the title, he takes a leave. He questions who he is and who he was in this for. So he turns his back on the fans, but before he can pick up where he left off in pursuing the title, the SJL shuts down. In the new year at Clusterfuck '04, he makes his SWF debut, but faces more difficulties and losses, leading him to become jaded with the SWF. He heads off to work in Japan.


While in Japan, his failures in the SWF eat away at him. He rededicates himself to his training and finds the fire he was missing, as he decides to sign a new contract with the SWF, in order to prove himself.

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EDIT: Card Enterprises Update 2...Spot Monkeys Don't Make Good Main Eventers



Smarks Board Name: King Cucaracha

Wrestlers Name: Landon Maddix

Nickname(s): 'La Cucaracha' (goes in between names, e.g Randy 'Macho Man' Savage), 'The Future'

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 210lbs

Hometown: Huron, South Dakota (is half Spanish)

Age: 20 (Birthdate=15/03/84)

Face/Heel: Cocky Heel, will NOT be cheered against other heels

Stable: Chris Card Enterprises (with Chris Card, Natasha and Megan Skye)

Ring Escort: Any single member or combination of Megan Skye, Chris Card and Natasha. Usually Megan.

Weapon(s): A table spot specialist when he can use them within the rules.

Quotes/Sayings: "Prepare for Landon"

"Much More Maddix"

"The Odds Are Against You!"

Various use of the word 'Maddixfaction'.


Looks: White, with medium length blonde hair. Clean shaven and youthful looking. Not really very muscular, but not 'skinny' either.


Wears a black and red headband, which can double up as a choking weapon in desperate cases. Ring attire consists of half black/half red wristbands, black shorts with red trim around the waist and leg parts and a red 'LM' on the bottom right of the leg. Half black/half red kneepads, the colors seperated with a white lightning blot in the middle...and black lace up boots, both with red 'LM's on.


Dresses casually, but now more importantly expensively, out of the ring. He has the money to do so. Still more likely to wear trainers than expensive shoes though, proving that money can't always buy taste.





Basic Ring Entrance:


The faint guitar riff beginning to "Megalomaniac" by Incubus starts playing in the background, and the boos are almost immediate. The boos and the song begin to pick up, and eventually drums join in too, before suddenly a booming voice appears over the P.A system...









"Megalomaniac" continues playing, as from behind the curtain steps Landon Maddix, stopping at the top of the ramp and thrusting his hands out to his side as the lights return back to normal. Landon turns back to the curtains...as whoever is/are accompanying him to the ring follows out from the back. They then walk down the ramp, with Landon leading the way, jawjacking with fans on the way down the ramp as he goes.




Landon leaps to the apron, before running across the apron and leaping up to the middle turnbuckle. Looking out at the crowd, Landon grins and holds his arms out to the sides before leaping over the top and entering the ring.





Strength: 2 (3)

(Enough to comfortably throw fellow cruisers. Struggles with power moves on those about/above 240 lbs)


Speed: 7 (6)

(Speedy. Very quick on his feet. Speed of moves is also quick. A firecracker.)


Vitality: 5 (4)

(Can and usually will take a beating. Also solid in hardcore matches.)


Charisma: 6 (6)

(He's cocky, he's brash...he knows the crowd hates him, and likes it. Numerous cocky motions are used throughout the match...and hey, he uses the YMCA Elbow. Now that's charisma.)



Style: High-flier with a variety of strikes at his disposal. Can mix it up a bit against fellow Cruisers.



Signature moves:

Acid Drop- Now known as the Dudley Dog, it's basically the swinging Diamond Cutter that Spike Dudley uses.


Future Shock- Double underhook the arms. A series of double underhook chin crushers (anywhere from two to five, each followed by an 'OOF' from the crowd) before hooking a leg over the head and hitting a double underhook rocker dropper.


Landon Eye- Eye Of The Hurricane.


Land of Nod- Dragon Clutch. An 'out of nowhere' submission move that can be very effective on this with 4 vitality or under.


The 605- The 619.


The Landmark- Standing Shooting Star Press...pretty impressive height on this.


Dangerous Kneedrop- Opponent on the mat, Landon backs off the ropes and drops a knee to the face, rolling through on impact ala Flair. Why is it 'Dangerous'? Because I want it to be. Bleh.


Variations: Flying versions can be used, all with the dramatic roll through.


Swandive Headbutt- Serious hangtime. 50/50 chance of hitting.


Shining Wizard- Main striking move. Almost B-Boy esque in potency. Usually with opponent on knees, but Maddix has perfected this move and it can be hit from almost ANY position...be creative.


Sweet Disciple Music- Superkick. Also quite potent. Can have HBK-esque setup if so desired.


Variations: The Calling Card- Sweet Disciple Music to the chest.


Various Heel Tactics- Whatever it takes to win. Lowblows, eyepokes, using tights/ropes/weapons...whatever.



Common Moves:

1) The Throwback

2) DDT Variations- (Any and all...quite literally. Note: Wrap around DDT may still be called 'The Nose Job', but is not a common variant)

3) Kip-up-Lanrana- (Kip-up into a hurricanrana...)

4) Hurri-Lanrana- (Hurricanrana...most variations could be used, including springboard.)

5) Exploder Suplex

6) Salto Suplex- (HBK's old Teardrop Suplex)

7) Get Licked- (Dropkick style BOOTSCRAPE~!, ending with Landon going though the middle/bottom ropes, landing on the outside of the ring and leaving the opponent seeking optical assistance.)

8) Various Strikes- (Forearms, chops, elbows...single strikes won't put many down, but a series of them might.)

9) Landmine- (Running Senton/Cannonball to a standing/running opponent)

10) Rolling Koppu Kick

11) Dropsault

12) Flying Forearm

13) Corkscrew Plancha

14) Walking Swanton- (As used by the Grim Reefer. Landon goes to the top rope, walks across the ropes to the centre of the ring and hits a swanton bomb.)

15) Flying DDT

16) 450 Splash

17) Oklahoma Roll- (Has been known to nick a win in the past.)



Rare moves:

Extremely Bad Landon- With both men on the top or middle ropes, Maddix grabs the head for a jawbreaker and leaps off with a super jawbreaker. Usually a counter for other top rope moves like super hurricanranas and such. Rare...only time it's been used, it beat Aecas...so it's deadly too. Not to be kicked out of without a 10 minute gap before the pin, or immediate in-ring jaw surgery.


The YMCA Elbow- The famed YMCA Elbow is like the People's Elbow. But before hitting the elbow, Maddix does the YMCA Dance. Only used when he is in COMPLETE control, usually towards the end of the match.


Can't Get No Maddixfaction- Fisherman's Buster. Only used on smaller wrestlers or with extra leverage.


F.U.R.B- Torture Rack position into a reverse F.U. So, I guess the R.B stands for Reversed, Bitch. ONLY FOR FELLOW CRUISERS~~!1!!!1!


Northern Lights Bomb



Hardcore Moves:

Lan Daminator- Van Daminator...although it's more often a superkick (or Sweet Disciple Music) than a spinkick.


Lan Terminator- Yep, Van Terminator. VERY RARE but very deadly. More likely to use a trash can than a chair, although either works.


Lannihilation- With a table propped up against the ring apron, Maddix whips the opponent to the ropes, and backbody drops them over the top rope and through the propped table, most probably causing them to hit their head apron as well.


Sent From Above- Senton Bomb(Dick Togo style, not Jeff Hardy) through a table...usually from top rope to outside, although in REALLY extreme cases it can be from ladders, high ledges or even balconies.


Trash Compacter- Maddix places a trash can over the opponent's head, and forces them to the mat somehow(be creative)...he then climbs to the top rope backwards, and moonsaults onto the trash can, crushing the opponent's head. See Matt and Jeff Hardy's Hardcore Title Match on Smackdown in mid-2000 if possible.




1) Impact- Crash Landon- Primary finisher. With Landon on the middle rope, and the opponent stood in front of him on the mat, a Tornado Downward Spiral.


Variation: Crash Landon '04- Instead of hooking the opponent in the corner, Landon will leap off the middle rope and grab the opponent on the way, spinning him around and hitting the Crash Landon. As used by The Amazing Red at Expect The Unexpected.


2) Aerial- Drug of Maddixion- Shooting Star Legdrop.



Notes: A cocky kid...to the max. Predominantly a high-flier/striker, but can adapt if needed. Most moves target the head and face (ie DDTs) working towards the Crash Landon...so prepare to use the word 'groggy' a lot in your matches.


However, more often than not it's the cheating or interference from whoever happens to be escorting him to the ring that will turn the match in his favour.



Bio: PM me if really needed.


Combined Record- 38-19-1(5 no shows)


FINAL SJL Record- 23-8-1(2 no-shows)


SWF Record- 15-11-0 (3 no-shows)

L vs Sacred (JL Undisputed Championship loss) *Clusterfuck*

L vs Wildchild (Cruiserweight Title)

W w/Todd Royal vs Spike and Helmsley (Tag #1 Contendership)

L w/Va'aiga and Todd Royal vs Annie Onita, Charlie Matthews and Dace Night (Six Person Tag Match)

W vs Annie Onita ('Mouse Trap Match')

W w/John Duran vs Charlie Matthews and Janus (Tag Team Match)

L w/Todd Royal vs Wild and Dangerous (Tag Titles Match) *From The Fire*

W w/Todd Royal vs Annie Onita and Charlie Matthews (Tag Team Match)

L w/Todd Royal vs Wild and Dangerous (Tag Titles Match)

L vs Charlie Matthews (World Title Match)

W w/Todd Royal and John Duran vs Charlie Matthews, Coy West and Alan Clark (Six Man Tag Match)

W w/Todd Royal vs Annie Onita and Tom Flesher (Tag Team Match)

W vs Tryst (Singles Match)

L w/Todd Royal vs Alan Clark and Coy West (Tag Team Match)

L vs Alan Clark (Empty Arena Match) *Battleground*

W vs Edward James (Singles Match)

W vs Jacob Helmsley, Stryke, Insane Luchador and Austin Sly (Office Brawl, USJL #1 Contender)

W vs Coy West (USJL Title win)

L vs Spike Jenkins (Non Title Match)

W vs Spike Jenkins (USJL Triple Crown defence)

W vs Crow, IL and Aecas (Hardcore #1 Contendership, Four Way Dance)

W vs Mike Van Siclen and Spike Jenkins (Two Fall Match, Hardcore Title loss and USJL Triple Crown defence)

L w/Janus vs Alan Clark and Danny Williams (Tag Team Match)

L vs Alan Clark (60 Minute Ironman Match, USJL Triple Crown loss) *13th Hour*

W vs Ace Lezaire (ICTV Title win)

W vs Jamie Drazon (Boiler Room Brawl, ICTV defence)


Manager's Name: Megan Skye

Nickname: The Perfect 10 (or Landon's perfect 10 more specifically)

Height: 5' 10"

Weight: 110 lbs.

Hometown: Pawtucket, RI

Age: 24

Face/Heel: Heel

Clients: House of Todd (Todd Royal & Landon Maddix)

Weapon: Towel

Entrance Music(if ever needed): "All For You" by Janet Jackson


Bio: Megan Skye is possibly the only person other than Todd and Landon who believes Royal's hype. Dubbed the one and only "Toddess", Skye will do anything and everything to help her man win. Though her mid-match duties consist mostly of holding Todd's vest and toweling him off at appropriate times, she won't think twice about interjecting herself with a well placed low-blow, or even a Tornado DDT- The Skye Lyte- in a desperate fix. Now the manager of The House of Todd, Skye appears at the side of Landon too- equally determined to help "La Cucaracha" escape with victory...by any means neccessary.

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Wrestler’s Name: The Memphis Eel

Nickname: Steve

Height: 6 ft.

Weight: 250 lbs.

Hometown: Memphis, Tennessee (by way of Planet Lovetron)

Age: 49 (forever)

Face/Heel: his name is the Memphis Eel, figure it out

Stable: none

Ring Escort: none

Weapon(s): hands of stone, a big ass monkey wrench that he keeps in his pants

Quote: Refers to all opponents as either “son,” or “boy” and accuses them of “being on the reefer.”

He also purposely gets the names of his opponents wrong. Like if he was in the WWE, he’d be facing guys like Ralph Mysterious and Eddie Gordita.

His catch phrase is “Hey, where’s grandma?”


Looks: Has died jet-black hair, slicked back like Pat Riley. Wears jumbo rose-colored sunglasses to the ring, gaudy rings on every finger and a giant gold medallion that says, “FUNK” in the middle of it. Wrestles in variously hued, rhinestone covered jumpsuits with extra large flares at the bottom and huge butterfly collars up top. The suit is opened down to the top of his ripe like a watermelon beer gut in order to show off his gray chest hair. His white boots have a six-inch heel (he’s really only five foot four).


Ring Entrance: Two referees stand to the side of the entrance ramp holding up sparklers for the Eel when he comes out. The remix of Elvis Presley’s “Little Less Conversation” plays. The Smarktron shows clips of the Memphis Eel digitally inserted into great wrestling moments. These include among others:

Body slamming Andre the Giant at Wrestlemania 3

Making Ric Flair submit to the double chicken wing at Clash VI

Throwing Mankind off of the Hell in a Cell at KotR 1998

A blood soaked Eel passing out to Bret Hart’s sharpshooter at Wrestlemania 13

The Eel jumping off the side of a thirty-foot steel cage to splash the Great Muta while trapped in Ric Flair’s figure four at Halloween Havoc ‘89

Flying spread eagle off of a ladder knocked over by Razor Ramon at Wrestlemania 10

Jamming a shard of wood into Tully Blanchard’s eye at Starrcade ’85

Hanging Roddy Piper over the ropes by a length of dog chain at Starrcade ‘83

Powerbombing Tom Flesher through a saw horse at Ground Zero 2003




Strength: 5

Speed: 5

Vitality: 5

Charisma: 5


Style: Jerry Lawler x Jeff Jarrett x Honky Tonk Man squared


Signature moves:

1) cowardly heel tactics (stalling, bailing to the floor, begging off, complaining of miscellaneous crap to the referee; will usually take the first seven minutes of the match before he actually wrestles)

2) secret cheating (pulling the hair, pulling the tights, feet on the ropes, grabbing the ropes for leverage, what ever he can do behind the ref’s back)

3) ludicrously blatant cheating (eye poke, thumb to the throat, punch to the nads, choke, back rake, etc.)

4) Dusty Rhodes limp wristed “I rule, you’re gay” mega pimp strut of taunting. If he does this to you, you must sell it like you took a cannonball in the gut at point blank range, even though the guy is like ten feet away from you.

5) rest holds a-go-go (headlock, chinlock, armbar, wristlock, bearhug; like 80% of his matches)

6) signals for a chokeslam, then hits a guy with an inverted atomic drop

7) the no selling of new fangled maneuvers (meaning he will sell an armbar like you’re hacking it off with a chainsaw, but hit him with a Tiger Driver ’92 or a Vertebreaker and he pops up like nothing happened)


Common moves:

1) punch

2) knee lift

3) punch

4) knee drop

5) punch

6) elbow drop

7) punch

8) fist drop

9) punch

10) suplex

11) punch

12) bodyslam

13) punch

14) back breaker

15) punch

16) flip flop and fly

17) teases the punch then surprises the guy with a really big punch


Rare moves:

1) belly to belly suplex

2) Weaver Lock (sleeper hold)

3) neckbreaker

4) drop kick

5) double axehandle off the top rope

(all can be brutal finishers, especially that last one, it’s coming off of the top rope after all)



1) piledriver (yup, basic old piledriver; if done on the floor or through a table you will be declared legally dead)

2) face claw (can cause bleeding from the temple, cerebral hemorrhages, headaches, nausea, projectile vomiting, loss of motor skills, loss of bladder, memory loss, may induce a stroke)


Notes: Is Mickey Gilley’s third cousin

can play the moonshine jug

knows 57 different ways to cook gator

has a bit part in the Burt Reynolds film “W.W. and the Dixie Dance Kings” as “Redneck #3”


Bio: Was born a poor black child in a log cabin high up in the Smokey Mountains, which is only odd if you consider the fact that he’s whiter than Pat Boone. Left his home at the age of 16 to make a name for himself and immediately landed a job as Elvis Presley’s official fried peanut butter and banana sandwich maker, upgraded to Quaalude carrier within a year. Became a wrestling promoter upon the King’s death after answering an ad in the newspaper (he was unqualified to sweep dung out of chicken roosts). Promoted independent shows all over the south central United States until one of the guys who sat up the ring realized he wasn’t any good at it and had him fired. Tried to get a job as a promoter with Jerry Lawler’s Memphis based wrestling league, but Lawler thought to have him train to be a wrestler instead, primarily to get him out of his hair and keep him from pissing on his tires every morning when he drove to the arena. Studied under the auspicious guidance of the WWF WrestleFest arcade game and watching old tapes of Wahoo McDaniels. Has floated around just about every independent fed in the U.S., primarily because he sucks. Is now up to the S’s.

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Wrestlers Name: Alan Clark

Aliases: Bloodshed, The Apostle

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 225 lbs.

Hometown: Long Beach, California

Age: 22

Face/Heel: Face.

Stable: The Wayward Sons

Ring Escort: Edward James (though I would PM you and tell you if that was the case)

Weapon(s): In hardcore matches, Alan will use just about anything.

Quote: "You Will Know The Answer", "Wait And Bleed", “I am a wayward son.”



A wayward style change, as now Clark comes to the ring wearing classic indian leather pants and a slightly long coat (almost a trench). Alan also wears a brimmed hat at times, though not always, and will remove both the hat and jacket before wrestling.


Ring Entrance:



There’ll be peace when you are done

Lay your weary head to rest

Don’t you cry no more…




As the opening guitar riffs of “Carry On Wayward Son” blare throughout the arena, two large green flares shoot high into the air from either side of the entranceway, bringing Alan out from behind the curtain and into the spotlight. Alan stands there, frozen with his head down, as Funyon makes the announcement.


<Funyon does the intro here, before Alan moves>


As the lyrics begin, Alan takes a slow, methodical walk to the ring, passing by the fans and slapping a few hands before climbing up the ring steps and into the ring. If the opponent is already there, Alan will make a show of pulling off his jacket and his hat, keeping his eyes trained on the other man in the ring. If he is alone, he will wait until after the opponent gets to the ring before removing anything.




Strength: 5 - can lift up to 300 pounds a few times in a match, and maybe more than that once or twice if needed.

Speed: 6 - quick little bastard...but not WC quick.

Vitality: 4 - can withstand a bit of a beating, would have trouble in LMS matches but could survive.

Charisma: 5 - dude...my promos rock!




Alan Clark is a technically based luchadore wrestler, that can use his speed on either offense or defense, but can also use the technical skills he has learned to make anyone tap out.


Alan has also begun to embrace his past as both Bloodshed and the Apostle, and can switch between personas very quickly. He is not insane, but he knows what it takes to win, and also knows that doing this can have an affect on the opponent in the long run. (For more info on this please see SJL Season's Grievings). Alan has also recently been seen training with referee Ced Ordonez...and it shows in his stats.




Signature Moves:

Railbreaker - Any variation of a backbreaker. Simple, Tilt-A-Whirl, Pumphandle...Alan can do them all (within reason of course) This is basically a signature transition move, to help turn the tide back in his direction.


Northern Sunset - Northern Lights Suplex


Peacekeeper - Inverted Fisherman's Buster


One Hit Kill - Tidal Crush (with or without cartwheel)


The Southern Rock - Alabama Slam - setup for various submissions.


Wayward Fate - Twist Of Fate Neckbreaker


High Noon - Fisherman's Knee Crusher. Alan hooks the opponent in as if going for a Fisherman's Suplex/Buster...then lifts them up...but instead of completing the move the right way, Alan pushes the opponent back down, slamming thier knee into the canvas. This move is one of the final moves Clark will do before looking for the Wrath … and can also be a set-up to the Wrath Version of the Judge, Jury, and Execution.


Tumbleweed SSP - Running SSP


Desert Twister Splash - 540 Frog Splash. With the opponent on the ground, Alan faces the turnbuckle and hops up to the top, using it as a spring before flying backwards and spinning a full 540 degrees, doing the frog splash motions as he goes, and finally coming down onto the opponent. This move, if used laaaaate in the match, could get a two count or even possibly a three, but never in really big matches.


Wayward Splash – Phoenix Splash. (can occasionally get a pin, like the Desert Twister, but only against larger guys that Alan can’t take down with the Wrath.



Common Moves:

Stiff Kicks

Knee Breaker (and variations of it)

Senton Splash to the knees/back

Lionsault to the knees/back

Dragon Screw


Knife Edge Chops



German Suplex





Jericho-style Bulldog

Backdrop Suplex

Standing Moonsault

Slingshot Suplex



Rare Moves:

The Gamble - 450 Splash


D'yer Mak'er – Sit-out Spinning Pedigree (Apostle's old finisher)


Bloodmist - If Alan bleeds...this could potentially be a signature move.


Panic Attack - Full Nelson Cattle Mutilation (One of Bloodshed's old finishers)




Wrath of Clark – Ced Ordonez’s Cross Lightning. You will scream for mercy.


Judge, Jury, and Execution – Three moves that chain into each other for a finish: (This can really only be used against cruiserweights and can be chopped down to fit the situation.


1) Wild Bomb – The only powerbomb Alan will ever do, as it comes down with authority.

2) Styles Clash – after connecting with the Wild Bomb, Alan will lift the opponent back up and drop their head down, putting them in position for the Styles Clash.

3) Texas Cloverleaf OR Wrath of Clark – either move is acceptable here, depending on whether or not Alan has worked on the back or the knee during the match.


Ordonez Tempest Driverbomb - Rare Finisher - With Clark training with Ordonez, Ced has passed on his truly deadly and never used rare finisher - the OTD. To use - Clark sets up for a piledriver and lifts the opponent to an upside down position. Clark then places his legs over the opponents arms, placing a great deal of their upper body below his legs. Clark then hops slightly and sits out, driving the opponent down in one sick and nasty head drop that NO ONE KICKS OUT OF or Ced will DDR on your spine and then keep it as a trophy. The ultimate in cruiserweight killers.



OTHER INFORMATION - The Personalities of Alan Clark


This personality came from Alan’s growing up in a Mormon family, and he used wrestling as a way to get away from his strict upbringing. He never looked for attention from the crowds, and always went in for the win. He doesn’t care if the fans care about him or not, as long as he gets the victory. He’ll do almost anything to win, and that is what brought out Bloodshed.



This personality is very pleased when pain is either given or received. He realized over time that this personality gave him A LOT of attention, and he started to favor it. He spends more time in his matches trying to pop the crowd, especially since he knows they like seeing pain just as much as he enjoys giving it out and feeling it.


Alan Clark

The Happiest Guy On Earth

This ‘personality’ has is very reserved in how he acts, not wanting to do anything that would turn families or children away from his message to bring some kind of happiness. Originally used by Disney to try to bring in new customers from the wrestling scene, the love Clark showed for everyone but his opponents was almost eerie, and led to Disney calling off the contract after a Christmas time street fight. While Disney didn’t sponsor or advocate the match, they still heard about from news sources. This caused the contract to be cut short after only 12 weeks.


Sarcastic Fun-loving Clark

This ‘personality’ came out of the fallout from Disney, where Alan turned his attention toward not only pleasing the crowds, but himself as well. He knew he had the talent and energy to do it, but his sarcasm began to show through, leading to him gaining a bit of a comedic edge to his style. Alan still cares about the victory, but leaving the fans cheering and chanting his name warms his heart just as much.


The Real Alan Clark

Steaming from a few heart-wrenching losses and the taunting he had begun to receive from former opponents, Alan went into an emotional whirlwind and came to the conclusion that if he wanted to gain the respect of the locker room and of the fans, he might just have to beat it into a few people. Some may say, this is “the real Alan Clark”, the one that does not take anything from anyone, and can snap into a rage if provoked in the right way.



Now, these last two mindsets of Alan Clark seem to mold together into one, leaving fans and opponents alike wondering exactly what is going to happen when Alan steps through the curtain and steps into the ring. And at some points the mood can change, and given the circumstances Bloodshed or the Apostle can make themselves known once more.






The Wayward Sons

Active Members: Alan Clark & Edward James

Retired Members: Coy “Wild” West





There’ll be peace when you are done

Lay your weary head to rest

Don’t you cry no more…




As the opening guitar riffs of “Carry On Wayward Son” blare throughout the arena, two large green flares shoot high into the air from either side of the entranceway, bringing Eddy and Alan out from behind the curtain and into the spotlight. The two men stand, heads down, as the guitar fades into the opening verse and the lights dim, leaving only the spotlight shining on the two frozen bodies.


<Funyon does the intro here, before the two men move>


As the lyrics begin, Eddy and Alan both begin their walk to the ring, determination in their stride as the pass through a gauntlet of outstretched hands, touching a few as they pass before rolling in into the ring, each man standing in the center of the ring, facing in opposite directions. The two men bow their heads once more as four more flares fire off separately from each of the ringposts and arc over their heads before dispersing into nothingness, leaving the lights to return to their normal radiance.



Signature Moves:


1. Scenic Driver – Alan stands on the outside second rope and hooks in a front facelock on the opponent, lifting his face up over the top turnbuckle. Eddy then grabs the legs of the opponent to prevent any chance of the move being blocked, and then Alan hops down from the rope, driving the opponent face-first into the top turnbuckle.


2. One Way Trip – Old British Bulldogs signature move…as Eddy powerslams one opponent out of the corner, Alan dives off the powerslammed opponents back and hits a frog splash or some other kind of splash for a cover.


3. High Speed Collision – Double dropkick…one to the face and one to the back of the head, sandwiching the opponent between the two pairs of feet. This will be one of the only times Edward James ever leaves his feet. And it will HURT. Possibly a Knockout move if done late enough in the match.


4. Dead End Street – The non-legal man completes one superplex, leaving that opponent in position for the legal man to do a superplex of his own off an adjacent turnbuckle…dropping the second opponent’s back across the chest of the first.







1. The Last Exit – Eddy hits the opponent with a superplex as Alan comes off an adjacent corner with a legdrop, elbow drop, splash, or anything else he can manage to connect with… Alan stays on top for the pin.


2. The Vacation’s Over – Military Press Drop/Top Rope Famouser – Eddy tags in Alan, who climbs to the top rope as James lifts the opponent into a military press. As Eddy gets ready for the drop, Alan hops off the top rope and rides down with the opponent and into a Famouser, putting an extra bit of OMPH behind the head and neck, jamming it into the canvas.








Smarks Junior Leagues

Final Record: 16-7-1


Smarks Wrestling Federation

Record: 8-9-1

8/20/03 - Lockdown - W vs. Crow

8/25/03 - Smarkdown - W vs. Jamie "Jay Dawg" Drazon

8/29/03 - Storm - W vs. Nathaniel "Silent" Kibagami

9/03/03 - Lockdown - Triple Threat L vs. "Deathwish" Danny Williams & "The King Of Nightmares" Michael Craven

9/12/03 - Storm - L vs. "Judge Mental" William Hearford III

2/1/04 - Clusterfuck - Tried..failed.

2/11/04 - Lockdown - W vs. Toxxic

2/16/04 - Smarkdown - Cruiserweight Title L vs. Wildchild

2/21/04 - Storm - L vs. Johnny Dangerous

3/1/04 - Smarkdown - Cruiserweight Title W vs. Wildchild

3/7/04 - From The Fire PPV - Street Fight W vs. Thugg

3/17/04 - Lockdown - Draw vs. "Coyote" Coy West

3/22/04 - Smarkdown - L w/"Coyote" Coy West vs. The Wiggles

3/27/04 - Storm - L vs. "The Superior One" Tom Flesher

3/31/04 - Lockdown - Window Pain W vs. Dace Night

4/5/04 - Smarkdown - L w/"Coyote" Coy West & Charlie "The Grappler" Matthews vs. The Unnamed

4/9/04 - Storm - W vs. Nathaniel "Silent" Kibagami

4/14/04 - Cruiserweight Title L vs. Johnny Dangerous

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Guest ToddRoyal

Smarks Board Name: ToddRoyal

Wrestler's Name: Todd Royal

Height: 6' 1"

Weight: 220 lbs.

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Age: 26

Face/Heel: Heel

Stable: The Unnamed (w/ John Duran & Landon Maddix)

Ring Escort: Megan Skye

Weapon(s): N/A unless in a match that needs them, then whatever it takes to survive.

Quote: "Todd Bless You" "Todd Damn!" "You are in the presence of your Lord, Todd"


Looks: Short dark brown hair, brown goatee. Ring Gear is Bret Hart-esque long tights/singlet combo. Tights are black with silver trimmed blue flames on the legs, top is either Black, Blue or Silver, depending on the night. Pre-Match gear includes black sunglasses and a black vest with "VIP" on the front and "Todd Bless You" or some such saying on the back in silver trimmed blue. Black boots with "TR" initials.


Ring Entrance: Entrance theme is AC/DC's "Shoot to Thrill". The Lights go out, and the entrance starts with a "Light from Heaven" type white light falling from the rafters and illuminating a large stained glass portrait of Todd Royal. A soft "ahhhhhhh" sound is heard from the entrance way, and dozens of tiny flanes accompany it (think cheesy TV shows with God appearing). The sound is revelead to be a full church choir, who sings softly before the entrance music hits and blue and white strobes accompany Royal and Skye to the ring.




Strength: 4

Speed: 4

Vitality: 5

Charisma: 7


Style: Technically based with stiff striking attacks and flashes of high flying.


Signature Moves:

The Trinity- Snap Vertical Suplex rolled into regular vertical suplex, rolled into delayed Vertical Suplex.

The Todd Complex- Straightjacket Camel Clutch

Straightjacket Suplex


Blue Thunder Powerbomb


Shining Wizard

Moonsault (attempt, usually misses)



Common Moves:


Sidewalk Slam

Belly to Belly Suplex

Knee breaker

Knee Bar

Stepover Toehold

Knee Cracker- (That opponent face down, step on inside of knee, lift and slam move)

Dragon Screw Legwhip


Fisherman's Suplex

Russian Leg Sweep

Double axehandle

Hammerlock Slam

Running Knee Lift

Bootscrape to the face

Single Leg Boston Crab

Chicken Wing

Leaping Bulldog

Crossbody Block

Shin Strike


Rare Moves:

Flying Headbutt

The Todd's End (Shooting Star Press)- (Only if he has thouroghly destroyed his opponent and is showing off)

Royal Bomb (Tiger Driver- Only in EXTREME desperation)



Wrath of Todd- (Figure 4 Leglock)<-- Primary

Todd Damn- (Bridging Dragon Suplex)


Notes: Todd is the cocky heel character taken to the next level. He's so obssessed with himself that he sees himself as a diety of sorts. He frequently expresses this by replacing "God" with "Todd" in phrases like "Todd Bless You" and "Todd Damn". He rarely gets along with anyone, because he sees himself as so much better than them.



Todd's career began in the US Indy's where he won his fair share of titles, and boosted his ego to astronomical levels. He subsequently decided that he had beaten everything the US had to offer, and went on the "Todd Royal World Tour", competing across the world. During this trip he honed his style, picking up and integrating elements of British chain wrestling, Japanese striking and Mexican flying to take his game to the next level, and his ego along with it.

After "conquering the world", Todd returned to the US to take on all competition in what he viewed as more of a showcase of his greatness than competitive matches.


Reaching the SJL he quickly made a name for himself in winning the SJL Telvision Title, before running into a young upstart named Landon Maddix. After battling with Maddix for the TV belt, Royal won the SJL European Title, defeating Maddix to retain the belt in a memorable ladders and submissions match at Genesis IV. A series of matches with the Insane Luchador led to Royal winning the SJL title and becoming a Triple Crown champion, but his first reign would be short-lived, dropping the belt to the giant Aecas. Weeks later, Todd would get his revenge, and claim the World Title again- only to be thrown into a violent feud with Alan Clark for the belt- a feud that saw Landon Maddix return to the picture, this time as the ally and protoge of Royal. Clark emerged with the title, but Todd had no time for revenge, being thrown right back into a series of matches with Spike Jenkins that culminated in a bloodbath of a cage match on the last SJL show. With friends and enemies made, Royal is ready to step into the SWF.




SJL World Television Champion (07/22/03 - 08/05/03)

SJL European Champion (09/17/03 - 10/21/03)

SJL World Heavyweight Champion {x2} (10/21/03 - 10/26/03), (11/23/03 - 12/23/03)


Final SJL Record: 24-8

* Def: Bloodshed (06/29/03)

* Def: Jimmy Liston (07/03/03)

* Def: Danny Conklin (07/08/03)

* Def By: English Dragon {Ladder Match} (07/13/03)

* Def. Michael D. Lockwood (07/17/03)

* Def. English Dragon for TV Title {Submissions Match} (07/22/03)

* Def. Craig McLennan (07/27/03)

* Def. Jay Morrison (07/31/03)

* Def By: Landon Maddix for the TV Title (Bible on a Pole Match} (08/05/03)

* Def By: Danny Conklin (08/10/03) (No-Show)

* Def. Chris Trepanier {Singapore Cane Match} (09/07/03)

* Def By: Aecas in a 4 corners match also involving Brian Kingsmen & Jay Morrison (09/12/03)

* Def. Brian Kingsmen, Jay Morrison & Jimmy Liston in a Battle Royal for European Title (09/17/03)

* Def. Jimmy Liston (09/21/03)

* Def. Landon Maddix {Ladder/Submissions Match} (09/28/03)

* W/ Korgath & Jimmy Liston Def. Landon Maddix, Manson & Insane Luchador (10/02/03)

* Def. Dominic Korgath (10/07/03)

* Def. The Insane Luchador (10/12/03)

* Def. The Insane Luchador & Landon Maddix for the SJL World Title {2 falls match- dropped Euro Title in Fall #1} (10/21/03)

* Def By: Insane Luchador for the SJL World Title (10/26/03) (No Show)

* Def. Insane Luchador {Quadruple Domination Match} (11/13/03)

* Def. The Unknown Warrior (11/18/03)

* Def. Aecas for the SJL World Title (11/23/03)

* Def. Manson {Steel Cage Match} (12/02/03)

* Def By: Spike Jenkins {No Disqualification match} (Non-Title) (12/07/03)

* Def By: Alan Clark (Non-Title) (12/12/03) (Wrote to lose)

* Def By: Alan Clark for the SJL World Title {Falls Count Anywhere Match} (12/23/03)

* W/ Spike Jenkins Def. Jacob Helmsley & Sean Casey (01/09/04)

* Def. Aecas {Pure Wrestling Rules} (01/13/04)

* Def. Spike Jenkins (01/18/04)

* Def. Daredevil, Frankie Deed, Jimmy Liston, Manson, Sean Casey & Spike Jenkins {Elimination Match} (01/22/04)

* Def. Spike Jenkins {Steel Cage Match} (01/26/04)


Writing Record: 25-4


SWF Record: 5-6

* Eliminated 16th out of 20 in 2004 SWF Clusterfuck (02/01/04)

* Def. By: Coy West (02/11/04) (No Show)

* W/ Landon Maddix Def. Jacob Helmsley & Spike Jenkins (02/16/04)

* W/ Landon Maddix & Va'aiga Def. By: Ann Onita, Charlie Matthews & Dace Night (02/20/05)

* Def. By: Wildchild (2/25/04)

* W/ Landon Maddix Def. By: Wildchild & Johnny Dangerous (03/07/04)

* W/ Landon Maddix Def. Ann Onita & Charlie Matthews (03/17/04)

* W/ Landon Maddic Def. By: Wildchild & Johnny Dangerous {Texas Tornado Match} (03/22/04)

* Def. John Duran {No Holds Barred Match} (03/31/04)

* W/ Landon Maddix & John Duran Def: Alan Clark, Charlie Matthews & Coy West (04/05/04)

* W/ Landon Maddix Def. Ann Onita & Tom Flesher (04/10/2004)


Manager's Name: Megan Skye

Height: 5' 10"

Weight: 110 lbs.

Hometown: Pawtucket, RI

Age: 24

Face/Heel: Heel

Clients: House of Todd (Todd Royal & Landon Maddix)

Weapon: Towel


Bio: Megan Skye is possibly the only person other than Todd who believes Royal's hype. Dubbed the one and only "Toddess", Skye will do anything and everything to help her man win. Though her mid-match duties consist mostly of holding Todd's vest and toweling him off at appropriate times, she won't think twice about interjecting herself with a well placed low-blow, or even a Tornado DDT- The Skye Lyte- in a desperate fix. Now the manager of The House of Todd, Skye appears at the side of Landon Maddix- equally determined to help "La Cucaracha" escape with victory.

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Smarks Board Name: HollywoodSpikeJenkins

Wrestlers Name: "Hollywood" Spike Jenkins

Height: 6'1

Weight: 225

Hometown: Hollywood, California

Age: 22

Face/Heel: Face

Stable: None.

Tag Partner: None

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): None

Quote: "Hollywood = Ratings."


Looks: Caucasian. Medium build. Has dirty blonde hair, with red and black highlighters through it. Wears yellow and black shorts that reach the edge of his boots when wrestling. Has his wrist and hands wrapped in black tape. Wears shin high black boots, and a hooded sleeveless jacket to the ring. Looks wise, it's a mix between AJ Styles, CM Punk, and Jimmy Rave.


Ring Entrance:


(The lights dim down, while a multitude of light blue lights begin flashing from the entrance stage, as "Not Today" by Hotwire starts up. After a few seconds, "Hollywood" Spike Jenkins walks out from the backstage area and stops at the entrance ramp, the hood of his jacket covering his head, while he stares at the ground, allowing the crowd time to cheer. White pyro explodes from both sides of Spike, as Spike starts hopping around, getting warmed up. Spike makes his way through the pyro, and starts his journey to the ring. Spike makes his way to the ring, and climbs up onto the ring apron, and steeping through the ring ropes into the ring, and the second he steps into the ring, Spike pulls back the hood over his head, and holds his arms out, doing a little spin. Spike pulls the jacket off and tosses it ringside, and waits in his corner for the match to begin.)




Strength: 5

Speed: 4

Vitality: 5

Charisma: 6


Style: A bit of everything. Uses hard hitting chops and kicks, and innovative maneuvers to wear down opponent.


Signature moves:

1. Mid-Rope Neckbreaker (HSJ stands on middle rope in corner, HSJ leaps off ropes, catches opponent in a neckbreaker)

2. Shining Wizard

3. Yakuza Kick

4. Rolling Lariat

5. Roll the Joint (Roll the Dice/Test Drive - sets up the Silver Lining)

6. Wild Bomb (Chris Benoit's powerbomb - Only used on smaller opponents - Not as Powerful as Danny William's though)

7. Tidal Wave (Opponent is in corner, HSJ does a handspring, into a double jump kick to the face.)

8. Dangerous Wizard (Shining wizard but with a kick to the back of the head instead of a knee)

9. Sitout Swinging Neckbreaker

10. Magnum Driver (Sitout Pumphandle Driver)


Common moves:

1. Standing Enzuguri

2. Various Strike Attacks (Knee's, Elbows, Kicks, Chops)

3. Low Ki's 2 Kick Combo + Knock Out Kick to Face

4. Fujiwara Armbar

5. Various Suplex's (German Suplex, Belly to Back, and others. Nothing serious like Dragon, or Tiger Suplex's)

6. Phantom Neckbreaker (Running Neckbreaker.)

7. The Last Dance (Superkick)

8. STO

9. 420 Legdrop (Spinning Legdrop)

10. The Smoke Out (Walls of Jericho/Elevated Boston Crab)


Rare moves:

1. Defying the System

- Styles Clash

2. I Just Broke Your Neck

- Opponent is put in a powerbomb position, but with his arms double underhooked (Tiger Driver), then gets flipped up, but HSJ turns to his side in mid-air, having his opponent in a reverse DVD position, and drops them down in a Burning Hammer. Very Rare.

3. The Ratings Grabber

- Five Star Frog Splash

4. The Highlighter

- Rock Bottom



1. The Reckoning

- Double Underhook Piledriver

2. The Bad Beat

- RKO/Running Diamond Cutter

3. The Silver Lining

- Dragon Clutch

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