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    1. Alabama 13-0 (3)

    2. Texas 13-0 (2)

    3. TCU 12-0 (4)

    4. Cincinnati 12-0 (5)

    5. Florida 12-1 (1)

    6. Boise State 12-0 (6)

    7. Ohio State 10-2 (7)

    8. Oregon 10-2 (8)

    9. Iowa 10-2 (9)

    10. Penn St 10-2 (10)

    11. BYU 10-2 (11)

    12. Georgia Tech 10-2 (13)

    13. Virginia Tech 9-3 (14)

    14. West Virginia 9-3 (15)

    15. Pittsburgh 9-3 (12)

    16. LSU 9-3 (20)

    17. Oklahoma State 9-3 (19)

    18. Nebraska 9-4 (18)

    19. Utah 9-3 (21)

    20. Miami 9-3 (24)

    21. Oregon State 8-4 (22)

    22. Mississippi 8-4 (25)

    23. Wisconsin 9-3 (26)

    24. Arizona 8-4 (30)

    25. Stanford 8-4 (31)

    26. USC 8-4 (15)

    27. Rutgers 8-4 (27)

    28. Houston 10-3 (16)

    29. Texas Tech 8-4 (29)

    30. Central Michigan 11-2 (33)

    31. Auburn 7-5 (34)

    32. Arkansas 7-5 (35)

    33. Northwestern 8-4 (NR)

    34. Missouri 8-4 (NR)

    35. Clemson 8-5 (NR)


    Qualifying and Seeding for the 32 Team Tournament is as follows. Seeding is based on rank in poll. All conference champions receive automatic bids. There is no "buster" rule, every conference is represented. Independents must simply be ranked high enough to qualify, no automatic bid is given. The 4 #1 seeds are the 4 highest ranked conference champions. Home field advantage is given to the higher seeded team. Final Four and National Championship games are on a neutral site.


    Conference Champions

    ACC - Georgia Tech

    Big East - Cincinnati

    Big Ten - Ohio State

    Big 12 - Texas

    Conference USA - East Carolina

    MAC - Central Michigan

    MWAC - TCU

    PAC 10 - Oregon

    SEC - Alabama

    Sun Belt - Troy

    WAC - Boise State


    Bracket 1


    8 East Carolina 9-4


    1 Alabama 13-0


    5 Oklahoma State 9-3


    4 LSU 9-3


    6 Arizona 8-4


    3 Iowa 10-2


    7 Stanford 8-4


    2 Oregon 10-2


    Bracket 2


    8 Texas Tech 8-4


    1 Cincinnati 12-0


    5 Miami 9-3


    4 Virginia Tech 9-3


    6 Oregon State 8-4


    3 Georgia Tech 10-2


    7 Houston 10-3


    2 Florida 12-1


    Bracket 3


    8 Central Michigan 10-2


    1 TCU 12-0


    5 Utah 9-3


    4 West Virginia 9-3


    6 Mississippi 8-4


    3 BYU 10-3


    7 Rutgers 8-4


    2 Boise State 12-0


    Bracket 4


    8 Troy 9-3


    1 Texas 13-0


    5 Nebraska 9-4


    4 Pittsburgh 9-3


    6 Wisconsin 9-3


    3 Penn St 10-2


    7 USC 8-4


    2 Ohio State 10-2

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    but where's the magic hen?

  1. Oh ya I still need to complete this. The Loser League goes out with a whimper which should have been expected.


    1988 Atlanta Braves def. 1988 Baltimore Orioles 4 games to 0


    Game 1: Braves 5, ORIOLES 3

    Game 2: Braves 11, ORIOLES 1

    Game 3: BRAVES 5, Orioles 4

    Game 4: BRAVES 5, Orioles 4 10 innings


    The series ended on a Gerald Perry RBI single off of Tom Neidenfuer (man never count on this guy in the postseason) to complete the sweep and crown the 1988 Baltimore Orioles as the Worst Team of My Lifetime. Congratulations guys!



  2. sfaJack
    Latest Entry

    ...where do we go from here?


    Damn me and my habit of not boarding hard on the weekends. I missed most of it. :angry:

  3. I can't post here, at least not for a while. Why? It's a long story. I'll be other places (The Pit) for now at least. I'll miss the place.





    *Bows. Walks off.

  4. I'm starting up this blog again for goofy fantasy booking crap...this time, I hope it won't be so ridiculously detailed oriented and cause me to drop it a week after I started it. Course I could do that again anyways.


    I'll be doing WWF/E 2002 by the way. Already have booked most of January and The Rumble!

  5. After a sabbatical from wrestling, 24/7 got me interested again in the product. I'll confess that I'm a John Cena fan, and I think the in-ring product has been as good as ever perhaps. So with a live Monday Night Raw coming, my friend, his fiance and I picked up some tickets for the show. We lucked out with it becoming a three-hour special featuring the draft lottery.


    -Legends! We got appearances from Dusty Rhodes, Roddy Piper and the Fabulous Moolah.


    -Chris Benoit's last Raw match.


    -Local product Snitsky got DQ'ed for beating up Miz after the bell. Like that merited a DQ. My friend actually worked with Snitsky a short time at a local resort.


    -The limo explosion. What an odd event at a show, we found out later that it was actually filmed the night before. The arena is actually in a fairly isolated spot, which made it an attractive venue to pull off that stunt.


    For those who bash John Cena, it is really obvious from most live crowds like this that he is a tremendous draw. What struck me more than anything though is that the sound feedback was incredible. During the matches you just heard this incredible hum through the sound system. WWE cranks up the music to the point where I'm surprised the announcers can function.


    Next up: Smackdown

  6. OVW TV Report for March 15, 2009


    - Show open...


    - Dean Hill, Kenny Bolin and Timmy Baltimore are your hosts.


    - Dirty Money & Scott Cardinal vs. Fang & Brewski

    Weird make-shift team with Fang and Brewski. Money and Cardinal don't wait for the bell. They take out Fang and double up on Bewski. Brewski overpowers both and takes control. Fang just keeps getting thrown around. Money takes Fang and hangs Fang in the Tree of Woe. Cardinal jumps in and stomps Fang's face. Pin attempt is broken up by Brewski. Slingshot suplex/ elbow drop combo by Money and Cardinal. Brewski again comes in to break the pin. Huge sidewalk slam by Money. Cardinal tags in and chokes Fang on the middle rope. Money tags in and headbutts Fang in the chest. Fang seriously must be about 130 lbs soaking wet. Fang dodges a splash and the race is on for the hot tag. Brewski and Cardinal both tag in and Brewski is your drunk on fire. Big powerslam by Brewski. He goes for the pin, but Money breaks it up. Brewski sets up for the Last Call on Cardinal, but Money catches him and Cardinal decks Brewski with the superkick. Totally Awesome comes out with the OVW Southern Tag Titles and taunt Money and Cardinal. Brewski takes advantage and throws Fang at Money and Cardinal. They both catch him, which gives Brewski enough time to take out both with the Last Call. Double pin ends it. Decent enough tag match. **


    - Commercial Break


    - Tommy Baltimore is in the ring for an interview. We flashback to last week to what happened between APOC and Vaughan Lilas. APOC comes out for and interview. Baltimore wants to know why APOC did what he did last week. Lilas comes out and attacks APOC! He lights up APOC with some chops.We're reenacting the Tupelo Concession Stand Brawl now. All the refs comes out and try to break up the brawl. The fight to the back and that is where the cameras lose them.


    - Unseen footage from last week's episode where Ben Woods and Raul Locos destroy Johnny Punch and Rudy Switchblade.


    - Commercial Break


    - Jamin Olivencia and Chris Alexander vs. The Mobile Homers (w/ Melody)

    How bad must Olivencia feel being to tagging with a washed up, former OVW wrestler. Olivencia and Revolver start off. Seriously, Alexander has not updated his wardrobe since 1998. Olivencia jumps out of the ring and Alexander starts off in his place. The Homers make quick tags and work over Alexander. The Homers hit the Double Wide and that is all she wrote. Olivencia was over at the announce desk rambling about something. DUD of a match. McNaler gets the mic and says the Mobile Homers are back. He has bigger news... the Mobile Homers are getting a make over from Melody. Awesome.


    - Commercial Break


    - Ali Akbar (w/ Bin Hamin) vs. Tony Mann

    Last week the Insurgency broke up. Ali gets on the mic and tells us about it. The jobber he is facing doesn't even get an introduction. Mann uses his quickness to get an early advantage, but Ali takes him out when he climbs the top rope. Nasty knee drop to the back of Mann's head. Nice brainbuster ends it. Nothing but a squash here. Post match, Ali puts Mann in the Camel Clutch. Turcan comes out to run off Ali. I have a hard time seeing Turcan as a face because he was the quiet, cold blooded member of The Insurgency. Now I can see why he was the quiet one, because the Iraqi insurgent sounds like he is from Ohio.


    - Commercial Break


    Non-Title Match

    - Theta Lambda Psi vs. Totally Awesome

    Wellington and Moose jump the tag champs before the bell. Totally Awesome do-si-do their way out of a collision and dropkick Moose and Wellington into each other. TA then send Theta Lambda Psi out of the ring. Kamikaze Kid dives onto Moose. Sucio tries to dive onto Wellington, but he hangs onto the rope too long and dives onto the apron instead. Wellington shows that he's a good sport and falls down anyway. Twinkletoes grabs Sucio's foot and Moose takes control. Wellington tags in and he hammers on Sucio. Moose tags back in and Irish whips Wellington into Sucio. Moose follows that up with a big splash in the corner. Moose goes for the pin, but Kamikaze Kid breaks it up. Moose puts Sucio into a chinlock and then throws him into the corner. Wellington tags back in. Sucio tries to make a tag, but Wellington grabs him and punches him in the face. Moose tags back in and misses a splash in the corner and Sucio makes the tag. Kamikaze Kid comes in and uses his quickness to wear down Moose. In comes Sucio and they do some fancy double team moves. Kid goes for the pin, but Wellington comes in and breaks it up. Wellington and Sucio slide outside and brawl in front of the announce table. Moose catches Kamikaze Kid in a cross body. He stalls for a bit and then the familiar music of The Mobile Homers starts up. Wellington and Twink focus on the entry way while Sucio slides back in the ring. He dropkicks Moose and Kamikaze Kid rolls him up in a crucifix for the 3 count in a horribly contrived spot. Lousy match between these teams. Totally Awesome are capable of much more, bu the blown and contrived spots really drug this one down. *


    - Commercial Break


    OVW Television Title Match

    - Mike Mondo © vs. JD Maverick

    Maverick earned the title shot last week during the 500th episode. Surprisingly Pat Buck does not come to ringside with his tag team partner. Referee Bill Parker holds up the title, signifying that it is on the line. Maverick slaps Mondo in the corner and then retreats. Maverick kicks Mondo in the gut and then slaps Mondo in the back of the head. Mondo reverses a wristlock, but Maverick sends him into the ropes. Maverick leapfrogs Mondo and starts taunting him, but Mondo is right here to slap Maverick in the face. Now Pat Buck has come to ringside. Mondo takes down Maverick with a drop toe hold and then dropkicks him in the face. Pin attempt only gets 1. Maverick takes a powder, but Mondo comes out to chase him. Pat Buck slows down Mondo and Maverick takes control back in the ring. Maverick unleashes a flurry of elbows in the corner. Flying back elbow only gets two for Maverick. Maverick goes to a chinlock to wear down Mondo. Maverick sets Mondo up on the top rope and follows him up. Mondo is able to punch him off! Mondo takes to the skies, but Maverick rolls out of the way. Mondo went face-first into the mat. Maverick goes up the ropes and drops an elbow. He goes for the pin, but Mondo kicks out at two. Back to the chinlock for Maverick. Parker comes in to check the arm, but Mondo's arm stays up. Big slam by Maverick. Maverick ties a rolling elbow, but Mondo gets out of the way. Mondo sends Maverick flying with a back body drop. A Bret Hart style elbow drop gets two for Mondo. Mondo puts his head down too soon and Maverick plans a boot. Mondo reverses an Irish whip and short-arm clotheslines Maverick. Mondo rolls though and hits two more. Mondo goes to the top rope and nails a flying headbutt. Maverick kicks out at two. Maverick tries to slide out of the ring, but Mondo catches him. Mondo goes to suplex Maverick back in, but Pat Buck grabs Mondo's feet. Buck holds on to Mondo's feet while Maverick goes for the pin, but Mondo is able to kick out! Mondo starts to go after Pat Buck, but Maverick rolls him up for two. Double-leg takedown by Mondo. He tries to put on the Texas cloverleaf, but Buck hops up on the apron to distract Mondo. Maverick is back up and clubs Mondo in the back of the head. Maverick head to the corner and loosens the padding on the turnbuckle. Referee Bill Parker goes over to fix it and TST now have Mondo set up for a double team. Out comes Jamin Olivencia and he distracts Pat Buck. Mondo reverses the Irish whip and Olivencia trips up Maverick. Mondo catches Maverick in the Texas cloverleaf and Maverick taps out. Olivencia is standing on the announce table and announces Mondo as the winner and still champion. Mondo is confused, as are the announcers and everyone watching. Solid main event this week. ***


    Decent show this week with a inoffensive opener and a sold main event. The middle stuff was crap, but things still things seem to be moving in the right direction after the JBL bailout.

  7. Xavier Cromartie
    Latest Entry

    This post is a combination of being a mini 'State of the Forum' and some personal thoughts.


    1. Crimson G is an excellent poster in the economy thread. He calmly and intelligently explains his Austrian economic views. But, literally everyone who has replied to him has taken a completely dismissive tone. The underlying message of each post is, "Here's why you're wrong, Crimson G." (Although, certainly, SuperJerk is much worse than At Home.) Conversely, it is clear that Crimson G carefully reads and directly responds to exactly what the other posters write, making his underlying message, "Here's the argument that I'm presenting."


    I want to mention two other positive things about Crimson G. First, SuperJerk misspelled "poured" as "poored" in one of his posts. Crimson G quietly corrected the misspelling when he quoted SuperJerk. I'm usually adamant about not changing quotations, but, in this case, it was a gracious gesture. Second, Crimson G initially said that the majority of Americans don't support the stimulus. After Smitty presented a poll, Crimson G publicly conceded that he (Crimson G) had been wrong. It was good to see that he is more concerned with adapting to the truth than being an arrogant know-it-all.



    I forgot nobody knows as much as you about history, snuffbox. Certainly not the dozens of historians who've written books and articles about the failed policies of the 1920s or how well documented it is that Harding was able to implement very little before his death. Heaven forbid anyone could come to a conclusion different than what the one biography of Harding you read told you to think. The fact that he was only president for 2 years doesn't seem to deter your opinion that he was able to miraculously accomplish things that no one has ever actually credited him with. I mean, what the fuck do I know? I only have a B.S. in History with a 3.6 undergrad GPA. I must have pulled it from a high school text book.



    The boldface was added by me to the part where I laughed. There's no need for a 2009 Worst Poster Tournament. SuperJerk is your back-to-back champion.


    3. I wish there were more people who shared my interest in Somalia. I appreciate that Smitty and Byron take it seriously, but there's not a lot of discussion. What really interests me about Somalia is that I think it offers a massive treasure chest of lessons to learn about politics, economics, history, law, relationships, and life in general.


    4. Who added all of this Willy Aybar garbage to the Sports folder? Yes, we (eventually) found out the story behind it, but it's still stupid. Anyway, the 'Sports Page in the Business Section' thread is potentially the best one in the folder. I'm quite interested in knowing the teams that are going to have to move or contract. I foresee significant contraction in MLB and the NHL.


    5. The Food folder would be more interesting if anyone were genuinely interested in nutrition. Vitamin X comes closest, but I think he's pretty much like everyone else. You're all a bunch of zombie addicts. It's funny when people 'go on a diet.' There's a 100% chance that they'll gain the weight back eventually unless they permanently change what they eat.


    6. I'm happy that the Literature folder exists. We don't need more people to post there; we need the TSM intellectuals not to be 'above' posting there.


    7. Graphics and Testing Grounds is a legitimate folder, but the quality there has been poor since Hotbutter Spoontoaster was banned. To reiterate, there are three purposes of that folder: (1) posting and discussion of images, (2) actual testing of message board features, and (3) parody and satire. The recent parodies have been terrible. "My best friend's grill"? Ugh.


    For the TSM suggestion box:


    8. I don't think that the General Chat folder has any purpose. All of those threads should be in other folders. Some don't quite fit anywhere, but they could. 'Current Events' is a bit limiting. It could be renamed 'World' or something like that in order to accommodate threads that deal with things like money, travel, or history. No Holds Barred is the meta folder in which TSM talks about itself and its posters, not General Chat.


    9. Blogs aren't prominent enough. It would be better if there were a blog folder in the View at Your Own Risk section, and each thread were one poster's blog. Also, only nine people actively blog, including myself. A lot of people don't even know that there are blogs.


    10. Finally, I wish there were a feature in which readers could give cumulative "+1" or "-1" ratings to each individual post. I know that this feature is possible, because I've seen it on other forums. It would help posters who are awful realize their awfulness, and good posters would be encouraged to post more because they would know that people appreciate their posts.

  8. Prophet of Mike Zagurski
    Latest Entry

    I won't update what's going on with the New Year's Resolutions. Nothing substantial has happened yet. It's funny, it's March and nothing has changed yet.Here I am trying to look for work and it's getting harder to find things I am qualified for. I should have gotten a useless degree in Art or something. In this economy, everyone is equal with everyone else.


    Since no one read these things, which is excellent by the way. I should admit all my big problems and then they'll probably come back to haunt me. Anyway, I was just thinking this morning, we should never meet ever again. Not like we ever met in the first place anyway. The past is the past I suppose.


    I went to an anniversary party yesterday. The couple was married for 50 years. That's incredible because that's a long time. My grandparents didn't make it that long.


    So the Celebrity Apprentice was on last night. What does qualify for a celebrity now a days? Let's see there was a poker player, a Playboy Playmate, Dennis Rodman, Tom Green, Andrew Dice Clay, Herschel Walker, Joan, and Melissa Rivers. The only thing wrong with this group is there aren't enough trainwrecks in this bunch. Amy Winehouse should been in this season. Prediction: Rodman wins it all.


    So of course I'm here a lot because I'm bored. I'm thinking about making another inspirational poster. Just thinking about it. I thnk I play my online gimmick pretty well. No one cares about it or my fantasy baseball league, but this working out well.


    Well, I'm just rambling. I'm ooking forward to the weekend. Peace.

  9. Sports stadiums (and baseball parks, in particular) are something of a hobby of mine. I've spent way too many hours online searching for pictures of them, reading people's opinions on them, and basically, just trying to find as much information on them as possible. And with the closing of both Yankee and Shea Stadiums over the past week, they've been in the news a lot.


    Now, I'm generally not the most nostalgic guy when it comes to most things, and I don't blame the Yankees and Mets owners for wanting new stadiums and the extra revenue that they bring (although, I don't think the Steinbrenners or Wilpons are going to starve anytime soon), and I know the 2 new ballparks will be nicer and shinier and more 'fan friendly' and all that good crap, but I'll still miss that the New York stadiums aren't around anymore.


    This doesn't just apply to those places, either. With the exception of a few, it seems that almost every major league ballpark, stadium, or arena will have been built in the last 10 to 15 years. I guess that, generally, this is a good thing. It brings more people out to the games and gets more people involved in the sports. But still, I'll miss all the crap that came with boring old stadiums.


    I can't argue that dual-purpose stadiums aren't very idea, especially for baseball, but I like the fact that some of them still exist. I know that fans of these teams might not agree with me, but I like the folded up seats in the outfield in the Metrodome. I like the acres of foul territory at the Oakland Coliseum and those staircases in the outfield. At Yankee Stadium, I like that gap between the bleachers and the left field stands. I like the old bleachers, the remnants from the old, pre-renovation Stadium, that are way the fuck out there. I like that nothing there is perfect.


    And, I think, that's my problem with new stadiums, mostly. Everything is too perfect. All the charm that these places try to create is contrived. The seats in right field in San Diego that jut out for no reason and basically the entire outfield in Houston. In most cases, these new stadiums are improvements on their previous homes (I won't try and argue that Three Rivers was a better place to see a game than PNC Park), and I look forward to seeing them when they open, but part of me misses the fact that I mostly missed out on era of stadiums.

  10. 10. 'Treefingers'

    09. 'In Limbo'

    08. 'Optimistic'

    07. 'Kid A'

    06. 'The Morning Bell'

    05. 'Everything in Its Right Place'

    04. 'Motion Picture Soundtrack'

    03. 'The National Anthem'

    02. 'How to Disappear Completely'

    01. 'Idioteque'



  11. Alan Curbishley resigned today. I was expecting that. Now West Ham have some looking to do to find the right manager.


    The first man we brought in was Swiss international, Phillip Degen, who came from Borussia Dortmund on a free transfer.


    Degen did not play too well in the preseason, but nevertheless, he looks like a full back who has the gung-ho offensive mentality down pat. Defensively, he sucks. On a free, it's a good deal. He's better than Voronin. Do I think he'll matter much to this team? Nope. If Arbeloa goes down, Jamie Carragher will step in at right back and Degen will not become a regular.

    Second man in, was Andrea Dossena, who joined from Udinese for 7 million pounds.


    This is a lot of money for a left back. A lot. Fortunately, he's pretty good! Great going forward, not so great in defense, but good enough. Provides a really good ball, and is quite fast. I still have my doubts.


    Next up, joining from Palmeiras in Brazil for three million pounds, was goalkeeper Diego Cavalieri.


    We signed him so we could get rid of Charles Itandje. Unfortunately we could not get rid of Itandje. I've seen some good things out of Diego. Some bad. All in all he is a very unproven player and I shudder to think what would happen if Reina were out for an extended period.


    Our fourth, and quite possibly most astute pickup, was David N'Gog, who joined from Paris St. Germain for 1.5 million pounds.


    The kid has quality, but isn't very polished. It'll take a while to get him where we need him to be. What he is, is very quick...has great size, and a pretty good shot. Intrigued by this lad. He scored two nice goals in the preseason, one of them coming against Rangers.

    Four days later came what was no doubt the biggest signing, Robbie Keane joining from Tottenham Hotspur for an astounding 20.3 million pounds.


    To be fair, the money figure is a ridiculous number. Knowing what I've seen so far, this has a good chance to be a flop of epic proportions. We do not have the money (yet) to waste on flops. We've gotta get bang for our buck, and Keane hasn't brought it yet. The match on the 13th against United is the best time for Keane to make his mark. He had better do something soon, or support will turn on him. We've got Marseille a few days later, that's another chance. Keane must score in one of these games. You give the guy the #7 shirt at this club, he better perform.


    The final signing, coming on the last day for transfers, was Spaniard Albert Riera, who joined from Espanyol for what is as of yet an unknown fee.


    If he doesn't solve the left wing problem, this is just more money poured into a problem position that Rafa hasn't quite figured out how to solve. Honestly, I'm not a fan of this move at all. I don't care how much it cost. Riera provides a good ball from the left side. That's it. He's slow, does not finish well, and flopped at City. A fantastic signing. Well, if he only cost 1 million pounds. But he didn't. He'll be here for two years and get shipped back home.


    Tomorrow, international duty.

  12. So about a month ago I started a new blog at http://www.hoodwinking.blogspot.com


    So from now on I am using messageboards for posting, and myspace for whatever the hell myspace is used for.


    If you wanna actually take the time to read my blog just follow the link above or click the link in my sig.


    That is all.



  13. [Writer's Note: This post is going to be a very open post, so if you're a friend or someone who I know from the wrestling buisness (wrestler, Referee, fan, or whomever) please do not be upset if you read something you don't like. I'm just being very honest and open here about my personal life. I hope you all understand. Thank you for reading.]


    In the middle of May, I had gotten pretty sick. I wasn't throwing up blood or anything, but my body was in pain, a lot of pain. It wasn't non-stop pain, but it was random shots of pain in different parts of my body that last about 4 days, but during those 4 days I was pretty worried about my well being. I had a lot of trouble sleeping, I had a lot a trouble being at work because it affected pretty much everything I did at my job, weather it was lifting title or just driving, the random shots of pain in random body parts would want to make me stop doing what I was doing and ride it out until I felt better...but I never did that.


    I couldn't take a few days off of work because I needed money to pay my bills, but at the same time I couldn't afford to go to a doctor because I didn't really have the money to go, plus my job screwed up with my benefits and for whatever reason, I never got a medical card. During the 4 days that I was sick and in pain, I took some time and kinda thought of where my life was going and I realized I wasn't happy with the way my life was going.


    I kinda realized that financially and personnally, I wasn't in a good place. Financially, I made 14 dollars an hour, but I was barely getting by on my bills and if something happen to the point where if I had an emerancy or if my car broken down, I didn't have anything saved up to try and take care of those things. For someone who makes 14 dollars an hour, there shouldn't be a reason why I'm having trouble paying my bills.


    Personnally, I was starting to miss out on a lot of things. My very good friends were having a baby and invited me to come up to the Sacramento area to come and meet the baby for the first time, but I was so busy with shows and being on the road, I couldn't go. I felt horrible. There were other things that happen on weekends as well that I just couldn't do or go to because a weekend was swamped with a wrestling shows, or something always seemed to fall on a day I had a wrestling show. It really felt like I was revolving my life around Pro Wrestling instead of revolving pro wrestling around my life and to be honest, it was starting to bug me, but the way my financial being was, was what was really bugging me......a lot.


    In March I had re-taken a warehouse job that laid me off due to cut backs in November of 2007 as a second job. The job I already had was just a temp job, so when the warehouse job called me and asked if I would come back because they had a job opening since an employee had been fired. So I took it, once the temp job ended at the end of March, the warehouse job became my only full time job, which I knew was a gamble and it became more apprent at the end of April and the beginning of May and that's when I got to wondering if I should stay with the warehouse job....then I got sick and that's when the wheels in my mind got to turning about where I was in life.


    So I kinda got to thinking about things and just realized I wasn't happy with the way things were going. My job, while paid well, was either a dead end job that really gave me no experiance when it came to other jobs that I could do or it was a company that was really on the rocks due to the bad real estate market and could lay me off at a moments notice or could just close down and because I really didn't have anything saved up, I wasn't ready to be laid off again.


    So I decided to do what's best for me and act like an adult and take care of what I need to and figure out what I need to do to make my personal life better. So I decided to sit down and take a real hard look and think about things and figure it all out. I decided that I needed to take advantage of my job's schdule and go back to school and learn something that could really benefit me job wise, something I could fall back on, something that I know it won't be something useless, but at the same time, I need the time and money for me to really get going, so unfortunaily, I needed to cut back on one thing I really loved doing, and that's Pro Wrestling.


    While I love being in this buisness, it's a big drain of my wallet, between training to be a wrestler and the gas prices of traveling to shows, I was spending a lot of money, but that's mainly my fault for doing so many shows that I was doing on a weekly basis. Some weekends, it would only be one show, then in another weekend it would be two shows, some weekends it was even three and it just got to a point where I was spending so much on gas and milage it was starting to affect my bills.


    I also put a lot of time in pro wrestling. I was training two to three days a week and/or I was doing a show or shows every weekend and I knew if I really needed to put the right amount of focus on my life and my working career, I would have to take the focus off pro wrestling and stop spending so much time doing it and start spending a lot of my time on my personal life and career.


    It was a hard choice, but in a long run, I think it will just be best if I took a break and focus on what I need to. After I had gotten better from being sick, I went to my trainer Helfyre's house early before a training session and sat down and talked to him about my choice and while I knew he wasn't happy with my choice, I knew he understand. The ironic twist in this entire thing 5 days after I told Helfyre about my choice...the warehouse job laid me off again. What I wasn't ready for and what I wanted to have a plan for, blew up in my face 5 days later after I told Helfyre about my choice. If anything that was really a kick in the teeth for me.


    I finished out my Referee dates with my last show being on June 21st. June 21st was really a timeframe for my 3 year being around in Pro Wrestling in Nor-Cal, and I started it training with Helfyre in WCWA, I felt it was best for me to have my last show, be at Devil Mountain Wrestling, which is his promotion and also the promotion where I had been training and learned how to Referee.


    So want to know how I'm kicking off my leave from pro wrestling? Well here ya go, the end of the last match I Ref'ed.



  14. So, I decided that I was going to do a "running diary" of Raw last night. It didn't go as well as I liked. For one thing, I didn't think to keep track of the times as I was writing my notes, so I can't say what time it was when a certain something happened. For a second thing, I have the attention span of a retarded monkey, and thus can't stay focused long enough to, y'know, do a running diary. So here's what I came up with:


    Show opens with Vince McMahon, so I'm presuming it's about 9:00 or shortly thereafter. I chuckled that he got the "jobber entrance" of no music, but presumed that his decade-old "No Chance in Hell" theme might not fit what he's there to babble about. And I'll have to be honest, I missed a lot of what he said, as I was very distracted by the guys that were close to a mic that kept trying to start the "asshole" chant, even though at the time Vinny Mac wasn't acting heelish. But from what I pieced together, he thinks that what Regal did was a-ok.


    And remember the "second thing" that I referenced in my opening paragraph? Well, I got bored and flipped around for a while, so I missed Regal's theme & walk to the ring, and then part of his speech. But I came back for the end, and saw some footage of what he did last week, and then saw Kennedy's introduction.


    And for the second time, noted that the mic'ing seemed off, as his introductory "KENNEDY!" seemed kind of quiet, at least compared to the fan's reaction and, well, everything else that was being mic'ed at the time. Kennedy left me largely unimpressed on the mic. His dialog wasn't bad (kudos to the writers) but his delivery just seemed off. Weird cadence, weird pausing. Just weird. I've read how awesome he allegedly is on the stick, but for the few times that I've heard him, 'meh' is as high as I'll go.


    And then HHH came in. You know, I really like HHH's theme music, but otherwise don't see much about him that interests me. As ghey as it sounds, his 'look' is just weird. His aesthetics peaked during his "blueblood" gimmick, and then has fallen off the charts since. And since I presume(d) that he picks his own t-shirt designs, I have to laugh at how New Hampshire PWT he really is. Remember that whole "second thing" that's been referenced twice now? Third time's the charm. I missed most of what he said while thinking about his theme song & his wardrobe and whanot. I caught the 'punishment' part at the end, now, where it'll be a two on <whole roster> handicap match. Oh, that sounds riveting ... can't wait for 11:00 for that! Sadly, the announcement of the main event is what made me question my decision to do a running diary. I mean, watching this until 11:05 or whatever, when the main event is a "heel GM puts together a horrible mismatch"? Thanks, but no thanks ... I'll see how long I can last, though.


    The show then proceeded onto the divas match. I have to admit that Mickie James looked the hottest that she's ever looked, IMHO. Still finished third behind Michelle McCool & Kelly Kelly, though. Which is weird, because (1) I'm normally not a big fan of the 'generic blonde' appearance so having MM & KK as my top two is odd, and (2) normally Maria is pretty much my favorite "diva" to leer at. She had that horrible New Jersey Shore Whore look in full effect, though, so she didn't do much for me last night. (Is that for a gimmick/angle, or is that what she chose to wore?!?) The match itself was so sloppy I couldn't look away. The hilarious do-si-do that they did when they fucked up an attempted back-slide was great; haven't these two been in the ring together a bunch of times? And the end sequence? Melina should have just announced, "wrestling's fake" as she stood there and DIDN'T hit MJ in the back of the head. I don't know if I'm supposed to give star ratings or something, so will give the segment *** for aesthetics, * for actual wrestling, and **** for "it's so bad it's good" entertainment value. Plus, partial thong shots always get a star from niskie.


    Ok, my notes get kind of scattered here. Jericho came out to chit-chat with Regal, and then was put in a match with Michaels against the new M&M. I don't know why or anything, though. And all I wondered was "why put a guy from Toronto, that'll likely get cheered, in a tag with Michaels, who's probably still hated in Canada?" Sadly, though, I missed the actual match so I have no idea if they got along or if the fans did the boo/cheer thing or if they won the match or anything.


    I saw that someone - who I found out this morning was Paul Birchill - had a match that seemed to be a boy/girl v. boy handicap match, but I had the TV on mute because I was on the phone, so don't know why or anything. Still, I was entertained by the match, and thus I'm going with ***.


    I flipped around again for a while (My Name is Earl was on TBS, and a "girls prison" movie with Kristen Bell was on Lifetime ... she showered with another girl!) so I might have missed a segment or two, but when I went back, it was CM Punk v Randy Orton. Now, the first thing I though about was "people will bitch that they wasted this match on free TV instead of PPV" but I haven't really checked to see if that's true or if I was being overly cynical. Regardless, I found myself passively interested in the match until Regal came out to shut out the lights. So, at the end of it, I guess Punk is 'over' enough that his match getitng cut short will add to the heel heat. Or something. **-and-a-half stars.


    And, sadly, that was the end of my Running Raw Diary experiment, as I flipped away and never went back. I actually forgot I was doing a raw diary until I saw my notebook on the coffee table, and by then was beyond apathetic about finishing it. Maybe it's for the best, this blog entry is already longer than it had any right to be ... imagine if I'd made it through the full 2 hours?

  15. For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, the Guest Booker DVD series is an idea from KayfabeCommentaries.com where a famous wrestling booker is given the task of booking a promotion or territory form a particular point in time with the idea that things didn’t go exactly as they did in real life and this is their chance to show us what they would have done were they the booker at the time. The first DVD featured Kevin Sullivan booking the WWF from the beginning of 1984 but without Hulk Hogan, who, for whatever reason, never made the big jump from the AWA. It’s a very interesting DVD, and while some of Sullivan’s ideas seem a little out of place, it still gives a lot of insight into the mechanics of booking and you still learn a lot of things about the art of booking that you probably won’t learn anywhere else.


    With the concept explained, I shall set out the premise for this version of ‘Guest Booker’;


    In late 1989, the NWA and Ric Flair were making a play to bring Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard back to the company, but there was also talk of other names being courted to jump to the NWA, specifically Ted DiBiase, Curt Hennig, Bret Hart, The Rockers, Roddy Piper and Randy Savage. Of course, we know that the only name of all of those to jump was Arn Anderson; Blanchard would have jumped back too but Jim Herd withdrew his contract offer when Blanchard failed a drug test for cocaine, which coincided with his decision to leave the WWF.


    But what if Tully and Arn had returned together? And what if those other big names had made the history altering decision to jump to the NWA as well?


    How would things have changed?


    Well, this is where Guest Booker comes in, and I book the NWA in the 18-month period from August of 1989 to the end of 1990.


    There will be six main parts:


    NWA World Heavyweight title

    US Heavyweight title

    World Tag Team titles

    US Tag Team Titles

    World TV Title

    New Arrivals (with each one talked about individually)


    It wound up being a pretty long deal, so I'll be posting it in sections to make it easier to digest.


    Constructive comment and debate over the decisions made is welcome.


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    Raw/Smackdown/ECW Battle Royal
    Winner gets shot at Chavo Guerrero for the ECW title

    Elijah Burke, Lance Cade, Deuce, Domino, Tommy Dreamer, Jim Duggan, Festus, The Great Khali, Mark Henry, Hardcore Holly, Jesse, Kane, Brian Kendrick, Kofi Kingston, The Miz, Shannon Moore, Trevor Murdoch, Jamie Noble, Chuck Palumbo, Cody Rhodes, Snitsky, Stevie Richards, Val Venis and Jimmy Wang Yang.

    Unfortunately, my prediction will be tainted here due to a Matt Hardy rumor that I read about. It really makes sense as I don't see too many of these guys getting a shot. If the winner is indeed somebody from the above list, I will go with Kane. Kane is a guy whom they do relegate to low status from time to time but as I said above, I just don't see too many guys getting the shot. There is one other possibility in my mind -- this may sound ridiculous -- and it's Tommy Dreamer. I know, I know. But they have done this thing on ECW where they take an "ECW Original" and treat him like a superhero for one show. I can see them doing this here. Whichever way they decide to go, I see Chavo losing the belt tonight.

    Finlay vs. John "Bradshaw" Layfield

    Belfast Brawl

    JBL has put on good hardcore matches before. Finlay has done the same and being the ring general that he is, he can surely pull a halfway decent (if not better) match out of JBL. Of course, I see Finlay going over with interference of some kind from Hornswoggle.

    Umaga vs. Batista

    Smackdown vs. Raw

    The key here is to keep the match short, fast and intense. Aside from this page from the George Lucas book of directing, they need to follow the crowd's reactions. Honestly, there may not be any, which will mean that they need to end it early. Obviously, Batista will go over here. He lost at Wrestlemania last year and Umaga is the designated jobber in matches like this one.

    Floyd "Money" Mayweather vs. The Big Show

    Everyone thinks that Mayweather is going to win. I just don't see it happening. If Show doesn't win, it will end without a decision. I am more interested in how they will work the match. I can't see Mayweather mounting any kind of legitimate offense. It's going to wind up looking like Rey taking on Nash or Show.

    Mr. Kennedy vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Chris Jericho vs. Carlito vs. Montel Vontavious Porter vs. CM Punk vs. John Morrison

    Money in the Bank

    I am somewhat surprised by Carlito's inclusion here. It's not unwelcome, just surprising. I see two guys as possible winners: CM Punk and MVP. If the other Matt Hardy rumor that I heard is true, he may be the winner. But from the above particpants, it'll be Punk or MVP. Here's why: Punk will cash in at One Night Stand if he wins and a MITB win will perfectly fit MVP's repertoire.

    If Matt does return tonight to win MITB, he cashes in tonight, as well.

    Ric Flair vs. Shawn Michaels

    If Flair loses the match, he must retire from wrestling

    I will also buck common wisdom here and say that Flair goes over. He will then cut a promo and say that he is retiring anwyays, by his own decision. HBK, a onetime retiree himself doesn't need the rub. All we need here is an emotional, epic match. HBK can deliver the goods.

    The Undertaker vs. Edge

    World Heavyweight Championship

    This, for me, is like taking a test and getting eight seemingly correct "C" answers in a row. In some ways, I don't see UT ending his streak this year but in other ways I don't see him going over another top Smackdown star in a championship match for the second year in a row. I say Edge wins via outside interference of some kind.

    Triple H vs. John Cena vs. Rando Orton

    Triple Threat match for the WWE Championship

    I hate triple threats. One of the many reasons is the increased difficulty in picking a winner. I think Triple H goes over. He's long overdue for a Wrestlemania win. Now that he's a face, he can do it. Cena has won too many times at Wrestlemania, so I think he's out, but his merchandising power may give him the win. Orton retaining just isn't going to happen.
  16. So I decided to watch Jericho last night to see what all the hubub is about. I wanted to find out what the deal was with the nuclear attacks, who was behind it, etc. Turns out that it was an inside job. Yep, forces in the U.S. government and/or U.S. military were behind the attack. Sound familiar? Is Alex Jones and other 911 truthers creative consultants on this show? I regret the space wasted on my DVR.


    I made the mistake of turning on Rome today and of course he commented on the Quinn thing. "It better not be true." "I know you're smarter than that Brady." Yeah Jim, it's a real surprise a football player would rip on gays. Am I the only one who knows that there is a bigtime culture in football that is not hardcore anti-gay but is in fact steeped in gay jokes and the like. John Feinstein acknowledged this when he wrote his book on the Army Navy football rivalry. He encountered it while traveling with the teams for his book.


    The real story here is not what Quinn did or didn't say, it is rather the ridiculous overreaction of the ghey guy. Calling 911 emergency over a verbal insult? You're foolish, sir.

  17. Something I decided to do for fun; I DL'ed the rom for NBA Live '99 to get the Bulls' players ratings (and had to create Rodman, Harper, and Kerr from scratch). Since the general consensus is most likely that the Bulls teams are better, I gave them homecourt advantage, best of 7 series.


    Game 1


    The Bulls got off to a hot start, making their first six shots, and shooting 52% for the quarter. The Spurs dominated the glass behind the Twin Towers, but the Bulls' defense clamped down at the end of the quarter. Bill Wennington had a big three-point play, and Kukoc closed out the quarter with a triple at the buzzer. Bulls 34, Spurs 22 at the end of 1.


    In the second quarter, the Bulls continued to pile on, scoring 16 consecutive points dating back to the first quarter, a run finally ended by a Mario Elie basket two minutes in, after the Spurs had gone scoreless for five minutes. The Bulls led by as many as 18 in the quarter, but Tim Duncan took over midway through, finishing the half with 22 points and 8 boards, and the Spurs roared back, closing all the way to within two points. Bulls 55, Spurs 53 at the half.


    In the third, the Spurs threatened several times, but couldn't pull ahead, as the game turned into a mano-a-mano duel between Michael Jordan and Tim Duncan. The deficit remained at the end of the quarter. Bulls 76, Spurs 74 at the end of three.


    In the fourth, the Bulls took an early advantage with Jordan, Pippen and Duncan all on the bench, but it took their toll, as the Spurs ran off 14 consecutive points to take an 11-point lead, their first lead since the score was 4-2. David Robinson keyed the run, scoring 8 of the 14 points and dominating Wennington on the glass. In the midst of this, we got MIRROR STEVE KERRS with just over 7 minutes to go, as Kerr was the only player on both teams, and the only non-Celtic to appear on four straight championship teams. Chicago Steve Kerr found Dennis Rodman inside, but Rodman couldn't handle the pass, and turned the ball over, making it a 9-point Spurs lead with 4 minutes to go, as the first unit finally made their way back in. However, Robinson once again scored on Longley, and an errant Rodman pass led to another basket for Duncan and pushed the lead to 13, their biggest of the game. Chicago Kerr found Pippen for three, then Rodman stole the ball and put back a missed three by Chicago Kerr. Longley came up with big blocks on Duncan and Robinson, leading to a Kukoc basket which cut the lead to six. However, Duncan came right back with a three-point play, forcing a Chicago timeout and effectively ending the game, as Kukoc missed two good looks on threes with 31 seconds to go, and the Spurs salted it away at the line.


    FINAL SCORE: Spurs 103, Bulls 91


    Spurs lead series 1-0


    Duncan (SA) 14-25, 34 points, 12 reb, 6 blk


    Jordan (CHI) 12-23, 27 points, 10 reb, 2 ast


    SA: Robinson 24, Elliott 12, Jackson 10, Johnson 6, Elie 6, Rose 5, Kersey 4, Perdue 2, Kerr 0, Daniels 0, King DNP


    CHI: Pippen 23, Kukoc 13, Longley 8, Wennington 7, Brown 4, Rodman 3, Buechler 2, Kerr 2, Harper 2, Simpkins/Burrell DNP


    I'll try to do Game 2 tommorrow.

  18. Yeah I know this has been a long time coming, but hey what can you do.


    First of all, one thing I love about flying, probably the only thing sometimes, is the view from the window seat, and here are some cool pictures from a JetBlue plane outside JFK International airport in New York.




    and on the runway



    I just love the view of a blue sky with nothing but the horizon underneath.




    Anyway, a couple of short hours later, and its time to touchdown in Chi-town!



    Funny story, my cousin and I left the house at 4:30 to catch a 6:30 flight. We get to the airport, and go under a canopy at the drop off point, then go inside. We walk to the check in, baggage check-in, and security, then to a bus stop (also with a canopy) which took us to the proper terminal. We then get to the terminal, through the tunnel to go on the plane, then the plane.


    Plane lands at O’Hare, walk through the tunnel to the airport, and walk through baggage claim. Now we got a hotel room at the Hilton at O’Hare, and we find out that you can walk through the airport, underneath the streets, to get to the lobby of the hotel. We get to the lobby and leave our bags at the concierge because we were quite early for check-in. So we go back through the basement level to get on the L to get to downtown Chicago.


    By the time we get to the Clark Street stop, it is 11:00 local time, and we have yet to actually get a breath of fresh air in pretty much five and a half hours, despite the fact that we went from Westchester County, New York to Chicago, IL! That is pretty remarkable when you think about it.


    Anyway, we get out right in the middle of the Chicago Theatre District, and my cousin fancying himself as a budding thespian had to get a shot like this:



    So we walked around a bit, and found the Sears Tower, went up to the 103rd floor for their revolving floor filled with, well some amazing views, and walls lined with interesting facts about Chicago and profiles of famous people and events.








    Got some nice shots around The Windy City as well;


    The Sears Tower



    Hancock Building



    Chicago Tribune



    The Chicago River






    Well, it was now time for lunch and it we noticed a great place to get some food.




    No one was playing that afternoon, but I got a nice shot of the small stage in the restaurant.



    Sadly, you can not get a dry piece of white toast or four whole fried chicken with a coke, but I did get this shirt:



    Right next door was also a pretty nice place to grab a beer and watch the Cubs beat the Phillies.








    The lobby and entrance are filled with famous folks with the pictures taken with this bust



    Coming soon, Part Two: The Mets invade Wrigley Field!



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    Do people actually read other people on TSM's blogs? Really? I always thought they were created for people who like to hear themselves talk. Maybe its just me, but the only blogger on here I would care to read would be the late great Eddie Winslow.

  19. RavishingRickRudo
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    Here is my on-going script for the movie "Shuffle". Which is a combination of Hackers and The Wizard and just about every 80's and 90's movie under the sun dealing with new fads and teenagers. This is inspired by the movie Quicksilver with Kevin Bacon, a movie about riding bicycles really fast. I hope to shop it to Apple and get millions for it.



    Rated PG


    Act One:


    Scene One:


    A taxi is driving down the highway, music is playing. We see the protagonist, Josh Smalls, in the back. He looks uncomfortable and nervous. Several shots of Josh and the taxi, along with shots of the city, as the credits roll. Finally Josh speaks up:


    Smalls: Could you change the station, please?

    Driver: What?

    Smalls: The station, could you change it? I’ve heard this song so many times already.

    Driver: No, no change. It is the same thing all over. See? See?


    The driver changes the station to reveal the same song playing. Smalls rolls his eyes and continues to look out the window.


    The taxi pulls up to a suburban house and Josh gets out and pays the driver. But it is not enough.


    Smalls: Sorry, it’s all I have.


    The driver leaves, obviously pissed off.


    Josh knocks on the door but no one answers. He knocks again. No one answers. He tries to open the door, but it is locked. He looks around and ends up going around the house to the back. He sees a patio door open and he enters to loud music.


    Smalls (trying to yell over the music): HELLO?! HELLO???


    He walks around the house, trying to move towards the music. He finds a record player and turns it off. Immediately, two people rush in.


    Uncle: What happened to the music?

    Aunt: I don’t know; it just stopped.


    They see Josh standing there with the plug in his hand.


    Aunt: Oh, hello Josh. We didn’t expect you here so soon.

    Josh: Yeah, my flight was a few hours early. Sorry about turning off the music, Aunt Marigold.

    Uncle: Oh it’s no problem Josh.

    Aunt: Your uncle Pete and I were just listening to one of our favourite albums.

    Josh: Why was it so loud?

    Uncle: Well it has to be loud, how else can you take the music with you around the house?


    Josh shrugs.


    Aunt: Now, you must be hungry and tired after such a long trip from Chicago. We’ll get you some dinner and show you your room. You have a big day tomorrow.


    Uncle: First day of school. Big day.


    Josh: Yeah… big day…


    Scene 2:


    Josh is in his new bedroom, unpacking his belongings. He pulls out a framed picture, of himself and his family. He looks down, sadly. He then clutches on to his neck lace that is under his shirt. His aunt comes in and sees him looking at the picture.


    Aunt: It is unfortunate what happened to your parents, Josh. They loved you very much. My sister, she…


    Josh: If they loved me so much… why did they have to go?


    Aunt: I can’t answer that Josh, no one can... no one ever knows… have a good rest, big day tomorrow…


    Scene 3:


    A school is shown. Students busy, moving around, in groups. Lots of shots of students listening to music w. head phones. Every student, infact. Josh enters the building and looks lost. He tries to ask people for directions.


    Josh: Do you know? Do you know where? Science class? Science? Do you?


    In the confusion he ends up bumping into a girl, Kate, knocking both of their books down.


    Josh: Oh jeez, I’m sorry.

    Kate: What?

    Josh: (louder) I’m SORRY.


    Kate takes off her head phones.


    Kate: What?

    Josh: I’M.. sorry.

    Kate: Nah, it’s cool. Hey, you’re new here, aren’t you?

    Josh: How can you tell?

    Kate: I’m psychic.

    Josh: Really?

    Kate: Nah, you just have that new kid look.

    Josh: Yeah. Hey, maybe you could help me? Do you know where Mr. Franklins class is? Science?

    Kate: Yeah, I was just headin there, c’mon I’ll show you.

    Josh: Thanks. Here, (picks up her books), your books.

    Kate: Oh, these ain’t books.


    They start to move forward. She opens the books to reveal compartments for various accessories.


    Kate: I have my pills in there, docks, cases, speakers, socks, camera, av..

    Josh: Then how do you study?

    Kate: I have Science, Algebra, Shakespeare; all the texts in audio format. All loaded up on my 'pod.

    Josh: You’re what?


    The last comment gets muted out as they enter the class.


    Scene 4:


    Class is over and Josh is walking through the halls. Kate catches up to him.


    Kate: So, what do you have next?

    Josh: Um, I have this break period.

    Kate: Hey, me too. Here, come on, let me introduce you to the gang.


    Scene 5:


    They enter the cafeteria where they see a group of people lounging around. There is a black guy, Crafton, a Mexican, Luiz, an Asian chick, Alice, and a crazy white boy, Derrick.


    Crafton: I am telling you, the E-30 pills are the absolute best on the market.

    Luiz: The market? Dude, Crafton, those are ILLEGAL.

    Crafton: Hey, the black market is still a market. Are you telling me, Luiz, that just because it’s black it shouldn’t be considered a market?

    Derrick: That’s EXACTLY what he’s saying, man.

    Luiz: I am not saying that at all, Derrick. Listen. It’s illegal. Those pills have really messed some peoples heads up.

    Derrick: Hey, all I know man, is that those things have me ringing man, for days, man. It’s a trip, bros.

    Crafton: That’s what I’m saying, they are the best. Now, you in? Or you going to wuss out AGAIN.

    Kate: What’s goin on, fellas?

    Alice: Crafton and Luiz are arguing over which pills are the best.

    Kate: Come on guys, we all know the E-30’s are the best.

    Crafton: THAT’S WHAT I’M SAYIN!


    Crafton hits Luiz.


    Josh: Pills?

    Kate: Yeah.

    Derrick: Hey, who’s the bumpkin?

    Kate: Oh, sorry. Guys, this is Josh. Josh, this is the pill heads.

    Josh: Pills as in…

    Alice: Pills that go in the ear, not the mouth.

    Josh: Uh…

    Kate: Headphones, Josh.

    Josh: Ooh.

    Kate: Though sometimes with Derrick, there’s other kind of pills.

    Derrick: Perfectly legal ones Katie. Over the counter and under my tongue.

    Alice: Which ones you on today?

    Derrick: Today is Friday, so that is Purple, Red, Greens, and, uuuh, Orange.

    Crafton: Today is Monday, man.

    Derrick: Oh sh- no wonder everything is in a shade of blue…

    Luiz: What else did you think it was?

    Derrick: I thought they just changed the lighting, man. Oh man… I’m really messed up right now, I’ll see you guys later.


    Derrick leaves, but as he is going he bumps into Freeware and his crew.


    Freeware: Watch where you’re going burn-out.

    Derrick: Sorry dude, I’m just…

    Freeware: In my way? I know, now get out.


    Derrick gets up and leaves.


    Freeware: Hey Kate.

    Kate: Get bent, Freebie.

    Freeware: It’s Freeware. You know that.

    Crafton: She also knows your breath smells like old socks. Why you eatin socks anyways, bro?


    Freeware ignores Crafton.


    Freeware: So, you goin to the dance Friday night, Kate?

    Kate: Yeah. With him.


    Kate puts her arm around Josh.


    Freeware: And who is him?

    Josh: Uh, Josh Smalls.


    Josh puts out his hand for a shake.

    Freeware ignores it.


    Freeware: What you doin with this 5-1-2, Kate?

    Kate: None of your business, Freebie..

    Luiz: Oooh.

    Freeware: If I wanted your opinion, Pedro, I’d pay you well under minimum wage for it.


    Luiz jumps up.


    Kate: Hey, cool it. Listen, Freebie. Why don’t you and your crew go and shine up your 30 gig video pods.

    Freeware: Oh, it’s 60 gigs now.

    Kate: Whatever, get outta here.

    Freeware: You don’t tell me where to go, Kate. I’m not just a song on your playlist that you can shuffle around.

    Kate: And you never will be.


    Freeware grabs Kate by the arm


    Freeware: Hey..


    Josh immediately jumps and pushes him off. The crew moves in as well as the pill heads but before things escalate Principal Taylor enters and breaks things up.


    Kate: Hey, thanks.

    Josh: Well, I figured since you’re my girl now, what with this dance and everything, I might as well be chivalrous.

    Kate: Well, that was just for show.

    Josh: You guys went out?

    Kate: Once, in like junior high. He’s been thinking I’m his ever since.

    Josh: What a jerk. Why do you call him Freeware?

    Crafton: The dude gets everything for free. He’s a pirate. He’ll download music off the internet from these pirate sites or upload his own and spreads them around like a virus for a small fee. He doesn’t care, man. He’s in it for the money, not the science.

    Luiz: His stuff is low quality, doesn’t even sound like the original albums.

    Alice: And it’s all traceable. The feds could come down here any day and take all our pods away to see who has illegal music on their player.

    Crafton: I don’t want the man knowin what I got on my shuffle, no way.

    Luiz: Yeah, no one wants to know what you got on your shuffle. There’s only so many John Denver songs out there.


    Everyone laughs.


    Luiz: L-O-L.


    Josh: Pods? Shuffle? Denver? What are you guys talking about?

    Alice: You don’t know?

    Josh: No, what’s a pod?

    Kate: An Ipod. It’s a portable music listening device.

    Crafton: Only the finest creation on the planet, next to myself.

    Alice: It stores digital music. Depending on the pod, you can get hundreds of songs on just one player.

    Luiz: It’s so sleek and sexy, everyone has one. I don’t know how you can live with out it.

    Josh: How do you get the music?

    Kate: Itunes, preferably. They have the most titles, the best sound quality, the easiest access.

    Alice: Plus it’s legal. They have deals set up with the record companies, so the artists can get paid for their work.

    Crafton: But then you have dudes like Freeware who ruin it for us, guys who have us lookin over our shoulder cause the feds be on our backs.

    Luiz: It’s just so wrong.


    All of a sudden Joey runs in, huffing and puffing.


    Crafton: Joey, my man, what’s goin on?


    Kate realizes that Joey is in trouble.


    Kate: Joey, what’s wrong?

    Joey: I… it’s…


    Joey looks back and sees two guys in suits enter the cafeteria.


    Joey: Oh sh- HERE, TAKE THIS. DON’T LOSE IT!


    Joey hands Crafton his Ipod and runs out the back door, the men in suits follow him.


    Josh: What they heck was that all about?


    Kate: With Joey, you never know. He probably was skateboarding outside or something.

    Crafton: Boy done left his pod with us too. Probably didn’t want it to be seized. Must be your lucky day bump, here, you can use Joeys.

    Josh: Uh, thanks. How do you use it?

    Kate: It’s so easy, let me show you.


    Before Kate can show him, the principal walks in.


    Principal: Josh Smalls, come with me to my office, please.

    Luiz: Oooh.

    Principal: Luiz, zip it.


    Scene 6:


    Josh is in Principal Taylors office, sitting across from him.


    Principal: So, Josh, how has your first day been going.

    Josh: Well..

    Principal: Cause I see you’ve already gotten into a fight with one student, and you’re hanging around a bunch of nogoodnicks.

    Josh: Nogoodnicks, sir?

    Principal: Yeah, those “pill heads”. They do nothing but listen to music all day. In class, in the halls, all over. Those damn pods are so small that it’s hard to detect them, so they can take them anywhere. It distracts from their learning, Josh. And I don’t want them distracting you from yours. I know your situation, your parents. Josh, it’s very unfortunate and I don’t want you heading down that path too, you hear me?

    Josh: Yeah, I hear ya.

    Principal: Good, now I see you have Math now. Better hurry up or you’ll be late.