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What Wrestling Shirts Did You Own?

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Here's an interesting topic to discuss:


I'd imagine we'd all agree in saying T-Shirts (Next to tapes/dvds) are probably the biggest merchandising avenue a wrestling company can go down.


My question is this:


What wrestling shirts have you owned or did you own over your period of being a fan?


Here's the list I can come up with:


-Brutus the Barber Beefcake (Early/Mid 90)

-A shirt with Stone Cold Steve Austin battling Shawn Michaels (I'd place it late 1996)

-The "Austin 3:16" shirt

-The "Stone Cold University" shirt

-The Rock's "Brahma Bull" shirt

-Chris Jericho's "Y2J" shirt

-Tommy Dreamer's "Whatever Doesn't Kill Me Will Make Me Stronger" shirt

-The white F.B.I. Shirt (I liked this one because I used it as my autograph shirt)

-A generic Sandman shirt

-The EC F'N W shirt

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I've never had any problem wearing certain WWE t-shirts out in public.


I own (and am currently wearing) a Matt Hardy 'yellow warning' one, a few HHH ones, a 2002 Shawn Michaels one, an original nWo one, three DX, a Londrick one, the grey Randy Orton one, a grey Edge one and the one that I don't have that I really wanted, two in fact, John Cena's 'Hustle, Loyalty, Respect' and Edge's 'Lewd Crewd and Rude' are both on my agenda when I get back into work.


I'm not ashamed to wear any of the above.


In fact, I wear my Christopher Daniels 'Fallen Angel' top out a lot in town.

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-A shirt with Stone Cold Steve Austin battling Shawn Michaels (I'd place it late 1996)


I remember seeing this one a lot back in the day.


Off the top of my head, I had the nWo glow in the dark shirt, the offbrand SCU, the DX logo (this was before I could easily order anything off the Internet), some sort of Wolfpac shirt, the original Y2J, and a Hardy Boyz shirt (I talked myself out of the ever-popular Always Pounding Ass shirt).


I'd wear a Hot Rod or Edge shirt today if I had the chance to pick one up in person.

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-Original NWO Black And White.


-Sting's NWO Wolfpack


I'm sure's there's more, but that's all I can remember right now.

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I've still got a big stash of wrestling shirts, but I barely ever wear them anymore (usually just on errands, to the gym or to bed). I do have some of the ones that are OK for public consumption, such as the Captain Charisma one and the original Edge "Sex and Violence" shirt. Most of them were purchased and used just as everyday, lounging around shirts, which is pretty funny in retrospect given the amount of shirts I've owned/still have.


Working at my old job gave me access to most of the many shirts produced through the years, so I've got a lot of WWF, WWE, WCW, ECW and TNA shirts still. A lot of them have gone on to greener pastures due to fading/wear and tear and whatnot. One of my alltime favorites was the red ECW Lance Storm shirt from the late '90s. I also stopped wearing some because I used to buy shirts in bigger sizes for fear of them shrinking, and as I got older didn't like things looking baggy on me.


Here's a list, just off the top of my head, of what I did and do own:


Original ECW shirts:


Lance Storm

Justin Credible

Impact Players

Super Crazy


ECW Hardcore Revolution (or wrestling...it was the purplish logo)

Sandman Blood, Sweat and Beers (the one done to mock the Budweiser logo)

Tazz FTW



NWO black and white logo

Jeff Jarrett "Slapnuts"

Outsiders logo

DDP blue Diamond Cutter logo



Jericho's original Y2J

The Brood

Austin 3:16 (original, bought it at KOTR '97)

D-Generation X (original, silver logo)

Kurt Angle "Three I's"

APA original logo

Wrestlemania X8 Baseball Jersey



Cena Wordlife (done to look like the Wrestlemania logo)

Cena Chain Gang soldier ringer shirt

Randy Orton "Fully Evolved"

Randy Orton "Family Tradition"

Randy Orton RKO Red Logo (nWo looking one)

Evolution Gentleman's Club

Christian Captain Charisma

Edge Sex and Violence

Edge Rated R Superstar

CM Punk Hardcore/Straight Edge

WWE/ECW Sandman

Steve Austin BYOB

Steve Austin Fuck Fear, Drink Beer

Cena Hustle, Loyalty, Respect

Carlito (the yellow Apple Logo shirt)


WWE/ECW logo

Eddie Guerrero Tribute Shirt

Eddie Guerrero "Eddie Stole My Other Shirt"



Paul London "Please Don't Die"


OVW Logo shirt (probably my favorite wrestling shirt other than the Captain Charisma one)



AJ Styles Simply Phenomenal

LAX original logo shirt

Christopher Daniels Fallen Angel

Alex Shelley Paparazzi Productions

X Division No Limits

Christian Cage Got Charisma

Christian Cage logo shirt

Kurt Angle It's Damn Real

Kurt Angle Eagle logo

TNA logo

TNA blood drip logo

Scott Steiner Big Poppa Pump logo

Samoa Joe "Joe's Gonna Kill You"


...I know there's more.

Edited by Zack Malibu

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ECW logo shirt (circa 1998)



- Bret Hart (circa 1994 with the World belt on Bret's shoulder)

- Shawn Michaels "all-over" shirt from 1995

- Sunny "I like it RAW" shirt



- nWo

- Bret Hart shirt by Starter

- Classic WCW logo shirt



- Triple H "No Foreplay" shirt (2002)

- Rey Mysterio

- No Way Out 2003 shirt (I was at the show)

- Chris Benoit crossface shirt (2004)

- Eddie Guerrero brown 1967-2005 shirt


Indy / IWS:

- El Generico

- Kevin Steen

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Holy shit Zack that's alot of shirts.

The only one I ever had was SCSA "Don't Trust Anybody"


Like I had said, if I didn't have my old job for so long, I wouldn't have gotten half of those. I just got most of them because I could get them on the cheap. I've got even more than that, I just can't recall them all off the top of my head.

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Used to own


Original DX shirt, first design

NWO Red and Black shirt with Hall and Nash...only bought it cause I was a Hall mark at the time

Austin 3:16 with the Rattlesnake skull


Insane Championship Wrestle shirt, Detroit fed


still have


Original ROH t-shirt, first design

ROH Hoodie

Justin Credible's first ECW shirt


The Justin shirt was tight on me when I bought it and loose as hell now. Guh, seeing myself on fancam with it was brutal. Soooo much heavier then

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Among those I used to own and wear but don't anymore for whatever reason are:

- Kurt Angle, It's True It's True

- Kane, Kiss my Ash (not my proudest shirt in retrospect)

- Cactus Jack (best received of the past shirts)

- nWo black/white

- Chris Jericho, Highlight Reel (Pacified the fact that I'd likely would never own a WCW Monday Night Jericho shirt)

- Raven's WCW shirt (Always liked this shirt but it fitted awkwardly and the Raven logo on the front was a little low for my tastes)

- HHH (Just a black shirt w/ 3 blue Hs on them, nothing on the back other than the WWF scratch logo)


Current (Some I wear more than others):

- Road Warriors (Arguably the best received public shirt of my current stash)


- ECW ONS 05

- ECW (The 2007 logo)

- WWE's 1st Sandman shirt (I make it a point to have an open shirt over it since I hate the back of it)

- WWE's Greatest Managers shirt

- A white Jake The Snake Roberts shirt I got from Steve & Barry's

- Hot Rod shirt



- Am expecting a white AWA shirt in the mail in the next few days

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I owned a "I'd Rather be in Chyna" shirt that--even with my rep as a Chyna mark--I don't think I've ever worn in public without a jacket.




A DX blood t-shirt (not sure if it's the original design, but it's the one Austin ripped up on the night HBK rubbed the belt in his face)

DX Shirt with HBK on it

Austin 3:16

Austin's Terminator-esque shirt that came out in 97

Both the original and Wolfpac nWo shirts

Tazz's "pitbull" shirt that came out around 2000 or so

Undertaker: "He's got Soul...Maybe Yours"...purchased at KOTR 95 of all places!

I had a surprising amount of Rock t-shirts considering I was never that big a fan of his


...probably more I'm forgetting.


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-a Stone Cold half-face/half-skull t-shirt

-a DDP diamond cutter symbol t-shirt

-a Rey Mysterio mask/"Flying Fury?" t-shirt

-a Rock "Electrifying 1" jersey

-I also had a crappy Rock raising his arm on the turnbuckle t-shirt that I never wore

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off the top of my head, official shirts:


Warrior shirt from his 96 return

nWo Wolfpac shirt

Macho Madness WCW shirt (one with him in prison bars)

Outsiders WCW shirt

nWo Red, White and Black (from when they joined after fingerpoke, got at THE NITRO GRILL~!)

Chris Jericho Jerichoholic

Rey Mysterio's first WWE shirt

Hurricane logo shirt (and mask and cape)

HBK's brown one from like 06?

Edge's R Rated Superstar (got the sweatshirt/beanie combo)

AWA logo shirt


I know I have a few others and then some others that weren't official shirts, but wrestling shirts, like one with the New Age Outlaws, one of Rock, one of Kane and a bunch of others.

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I have owned:



-Too Cool: 'Kick It'

- Hardy Boyz : '2xtreme'

-Kurt Angle: 'It's True, It's True'

-Kurt Angle: 'The Truth Won't Set You Free'

-Chris Jericho: Long Sleeve 'Would You Please Shut The Hell Up'

-Chris Jericho: 'Larger Than Life'

-Triple H: 'I Am The Game'

-Hogan: 'Hulkamania'

-Wrestlemania X8 Baseball Jersey



-CM Punk: 'Your Now One Of US'

-Summer Tour '06 Shirt



Raven: 'Clockwork Orange House Of Fun'


Not a bad collection over the years. The only ones I still really wear are the Punk/Raven/ROH Summer Tour/Jericho Long Sleeved & Hulkamania one. Hulkamania is usually busted out specifically for Hogan fancy dress.


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This is all that I can think of. I don't wear wrestling shirts out in public, but I used to when I was younger.



Rockers (purple) which hasn't fit me in a decade and a half.

Ultimate Warrior (black) which I grew out of forever ago.

Hulk Hogan (black) which I grew out of and tossed.

Jericholic's Anonymous (black) which my little brother now possesses.



EC F'N W shirt which I still have.

ECW surgeon general warning shirt which I still have.



NWO/WCW Illinois Lottery promo shirt that never saw the light of day that I got for free. I might still have it somewhere.


I was at a flea market recently and I came across a bunch of XL and larger WWF/E shirt that I would be swimming in if I were to buy one. The only one that I would consider would be the Mick Foley shirt which lists his career injury stats on the back.

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Let's see...


I used to have a green Jake "The Snake" Roberts shirt from before I was a wrestling fan.


I have still an Undertaker shirt from 1994. Hooded T-shirt, on the front it says "Dead or Alive, It's Still..." and on the back "Undertaker" with a picture of him. Got that at my first live event...a house show with a double main event of Bret defending against Neidhart, and Taker/Yoko in a "practice" casket match for Survivor Series.


Hulk Still Rules shirt & Bandana


WrestleMania XX shirt (before they added the "Where It All Begins...Again" catchphrase)


EC F'N W shirt


"Thank You Ric" Shirt.


And...that's about it.



nWo (classic logo)

Austin 3:16

Cactus Jack "Wanted"










The Barry Horowitz shirt from SummerSlam 1995.

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I too have the shirt with Stone Cold battling Shawn Micheals around here somewhere. I believe it has Austin stomping HBK in the gut and has "And That's The Bottom Line, Cause Stone Cold Said So!" under the picture. I believe this is a still from their 1997 KOTR match. I'm such a nerd


Worth noting, I wanted an Austin 3:16 shirt something awful, but my Mother is uber-religious, and wouldn't let me get one.


Other shirts I've either owned before or presently have:



Original nWo

nWo Red and Black

A shirt featuring Crow Sting posing, with STING written behind him in blue

Crow Sting Silhouette (WCW did a series of these featuring Sting, Ric Flair, and Giant IIRC)

DDP - Blue diamond in the middle of the shirt with DDP's face and hands in the middle



SEVERAL Ultimate Warrior Shirts way back when

Stone Cold vs HBK shirt mentioned above

Stone Cold What Shirt

Triple H - Cerebral Assassin

Triple H - Iron Cross

Batista - one of the first made, IIRC


Degeneration X Reunion Tour Shirt - Bought at 3-Hour Raw taping in Columbia, SC in October, 2006.

Also used to own a Rock football jersey. Ex-gf bought it for me at a house show we went to in Augusta, GA in late 1999. Thing cost around $40-50 IIRC


and last but not least, a neat little conversation piece - ECW December to Dismember (I was there~!)

The shirt even features the "card" on the back showing just how unorganized this show was:

Extreme Elimination Chamber: Big Show vs Lashley vs RVD vs Sabu vs Test vs CM Punk

ONE NIGHT ONLY!: The Hardys vs MNM

The Sandman vs Hardcore Holly

Tommy Dreamer vs Daivari (w/ The Great Khali)

Balls Mahoney vs Matt Striker

Al Snow (w/Head) vs Elijah Burke (w/ Sylvester Terkay)

Mike Know and Kelly Kelly vs Kevin Thorn and Ariel

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I had a few in my youth too. Notably I remember having a Tatanka shirt for some reason, and a Wrestlemania 7 shirt with a cartoon Hogan waving the American Flag that I won at a sports carnival/celebrity meet and greet.


I also just recalled that I have a Wrestlemania 19 logo shirt, and a Christian shirt from the '02-'03 era that had an anime looking Christian on the front (the shirt was in black and white) and said something like "Dude, You're a Chumpstain" or something like that on the back.

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I had a Rock shirt with "Do You Smell What the Rock is Cooking" on the back, didn't wear it much, dunno what happened to it. I also own, and still wear, a Crazy MAX shirt with the logo on the front.

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I used to have a long sleeve Goldberg shirt with "Who's Next?" on the sleeves. I also used to have a nWo Hollywood T-shirt which is weird because I hated the nWo Black And White back then.


I still have a bootleg Rock T-shirt with him posing with the Intercontinental Championship belt on the front and the picture of him from that one issue of WWF RAW Magazine with him standing in front of Mount Rushmore with his face inserted onto one of the President's faces on the back. I also have a nWo Wolfpac T-shirt with "No Mercy" and the nWo Wolfpac logo on the back. I still got my Rock Brahma Bull football jersey. And I know for sure that I've got a Stone Cold Steve Austin What? T-shirt somewhere in my room.

Edited by Ed Wood Caulfield

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I had a Austin shirt, the one with his face on it. I remember wearing that shirt to School Picture day and my grandmother getting the picture. She damn near had a heart attack.


I also had a "Will You Please Shut The hell up" Jericho T shirt, a Bam Bam Bigelow WCW shirt and a Kevin Nash shirt. All bought from QVC.

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