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SWF Stats Thread - 2006 Edition

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It's a tradition... apparently...


Plus, we have a lot of stats in the other thread of people who aren't around no more, no more, no more, no more, so here's a new one. Everyone post your most recent stats!


And, to kick things off, here's Martin Hunt and Ced Ordonez!






Wrestlers Name: Martin "Big Country" Hunt

Height: 6 foot 2 inches

Weight: 220 lbs

Hometown: Boone, NC

Age: 22

Face/Heel: Heel--> can be a face though

Stable: N/A

Ring Escort: None.. as of yet

Weapon(s): Carries a wooden baseball bat often.. sometimes carries a bottle of Southern Comfort


"WHO-HA" "The South Shall Rise Again" "I have drank liquor stronger than you"

"I am the Box King"


Looks: Martin Hunt is your typical college student. He is tall and fairly built-- reasonably sized and has somewhat of muscle definition. He has very long arms that provide him with an extensive reach on most opponents and has the looks of a farm boy. He is often sporting collared polo shirts with khakis and boots or a pair of faded overalls. He has short curly hair and a touch of craziness is seen within his brown eyes. Martin is also very cocky, southern-acting, and is of course a fraternity brother-- which only furthers his cockiness and attitude. His ring attire consists of worn fraternity shirts sporting the letters of Pi Kappa Phi and a pair of blue jeans and boots.


Ring Entrance: "A Country Boy Can Survive" plays by Hank Williams Jr as Martin "Big Country" Hunt struts out to the ring proudly wearing his fraternity's letters, blue jeans, and boots that look fresh for kicking ass. He smirks at the crowd and mocks various fans in attendance before entering the ring.




Strength: 6

Speed: 4

Vitality: 6

Charisma: 4



Style: Power-Techinal Based


Signature moves:


power slam

Baseball bat shots

spitting liquor in eyes of opponent

choking opponents with beer bongs

"100 Proof" Knee to forehead like HHH's

"Donkey Punch" Big splash off topes like Val Venis' Money Shot

suspended suplex


Common moves:

Neck breakers

power press slam

Choke Hold

Multiple Punches in the corner

scissor kick


power slam

body to body suplex

headlock with multiple punches

drop kick

body-stretch submission like move

leg locks

arm bars..


Rare moves:

"Pi Kapp Attack" Flying Moonsault off top ropes



1) (Submission Based) "Black-Out"-- Vicious sleeper-hold that is normally held way to long and refs have to push Martin off of his opponent

2) (Power Based) "Sweet Southern Comfort" -- Reverse DDT similar to Raven's Evenflow


Notes: Martin "Big Country" Hunt will do anything to win a fight, from a cheap shot, to outside interference to even spitting liquor in his opponent's eye he just doesn't care. He seems to only show his pain and hurt in extreme cases and has a mild case of "Mankind"'s masochist characteristics. He is extremely dedicated, hard-working and cocky. His attitude often offends others and he is normally found "hard to control". Martin comes across as the average fraternity guy that is showing you how cocky he is and how cocky he will be on his quest for the gold.


Bio: Martin "Big Country" Hunt has been around in a few e-feds back in his early teenage years (17-19 years old). He wrestled extremely hardcore and was often arrested for violent conduct and public drunkeness. He left the wrestling scene where he was struggling to make a living and pursued a college career in the mountains. Even though he held numerous world titles, american titles, u.s. titles, hardcore titles, intercontinental titles, and even a tag team title-- Martin seemed to only be content with making money and winning more gold. His greed led to his departure of "EHW" (Extreme Hardcore Wrestling) after he got inducted into their hall of fame and he ventured into Appalachian State University to try out his business side of academics. While in college, Martin grew extremely cocky and joined Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity where he lead as a feared president and helped develop a name for himself among the campus. In his senior year, Martin began missing wrestling so he ventured into the SWF.



Wrestler's Name: Ced Ordonez

Nickname: "Bemani Cross Wizard"

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 209 lbs.

Hometown: Sacramento, CA

Age: 22

Alignment: Face (In both referee and wrestler incarnations)

Stable: N/A

Weapon(s): Whatever becomes available, but only if it's match legal.

Quote: N/A


Looks: Decent muscular build, tanned skin and spiky black hair with brunette highlights.


Ring Attire: Kicking it old school. Blue MMA tights with white lightning design on the right side, blue kneepads, white boots and white tape around the wrists.


Entrance/Backstage Attire: Just add a t-shirt for backstage skits and there you go. The standard SWF issued referee's uniform for refereeing matches naturally.


Entrance Theme: "Night of Fire" - Niko (High energy Eurobeat theme)


Ring Entrance:


"Night of Fire!"


The lights go out as the beat of the Niko composed theme begins to excite the crowd. Then....






Pillars of flames briefly light up the entrance before disappearing and revealing Ced Ordonez standing on the stage. He fires up the crowd as best as he can before jogging towards the ring. He slides in and promptly makes his way to the far turnbuckle, giving the crowd an obligatory face pose. He hops down and gets in some quick leg stretches before the bell.



Strength: 4

Speed: 6

Vitality: 6

Charisma: 4


Game plan: Incorporates alot of legwork in the early going to set up the aerial game and possible submission in the latter stages of the match.


Signature moves:

- Dragon Screw Legwhip

- Regal Roll: Forward Roll from a Fireman's Carry.

- Powerdrive Elbow: Ced bounces off the ropes once then drops a hard elbow. He usually gets overzealous and winds up landing on his opponent with his entire torso, making the blow even more uncomfortable for his opponent.

- Double Stomp: With the opponent lying on the mat, Ced jumps up and drills both feet into his opponent's stomach.

- REF BUMP~! - Ced picks a random high flying move and does it onto somebody from the apron to the floor. He's done it while refereeing a match, so it's always something to be wary of.


Common moves:

- Roundhouse Kick

- Senton Splash

- Drop Toehold

- Cross Kneelock

- Second Rope Elbowdrop

- Flying Leg Scissors

- Top Rope Missile Dropkick

- Running High Kick

- Kneebreaker

- Jumping Double Knee Drop

- Cross Bodyblock

- Huracanrana

- Jumping Back Elbow

- Enzuigiri

- Dropkick to the Knee



- Fire Soul: Top Rope Corkscrew Swanton Bomb. Primary finisher. With the opponent lying on the mat. Ced perches himself on to the top turnbuckle, facing the crowd, then pushes off while twisting. He rotates in midair and hits his opponent with a swanton.

- Cross Lightning: Nagata Lock/Reverse Figure-Four Leglock. Submission finisher.

- Dynamite Rave: Fallaway Moonsault. Cruiserweight finisher. With his opponent crotched on the top turnbuckle, Ced hops onto the second rope and hoists his opponent into a fallaway slam position. He steps up to the top rope and then he does a moonsault while still holding onto his opponent. The opponent slams onto the mat hard as Ced simultaneously lands on top of the opponent, allowing Ced to get the easy pinfall.



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Wrestlers Name: The Crimson Skull

Height: 6' 4"

Weight: 285 lbs

Hometown: Original - Parts Unknown, Current - Kiev, Ukraine (can be introduced as from parts unknown, now residing in Kiev, Ukraine if you wish)

Age: Unknown

Face/Heel: Heel, but his comedic actions could probably get face pops...

Stable: none

Ring Escort: Heff, his EVIL~! assistant.

Weapon(s): Any



Looks: His dark hair flows down from the sides and the back of his head. Covering his face is a crimson mask that covers from slightly above his eyes to down to the tip of his nose and around his face. The only thing showing is his mouth. A red skull is centered on the chest of his spandex black shirt, a red cape hangs behind him. He wears a silver belt and black spandex pants. He’s stacked, too. Think of him as every body builder you’ve ever seen, times two. Or maybe one and a half. Intimidating big.


Ring Entrance: *Bang* An eruption of sparks flies up from the front of the entrance stage. Out from behind the curtain runs out six women wearing gold, glittering shorts and tank tops. "Everybody dance now!” They begin to freestyle dance, bump and grind, and everything else you can think of as “Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now!)” by C & C Music Factory blares over the P.A. system. The Crimson Skull emerges from the back, flanked by his assistant Heff, and walks through the madness on his way down towards the ring.




Strength: 9

Speed: 2

Vitality: 4

Charisma: 5


Style: Big Man, Brawler. He was never trained to be a wrestler… so… he wrestles like that.


Signature moves:

- Spear~!

- Belly to Belly Suplex


- Strong Spinebuster (shake the ring strong)

- Double Hand Toss over the top rope

- Corner Splash

- Big Boot

- Bear Hug


Common moves:

- Punch

- Kick

- Irish Whip

- Headlock

- Heart Punch

- Kidney Punch

- Discuss Double Axehandle

- Single or Double Handed Choke Toss, depending on opponent’s weight

- Clothesline

- Leg Drop

- Elbow Drop

- Cheating Moves (Low Blows, Eye Pokes, Etc.)


Rare moves:

- Chokeslam

- Frogsplash

- Collapse Piledriver

- Top Rope Leg Drop



- Crimson Splash (A top rope splash that sends 285 pounds of flesh falling on you. This is his main finisher, allowing that he can put you down for long enough to climb the turnbuckles.)

- Pop Your Skull! (An intense choke hold, named such for the way it looks like your skull is about to pop out. This is easily broken just like any other choke hold, but he’ll defiantly take advantage of it if he ever has a chance.)


Notes: He’s a super villain. While he takes himself seriously enough, it’s hard to believe that the rest of the world could ever.

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Smarks Board Name: Criplercrosface9

Wrestlers Name: "The Divine Wind" Akira Kaibatsu

Height: 6'0

Weight: 195

Hometown: Sendai, Japan

Age: 20

Face/Heel: face


Ring Escort: No longer. Can’t say I’m at all regretting ditching Kobe, either.

Weapon(s): --



But, you know, none.


Looks: Major changes and shit. Right, first of all, Akira no longer bears a mask. In its place, Kaibatsu bears a Jericho beard, Kaz Hayashi hair. Clean cut, Austin Aries like build. Tattoo on his left shoulder that says “Fearless” if you can read Kanji. If you can’t, it’s cool Japanese writing.


The attire is the same as before, only the new colors are black and maroon. Long tights, one pant leg is maroon, the other is black. The knee pad on the maroon knee is black, the knee pad on the maroon leg is black. Elbow pads match the knee pads. Black boots with maroon kickpads.


Ring Entrance: “Protect Ya Neck” by Wu-tang Clan hits, and Akira comes out. That’s how it works with me. He comes out. He’s Japanese, he ain’t flashy.




Strength: 4 - He'll have his troubles lifting the SWF's heavies (all three of them) but apart from that, he's fine.

Speed: 7 - Does his fair share of flipping around, but this is more mat quickness than anything.

Vitality: 7 - He won't no-sell anything, he's just incredibly hard to keep down.

Charisma: 2 – I’m one of those bastards that’s going to take advantage of no one caring about charisma rating.


Style: Akira used to wrestle like Sasuke, but in injury rehab he renovated his style, and his style is much more comparable to KENTA. High flying offense, and spunky kicks. Akira is also the master of te small package. MASTER. SMALL PACKAGE. OF. Akira is also a master of the spoonazi stiking style.


Signature moves

-Senton Bomb: No flip, just jumps on them back-first. Think Dick Togo.

-European Uppercut: JJ Johnson has elbows, Akira Kaibatsu has European Uppercuts. Sell these.

-Divine Backbreaker: He lifts them up suplex style, then twists their body and drops them, so that their back lands on his knee, ala Roderick Strong

-It Came From Sendai: Some know it as the Angel's Wings, and Alex Shelley may be scrambling to sue me for using this name, but it's a swinging sitout Pedigree.

-White Magic: Shining Gamengiri

--VARIATION (Black Magic), Akira will step up for this, but instead of kicking you, will go over your head, roll, and catch you with his plant-foot's heel.

-Yakuza Kick

-Superkick: You know Akira’s going to pester you with the European Uppercuts, so when he finally gets you this it hurts. Likes to stun the opponent for the Divine Wind with this.

-Crash and Burn: Hammerlock to clothesline.

-Australian Suplex: Secure a standing double chickenwing, then roll backwards and bridge up, pinning your opponent on his neck.


Common moves

-Float-over armdrag: With the opponent doubled over, Akira runs and jumps, rolling over their back. As he finishes the roll, he grabs their arm and uses his momentum to drag them over and to the canvas.

-Springboard front dropkick: KENTA-style, fools.

-Stalling brainbuster: Strength 4 means he can't hold them up there for long, but he'll go as long as he cares to before dropping you on your head.

-JAPANESE MAT WRESTLING~!: As stated before, Kaibatsu can carry himself quite well on the mat, and thus knows most of the tricks in the book. Lots of flips, rolls and handstands here. Be pretty creative, God knows they are.

-Chops: Knife-edged, overhead, whatever. Sometimes, Kaibatsu just gets the urge to slap you around. In a non-heelish way, of course.

-Kamikaze Rush: Springboard gamengiri. Runs to the ropes, jumps to the middle, springs off and kicks you in the face. Ouch.

-Basic kicks. Roundhouses, etc. No wacky spinning uber-head-removal kicks, but stuff you could learn by watching a karate class for a few days.

-Skull Fuck: Figure four necklock, roll to stomach, smash your head up and down on the canvas. Pwnzorz. And more Alex Shelley names.

-European uppercut suicida: Damn skippy.

-Powerdrive elbow: People's Elbow, but with no crazy posturing beforehand.


Rare moves

-Divine Wind '04: Head-drop Sliced Bread #2. See Bio for details. EXTREMELY RARE.

-Kaibatsu Drop: A very spotty move, but effective nonetheless. Akira gets them in a dragon sleeper before flipping over them and dropping into an Stunner.

-Half-nelson suplex: Cruiser killer fa' sho', home-skillet.

-Natural Born Chaos Theory: Australian Suplex, but if it doesn't get the pin, roll back through, pull them up, and give them a bridged Tiger Suplex.



-The Divine Wind - Sliced Bread #2

-Shadows Over Hell - an Anaconda Vice. The opponent on their back, Akira sits down to their left. He takes his right hand, wraps it around the opponents head, grabbing their left wrist. He then slips his left arm and slides it through the hole created. Keep in mind, CM Punk calls his finisher the Anaconda Vice, but it’s actually an arm triangle choke.

--VARIATION (Uwabami Vice) - The aforementioned Arm Triangle Choke. Named so because Toxx actually got me to believe that Uwabami was the Japanese word for Anaconda. Touche to you, Mr. Stephens.


Notes: Kaibatsu knows what he's doing now, which is good, because he no longer has Mr. Kobe to hold his hand and walk him through things. In terms of ethics, if you're familiar with Ring of Honor, Akira is a Code of Honor following guy.


Bio: I don't feel like writing a whole bio out, so I'll just explain the DW'04...


In Kaibatsu's debut match on August 12th, 2004, he was booked to win. Naturally, he was very excited, and his in-ring actions showed. He was jittery, he had a huge grin on his face the whole time (even when he was supposed to be selling), and it all built up. When it finally came time to hit his finisher, he was so overexcited that he overshot the flip and ended up dropping his opponent on his head.


This snapped the then-19 year old back to reality. If he kept getting excited when he knew he was winning, people could get hurt. From then on, he's carried himself like a professional in the ring, and hasn't injured anyone since. Get him too angry, though, and this may very well change.


And Mr. Kobe is a whore.

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Guest The Satanic Angel

Smarks Board Name: The Satanic Angel

Wrestlers Name: Sean Davis

Nicknames: The Perfect Storm

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 290 lbs

Hometown: Jacksonville, FL

Age: 26

Face/Heel: Tweener

Stable: None. Formerly Revolution Zero. Will give Toxxic-haters the nth degree.

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): ONLY in Hardcore, and then will use anything and everything

Quote: "I'll take you on."


Looks: African-American, medium brown skin tone. Deep, brown eyes and shaved head. Dark blue wrestling tights, lightning design down left pant leg, no shirt, black wrestling boots. Some fingers wrapped in white tape.


Ring Entrance: The arena lights flash ominously as low rumbles of thunder can be heard, along with a warning siren. 'Battle Ready' by Otep hits the speakers as flashes of white pyro streak from the ceiling, hitting the stage and causing gold and red pyro blasts to erupt up, imitating a lightning strike, and a loud clap of thunder echoes through the arena. The crashing guitars of ‘Battle Ready’ come in as the Smarktron shows half-second clips of Sean Davis' matches as he steps out from behind the curtain and makes his way down the ramp.



Strength: 10, strongest man in the fed, easily lifts 275 lbs, can move anyone

Speed: 2, capable of a short burst of speed when the anger hits, does NOT EVER visit the top rope

Vitality: 7, doesn't quit before the 10 minute mark, can take hardcore shots and recover

Charisma: 1, gets a neutral reaction from the crowd, not well-liked backstage


Style: Violent power base


Signature moves:

Full Nelson Atomic Drop – used almost every match

Suplex Powerslam

High Angle powerbomb - A simple move, but he usually bombs his opponent on their upper back/neck, thus folding them over on the mat. Mistake, or intentional?

Release German Suplex

Brainbuster DDT

Samoan Drop

Underhook Brainbuster Suplex (Michinoku Driver)

Pulling Piledriver


Common moves:

Stiff punches


Chokeslam - Quickly executed.

Military Press Slam - Sean will press lighter (under 225lbs) opponents a couple times (if they aren’t struggling) before slamming them.

Elbow Drop - Usually follows the Military Press Slam.

Fireman's Carry Gutbuster Drop

Football Tackle - Usually into the corner

Falcon Arrow

Reverse Chinlock - with knee to the back

Military Press Drop - Sometimes Sean will drop his opponent onto the ropes, or face first into the turnbuckle.

Spinebuster - He drives his shoulder into the opponent's chest upon impact with the mat.

Super Inside Cradle (Schoolboy Buster) - A harsh, forced schoolboy pin, with Sean putting most of his weight over his opponent.

Full Nelson Slam

Reverse Armbar - An opponent throws a lazy or misguided punch, he'll grab the fist and force the opponent into a wristlock, then push their shoulder down and lock on the reverse armbar.

Shoulder Block - Followed by stomps, often to the point of forcing his opponent out of the ring


Tag moves:

Powerbomb/Neckbreaker - Sean will bring an opponent up into a powerbomb position, bring him to a corner where Toxxic is waiting, and then Toxx dives off, executing a harsh neckbreaker while Sean drives his opponent to the mat.

Superplex/Backbreaker - Toxxic catches his opponent on the turnbuckle, then climbs up and sets them up for a superplex, Sean kneels with one knee up so that when Toxx suplexes his opponent over, the victim's back lands across Sean's knee. After this, Sean always takes out the victim's partner so that Toxx's pin won't be interfered with.



Rare moves:

Bear Hug - Headbutting or clapping the ears may seem like a good idea, but Sean is quite used to BUTT heads and having his helmet smacked every game of his college career, it only fuels the fire

Big Boot - to the stomach.

Underhook Piledriver



Maelstrom - Press Slam DVD. Common finisher. Sean presses his opponent over his head, then lets gravity take over and slams them down in a DVD.

Avalanche - Back mounted Full Nelson. He sits on his opponent's lower back and pulls their arms into a Full Nelson. He leans back while applying pressure on his opponent's neck. A cruiserweight will have a tough time escaping this move, while someone with a higher strength may be able to power out of it, or to the ropes. Generally only escaped by outside interference. He uses this late in a match, when he knows his opponent is worn enough that he will submit.

Cyclone Driver - Kneeling Thunder Fire Piledriver. Sean gutwrenches his opponent into a Canadian backbreaker position, then wraps up his opponent for the piledriver and drops to his knees, driving his opponent hard. The ring will shake. Will bust out a Jumping TFP or Sit-Out TFP for those rare, special occasion matches. Unkickoutable. I don’t advise using this as a finish for your match unless you want the next couple shows off.


Notes: Sean is on average a very quiet man. Sean doesn't back down from a fight. A “CON-VICT!” chant would enrage Davis and if you're his opponent, good luck. The convict chant has yet to spread to all SWF arenas, it is pertinent in the southeast. When it does, more of the 'no regard for safety' will show through than it does now.


Sean will not hit a woman. If a woman attacks him, or he has a match with a woman, he will use passive means in order to subdue or score a victory over them.


Recent developments have caused Sean to rethink his attitude toward the SWF ring. While he's not more liked backstage, the fans have started showing sympathy. They no longer hate him, but they don't love him, either. Sean's well known for his ability to come out of a match victorious in under two minutes.


Bio: Sean went to FSU in Tallahassee on scholarship for football. An altercation on-campus resulted in Sean's arrest and subsequent incarceration. Longtime friend and recent addition to the pool of lawyers, Marcus Washington took Sean's case and fought for his freedom. After two years in state prison, a mere technicality set Sean free, despite his continued pleas of innocence.


After joining the SWF, Sean was quickly recruited into the budding stable, Revolution Zero. Toxxic, Spike Jenkins and Davis ruled the ring until Toxx brought Sacred into the fold without consulting his stablemates. Chaos arose and Spike Jenkins turned. He broke Davis’ ankle in a match and later feuded with Toxxic. A behind-the-scenes fued with Spike Jenkins has built up to a Hardcore Gamers Championship cage match at 13th Hour, which Davis won. At the same PPV, Michael Stephens (Toxxic) won the World Heavyweight Championship. The two are known to be keeping company ... could the SWF see the return of Revolution Zero?

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2/25/06 Music has been changed.

5/28/06 Complete character over-haul, edited stats, name, appearance, music, and move set.

5/29/06 Minor stat update.

5/31/06 Move set change/nickname change.

6/22/06 Entrance/General Information edited


Preliminary Question: Through IGN’s efed/JJ Johnson/Akira Kaibatsu

Smarks Board Name: Super_Tigris

Wrestlers Name: Michael Cross

Nickname: 'Iron'

Height: 6’2''

Weight: 237 pounds

Hometown: Detroit, MI

Age: 22

Face/Heel: Currently not caring about anything either way

Stable: Asia Underground (former), The Axis (former), None (current)

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): Barbed Wire and Chairs

Quote: None




Hair – Medium-uneven mohawk-like black hair

Eyes – Beady, Dark Blue

Facial Hair – Black, Sabin-like Chin Strap goatee

Body – Small, tight, muscular

Tattoo – A cross on the back of his neck, an S on his left shoulder and an E on his right shoulder, “DRUG FREE” tattooed across his knuckles, and the numbers “2” and “8” tattooed tiny near the middle of his chest, *new* two swan wings tattoed across his back and up into the backs of his arms.

Attire – Gym shorts (dark red waist band with white draw strings, white legs, thick dark red strip down the left leg and the right leg, in white text the words “twenty” and “eight” are spelled on the left and right leg with dark red circular cuffs at the bottom of each leg), long white boots with dark red kick pads, dark red knee pads, long taped wrists (white tape) with a dark red X on both of the tops of the hands.

Entrance Attire – Dark red and black Independent hoodie sweat shirt.



Ring Entrance: Pretty simple, a lot of flashing dark-red lights and the song 'The Show Must Go On' by Queen. Mike won't really look at the crowd, he'll just do his own thing, coldly.




Strength: 7, as of his return, Mike has gained nearly 10 pounds of muscle. He's got bull-like strength that feeds into his vitality, making him defensively and offensively capable of a ton more now that he's gained so much muscle. Clearly he enjoy putting his strength over in his matches if he has a distinct advantage over his opponent. If he can, he'll throw them around for his own pleasure quite literally.


Speed: 4, fast, but now he's more into the power game, hopefully looking to take on a new found position within the SWF. He can still do some occasional flying stuff, but it's much less of an aspect of his moveset or his


Vitality: 8, easily the most important part of Mike's offense and defense is his vitality, which is high enough that throughout the match, if he takes a lesser amount of damage, can maintain strength and speed without feeling the effects of fatigue or body stress, making him more dangerous in every offensive aspect, though his irritablity and anger make him far more capable of making mistakes on his feet, thus the weakness in his high-impact and aerial-ability offense that seems relentless - if you can make him make a HUGE mistake, he'll feel the effects and be hurt enough to have to retreat into a defensive shell.


Charisma: 1, determination and the desire to be the best grants him the ability to say such things in promos and occasionally in matches (sort of like an even more generic Chris Benoit). His intensity borders on the verge of over-the-top. He's not someone anyone wants to listen to unless he's in a spot where people genuinly are interested in a match he's participating in.




Signature move:


Standing Double Stomp onto an opponent's head


'Iron' Bomb - an advanced version of the move formerly know as "Break the Ice" (a powerbomb onto his own knee). First, he'll perform the original move onto his right knee, then again onto his left, and then he'll whip his opponent as hard as he can into the mat and sling over top of them for a Jacknife Pin.


Triple Northern Lights Suplexes (ends usually into a pin unless interupted by an opponent)


Entrapment – STS, or an STF with a headlock applied


Fierce Strikes – while opponent is on hands and knees, Cross stands over him and delivers cross face forearms over and over again.


Top Rope Double Knee Drop


Common moves:


Rapid arm drags

Oklahoma Roll Pin

Alternating knee strikes

Drop Toe Hold


Sunset flip (from various positions)

Repeated Snap Suplexes

Pendulum Backbreaker

Double leg takedown

Chain wrestling (arm wringing, headlock exchanges, arm drags, submission/pin exchange)

Dropkick to Knee followed up by a hard knee to the face




Rare moves:


(Now a rare move due to the improbability that Cross will even go for a move at his new size and weight)


*Go To Hell - A double stomp only ever done to cruiserweights as a finish, and only done with the intention of stomping directly onto the head with every intention of knocking the victim out. It's rarely done unless Cross is in odds as to how to actually put down an opponent in a cruiser match. In order for an opponent to kick out, their vitality should be around a 6, anything higher should prompt a kickout for a close two.


(Now a rare move due to the improbability that Cross will even go for a move at his new size and weight)


*Go To Hell, And Stay There - similar to *Go To Hell, the move is done in situations where it's legal or when it's done without the ref's knowledge, basically Cross stomps the head of his opponent who is sprawled over a steel chair that's been set up. It can be used on any opponent, size doesn't matter, and is more lethal than any move in Cross' arsenal, incredibly dangerous, and should put every opponent away. If you're writing a kick out of this move, please PM me or IM me before doing so.


The Devil’s Soul Snare – Dragon Suplex Pin, it's made the swap into the rare move section because of how dangerous it is, now if you're hit with this, you know you've pissed 'Iron' Mike off - please refrain from writing a kick out from this move unless asking, it holds a special place in my heart, thanks.




Silent Rage Syndrome – Chris Hero’s Strong Hero Welcome, or a dragon sleeper that lifts and twists into a cutter.


Iron Cross - Sugar Hold, or a seated full nelson strech.


Nail in the Cross - Double Armed Brainbuster, one of Cross' favorite new moves reflecting his new found power.

(other versions of the Nail in the Cross):

Nail in the Iron Cross - one of the older moves in Cross' move set that was seldomly used as its effects were never truly felt with such a lack of overall power. The Nail in the Cross is a double armed brainbuster used to spike the opponents head an neck downward. This move allows the set up for the Iron Cross (see: the move directly above this), and is often strung into this.

Nail in the Iron Soul Snare - The same scenario as above, however, if his opponent is refusing to submit, Cross will pull his opponent into a standing position and deliver The Devil's Soul Snare, pinning the opponent almost indefinately after all of the work on the neck.


Notes: Cross is extremely violent, loves blood, loves fighting, but isn’t just super-spotty. He can wrestle, he can take big bumps, and generally works in matches where he takes a majority of the punishment be it that he puts himself in position to take horrific falls by using high risk maneuvers. Cross often likes to rush into a fight and try and catch his opponent off guard, and because his vitality is so high, he’s able to have large spurts of energy later in matches, similar to the likes of Kurt Angle, Shawn Michaels, and Chris Benoit.


When Cross is in control, he’s often like Taz in that he’s machine-like and very destructive/controlling. He likes inducing the maximum amount of pain he can by dissecting his opponent piece by piece. Very thorough, very dangerous when in control.


Bio: After taking several leaves from wrestling, 'Iron' Mike has returned with a new passion - to win, defend, and be the best world champion he can be. His obsession with gold was solidified after his unsuccessful tenure as the Cruiserweight Champion just this July. After taking a loss to Tom Flesher followed by another to Birdman, Cross took time off to light the fire inside of him again, successfully putting on ten pounds of muscle and forming a completely new gameplan. Mr. Kobe, his former manager, is now no longer at his side.

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Last Update: November 21st. Changed: Ring entrance for singles competition. Added: Tag Team stats.

Last MAJOR update: November 1st



Smarks Board Name: Mr. S£im Citrus

Wrestler's Name: Wildchild

Real Name: Dominic LeCroix

Alias: WC (pronounced Dub-Cee), the Bahama Bomber, the Caribbean Cruiser, the Tropical Tumbler, the Human Hurricane

Height: 5'11''

Weight: 214 lbs.

Hometown: Morgan's Bluff, Andros, Commonwealth of the Bahamas (usually just announced as "from the Bahamas.")

Age: 24

Face/Heel: Face

Stable: None

Tag Team: Wild and Dangerous

Ring Escort: Melissa Fasaki

Weapon(s): See Wrestling Attire

Quote: None (note: Wildchild has a thick Caribbean accent. He sounds like the guys in the Malibu Rum commercials: he's Seriously Easy Going!)


Important Character Note: Wildchild will not usually bleed, even in hardcore matches. Please read the Rare Moves section for an explanation.




Wildchild has caramel-colored skin and shoulder-length braided black hair. He has light brown eyes. He appears toned, but is not overly muscular, and is hairless except for the hair on his head. He also now has tattoos all over his upper body:

• Across his throat, a one-inch braided pattern resembling a rope

• Across his right shoulder and down his back is a thin black outline bordering the scar from his reconstructive surgery, made a necessity by a vicious attack at the hands of Mike Van Siclen. Written vertically to the left of the outline are the words “n'oubliez jamais, ne pardonnez jamais” in bloodied text: “never forget, never forgive.”

• Across his back, a weeping angel, surrounded by the faces of Henri, Diana, Marius and Lillian, Wildchild’s parents and two siblings.

• On his left bicep, the LeCroix family crest.


Wrestling attire:


Wildchild wears knee-length solid black "Olympic-style" wrestling tights, with the colors of the National Flag of the Bahamas running vertically down each leg. He wears heavy black facepaint across his eyes that covers the upper portion of his face, and streaks down his cheeks. He wears black kneepads with black tae kwon do-style footpads, and wraps his arms in rough heavy gauze, from his knuckles up to his elbows, in order to give a little extra impact to his punches.


Additionally, he now wears shin guards, which are painted to resemble the National Flag of the Bahamas. These can (and will) be used as weapons in hardcore matches, as Wildchild will often reverse the shin guards to cause his patented leg lariat to hit with devastating force!


For ease of reference, a picture of the flag of the Bahamas can be seen below:




Ring Entrance:


"Let's Get Dirty," by Redman. The lights in the arena will flash on and off as WC makes his way to the ring.


For normal matches, Wildchild will remove his shin guards and hand them to Melissa Fasaki before somersaulting between the bottom and middle ropes to enter the ring (this is the only quirk in WC's ring entrance, so you're welcome to freestyle it as long as you leave this in). For stip matches, he does pretty much the same thing, except he leaves the shin guards on.





Strength: 2 - Wildchild relies much more upon leverage and momentum to chop down his opponents than power. His strength is only a factor when using his finishers, and even then, he generally only uses his primary finisher against other Cruiserweights.


Speed: 10 - Wildchild is the fastest wrestler in the SWF (over Zyon, by a little bit), and by far the most acrobatic (over everybody, by a lot); this is due to the fact that, before he became the Wildchild, Dominic LeCroix was an actual, trained, professional circus acrobat. He utilizes his speed and agility to his fullest advantage, and has a great deal of "high-risk" attacks in his repertoire. Wildchild's ability to strike quickly and elusively is what makes him such a dangerous opponent.


Vitality: 4 - As a result of his background as a circus acrobat, Wildchild has an extremely high degree of flexibility, which makes him resistant to "bendy" submissions, but will not protect him from "squeezy" ones. He also has a fairly high degree of stamina and endurance, due to his physical conditioning. He will be able to withstand most wear-down holds and some submissions, but will go down to ANY impact finisher.


Charisma: 4 - Wildchild is not an overly skilled mic worker, but has developed a strong cult following, due to his magnetic personality and exciting maneuvers. The crowd pops HUGE in anticipation whenever Wildchild goes to the top rope.




Style: Technical high-flier, with extremely Lucha tendencies. He is a capable mat wrestler, but wrestling on the mat goes against Wildchild's instincts; he is in constant motion, and is always either running to the ropes, or flying off them.


Wildchild's strategy is to use his superior speed and maneuverability to tire his opponents out, and to use his body as a weapon, battering his opponents with high-speed flying attacks until they wear down. High-risk maneuvers are a staple of Wildchild's offense, and he will often perform an ornate, flashy move when a much more conventional move would have had the same effect. The key to writing Wildchild is to make the most of his athleticism, and write lots and lots (and LOTS) of high spots.


As an unintentional by-product of his extended feuds with technical wizards Ejiro Fasaki, Scott Pretzler and Jay Hawke, Wildchild has become a more adept technical wrestler, and will occasionally utilize a takedown that enables him to follow up with a high-speed attack. One of the staples of his offense, for example, has become a waistlock takedown into a running senton splash. Additionally, Wildchild has become more of a brawler, depending more heavily on punches than ever before. He has even begun wrapping his hands and arms in heavy gauze in an attempt to give more force to his punches. Despite the fact that he lacks great strength, Wildchild's phenomenal speed and agility often allow him to hit his opponents several times before they even have the opportunity to strike back.


Wildchild's speed and agility makes him highly effective against strikers, against whom Wildchild can use his superior speed to dodge the majority of their offense. He is least effective versus power wrestlers and grapplers, who are often able to dictate the pace of the match, and take him out of the air.



Signature moves (in order of use):


Leg Lariat

Character Note: Wildchild does not use clotheslines; partially due to his relative lack of upper body strength, but mostly because he just plain doesn't like to. Please use leg lariats whenever you want to write a clothesline spot.


Pinball: Slingshot rolling ball attack. This is Wildchild's premier signature move. Wildchild runs towards the ropes, jumps onto the top rope, curls into a ball, and launches himself at his opponents' head/upper torso. Maximum effective range: 8 feet. VERY high-speed attack. Not finisher strength, and often no-sold by wrestlers with high strength ratings (7+) and super-heavyweights, but virtually impossible to dodge, due to Wildchild's tremendous speed.

Character note: The Pinball attack is not likely to be blocked or dodged by anyone with a speed rating lower than 8, unless they've wrestled WC, like, a buttload of times, enough to have grown familiar with his timing (see WC/Ejiro, WC/Johnny). Basically, if you've never wrestled WC before, you're not going to be able to move out of the way, unless you're as fast as Zyon, or thereabouts.


Freefall (Airborne monkey-flip): Wildchild whips his opponents to the ropes, leaps up towards their chest (as if attempting to execute a Lou Thesz press), hooks his hands behind his opponents' head, and throws his opponent in monkey-flip fashion (think Scorpion's Air Throw from Mortal Kombat II). Can also be used to counter certain top rope moves. Wildchild often lands on his feet after executing this move.


Caribbean Cutter (Rocker Dropper): This is Wildchild's primary "out of nowhere" transition move (as in KICK! WHAM! CUTTER~!). Wildchild leaps into the air, drapes his leg over the back of his opponent’s neck, and uses leverage and momentum to drive the opponent face-first into the canvas.


Neck Wrecker (Springboard Hangman's neckbreaker): Wildchild sets this move up by placing his opponent in a sitting position on the top turnbuckle. He takes a running leap onto the second rope behind his opponent and springs into the air, locking his hands around his opponent's neck before twisting around to face the ring, as he falls back down to the canvas, taking his opponent down with him. Basically, it's a Rude Awakening done from the top rope.


Springboard DDT: After knocking his opponents to the ring apron, Wildchild leaps to the second turnbuckle, jumps over the top rope, and hits his opponent with a Tornado DDT to the arena floor (think Chris Jericho's springboard dropkick to the outside, except with a Tornado DDT.)


Andros Dive: Wildchild’s tremendous agility enables him to easily walk, or even run, across the top rope. The Andros Dive is when Wildchild climbs onto the top turnbuckle of any corner of the ring, and runs across the top rope, leaping outside the ring when he reaches the other turnbuckle, and diving out onto his opponent. This is one of Wildchild’s most varied and dangerous attacks, and he has finished the dive with maneuvers ranging from a cross-body block to a dropkick to a flying headscissors to a chairshot (creativity is the key when writing Wildchild, so be creative).


Whiplash (Standing Flipping Neck Snap): Wildchild runs to the ropes behind his opponent, while they are either standing or on their knees, leaps into the air and flips over them, grabbing their heads as flies over and slams them face first into the canvas (e.g., John Cena's "Throwback").


Presumed Guilty (Springboard Jump Swinging DDT): Wildchild will leap from the ring apron onto the top rope and spring into the ring, snaring his opponent's head in a front facelock and swinging around, driving their face into the mat with a DDT.


Andros Drop: Twisting body splash. Wildchild ascends to the top rope, leaps off towards his opponent, while rotating across a horizontal axis, with his arms extended in a "T" (crucifix) position.






Common moves:



Blue Crush (Twisting Vertical Body Splash in the corner): "Stinger" Splash in the corner, proceeded by a twist. It's kinda like a 360º dunk... except it's a splash in the corner...


Top Rope/Turnbuckle Sunset Flip.


Various Handspring attacks (elbow, cross-body, flying forearm, will sometimes just handspring and backflip over his opponent to set up something else entirely.)


Moonsault press


Flying Forearm


"Shooting Star" Missile Dropkick (Missile Dropkick preceded by a forward flip)


Corkscrew Vertical Suplex: Wildchild lifts his opponents over head in a vertical suplex position, and spins around 270º degrees before dropping his opponent to the canvas. This is WC's preferred maneuver for setting up turnbuckle attacks.


Running Senton Splash


Flying Back Elbow Smash


Miscellaneous cruiserweight moves (armdrags, cross-body blocks, La Majistral, ranas, etc.)


Shuffling Sidekick


Gamengiri: Standing either directly in front of, or just beside his opponent, Wildchild leaps into the air and whips his far leg towards his opponent's face, striking them in the face with the lower part of his leg. It's similar in appearance to an Enzugiri, except that it's done to the face instead of the back of the head.


Top Rope/Turnbuckle Senton Splash


Top Rope/Turnbuckle Fistdrop


Monkey Flip (executed from the corner)


Bulldog Headlock


Backflip kick (typically executed following a leapfrog)


Suicide Dive to the outside


Top rope elbow smash


Running elbow drop





Rare moves:


Falling Star Press: Wildchild will run either to the ropes or the corner and leap onto the top rope (or top turnbuckle). He will then, without hesitation, leap backwards, somersaulting forwards as he descends upon his opponent. He will rotate approximately 450 degrees in the air before landing. Wildchild depends on his speed, and the ability for him to hit this move "out of nowhere," for it to be most effective.


Bahama Bomb (Top Rope Sunset Flip Powerbomb): Wildchild sets up this maneuver by positioning his opponent in a seated position on the top turnbuckle, with his back facing the ring. He steps out onto the ring apron and ascends to the top turnbuckle, so that he is facing his opponent. Leaping over his opponents’ head, Wildchild latches his arms around the victim's waist and pulls him off the turnbuckle, using leverage and momentum, rather than power, to drive his opponent into the canvas.


Blood Frenzy (Not to be used without my permission): First a quick clarification about a couple of things:


1 - It's not actually called "Blood Frenzy" by the announcers; in fact, they don't really call it anything, other to say that WC's snapped, or gone crazy, or something... it's just a name that I came up with because I figured, if it was in WC's stats, it ought to have a name of some kind. The Blood Frenzy originated in the JL, when I wrote a match against Manson where WC snapped after getting busted open, and basically tore Manson a new asshole, culminating with him giving Manson a Wild Ride on the concrete (which Manson was nice enough to sell in later matches, by the way... thanks Manson). I wrote it because I was desperate to get the match in on time, only to discover that I won when Manson no-showed. I later decided that I actually kind of liked it, and wanted it to be something that WC could do from time to time, but I didn't want it to happen often, so I made it a rare move. It's pretty much the equivalent of when Hogan "Hulked up," or when Ken Shamrock was "In the Zone," or whenever a wrestler goes into a brief period of no-selling, only for WC it only happens when he does a blade job...


2 - If you really just want to have WC bleed, all I ask is that you please have it be for something that leads directly to the finish of the match, ie, you hit WC with your finisher onto a chair, and then cover him... or something to that effect. Just don't have WC get up and keep fighting after getting busted open, and I'm cool.


And now, for the ridiculously contrived description:


Whenever he sees his own blood, Wildchild enters a state of frenzy. During this frenzy, he is jacked up on adreanaline and becomes much more aggressive, with a tendency to execute more physically impacting (read: head dropping) moves. Due to his manic condition, his balance and coordination also becomes impaired, meaning that he is able to perform far fewer acrobatic ones (e.g., ranas). Due to the adreanaline running through his veins, Wildchild becomes stronger and more resistant to pain, at the expense of some of his speed, causing his moves to do more damage. But this greater strength is not without a price: in addition to lesser speed and slower reaction time, Wildchild loses the ability to run across, or even balance on, the top ropes, although he retains the ability to climb the turnbuckles: ranas, headscissors, and all springboard moves are out. During this frenzied state, Wildchild is able to no-sell for short periods of time, which basically means he'll shrug off a few punches and maybe bounce right back up after a suplex.


Wildchild's stats while in Blood Frenzy are as follows:


Strength: 5

Speed: 7

Vitality: 7

Charisma: 1


Wildchild typically remains in Blood Frenzy for approximately five minutes, or until the sound of the bell ringing snaps him out of it, whichever comes first. WC usually comes out of Blood Frenzy by losing consciousness due to the loss of blood, and passing out.


Note: Blood Frenzy is reserved for intense and/or long-term feuds (see: WC/Ejiro, WC/Johnny, WC/Hawke)






Primary: The Wild Ride: Mexican Clutch Bomb (aka Vertebreaker). Wildchild bends his opponent over at the waist and stands in front of him, with his back to the opponent. He locks his left arm with the opponent's left arm, and his right arm with the opponent's right. Wildchild then rotates his body so that he underneath his opponent, bent over at the waist, with his opponent draped over his back. Wildchild then stands erect, leaving his opponent hanging upside down on his back, their legs dangling off his shoulders. Wildchild then swings his feet off the canvas in front of him, and drops to his posterior, driving his opponent head first into the canvas. This drop is often preceded by a primal scream.


*Rarely done against wrestlers above 230 pounds, due to Wildchild's relative lack of physical strength. Not used against wrestlers weighing more than 250 pounds


NOTE: Please do not kick out of the Wild Ride without asking me first! I have two other finishers; if you want to no-sell WC's finisher, I'd prefer if you please use one of those instead.


Secondary: The Wild-Driver: Reverse Double-Underhook Piledriver. This moves starts out the same way as the Wild Ride, where Wildchild bends his opponent over at the waist and stands in front of him, with his back to the opponent. He locks his left arm with the opponent's left arm, and his right arm with the opponent's right. At this point, the maneuver deviates from the Wild Ride, as Wildchild kicks his legs out from under him and drops straight down, driving his opponent's head into the canvas. This move is similar in function to Christian's "Unprettier," except that it’s more of a head bump than a face bump.


This maneuver is Wildchild's most frequent finisher against opponent's weighing more than 230 pounds, especially if he has done extensive head/neck work during the match.


Submission: Figure-Four Leglock

Character Note: In matches that have a "No DQ" stipulation, Wildchild will reverse his shin guards and use them to add pressure to his figure-four.






The Wildchild is VERY athletic, a reflection of his background as a circus performer, and has an unnaturally high degree of balance and agility. His ability to easily balance on the ropes, as well as his ability to leap atop the turnbuckles without stumbling enables him to hit flying attacks with a high degree of speed and accuracy. He is very comfortable walking, and even running, across the top rope, due to his experience as a high-wire artist, and uses the ropes for many of his various springboard attacks. Wildchild is able to leap to extraordinary heights, and gets more air than any other performer in the SWF, giving even greater impact to his many flying attacks.


Since he has spent most of his time in the SWF feuding with wrestlers that are highly regarded as mat tacticians, Wildchild has gradually introduced a few more technical aspects to his wrestling, employing a far greater number of takedowns and wear-down holds. Despite this, high-speed and high-risk maneuvers remain the "meat and potatoes" of his offense.




Parts One, Two and Three available upon request


Part Four: Wildchild finally put his demons to rest, gaining retribution against Mike Van Siclen by defeating him at Genesis, and then seemed to walk away from wrestling, only to make a surprise return, coming back to aid his former partner, Johnny Dangerous. Now, it looks like Wild and Dangerous are back in the saddle again...



Or are they?





Wild and Dangerous


Team Members: Wildchild and Johnny Dangerous

Combined weight: 439 pounds

Alignment: Face


Wrestling attire:


Wildchild wears knee-length solid black "Olympic-style" wrestling tights (a la Mr. Perfect), with the National Flag of the Bahamas running vertically down each leg. He wears heavy black facepaint across his eyes that covers the upper portion of his face, and streaks down his cheeks. He wears black kneepads with black tae kwon do-style footpads, and wraps his arms in heavy gauze, from his knuckles up to his elbows, in order to give a little extra impact to his punches.


Johnny wears knee-length solid black "Olympic-style" wrestling tights, with the flag of the United States of America running vertically down each leg. He wears black kneepads and black wrestling boots, and keeps his hair slicked back.


Ring Entrance: Wild and Dangerous come down to the ring to “Party to Damascus” by Wyclef Jean


Note: Wildchild always starts out tag team matches for Wild and Dangerous.





Wild and Dangerous are the SWF's premier tag team, in terms of tandem double-team maneuvers. Since they tend to have a distinct size disadvantage against most of their opponents, they utilize double-team maneuvers early and often to chop their opponents down to size. They are both high-fliers, and many of their double teams involve one or both of them coming off the top rope.


Remember, W&D's trademark is lots and LOTS of double teams, so spare no expense.


Tag Team Moves:


Wild and Dangerous employ a litany of double-team maneuvers, which include, but are not limited to:


Slam Dance: Johnny will drape an opponent's upper body on the top rope and grab them by the legs, effectively dangling them horizontally off the top rope. Wildchild will race towards the opposite edge of the ring, bouncing off the ropes to build momentum, and leap Johnny's shoulders, landing across the victim's back (This maneuver was used often by the Fabulous Rougeaus, as well as the WGTT).


Super Chicklet Buster: double Superkick


E.L.E. (Extinction Level Event): With their intended victim lying on the mat, Wildchild will leap from one turnbuckle to execute a shooting-star frog splash as Johnny leaps from the opposite turnbuckle to deliver a corkscrew legdrop.


Double shoulderblock: Wildchild and Johnny Dangerous will both leap from the same turnbuckle, smashing into their opponent with a flying double-shoulderblock.


Drop toehold (executed by Johnny Dangerous) into running knee smash (executed by Wildchild)


Double leg-whip powerbomb: With their opponent lying on their back, Wildchild and Johnny each grapevine one of the victim's legs with their near leg. They reach across their bodies with their far arms and lock hands, and then roll forward, pulling the victim off the mat and through the air before slamming them back down to the mat (Tajiri and Whipwreck used to do this all the time in ECW).


Miscellaneous double-team maneuvers (double hiptoss, double dropkick, double suplex, double DDT, etc.)


Slingshot maneuvers (Johnny delivers slingshot unless otherwise stated):

- Slingshot into Pinball

- Slingshot into Dropkick

- Slingshot into Cross Body Block

- Slingshot into Clothesline (Clothesline delivered by Johnny)

- Slingshot into Blockbuster (Blockbuster delivered by Johnny): With Johnny standing on the top turnbuckle, Wildchild grabs the victim by the legs and falls backwards, propelling him towards the corner with a slingshot. Johnny leaps off the top turnbuckle, ensnaring the victim's head at the apex of the swing, and driving them backwards back down to the canvas with a top rope neckbreaker (Blockbuster).





Primary: Dangerous Drop (Electric Chair Drop/Top Rope Bulldog combination): Johnny places the victim on his shoulders and faces the center of the ring while Wildchild leaps off the top rope, grabbing the victims head with a side headlock on the way down, and Johnny sits down suddenly in an Electric Chair drop, basically creating an assisted top rope bulldog.


Alternate: Silver Bullet (Backdrop/Flying Forearm combination): Johnny whips the intended victim to the ropes as Wildchild ascends to the top rope. Johnny lifts the victim high into the air for a big back-body drop as Wildchild explodes off the top turnbuckle, blasting the airborne victim in the face with a flying forearm. He will usually land on top of them, often for the pin.


Note: Wild and Dangerous usually set up this move, but Wildchild's ability to quickly get to the top rope, combined with the often unpredictably sudden nature of a backdrop makes this a very easy maneuver for Wild and Dangerous to hit out of nowhere.

Edited by Mr. S£im Citrus

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Updated these a little, but still far from perfect. They'll do for now though.


= = = = =


Smarks Board Name: Cuban_Linx

Wrestlers Name: Stryke

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 223 pounds

Hometown: Sydney, Australia

Age: 26

Face/Heel: Face

Weapon(s): A steel chair will do for most occasions, nothing too fancy. Has utilized barbed wire in the past, but that’s something saved for serious blood feuds.




Stryke falls into a heavy cruiserweight-smallish heavyweight class size-wise, bigger than most cruiser competition but still giving up plenty of size to the true heavyweights. Stryke has cleaned up his look for his latest attempt at conquering the SWF, the messy brown hair has been cut short and the street clothes/shoes look is gone, for the first time in his SWF career Stryke has gone with a more standard wrestling tights, kneepads and boots look, all blue & white in color. And though it’s not too noticeable, he also has a scar on the right side of his face after a particularly nasty Stairway to Hell match with Low Brass from back in the day. Barbed Wire + Face does not mix.


Ring Entrance:


Cypress Hill’s “How I Could Just Kill A Man” hits, a wall of blue & white pyrotechnics triggering the cheers of the crowd as Stryke steps through the smoke and sparks onto the stage. Stryke quickly heads down the ramp, slapping a few hands on the way before climbing onto the apron, looking out into the stands for a moment to absorb the adoration of the fans before climbing in and getting straight to business, preparing for the match at hand.




Strength: 4 – Capable of handling himself against most opposition, and generally won’t try his luck against obviously stronger and larger wrestlers.

Speed: 5 – Toned down some of his more acrobatic tendencies but still remains very quick on his feet.

Vitality: 7 – He’s a stubborn bastard and won’t go down without a fight. Not much of a fight considering his win/loss records, but a fight none the less.

Charisma: 4 – Lets his actions do the talking rather than being a loudmouth on the microphone. Grown to be rather popular in his current underdog role, in spite of being a complete asshole prick 90% of his career so far.




Stryke tends to be a jack-of-all-trades in the ring. He’s can trade strikes, brawl, take it to the mat or use his speed and high-flying abilities, though he doesn’t excel at any of them. So while he doesn’t have any overwhelming strengths, he can adapt himself to take advantage of the opponent’s weaknesses.


In the past perhaps Stryke’s biggest flaw has been his lack of focus, too busy antagonising the crowd, the referee, his opponent and anyone else who gets in his way, which has cost him numerous victories. This time Stryke is determined to get it right, cutting out a lot of excessively risky stuff from his moveset and focusing 100% on winning the match. As part of proving himself Stryke also will try and keep away from taking shortcuts and cheating, something he has done a lot of in the past. And should he be in a match that the rules allow Stryke isn't afraid to go all-out Hardcore as well.


Signature moves:


* Piledriver – Quick and dirty, Stryke pulls the opponent into a standing headscissors, lifts them vertical and sits out, spiking the opponent on their cranium.

* DDT – Pretty much every type of DDT, Stryke will do it. Standard, Double Arm, Inverted, Tornado, Stryke can adapt to whatever situation he’s in to drive the opponents head into the canvas.

* Slingshot Suplex – Stryke lifts the opponent as you would for a Vertical Suplex, before bouncing the opponent’s feet off the top rope, using the spring generated to snap the opponent over. It’s also the best move ever.

* Fisherman’s Neckbreaker – Stryke hooks the opponent in position for a Fisherman's Suplex, but instead of lifting them vertical Stryke snaps to the side, snapping the opponent over in a neckbreaker variation.

* Sleeper Drop – Stryke locks on a sleeper hold, before dropping down, slamming the opponent back/head first to the mat. Stryke'll often milk the Sleeper for all it's worth first, then hit the drop just as the opponent starts to fight back. Once down Stryke will on some ocassions keep the Sleeper locked on, maybe even adding in a body scissors to try and wear the opponent down further.

* Airplane Spin – Stryke hoists the opponent onto his shoulders in a Fireman's Carry, and then proceeds to spin around and around multiple times, dizzying the opponent greatly. After a satisfactory number of rotations Stryke usually rolls forward and lands on top of the opponent with a Fireman's Carry takedown, provided he still has the balance to do so. Of course this move affects Stryke almost as much as the opponent, and should Stryke try and do pretty much anything directly after it'll likely be met with almost comical dazed selling of his own.

* Double Stomps – Simple but effective, Stryke jumps and lands with both feet on an opponent, his whole bodyweight behind it. Will on occasion be performed off the turnbuckles, with the opponent either laying flat on the mat or in a seated/kneeling position with Stryke delivering the double stomp to the top of their head.

* Dropkicks – Basic, but Stryke does them as picture-perfect as possible. Standard, Running, Springboard, Missile Dropkicks are all in Stryke’s arsenal, and all hit spot on for maximum damage possible.

* Jumping Enziguri – Stryke jumps up and attempts to cave in the opponent’s skull with his boot, simple yet effective.

* All Time High – Top Rope Frogsplash. This will tend to be Stryke's go-to Finisher against opponents he can't hit with either the Backdrop Driver or Low End Theory, or just whenever something aerial is needed for the job. Feel free to kick out of it all you want though.


Common moves:


Striking – Stryke has worked on his strikes in his time away from the SWF rings, and now has an offence that goes beyond punch, punch, punch, chop, punch. European Uppercuts are perhaps his favorite, but forearms, elbows, kicks, the prerequisite punches and chops, maybe even a headbutt if he’s in the mood to kill a few braincells will all make appearances.

Back Senton


Hurricanrana – From pretty much anywhere.

Frogsplash Crossbody

Double Underhook Suplex

Gutwrench Suplex



Hammerlock-assisted Moves

Fujiwara Takedown/Armbar

Abdominal Stretch

Bow and Arrow

Basic Holds & Chain Wrestling


Rare moves:


* Low End Theory – Stryke's former finisher of choice, a Pumphandle Piledriver. Dropped for now, but it could certainly make a comeback in a big-time match.

* Slingshot Brainbuster – Just like the Slingshot Suplex, only ending in a head-droppingly fun Brainbuster.

* Tope Con Hilo – A Somersault dive through the ropes onto an opponent on the floor. Not done as much due to Stryke toning down his style, but every now and then the old completely reckless Stryke might rise to the surface and bust this out again.




* Backdrop Driver – Your standard Backdrop Suplex, only with a landing that is positively UGLY. Not 100% Ultra Mega Mass Homicide-Always Gets The Pin damaging, but getting dumped forcefully on your skull have never been good for anyone and it'll get the job done more often than not. Stryke will also occasionally reach forward and cradle the opponent’s leg as well in order to REALLY fold them up on their neck with the move.


* Flash Pinfalls/Rollups – Victory Rolls, Crucifix pins, Backslides, Small Packages, La Majistral Cradle, any and all sorts of pinning predicaments you can come up with. Stryke’s very adept at all of the above and more, not just as surprise/fluke pins but also as moves he deliberately sets out to trap an opponent with.


[Most of my matches I’ve tended to end with rollups anyway, so I might as well run with that and make them an official finisher. Never used my secondary finishers and I’ve rarely used the Backdrop Driver yet either, so until I think of some finishers I actually like enough to use more than once I’ll just Backslide everybody to death.]




Long, convoluted and generally uninteresting. I’ll probably put something here sooner or later, but there’s really nothing important you need to know. Basically Stryke sucked in the past despite obvious talent, and now he’s back to try and convert that potential into actual results this time. Doing a pretty piss-poor job of it so far though.

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-ANOTHER- Update

I know, I know..


Smarks Board Name: King Cucaracha

Wrestlers Name: Landon Maddix

Nickname(s): 'La Cucaracha' (between names), 'The Next Generation'

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 215lbs

'Hometown': Huron, South Dakota by way of Madrid, Spain.

Age: 22

Face/Heel: Tweener, man.

Stable: The Galacticos (aka Two Skinny White Guys) w/Michael Stephens

Ring Escort: Megan Skye

Weapon(s): Megan Skye's Towel

Quotes/Sayings: "Prepare for Landon"

"I/We Always Have A Plan!"

Taunts: Generic Heel Taunts of doom.


Looks: Caucasian. Blonde hair down to about shoulder length, which he's far too proud of as a male. Youthful looking, 'loveable' if not for his attitude. Put on a bit more muscle and improved his all round physical condition as a result. Out of the ring, Landon likes to dress quite smart, although his taste in fashion is slightly questionable.


Ring Attire- Back to the shorts, red with yellow trim around the waist and leg bottoms, with a yellow block connecting the two on the left side and a yellow 'LM' on the right. Black kneepads and elbowpads, black boots with red kickpads. Taped wrists.


Entrance Attire- Long, black, sleeveless leather jacket that reaches to the back of his knees. Has an elaborate little design on the back which really doesn't need describing, more than it being 'Spanish' and having the words 'La Cucaracha' on.



Basic Ring Entrance:


(Chop and change as needed)


"Tell me exactly, what am I supposed to do

Now that I have allowed you, to beat me!

Do you think that we could play another game

Maybe I could win this ti-ime."


"I kinda like the misery you put me through

Darling you can trust me, completely!

If you even try to look the other way

I think that I could kill this ti-ime!"


"The Game" by Disturbed hits, as from behind the curtain steps Megan Skye, heralding the arrival of Landon who stops at the top of the ramp and thrusting his hands out to his side to boos. Landon likes to be the centre of attention and he'll make a grandious entrance, taunting and posturing as and when needed.




Landon leaps to the apron, looking out at the crowd as Megan climbs the steps. Megan holds open the ropes and Landon bounds into the ring, spinning himself into the centre of the ring HBK style and posing with Megan.





Strength: 2

(Enough to comfortably throw fellow cruisers. 235/240 is probably his limitation. The muscle is as much for show as it is for lifting people.)


Speed: 6

(Still speedy. Quick on his feet and slippery when it comes to flipping out of and countering moves/attacks. Speed of moves is also pretty quick. He cut down on the flying for a while on advice from stablemates but with them gone, he's more likely to throw some caution to the wind. He was never good at that 'serious wrestler' stuff.)


Vitality: 6

(As his nickname would suggest (La Cucaracha=The Cockroach), Maddix is a stubborn sunnuva gun. Can, has and generally will take a beating. But he'll generally make a comeback regardless. More than capable in hardcore and other 'gruelling' gimmick matches. Oh, and he's gone an hour before, so has solid conditioning.)


Charisma: 6

(He's cocky, he's brash...and he knows how to throw an insult or ten. Ever since he got back with Megan, Landon's ego has re-risen to it's old levels and he's back to trash talking and posing. He's also a natural, grandious showman.)



Style: US Junior Heavyweight, Striker/Submission wrestler, with some Lucha thrown in for good measure.



Signature moves:

-> Crash Landon '05- Alex Shelley's Shell Shock. Starts off like a regular Downward Spiral/Flatliner. Maddix then leans the opponent back in STO direction, before whipping himself back, with about a 90 degree twist before the opponent lands face-first. Capable of scoring an out of nowhere victory with and less risk than the regular Crash Landon, but not quite finisher strength.


-> ¡Buenas Noches!- KENTA's Go 2 Sleep. Fireman's Carry thrown into a knee strike to the face. For those he can actually get in a fireman's carry.


-> Complete Shot- Traps the head and the arm from the side, before dropping back, driving the opponent face-first to the mat...all in quick order. Hassan's finisher, also used by Christopher Daniels. Maddix is quick enough for this to be a counter to a clothesline, palm strike or other strikes of the manner.


-> Lungblower- Carlito's Backcracker, cup the hands under the neck from behind, leap and bring the opponent spine first down across the knees. Can also be done off the middle rope onto a standing opponent if something flashy is required.


-> Laberinto's Revenge- Sitout Sliced Bread #2/Shiranui aka The Contra Code, for you fellow indy marks.


-> Cucaracha Kick- Spinning Gamengiri. Usually needs a proper run-up.


-> Swandive Headbutt


-> Spaceman Plancha- The adventurous side of Landon is a little more prominent, but he's still not going to use this every match.



'Common' Moves:

-> Wet Cement- (Front facelock applied from the front with a body scissors. Opponent is usually seated. Blatantly and shamelessly stolen from former rival Tom Flesher.)


-> Landon Eye- (Eye Of The Hurricane/Final Cut.)


-> Macho Neck Snap- (Savage style, leap over the rope and out of the ring, bringing the throat of the opponent down across the top rope. OOOH YEAH!)


-> Perfect Neck Snap- (Hennig style.)


-> Samoan Drop


-> Mushroom Stomp


-> Dropsault


-> Knifedge Chops


-> Kawada Kicks- (Amongst their various training tactics, JJ and Jay decided to introduce Landon to Puro. And once he got over the confusion, Landon found something he could steal. On a doubled over opponent, Landon grabs the opponent by the hair and fires quick, unprotected kicks into their face. All hail the kickpads!)


-> Dragon Kicks- (Kicks to the spine of a seated opponent.)


-> Forearm Strikes/Flying Forearm/Leaping Forearm Smash/Diving Forearm In The Corner- (Forearm-fu! Forearms are the staple of Landon's offence, ala Danny's elbows. Only, not so powerful.)


-> Get Licked- (Dropkick to a seated opponent in the corner, aimed to basically land on their face and smush it against the bottom turnbuckle. Sometimes becomes a double bootscrape with Landon going through the middle and bottom ropes.)


-> Double Stomp/Back Senton- (An instantanious combo, with Maddix dropping straight off the double stomp and into the back senton.)


-> Frog Splash


-> Quebrada


-> Cravats- 3/4 chancre, speciality of Chris Hero. Oh, God, you will get SICK of these! Landon's never been a good chain wrestler and even now, he's only 'competent'. In his lessons, Hawke made the mistake of teaching Landon the cravat. And now, whenever Landon's lost in a match, he'll grab a cravat. It's like his comfort blanket. The thing is, they're like headlocks. They don't do a whole lot of damage and they're just as irritating. Cocky again, Landon will sometimes throw on a cravat just to mess with the opponent or the fans. Once it's locked in, Landon might mix things up and actually do something with it. Might.



Rare moves:

-> Crash Landon- With Landon on the middle rope, and the opponent stood in front of him on the mat, a Tornado Downward Spiral. Maddix's former #1 finisher, it's been deemed surplus to requirements by Hawke and JJ in favour of playing the averages. The risk isn't worth the result. BUT, Maddix will still use it sometimes because he's stubborn like that. If he does, on a rare occasion use it, it's still Finisher strength...but still not instant 100% doom.


-> The Wrath Of Maddix- Figure Four Leglock. He's not devoted enough to the move to work the legs, unless it happens for him. A submission move is a submission move though.


-> Tombstone Piledriver- Landon isn't the strongest wrestler in the world, making this a rare move. Also more of a 'Japanese' swift execution than a slow death-move. Busted out in a fix when a headdrop is required and never really premeditated.


-> Spanish Execution- Cruiser Killer. Cross Legged Owen Driver '97 aka Quackendriver II. A 'regular' sitout tombstone, but with the legs crossed like a figure four and held with one hand for added spike. This one is premeditated, but Landon is no longer psycho enough to use it at the drop of a hat. The rarest of the rare moves, this is my ultra-mega mass homicide, do not use without asking me first, death move.




1) Submission- Land of Nod- Dragon Clutch. The new primary finisher, Maddix has been working on perfecting this move to get maximum effect from it, in a further attempt to 'hang' with the submission favouring main eventers. It's very effective at any time in the match against those at 5 vitality or less. A little neckwork though and it could put the finishing touches to anyone. It's not impossible to escape and it's not OMG INSTA DEATH~!, but it is effective.


2) Striking- Shining Wizard- B-Boy 'knee you in the mu'fu'face' style, rather than the boring 'knee you in the back of the head/side of the ear' style. More for 'out of nowhere' victories or if the Land Of Nod doesn't work.



Notes: Maddix has never, ever, been a technical wrestler of any note. Ever. But as his form dipped during 2005, Maddix realised he had flaws in his arsenal that just had to be filled.


Luckily, his newfound friends Jay Hawke and JJ Johnson were there to help. Maddix wasn't a bad striker, but with help from former UFC fighter JJ he's improved even on that. Meanwhile, submission specialist Hawke has taken on the unenviable task of teaching Maddix to...you know, wrestle. The result is that Maddix has learnt the basic ins and outs of submission wrestling too. He's better, 'ish'.


Now he's split from JJ and Jay and got back with Megan, Landon's feeling more like the 2003 version of himself. When he needs to he can now wrestle to a higher standard, but he just loves to show off. He never enjoyed the technical wrestling and only really did it to improve his chance of success, something which is now taken care of by association with Megan. He'll also, once more, cheat up a storm should the idea take his fancy, even if his new partnership with Michael Stephens means the fans are lightening up towards him again.



Bio: PM me if really needed.


Commentary Note: Despite the heel turn, Suicide King still HATES Maddix. There's a little bit of in-ring and a bunch of out of the ring history there that I don't really need to go in-depth into. But King just plain hates Maddix. So Maddix is one heel the heel comentator won't route for. He'll give nothing more than begrudging praise.





And, his manager...


Smarks Board Name: King Cucaracha

Wrestlers Name: Megan Skye

Nickname(s): The Perfect 10 (or Landon's perfect 10 more specifically)

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 150lbs

Hometown: Pawtucket, RI

Age: 26

Face/Heel: Heel

Stable: None

Ring Escort: Landon Maddix

Weapon(s): Towel

Quotes/Sayings: "I always have a plan."


Looks: The 'generic blonde', I guess. Medium length blonde hair, big blue eyes, captivating smile and ample cleavage. They're real though. I guess the closest wrestling comparison would be Trish Stratus.


In the ring, she'll generally wear some sort of leather pants. If you've got it, flaunt it, as the kids say. Matching leather top too. Wears elbow and knee pads just for safety's sake. Black fingerless gloves on the hands, and her choice of brand-name trainers. Out of the ring, she dresses pretty casually normally, but in the right situation she'll glam up. Again, think Trish I guess.





Basic Ring Entrance:






Strength: 1

(Basic female strength of, say, Trish Stratus. She can wrestle and lift your average female/the really scrawny Cruisers. Above that though and she'll struggle, as she's only recently begun actual wrestling training.)


Speed: 4

(Pretty quick, with a lot of her offense based on speed. Nimble too, as she's been working somewhat on footwork. Her Nike trainers help with mobility.)


Vitality: 3

(Not a full-time wrestler. And a girl. OMGSECKSISM! She's not used to take physical abuse either, so most moves will put her down.)


Charisma: 7

(She can talk and she loves being a bitch.)




She's got a few if she's ever put in an actual match. As far as what you need to know, here are the main ones that she might rarely show off outside of a match.


-> Skye Dive- Top Rope Crossbody.


-> The Skye Is The Limit- Sweet Shin Music and a DDT


-> Kickboxing Offence- Yes, Megan can kickbox. Betcha didn't know that, eh? Yeah. Quick jabs and kicks are the staple of Megan's offence, as she can hit and move to hopefully avoid actually...you know, wrestling, more experienced opponents.


-> Chick Kick- Not exactly kick-boxing. Hard roundhouse kick to the head which does considerable damage.


-> Skye Rocket- Top Rope Crossbody, only with Maddix throwing Megan from the top, Rocket Launcher style.


-> Skye Lyte- Tornado DDT.



Notes: Gets a high-flying style from Maddix, while she does know the basics of technical wrestling from her days with Todd Royal. Oh, and of course she can kick-box. Don't be fooled though, Megan is no Annie Eclectic or Andrea Montgomery. She's very much a valet.


Or, should that be manager? Megan's been in the business for a long time and she's not just a pretty face. She's a buxom blonde, but she's a smart one and she's very much the brains behind the Megan/Maddix operation. Without her, Landon's career hit the skids. With her, he's won numerous titles. You do the math. Megan sees herself as a manager and she always has a plan, but if that plan goes wrong she won't be afraid to interject herself however she sees fit. Oh and she enjoys being a bitch. She's been the 'nice girl' for a year or two now and shes's gotten sick of it.



Bio: Megan Skye was possibly the only person other than Todd Royal and Landon who believed/believes Royal's hype and was dubbed the one and only "Toddess". She led Todd and subsquently Landon through the SJL and into the SWF, until Royal left. Megan stayed with Landon though and the 'dream team' worked, leading Landon to numerous titles. Their business partnership with Chris Card and Natasha didn't work out though, to say the least. Heroic Landon saved Megan from a beating from Card and suddenly, the fans got behind Landon and, for the first time, Megan.


However, when Martial Law came along, the partnership between Megan and Landon became strained. Megan came romantically entangled with Todd Cortez (must be a name thing, huh?) which didn't sit too well with Landon, who only found out after he thought he'd slept with Megan but actually hadn't. Landon and Megan went their seperate ways and Megan led Cortez against her longtime former associate. Megan's on screen role diminished as time went on though and sure enough, when the Cortez/Megan relationship fell apart, Megan found herself back by Landon's side...and, this time, in his bed too. It's been a while since Megan's days alongside Royal and her bad girl days with Landon, but now she's getting back into the swing of being a bitch again and damn, it feels good!

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Smarks Board Name: Muzz

Wrestlers Name: Wes Davenport

Height: 6’5”

Weight: 258 pounds

Hometown: Hollywood, California.

Age: 31

Face/Heel: Face when working and in front of fans, borderline heelish attitude back stage. (But not the mean, vicious variety. More like the naive, self-centered and insecure variety... Unless he's around Tom Flesher, in which case he's a bastard.)

Ring Escort: Usually alone (Doesn’t like to share the spotlight)

Weapons: Will use anything in the hardcore environment, but won't use any to cheat.




Despite his lack of success, self-absorbed and fragile personality, Davenport is a handsome man. Despite all the new young, hunky newcomers to the mainstream acting community in the last 10 years, Wes is different. His look is unique to what people are used to see, almost dashing and debonair like the movie stars of old. That of course, is when he’s playing to a crowd. Behind the rugged good looks, Wes is a rather petty man, but everyone just sees his deep set green eyes and strong, masculine physique and melt... even the guys. The Hetero's too.. He’s always kept in shape, despite having hit a rough patch in his movie career, and has a well toned body, and maintains a strict cardio workout and a healthy diet.


Has black slicked back hair, rugged features and strong jaw line. When dealing with business, beyond the scenes in the SWF for example, Wes always tries to look his best, with dress pants and a white shirt (with or without tie) and black jacket, but usually dispenses with the jacket, as the backstage area is rather stressful. In the ring, Wes wears much the same thing, but of course, he gets a little messed up sometimes.


Ring Entrance: OK Go’s “Get Over It” begins to play, a spotlight shines down on the entrance way, Wes Comes out and does things.




Strength: 6 – Has surprising strength, because as most people don’t know (or care to know), Wes did most of his own stunts (Wes tries to boast about this often). Despite this, he’s also a dramatic overseller without realizing it


Speed: 2 – Nimble on his feet, and capable of some surprising agility (from counters and the like). Will go to the top rope just to get a rise from the crowd, but in Ric Flair fashion, will be thrown or knocked off.


Vitality: 5 – This man can go, no doubt about it. Despite not stepping into a wrestling ring for 10 years, Davenport’s strict training regime keeps him fit and trim.


Charisma: 7 – Wes’ biggest, most important secret. He’s a damn good actor. Despite his poor choice in movie roles, and his somewhat tarnished public reputation, Wes has always been a great actor. Despite being such an insecure prat away from prying eyes, he has… something that the crowd is drawn too, an “IT” factor.


Style: Wes is more attentive in the ring than he ever was browsing screenplays. He’ll try to find any weakness in his opponent, whether it is physical or mental, and make good use of it, despite his own insecurities. Isn’t quite so proficient in high-flying or technical moves, but he’s a very stiff worker that always delivers hard hitting moves and strikes, making him a very capable Power wrestler.


Wes did used to do his own stunt’s (which is why he’s perfect for low budget B-movies) and got roughed up a bit by other stunt men or nasty falls, so he can take the blows, but he won’t exactly like it. He never minded bleeding for his craft in the past, if it were acting, but now that he’s back in the ring and the blows come with more force and regularity, he tries to avoid them as much as he can.


Signature Moves:


European Uppercut (Likes to throw these out often, more so than a standard right hand punch)


”Das Boot” Standing Side Kick (A favored kick of Wes, he takes advantage of his above average height to connect strongly. )


”It’s a Wonderful DDT” DDT (One of Wes’ favorite films, ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’, only in standard DDT form.)


"Deep Hurting" Scorpion Death Drop (Wes hits this hard and fast, taking hold of an opponent’s neck and arm, holding it out to the side and bringing them down from an inverted facelock position. MST3k reference, and thank God he never appeared on there.)


"Die Hard" Pumphandle Powerslam (Standard affair, except Wes won't run forward and slam the opponent, but rather lift them onto his shoulder and slam them down to the side.)


Tilt-a-whirl Moves (Due to his great balance and power, Wes can deliver a variety of tilt-a-whirl moves with relative ease, including a Powerbomb, Backbreaker, Shoulderbreaker, etc.)


Orange Crush (Opponent brought up into a vertical Suplex position, before being thrown forward, sitting out and dropping them on their back/neck.)


Torture Rack (Used to wear the opponent out, or to set up a backbreaker or Neckbreaker from the same position. Often employs this move in a variety of ways.)


Common Moves:


Fisherman’s Suplex

Suplex (Standard, snap and back drop)

Flying Clothesline



Arm Drag

Fujiwara Armbar


Drop Toe Hold


Rare Moves:


"Die Hard... With a Vengeance" Pumphandle Sit-Out Piledriver or Psycho Driver II










"Or: How I learnt to stop Worrying and Love the (Power)Bomb"


Running Leaping Sit-Out Crucifix Powerbomb/Piledriver


Similar to Edwin MacPhisto's Union Jack, except Wes is much heavier and stronger, and has his own twist on the move. It starts in a standing headscissors, where Wes hoists his opponent onto his back, placing his hands on his upper arms and holding them out at the sides. He then spins around 180 degree's, similar to a Canadian Backbreaker, then takes a few steps forward and leaps upward, flipping his opponent off his back at the same moment.


Davenport shifts his arms and holds the opponent near the waist as he sits out, driving the opponent straight down in an almost unprotected head drop style. There's history behind this move, but it will come out sooner or later. For now, don't use it.




"Six Degrees of Separation" - Cattle Mutilation. (With the opponent standing or face down on the mat, Davenport locks his opponent with a double chickenwing, then flips over them into a bridged position, pulling back and causing pain ‘n such. First used on TORU Takahara to win the 2006 Clusterfuck. If Davenport has this locked in, it’s extremely hard to break out of.)


"Exit, Stage Left" - Spiked Jackhammer (A more vicious version of a standard Jackhammer, with the opponent hitting the mat more on the back of the head/neck first.)




Wes Davenport is quite an enigma, but often self-centered, vainglorious and pompous like most actors. He absolutely adores the spotlight and craves it like a drug, and sometimes feels bitter when others get it over him (but not often). He genuinely likes what he does, whether it be acting or wrestling, but is easily side tracked by money or adulation. Wes is also an incredibly insecure person, will be deeply hurt when he’s not recognized as a celebrity, will avoid situations that frighten him, and doubt himself at every turn. He’s seen as a good guy by the fans, and a great comeback story, but there are always those skeptics who know better.


Forced into a situation not of his own making, Wes is forced to wrestle in the SWF as his acting career completely dries up, as it had been doing the recent years. A former Indy Worker himself, Wes does know how to wrestle, but over ten years away from the sport has made him rusty. He’s only now relearning all the basics, and training to add another level to his game. Wes may not completely want to be here, but he’s not going to make himself to look like a fool. The thing is, though, that he’s quite the fool, sometimes clueless, but always naïve.


...Or is he? Recent events involving Tom Flesher and Wes Davenport indicate Wes is more in control than people think, and more cunning and sly than he's given credit for. He also, quite possibly, be a real bastard.




At the tender age of 19, Wes, while training at a wrestling school in Chicago, was discovered for his tremendous potential and charisma by a big Hollywood agent. Leaving the car sleeping, body bruising, hateful world of Professional wrestling behind him, Wes went on to star in a number of moderately received, but disappointing Hollywood movies, and it only got worse from there. Now, at age 31, Wes now finds his new movie deal dead and is stuck in a contract signed with Thomas Flesher, which was only originally to be a research role but Davenport opened his big mouth again. He angered the Technical master by running down the sport he helped build to a thriving entity, and finds himself with no choice but to wrestle, something he never thought he’d have to do again.

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Smarks Board Name: Vasarian_Brandy

Wrestlers Name: Christian Fury

Nicknames: The Fury

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 222 lbs

Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio

Age: 31

Face/Heel: Face side of tweener

Stable: None

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): The ever-present kendo stick, but only in hardcore / no-DQ matches, or moments of desperation.

Quote: "Life is a lesson of pain, loss, and anguish... Today, -I- am your teacher!", "Chalk one up for the grizzled veteran!"


Looks: Physically, Christian Fury is in good shape for his age. Decently tall, lean... He's not bulging muscles, but the ones he shows are well-toned. Long, red hair... Not quite fire-engine red... A bit darker. Tanned complexion. Small goatee. When not scheduled to wrestle (or backstage before a show), Chris Fury usually wears his long, red hair in a ponytail to keep it out of his face. His black leather jacket is usually either being worn, or close to Fury's side. The "Fury" on the back of the jacket is written in a silvery-red stylized script. He wears black denim jeans with silver-colored stitching, a pair of "Marauders", and a form-fit, short-sleeved muscle shirt... The shirt is a simple black. Accessory-wise, he wears a pair of silver-framed, reflective sunglasses, and a simple gold ring on a silver chain, which hangs around his neck. In the ring, not much changes... The "Marauders" gain a nice steel toe.


Ring Entrance: The locale goes somewhat darkened, and "Remember The Name" by Fort Minor spins up. Fury comes out to a minor pop, but mostly a non-commital reaction. But he doesn't mind. He walks straight from the back to the ring, kendo stick in hand, the only thing happening is some white sparklers on the entranceway. His SmarkTron display is also pretty simple: Old matches, training footage, an occasional red stylized-script "Fury"... Mostly in time with the music. He ditches the kendo stick at ringside as he slides in, eyeing his opponent / eyeing the entranceway, depending on when he comes out.




Strength: 4 (He's toned down from his past... While working on his quickness and finesse, he's lost a bit of pure bulk)

Speed: 7 (A new conditioning program has helped him pick up some speed to help focus on a slightly 'flightier' move set)

Vitality: 7 (Conditioning has also helped his endurance and pure toughness. He's a tougher nut to crack nowadays)

Charisma: 2 (His old fans have pretty much moved on, and he's not too concerned about making new ones. He's in this to prove himself to the business, and also to himself)


Style: Cruiser-style speedster, but with access to a big move or two. He'll give bigger guys fits with speed, then hit them hard when he can, using his higher-than-average vitality to hang in before turning on the jets again... Smaller, speedier folk he can easily go toe-to-toe with and hit them with a few 'heavy' moves to rattle them.


Signature moves:


Note: While a bunch of these are finisher-style moves, Fury simply doesn't have the pure Strength / experience with the moves to give them the finisher impact you'd expect. What they -do- accomplish is a continuation of working the head / neck / "wheels" of his opponent.


- Twist Of Fate

- "Trip To The Dawg Pound": Stratusfaction

- Flatliner

- Dragon Sleeper

- Grapevine Ankle Lock

- Springboard Huracanrana

- Damascus Head-Leglock


Common moves:


Note: Similar to the Sig Moves, most of these are used to work the head / neck / "wheels" of Fury's opponent. There are a few "impact" moves designed to generally wear the opponent down.


- Spinning heel kicks to the head

- Irish whip into a backdrop (using opponent's momentum to put them over)

- Short-arm and irish whip clotheslines (see above)

- Nerve strikes, focused on the neck

- Top turnbuckle legdrop

- Sleepers

- Shoulder charges to a cornered opponent

- Sleeper slam

- Forward and regular Russian legsweeps

- Crossface chickenwing

- Victory roll (this will only rarely get a match-ending pin)

- Sickle hold / Muta lock

- Lifting leg stomp

- Scissors kick (either off the ropes or off the top turnbuckle)

- Spinning toe hold

- Tiger suplex

- Rolling cross-arm German suplexes (mostly on the lightweights, and usually in groups of 3... He might try 4, but it's no guarantee)


Rare moves:


Note: Some of these are older moves (or modifications thereof) he used to know. They probably aren't as potent as they used to be.


- Spear / Gore (the most 'common' of the rares)

- Sidewalk slam

- Double spinning back fist (fingers laced together)

- Cuyahoga-sault (Think of Taker's "Old School", but instead of a chop, it ends in a diving moonsault... Or it ends with Fury just driving the opponent back-first to the mat. If the moonsault hits, it's a major move, inciting a gargantuan pop... You can picture it, I know you can. But there's a reason this one's a rare move... He has yet to really pull it off)




- "Dead Man's Curve": Nearly identical to the "619", but Fury threads through the bottom 2 ropes, letting him deliver a more "uppercutted" kick under his opponent's jaw. He might have somewhat lowered Strength, but combined with higher-than-average Speed, this finisher is a heavy shot more geared to the big guys.


- "Lightning And Thunder": The ol' Double Stunner comes back for another play. The first is just a quick kneel-down Stunner (not a full drop). Fury then stands, taking a couple of quick steps to the side before dropping the opponent into a more "normal" Stunner... The second half resembles the "RKO", and is done this way because of Fury's lost weight and Strength. He'll bust this finisher out with lighter opposition, or if he got a good pop coming in... See Notes for more details.



- Proud, but not pompous. Tactically minded, but not the most stunning technique. He's still knocking off ring rust.

- He generally works the lower body with the basics (takedowns, dragon screws, sweeps... Submission-style moves focused on the lower part of an opponent). He also tries to focus towards the head and neck of bigger wrestlers (running under the mantra "Kill the head, and the body will die"), and the midsection of lighterweights (to try to take away general Stamina, slow them up more)... But these are by no means set in stone.

- He'll have issues with the HOSS~! style of wrestler with big power movesets (Stamina can only go so far), and will be slowly frustrated over the course of a match with ultra-speedsters like Wildchild (unless he works the legs into oblivion, they still have speed to spare over his).

- His moves... He tries to show a little passion and flair to draw the fans behind him, but sometimes there's hesitance and "unsureness" in them, due to being out of the regularity of the sport for so long.

- LDP and Fury have a bit of history feuding (with titles involved and without) in the past, back when Fury's life was quite a bit darker, so LDP is not going to be heavily complimenting Fury anytime soon.

- Though his overall Charisma is 2, he will get (non-cheap) hometown pops in Cleveland and surrounding communities. Shows in Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania will have him well-received, due to his past with the independent circuits. He will also get light pop (but more than normal) in Washington State, due to having lived there for a while up to this point.


Bio: More to come...

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EDIT 10/17/06: Incorporated Tag Team Stats


Smarks Board Name: JHawk

Wrestlers Name: "The Dean of Professional Wrestling" Jay Hawke

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 215

Hometown: Cleveland, OH

Age: 30

Face/Heel: Heel

Stable: None officially

Ring Escort:

Weapon(s): lead pipe

Quote: "You're going to be taught a wrestling lesson you'll never forget, and there's not a damn thing you can do about it!"


Looks: Hawke comes to the ring wearing a Ric Flair-esque purple and black robe. He keeps his light brown hair cut short and usually remains clean-shaven, although he'll grow a goatee on occasion. Once in the ring, he removes his robes, showing a well-built but not too muscular frame. He wears black tights with "Dean" written in purple down both legs and "Class is in session" in purple on his ass. He finishes his ensemble with a pair of black boots with purple soles and laces.


Ring Entrance: "Learning to Fly" by Pink Floyd comes on the PA as the lights dim.


Ring Announcer: Introducing...from the Hall of Fame City of Cleveland, Ohio, and weighing in at 215 pounds...he is "The Dean of Professional Wrestling"...Jay Hawke!


A spotlight shines on Jay Hawke as he makes his way to the ring. As Hawke makes his way onto the ring apron, he takes off his robe, folds it, and hands it to the ring attendant. Then he stands up on the turnbuckle with both arms in the air as the crowd boos.




Strength: 4

Speed: 6

Vitality: 5

Charisma: 5


Style: Jay Hawke relies on technical wrestling but can take to the air if need be.


Signature moves:

Fujiwara armbar


short arm scissors

Rings of Saturn

dragon sleeper


front facelock into a DDT (NOT a transition move and designed to KO an opponent)



Common moves:

belly-to-back superplex


diving headbutt



swinging neckbreaker

sunset flip

roundhouse kick

camel clutch

inverted DDT onto the knee

springboard lariat

tilt-a-whirl backbreaker

leg lariat

backflip cradle

German suplex




Rare moves:

Burning Hammer

diamond dust


Finishers: Jay Hawke's primary finisher is a submission hold called the Wing Span. It's a crossface chickenwing with a twist, as Hawke uses his legs to scissor the opponent's other arm.


His secondary finisher is a moonsault called the Hawke Swoop, but it's notable because instead of landing with a bodypress, he lands with a kneedrop onto his opponent. This is only to be used in extreme situations where the Wing Span hasn't worked and should not be debuted until a title is on the line.


Notes: Jay Hawke is out of an old school cloth where he prefers to wear down a body part to weaken it for the finish. Notice that most of his common moves affect the neck and back, while the signature moves mostly affect the arms. Once he begins to use the signature moves, odds are it's just a matter of time before the Wing Span comes into play.


Bio: Jay Hawke began wrestling September 12, 1996, losing to Knightrous in the now-defunct High Octane Wrestling Federation. It was a minor setback, as he would win the HOWF Tag Team Title once and the HOWF National Title twice, retiring the latter title in March 1997. From there, he moved onto the High Impact Wrestling Federation based out of Cleveland. Although he wrestled largely in tag team matches in the HIWF (holding the HIWF Tag Team Title seven times), he holds the record as the longest-reigning HIWF World Champion (five months), as well as multiple reigns as United States and Hardcore Champion. He also had a cup of coffee with the Missouri Wrestling Alliance Cruiserweight Title in 2000. Hawke's career took a setback in 2002 when he retired after suffering his second serious neck injury in as many years. He has spent the last two years training promising wrestlers at the Legion of Pain Compound in Cleveland, but has gotten the itch to return to the ring.


Accomplishments since joining the SWF:


SWF USJL Champion (5 days)

SWF World Tag Team Champion (35 days)

SWF International Champion (twice -- 29 days, current since 13th Hour 2005). The current International Title reign is the longest uninterrupted title reign in SWF history, and Hawke loves to rub it in everybody's face.






Team Name: The Predators (w/Nighthawk)

Combined Weight: 515

Escort: Falcon


Entrance: The arena goes dark, lightning strikes go off at the top of the ramp, and a spotlight follows them as the team comes out to Pink Floyd's "Learning to Fly". Make this as elaborate as need be, as you know these arrogant SOBs are gonna flaunt themselves.


Finisher: Crash Landing. Nighthawk holds one opponent up on his shoulders, and Jay Hawke leaps off the top rope, taking the opponent down with a Frankensteiner (rana, huracanrana, call it what you will).


NOTE: The Predators have been teaming up for some ten years at this point, so if there's a double team move in existence, they probably know it, and they might know a few that aren't on the books. Remember, they're heels, so cheap tactics and double teaming are not only allowed, they're encouraged.

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Edit 8/6/06- Move Set changed up quite a bit.


Smarks Board Name: Zyon

Real Name: Zak Owens

Wrestlers Name: Zyon

Nicknames: (The) "Unique Youth"

Height: 5’11

Weight: 200 lbs

Hometown: Elkhart, Indiana

Age: 21

Face/Heel: Face- Laid back guy who will face any challenge even when he knows he's over his head. Sways toward the arrogant side of the spectrum at times to shadow some confidence issues.

Stable: None

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): Pretty much anything, if legal.

Quote: None as of now.


Looks: (Copy Cross' template.)


-Hair: Jeff Hardy like, except it's just brown. No funky rainbow colors or any of that crap. Basically just long, stringy, and wet most of the time. (May wear a hat from time to time backstage or during a promo.)


-Face: Youthful with a pretty boy look to him. Mystical green oval eyes. Stays clean shaven.


-Upper Attire: Skin tight short sleeved shirt (Think Under Armor) with a "Z" logo located around his right pec. Opposite colors. Black shirt = White Z, etc.


-Lower Attire: Baggy (not excessively, basically how the kids where them these days.) knee lengthen shorts. Colors include blue, black, green, khaki, cream (white).


-Shoes: Black athletic running shoes. Wears "ankle" socks so you never see the socks.


-Body: Skinny with decent definition. Does have a six pack, but you won't see his triceps exploding or anything. Athletic in a track runner type of way as opposed to a football player.


-Tattoos/Scars: Plenty of scars hidden throughout his body. Many are faded so everything is cool. And he has no tattoos even though he does believe they are cool. So expect some in the future.


Ring Entrance: The arena goes black as the words “I’m Born”, “I’m Alive”, and “I Breathe” alternate on the Smarktron. “Vitamin” by Incubus kicks in as the crowd immediately goes into a frenzy. After a moment of build the young Zyon emerges through the curtain, and pauses at the top of the ramp. Zyon scans the excited audience before busting out an innocent grin as he sprints down the ramp. Zyon leaps on to the ring apron before flipping into the ring with a simple leap and twist of the wrist. Once in the ring, Zyon energetically runs up to the ropes and climbs to the second rope. He no longer throws the "X" up into the air, and will go right into his nifty taunt where he bends his elbows and devours the spotlight (the Randy Orton taunt.)


(Note: Change ring entrance as you see fit if the wording doesn’t exactly fit your style and add the Funyon stuff anywhere you like.)




Strength: 4- Gained a little bit of muscle, which helps the impact of his new neck/impact focused offense.


Speed: 9- Uses the speed for counters and applying maneuvers as quick as possible, which hopefully lessens the countering rate of his opponents. A great high flyer, which is just as much a curse as a gift.


Vitality: 5- He's not zombie immortal, but with the right amount of adrenaline he can open up a few eyes. Capable of going the distance, but his body will pay for it the next day.


Charisma: 2- Has the ability to talk, and may throw out a good promo once in awhile, but he's been known to trip over his words. And his lack of over the top expression doesn't get over as well as the overdramatics. Too calm for his own good.


Style: He’s still spotty as all hell, but he’s a bit wiser with his moveset. Realizing that he’s done all he can flying wise, Zyon has begun to focus on becoming the total package. And boy does he have a long way ago, but he has at least a template. Much improved in submissions and his improved strength lets him bust out more impact oriented attacks. If he focuses any body part it’s the neck and has grown an affinity for the neck breaker. However, at the end of the day he still loves to put his body on the line.


Signature Moves:


-Fisherman’s Neck breaker: Zyon puts the opponent in a front face lock and then traps them in a fisherman’s suplex (Perfectplex). However, from there he swivels his hips, spinning the opponent to the canvas with a neck breaker. Zyon can and will hold on to the bridge for a pin attempt.


-Double Arm DDT: Double underhook, lift and drop victim on head. Pretty simple.


-Shining Duo: This is a two strike combo. First, Zyon will perform a step up knee to the side of the face, otherwise known as the Shining Wizard. Due to Zyon’s lack of strength and precision in his strikes, the opponent will most likely fall to one knee. If this opportunity arises, Zyon will then run up with another step up knee that connects right between the victim’s eyes. Zyon likes to call this strike the Blind Wizard.

-NOTE: Both the Shining Wizard and the Blind Wizard can be used by themselves and outside of the combo.


-Cannonball Kamikaze: When perched on the top rope, Zyon will leap into the air, rolling himself up into a ball. As he descends down on to his fallen opponent, Zyon at the last second will abort the cannonball position and drive both knees into his opponent’s sternum/chest area. It does lack flash, but makes up for that due to the fact that the move is just plain mean.


-Canadian Neck Breaker: Zyon will hold the opponent in a Canadian back breaker position and will then maneuver his hands around the opponent’s head while instantly dropping to the canvas with a neck breaker.


-Aero Driver: Scoop slam into a piledriver, otherwise known as the Juvi Driver. Just to add a little flash to the move Zyon will perform a quick spin before spiking his opponent to the ground. This move has been known to catch some opponents off guard and could possibly give Zyon a win if he’s lucky or if the opponent is really fatigued.


-Decline: Reverse Russian leg sweep, otherwise known as the Flatliner that Kanyon used, not the maneuver that Jarrett and Hasan uses.


-Springboard Forearm Smash (Superman Forearm): Zyon goes out to the ring apron and springboards into the air using the top rope. Zyon pulls his right arm back keeping it at about the same level as his chest. Keep left hand forward while he kicks his feet through the air. Before he reaches his opponent, Zyon pulls his right arm forward and blasts his opponent with a charged forearm smash.


Dragon Sleeper: Zyon’s second most potent submission. The most basic version is grab a seated opponent in a reverse face lock and pull back.

NOTE: Zyon can perform the other variants as well which include hammerlock, standing, body scissors, and Landon’s Dragon Clutch among others. The body scissors and Dragon Clutch variations are a bit more rare and aren’t as potent as when someone like Landon or JJ Johnson does it.


Sambo Suplex: Spinning Rock Bottom.



Common Moves


-Snap: Zyon’s front dropkick to the chest that is followed up by a kip up if he is able to perform one. Has been used more recently as a momentum changer, but can still be used offensively as well.


-Flash Kick: With his opponent doubled over, Zyon will perform a standing moonsault sending one of his feet into the opponent’s face. Guile’s flash kick from street fighter only without the wave that follows.


-3.0 Back Breaker: Zyon is back to back with his opponent and reaches around the victim’s throat with the near arm, like an inverted reverse face lock. Zyon will then drop to his knee, bowing the opponent’s back over his own.


-Snap Brainbuster: Been moved to common moves since Zyon’s drop is more focused on the neck and the shoulder plexes as opposed to a murder, death, kill sheer head drop. Lift opponent vertically and quickly dropping them down is how he performs this maneuver.


-No Regard: Has also been moved to common moves since Zyon has used the maneuver more frequently as opposed to using it as just a counter. Zyon will leap to the top rope, facing the crowd, and will leap backward with a sensational corkscrew body attack.


-Lunging Yakuza Kick: Not your traditional Yakuza kick due to Zyon’s poor precision with his strikes. Zyon will charge at the opponent, leap and kick the opponent right under the chin. If anything it’s a running front dropkick with just one foot hitting the opponent.


-Rolling Neck Breaker: Zyon will put his near leg over a doubled over opponent’s head, and then proceed to grab the victim’s near arm. Pushing the opponent’s arm forward as well as his own leg, Zyon will rotate the opponent to the canvas with a neck breaker.

NOTE: I think Elix Skipper called this move The Play of the Day or something.


-Reverse Single Chickenwing Neck Breaker: Zyon and his opponent will be back to back; Zyon reaches backward with one arm, applying a single chickenwing. Zyon will then wrap his free arm around his opponent’s head and will the drop to his BUTT, nailing the opponent with a modified hangman’s neck breaker.

-NOTE: Sharkboy uses this maneuver.


-Spinning Wheel Kick: Zyon will leap into the air, twist his body so that he is horizontal, and then kick the opponent in the face with his near foot.

-NOTE: Just to spite JJ.


-Aerial Stuff: Any and all common/regular aerial moves can go here. That includes modified and variations of most. You know, your elbow drops, leg drops, moonsaults all go here.


-Snap Suplex: Quick suplex. Will sometimes chain a few together if the momentum is really going his way.


-Samoan Gutbuster: Zyon will place the opponent on his shoulders in a standing fireman’s carry. From there Zyon will duck his head and push the opponent forward. As the victim falls, Zyon will drop to the canvas, throwing his knees up, which the opponent collapses on sternum first.


-Blockbuster Neck Breaker: Normally the blockbuster is done from leaping off the second rope with a flipping neck breaker. And Zyon does use that variation as well, but Zyon also can leap over a standing or doubled over opponent and whip them to the canvas with a blockbuster neck breaker without assistance from the second rope.


-Neck Breakers: Any neck breakers not covered in Zyon’s moveset. Hangmans, swinging, running, etc.


-Reverse DDT: Uses both the sitting version and the diving variation.


Rare Moves:


-Final Hour: A spike cradle piledriver causing the opponent on impact to either crumble or bounce a couple inches off the ground. Used to be a finisher, but Zyon has evolved a little with his move set. When busted can easily win a match, but can also be kicked out of.


-Sky Twister Press: Zyon starts off by facing the crowd. He then performs a moonsault while transitioning in the air into a 450 splash. Basically a crisp Phoenix splash performed with the users legs tugged in.


-Satsui no Hadou: The RARE move that puts the opponent down. You get hit with this, and it should be over. Heavyweights are safe from this unless Zyon can some how get them on his back with help from the ropes or something. Anyway the move goes as followed. Zyon lifts his opponent into a reverse fireman’s carry position (Torture rack) and elevated his opponent with the hand that is closest to the head. He uses the other hand to spin his opponent; all while Zyon sits down driving his opponent head first into the mat. Basically a Burning Hammer except the opponent is spiked in front of the user not to the side.


-Triangle Choke: Another submission hold that Zyon adores…but isn’t really good at. Uses it as a counter and to maybe catch the more arrogant wrestlers off guard. Will never willingly put it on while on the offensive.

-NOTE: Zyon can transition the Triangle Choke to a NASTY arm bar by pushing the opponent’s head away and transitioning his legs. Once again he’s pretty bad at the actual transition, but it is something he can do.




-Final Flash: A beautiful yet destructive Swanton Bomb on to the opponent. Zyon starts by obviously diving off the turnbuckle and when he is completely vertical he slowly starts to tilt downward like a vulture flying down on to its prey. Zyon lands shoulder plexes first instead of just flopping on to his back. The move is done to perfection and can be done on higher objects than the top turnbuckle. Still the primary finisher.


-Big Shot: RKO/Diamond Cutter/Ace Crusher. Realizing that the 911 Aero Driver took a bit to set up and didn’t play to his strengths at all, Zyon ventured for a new finisher. He decided on the Big Shot which can be hit out of numerous positions and due to Zyon’s incredible speed is difficult to counter since you really don’t see it coming until it’s too late.


-Gouki Crossface: Cobra (Crippler) Crossface. Zyon's favorite submission move that was used by Ejiro Fasaki, who was World Champ at the beginning of Zyon's SWF career. After only seeing Ejiro use it one or two times, Zyon stole the move. It used to be sloppy, then the youth realized that it was simply putting your opponent's arm between his legs and pulling back on their neck. Zyon's submission finisher, but its not instant death if he traps you in it. Basically the go to move if impact and high flying dramatics isn't getting the job done.

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Hey, another return, imagine that! I feel like my moveset is overlapping with others, if that's true, uh, just pretend IL really sucks at that move. But. If you feel like it's truly an issue then PM me, also expect the finisher to change whenever I can think of something better.


Smarks Board Name: InsanityMan

Wrestlers Name: Insane Luchador (His real name is Andrew Rickmen)

Nicknames: IL, The ("Your" if Funyon uses it) Psychotic Hero, The Ill One (credit: MVS)

Height: 6'2" (Compromise 'ween the changing 6'1" and 6'3")

Weight: 223

Hometown: Easton, Pennsylvania

Age: 27

Face/Heel: Face

Stable: None.

Ring Escort: None.

Weapon(s): Everything and anything. Light tubes have a very, very special place in his heart. His signature would be “Excalibur” (six light tubes bundled together and attached to a metal handle to create a sword).



Looks: Insane Luchador always had a “wiry” frame to him, for the skeptics then it is called skinny, but he’s defined his body recently. He doesn’t freakishly bulge anywhere (I won’t make the “bulge” joke, but you all know it’s there) but his upper body is shape. He has black hair that are wildly spiked, primarily green eyes, though streaks of other colors can be seen, and his nose proves that he’s had a few beatings. His body also has a lot of scars from over the years that are randomly scattered, randomly acquired, (well, not randomly, he never suddenly tripped into a woodchipper or anything) and they range from faded to gruesome. He isn’t intimidating strictly by looks, but his appearance can definitely reflect the pseudo-psychotic, sadistic demeanor that gets pretty damn unnerving.


Things have changed, time keeps moving things along. He now wraps up both of his hands up, from the thumb, over the knuckles, and a bit past the wrist, in light white tape. Not to mention the days of khaki cargoes, sweatshirts, long sleeved shirts are over, but he’s not ready to hop into any tights. Instead he wears black, sometimes khaki (hell, sometimes black with swirling red) MMA shorts, is shirtless, and low black boxing-like shoes. Outside of the ring is when the khaki cargoes, black sweatshirt, and Orisis shoes gets busted back out.


Ring Entrance: "Man in the Box” by Alice in Chains begins and a surge of red and black, yes black, pyrotechnics goes off. Insane Luchador emerges from the lingering smoke and energetically throws his arms up into the air to rally the crowd. He’ll then sprint down the aisle while slapping fans’ hands until he hits ringside where he’ll slide into the ring, roll up, and then wait for his opponent (or the occasional bum-rush). Alternatively, he will walk down the aisle very slowly, while staring at his opponent in the ring with a psychotic grin on his face without giving anything else any attention. This is pretty much the equivalent of when Clint Eastwood walks into town and everybody knows that a massacre will follow.





Strength: 4 (His strikes will hurt and he has moments of “explosive” strength)

Speed: 6 (He’s no Wildchild but he can move)

Vitality: 7 (It’s hard to pull off the sadomasochistic thing if you can’t take pain)

Charisma: 3 (He talks and will play to the crowd but his longevity and persona get him over)


Style: Let’s face it. Insane Luchador is at his best in any hardcore environment. Sure, it’s fun to throw some complex kick, do a lil’ chain wrestling exchange, or see just how far these limbs could possibly stretch- but it’s not the most practical thing, at least for success. So he’s swaying back to his old habits- high flying with a steaming side of striking. He is still trying to become a more well-rounded wrestler but knows what his strengths are when he feels cornered. It wouldn’t be a shock to see him attempt a new submission, try a new suplex, or some nifty Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu throws/take-downs (those nasty ones where everyone seems to get tripped onto their skulls) but he won’t be especially good at it. (If you haven’t caught on, write any move as long as it’s feasible).


Signature moves:

Implant DDT- It’s a great move to set up for some top rope assault, but it’s nothing too brutal.


Brainbuster Suplex

Tornado DDT

Top Rope Crossbody



Planchas- Done without hesitation and can range from simple to amazing (if the mood strikes)

Frog Splash- Quickly done and tries to get the cover.

Flying knee- Now, this is the MMA style flying knee, not Triple H’s. This is the type of move where he fully commits with a huge lunge, or grab the back of the opponent’s head to pull it down for ensured connection, and it’d be appreciated if this is mildly sold if it hits.


Common moves:

Spinning backfist

Flying forearm

Baseball slide to opponent in tree of woe

Rear Naked Chokehold- Stolen from JJ Johnson after learning, the hard way, how effective it can be.

Victory Roll

Leg Kicks- There’s some venom behind these kicks but it’s more just to throw an opponent off balance.

Release German Suplex- Obviously geared towards his lighter opponents.

Knees- The Muy Thai clutch with the knees to the body are always a favorite of his.

Double Stomp


Elbows/Forearms- He's no Danny Williams but it's more reliable than wild punches.

Backdrop Suplex

Rolling Koppo Kick

Kesagiri Chops- Not the most common strike since it's far from IL's specialty.

Camel Clutch

Kick Combinations- A simple string of kicks to wear down the opponent. Usually to the body but he may attempt a high kick to the head.


Reverse DDT

Snap Suplex

Top Rope Leg Drop

Monkey Flip


Rare moves:

Destruction- Foe and IL are back to back. IL reaches one arm back and hooks it around the opponent's throat then holds the other arm out in a cross. He then bends down and lets the opponent lay on his back, hopefully somewhat elevated, and then jumps backwards to smash them on their faces. It's hard to explain and it's sketchy but I've seen this move done. It's possible.

Rolling Germans


Hardcore moves:


Balcony Sault (Signature)- It's a moonsault from a balcony. Pretty self explanatory- he'll hit it against anybody if the opportunity presents itself but he rarely hits it. It's safe to say that off any high object IL will have no problem trying to hit a moonsault.


Hanging On the Brink (Signature)- It's the same thing as Brink of Insanity (see finishers) but instead it’s while the opponents facing the crowd while he’s got the lock on the top rope. It’s not the most convenient position for him to find himself in but it’s perfect for smashing through objects on the outside.


GoreGasm (Signature)- Backdrop driver. But it must be done through or onto something. Get creative because it's one of his favorites.


Master of Masochism (Rare)- Corkscrew moonsault and it’s always be off of something insanely high. Usually through something and Luchador will occasionally have a weapon to keep him company.




Fisherman's Buster- This is only for the lighter opponents and now his new primary finisher.


Brink of Insanity- He gets the opponent in a full nelson near the turnbuckle. He hops onto the top turnbuckle and leaps off, swinging his legs to his opponent's side, and bringing them down. Used for heavier opponents or if the situation presents itself.


Notes: He's tried to clean up his striking so it isn't just a slew of wild punches. But he isn't opposed to nailing some body shots if he's desperate enough or loses his patience. He'll bust out new strikes in an attempt to throw an opponent off but chances are it wouldn't be used often (so like a shotei or flying wheel kick).


IL definitely has an unstable mind but he isn't quite "voices in my head" crazy, instead he just has a very warped view on his life and the world surrounding him. He bleeds like a first timer, adores any sort of hardcore match, and sometimes can seem like a complete masochist.


Bio: Death? What Death?

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Updated 22/9/06 - entrance tweak

7/10/06 (that's October, not July) - one rare move added



Smarks Board Name: MikeofEvil

Wrestlers Name: Michael (Mike) Stephens

Nicknames: The Sensation

Height: 6'0

Weight: 218

Hometown: Nottingham, UK

Age: 23

Face/Heel: Biggest face in the company... at the moment. Don't think the crowd forgot his heel run though, because they haven't.

Stable: None

Ring Escort: If his opponent has an escort then his sister, Amy Stephens (see separate stats post) will accompany him. She's as likely to yell abuse as encouragement, but if the opposing manager tries anything she'll... neutralise them.

Weapon(s): Brass knucks when the rules allow. Also likes to use ladders, but has used waterpistols, ball bearings, handcuffs and all sorts of insane shit in hardcore matches.

Quote: ‘Prepare To be Proved Wrong!’

‘Come and have a go if you think you’re ‘ard enough!”


-Cracks his neck from side to side until the vertebrae click; normally done after a high spot or to warm up for something.

-The Catalogue Poses: On one knee, Mike inspects an imaginary watch… then gets to his feet and rubs his chin with one hand while pointing into the distance with the other… then puts both hands on his hips and gives the crowd a cheesy grin. Surefire pop, generally only used after he changes his mind on a tope con hilo to the outside (see Moves).


Looks: Very well-defined, but not bulky. Pale skin, floppy chin-length blue-black hair, eyes that seem to alternate between steel grey and blue depending on the light. No tattoos or piercings. Amazingly, despite all the enemies he made in his previous 18 months with the company, he’s retained his pretty-boy good looks; however, his upper body and face have a series of very thin scars (only noticeable in some lights) from where Nathaniel Kibagami threw him through the plate glass doors of the General Motors Place in mid 2004. Doesn’t wear the eyeliner that was his trademark, although the black nail polish may still make an appearance.


Clothes-wise he still wears baggy Tripp NYC trousers to the ring with the New Rock-style black boots, and wrestles shirtless. Although he has a selection of SWF merchandise shirts (‘Prepare To Be Proved Wrong’; ‘Hardcore Punk’ in barbed wire font; ‘World Champion Tour 2004/05’ with places and dates of all the world title matches he won on the back; and the newest, ‘Come And Have A Go…’ on the front and ‘…If You Think You’re Hard Enough’ on the back), to the ring he will usually wear a customised England soccer shirt (the red away kit, if you want detail) with ‘Stephens’ as the player name over the number 9.

NEW ADDITION: Mike now has a trenchcoat that he wears to the ring as well, a black canvas affair with red lining and decorated all over with chains, zips and D-rings, with a row of four small spikes on each shoulder.



Ring Entrance:


Every single light in the arena hits full, and the Smarktron whites out. For a few long moments there is silence, until a looped track of a crowd chant suddenly blasts over the PA System:





This fades into the crashing opening chord of ‘Rookie’ by Boy Sets Fire, and as the Smarktron starts to fade to black jagged white letters flash up one after another to form a familiar phrase:




As the spiky guitar riff starts Stephens’ face appears smiling his distinctive lopsided grin before the Smarktron cuts into clips from his matches - the Super Intoxxication on Flesher to win his first World Title, the Glass Jawbreaker on Aecas, the All-Show Brawl with the Insane Luchador - along with clips of him grinning or smirking on the mic. Finally it cuts to footage of him taking Mike Van Siclen off a balcony and through a table with the Toxxic Shock Syndrome, the devastating landing timed to coincide with the-




-explosion of red pyro all along the soundstage! As the drums kick in Stephens strides through the smoke and remaining sparks, head down with his hair hiding his eyes.

TITLE BELTS: At time of writing he holds three (World, Tag and Cruiser). If it's a title match then the belt he's defending will be buckled around his waist, the other two will be held one in each hand. If it's not a title match, the World Title will be the one around his waist.


-FUNYON STUFF (please note - don‘t announce him as the Straight-Edge Sensation anymore)-


Stephens makes his way down towards the ring while the fans chant (usually “TOXXXXXXX-IC…”), then reaches the bottom of the ramp just before the verse kicks in. He crosses his arms briefly in the straight-edge ‘X’, then throws them wide, palms flat to the floor (or, at the moment, holding title belts).






More red pyro erupts, this time from the ring posts, and Stephens rolls into the ring under the bottom rope. From there he takes off his coat, removes his shirt and throws it to the crowd, at which point two girls in heavy eyeliner fight over it. This almost always happens.


’I never thought this could be me,

I guess you never do until it’s happening to you

Like all the fun turns into shame

And all the “could-have-beens” rearrange…’




Strength: 3 - 260lbs is the limit for lifting moves, and he can hit hard enough to rattle your jaw.


Speed: 7 - Still just as quick as ever, he may not favour the aerial offence quite as much anymore but his speed is invaluable for wriggling out of and avoiding moves.


Vitality: 4 - Great conditioning and can run around the ring all night, but if you can keep him still long enough to hit him he’ll go down. He's been here since February 2004, and in that time has only kicked out of two finishers. Physically fragile, but he makes up for it.


Charisma: 6 - Highly intelligent, articulate and persuasive despite his idiosyncratic vocabulary, he’s good at working the crowd if he wants to and can argue a point against anyone. Doesn’t pretend that he wasn’t once the most hated man in the company and can usually get a good laugh from taking the piss out of his former self… but if anyone else tries that, they’ll be in trouble.



Style: Jack-of-all-trades, master of none. Has been starting the match out more cautiously on the mat before moving onto bigger moves and high-flying, but he's got back into his groove now and can start flying from the bell if he thinks he needs to. He's competent (but no Regal) on the mat, can hold his own in strikefests unless severely outweighed or against a martial artist, high flying is his strongest suit but although he's no deathmatch afficionado he's fairly handy outside the ring and with weapons too. Still doesn't use headdrops like he used to though.


Bottom line - he's damn good, better than his actual wrestling ability and physical attributes might suggest. Skinny white guy or not, he's one of the most dominant competitors in the last three years, and he can always find some way to beat you. Sure, he's got his weaknesses - being outwrestled or being hit very hard being the most obvious ones - but please don't think of him as an underdog. Unless you're one of a very select group, odds are YOU are the underdog.




(as a rough guide; most powerful first, weakest last)


‘Triple S’ (Stephens Shock Syndrome) - Swinging sit-out Pedigree/Chris Daniels’ Angel’s Wings. Used to be a finisher when he debuted (under the name of the Toxxic Shock Syndrome) and still worthy of respect.


Regal Stretch - cross-legged STF with a ¾ nelson facelock. A potent hold that has won him titles before now, but he hasn’t got the strength or technical crispness to make it inescapable. Often set up from a drop toehold.


‘Unfinished Business’ - Elbow-Drive Bulldog. From a front facelock Mike brings his other arm around and down onto the back of the opponent’s head, driving them headfirst into the mat. Basically the Eye of the Hurricane/Landon Eye/Turn ‘n’ Burn with the opponent the other way up.


‘Hangover’ - Rolling guillotine legdrop


Side Effect (ala Matt Hardy) - No gimmick name for this one, because it’s a decent-enough name for the move. Grabs the opponent as if for a Rock Bottom but clasps his hands together around them, lifts the opponent and then kicks his legs out so they both land on their backs with Mike’s elbow driven into their chest. Can also be done inverted, facing the same way as his opponent to end in a facebuster of sorts.


Goku-Raku neckbreaker into Inverted Goku-Raku Clutch- once the neckbreaker is done Mike rolls onto his front, pulling the opponent with him, then bridges forward to pull them into a Goku-Raku Clutch. He picked it up from Scott Pretzler and his Snowflake Clutch, but there’s a couple of important differences. 1) it looks much cooler and 2) it’s not as effective, nor can he hold it for as long.


Half-nelson facebuster - Mike applies a half-nelson to the near arm with his left arm, grabs the waist of their pants in his right and lifts, then drops them on their face as he sits out.


Somersault Double Stomp - off the top rope and into your ribcage.


‘Pressure Drop’ - from a Hangman’s neckbreaker position Mike twists around to drive the opponent face-first into the canvas, usually sitting out to the side instead of landing on his front. This can be done onto the knee if he wants to chain it into something else.


European Uppercuts - his strike of choice, will rattle you well enough.








Street Brawling - Headbutts, knees, elbows and good ol’ vanilla punches. A note about the elbows - he uses them if you’re too close to land a punch, not for the Misawa-style strike exchanges. He’ll just bull forward and keep hitting you (with any convenient body part) until you go down because he’s not tough enough to let you hit him back, and he knows it.


Kip-up enzuigiri. Pure showmanship, but it takes people off-guard like nobody's business.


Neckbreakers of all flavours, often chained together. Obviously some of these will be nastier than others, and something like a top-rope Blockbuster could get a near fall, but won’t happen very often at all.


Double Leg Nelson - the opponent is seated: Mike sits behind them and grabs their arms, then uses his own legs to apply a full nelson-type hold. Like a normal full nelson it works the neck, and he can use his own arms to stretch the other guy’s. A nice, easy to apply wear-down hold that won’t win any matches.


Triple H-style facebuster (using the knee), the start of the old ‘Sobering Thought’ combo.


Mat wrestling. Abdominal stretches, cravates, things he makes up, facelocks etc. Plus lots of armbars, hammerlocks etc, maybe even a Kimura if he can remember how to do one.


Simple takedowns - drop toeholds, fireman’s carries, leg trips etc.


Stephenskick: Superkick (usually a desperation momentum-changer, but it still targets the head so he’ll sometimes work it in anyway)


Soccer tackle: Whips his opponent off the ropes, then slides in and launches his feet and shins at theirs. Takes them off their feet, and when they get back up again they’re stumbling round. Usually used to set up another move.


Punch/discus clothesline combo: right, left, right, left, flips the classic British v-sign (fingernails towards the opponent - the one that means ‘fuck you’, not ‘victory!’) - Discus Clothesline. Sadly after 18 months most of the fed have learned to duck the clothesline by now, but there’s a few new faces and besides, he’s a stubborn bastard and will still try it.


Sitout jawbreaker


Dropkicks - a favourite is the basement dropkick to the head of a kneeling/crouching/sitting opponent


Running somersault senton to the outside. If the opponent moves before he gets there then Stephens will balance on the top rope for a second and then backflip back into the ring to land on one knee before going into the CATALOGUE POSES~!


Inverted Muta Lock: Traps the opponents legs and bridges back for an inverted rear chinlock, then rolls over onto his stomach leaving the opponent flailing in the air.


Flippy-Floppy Stuff: Moonsaults, standing moonsaults, springboard stuff. Most things that dump him on top of you. Used sparingly these days.





-Sleeper Suplex, Kobashi style. This won't break your neck, but it'll give you a headache like you won't believe. In general he won't break this out unless desperate (which he's unlikely to be), and therefore if he does hit it he'll probably be too exhausted to make the cover quick enough to get a win. However, if he should choose to use it just because he doesn't like you, it can beat you. Go ask Spike.

sXensational: When Michael Stephens wrestled as Toxxic he was by-and-large a bastard. A complete and utter shit. However, he was a very successful shit, and every now and then if he’s struggling he might resort to the old ways. The cocky mannerisms to infuriate the opponent, a few more head-drops, more spotty high-flying stuff, even the signature moves of notable defeated enemies or people he’s retired… it won’t bring back pleasant memories for him or the crowd, but is that better than losing? We’ll have to see. Notable possibilities include, but are not limited to:

-‘Caffeine Bomb’: LSD II/Ki Krusher, but uses the left arm to hook the opponent‘s left leg from the inside. This used to be a finisher but when he stopped wanting to drop people on their heads he more or less retired it. Might bring it out if he desperately needs a match-ending hit. If he does, please remember that only Annie the Hardcore Queen has ever kicked out of it. Doesn’t mean you can’t, but please put yourself over suitably.

-‘Dangerlust’: Electric Chair Cradle Driver. It’s broken necks and ended careers and overall is NOT to be fucked with. He won’t use this now unless you’ve raped his family or something.

-‘Repeat To Fade’: The old finisher, a hammerlock/Dragon Sleeper combo with bodyscissors. It’s too tricky to set up to be reliable (plus [bREAKING KAYFABE ALERT] once it’s locked in it’s virtually impossible to escape from and that’s just no fun).

-‘Inglorious’: Shooting Star Legdrop. Because he’s a camera whore at heart.





‘Sunny In England’: Sliced Bread #2/Shinobi, formerly known as the Intoxxication. Get the opponent into a ¾ facelock, run up the turnbuckles with them in tow and vault backwards off the top to land on your front, driving the back of their head into the mat. However Mike has been experimenting with this and it’s a real ‘out of nowhere’ move now; he can get his boost off a tag partner, off the referee, the ring ropes, a chair, even springboard back off the ropes/turnbuckle and snare you on the way over (although he’s prone to overshooting that). However, versatile as it is it’s not unfuckwithable, and it’s by no means a certain pin.


‘RTF II’: Double underhook with body scissors. Starts from a standing position, then drops back and wraps his legs around his opponent. Particularly strong or technically able opponents may cause him some problems here, which is why he’ll always try and make sure you’re worn down before he goes for it.






-STILL DOESN’T CHEAT. His one and only breaking of the rules was against Scott Pretzler on the night his last SWF run stopped, and he’s trying to forget about that. He’s still just as uptight as ever about this.

-He’s toned down his moveset. Anything head-spiky is gone, even DDTs. Instead we have lots of facebusters which will hurt and disorientate opponents but are unlikely to cause any lasting injury. As a result, I’d appreciate you not writing piledrivers, backdrop drivers or similar. If you want him to get a bit more aggressive then check out an old match or PM me, it’s not like he doesn’t have a back catalogue of nasty signature stuff you can use.

-The whole ‘straight-edge’ thing. He still is, but he doesn’t rub it in people’s faces anymore, hence dropping the ‘Straight-Edge Sensation’ nickname. As long as you’re not breathing alcohol in his face or offering him drugs he doesn’t really care.

-If you’re writing him speaking, think of Spike from Buffy and Angel. Doesn’t have a posh accent, uses words like ‘wanker’, ‘bloody hell’ and ‘bollocks’ and has a tendency to call people ‘sunshine’ or, in certain situations, ‘Jackmonkey’. Plus the usual British stuff - pants are trousers, cars have bonnets and boots not hoods and trunks, and ass is pronounced arse.

-Please don’t write him doing knife-edge chops. Pretty much any other strike but that.

-Suicide King doesn’t believe that Mike is ‘going straight’ now and is convinced the whole face thing is an act. He’ll try and twist any action into evidence that Stephens is just duping the fans and is still following his own agenda. He also refuses to use that name, insisting on calling him 'Toxxic'.

-Yeah, he’s gay (mostly). This is a character background thing rather than anything particularly obvious from his ringwork (and incidentally, isn’t general knowledge. Most of the roster probably know, as will some of the smarker fans, but it’s not like the entire arena knows). If your valet flashes her tits at him he’s more likely to raise his eyebrows in surprise than start drooling, but he’ll probably still be taken off guard. He is NOT WWE Rico, and should not be written as such.




Toxxic is back, using his birth name of Michael Stephens in an effort to distance himself from his rather insalubrious run with the company before. He reappeared after a long campaign by Landon Maddix (which involved first sleeping with and then beating up Mike's sister Amy) finally drew him in, and despite his own wishes Stephens found himself manoeuvred into facing Landon in a Last Man Standing match for the World Title at 13th Hour, an eerie echo not only of the match two years prior in which he made his name by ending Nathaniel Kibagami's career, but also of the telling fall in his most recent match with Landon - Total Elimination, From The Fire 2005 - where he dropped Maddix with Kibagami's feared finisher the Demonstar Driver, nearly broke La Cucaracha's neck and started the whole cycle of hatred off in the first place. However, Landon's plan misfired and Stephens won at 13th Hour to win his record-equalling 4th World Title, and this time not by dropping Landon on his head but by nearly knocking him out with a submission and rendering him unable to answer the ten-count.


However, things would never be that easy. Maddix and Stephens came to an uneasy truce after 13th Hour, only to be thrown together as a tag team by Joe Peters on the basis that the fans would pay to see two guys who hated each other tagging together. Stephens now found himself on a collision course with another old enemy Tom Flesher, who held the belts with Charlie Matthews. However, even though Maddix and Stephens came through adversity, cheating, their own distrust of each other and a truly awful tag moniker, the World Champion and now Tag Champion was not yet in the clear. A newcomer to the SWF called Gabriel Drake seems to have the keys to a past that Stephens would rather forget, and is hell-bent on revealing exactly why the man formerly known as Toxxic allegedly ruined his life four years ago.







Team Name: The Galacticos (that's the official version, used for ring entrances. Everyone else at all other times will refer to them as Two Skinny White Guys, much to Mike's disgust).

Combined Weight: 442lbs

Ring Escorts: Megan Skye and Amy Stephens. They have been known to co-operate, but mostly they'll ignore each other. To be fair, Amy will generally ignore the match too.


Ring Entrance:


So, what it is - Landon and Mike could NOT agree on a theme. Finally Joe Peters lost patience and decreed that their entrance music could be whatever his IPod Shuffle stopped on that evening. Therefore they can come out to whatever - WHATEVER - you want. Bear in mind that if it's hip-hop, Mike won't be happy. Regardless, Landon will play to the crowd (with varying results - he's a sneaky cheating bitch, but he's teaming with the fed's biggest face) while Mike will usually be more subdued. Megan will hold the ropes open for Landon who will spin in like HBK while Mike will roll under the ropes, then take his shirt off and throw it to the crowd where two girls in heavy eyeliner WILL fight over it. This almost always happens.



Double Team Moves:


'Extremely Bad Hangover' - Like AMW's Death Sentence with Landon doing the holding, only Mike comes off the top rope with the Hangover instead of a regular legdrop.


'Double Impact' - Landon gets someone set up for the Landon Eye, then Mike puts the victim's tag team partner over the top of the first guy so the opponents are effectively face-to-face. Then Mike swings for the Unfinished Business while Landon completes the Landon Eye, so basically both opponents are driven down and one lands on the other.


'Professional Foul' - Cucaracha Kick from the front combined with a Soccer Tackle from behind.


Cruiserweighty Stuff - Landon and Mike are pretty speedy, agile guys, and are capable of hitting a series of high-flying moves onto a downed opponent in quick succession. Something like Hangover, Swandive Headbutt, Somersault doublestomp, Frog Splash should do for most people.




(Cruiserweight) Landon Powerbomb combined with Stephens blockbuster/neckbreaker drop off the top (whichever fits).


(Whateverweight) 'Laberinto's Sunny Revenge In England' - both men grab a 3/4 headlock on their opponent and run up the buckles then flip back; Stephens lands on his front, Landon lands on his ass. This is Mike’s finisher done with extra GUSTO~ so please sell it suitably.




Stephens and Maddix don’t like each other… well, Stephens doesn’t like Maddix. Landon seems rather happier with the whole affair, and no-one’s quite sure why. Possibly because Landon’s too shallow to hold a grudge very effectively, and his fourth tag title has made him like a kid with a new toy.


Regardless, despite their history, they DO work as a team. Landon will cheat like any particular bitch you care to name, Stephens will stick to the rules except for entering the ring when not the legal man to break up pins and submissions or to perform double-teams. Mike will roll his eyes and sigh at Landon’s cheating, but is unlikely to berate him for it. Basically, Landon’s the goofy one and Mike’s the straight man (rather ironic, if you think about it).

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Board Name: El Luchadore Magnifico

Wrestler Name: El Luchadore Magnifico

Height: 5'11

Weight: 210

Hometown: Mexico City

Age: 28



Escort: Prefers to go out alone.

Weapon: Mexican Flag (will usually smack an opponent with the broad side, but isn’t above pulling a Genesis II and pinning someone’s hand to the mat with the uber-sharp tip if they really piss him off.)

Quote: "Bien, tu estupido gringo.”

Appearance: Magnifico’s skin is tan, his eyes a dark brown, and his hair long and black. It flows down to his shoulders when untied, which is whenever he’s not in a match. His tights are a black with a blood red, snaking pattern running down each leg to a pair of plain black boots. Wrestles shirtless.


Entrance: With no warning, the lights suddenly cut out, leaving the arena in darkness. A few fans, knowing what’s coming next, already begin to boo as they sit in shadow...






So goes the intro to Atake FDD’s “Tu Final”, which is shouted as a burst of red, white and green sparks explode upwards from the stage! As the smoke clears, the fans catch a clear sight of El Luchadore Magnifico, who strides out from behind the curtain, illuminated by a single spotlight. His head bobbing to the thumping bass and his trademark Mexican flag in his hands, Magnifico quickly makes his way down the entrance ramp, keeping his eyes focused on the ring (or his opponent) and nothing else.


Funyon’s spiel goes here.


Magnifico reaches the ring, rolls beneath its bottom rope, and pops to his feet. He steps into the middle of the ring and thrusts his flag high into the air, doing so as the lights are reignited throughout the arena. Scowling at the booing audience, Magnifico hands his flag to the ref and executes a few cursory stretches, staring coldly at his opponent (if he’s already in the ring) as he does so.




Strength: 4 (Can Suplex anyone up to, say, two hundred and sixty pounds. That limit is flexible, however.)

Speed: 6 (Just because he shys away from aerial moves doesn’t mean he’s not fast. Magnifico can still counter with the best of ‘em, and is still capable of busting out an acrobative move every now and then.)

Vitality: 5 (Can work tough matches, but isn’t the kind of guy to kick out of finishers. His resistance to submissions is average.)

Charisma: 5 (Doesn’t speak quite as well as during his face days, but can still cut a great promo when he needs to.)


Style: Technical/High-Flying


Signature Moves


Sangria Stretch (Magnifico hits a drop toe hold on his opponent, but grabs him around the face like a Crossface on the way down. Magnifico keeps the hold on the ankles and pulls back on the face. Preferred finisher if a submission is required. Will use a Tree of Woe variation (feet held behind top turnbuckle with one hand, neck wrenched back with the other) if the match is no-DQ.)


Montezuma's Revenge (Chicken Wing Jawbreaker. Magnifico twists his opponent's arm into a Chicken Wing while standing face to face with them, wraps his arm around his opponent's neck, and then falls to his knees, driving his opponent's chin into his shoulder. Preferred finisher set-up move.)


Estiramiento Vicioso (Standing Figure Four. The victim is on their back, Magnifico grabs one leg and bends it sideways behind one of the attacker's own legs and on top of the victim's other leg, forming a "4" with the victim's legs. Magnifico holds the victim's straight leg, pins their legs into place, and instead of falling back to apply the standard figure four leg lock, ELM remains standing and applies pressure.)


Barrio Buster (Fisherman Buster)


Rio Grande Slam (Sambo Suplex)


Cancun Crunch (Double Underhook Brainbuster)


La Bomba Fantastica (Blue Thunder Powerbomb. Back Drop Suplex into a Sitting Powerbomb)


Uncommon moves


Knife-Edge Chops


Snap Suplex



Front Suplex

Capture Suplex (Head and Arm or Head and Leg)


German Suplex (Release or Bridged)


DDT (All variations...Regular, Reverse, Tornado, Top Rope, blah blah blah. Has a great affinity for the Armbreaker DDT, especially when he’s trying to work over an opponent’s arm.)

Lowly Heel Tactics (Eye Rakes, Low Blows, Hair Pulling, Standing On Ropes, etc.)


Rare moves


Spanish Conquestor (Flipping Dropkick into a chair into a face. Will use it whenever nobody is looking or when an opponent makes him angry enough.)


The Fall of the Aztecs (Super Hurricanrana. Will avoid using this whenever possible, as Magnifico despises the positive reaction he receives for the high-flying maneuver.)


Mexican Pride Press (Shooting Star Press. Still finisher strength, falls under the same situation as the Fall of the Aztecs. Before using, will usually turn to his Mexican Flag and salute it proudly.)


Furia del Maestro (Reverse Fire Thunder Driver. Extremely rare. Used only when EVERYTHING else has failed, or for serious blood feuds.)




Dia de los Muertos (Fire Thunder Driver. Scoop Slam into a sitting Tombstone. Preferred finisher, as it’s quicker and much easier to use. Not quite as deadly as the Baja California Crusher, though.)


Baja California Crusher (Grab opponent as if for a backslide, then run up the ropes and flip over opponent's head, driving their head into the mat with a Pedigree-like maneuver, minus the head scissoring.)




Magnifico is PISSED. Pissed at the fans, at his opponents, whoever. He blames everyone but himself for his failures, and feels that the fans have turned on him. During matches, he is concentrated and determined and tries his best to keep in control of his emotions. Of course, at times he’ll lose control and just go nuts on his opponent, which is where he’s the most dangerous but also makes the most mistakes.


Magnifico has greatly toned down the high-flying offense, instead opting to use a more Suplex-based attack. That being said, he’ll still regularly bust out a Splash or a Moonsault, but usually not more than once a match, and even then, it’s with a good bit of trepidation. Unfortunately, his relatively low weight and strength causes ELM to revert to an aerial offense against larger opponents, which annoys Magnifico to no end. Because of this, he’ll automatically despise any and all large opponents he may go up against. Receiving any cheers for anything he does will infuriate ELM and cause him to be distracted from his opponent for a few moments.




Too long at this point. If you’re really interested (and I can’t see why on Earth you would be) PM me and I’ll be happy to recount the tale.

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Guest OKCoyote

Edited April 4th, added From the Fire history and notes on Avery.


Smarks Board Name: OKCoyote

Wrestlers Name: Kevin Coyote (real name: Ethan MacDougal)

Aliases: Kevin Douglas

Height: 5' 11"

Weight: 225

Hometown: Brunswick, Georgia

Age: 20

Face/Heel: Heel

Stable: None

Ring Escort: Avery Duciel

Weapon(s): Kevin keeps a set of brass knuckles in his left jacket pocket.

Quote: "How do you like that, dog?" and "Hang on, I gotta take this."


Looks: Kevin Coyote has blue eyes and short spiked blond hair. He usually dresses/wrestles in blue jeans and black sneakers, and a black T-shirt (usually a generic SWF T-shirt or one of his own) covered by an unbuttoned blue jean jacket. He carries a small mobile phone in his right jacket pocket, which he wears everywhere except during the match itself, including during his ring entrance and exit, backstage, etc. (He sets the phone aside before climbing into the ring.)


Ring Entrance: Kevin's theme is "I'm Alive" by Disturbed. A series of bright white flashing lights accompany the theme, but no pyro. Kevin takes his time getting to the ring, posing for the jeering fans, etc. By the time he's in the ring and his music has died down, the first verse and chorus verse have usually played; the lyrics to those verses are below:


Never again will I be dishonored

And never again will I be reminded

We're living within the world of the jaded

They killed inspiration

It's my obligation

To never again, allow this to happen

Where do I begin?

The choices are endless

Denying the sin

My art, my redemption

I carry the torch of my fathers before me


The thing I treasure most in life cannot be taken away

There will never be a reason why I will surrender to your advice

To change myself, I'd rather die

Lonely, we'll not understand

I will make the greatest sacrifice

You can't predict where the outcome lies

You'll never take me alive

I'm alive

I'm alive

I'm alive





Strength: 3

Speed: 6

Vitality: 5

Charisma: 6



Style: Kevin is fast and athletic but prefers a mat-based style to an aerial style. Kevin likes to use grapple and takedown moves against opponents close to his size. Against larger opponents, Kevin picks up his speed, using it as an advantage, assaulting his opponents with rapid strikes and the occasional top rope move.


Signature moves:

Diving Reverse DDT



Tornado DDT

Gut Punches (to opponent standing or, more commonly, opponent lying on the mat)

Second rope leg drop

Headscissor Takedown

Rolling Thunder


Common moves:



Russian Leg Sweep

Spinning Wheel Kick




High kick to the face (sometimes off the ropes for added effect)

Snap suplex (to similar sized opponents)

Basic sleeper and choke holds (Kevin doesn't use many submissions)

Elbow smashes




Rare moves:

RKO (obviously not his move, but fits his style)

Diving Elbow Drop (his most common aerial move)

Diving Cross Body



Coyote Takedown (This move is a hard clothesline from a standing position to a groggy opponent, similar to a Rock Bottom but without the lift in the air. Kevin always begins this move standing behind a groggy opponent. Cocky as hell and determined to look his opponent in the eye, Kevin taps the dazed opponent on the shoulder, spins him around, then sticks his arm out in front of the opponent's upper body, slamming him backward to the mat.) (I really wanted to name this the Coyote Ugly, but was talked out of it.)

Full Moon Assault (Lionsault. Used primarily against larger opponents.)


Notes: Kevin is a cocky youth with some street smarts (or so he thinks). His cell phone doesn't ring so much any more, now that we know the person on the other end was his girlfriend Avery Duciel. Avery now has an SWF contract and works as Kevin's manager and occasionally wrestles as his tag team partner.


Also noteworthy is the fact that Kevin is left-handed, and will thus use that hand to perform many of his strike-based moves. This is the reason he keeps his brass knuckles in his left jacket pocket and his phone in his right.


Bio: Kevin Coyote didn't volunteer very much biographical information prior to his arrival in the SWF. It was known that he came from a broken home, and that he dropped out of high school to begin a fulltime wrestling career, competing at first in small independent promotions. Kevin's confident attitude was what attracted the attention of the SWF scouts.


We've learned a lot since Coyote's arrival. Coyote was first seen on television during the syndicated reality series Smark Enough, where he competed as Kevin Douglas but was eliminated from the competition early by trainer William Hearford. Coyote managed to earn an SWF contract anyway and has been battling long-standing rumors that he did not receive the contract based on actual talent. These rumors were given more credence with the reveleation that Coyote's birth name is Ethan MacDougal, and that he is in fact the son of SWF announcer and former wrestler Peter MacDougal, aka Longdogger Pete. Now Coyote has a vendetta against Hearford for trying to discredit him, against his own father for the stigma it adds to his career, and against anyone who would disrespect him or challenge his in-ring ability.


With the help of the debuting Avery Duciel, Coyote defeated Longdogger Pete at From the Fire and ended his father's career. With that obstacle out of the way, Coyote now plans to work his way to the top - by any means necessary.


T-Shirt Phrases Released since Coyote's Debut:


InJustice For All

Turn Up The Volume


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Edit: 5/3/06 - Minor stuff


Preliminary Question: And lo, Jesus did descend from the Heavens, and he thus spake, "Go out and...wait? Jimmy the Doom? You've got to be shitting me. Aw, fuck that."

Wrestlers Name: Jimmy the Doom

Nickname: The Straight-Bread Sensation; Straight-Breader

Height: 6’5”

Weight: 230

Hometown: Doomopolis, Doomtopia

Age: 32

Face/Heel: Face


Ring Escort: Lois the Unethical

Weapon(s): Bag of oranges (Or other produce, though tomatoes, kiwi fruit, etc. won't be used), towel-wrapped bar of soap (If you've seen Full Metal Jacket, you know what I mean. If not, meh, don't use this one then) Basically, really idiotically stupid stuff. Maybe a piece of fruitcake, or a pumpkin. Yeah...

Quote: "Your doom will come swift and strong, like a river. A river of doom!" (This explains a lot of his low charisma rating).

- Speaking note: Jimmy's above quote is one of the few complete sentences he can say in proper English. Otherwise, he speaks in crazy foreigner talk.



Appearance - Lanky as hell. Has about a seven foot wingspan. That 230 above might be true if he’s got a pocket full of rocks or something, but you don’t want to look too skinny. Very short black hair with a gigantic Rollie Fingers/Snidely Whiplash handlebar mustache. Or moustache. Maybe both. He’s also got a beard that grows around his chin, but can’t actually cover it, as if his chin were a monk’s head.


Clothing - His in-ring attire consists of black wrestling boots that come up just above the ankle, long white socks that end at the knee, a pair of tight cut-off black jean shorts that only reach to mid-thigh and look like Caveman Chris (Or Johnny Damon) hacked them off with primitive flint tools. Along with the cut-offs, he wears a black t-shirt with an off-center, ironed-on image of a sharkasaurus (That's a T-Rex with a great white shark for its head). To the ring and backstage, Jimmy the Doom wears all manner of hats, particularly lame ones. A cossack hat that looks to be made with skunk fur, alpine hats, Tam O’Shanters, beanies with propellers, stovepipe hats, a second-hand deerstalker, whatever you want. Just so long as it isn’t anything remotely cool, like a fedora, derby, bowler, etc. Backstage attire also includes a leather vest with a lot of fringe hanging at the bottom, sleeve-holes, and on the back across Jimmy’s shoulders. Additionally, he wears glove-less fingers (The opposite of finger-less gloves. Usually kept on with some form of tape).


Ring Entrance: The arena lights go out suddenly and two columns of hooded druids/monks/acolytes/Jedis march down the ramp and to the ring, chanting “Doom” the entire time. They place themselves against the crowd barriers, facing the ring, but leaving a gap from the entrance ramp open. The lights come back on, the chanting stops immediately, and Boots Randolph’s “Yakety Sax” plays over the speakers. Jimmy the Doom and Lois the Unethical walk down the ramp, and like, do stuff. Or get in the ring. As long as the first bit about the druids and the song are in, have fun with the entrance. Also: For big matches (Title/feud/PPV), the druids will probably be so numerous they stretch from the top of the entrance ramp down to the ring. Feel free to have a few catch fire in fancy pyrotechnic displays. They’re just druids.




Strength: 5 (I’d put Jimmy as being able to lift the upper-end of the 200 pound spectrum, and getting up to 300, and maybe a little more, at the very beginning of matches, or under the most dire of situations).

Speed: 5 (He can move fairly well, particularly for a guy that’s 6’5”, not so much when you consider he’s easily eligible for Cruiserweight matches. Going to the air is an option, though perhaps not one that Jimmy uses as often as he probably could)

Vitality: 9 [Doomtopian life hardens people, makes them tough. Not so much no-selling (Though that does happen), as just bouncing right back up after a big move.]

Charisma: 1 (He can talk, it's just that with the exception of a few select phrases, he has horrible syntax and grammar, also known as 'crazy foreigner talk'. As such, most people basically tune him out.)


Style: Mostly a striker, due to earlier training (See notes), and his ability to take a beating helps him come out on top of many duels. Quick enough to use the ropes semi-frequently, and a nearly-average knowledge of mat wrestling. Also, due to his ability to withstand a lot of punishment, he won't waste time circling, looking for an opening. He won't attack before the bell, or anything, but Jimmy the Doom doesn't like waiting around.


Signature moves:

1. Jimmy Bomb - Two-handed choke lift sit-out powerbomb. Back in Angelous and Molock’s days, twas called the Anarchy Bomb, and for a WWE reference, Albert’s Baldo Bomb was used.

2. Hand of Doom - a sharp, jab-like throat thrust, often used to set up grabby-type moves (Like the Jimmy Bomb, or Doomsday)

3. The 73.5267.1094Q80.16 - After a whip into the turnbuckles, Jimmy rushes in after and flips him/her to the mat with a headlock takedown. For the smaller folk, mostly. (And, yes, 73.52677.1094Q80.16 is the international calling code for Doomopolis, Doomtopia.)

4. Flying Front/Snap Kick (Steve Blackman in da heezy! If ye be under 6’, there’s a good chance you’ll get kicked in the face, rather than the chest/stomach as intended. Not that Jimmy cares, it’s just that he’d prefer to give you that feeling of getting shot in the chest with a twelve gauge)

5. Doom Driver - Inverted cradle brainbuster

6. Head vice (You wouldn’t think a damn head squeeze would ever get a submission victory, and you’d be right. But still, it’s...honestly, it’s lame, but what part of Jimmy the Doom isn’t?)

7. Yak Kick - Get it straight. This is not a Yakuza kick. The yak is a revered, sacred, nearly royal animal to the people of Doomtopia. The Yak Kick is a crane kick, stolen straight from Karate Kid.

8. Jimmy-Plex - A corkscrew German suplex, and that doesn't make any sense, so I'll elaborate. With either Jimmy or the opponent coming off the ropes (Or both), or Jimmy ducking a clothesline, he grabs on a front (or side) waistlock, slides around/behind, lifts the opponent, continues to move in the same direction (Say he grabs the left side, he'll move towards the right to get directly behind, and once lifted, keep going right) and often releases the opponent, though it's not uncommon for Jimmy to hang on (Though he won't bridge or roll through). Also, sometimes Jimmy will manage to lock in a single or double chickenwing as opposed to a standard rear waistlock.

9. Majestic Cradle - A flying, top rope la majistral cradle (Learned from the amazing Villano IV who can cradle anyone from anywhere)


Common moves:

1. DDTs (Of nearly all sorts)

2. Bulldogs (See above)

3. Tilt-a-whirl inverted atomic drop (It’s a bit of a crowd deflater, what with the hope of an awesome tilt-a-whirl move. Plus, the end result is so mundane, it fits in the common moves section)

4. Basic (and advanced) kicks (He is a martialy arts trained striker, or whatever the hell I say down below)

5. Headbutts (You’d better believe that with a vitality of nine, his head can take a lot of punishment, so this is a cinch. All manner of headbutts, including the tornado or discus headbutt)

6. Palm thrusts (Don’t forget the double palm thrust, which often looks like a shove, and sometimes is one, but usually it isn’t. It’s usually a palm thrust with both hands instead of one)

7. Flying body scissors takedown (Were it done in an internet chatroom, it’d probably be called a glomp, if I’m not mistaken. Pouncing tackle that nearly always looks like a hug, especially against a big guy who doesn’t go down immediately. Or at all.)

8. Simple body splashes that aren’t someone’s finisher

9. Dropkicks (As long as they aren’t too flippy-floppy and such)

10. Suplexes

11. Submissions for Dummies (Anything an idiot could figure out. As in, “Hey, that joint does not bend in that direction. It would hurt were it made to bend that way.” Bear in mind this could easily include bending fingers. Doomtopia doesn’t boast much of an education system)

12. Corkscrew flying elbow (Running, not from the top ropes. Both standard and back elbows)


Rare moves:

1. Death Submission (The move Gary “Deadly Sadness” Black used to beat Foul Arnold during their sixth match in ‘98, which, incidentally, was only the second match Foul Arnold lost in that epic series. You know the one.)

2. Russian Knife (Douglas “Crusher Doctor” Perkins’ finisher from 1987-93 and the ‘96 World Shootout).

3. Chicken Fists (Eastern Graham nearly killed Spectral Bryant at Sudden Force 02 with this.)

4. Boston Monkey Blow

5. Mad Monkey Torture of the Carnage (This is the deadliest, most prestigious move The Warring Monkey School of martial arts teaches, and as such, only eight people currently alive know it. Think of it as far more devastating than an atomic bomb. Yeah, Jimmy the Doom can use it, but he’d really rather not. As such, PM if you plan on even teasing it for further details)




1. Doomsday - Combination strikes, ahoy! From an arm wringer, Jimmy lands either a knee or kick to his opponent’s stomach for a good doubling over, followed with rising knee to the face, enough kicks to the back of the legs to send the opponent to his/her knees (Or possibly simply sitting down), and a nifty roundhouse to the back or front of the head.


2. Doom Factor - An X-Factor of DOOM! Also, just because, if the person is too big (In which case, Jimmy would probably look for something else to finish off the match, but, whatever), he'll go Thoth Scum Gale all up in your face and flip off the top rope. And stuff.


3. Jimmy's Jump - This can be one of two things. Either a 540 splash, and if you know your angles and degrees and such, you know that means Jimmy lands head-first on the person. Pete 'n' King should probably sell it like he botched something very badly, but he didn't. The second version, if you don't think the first can be done without snapped vertebrae, is a 450 headbutt. So, yeah...


Notes: This is in regards to the druids: They will not attack anyone. Ever. You can punch every single one of them in the testicles before you get into the ring, if you go outside the ring, or after the match, and they’ll just fall down. They probably won’t even help each other up in such an event, or even acknowledge it has occured.


This is in regards to Lois the Unethical: She will not get involved at all. She's similar to the druids, only different. You can have her read a book, knit a sweater, whatever. And yes, the only reason she doesn't get involved is because I forget that she's there and I don't want to edit her screaming for Jimmy in the match.


Jimmy (And Lois) is straight-bread. That is, he is furiously anti-sandwich, as well as anything else that results in bread not remaining pure and plain. No butter, jellies, peanut butter, etc. Even toast is taboo among straight-breaders.


Bio: Jimmy the Doom was born in Doomopolis, Doomtopia, and that's totally a real place. He grew up in the slummiest section of the capital city, right next to the capitol building. As a kid, he was mugged often, and in turn, did a bit of mugging himself. However, he soon realized that mugging people was wrong, so he decided to hustle people in various activities. However, he was beaten many, many times for this. However, these beatings made him tougher, so he was able to fight back. However, I'm not sure what I was talking about. Anyway, Doom trained martial arts under Prykzwietz Norris at The Warring Monkey School, and he kicked a lot of ass. And whatnot. Doom did some stuff, ate a waffle this one time, and that waffle inspired him to become a professional wrestler. How? The waffle sucked [All waffles (And pancakes) suck, admit it], Jimmy complained, and the chef was a former pro wrestler and beat Doom with a frying pan. Yes.



Name: Lois the Unethical

Nickname: The Panic Ogre

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 163lbs.

Hometown: Little Doomton, Doomtopia

Age: 29

Face/Heel: Tweenery, but with heavy face leanings (Not all by way of being associated with Jimmy the Doom, though)

Quote: "When you step into the ring with Jimmy, you're DOOMED!"


Looks: Long red hair left to hang loose. Let's see, what else...a black body suit type dealie with the Doomtopian flag emblazoned on the front (The Doomtopian flag is a light blue hexagon, with two yellow chevrons, and above the uppermost point, four crimson diamonds, and below, a green sea monster. It's a weird flag.) She's actually rather plain looking, which, you know, is shocking considering this is the world of professional wrestling and all. And I don't mean plain by wrestling diva/valet standards, but by normal human standards. And stuff.


Ring Entrance: If coming to the ring by herself for whatever reason (Which, honestly, probably will never happen, unless I think of something, or whatever), Lois is accompanied by the Doomtopian National Anthem, "Hail, Hail, Doomtopia", which is not only the longest anthem, but song in general to exist, as just about every facet of Doomtopia is included in the anthem. It's also kind of like a Wikipedia entry in that Doomtopian citizens can send in suggestions for inclusion to the anthem. As such, it's constantly growing and changing. If you want to type out lyrics for it, PM me and I'll make some shit up, unless you want to make some shit up for it yourself.





Strength: 1

Speed: 7

Vitality: 4

Charisma: 8


Lois doesn't do much in the way of wrestlefication, but she can kinda handle herself, at least against what few other women are in the fed. Except for, you know, the actual wrestlers.


Moves and such:


Desert Yak Kick (Just as the desert yak differs from regular or 'common' yaks, so does Jimmy the Doom's Yak Kick differ from Lois the Unethical's Desert Yak Kick. Hers is a whipback kick.)

Ranas and the like


Finisher strengthliness:


Hail, Hail, Doomtopia - Flying piledriver (Okay, this is kind of complicated, and probably not even possible, but damn it, if that didn't stop Ash Ketchum it sure as hell won't stop me. So, there are a few different versions of this move. The first could be called a 'tornado' piledriver. Lois is on the top rope, opponent is facing her and very close to the buckles. Lois either headscissors first, or jumps then headscissors, pulling the opponent around and down to the mat. The other has a similar set up, only the opponent is facing away from Lois. Then she jumps, turns around, scissors, and down to the mat. It's kind of like a sunset flip powerbomb, only not. And it's not a sunset flip powerbomb because I say it's not.)

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Smarks Board Name: A Happy Medium

Wrestlers Name: Arch “Archie” Griffon

Height: 6’4”

Weight: 310 pounds

Hometown: Des Moines, Iowa

Age: 28

Face/Heel: Tweener

Stable: None

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): Doesn’t need any

Quote: None


Looks: Arch is a big hulking man with red hair, and hazel eyes. He is ripped, and looks like he may be doing steroids or injecting horse testosterone every two hours. Outside of the ring, he usually wears a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, sneakers, and a pair of sunglasses. Inside of the ring, Arch wears white wrestling boots and white tights. Think of Ricky Steamboat back in the day and there you go.


Ring Entrance: Unearth’s “Bloodlust of the Human Condition” plays around the arena, sending the fans into a frenzy of mixed reactions. Some boo, some cheer. The arena goes dark as the song starts up. It slowly fades to black, but right before it goes to black, the song kicks into gear, sending out some white pyro, that temporarily blinds the fans. Out of the pyro comes Arch, power walking out to the ring. He doesn’t acknowledge the fans, only the thought that his job must be done. Once he gets to the ring, he does some stretches to warm up for his upcoming match.




Strength: 9 (He’s very strong)

Speed: 3 (Not fast, but has good leaping ability along with agility)

Vitality: 5 (Not indestructible, and has back problems which do give him problems)

Charisma: 3 (Can cut a promo, usually lets his actions do the talking)


Style: Arch is all about power wrestling, though he can break out some wrestling skills if he needs to. Against other power wrestlers, he will fight fire with fire. Against speedy wrestlers, he will try to destroy them. Against brawlers…same thing. However, with technical wrestlers, he will be much more cautious.


Signature moves:


(one) Griffon’s Grasp (Arch grabs and opponents left wrist, and delivers a short armed clothesline. Using his amazing strength, Arch lifts his opponent back to their feet, and delivers another. He always does two, but can go on forever with them.


(two) Powerbomb (your standard powerbomb, but with gusto)


(three) Gridlock (Full Nelson with…you guessed it…gusto. May be used as a finisher if built up to. See finishers for more details.


(four) The Lion and The Dragon (bulldog where Arch actually stands still with his opponent in a rear headlock and lifts the victim by the head and neck, and then falls to his ass)


(five) Running Shoulder Breaker


(six) Bloodlust Plancha (Running plancha to the outside)


Common moves:


(one) Snap Suplex

(two) Backbreaker

(three) Knife Edge Chop

(four) Twisting Spinebuster

(five) Rope Guillotine

(six) European Uppercut

(seven) Superkick

(eight) Belly to Belly Overhead Suplex

(nine) Superplex

(ten) Northern Lights Suplex

(eleven) Gutwrench Suplex

(twelve) Half Boston Crab

(thirteen) Running Leg Drop

(fourteen) Flying Shoulder Block

(fifteen) Victory Roll

(sixteen) Double Chickenwing Cradle

(seventeen) German Suplex

(eighteen) Charging Yakuza Kick Into Corner

(nineteen) Reverse DDT



Rare moves:


(one) Bloodlust Powerbomb (Running Powerbomb to the outside. Done on wrestlers 250 pounds and smaller, and only in big matches.




(one) Arch Nemesis (Cradle Piledriver which is usually up by a kick to the stomach, a nasty knee to the face, and then a grab into a standing head scissors. Arch doesn’t like making mistakes.)


(two) Gridlock (only if the opponent’s neck and/or head have been injured)


Bio: Archie grew up in Des Moines, and had a normal childhood. Tricycles, bicycles, and shitty beat up first cars the way he progressed in transportation. In high school, he excelled in amateur wrestling. He was ranked number one in his 220 pound weight class. However, an injury cut his amateur career short. He did not receive any scholarships for college, but luckily he was book smart, and wound up transferring into Northern Illinois University. He majored and graduated with a degree in Computer Science, making him the most muscular professional computer nerd in the country. However, immediately after graduating, the technology bubble burst. So Archie went back to Des Moines to find some simple work. He later went into wrestling school. After touring the independents for a few years, he became known as a hoss who could go. He was signed by the SWF in December 2004.


After a few months in the SWF, Archie tasted mild success. His tag team with Manson was on of the surprises of the year, as they had come out of nowhere to become contenders. His biggest win was his International Title win over Jay Hawke in the spring of 2005. Shortly thereafter, though, Griffon was suspended for over six months due to unknown reasons. He returned in early 2006.

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Guest Ghost Machine

Smarks Board Name: Ghost Machine

Wrestlers Name: Ghost Machine 2.0

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 231 pounds. 229.9 if some of the oil is drained out of his crankcase for cruiserweight matches.

Hometown: Parts Unknown

Age: Unknown

Face/Heel: Heel

Ring Escort: SWF road agent Chris Belcourt pushes Ghost Machine to the ring on a dolly.

Weapon(s): Ghost Machine has super robot strength… or does he? What we do know is that he has a mask that will hide small foreign objects.


Looks: Ghost Machine wears a purple bodysuit (long sleeves, long tights) and a purple mask with green trim around the eye holes and mesh over where a human would have a mouth. (Why does he need mesh? Well, he may *not* be a robot. No one’s sure.) He has broad shoulders and an enormous neck.


Ring Entrance: Some weird robot song starts up and Ghost Machine is pushed to the ring on a dolly by SWF road agent Chris Belcourt, who apparently drew the short straw and is now Ghost Machine's handler. After unstrapping Ghost Machine, Belcourt goes to the back (he won't stay around to watch the match, much less act like a manager). Ghost Machine prints off a card with his introduction (it comes out through the mouth slit in his mask), which Funyon reads.



Strength: 5 - Ghost is very strong and tough. He can take a beating, and give one.

Speed: 2 – Ghost Machine may be a robot. As a result, when he is not properly oiled, his speed suffers.

Vitality: 8 – Because he may be a robot, Ghost can take a beating and give one back. Steel doesn’t have nerves, you see.

Charisma: 1 – He can’t talk, and pantomime only goes so far these days.


Style: Ghost Machine’s handlers tell us that he is programmed only to crush, kill and destroy. He does this mainly by picking his opponents up and throwing them through the air in stylized forms that humans refer to as “suplexes.” Sometimes, he is able to apply a vise-like grip to an opponent’s joints or airway and force his opponent to withdraw.


NOTE: After winning a match, Ghost Machine will dance the robot in the ring. Soon after the match, however, he will need to be oiled with a bottle of Smithwick's ale and have his filter cleaned with a Camel cigarette. Chris Belcourt usually handles this.


Signature moves:

- Undefined Variable (Exploder '98 - A sheer-drop pumphandle exploder)

- Superior Stretch (Texas cloverleaf, imitating films of prior wrestlers)

- Death Valley Driver

- Backdrop driver (High-angle belly-to-back suplex)

- Big boot

- Straitjacket suplex

- Shining Black (shining wizard-style big boot)


Common moves:

- Brainbuster

- Railgun Suplex (Overhead belly-to-belly - usually catches someone running the ropes, but can initiate it from a standing position against someone about 240 or under)

- German suplex (bridging or released)

- Stalling front suplex across the top rope. (This is meant to hurt the squishy things inside your human abdomen.)

- Abdominal stretch, occasionally with the elbow stuck in the opponent’s ribs.

- Body scissors, alone or with another hold

- Camel Clutch

- Elbowdrop into the knee

- Shotei (palm strike – Ghost Machine’s hands do not form easily into fists)


Rare moves:

- Ping Timeout (Dragon sleeper variants from different positions. So named because the opponent's connection with the real world will ping out shortly after the application begins.)

- Ghost Machine is programmed to imitate the people around him. As a result, he will occasionally use maneuvers his visual apparatus has taken in recently. Because he is so well-programmed, expect him to execute the moves crisply and with deadly precision.

- Dropkick (SLOPPPPY)



- Piledriver

- Interface Bug (Sheer drop gutwrench suplex, because humans are poorly designed and this short-circuits them.)

- Feature Creep (Calf Branding - generally set up by an Irish whip and a running shotei, Ghost Machine sits on the top rope behind the opponent, plants a knee in the back of his neck and jumps off, driving the face into the mat.)



After introducing Ghost Machine to the SWF with disappointing results, JL Crunk became frustrated with his acquisition and attempted to return him to the factory from which he’d initially bought him… or to fire him. It depends whether Ghost Machine is a robot or not.


Depending who you believe, however, Crunk either was unable to fire Ghost Machine due to union regulations or had lost his receipt. As a result, if he is indeed a robot, he had to be refurbished in order to keep Crunk from losing his entire investment. If he is not a robot, we’re not sure why he’s back. (Therefore, he must be a robot. … or must he?)


Now, Ghost Machine 2.0 has come to the SWF in order to finally settle the question:

Is he a robot?

… or NOT?!

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Posting on behalf of He Who Has No Fingers:


Wrestlers Name: An Octopus

Height: 2'4"

Weight: 118 lbs.

Hometown: The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Age: 1 (they don't live very long)

Face/Heel: Heel

Stable: Marine Biology, with every other undersea creature.

Ring Escort: Nope.

Weapon(s): I dunno, I imagine his tentacles hurt.

Quote: "Glub."


Looks: An octopus.


Ring Entrance: "Under the Sea", from the Little Mermaid, begins playing as two men walk out from the back, carrying a bag containing An Octopus between them as the crowd goes wild! They walk down the ramp, dump the poor creature into the ring, then run off before PETA gets onto them.


Strength: 8

-It's an octopus. They're strong.

Speed: 1

-It's an octopus. They're slow on land.

Vitality: 1

-It's an octopus. It can't breathe.

Charisma: 10

-Remember how crazy over the squid from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea was? Yeah.



Style: An octopus.


Signature moves

-Grab with tentacle.

-Open and close mouth.

-Latch onto limb



Common moves

-Gasp for breath.

-Open and close mouth.

-Flail about.

-Spray ink.


Rare moves

-Thunder Fire Powerbomb.




-Grab really hard with tentacle (submission hold).


Notes: An octopus.


Bio: An octopus.

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Posting on behalf of He Who Has No Permanent Gimmick:


Wrestlers Name: Matt "" Myers

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 221

Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii (Origonally from New Haven, Connecticut)

Age: 23

Face/Heel: Hyper Active Super-Face

Stable: None!

Ring Escort: None!

Weapon(s): Anything ringside, but if he happens to stumble across his trusty wallet-chain, HELL YES!

Quote: No real quote, will usually make fun of the way his oponent looks, or something to that affect.




Basic Looks/Outside Of The Ring: Meh, whatever. It doesn't really matter.


Ring Gear: Whatever to fit his current gimmick.


Ring Entrance:


Whatever song you want, but no pyro, and the lights do not change in any way. Myers is not good enough to get dim lights or explosions.





Strength: 4 (Can pull of a few power moves, but would rather stick to arm drags, scoop slams if anything other than flying moves. His strength is similar to the amount of Christian; he can lift people that weigh up to 250 Pounds)

Speed: 8 (What the...Which way did he go? His judo kicks are similar to Tajiri, very swifts and making a big impact sound and same for his high-flying moves. Has qualities of Rob Van Dam, Tajiri, with a smidgen of Billy Kidman)

Vitality: 2 (He can take somewhat of a beating, but a finisher will put him to rest.)

Charisma: 6 (He's so fricken' over! People love Matt Myers!)



Style: Matt Myers wrestles kind of like a cruiserweight, as he uses both high-flying moves and he has some technical moves up his sleeve. Also, Matt Myers will resort to martial art moves to get him trough matches, such as any martial arts kick, punch, or combos, such as spinning kicks and punch/kick combos, he often uses a swift kick to any body part to get out of a hold or submission


Signature moves:

1) Corkscrew Moonsault. Sometimes will use this as a finisher in matches

2) 450 Splash. If Myers misses this, he'll be down for a bit

3) Diamond Cutter

4) Basically an evenflow DDT, all expect it's good enough to use as a finisher sometimes

5) Dragon Sleeper hold, but Myers usually sweeps the legs of his oponent, and hooks them as well, so they fall to the mat, making it very hard to move around

6) Formerly known as Death Myers Driver I, Matt Myers scoops his oponent up into a Death Valley Driver Position, and then pushes his oponent over into a tombstone piledriver, and then slams them down. Even with a 4/10 strength, Matt can pull this off, just very quickly and not as affective if it was to someone lighter


Common moves:

1) Leg Drop

2) Moonsault

3) Spinning Wheel Kick

4) Super Kick

5) Running Powerslam

6) Spinebuster

7) Powerbomb

8) Russian Leg Sweep

9) Tornado DDT

10) Flying Cross-body

11) Belly-To-Belly Suplex

12) Frogsplash


Rare moves:

1) Shooting Star Press

2) Gorilla Press (Usually Done to smaller oponents that are less than 200 pounds)

3) TKO (Usually a last resort, but can be done when driven to the edge in matches. He usually does this one and only one, and it’s usually a complete desperation attempt)



1) Basically a Ki Krusher 99, Matt catches his opoennt in a fisherman's suplex position, pulls them up into the air, and then turns them on to their back and slams them down in a piledriver type move. Very devistating


2) For people who he quite can't pick up with the above, Matt kicks them in their gut, as they double over. Now this is where it gets kind of confusing. Matt gets on their neck so he's facing the way they are facing, grabs the arm and hooks them as if he was to do a pedigree, and jumps into the air and slams their head and neck on to the ground. So it's basically a pedigree with Matt facing the other direction


3) Black Mist (The traditional black mist. Also comes in other colors)



Myers, well, Myers sucks. Those signature moves up there? You can ignore them if you want, or use them and give them a fitting name. And whatnot. So, yeah...it's Matt Myers.

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Longdogger Pete


Smartmarks Board Name: Longdogger_Pete

Real Name: Peter MacDougal

Nicknames: LDP, Miami Menace, One Man Wrecking Crew, the Doggah

Height: 6' 6"

Weight: 277

Hometown: Miami, Florida

Age: 39

Face/Heel: Face

Stable: None

Ring Escort: None

Preferred Weapon(s): Pete prefers straight-up wrestling to hardcore-style matches (though he does surprisingly well in those types of matches).


Quotes and Catchphrases:

"There's a reason I'm a champion in this bid'ness... and you ain't it!"

"Are you ready for the LONGDOGGAH!"



Looks: Pete has tanned skin and short, balding bleach-blonde hair. He usually wears dark sunglasses and a black leather jacket backstage or on his way to the broadcast table. These days Pete wrestles in a solid black T-shirt (or occasionally an LDP "Doggah in the House" or "True Champion" T-shirt to help sell some merchandise) and black or gray jean shorts. On the rare occasion that Pete wrestles, he also wears black knee pads and leg braces to help protect his weakened limbs. Pete has picked up a few pounds since he was last active, but has stayed generally healthy while working as a broadcaster.


Ring Entrance:




A white pyrotechnic explosion erupts across the stage, and the entrance fills with smoke. Pete steps out of the smoke and walks down the ring, slowly and deliberately in tune with his entrance music, "Baseline" by Quarashi, slightly remixed to begin with the chorus and continue with the second verse of the song.


Baseline, baseline

we’ve got fools on the case and their giving me baseline

Baseline, baseline

Baseline, baseline

we’ve got fools on the case and their giving me baseline

Baseline, baseline


Now we’re back in the game

The Quarashi pain it’s plain

I see the suckers fall out and the fuckers call out

Pick me up. But they don’t know what it’s about

I do my shit on the mic and I’m pleasing the crowd

Jump back, get back or else your getting a smack

on your face just like your daddy used to smack you way back in the days

This ain't no silly ass game I’m playing

hear what I’m saying, now start praying





Strength: 7 (he's big, overbearing, and intimidating. very few opponents are larger than him)

Speed: 3 (he has short bursts of speed, particularly at the beginning of the match, but usually not his strong point)

Vitality: 5 (he can last through longer matches if necessary but isn't used to them)

Charisma: 5 (he's developed some mike skills over the course of his career)


Style: Mostly power with some technical ability and a few crowd-pleasing moves thrown in for spice. Pete's size and strength also comes in handy during hardcore-style matches, which he seems to have a knack for, though he prefers ordinary singles matches for the chance to test skill vs. skill. He is also fond of the match he invented, the rare Miami Mayhem match.


Signature moves:

1) Lo' Dogger (Low Blow. Not used very often; "dirty fighting" isn't really Pete's style.)

2) Second rope diving elbow (Pete rarely risks his career with top rope moves)

3) Perfect Dark (double leg pickup with bridged pin attempt)

4) Dogg Pound (Standing Lou Thesz press)

5) Manhattan Drop

6) German Suplex (sometimes held in place for a bridged pinfall attempt or performed as multiple "rolling" suplexes)

7) Samoan Drop

8) Figure four leg lock

9) Longdogger Denial (This move is a reversal to an enziguri. If a smaller, faster opponent performs a spinning heel kick, Pete catches his leg in midair. Should the opponent then bring up his other leg in an enziguri, Pete senses the move and catches that leg as well, slamming the hapless opponent upside down into the mat. Great way to shift momentum against a cruiserweight opponent when Pete can't outrace him.)

10) Chokeslam (on lighter opponents only)


Common moves:

1) Pumphandle Slam

2) Kicks to the groin or midsection

3) Arm Bar

4) Spear

5) Multiple hard right overhand punches (Pete almost always starts a match with this maneuver to gain an early advantage. He also uses this as a comeback move late in the match to help regain his momentum.)

6) Angry stomps to the chest of a grounded opponent

7) Elbow Drop

8) Sleeper Hold (so Pete can catch his breath; he's not as young as he used to be. Used often in longer matches.)

9) Crossface submission

10) Standing Leg Drop

11) Second rope Leg Drop

12) Arm Wrench

13) Scissor kick

14) Sharpshooter

15) Big boot to the face


Rare moves:

1) Longdogger Legdrop (diving leg drop off the top rope. Pete signals for this by holding his hand up with his thumb and forefinger in an "L" shape. Pete rarely uses this move now due to his leg injuries.)

2) Choke Toss

3) Top rope diving elbow (as noted above, top rope moves are very risky on Pete's body and he rarely uses them)



1) Longdogger Clogger (double arm DDT, performed quick and dirty)

2) Musclehead Slam (military press slam. This can be done on a heavier opponent if set up with an Irish whip. Pete uses the momentum of the return trip to lift his opponent. Pete usually goes for the Musclehead Slam if his opponent kicks out of the Clogger, in higher-profile matches.)


Titles Held:


AWF Heavyweight (7/24/00 - 8/13/00)

AWF Heavyweight (12/30/00 - 1/15/01)

AWF Heavyweight (3/25/01 - 4/1/01)

IGNJL European (5/16/01 - 5/23/01)

IGNJL European (7/21/01 - 7/25/01)

IGNJL European (10/7/01 - 10/24/01)

IGNJL Tag/Stables (12/15/01 - 12/20/01)

IGNJL World (12/20/01 - 1/16/02)

IGNJL Tag/Stables (1/30/02 - 2/17/02)

SWF Hardcore Gamers (3/31/02 - 4/28/02)




Peter MacDougal is an experienced wrestler and champion, recording three world title reigns in the independent AWF (Arilyn Wrestling Federation) in Central Florida. Pete valued his time in the independent leagues as it taught him how to truly act and feel like a champion, even while not currently holding a belt. Pete speaks with a clipped Southern accent and tends to get on the microphone and rant when he's angry about something.


Since his debut in the IGNJL, Pete moved up to the mid-card level fairly quickly, mostly thanks to Apostle's formation of X Force 9, arguably the most dominant face stable in IGNJL/SJL history. Pete had a continuous feud with Mistress Sarah, his former friend and ally (not to mention five-time champion) in the AWF. On May 23, 2001, Pete defeated Trash for the IGNJL European title, but lost the belt seven days later to Sarah.


The loss only strengthened Pete's resolve. On the final episode of IGNJL Wrath (before the merger of the IGNJL and IGNML), Pete defeated Triple E in the first Miami Mayhem match. Two more Miami Mayhem matches would occur during LDP's Junior League career, including his final IGNJL match, in which he was victorious over Xero.


Two more European titles would follow, but the ultimate prize was yet to come. Five days before Christmas 2001, Pete finally won his most sought-after championship, defeating the Boston Strangler and Ash Ketchum in a triple threat match for Strangler's IGNJL world title. Pete held the title for almost a month, but tragedy soon struck. On January 16, 2002, an unknown attacker critically injured Pete backstage, and Pete was hospitalized for nearly a month. IGNJL commissioner Edwin MacPhisto had no choice but to vacate the title. Upon returning, Pete revealed that his attacker was the Boston Strangler himself. Pete vowed to exact vengeance on Strangler, following him all the way to the IGNWF. Strangler disappeared shortly after Pete's arrival in what is now known as the SWF, so Pete never got his one on one match with Strangler, but he did score a win over Mistress Sarah at Battleground 2002 to secure the SWF Hardcore Gamers title. Proving his win wasn't a fluke, he retained in a rematch against Sarah the following week in a brutal steel cage match.


After losing the belt to Stryke three weeks later, Pete took a break from SWF competition. He made his return over the summer of 2002, quickly recruiting allies to reform the now-defunct X Force 9 with an SWF incarnation. Despite previous feuds with nearly all of them, Pete recruited several new members, unleashing his team on the SWF with the goal of becoming a new dominant force upon the league.


Several months later, Pete was forced into an early retirement when feuds with Chris Wilson and Perfect Bo caused excessive damage to his legs, forcing him into rehabilitation with the chance he might never wrestle again. After healing, Pete took a position with the SJL as a road agent, and while training the newest SJL talent, he also honed his own skills for an eventual SWF return.


The return came in 2003 when SWF creative control forced Pete into a teaming with Frost. The pairing was short-lived, culminating in a failed attempt to wrest the SWF Tag Team titles away from Justice and Rule. Afterwards Pete returned to his road agent career, and soon was promoted to Head of SJL Creative Control, up until the league's dissolution in January 2004. Pete was jobless for a year, and spent his time working across the country for multiple independent leagues. The work was grueling and demeaning for the veteran performer, but he kept at it, determined to keep his name from fading from the limelight entirely.


Fortunately, in January 2005 Pete was re-hired by SWF as the new play-by-play announcer for all SWF broadcasts, teaming with Suicide King for Lockdown, Smarkdown, and Storm shows, and he has held this position ever since.

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Smarks Board Name: jesse_ewiak

Wrestlers Name: David Cross

Height: 6' 5"

Weight: 269 lb.

Hometown: Oil City, PA

Age: 27

Face/Heel: Face

Stable: N/A

Ring Escort: N/A

Weapon(s): nada





GENERAL: Cross is a decent enough looking guy with shoulder length black hair and dark green eyes. He's ruggedly handsome,


with a very good physique, not that Cross is really looking to attract the ladies. Long scar above his right eye, cause


unknow. Also, small tatoo of a 'cross in the heart' with 'Joan' on his right arm in tribute to his mother.


ATTIRE: Wears blue jeans, plain white t-shirt along with a small cross around his neck. Completes the ensamble with a well


worn leather jacket.


NOTE: Cross and jacket given to him by now deceased parents. Not responsible for death or dismemberent if you steal 'em.


Ring Entrance:


The lights go dim and a slight strobe effect begins as the crowd buzzes a bit.


“...he stands six foot five inches tall and weighs in at 269 pounds! Originally from Oil City, Pennsylvania, he now resides in Salem, Oregon! Please welcome back to the SWF a former tag team champion...DAAAAAAVID CROSS~!”




'S*kt It Up' by (hed) PE screams over the PA as the crowd cheers for the returning former 'Fallen Angel.' As the song continues, Cross walks out on an SWF ramp for the first time in over a year to a big pop as he raises his black-gloved fist to the air as he comes to the ring. Cross looks much the same as he did when he last came was in the SWF. Same leather jacket, same black hair, same five o'clock shadow, and the same cross around his neck. He slaps a few hands as he comes down to the ring and rolls in the ring and raises his arms to another loud pop as he begins his pre-match ritual.






Strength: 6


[suprisingly strong, can suplex 350 pounders easy]


Speed: 3


[Agile and quick reacting, but not too fleet once in the air.]


Vitality: 7


[Extensive training and just pure stubborness leaves him with a 2nd and 3rd wind]


Charisma: 4


[Good enough in one on one conversation, but not that great at getting 20,000 to support him through words instead of





Style: A powerhouse Angle-lite suplex/takedown artist with a bit of martial arts training in his past.


Generally likes a build of chain wrestling escalating to suplexes and his finishers on opponents.


About as good a flier as The Undertaker on a bad day, but if pissed, can brawl from here to Yemen and back.


Doesn't cheat, but will used a cheater's weapons against him (ie. Big Boot into chair opponent is holding.)



Signature moves:


In order they're most often used



Yazuka Kick - Can be finisher if hit at the right moment, comes out of nowhere

Short Arm Lariato- Pulls opponent right into his arm stiffly.

Spinebuster - Arn Anderson style - main transistion move.

Choke Slam - Quick and hard, no holding people up for 30 seconds.

Brainbuster - Regular or Top Rope kids...


Half Nelson Suplex

Snap Powerslam - Cross & his opponent go off their feet and come crashing to the mat in a nasty way

Powerbomb into a STF -

Kick to the gut -> High Knee -> Crescent Kick combo

DA POUNCE~ - Yes, the pounce. Hey, it works.

NO HANDS PLANCHA OF DOOM~ - Pulled out as an absolute last ditch desperation move


Common moves:

Forearms and kicks

Basic Amateur Takedowns

Big Boot

DDT's, all creeds and colors

Bellly-to-Belly ; overhead and regular

Gutwrench Suplex


German Suplex

La Majistral - Surprise move

Fisherman's Suplex

Top Rope Clotesline


Jumping Bulldog



Cross to Bear - Death Valley Driver position into Brainbuster. Kills cruisers dead.

Infinite Justice - Double-choke Sitdown Powerbomb - Kills most people dead.


Very, very Rare Finishers (as in ask me first):


Black Mass:


Goes into a quick powerbomb, but when the opponent is in the 'rana position drops and hits a pitch-perfect spinebuster. Very


stiff, and his usual finish for anyone 300 lbs. or under.


'Holy Trinity':


Usually called just The Trinity Sequence, it's German, then a Dragon, then a Straightjacket suplex.


Notes: Cross knows martial arts...but not a lot. Generally just enough to give hus kicks some more power and

helps his agility a bit. Also has built a little more of a ground game than before. Will easily get outclassed by actual


wrestlers with technical skills, but can surprise pure brawlers or fliers who are on the same level technically.




David Cross was born David Tadwell on a small farm in

a rural area of northwestern Pennsylvania called

Corry. He had a simple, rural life. Fishin' on the

stream, playing with buddies on the next farm, helping

his Mom & Dad on the farm, going to school & church,

all that.


All that changed when David was twelve, when his

parents got in a car wreck. His Aunt took him in, but

David was never the same. He became more insular and

introverted. Even as he hit his growth spurt and

played Defensive Line for the local high school team,

he wasn't the typical 'jock.' He'd be more likely to

have his nose in a book, or watching TV, than going to

a party. That helped when he graduated. Usually, a

country boy from the middle of nowhere wouldn't get

into a top-flight university, but a 3.7 GPA, a 1270 on

his SAT's, plus being 8th all time on the state sack

record gave him a full ride to Florida State. But, the

good times wouldn't last for long...


In his second game, David's knee gave out. Simple

freak accident. But his football career was done for.

In a heavy depression, he sought out a new career.

That's when promoter Frank Gray comes in. Gray was

running a small Florida indy, CCW. David went to a

show, was noticed by the wrestlers, and after hearing

his story, Frank began training him. After nearly a

year of training at the Gray Training School in

Satellite Beach, Florida, he began his wrestling

career. He chose the name David Cross as a tribrute to

a cross his Mom gave him when he was seven.


In the SWF, Cross had a decent run in the Summer & Fall of '03 with the SJL,

then came back in '04 in the actual SWF and had a tag title run and a boiling feud

with Sean Davis over their shared past. However, David left due to a contract dispute and

Sean Davis getting injured. Now, Cross has come back but to what ends?

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Smarks Board Name: JJ Johnson

Wrestlers Name: JJ Johnson

Nicknames: The Canadian Murder Machine, Mr. Cold Front Classic. Thus far, JJ and King are the only ones who refer to JJ as Mr. Cold Front Classic.

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 228 lbs.

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario

Age: 23

Face/Heel: Asshole heel in terms of actions. He's tweener in terms of crowd reaction, until the Return Nostalgia™ wears off.

Stable: No

Ring Escort: No

Weapon(s): Kendo stick, HIMSELF WIT KUNG FU LOLCELOT

Quote: "Save your breath. You're going to need it."


Looks: Shaved head, lumberjack beard with faint handlebar mustache. He's slowly but surely growing his hair back. Tattoos coat his arms, not Undertaker-like so much as a more extensive CM Punk. Danielson-esque build, more defined around the abs. In the ring, he wears dark, dark, almost black forest green knee-length tights with a yellow upside-down maple leaf design on each hip, sans stem, along with black elbow pads, black boots, black knee pads and yellow kick pads. Wears a black-on-yellow CM Punk-style track jacket to the ring, with a yellow Olde English J on the left breast, and should he hold any titles, he holds them by the strap in his hand like Misawa did, stacked on top of each other should he hold more than one. He also wears Chono-style sunglasses. All the true dicks wear sunglasses.


Ring Entrance: The lights drop out, and an ungodly voice begins chanting...




... and then a blast of red-and-white pyro goes off at the entranceway, Behemoth's "Slaves Shall Serve" revving into full gear, frantic drumming and chord-riffing assaulting the audience. Through the smoke comes JJ Johnson.


At this point, it's really up to you, but he neither plays to nor mocks the crowd. He'll go up the stairs, step through the ropes, and go up to the second rope to do the ol' crucifix pose, but everything else is flexible.




Strength: 6. He German Suplexed Aecas once, but that took a lot out of him. Use that as your reference.

Speed: 6. Very quick on the mat, and an acceptable-to-good flier depending on his mood.

Vitality: 6. Very good at absorbing blows, and sucking up pain. It should be noted that he's only tapped out once, having come back too early from his neck injury and been put into the RTF II by Toxxic.

Charisma: 2. He's witty enough. He just doesn't talk a lot.


Style: Dynamite Kid/Bryan Danielson/Mitsuharu Misawa with an infusion of mixed martial arts, drawing upon JJ's now-long-distant UFC background.


Signature moves

-Elbows: Rolling, roaring, diving back, suicida, you name it, he does it, and you bet your ass that he does it damn well.

-Kicks: All sorts, with the exception of spinning wheel kicks. Fuck that shit. He has a few favorites.

--Gamengiri: Jumping kick to the face. We all know this.

--Yakuza Kick: Running big boot. We also all know this.

-Kawada-style half crab: Namely, hoist them high angle and plant a foot on their head for good measure... complete with Canadian Maple Leaf setup.

-Stepover facelock

-Dangerous German

-Buffalo Sleeper

-Cozy Lariat: Satoshi Kojima-style lariat.

-Screaming Wizard: Springboard Muta-style Shining Wizard. Okay, so it rarely ends up like that and is usually just a sloppy knee to the face when all is said and done, but if he can pull it off, it's damn impressive. And it's still a knee to the face.

-Dickery: Being a dick heel. He has two ways of accomplishing this.

--He will frequently complain of beard pulls, legitimate or not.

--He will lift opponents in an elevated chickenwing and walk them into the corner. Yes, manhood first.



Common moves

-Capture Suplexes, in a general fashion

-Belly-to-belly suplex

-Half-hatch suplex

-Jumbo-style Backdrop: BIIIIG back suplex. This isn't pick you up and suplex you so much as it is catch you, throw you up, jump, and catch you again on the way down to your shoulders/back.

-Die Deutschefalle: "The German Trap". Grab for German Suplex, roll backwards for Japanese clutch pin.

-Cowboy kicks: STIFF kicks to the back of a seated opponent.

-Flying scissors

-Running high knee: Akiyama-style, so from the front instead of HHH's goofy side shit.

-Dragon Flip: When whipped into the corner, JJ will more often than not leap, place his feet on the second and top turnbuckles, and backflip over the charging opponent, should they be charging. If not, JJ likes to either launch himself backwards with an elbow smash, or leap backwards, but turn and nail the opponent with a gamengiri; however, whatever he does is up to you.


Rare moves

-On occasion, JJ will drape his opponents across the top rope via front suplex, then climb to the top rope and double stomp them most mercilessly in the spine. Got a good name for this? PM me.

-Kawada-style folding powerbomb: Not rare in the sense that he rarely uses it, rare in the sense that most of the time he tries it, he can't lift them. It builds drama, you see. The fans like it when the heel can't put the face through the canvas. If he does hit it, it's a legitimate fall, but kick out of it all day if you feel like it.

-Dangerous suplexes: Besides the Dangerous German, which is kind of just a name. Dragon Suplex, Tiger Suplex, half-nelson suplex, etc.

-Diamond Head: One-armed side sitout sheer-drop Thunder Fire Powerbomb. *takes breath* Basically, Johnson will reach with one arm (usually his right, dominant arm) across the opponent's body, lock his hands, lift and put the opponent over his shoulder, at which point he simply sits out and throws them down, and whatever happens happens - usually a nasty neck/skull landing. Easy to reverse, but this is his ace, so to speak. If he hits it, and you kick out, it's probably an extremely serious feud, or it's a World Title match. If it's one of those situations, PM me.



-ADF II: Emerald Frosion. Side sitout Tombstone Piledriver. Name stolen from Janus to commemorate the time JJ kicked their ass back to Australia.

-Juji-gatame: Cross armbreaker. It made Danny Williams tap out like a little bitch, although not when applied by JJ. For an example applied by JJ, ever wonder where TKO went? There you go.

-Oyasumi Nasai (Oji na Shinsetsu): KENTA's Go 2 Sleep. Get them in a fireman's carry, then shove them forwards and knee them quite unceremoniously - and quite stiffly - in the face as they fall. It's not as powerful as the ADF II, but it's easier to hit, and most of JJ's psychology revolves around hitting people in the face anyway.


Notes: If you don't see a move you think would be awesome if JJ did, so long as it isn't something like a 450 noogie bomb, a shooting star wedgie, or a spinning wheel kick, go for it. JJ also has neck issues after taking the Stinger from Va'aiga at 13th Hour 2006. Doctors don't recommend falling vertical on your head from seven feet up. Go figure. He's not like Charlie Matthews or John Duran, where you give him a mean look and his head will fall off, but it'll bother him if you work on it. Most of the time he'll just suck it up, though.


Bio: After recovering from MANSON looking at him the wrong way, JJ Johnson is back in action!

Edited by JJ Johnson

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Smarks Board Name: HollywoodSpikeJenkins

Wrestlers Name: "Hollywood" Spike Jenkins

Height: 6'1

Weight: 220

Hometown: Hollywood, California…but representing The Kingdom of Cambodia

Age: 24

Face/Heel: Crazy ass motherfucker heel. Think old school Terry Funk, but new age.

Stable: None.

Tag Partner: None.

Ring Escort: None.

Weapon(s): everything and anything.

Quote: "Hollywood = Ratings."


Looks: Caucasian. Medium build. Has emo dirty blonde hair (like Charlie from LOST), with black highlights. Wears yellow and black shorts that reach the edge of his boots when wrestling. Has his wrist and hands wrapped in white tape with a black X drawn over the back of each wrist. Wears a black zip-up hoodie to the ring with some type of logo of a band or something. Wears shin high black boots, with his right knee heavily taped up. Looks wise, it's a mix between AJ Styles, CM Punk, and Jimmy Rave.


Ring Entrance:



Every light in the arena goes to full power as the Smarktron whites out. For a moment the only sound is that of a needle scratching over vinyl...



And then *BAM*


The heavy drumming of Norma Jean’s “Creating Something Out of Nothing, Only to Destroy It” blasts through the arena as the lyrics pierce the ears of everyone listening.


“Like bringing a knife to a gun fight…


Like Bringing A Knife To A Gun Fight…





Bright white lights begin flashing at the entranceway. As the growls hit the crowd, Spike walks out wearing a black hoodie on, the hood covering most of his face. Spike drops down to one knee, leaving one arm to hang to the ground, while the other is firmly placed on his knee. After a few moments, Spike raises both arms into an “X”, symbolizing his Straight Edge life style. Spike rises to his feet and begins to make his way down the isle towards the ring.


[Funyon stuff]


Spike makes his way completely around the ring and rolls underneath the bottom rope. He continues rolling until he hits dead center in the middle of the ring. Spike rises to one knee and resumes the position he was in at the top of the entranceway. One arm hanging to the ground, the other placed on his knee. Finally, Spike rises to his feet. He quickly peels off the hood, releasing his blonde, dyed hair free. He puts his arms together, forming an “X” across his chest, again promoting his Straight Edge life style.




Strength: 4 (Has trouble picking up anything more than 250 lbs. His strength doesn’t come into play unless he is in the ring with a cruiserweight.)

Speed: 5 (Was a lot faster during his JL days and early WF run, but the adding of muscle mass and his knee injury that left him out for 3 months has made him slower. Can outrun heavyweights, but is still slower then most cruisers.)

Vitality: 4 (Now that he has gone Straight Edge, his conditioning has improved. Able to take a beating, but will stay down from a finishing move.)

Charisma: 7 (Spike can cut a promo, tell a story in the ring, and the fans HATE him.)


Style: Works the U.S. Independent Cruiser Style. A lot of head and neck work. He also has a martial arts background, which allows him to use his martial arts kicks. THE top CHAIN-WRESTLER (different from technical wrestling) in the SWF. Can out chain-wrestle anyone. Doesn’t always use his finishers to end matches. Will pretty much use any move ever invented.


Side note: Have fun with him. Spike is a very flexible character to write. You want him good at high flying? Go ahead. Striking, mat wrestling, he’s very good at everything. Write him however you would like.


Signature moves:

1. Lariat (Used to end matches sometimes, but is a big spot move.)

2. Spear

3. Jumping Yakuza Kick (Roderick Strong style)

4. Roaring Elbow

5. “The Strong Island Stretch”

- Alex Shelly’s “Border City Stretch”/A Crippler Crossface, but with the opponents arm trapped behind the neck of Jenkins.

6. German Suplex with a bridge (For some reason, I’ve used this move to win matches before and it usually ends up being a big spot.)

7. Cravat (Spikes’ favorite chain-wrestling maneuver. It’s a headlock, but he will use it to slow down/frustrate his opponents.)

8. Butterfly Suplex

9. Slingshot Suplex

10. Pelle Kick (Spike does a backflip, kicking a standing opponent behind him in the head)


Common moves:


1. Shotei/Open palm uppercuts to jaw or throat

2. Low Ki's 2 Kick Combo + Knock Out Kick to Face

- Opponent is standing on knees. Spike kicks them twice in the chest, backs away, and hits a final shot to the face.

4. “The Last Dance”

- Superkick

5. Hot Shot onto top rope

6. Soccer Tackle

- Instead of having it used to set a move up, like by Toxxic; Spike uses it as a defensive maneuver. Used to slow down faster cruiserweights or to take big men down.

7. Double Stomp (Oh yes. Spike likes to jump on people. Can be used in anyway imaginable. Off the top rope onto a laying/standing opponent, springboard onto a laying/standing opponent, onto a knelt over opponent, anyway possible.)

8. European uppercuts.

9. Boot scrapes/Forearm scrapes/Running boot scrape/Running dropkick to face/ Running forearm scrape.

10. “Dangerous Wizard”

- Shining wizard but with a kick to the back of the head instead of a knee



Rare moves:


“The Fall of Rome”

- “Roll the Dice”/Reverse Front Face Lock Swinging Neckbreaker


“The Silver Lining”

- “Dragon Clutch”/with the opponent lying on their stomach, Spike sits on their lower back. He wraps his right arm around their throat, then locks his left arm over his opponents left arm and pulls back with a Dragon Sleeper. Usually used after a float-over after “The Fall of Rome.”


"Super Ego Trip"

- "Destiny Hammer"/Diving Enzu Knee/Spike's version of Tom Flesher's Ego Trip. Ever since losing the Cruiserweight title to Flesher (who used the Ego Trip to beat Spike), Spike has decided to start using his version of the move to gain the attention of The Superior One. With the opponent crouched over; Spike comes off the top rope with a diving knee to the back of the head/neck.


“The Ratings Grabber”

- “Five Star Frog Splash”/ Old SJL finisher. Will bust it out on special occasions every now and then. We all know what it is.


“Breaking Edge”

- Death Move/Opponent is put in a powerbomb position, but with his arms double underhooked. They get flipped up, but HSJ turns to his side in mid-air, having his opponent in a reverse DVD position, and drops them down in a Burning Hammer. Very Rare.





“The Ratings Crash”

- “Styles Clash”/ Can only be used against Cruiserweights, or small heavyweights. Spike lifts the opponent up from a standing head scissors, holding him upside



- “Pedigree”/Can and will be used against everyone and anyone.


“Greetings from Cambodia”

- Elevated Stunner/Opponents legs are hooked on the top rope with their body hanging into the ring, Spike has them by the neck and Stunner/Ace Crusher.

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...on a soul searching journey, he travels around the world, drifting through the land and never remaining for too long by fading away just as quickly as he came in, a ghost...


...he looks to preserve justice and peace by battling only the strongest and most ruthless of opponents, fighting endlessly until he finds that which he seeks... the mysterous man who murdered his dojo master and who he shall punish tenfold with his righteous and powerful fist of heavenly vengeance...


...all the while loving and romancing the women of the world with vigor and espousing his ideals and life lessons to others he meets along the way, in hopes that they will take heed and live peacefully with duty and honor...


...his epic journey is only just beginning, his great fate and destiny that await him just now unfolding... like thunder he shakes the world with his impact... but fear not, devoted disciples, for you may see him again... someday...

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Guest Avery Duciel

Smarks Board Name: Avery Duciel

Wrestlers Name: Avery Duciel

Nicknames: "Firebug" (credit to Bruce Blank)

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 130

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Age: 21

Face/Heel: Heel

Stable: None

Ring Escort: Escorts Kevin Coyote & occasionally tags with him

Weapon(s): Fire, in any form. Avery keeps a Zippo lighter somewhere on her person at all times.

Quote: Not yet


Looks: Avery has dark red hair, a somewhat muscular build, and ample breast size (but not surgically enhanced).


Managing Attire: When managing, Avery wears a very short, straight red skirt, a red business suit with a black inner top, black fishnets, and red heels which make her an inch taller.


Wrestling Attire: When wrestling, Avery wears red fitted pants, flared on the bottom, black wrestling boots, and a red tank top that reveals some of her midriff (including a navel piercing).


Ring Entrance: The lights in the arena dim. At the center of the stage, in the darkness, Avery lights up a Zippo lighter. She lights a fuse hanging over her head. A sparkler-like light travels up the fuse until it reaches its end. An explosion above causes a shower of red and orange sparks to rain down over Avery's head, and two more explosions on either side of the stage cause fountains of red and orange sparks to erupt from the floor. The speakers begin playing "Chinese Burn" by Curve. Avery raises her arms in the air and cackles as the sparks rain over her. Avery begins walking down the ramp once her pyrotechnics die out.


When managing Kevin Coyote, Avery does not use this entrance, as she enters at Coyote's side during his entrance. However, when wrestling as a tag team, she prefers to enter separately with her own entrance.



Strength: 2

Speed: 6

Vitality: 5

Charisma: 7


Style: Avery focuses on her speed as her primary weapon, relying on quick moves as well as aerial attacks. Against larger opponents (just about everyone) she will try to outrun them, tire them out, and then take them down with high-flying moves. Avery will use any means necessary to win, cheat whenever possible, and use fire whenever she thinks she can get away with it. She also has no problem using her looks to her advantage, often flirting to gain someone's favor only to screw them over later.


Signature moves:

"Flamethrower" - hurricanrana

Asai moonsault

Missile dropkick

Back handsprings into back kick (w/opponent in the turnbuckle)


Corkscrew moonsault


Common moves:


Low blow

Elbow drop


Knee drop

Roundhouse kick

Sleeper hold from behind (jumping onto opponent's back if necessary/taller opponent)

Basic suplexes (against opponents close in size)

Arm drag


School boy

Russian leg sweep


Dragon screw

Eye rake


Rare moves:




"Trial by Fire" - shooting star press

"Burnout" - Walls of Jericho, done while opponent is already down on the mat



Avery is romantically involved with Kevin Coyote in addition to her role as his manager and occasional tag team partner. She is a pyromaniac - she loves to watch fire and loves to see things burn.



Avery Duciel got into the wrestling industry as a teenager, wrestling and managing on the indy circuit, primarily in her home state of Georgia but also in other southeastern states. Presumably she met Kevin Coyote on the independent scene before the two of them were given SWF developmental contracts.

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Guest Grendel

Not sure if these have enough moves in them so tell me if not.


Smarks Board Name: Grendel

Wrestlers Name: Grendel

Real Name: Hunter Rose

Nick Name: The Assassin, The Spirit of Aggression

Height: 6’1

Weight: 220

Hometown: Manhattan, New York

Age: 29

Face/Heel: A face

Stable: None

Ring Escort: None

Weapons: Gredel is a weapon. Besides that he has the “Fork”. The weapon appears as a staff, with twin parallel blades perched upon one end.


Looks: Grendel is a white male, but that’s about all you can make out of him. He wears a loose fitting, black contact pants and shirt. The shirt is a v-neck cut and the sleeves run to about elbow length. His boots are also black, and the legs of his pants are tucked into them. His mask is all black with two large white oval eyes and a small white circle over the nose. Running perpendicular through the ovals are two spear shapes which run the height of a head. The mask is generally attached via a set of straps, tied at the base of the skull.


Ring Entrance:


Evanescence’s Bring me to Life




Strength: 4

Speed: 5

Vitality: 5

Charisma: 6



Style: Grendel wrestles somewhat of a “Cruiserweight style”. He is fairly quick on his feet and can fly when needed. He also seems to have some martial arts skills as well to ground his opponents to the mat.



Signature Moves:

Springboard DDT

Springboard dropkick

Jump-up side kick

Crucifix Armbar

Shining Wizard

Drop Toe Hold

Northern Lights Suplex


Common Moves:



Elbow Drop

Leg Drop


Elbow Smashes

Drop Kicks

Body presses


Rare Moves:


Nothing is to rare for Grendel




Grendel’s Curse – This move is basically a stunner. However, Grendel leaps to the top rope from outside the ring and sommersaults over his target, grabbing them by the head as he comes down for his stunner.




Vengeance – a Death Valley Driver for the people that Grendel can lift up.

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Wrestlers Name: Matt "" Myers

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 221

Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii (Origonally from New Haven, Connecticut)

Age: 23

Face/Heel: Hyper Active Super-Face

Stable: None!

Ring Escort: None!

Weapon(s): Anything ringside, but if he happens to stumble across his trusty wallet-chain, HELL YES!

Quote: No real quote, will usually make fun of the way his oponent looks, or something to that affect.




Basic Looks/Outside Of The Ring: Meh, whatever. It doesn't really matter.


Ring Gear: Whatever to fit his current gimmick.


Ring Entrance:


Whatever song you want, but no pyro, and the lights do not change in any way. Myers is not good enough to get dim lights or explosions.





Strength: 4 (Can pull of a few power moves, but would rather stick to arm drags, scoop slams if anything other than flying moves. His strength is similar to the amount of Christian; he can lift people that weigh up to 250 Pounds)

Speed: 8 (What the...Which way did he go? His judo kicks are similar to Tajiri, very swifts and making a big impact sound and same for his high-flying moves. Has qualities of Rob Van Dam, Tajiri, with a smidgen of Billy Kidman)

Vitality: 2 (He can take somewhat of a beating, but a finisher will put him to rest.)

Charisma: 6 (He's so fricken' over! People love Matt Myers!)



Style: Matt Myers wrestles kind of like a cruiserweight, as he uses both high-flying moves and he has some technical moves up his sleeve. Also, Matt Myers will resort to martial art moves to get him trough matches, such as any martial arts kick, punch, or combos, such as spinning kicks and punch/kick combos, he often uses a swift kick to any body part to get out of a hold or submission


Signature moves:

1) Corkscrew Moonsault. Sometimes will use this as a finisher in matches

2) 450 Splash. If Myers misses this, he'll be down for a bit

3) Diamond Cutter

4) Basically an evenflow DDT, all expect it's good enough to use as a finisher sometimes

5) Dragon Sleeper hold, but Myers usually sweeps the legs of his oponent, and hooks them as well, so they fall to the mat, making it very hard to move around

6) Formerly known as Death Myers Driver I, Matt Myers scoops his oponent up into a Death Valley Driver Position, and then pushes his oponent over into a tombstone piledriver, and then slams them down. Even with a 4/10 strength, Matt can pull this off, just very quickly and not as affective if it was to someone lighter


Common moves:

1) Leg Drop

2) Moonsault

3) Spinning Wheel Kick

4) Super Kick

5) Running Powerslam

6) Spinebuster

7) Powerbomb

8) Russian Leg Sweep

9) Tornado DDT

10) Flying Cross-body

11) Belly-To-Belly Suplex

12) Frogsplash


Rare moves:

1) Shooting Star Press

2) Gorilla Press (Usually Done to smaller oponents that are less than 200 pounds)

3) TKO (Usually a last resort, but can be done when driven to the edge in matches. He usually does this one and only one, and it’s usually a complete desperation attempt)



1) Basically a Ki Krusher 99, Matt catches his opoennt in a fisherman's suplex position, pulls them up into the air, and then turns them on to their back and slams them down in a piledriver type move. Very devistating


2) For people who he quite can't pick up with the above, Matt kicks them in their gut, as they double over. Now this is where it gets kind of confusing. Matt gets on their neck so he's facing the way they are facing, grabs the arm and hooks them as if he was to do a pedigree, and jumps into the air and slams their head and neck on to the ground. So it's basically a pedigree with Matt facing the other direction


3) Black Mist (The traditional black mist. Also comes in other colors)

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